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Government of Bihar

Road Construction Department

Office of the Executive Engineer, Road Division, Motihari
NIT No.- RCD/ MOT/ 12/2017-18

1. Designation and Address of the Advertiser : Executive Engineer, R.C.D., Road Division, Motihari
2. Date of Issue of Notice Inviting Tender : 28.12.2017
3. Period for download of Tender Document : From 18.01.2018 to 25.01.2018 upto 15.00 hours
(From Website :
4. Date, Time & Place of Pre-Bid meeting : Date 19.01.2018 at 11.00 hours at the Office of the Chief Engineer
(Communication) North Bihar Wing, CDO Building, Vishweshwaria
Bhawan Bailey Road, Patna.
5. Last Date & time for uploading tender
documents by bidder : Date 27.01.2018 till. time 15.00 Hours on
6. Last date, time and place for submission of
original instrument of EMD and cost of BOQ : Till 15.00 hrs. on 29.01.2018 or next working day of last date of
uploading of tender document by the bidders as stated in above
Serial -5 Place: office of the -
(i) Executive Engineer, R.C.D., Road Division, Motihari, or
(ii) Superintending Engineer, Road Circle, Motihari. or
(iii) Chief Engineer, North Bihar (Communication) Wing, CDO Building,
Vishweshwariya Bhawan Campus, Bailey Road, Patna.
7. Date, time & Place of opening of Technical Bid: Date 30.01.2018 Time- 15.30 hours
Place: On Website -
8. Details of works:- :
Bid Name of work Estimated Amount of Cost of Beltron’s Bid Time of completion of
No.. Cost/ECV Earnest money B.O.Q. Bide Processing work (in month)
(Rs in .Lakh). (Rs in .Lakh). Processing Charge + Including monsoon
Fee (non- Service Tax
period, if any.
refundable) (Pay Online)
in Rs. in Rs.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
1 Improvement work with 8 months including 2
maintenance work (Including
Utility shifting work in km 0 to month for utility
2.40 of NH-28A to Motihari shifting for
Engineering College (Near F.C.I
Godown) road via proposed Improvement, 60
Mahatma Gandhi Central 499.15278 9.99 10000.00 17700.00 months for
University Motihari for the
year 2017-18 under Road maintenance works
division, Motihari.
excluding additional
45 days for Periodic
Maintenance Works.

9. Date time & Place of opening of Financial Bid After disposal of Technical Bid.
On Website
10. Bid Validity 120 days
11. Any contractor registered with the Central Government / any State Government of any PSU or an agency of
international of national repute may participate in the tender but registration with the Road Construction
Department Bihar will be essential after issue of L.O.A and before executing the agreement.
11 (a) Those contractors are allowed in this tender who either have license of Energy (Electricity) Department in his own
name or have prior agreement with a contractor having license of Energy (Electricity) Department.
12. Detailed NIT can be seen on web site www. in or or on the notice board of
the office of the undersigned.
13. For participating in the above E-Tendering process the contractors shall have to get themselves registered with the
service provider so that user ID, password and digital signature are issued to them. This will enable them to access
the website and download/participate in E-Tender. For this intending bidders may contact
e-procurement Helpdesk at 1st floor, M/22 Bank of India Building road No. 25 Sri Krishna Nagar, Patna-800020,
Telephone No. 0612-2523006. Mob. No. 9939035696
14. The undersigned reserves the right to extend or cancel the tender/tenders without assigning any reason there of.
No cost whatsoever shall be claimed on such account by the bidder.
15 Bid processing Fee (Column – 6 of serial no. 8) is mandatory to be paid through online mode i.e. Internet Payment
gateway(Credit/Debit card) ,Net banking, NEFT/RTGS
16. Cost of BOQ and Earnest money( Column-4 & 5 of serial no. 8) can be paid either through online mode or
manual mode. In case of manual mode, EMD may be in any of the following shapes or combinations in any forms
as prescribed in rule 161 of the revised PWD code duly endorsed/pledged to the authorized departmental
representative (concerned Executive Engineer) thereof-
(a) Fixed deposit receipt of Nationalized/Scheduled Bank.
(b) Post Office/Saving Bank Passbook
(c) One two or three years Post Office time deposit
(d) NSC issued within the State of Bihar
(e) 5 years National Development Bond
(f) State Development Loan Certificate
(g) for works costing more than one Crore a Bank guarantee of nationalized/Scheduled Bank may also be
The above instruments (S) shall be fully endorsed/pledged to the EXECUTIVE ENGINEER, R.C.D., Road Division,
Motihari .The above instruments shall be issued on/after the start date of uploading of bid document by the
Employer and before/upto the stipulated last date of uploading the bid by the bidder, shall only be applicable. It
should be valid for not less than 180 days.
17 Cost of B.O.Q can be paid through manual mode in the form of D.D. of any Nationalized/Scheduled bank in
favour of EXECUTIVE ENGINEER, R.C.D., Road Division, Motihari and payable at Motihari. A scanned image of
DD will have to be uploaded along with the tender documents.
18. Bidders/Contractors can access tender documents on the website and must fill them and submit the completed
tender documents in electronic form on the website itself Bidders/Contractors shall upload scanned copies of
all required papers, DD and certificates as required in the eligibility criteria. All the uploaded documents shall
have the signature of bidder or their authorized signatories. The Scanned copies should be of the original papers
and certificates.
19. Corrigendum/Addendum, if any, will be published on the website itself.
20. “Bids along with necessary online payments must be submitted through e-procurement portal before the date and time specified in the N.I.T. The department does not take any
responsibility for the delay/Non Submission of Tender/Non Reconciliation of online payment caused due to none
availability of internet connection, network traffic/holidays or any other reason.”
21. As per departmental letter no 3987(s) dated 28.04.12, bidders will have to declare by affidavit that they have not
been declared defaulter or blacklisted by any State Government/Central Government/Public Under taking. If
such a affidavit is subsequently found to be false, their tender shall not be considered and further legal action
shall be initiated.

22. No claim shall be entertained on account of disruption of internet service being used by bidders. Bidders are
advised to upload their bids well in advance to avoid last minute technical snags.

23. In the unlikely event of the server for being down for more than two consecutive hours (in
the period from midnight to closing time receipt of tenders) on the last date of receiving of bid, the last date of the
same shall automatically be extended to next working day till the last receiving time stipulated in the original NIT.

24. Contractor will have to deposit additional preference guarantee for serious unbalanced rate quoted by him at
the time of agreement as per R.C.D. Letter No. 3376(E) We dated 17.08.10

25. The bidders are requested to check their file size of upload document at the time of submission & they should
ensure that work file is uploaded. It they feel that complete file is not uploaded then they click on cancel & update
the same before submission.

26. The bidders are directed to zip their files using WinZip or Win RAR software only. Other formats of zipping will not
be accepted and will be rejected.

27. The bidder must use MS Office-2007 or lower version.

28. File size should be less than 5MB and should be in MS Word, Ms. Excel, PDF and JPEG formats.

29. Estimate cost / ECV may vary. Amount of EMD will be as per amount of BOQ.

30. For any information/complaints the departmental helpline (no 18003456161) may be contracted.

31. Before uploading tenders, bidders are advised to go through the CMBD uploaded with the tender document.

32. Bids from joint ventures are allowed as per the eligibility criteria and other instructions issued by Road
Construction Department, Bihar. This is available on departments.

Executive Engineer
Road Division, Motihari
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