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Policy Review Committee Meeting Agenda

Diamondhead Education Center

200 W. Burnsville Parkway
Burnsville, MN, 55337
February 5, 2018
4:45 PM
to 5:45 p.m.

I. Welcome
II. Review Policies with Changes
A. 522 Student Sex Nondiscrimination
Review of policy.
Presenter: Stacey Sovine
B. 528 Student Parental, Family, and Marital Status Nondiscrimination
Review of policy. MDE Assurance of Compliance requires the name of the Title
IX Coordinator in policy.
Presenter: Stacey Sovine
III. Referred Back to Committee
A. 302: Superintendent
Referred back to PRC on Jan. 11, 2018.
--Should "student" be mentioned in the policy?
B. 305 Policy Implementation
--Board members are concerned about not approving the Student Handbook.
C. 418: Drug-Free Workplace/Drug-Free School
Referred back to committee on Jan. 11, 2018.
--Should "and designee" be allowed?
D. 425: Professional Development
Make modifications to include a report to the Board of Education in the policy.
--How do we control or make sure it's being monitored?
IV. Review Policies with no Changes
A. 427 Workload Limits for Certain Special Education Teachers
Review of policy.
Presenter: Stephanie White
B. 518 DNAR - Do Not Attempt Resuscitation Orders
No changes recommended.
Presenter: Stephanie White
V. Committee Meeting Dates
Presenter: Abigail Alt
VI. Adjourn