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Conference Guide

22nd International Conference and Exhibition on
Advanced Materials and

September Theme:
19-21, 2018 Exploring the Possibilities in the
Field of Advanced Materials
Tokyo, Japan and Nanotechnology

#600 Wilmington.. 2018 Speakers’ PPT You may submit your presentation to any of our onsite organizers on the day of your talk. Fax: +1-650-618-1417 advancedmaterials@enggconferences. Conference Secretariat One Commerce Center-1201. Japan Will be updated soon. USA Tel: adavancedmaterials@materialsconferences. Japan as we will take a group photo for all our guests. If your presentation is not compatible with our laptops. then you may use your own laptop Venue Route Map Tokyo. 2018 (09:00-18:00) September 21. Orange St. If you could not .com http://advancedmaterials. Advanced Materials 2018 Conference Guide Registration & Timings September 19. September 19. please let us know (advancedmaterials@ enggconferences.conferenceseries. 2018 (09:00-18:00) September 20. Delaware. Japan Please try your best to arrive in Tokyo. Zip 19899.. 2018 (09:00-18:00) Group Photo Time 08:00-08:10.