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General Fund Revenue: The general fund revenue is comprised of: State General

Aid (59%), Property Taxes (21%), State Categorical Aid (14%), Federal Aid (3%), and
Other Local Revenue (3%) .

General Fund Expenditures: The general fund expenditures consist of: Instruction,
Administration, District Support Services, Long Term Facilities Management,
Instruction/Pupil Support, Capital Facilities, Transportation, Operation and Maintenance,
and Fixed Costs.
School Finance:
Information collected from
interviews with Lisa Rider, General Fund: The General Fund is used to account for all revenues and expenditures of the school
Burnsville-Eagan-Savage district.
School District Director of
Finance (personal
communication, January 17, Funds are established in the Uniform Financial Accounting and Reporting Standards (UFARS) in
2018) and Gary Betcher, accordance with statutory requirements and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).
Dover-Eyota School District The same dimensions are used in both revenue and expenditure accounts with the exception of
Business Manager (personal the Object Dimension, which is used with expenditure accounts and the Source Dimension,
communication, January 2,
which is used with revenue accounts. Five of these dimensions are represented by a three-digit
code and one (the fund dimension) by a two-digit code. These dimensions are used in the
following sequence:

Minnesota school districts, charter schools, cooperative districts, area learning centers,
private alternative schools and nonpublic schools are required by law to prepare
financial reports and annual budgets. The budget must be adopted by July 1. The
budget process includes input from teams (Superintendent Leadership Subgroup,
Principals, Department Heads).