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Support/Accomplishments in 2013 For Entire Team:

1. Canada Team - Canada Reports +Scorecard, Canada Pricing tool enhancements support for
Canada BI Team
2. myReporting team Development - Guest Services Refresh - 3 Reports (
>Team Dashboard, Concessions by TM,GCO Team Dashboard)
3. myReporting team Bug Fixes and support during holiday season
4. Peak Season Tool support
5. myBI application roll out to : Collections Team(Book of Work) Portal, WFM and Stores Team
6. Collection Reports with Kevin+Dhara :SPPA,EOS,EOL,CollectionInventory,Age2 Strategy,Age 1
collection strategy,collection DMM
7. Debit card Reports with Ali:Online Debit Summary ,Strategy performance,Auth Rates,New
Accounts NSF Trend
8. Data Visualization(Word Cloud,Linear gauge,diff way of data representation) Reports for PD
Team : RCMB,OAM Feedback Tool
9. New Data Visualization by building (word cloud, Linked charts..): Text Mining for Guest Contacts
10. Built automated tool to:
Capture smart center data which was generated manually generated every month by Tom
Electronics-Trade In report in PDF to match exact layout which was generated manually
11. ACAPS supported all enhancements which improved security level
12. myBI Enhancements
13. Privacy Complaints and TDL Scorecard application Development which involves data display
from diverse data sources like: GCA,SmartCenter
14. We rolled out ASP.Net Training
15. TD Support – TRT(Collections Control Monitor Report),SLM report (In Progress)
16. RGS Support – RGS Guest Services and RGS RFV report
17. IE10 Compatibility Test and fixed all issues in AS reports

Mine - Projects:

1. myBI Enhancements – Leadership tab:Group,subgroup,search

2. Canada Scorecard
3. Analytics Studio Homepage
4. Privacy Complaints and TDL Scorecard application Development
5. TGS Support – Built new GCO Dashboard
6. myReporting – Involved in many report bug fixes
7. 9lQ migration to Development – Support on SP’s to SAS folks for faster conversion
8. myBI roll out for stores team by effectively collaborating with Kenny
9. Data Migration for Collection Book of Work portal
10. Peak Season Tool support
11. Support of bug fix in Holiday Season
12. Partnering with Adam to support web publish of myReporting site


Effectiveness Priority - Communications Group (Focus Areas):

My Ideas/suggtestions/feedback is very well appreciated by Jen and the entire group. Actively
collaborating with Sheng to provide suggestions for developing myBI email alerts which would be
rolled out to entire team shortly

1. Collaborating with Jen,Mike,Sheng,Nathan to have best process for cross team updates
2. Scrum Re-invention focus areas
3. myBI Project Update notes and Email alerts