All of the inquiries on the application must be completed and the information you provide must be accurate and truthful. If an inquiry is left blank, your application will be rejected. If you feel the question or information sought is not applicable, put N/A as a response.

Section 1: Personal Information Full Name: Present Address: Home Phone: Cell Phone: Fax: Email: Samer Dallo
Number Street City State Zip

Gender :

Male yes


13731 Gazebo ln Apt 1732, Euless, TX, 76040 When 318-343-7920 available: When 318-343-7920 available: When available: samerdallo@yahoo.com

immediately immediately

Age: 30 Minimum annual salary requirement, $: Open Are you able to make an additional job for commissions? Yes Will you work overtime Yes if asked?

Part-Time Contract Type of work desired: Yes Yes Date available for employment: Immediately Yes No Yes Do you have Do you a driver’s have a Yes Yes license? car? Section 2: Employment History



Please fill this section if you do not attach your Resume Your present or most recent employer Arlington Sheraton Hotel – Parking Company of America Could we contact this person to get more information about you? Yes Address: 1500 convention center dr, Arlington, TX 76011, USA Supervisor: Darren Christian Contact 469-323-2126 number(s): Title of position Cash parking, selling tickets, guide Starting salary: Ending salary: held and duties traffic, costumer service $8.00 per hour $8.00 per hour performed: Previous employer: Flying Tigers Aviation Could we contact this person to get more information about you? yes Address: Flying Tigers Aviation, PO Box 238 Oak Ridge, LA 71264 Supervisor: Edwards Barham, Business Owner Contact 318-376-4364 number(s): Title of position Russian Translator, Interpreter Assisted Starting salary: Ending salary: held and duties Russian pilot in acquiring certificate to $1000 per week $1000 per week performed: fly newly acquired agricultural plane. Previous employer: Ebay.com ebay member samer537 Could we contact this person to get more information about you? yes Address: Www.ebay.com Supervisor: Ebay.com Contact number(s): Title of position Private seller, 2009 sales $13,295 Starting salary: Ending salary: held and duties through online selling plus some offline $15 per hour $15 per hour performed: income. Achieved %100 positive feedback on Ebay Section 3: References
Give name, address and telephone number of three people to whom we may apply for information about your work, experience, skills.

(1)Darren Christian 469-323-2126 Supervisor (2) Angela Jackson, 318-388-2227 Manager (3) Sami Nazzal 318-806-6443 Friend

credit standing. character. general reputation.The information that I have provided on this application is accurate to the best of my knowledge and may be verified by the Company or its agents. I understand that such reports may include information concerning my credit worthiness. or mode of living I agree to the Employer processing and retaining the personal information contained on this form for any purposes connected with my application. Full Name: Samer Dallo Date: September 1-2010 . personal characteristics. credit capacity.

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