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1.How many number of parallel paths in wave winding?

A)1 B)2 C) No of poles D) 4
2.Lap winding is used for
A) Low Voltage , High current B) High current Low voltage
3.series generators are used for
A)battery charging B) Traction C) Boosters D) DC welding
4. DC welding set ,the generator used is
A) shunt B) series C) cumulative compound D)differential compound
5. commutator segments are made of
A) Tungsten B) Copper C)Cast iron D) Mica
6. In an ideal dc generator voltage regulation is
A) zero B) low C) positive D) Neagative
7. A 220V DV generator is run at full speed without any excitation.the open circuit voltage will be
A)0B) about 2V C)about 50V D)about 220V
8)Brush voltage of dc machine is about
A)0.1 V B) 10V C)2V D)20V
9)Suitable motor for electric traction is
A) Series B) shunt C) Compound motor
10) High starting torque is for
A) series motor B) shunt motor C)compound motor
11)If the speed of a dc shunt motor increases ,the back emf
A) Increases B) Decreases C) Remains unchanged D) Increases and Decreases
12)The current through the armature conductors of dc motor is
A) pulsating B) DC C) AC D)non-pulsating
13)A DC series motor is most suited for
A)pump B)lathe C) cranes D)punch press
14) The full load current of 10HP,230V DC motor around
A)16A B)33A C)66 A D)100A
15)Standard direction of rotation of commercial motor is
A)Clock wise B) anti-clock wiseC) A or B
16.How many number of parallel paths in lap winding?
A)1 B)2 C) No of poles D) 4
17. Which DC motor is least used?

A)SeriesB)Differential Compound C)Comulative compound D)shunt

18.In shunt motor.armature current is equal to

A) Load current B) Motor Current + Field Current C) Motor Current – filed current D) filed current

19.Voltage equation of dc motor is

A)V=Eb + Ia Ra B) Eb=V+ IaRa C)V= Eb-IaRa D)All of these

20. A three point starter is suitable for

A)shunt motor B) Series Motor C) compound motor D) A&C

21. principle behind the direction of rotation of DC motor is

A) Flemings Right Hand rule B) Flemings Left hand ruleC)Lenz’s Law D) Faradays law

22.A 4 Pole DC machine has …….. magnetic circuits

A)2 B) 8 C) 4 D)16

23.The number of armature parallel paths in a two pole dc generator having duplex lap winding

A) 4 B) 2 C) 8 D)12

24.In a DC machine windage loss varies with speed (N) in the ratio of

A)N B)N2 C)1/N D) 1/N2

25. Armature of a DC machine is laminated to reduce

A) Hystereses loss B) eddy current loss C)Cost of construction D) winding resistance