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Sexy Texting

Done For You

Dear Friend,

Before I show you HOW to text your lover, let’s review WHY it’s a great idea to text
her so you understand the enormous value texting can add to your relationship.

Texting allows you to lead her mind and inject more polarity into your
relationship. Polarity is the masculine/feminine pull - the magnetic attraction
of opposites.

Texting can arouse her all day long through her heart and mind first.

Texting is a “channel” for giving her the attention she wants

from you. You can be present with her emotionally, when you
can’t be present with her physically.

Texting is a new form of erotic communication, which is

one of the 5 Pillars of Passionate Relationships that
keeps getting better - what we call the “upward pleasure spiral.”

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The 5 Pillars of
Passionate Relationships
You can reinforce ALL FIVE of the pillars of
a passionate relationship with
texting. Plus, texting is a
very efficient means of
intimate communication
- a quick, “I adore you,
darling,” can make her
happy all day long. It’s
fast, easy and she will
enjoy the novelty of
texting immensely.

One of the most delightful things
about texting each other is the joy
you get from simply playing
around with each other through
SMS. You can text goofy jokes,
silly pictures, photos of yourself

during the day to entertain her and
lift her out of the doldrums of her day.

“What animal is always trying to catch

it’s breath?” “A panther.”
“Baby, you turn me into a panther,
you are breathtakingly beautiful to me!”

Putting your attention on your woman is the first step in a
mindful, proactive relationship. She wants your presence,
your affection and you can give it to her from anywhere you
are in the world.

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“ Sweetie, I just want you to know
you are on my mind today.
Remembering your sweet smile
at dinner last night warms my heart.”

Honesty and vulnerability — hallmarks of mindfulness that make a relationship

passionate — can be communicated beautifully via text.

Last night when I held you while we watched

TV made me remember why I love you so dearly.
You are my woman, my lady, my love.
I will protect and take care of you forever, my darling.”

You can text her that you love her. You can acknowledge special occasions. This
is very important to women. Even have a little ritual together through texting -
perhaps telling her one thing you love about her every single day. You can
send her pictures of the two of you on your last romantic outing. Images
of you two together create meaning in her life. Imagery grounds a
woman in her relationship in a way that most men don’t need to feel close
to their lady. Think about texting her silly and loving pictures often.

You can even create sensate connection - touching her,
having her experience her sense of smell, of vision, of aural
pleasure - with texting.

First of all, when she feels the vibration of your incoming

text, she’ll get a thrill running through her body. She might
have butterflies in her stomach or a moment of excitement
knowing you are thinking about her. Moreover, you CAN and
should use sensory words in your texts. Describing textures,
colors, smells, sounds, images all increase the value of your
texts to her, as you’ll see in the examples below.

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Romance, sensuality, seduction, intimacy and lovemaking are enhanced
through erotic communication. When you want to seduce a woman, one of
the most effective channels available is erotic communication. Where men are
more visual in general, women are more auditory. We like to hear you tell us you
love us. We like sweet nothings whispered in our ear. We like sensual bedroom talk
(those of us who have not been shamed out of enjoying it by societal or cultural

That’s why poetry and love songs have been written for women throughout the
millennia. We love to be aurally pleasured.

For example, this text is a twist on an Edgar Allan Poe poem called, A Dream Within
A Dream.

Take this kiss upon the brow. And in parting from you now.
Is everything we see or seem. But a dream within a dream?
Good night light of my life.”

A woman’s feeling of passion is ignited through her heart and mind

first, and then through the sensual arousal of her body. Though
you may not write her poetry or sing her love songs, you can
approximate this thrill through romantic text messages.


Texting is an excellent way to make love to your woman all
day, even when you’re apart. And it arouses her even before
you touch her.

She is like a fire. You are like a light switch - ready on

command. She needs tinder and kindling (sweet little texts
that get her started first), her flames fanned, embers
stoked, wood added to her fire (more romantic texts) - until
she’s burning hot and bright for you (sexy texts). Texting can
be one of the ways you stoke her fires through the day.

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As Calle, author of The Marriage You Want says, “Don’t try to close the
deal all at once.”

I got a blank text from my wife the other day.

I asked, “Why did you send me a blank text?”

She said, “Because I’m not talking to you.”

“The typical guy moves in on his wife and tries to drive his foreplay all the way to home to
intercourse in one pass, and that’s not how you do it. What should he do instead? It will get
you much better results with your woman if you move her toward a sexual encounter, and
then suddenly drop your interest and move away as if you’ve just lost all your desire for
sex. That gives your woman a chance to chase and pursue you.” —


Texting is a cat and mouse game played best with patience. Every masculinity expert
gives the same advice — Catch and Release peaks her desire for you. If the energy
has gone flat in your relationship, this will bring back some excitement.

Have you ever walked up to your woman, looked her in the eyes, kissed
her and released her? Did it leave her wanting more? Yes it did. Holding
back a bit increases her interest, makes it a game worth playing.
Transfer the catch and release concept to your texting strategy. Text
her and then make her wait a little to enhance her interest.

Don’t require that your lady responds to you by texting back.

Don’t get upset if your texts don’t get a response at first. She
may be uncomfortable with the concept at first until she sees it’s
a fun, new way to create intimate connection.

One guy told me, “I texted her and she didn’t respond, but when
I got home I got a very hot kiss that night!”

In order to create the energy of desire, you must enter into this
strategy with a playful loving approach and escalate from there.

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Escalation goes like this:


Don’t skip steps or she’ll get upset, feel pushed or manipulated and you’ll be
leaving a lot of pleasure on the table.

Enjoy the journey. Start very small. Begin with playful and then loving texts first
before you intensify your ardor.

The texts toward the end of this eBook are wildly sexual and classically poetic. Don’t
start with text that are overtly sexual, as women like to be slowly awakened to their desire.


You want to spark her imagination with the words you choose.
Imagine you are a woman reading these texts. Get in her world, appreciate her
perspective. How would SHE like to be romanced via text? What would be sensual
to her?

Focus on sensual language and imagery that evokes sensation - touch, smell,
sound, taste, visual - even where you bodies are in relation to each other.

Sensually descriptive language you can use includes:

Bear, ripe, supple, soft, flowing, swaying, musky, live, sleek,

feline, hard, brawny, tender, moist, dewy, creamy, silky, satiny,
sheer, titillating, daring, eager, sinful, naughty, forbidden, raw,
kiss, caress, touch, tickle...

Sheets, satiny, smooth, velvety, warm, heated, cool, night,

moonlight, golden, glowing, whisper, hush, glistening,
illuminate, tender, succulent...

Tropical, hot, steamy, sultry, sizzling, smoldering, torrid,

unleashed, explosive...

Lingering, leisurely, luxurious, delicious, delectable, relish,

obsessed, receptive, responsive, stimulating, inspiring,
wanton, desirous, craving, ardor...

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This is the language of romance novels, of chick lit and chick flicks,
THIS sensual language is what women consume with gusto.

If you give her this kind of erotic communication via texting, even if you can’t
speak this way to her, she will know you think in this erotic way about her, which
warms her to you.

- Many men are at a loss for words, but can write and text very eloquently.

- Other men are shy and like using texting to express themselves more deeply.

- Yet other men are verbally comfortable but don’t feel like good writers.

The “done for you” texts in this document are examples that you can mirror, modify
or copy and paste - whatever works for you.


The most important thing to know about wooing your woman is to connect your
woman to beauty whenever possible. Connect her to her femininity, to her
humanity, to the Goddess inside her. This will awaken her to her own sexual
potential in a way that almost nothing else will do. Sensual beauty reminds
her of her humanity, her time on this earth where she can
enthusiastically consume all life’s experiences. This is what turned-
on women do. Your texting, if well done, can turn her on, inflame
her to her potential, to lead her to feel to the feelings she wants
to feel with you, which are romance, passion and excitement.

When you text your woman more classic, romantic verbiage,

you are leading the relationship, setting the tone, creating
space for sensuality between you.

You’re helping her escape the doldrums of the day or the

tensions that she may have or the self-doubts she is
harboring about whether you love her enough for her to
fully surrender her heart and her body to you.

Use sensual texts to lead her into her sensuality as a woman.

To connect with you passionately as her lover.

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As Adam Gilad, my dear friend and the best teacher of erotic
communication in the world says,

Connect her inner beauty to her outer beauty. If you get

caught at the level of, “You have a beautiful body part,” it’s a nice
thing to say, but to be able to say “I want to drink from your
rivers,” is much more sensual. To be able to talk about her butt
and her breasts as soft rolling hills, to talk about her hair as
wheat is more classic and romantic for her.”

“Attach your woman to natural forms and to the beauty of

nature, because women are the most beautiful thing in nature
to men and to plenty of women as well. Again, it takes her out of
the smallness of her anxieties, and the worry about her body. To
be able to connect a woman to natural forms releases her from
her individuality and sort of pours her back into the giant ocean
of the divine feminine.”

The Songs of Solomon are some of the great classics of erotic

communication. Sensual language is as old as the ages...

Behold, thou art fair, my love; behold, thou art fair; thou hast
doves’ eyes within thy locks: thy hair is as a flock of goats, that
appear from mount Gilead.
Thy teeth are like a flock of sheep that are even shorn, which
came up from the washing; whereof every one bear twins,
and none is barren among them.
Thy lips are like a thread of scarlet, and thy speech is
comely: thy temples are like a piece of a pomegranate
within thy locks.
Thy neck is like the tower of David builded for an armoury,
whereon there hang a thousand bucklers, all shields of
mighty men.

Thy two breasts are like two young roes that are twins, which
feed among the lilies. — Song of Solomon, 4. 1

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This eBook has more page after page of pre-written, classically romantic
and very sexy texts that you can copy or customize and send to your lady.

Moreover, it gives you texts to send to a woman you just met as well as your wife
of sixty years.


I highly encourage you to text pictures if you have a smart phone. Adding visual
imagery will make each interaction more delectable for her.

Women love symbols of your adoration, including pictures

of special moments. These bring her closer to you.

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There are abundant iPhone apps about texting in iTunes as of this writing.
If you have a Smartphone, you can add apps that give you more fun objects
to text such as emoticons and keystroke pictures like these.

For example, these two bunnies on the left

[TextPics] and the emoticons on the below
[Emoji] are both created with simple iPhone

There are plenty of free

emoticons and images
online that will make your
lady very happy.
Remember, we are girls at
heart and the more you
stoke our adolescent
femininity (make us feel
like a lovesick girl for you)
the more we fall in love
with you.

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Search “Emoticons for Love”
You can use a search engine to find pictures and images to use. Simply right
click and save images to the folder that syncs with your smartphone to have a
collection of pictures ready to delight your lady.


Once you read through the pre-written texts in this ebook, you’ll find some favorites
you can use immediately and others you might want to save until you get her steamy.
Edit them to your heart’s desire. And if you come up with some particularly delightful
ones you’re willing to share, send me an email.

We are in a new era of romance.

Will you join in?

Take advantage of this boon in technology to increase your connection and

intimacy with your love.

Texting throughout the day will keep her feeling close to you, in body and
in mind. It will turned her on all day, charged with your cyber-sexuality.

The texts below go from flirty to naughty with the last few being
very explicit. Modify to your tastes and personality.

In some examples, the texts are interactions with the indented

sentences the female reply.

MAN I’ve been thinking about holding you all day.

WOMAN I love to be held by you.
WOMAN Warm. Snuggly. Secure. Sensual. Loved.
MAN I want to give you as much pleasure as your
body will endure. In every possible way.

Ready to get started?

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Have fun!

Bring pleasure into your lady’s

life every day.

Become the most romantic text-

God she can imagine and she
will open for you like a blossom.

Let me know how these work

for you. I love your stories!

Sloane Fox
Sensual Ambassador

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Baby, I am going to hold and kiss you like you have never been kissed before.

I can’t get enough of you. At least we are never satiated by each other.
Our separations make me desire you all the time.

Good morning my hot tender little love bird.

Thanks for a wonderful night. You feelin’ good? You are an amazing woman.

I love to make you laugh because you have such a sweet smile, baby.
Here’s a funny pic to brighten your day. [add pic]

Darling, we are perfect puzzle pieces for each other. You complete me.

Hi Sweetie. You are on my mind today. Sending loving thoughts and wondering
what you are thinking right this minute.

How are you feeling today, baby?

I’m feeling great! Especially when I think of you.

Lao Tzu said, “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength,
while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” I get strength and
courage from loving you, darling.

Damn, baby! You are so HOT/adorable/clever/sweet n’ sexy.

How does it make you feel to know you are the first thing I
think of when I wake up and the last thing I think of when
I fall asleep, my darling?

You are a very unique kisser. A LOT of turn on runs through

the tip of your tongue.
Makes everything else happening more intimate
I love the slippery sensation of your tongue on mine

One of the things I love most about our relationship is that

you and I finish each other’s sentences. I love you, darling.

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I want to take you out on a date - just us - like the old days. What
would you like to do with me if you had four hours of my complete
affection, attention and adoration? What would YOU love to do?

There are 3 steps to happiness, 1 you, 2 me, 3 our hearts, 4 eternity!

Intimacy is a trance.
I want to get closer to you, shiver.
Are you afraid?
I’m vulnerable.
Vulnerable about losing yourself?

Good morning my sweet azure-eyed angel.

Hello my steadfast bicep-blessed treat.
I wish you were here in bed snuggling and kissing me.

What do I love about you most? Honestly your intelligence and personality. I
have never met a woman as full of life as you.

I orbit around your sun.

I love compliments! Giving and receiving.

I want your words your thoughts. They are exquisite gems
and I am a collector of jewels. A patron of poetic pearls.

I want to see you naked, in the firelight. Starring in my

romantic fantasy.

If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred

minus one day so I never have to live without you.

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I dreamt I caught a blue-eyed Valkyrie by the braided pigtails and rode
her doggy style through the stars to the inner circles of Valhalla.

Yes I give my heart easily to YOU. Am I a fool? I am afraid you are going to spoil
me for other women. Post-orgasmic Sweetie Syndrome.

What a sexy voice you have.

The better to whisper sweet nothings into your ear, says the wolf. Ha ha.

Your body is the most beautiful body I have ever had. You should have no doubts
about what I think about any part of your body. I want to do everything to it.

I could spend the whole day in bed with you. Kissing you, loving you, licking you
caressing you, smelling you, running my hands through you hair, talking laughing...
Spanking you, sucking you, tasting all your nectars...
Can we make it TWO days? Laugh!

U r a doll and I’m going to shower your body with love, affection and

Do you trust me enough yet to tell me your secret desires?

I can’t wait to see you hold you touch you kiss you....
......hear you smell you love you.

You have been nothing but a blessing to my life as I hope

to be to yours.

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What is it going to be like when you make love to me? I enjoy
pondering this question.
Our nervous systems will be fused into a primordial unity of fulfilled desire.
Limbic lusciousness.
Parasympathetic paroxysms packed with peak pleasure.
To me you are the Einstein of Sensuality my love.

What is it going to be like when you make love to me?

New eras dawning,
Nebulae dancing,
Planets colliding,
Meteors flaming, exploding suns, blossoming flowers, run away trains...
Spontaneous combustions, Apocalypse, Tectonic shifts...
New life teaming,
Rainbows swerving,
Children laughing,
Time stopping.
Rivers reversing, the blind seeing, the ignorant learning...
The sun rising to a new beautiful world.
Not to get your expectations up too much. Hahaa

Good morning sweetheart. You exceeded my expectations once

again. I love your sensitivity and slow sensual pace. I can’t
wait to send you to places you have never been.
Or to places you would like to return.
Your bliss is my bliss.
Lost in the expansive ocean of your blue eyes.
Perfume of your breath.

Take care of my beautiful woman today.

Would crawl thru fire for you.
Over coals. Broken glass.
Hot lava.

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My god you are so beautiful.
Your breasts are two of the seven wonders of the world.
Your face is the third.

You deserve a queen’s palace in our bedroom tonight.

I will fill up every sense.
Soft sheets and towels. Soft lighting. Nice music.
I want to pleasure you.
You are a ripe fruit to savor.

I am looking forward, with relish, to the moment when we are connected, locked in,
a single circuit of passionate energy.
And for that moment when I shower you in love, soak you in my sweet release.
I love it when you talk like that you gorgeous flower.

When your text alerts vibrate in my pocket I get hard. Like Pavlov’s dog.

l love your sense of humor and your juicy humours.

Fantasy. Hmmm. Covering your naked body in sashimi and soy

sauce and devouring you...
Sitting in a quiet dark place eating, kissing, touching.
Slowly caressing your nipples with chop sticks.

I know you like the warm thread of my affection to weave

around you morning and night. Envelope me in your moist
warm life-giving cocoon of affection

Oh baby you are driving me crazy. I am desperate for you.

I awoke to memories of you on top of me, me screaming in

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I’m enjoying the mind replays of so many moments together.
Your body is my Stradivarius and on it I shall learn to play the music of the
Of Valhalla...
... And the orbiting spheres.

Good morning my sweet darling.

My sweet vanilla honey dripping buttercup.
You were created to love and be loved ..... and to spread love all around...

These are once in a lifetime romantic moments we are sharing.

You are an angel. My beautiful angel of mercy.

I don’t know what I want to explore more.

Your erogenous zones or the city. Hmmm.
We can walk hand in hand thru the city kissing
and you can explore every inch of me in our room.

You know I have quite an active imagination. . .

Hope the reality lives up to your imagination.
In my experience, reality eclipses my fantasies.
Why? Because I bring a powerful combination of love,
joy and honesty to whatever I do.

Can I take you out shopping for a new outfit that makes
you feel sexy? And can we get some shoes that are so
ridiculously high and provocative that you will only wear
them lying down? <wink>

Let’s find eternity in our ecstasy

Let’s steal some bliss from the reaper.

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My horoscope today: A new romance is definitely in the air. This could
be a renewal of the romance within a current relationship or, if you’re single,
someone new and exciting might cross your path. This person could be from
a distant place or in a profession such as law or education. Whatever your
situation, the feeling is going to persist at least through next month.

You are the hottest most exciting woman I have ever been with. You have seen
nothing of my passion yet.
I want not only to see all of your passion, I want to hold you as we explore uncharted
sensual territory together.
I will be the Columbus and Magellan of your beautiful, wild, unexplored hemispheres.
Longitudes and latitudes.
Mountains, valleys and tropic zones.
I am savoring your words.
Your teaming erogenous Galapagos
Your storming capes and quiet deltas.
Yes. All of that.
Ran out of geography metaphors:-)

Your soulfully satisfying kissing has turned me on to a whole new level.

It has grounded me even more deeply to my animal. It is dogging
my thoughts.
All of that goodness is culminating in me wanting more kissing
and it is bringing us closer.
Just forming these texts to you, thinking about kissing, has
made wanting.
Glad I helped inspire your animal. Save some of that animal
for me.

I have never kissed another woman like I kiss you. My love

and lust for you has no bounds.
I wish my tongue were 3 feet long. I would probe every inch
of your hollow flute.

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I want you.
Have a crush on you.
Love you.
Appreciate you.
Get turned on by you.
All the things we pine for and desire.
I always think about you.
You are creating those feelings in me beautifully.
You are sexy and romantic.
Hope it lasts a long time.
Beautiful man.
Me too.
I will be tending my loving, burning hot fires for you.
I am not afraid of roaring fires.
I will enjoy the exquisite pleasure/pain of missing, aching, longing for you, darling.
I love us together right now.
You are very poetic and loving today.

Will you whet my appetite with a little idea of what you have planned,
baby? I love looking forward to things with anticipation.

I see you blossoming.

I’m in love.
I believe lovers should bring others to completion.
Aww. Baby.
Thank you for giving me your heart.
Tends to make people blossom.
You are so welcome.
This rose [pic] is my heart open to you.

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I keep wanting to hold you.
I love to be held by you.
Warm. Snuggly. Secure. Sensual. Loved. Adored. Desired.
I want to give you as much pleasure as your body will endure.
In every possible way.

I love your lushness, honey. Long beautiful legs.

Just right for me.
Full length cuddling.
Long legs, torsos intertwined.

I am fantasizing about you being here and me fresh from the shower and making
lovey dovey.
Wish i could dry you off. Hold you.
Kiss you everywhere.
Mmmmm! I want that.
And sit on your lap.
Rock you. Nibble on your lobe. Tell you how precious you are to me.
.....How much i miss you when we are not together...... everything makes sense when i look into you eyes... blissful i feel when our tongues dance....

The places you send me when I am inside you.

To the stars.
You are so romantic, honey lover.
I love spending the whole day with you.
You bring it out of me. More than anyone ever has.
Perhaps my appreciation and delight fuels you?
Yes, but beautiful romantic thoughts and words are born only
in the presence of what is beautiful itself.

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My heart is a rose that has blossomed in your light.

Wish you could sit in my lap right now in your satin nightie.
Have you kiss me and love me up.
Yes, baby i would love you up alright.
You are so good at loving me.
You love so beautifully.
With appreciation, affection, romanticism.
You get an A+++ as a lover.

I have thought a lot about our unlikely love, our surprising union.
My melting.
You thawed parts of my heart. Expanded it. Inflated it to a borderless golden
honey light.

My sweet love.
What if heaven were an eternal lovegasm?
You’ve evolved me. Shown me how to feel even more love for
another. Given me the template. Stretched out my heart.
Heaven is here now together in the present.
The lovegasm is now.
Yes. True fulfillment.
I am so happy and fortunate that I have been a part of this.
Baby, you are not, “a part of this”, you are CREATING this.
Of your love and exploration.
We are creating it together. If you were not the person you
are I could not have shown you such love.

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I have a sexy idea.
Want me to share?
Yes tell me.
I found my satin eye mask.
And I would like to blindfold you and play with you sensually such that you can’t
tell what I am doing and you are experiencing exquisite pleasure.

What are the elements about you that I love most?

You are...
Beautiful. Sexual. Loving. Outgoing. Intelligent. Articulate. Sensitive. Positive. Honest.
Inquisitive. Inquisitive. Inquisitive:-)
Creative. Intuitive. Colorful. Goofy. Maternal. Demanding. Tasteful.
Opening. Growth-oriented. Orderly and neat. A good cook.
Sybaritic. Graceful. Easy-going.
Wise. Cautious. Takes into account other’s feelings first.
Road tripper. Traveler. Loves journeys.
Passionate. Craves intimacy. Steps up when bar is raised. Capable.
Well read. Romantic. Poetic.
You are an amazing, rich and nuanced lover.

Every time I look at your face my heart skips a beat.

Mine races faster.
The most intense pleasures I have ever had, I have had while
looking into your beautiful face.

Oh my sweet.... your beautiful eyes.

I hope to keep laying down new neural pathways to

pleasure for you.
Making you feel more and more ecstasy and love that swells
your heart.
Expanding your happiness.
Grounding you in affection and appreciation.

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Tell me something romantic.
I am only getting started with you baby. I have so much passion for you I
am going to blow your mind more and more as we love each other.
What we feel now is just a taste of the love I will show you.
...of the passion i have for you.
We will abandon ourselves to each other in total trust and love and acceptance.
No inhibitions.

I want to lick every nook and cranny of your beautiful bod.

I looooove your body, baby. Your body is Disneyland to me:-)
You have an E-ticket and a Fast Pass to ride ALL my rides. :)

My life is so much richer with you in it.

What Tantric sex scene do you fantasize about?

Baby, tell me about the you could design just for me.

Tell me the most “taboo” sexual experience you’ve ever

fantasized about?

My sweet beautiful flower. You are so hot!

I kneel down in subservience to my aching, needy, selfish,

greedy desire for you.

You fell asleep didn’t you, my precious. Sweet and gentle

dreams baby.
Dream of me. Dream of us.

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I am crazy turned on for you sweet baby. I am nuts for you.
And I respect you on so many levels.
And I objectify your sweet ass.

I am so excited to see you.

Really?? Me too. I miss you. I didn’t get enough of you to make up for lost time.
We have hours of one on one!
I didn’t either. I need to get lost in you one on one.
We’re going in deep today, baby. I’m going to slide down the rabbit hole with you.
Make love to your spirit animal.
Visit the mad hatter.
You in Erotic Wonderland. I will take you there, baby.

I just crave you right now and nothing else is as good as being with you.
It’s your kissing.
It turns me on so much.
Also your femininity.
Your moaning and breathing and how it feels to be hold you.
You are really turning me on right now.
To know that I can satisfy you in ways other men can’t.

You are so gorgeous, baby. I want to eat you up.

You are the most beautiful woman I have ever known, let alone
been intimate with.
I am incredibly attracted to you and it continues to grow.
The depth of my attraction to you is something I have never
The physical attraction is that “chemistry” people talk about
but I had never experienced to this degree. It’s a beautiful
and very moving process I’m both savoring and noticing.
The raw power, the magnetic body to body draw...
the way you and I are together has raised my bar for the
quality of intimate connection, honesty, adoration and the
kind of hot sex where we lose ourselves for so long together
and four hours goes like four minutes and it’s transcendent...

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Your skin electrifies me with desire.
Your breath fills me with new life.
I see eternity in the azure of your eyes.
Your smell is the fragrance of the remembrance of things past.
Your voice is the soft hearkening of angels in heaven.
Your love is a warm blanket on a cold night.
Under the blanket we fall asleep and join each other in our dreams.
Is that a good poem or what?! You are my muse.

Get your buns home early and love me up.

Good morning you light-footed angelic wisp.

I loved your hot and sexy enthusiasm last night, baby. You are the best and most
exciting woman I have ever been with. I love the heck out of you.:-)

I bought a heater to keep you nice and warm and juicy, my luscious tropical fruit.

You will be in my thoughts when you are away.

Savoring the image of you in my mind. Burning it in my memory.
So I will have it to keep me company on lonely cold nights like

Good morning, baby. I crave you so much this morning.

I need to hold you, smell you, kiss you.
When the first thing I see in the dawn of a new day is your
beautiful smile, my whole day is illuminated with a warm
glow and I know I can conquer anything that life can bring.

Good morning my angel. One of the things I love about you

is how you touch my heart.

Copyright © Personal Life Media. All Rghts Reserved. 27

I love to crawl into bed and wake you with my softness pressed up
against the length of your body.

Smelling your morning smell and kissing you awake are comforting experiences
for me. We ground each other in our desire and appreciation.

When I smell you I want to be buried in you, overwhelmed and held by you,
consumed by you like fire burns paper.

I am heaven sent.
Your my sweet angel.
Yes, you are.
I have flown in on gossamer wings to flutter the vibrations of love deep into your
soul. Your being. Your umbilical tether to the center of desire.

Good morning sweetheart. I am pleased that you miss me badly but my

pleasure is overshadowed by how much I miss you. I long for your body
and touch and the feeling of expansiveness when I stare into the
bottomless depths of your haunting blue eyes.

I cannot wait to kiss you smell you hug you feel your cheek
against mine your breasts against me to taste your ear lobe
and whisper into your ear how glad i am you are finally home.

I want to dive in to that place of letting go where time stops

and I immerse in a different dimension/feeling that is so
clean, rejuvenating, earthy... I am awed by this feeling.
I’m going to go there with you and stay in it with you for as
long as I can. I would love to make love to you on a soft
grassy meadow among the daisies under the sun.
...on a red and white checkered blanket with a picnic basket.

Copyright © Personal Life Media. All Rghts Reserved. 28

I love your body so much. You would not feel self conscious when you
see how much I would worship your body and how I would do anything
with it.

I will look forward to being with you all day.

I am crazy to hold your body.
I will be clasped to you the whole time.
My tentacles wrapped around you.
Sucking up your love.
Soaking in it.
And injecting my love into you.
I am all yours to enjoy.
My baby.

Being with you last night was like sailing in the moonlight on a beautiful lake of
love in the moonlight.
Merging as one with you. There was a moment kissing you when I felt like we
were eternally bonded. Like we had been together forever and would be
Eternally bonded.

I am thinking about how much I love hugging you and running

my hands all over your naked body.
How energetically erotic we are together.

You are always in my heart.

I carry you with me.
You are in my eyes. Sometimes I look through yours.
See things the way you see them. Think about what you
would think.
Your touch is in my hands. I try to feel things the way you
would, through your sensitivities.
Your taste is in my tongue. When I taste your lips a warm
opium of joy circulates through my blood.

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Your voice is in my dreams - calling me from another world; echoing
across oceans; whispering through golden fields; beckoning like the sirens
to come home to your love.
These are the ways I feel about you.
And they delight me too.

Good morning my luscious sweet flower of love.

I want you to hold me, kiss me and I want to get lost in you.
I wish you were here, snuggled beside me, reading.
I would like more cuddle time.
I love your kissing.
I am starved for it.
I want to get drunk on it.
I would give anything to be there next to you, touching you through your silky nightie.
Gently kissing your lips.
Smelling the nape of your neck.

Baby, tell me the 3 foreplay activities you love most that get you totally
turned on and I’ll tell you mine.

What is your favorite part of our sex life? I’ll tell you mine, if you
tell me yours. ;P

My juicy fruit.
I want to pluck you.
And then suckle you.
Like a juicy peach.
And savor your life-giving essence.
Your honey dripping from my chin.
Like a bear devouring a sweet warm honey comb.
Hugging you.

Copyright © Personal Life Media. All Rghts Reserved. 30

Your pics are making me crazy.
I am afraid my passion will be out of control.
I want to take you and have my with you.
You will have to slow me down because if I am out of control I won’t care about
anything but spreading those beautiful legs and devouring you until I am ready
to make love to you like you have never been loved before.
How is your day my love?
Imagining waking up with you.
Kisses on your neck. Cuddlingus.
Bodies pressed firmly together. Holding you like I will never let you go. My thigh
pressed tight between your legs, firmly against your kitty. Shivers of pleasure up our
spines. I whisper in your ear “good morning baby.”
Awwww. I love that. You are so deliciously romantic, sexy, manly, adorable.
What a beautiful scene you set.

If it was a perfect world, and my needs didn’t matter for this thought-experiment,
what would your perfect sex life be like?

I was just lying in bed fantasizing about tonight. Thinking about being at
dinner. Then about what kind of positions we do together.

Yab yum... Yab Yum Yes.

I think that position would be very fulfilling to you.
Eyes, heart, breath, genitals connected.
I would get lost in your eyes and tell you how much I love

I keep replaying last night. Savoring the memories of how

my body felt so much.
And it felt so good.
Like an orgasm but smoother sweeter and in a central core
way -
A way with history.
Maybe a way we felt happiness when we had only evolved
as far as jellyfish.

Copyright © Personal Life Media. All Rghts Reserved. 31

You are so delicious. I want to lick and suck every part of your body
and worship you like a goddess.
I would give anything to make love to you this morning.
To get on top of you and kiss you passionately and penetrate you deeply and
slowly and squeeze your lovely nipples and tell you how much I love you.

Tonight I’m going to possess you... dominate you... make you submit to my whims
and desires to give you incredible pleasure.
Get a bath, light candles in the bedroom, put on the sexiest lingerie you have and
wait for me there...

I wish I was there to snuggle you to sleep in person, but I will pervade your dreams
my darling.
You have unlocked vast stores of relaxation, safety and golden liquid love with your
holding of me.
I want to bathe in your golden liquid love. I want to shower you with it.
Good night my fountain of golden liquid love. Mwah!

Get your buns home early

and love me up.

Copyright © Personal Life Media. All Rghts Reserved. 32

Good morning, baby. I wish i were in your bed. Crawling down under the sheets.
Licking your thighs, kissing your gorgeous kitty.
I would pretend I was asleep.
And that you were an intruder.
And the illicit nature of that thought would make me damp.
I would struggle not to moan.
Struggle not to come.
My body would quake with orgasms.
You’d blindfold me. Turn me over. Take me from behind.
I’d tear off my blindfold, see your gorgeous face, your exquisite body. Kiss you
deeply... imagining this must be a dream. It’s too beautiful, you are too handsome to
be real.
You have some deliciously sexy fantasies in that beautiful head of yours.
Thank you. I’m glad you like what turns me on.
I’ll keep exploring what makes me hot and share it with you.

I want to ravage and consume you and start by sucking and deep
throating your tongue.
I love to get myself so turned on taking you deep in me.
I love 69 with you.
I love to have sex with you. I want you all the time.

Am longing for you. Your smell. The way you hold me.
The way we are so connected.
I want to sex you for hours and hours. Have my fill of you.
Feel satiated, if only temporarily.
It might take DAYS. Yes. Two at least.
Well we can just love on each other for the whole night and
next morning too.
I will explode in you.
I will watch your sweet face as you do.

Copyright © Personal Life Media. All Rghts Reserved. 33

Baby your kitty looks so warm pink beautiful and inviting.
I am salivating like a desperate dog. Arf!
Panting tongue hanging out howling desperate.

You have unleashed an uncontrollable beast of desire in me.

A vampire thirsting for your fluids in the night.
Unlock your window tonight. I will nibble on your neck while you are dreaming.
Suck honey from your red nipples.
Mount you as an incubus and eat your sweet pussy.
And in the morning you will have no memory of my ravaging and sucking and taking
of you. It was only a dream and nocturnal emissions.

Baby you have destroyed me for other women except the very unique ones whom
like you, can open their hearts and passion so completely. And that is one in a million.
And I really have no desire for other women but you.

You are my alpha and omega.

My blue-eyed princess.
My sweet gentle delicate exotic orchid.
My beautiful orgasmic volcano.
My sweet nougat whose delicious honey I coax out with my loving
tongue. I want you baby.

My tongue wants to roam all your curves and taste your sweet
and savory gibblets.:-)

We should make some plans for the weekend.

What sounds fun?
Seeing you underneath me moaning in orgasmic bliss.
My thoughts exactly.
But really as long as I am with you and holding you I am a
happy camper. The rest is just icing.
I like a man with a plan.
You are determined to rock my world.
I love how you continue to step up, ahead of me, taking the

Copyright © Personal Life Media. All Rghts Reserved. 34

You will be an amorphous pile of orgasmic undulating flesh when i am
done with you.:-)
Make sure I can drive home, baby!
We’ll put you back together again honey!
You really made my day today with all this luscious sexiness
Fun for everyone!
One needs to set high goals.

I am imagining waking up with you. I am spooning you from the back. My hardness
innocently lies lengthwise against your crack. I gently kiss the back of your neck, flick
your earlobe with the tip of my yearning tongue. I whisper “good morning sweet
You are insatiable.
I like that. And I turn around to face you, nuzzle you. I want those strong arms
of yours to hold me tight.
I hold you and put my thigh between your legs pushing up against your sweet
girl parts. I can feel your dampness on my leg.
I grind it into you, I writhe against you, I press myself into your thigh
and make myself puffy and meaty and succulent.
That’s my baby.
And I grab your sweet cheeks tight and grind my thigh between
your legs, feeling its wetness up and down my leg. You want
more and I make you wait, my tongue
dancing with yours.
My connection with the divine.
I jack in to pure love when the tip of our tongues play.
We are lost in kisses and you beg for my manhood with
insane desperation...
I want you on top of me. Devouring me. I want to feel your
manliness. I am so turned on by you. My animal claws at
you, arches up to meet you. Take me. Take me. Slide in me
and complete the circuit.
Then i say, “Baby, I am sorry but I really need some coffee.”

Copyright © Personal Life Media. All Rghts Reserved. 35

I suck your tongue deep into my mouth, savor the texture; I want all
of you inside of me, like a cobra swallowing its prey whole.
On my lap you feel my silky hardness between your cheeks. I grind it up
against you. And kiss you, gently sucking your delicious lips. Our tongues dart.
Ouroboros is 69. Both us devouring each other.
And disappearing in an orgasmic vortex.
Only to be born again as a divine hermaphrodite.
That is why I love your nectar. I want it inside of me. Making you a part of me. United.
Inseparable. Merged in a transcendent moment of liquid bliss.
In your juiciness I taste your blue eyes; your beautiful smile; your vivacity; your sexy
laugh; the desire of your body; the desire of your spirit; your sweet
musty longing to be loved by me like you have never been loved before.
And that is how I want to take you right now. Slide into your warm sweet velvet
glove. Stare into your begging, longing eyes. Hear you beg me for more - for harder
and harder until you no longer know where or who you are - lost in a bright light
of anesthetic bliss.
Electrified kundalini bliss.
Vagus nerve lit up like a Christmas tree. Sending streams of pleasure to every
axon and neuron.
You slowly come back to Earth. See my loving hazel eyes staring into
yours. We gently kiss. I tell you how much I love you. How I will
always be there for you. How I understand you like nobody else
ever could. How I long for you when you are away.

Tell me how I can make you feel incredibly turned on and

A bottomless pit of desire.
When we have our next date, what is your perfect scenario?
I love the fantasy, the sex, the connection with you, the
trust, the secret we all have.
I want to do some naughty things with u too.
I want to see you in transcendent bliss.
Sexy endorphins and love hormones saturating your
I look forward to the sensory illustration of your ardor and
affection, your adoration and enthusiasm for lil’ ole me!

Copyright © Personal Life Media. All Rghts Reserved. 36

That red velvet love glove of yours made me hard.
I’m going to do whatever you tell me, lover.
Yes. I want to feel your tongue and mouth on me.
That electric current.
Yes, baby.

How about wild octopus sex?

Your tentacles can probe the depths of my orafices.
Even better.
I wish my tongue was 6 inches longer.
I would lick inside you and gently slide my tongue in deep and flutter like a trumpet
player on your G-Spot until you released your nectar in my mouth.
My body wants to merge with yours.
Your sweet warm love honey.
You are one sexy lover.
You are getting me turned on and desirous for you.
I can’t get enough of you baby. Your ardor takes me higher.
I love the consistently bright burning flame of your desire licking at me.
It lights me. Flames my desire.
I want to devour you baby; suck you; love you gently and hard; kiss you;
cuddle you.
Reminds me how much I love to be in your arms, skin to skin, mouth
on mouth.
I am so ready for you again.
I love your inviting warm velvety wetness clamping on my
throbbing member in its desire.
Your sweet wet lotus opening more and more for me.

I’m lowering myself down on you. You choose: face or hot

Face baby.
Any man would give his left nut to be in my position.
Kneel baby.
I’m on my knees.
In front of you.
Now shush your mouth and kiss my ____.

Copyright © Personal Life Media. All Rghts Reserved. 37

I cannot wait to see you tonight baby. I feel so close to you.
I love our languorous kissing. My tongue making love with yours.
When I hold you i feel like i never want to let you go.
I want to merge with you. But you always must go.
And I feel the loss. And then you come to me again and I feel whole.

Oh baby, I am so into you. I had to release last night. I wish you could have been
there to marvel in the distance and quantity of the juices you built up inside of me.
Btw, good morning!

Tonight I fantasize about sucking the clover honey from your Yoni; bathing in it,
savoring your smell the next day.

I wish you were here right now. I am fresh from the shower and oh, so, soft.
I would kiss every inch of your beautiful body. Every millimeter.
If there were a castaway grain of Maui sand on or in your flesh, I would find it.:-)

I cannot wait until you are jacked in to me in 2.5 days. Tongue.

Manhood. Body pressed on mine.

I am going to slow waaaaaaaaaay down and savor you, rather

than devour you.
Yes, we will slow down - you on me - me inside of you and
kissing you. Very still - savoring every sensation.
Kitty likes. She just experienced what is akin to a roller
coaster plunge inside her wet little cave.
I also am going to ride you doggy style holding on to your
hair riding you like a horse slapping your rump as we gallop
along yippee kaiaaaay!
After we love our brains out I will just generally adore you,
lick you, suck you, pet you, kiss you, nibble on your lobes
and luscious lips.
Oh and massage your nipples and make you ecstatic.
Gotta lot on my plate huh?

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