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- Scaffolding - Universal Design for Learning

Assess and Reflect (Stage 4)

Considerations Comments

Required Areas of Study: The alignment between outcomes, performance

Is there alignment between outcomes, assessment and learning experiences is evident
performance assessment and learning through the student’s design prototype. Through our
experiences? scaffolding techniques and building knowledge on
boats, buoyancy, stability, density, students will build
a watercraft that will float.

Adaptive Dimension: For struggling students:

Have I made purposeful adjustments  As for our ELL students, we provided a
to the curriculum content (not variety of visual images and audio and allow
outcomes), instructional practices, more openness to the design process.
and/or the learning environment to
meet the learning needs and diversities
of all my students? For students who need a challenge:
 Can your watercraft float when the load is
 How can you modify your watercraft to better
stabilize it or carry a larger load?

A key component of UDL is to continuously reflect

on what worked and what can be changed in order to
reduce barriers and increase access for all students.
This should be revised as needed. This aligns for the
teacher to intentionally design for students who are
struggling and who might need a challenge (Rao &
Meo, 2016).
Instructional Approaches:  Student-centered: Students will be
Do I use a variety of teacher directed encouraged to work through their design
and student centered instructional process and receive insight and feedback from
approaches? both the teacher and their peers.
 Teachers will continuously check-in with
students throughout the design process.
This showcases scaffolding as it allows the teacher to
check for understanding and allows for improvement
throughout the design process.

Resource Based Learning:  Students will be asked to research the

Do the students have access to various materials they want to use to construct their
resources on an ongoing basis? watercraft. Students will be asked to bring
items from home.
 The teacher will ensure materials are
available to those students who may not be
able to bring items from home.

FNMI Content and  Developing an appreciation for the land

Equity/Multicultural Education:
Have I nurtured and promoted
diversity while honoring each child’s