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Saving Energy At School

Data Analysis:

Pie Chart Based On Question 5 Of The Survey:

Which is the Efficient Way to Save Energy

At School ?

Solar Panels


Occupancy Sensors

Swithching off Lights

and Fans

Others: Removing ACs, Shed Loading, Spreading Awareness and Windmills.

After taking several interviews we can conclude that the best way our school can
save energy is by using Solar Panels.
LEDs are the least spoken by the students.

Pie Chart Based on Question 2 Of The Survey:

Does our school have a policy to Save
Energy at School ?

Yes No

Therefore we do have a policy for saving energy at school but there is not much
awareness about this policy of saving energy at school.
The policy is that all students and teachers must try their best to save energy as
much as possible

Graph Based On Question 1 of the Survey:

What Forms Of Energy Are Used In Our
School ?






Others Electric Energy Kinetic Energy Heat Energy Sound Energy

Others: Mechanical Energy, and Manual Energy.

Therefore we can conclude that mainly mechanical energy and manual energy
together are mainly used in our school.
Second comes Electric Energy, which is also essentially important as mechanical
and manual energy.