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Minnesota School Boards Association (MSBA) and Minnesota Association of School Administrators (MASA)

Minnesota School Boards Association Minnesota Association of School

(MSBA) Administrators (MASA)
-Exists to support the work of public school -Represents more than 900 educational
boards and public education. private nonprofit administrators throughout Minnesota.
Members include school superintendents,
member service
- supports, promotes and strengthens the directors of special education, curriculum and
organization technology leaders, central office
work of public school boards.
administrators, and higher education
leading advocate for administrators and professors
-Board of Directors is comprised of one
public education
representative from each of the MSBA
Director Districts, plus the President, and -The MASA Board of Directors includes an
Governance by a Executive Board (President, President Elect,
alternating terms of a President-Elect in the
Board of Directors Past President, Treasurer and Executive
even year, and a Past President in the odd
year. MSBA Executive Director is an ex officio Director), as well as representatives from
member of the Board of Directors. has no regulatory or each of MASA’s nine regions and six
enforcement powers component groups.