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O Almighty God, give me thy grace and verve

A long life span, profoundly meaningful to serve
All the days and nights calling O' God you
Send upon us thy Holy Spirit as the morn's dew! [1]
Satan is under your powerful feet
And he can never resurrect as you did!
Broken are his searching eyes both
Telling this, I'm dedicating this prayer note! [2]
O Almighty Yahweh God, give me thy verve
To go to the Dorset of people and them to serve
My brethren who are still in world's dark Dungeon
Who neither have known Mt. Sinai nor Jerusalem! [3]
But always are confounded in mind by the Satan
O 'Lord only God make me their prophet Nathan
They’ve created their own prides' Babel Tower
Worshipping the "Idols and golden calf" each hour![4]
Their Fallacy of Idol worship has given a chance
In their blood and mind the Satan to have a dance!
Their Dark life without you is exceedingly repealing
And full of suffocation, your word's truth not knowing! [5]
Thank you Almighty God for this fine morning
Convert the Tibetans in your Body who are mourning
Let not be understood this prayer as a lip fashion
Be it, by the grace of God, a burden -my intercession! [6]