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Strategic Plan Road Map

Information collected from interviews with Dr. Stacie Stanley, SISA Director: Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment & Student Support Services for Burnsville-Eagan-Savage School District (personal
communication, January 17, 2018) and Mike Carolan, Dover-Eyota School District Superintendent (personal communication, January 2, 2018).

Information collected from interviews with Lisa Rider, Burnsville-

Eagan-Savage School District Director
Introduction: Describeofhow
the (personal
plan will
communication, January 17,be2018)
and GaryAnBetcher, Dover-Eyota
Introduction: Provide the rationale
School District Business is using the communication, January Environmental Scan: Share
Word Cafe
process to culminate the voice of background information on the
for the strategic planning process. 2, 2018). staff, students, and community organizational history and
members. structure of the school district.

Environmental Scan: Look at the Environmental Scan: Summarize

Environmental Scan: Look at the
external environment including strengths, opportunities, and
internal environment including
national, state, and local situations barriers from external and internal
data on local situations and trends.
and trends. environmental scan.

Determine prorities. Create Goals.

Develop organizational mission, Develop Strategies. Monitor Evaluate and share results annually
vision, values, and beliefs. Progress. Review Plan. Adjust and with stakeholders.
refine plan if needed.