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To be a successful retailer, it has always been important to pay attention to all aspects of your business. In today's retail climate it is essential for business survival. To be a successful retailer, it has always been important to pay attention to all aspects of your business. In today's retail climate it is essential for your survival. NiMble Systems service portfolio cater to the various needs of the retail business. NiMble facilitates the growth by putting in retail process for the various aspects of the business.

• Enhancing Financial For Retail • Improving Gross Margin • Better Sales Force Management • Retail Marketing Efficiency • Retail Product Range Audit • Improving Retail Store Merchandising • Brining Retail Supply Chain Efficiencies

Retail Offerings

1. Enhancing Financial For Retail
What is it? A rigorous, independent assessment of the financial state of the retailer. Features include:

• • •

key commercial and operational processes recommendations and conclusions underpinned by a thorough financial foundation opinions, forecasts and suggested solutions, not just analysis of numbers.

What does it do? Information is reviewed by accountants who have specific retail experience. This insight allows a rapid and effective focus on the areas that will make a significant difference to the business. Key benefits:

• • • •

improved and more appropriate cost base confidential management assessments corporate strategy assessments review of key accounting processes and effectiveness of finance function within a retail context

short term cash flow and working capital optimized

Enhanced margins add to the bottom line. What does it do? This solution identifies all the elements which go to make up the gross margin of the business.PAGE 2 2. Retail Marketing Efficiency What is it? A step-by-step refurbishment of an organization's marketing approach. It creates a structure and provides tools by which the sales objectives can be achieved. place and promotion in the context of a clear understanding of the business's customer profile and the potential broader target market. who manages it. • successes are both short and long-term It quickly determines: 1. what does gross margin really contain? Key benefits: defined margin strategy improved margin performance greater management awareness release of tied up cash margin control accountabilities. price. Key benefits: • • • • generates headroom for strategic change through increased revenue tangible results within 90 days will add minimal or no additional cost to the operation staff will be motivated and morale will improve customer loyalty and revisit rates will increase. Key benefits: • • • • • a structured marketing approach customer profiles to focus buying decisions and media selection clear. 6. It takes the company’s short and long-term sales objectives and creates a sales environment that delivers these. It highlights what exactly constitutes gross margin. In essence. who has influence over it and if they know its current value. What does it do? It allows sales management and staff to embrace and appreciate their role in achieving the company’s revenue objectives. 7. informed and motivated retail sales team. it answers the question. Improving Retail Gross Margins What is it? A performance improvement technique that interrogates the entire retail operation focused on the gross margin of the business. consistent and appropriate image message create brand relevance improve cost effectiveness of marketing . giving insight into the internal and external influences on performance. 2. It scopes product. Better Sales Force Management Buy in from the sales staff and a motivates sales staff is critical to the success of the retail organization. Equally important is the selling skills of the sales force and their product knowledge What is it? A performance improvement solution that creates a collaborative. true market position market size and company share effectiveness of sales promotional activity media mix effectiveness consistency of communication and image customer profile / demographics customer attitudes to company 4. directly 3. 4. 5. Each element is then viewed in its true context. through a process of close examination of the company’s entire marketing activity. how it can be improved and how it is monitored. What does it do? It starts with a review of the company’s customer proposition and its market place positioning. 3.

Good quality and effective store merchandising is essential to create the right shopping environment so as to positively affect customers' buying decisions. how they are treated. Effective POS and In Store Merchandising is Important for Bottom Line . by examining store imagery. It then looks at internal procedures of managing and communicating POS standards throughout the chain. Unique cost effective consumer profiling • evaluation of existing product range by category • product gap review • in-store reality check • sales cycle analysis • consumer proposition by product category terminal stock process review Specific attention is given to the selection criteria for new products and the clearance of existing terminal lines. What does it do? The Retail Product Range improvement solution ensures that the retailer only stocks products that are focused to maximize profitable sales and cash flow. Retail Product Range Audit Addressing Customer Needs Profitably features include: • What is it? The identification of the appropriateness of products sold.FACILITATING RETAIL GROWTH THROUGH SYSTEMS PAGE 3 5. It covers existing products and explores range opportunity gaps. what get the customers. internal bottom line decisions. What does it do? It begins with a complete review of the company’s POS material in light of its marketplace positioning and the requirements of the instore communication. Marketing and operational support are also reviewed to establish if Retail study management’s view of the product proposition and imagery is actually would include being delivered to the consumer. consistent messages to retail customers • support for promotions at store level • increased revenues by exploitation of best sellers' clarity of price message • increased footfall • customers walking the shop floor • improved cost effectiveness of POS budget high standards of merchandising. The emphasis is on ensuring that the retailer is maximizing the return from retail space and the products sold through that space. which can provide incremental sales without cannibalizing existing business. What is it? An assessment of how customers perceive the product range offer and ultimately the company brand. their loyalty and • • • • • incremental revenues improved stock turn improved cash flow improved customer profiling improved store imagery Retail Store Merchandising a solu- 6. Improving Retail Store Merchandising tion that improves image. It quickly determines: • consistency with company strategic positioning • what the current theme says to customers • consistency across the chain • clarity of different price messages • ability of sales staff to implement policies at store level • effectiveness of space utilization • positioning effectiveness of promotions and profitable lines current resource utilisation Key benefits: • clear. as well as reviewing the current supplier base. revenues and margin through effective POS (Point Of Sale) and in-store merchandising. Key benefits: • • • • • • inside the shop. This is achieved by reviewing the current product range in terms of: revenue generated margin and contribution produced space utilization stock turn returns levels trading terms Opportunities are then explored for previously unidentified category gaps.

Key benefits: • gins increased revenues and mar- • • Supply Chain Efficiencies Assist in Improved Bottom Line stronger relationships with key suppliers increased stock availability at store improved working capital management. Hauz Khas.7. Brining Supply Chain Efficiencies in Retail .in NiMble System Pvt Limited. Failure to achieve all these requirements will dilute profitability and burn cash unnecessarily. • • • results can be seen quickly initiatives are implemented through existing buying team positive cash impacts provide NiMble Systems Pvt. That explains the philosophy of “GROWTH THROUGH SYSTEM” NiMble is in the business of facilitating the growth and there for is equally committed to the implementation of the systems with the E-mail: pawan@nimble.nimble. Thereby releasing both cash and profit. Education setup (profitable and not for profit) Other NiMble Products Health Check Process Audit Turnaround Facilitating Growth Through Systems . Examples are: order-to-sale lead times or underdeveloped supplier trading terms. Ltd Head Office C-21. The supply chain performance improvement solution is focused on identifying areas where quick wins can be achieved to improve profitability and generate cash requirement. New Delhi -110016 India Phone: +91-11-41654178 Website : www. Midsize enterprises B. in the right place. NiMble is a consulting company dedicated to bringing growth to its clients. as per NiMble philosophy is driven through systems. What does it do? This solution quickly identifies areas where inefficiency has built up in the supply chain. Areas addressed include: • ordering protocols • all aspects of the retailer/ supplier relationship • range selection process • inventory forecasting • storage and distribution terminal stock process. but rather to focus on elements of the chain which are most likely to elicit quick wins for the business in terms of cost saving and/or greater operational efficiency. NiMble works in the following focus sectors A. What is it? An examination of all the links in the supply chain and the technology and methodology used to ensure that the retailer has the right products. II Floor. Features include: management headroom. The growth. The solution is not to rewrite a company's supply chain processes. at the right time.A technique used to improve profitability by identifying quick wins in the retail supply chain. Social Enterprise / Organizations C. Is a consulting company with offices in India and Kenya and operations in Middle east and Far East.

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