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-Dr. Jagendra B. Chhantyal

Crawling under the bamboo grove there was a bloc1

And the time was sweeping fast, it was ten o'clock
All were men, holding a modern gun en camouflage2
None seemed coming through the George so desolate3
Then came a boy whistling at a gamut4
The commander thought it was a coming cop
Then he commanded," O boys attack at once."
"Stimulate and Use all your finest ordnance5"
All slept down on the muddy moat6
To notice the fall of the targeted cop
The boy so jolly, but was so unfortunate
Forwarded to meet his waiting fate
The gun that was fired from the moat
Killed that young shepherd with his goat
The boy so unlucky who even could not pray
Was compelled to fall on the ground a poor prey7
What kind of men they are, for what they've fought
What an insane tradition of killing they've brought
Dividing the country into many fragile parts
Tearing up many million's united one hearts

May be they long to get just worldly victor's meddle

And do they snatch away others' lives putting meddle8
Bloc: Armed men.
Camouflage: Looking natural.
Desolate: lonely
Gamut: mountain pass
Ordnance : weapons
Moat :trench
Prey: victim
When it is bounteous dawn and dancing comes the morning
Sorrowful tale in each house begins followed by mourning
The gunner who first fired from a newly dug moat
Thought the shepherd was either a cop or a goat
That is worthless than the enemy to kill by a shot
The gunner was thinking, "I've an army to uproot"
Let's say a song my friends, "Humanity up with"
And say echoing, "Inhuman civil war down with!"
19 March 2004

(Poet: Jagendra B. Chhantyal, from ancient Kingdom of Chilly)

Meddle: hurdle