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School: LICUAN E/S Grade Level: VI

GRADES 1 to 12
DAILY LESSON LOG Teaching Dates and
Time: JANUARY 15-19, 2018 (WEEK 1) Quarter: 4TH Quarter


A. Content Standards
B. Performance Standards
C. Learning Make inferences Infer the mood of certain events Evaluate and make judgments Use the comparative form of Answer the question in the
Competencies/Objectives through the speaker’s actions / Distinguish advertisement from adverb in sentences correctly subject that they learned in
intonations / utterances. propaganda their own understanding and
II. CONTENT Making Inferences Inferring the Mood of Certain Distinguishing Advertisement Using the Comparative Form of Weekly Test
Events through the Speaker’s from Propaganda Adverb
Actions / Intonations / Utterances.

A. References
1. Teacher’s Guides Developing Reading Power 6, pp. Developing Reading Power 6, pp. Growing in English VI BES 6 Language p. 134 / PELC
175-176 272-273 / ELC B.5.1 p. 10 (Language) p. 270 5.6.1 p. 26 / RBEC Speaking
2. Learner’s Material Tirso’s Opinion charts, cassette tape, pictures of a child, flashcards Test notebook
pages flashcards, strips of cartolina
3. Textbook Pages
4. Additional Reference
from Learning
B. Other Learning
A. Reviewing previous Unlocking of Difficulties (see Vocabulary/Pronunciation Skills Unlocking of Difficulties Reading of the following adverbs
lesson or presenting the textbook page) in flashcards
new lesson
B. Establishing a purpose Have you watched the movie Reading the selection once more Let’s have a guessing game. Look at the picture posted on the A. Preparation
for the lesson “Finding Nemo”? with correct action, proper Listen to this. board while I read to you some
intonation and utterances, then Is this an advertisement or sentences about it. Listen
have them answer the questions propaganda? carefully and take note of the
below. “Sleep soundly, be happy, adverbs used in sentences.
live forever…. CONVI, Portable A child who dresses neatly is a
Bed & Mattress” available at all pleasant sight.
branches of SM Shoemart Inc.
including Cebu and Iloilo,
Uniwide Warehouse Club Inc.,
Amilgrahen Nationwide
Distributors, Inc., and other
department stores in Metro
Manila and key cities

C. Presenting Reading the short selection, pp. What do you think was the mood First Listening Dina speaks more softly than B. Setting of Standards
examples/instances of 175-176, Developing Reading of the boys action when they Teacher reads the selection Joyce.
the new lesson Power. yelled at Tirso? while pupils just listen. The sun shines more brightly
than the moon.
Can you stay underwater longer
than I can?
D. Discussing new concepts What could have happened to Pupils listen to the teacher while What is the credo of the earth What adverbs are used to C. Explanation
and practicing new skill Baby Fish? reading the events with correct savers? compare actions?
#1 intonation, action and utterances.
“Christian! Cherry! Come here!”
Grandmother almost shouted at
her grandchildren.
Question: What do you think was
the mood of grandmother’s
utterances when she shouted at
her grandchildren?
E. Discussing new concepts One day, Alex got the surprise of Answering the guide What word is used with adverbs
and practicing new skill his life. His father was chosen as questions. ending in-ly to show comparative
#2 the “Farmer of the Year” When was the movement form of adverbs?
Question: If you were Alex, what organized?
would you feel after what What is its objective?
happened? Do you think this movement
Happy of what happened to my has good motive? Why?
Ashamed of what I had felt for my
Worried of what happened to my
F. Developing mastery D. Supervision by the Teacher
(Leads to Formative
G. Finding practical Listening to a selection What type of selection is it, an Here are some pictures. I want
applications of concepts advertisement or propaganda? you to study each of them and be
and skills in daily living How about the one given in the able to give sentences using the
guessing game, is it an comparative form of adverbs.
advertisement or propaganda?
What is an advertisement?
H. Making generalizations What is an inference? How to Infer the Mood of Certain How can you distinguish What form of adverbs is used to
and abstractions about Events through the Speaker’s advertisement from compare two persons/things
the lesson Actions / Intonations / propaganda? actions? What is added to the
Utterances? adverb to show comparison?
I. Evaluating learning AlingDely, A Kindhearted Woman Listen to a selection and be able to Listen and write whether each Select the correct form of Checking and Recording
Why do you think Ivy helped answer the following questions by one is an advertisement or a adverbs to complete the
AlingDely in her store? To know inferring the mood of certain propaganda. sentences.
more people events through the speaker’s LOSE WEIGHT WHILE Pilots fly the helicopter
c. to live with AlingDely actions/intonations/utterances. SLEEPING. Thanks to the _________ than airplane.
To earn money What do you think was the mood surprising power of Biotic effectively
d. to go back to school of Glenn’s action when father gave Sauna Pajama to eliminate more effectively
What do you think is the occasion him a motorcycle? heat. Simply put on Biotic most effectively
for buying a present for her Glenn was ashamed Sauna Pajama and you will get
mother? Glen was embarrassed. rid of your excess fats
Birthday b. baptism Glen
c. wedding
d. confirmation
J. Additional activities for Write sentences telling 1. Request a member of your Bring some clippings of Give sentences using the
application or inferences family to read a short selection for advertisements or bits of comparative degree of
remediation you, then infer the mood of propaganda from newspapers comparison.
certain events through the and magazines. They may also Between you and your best
speaker’s write down those they hear friend, who can work more
actions/intonations/utterances. over the radio or TV programs. cheerfully?
2. Write your inferences on your Then, have them form groups, Compare the lives in the city and
notebook. share their clippings and the lives in the farm
discuss whether they are
advertisements or propaganda.
A. No. of learners who
earned 80% on the
formative assessment
B. No. of learners who
require additional
activities for remediation
C. Did the remedial lessons
work? No. of learners
who have caught up with
the lesson
D. No. of learners who
continue to require
E. Which of my teaching
strategies worked well?
Why did these work?
F. What difficulties did I
encounter which my
principal or supervisor
can help me solve?
G. What innovation or
localized materials did I
use/discover which I wish
to share with other