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LAND LAW 11 - LAW 3111

Reflective Journal

Name : Muhamad Ali bin Hussain

Matric. No. : 1425989

Section No. : 4

Facilitator : Prof Ainul Jaria Maidin

Note from
Tutorial / facilitator
No. Date Reflections
PBL (when

Madam gave us 10
questions on security
MONDAY Tutorial dealings. By right, I
2 OCT had to have good
2017 understanding on the
concept of it by
looking to the lecture
1 note. Later, I had to
present it and I learnt
the proper language
used to submit before
court, I managed so
handle it very well to
answer the question
on the security
dealings in NLC and
its remedies. By right,
PBL question was
released, and we were
MONDAY Tutorial grouped accordingly.
30 OCT Next, Madam gave us
2017 questions to be
discussed on the
2 tutorial classes
whereas Syahmi and I
chose two topics on
Malay Reservation
Land and Strata
Titles. Throughout the
days, we had to do
research and present
the submission in our

Zie’s group presented

their submission on
MONDAY Tutorial the topic of charges. I
3 6 NOV watched and
2017 understand their
submission very well.
Good job Zie! They did
it in form of legal
sketch to show the
Zie and Damia groups
were presented their
MONDAY Tutorial submissions. Both
13 NOV doing well, I can
2017 learnt a lot of things
4 from them. Proper
time management is
really important, so
for the next
presentation is our
group’s turn so I had
to make sure my
My group and Damia’s
group presented our
submissions Syahmi
MONDAY Tutorial and I did a mini moot
20 NOV on MRL which is my
2017 first time to do it. I
really enjoyed it due
to that we had to
submit properly as we
stand before the
court. All the findings
were presented and
Madam really proud of
us. I am so proud
because the group
consist of two persons
managed to do well
Within Madam
absence, myself
together with Syahmi,
Damia and Sakinah sit
together and digest
our PBL problematic
question and its scope
as financial institution.

Next, we
brainstormed our
MONDAY PBL ideas, each of us share
4 DEC preparation our findings that later
2017 – 20 we grouped into parts
DEC 2017 according to the
6 question and
highlighted the issues.

A week later, all of us

make a research on
all of our findings and
issues namely whether
our bank gazetted as
to enable to deal with
MRL. What is the
procedure to apply for
loan, can partition be
done on joint owner
land before charged
can be made as well
as how to calculate
charges to the
Our group presented
our submission by
following the flow
whereby Syahmi and I
THURSD PBL encountered the first
AY PRESENTATI part of our submission
21 DEC ON and Damia and
2017 Sakinah presented the
7 latter. With due
respect of
commitment and good
time management, we
managed to survive as
financial institution
which quite tough
because we need to
call some lawyers and
bank just to complete
our submission. All in