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16A • Thursday, October 5, 2017 NEWS The Republic-Monitor • www.perryvillenews.


Technology even affects grocery shopping

It’s no secret; technology self. Bananas. of noodles we all ate in col- coffee, vitamins, sports gether were not what I would box. The packaging and de-
is changing the way we do Steak. Bread. lege cost about 20 cents at the drinks and assorted canned have logically expected. livery had to cost more than
things. I don’t trust myself Ice cream. A store, but nearly a dollar on- goods including soup, crab The coffee arrived first – the profit margin on the to-
to get dressed in the morning cart. line. Chicken noodle soup, meat, tomato sauce and those a day early – in a box with matoes, but I’m no grocery
before checking my weather But there however, is the same both spicy diced tomatoes. the vitamins and a string of (or tomato) expert.
apps (I have three). And I’m are a slew of places. The store guaranteed de- plastic pillows. The rest of This was an experiment of
not sure how I survived prior other products Despite the advertise- livery in two days and came the order came the next day. sorts. I’d probably do it again
to having the find my family I buy over and JILL ments claiming you can through on its promise. De- One box contained most of – with certain items, espe-
app at my fingertips. over – week PERTLER choose from millions of livery itself was surprising. the canned goods, along with cially heavy or bulky ones
But retailers are attempt- in, week out SLICES OF items, not everything is avail- I was expecting one box the potato chips, which were (with apologies to delivery
ing to influence us in a new – that I’d be LIFE able online for home deliv- – perhaps two. I got seven remarkably uncrushed. The persons). But I’m not sure the
way (or at least new for glad to have ery. You can purchase toilet or maybe even more; I quit sports drinks came with the concept itself will last – un-
me). They want us to pur- someone deliver to my door. paper, but not my preferred counting. cat treats. The shampoo came
less they figure out a way to
chase our groceries online. So one Sunday afternoon, brand and type (I’m fussy All my items arrived un- with one can of crabmeat.
pack items in a more stream-
There are even incentives – on a whim, I decided to try that way). Some things still scathed and undamaged. Perhaps most surprising
free shipping or discounts, it. Why go to the store when require a trip to aisle 12. Even the potato chips, which were the spicy tomatoes. I’d lined manner.
for instance. The largest re- you can have the store come Shipping is free if you were wrapped on four sides ordered four cans, what with Until then I’d advise
tailers are in competition for to you? order a certain amount. When cocoon-style in a sort of fit- it being football season — doing one thing: invest in
our grocery dollars. Whoev- During the process I dis- my cart didn’t total enough to ted cardboard box and then which is just another name packing pillows.
er wins us over first gets the covered a few fun, useful and get the free shipping I threw placed in a larger box. Cans for spicy tomato and cheese Jill Pertler is an award-win-
prize – ka ching! interesting facts I thought I’d in a pack of paper towels (be- of tomato sauce were placed dip season. The cans arrived ning syndicated columnist,
It’s an interesting concept: share. cause my toilet paper wasn’t end-to-end and wrapped in together, but not in the same published playwright, author
shopping for groceries with- First, you should know available). bubble wrap. Most boxes box. and member of the National
out ever entering a store. I’m your prices. Many items I ordered a variety of ran- contained at least one (or Each one came in its own Society of Newspaper Colum-
not sure how I feel about it. were the same price on- dom items: the aforemen- more) inflated plastic pack- box, with a cushioned plastic nists. Don’t miss a slice; fol-
There are some things I sim- line as in the store, but some tioned paper towels, sham- ing pillows to cushion items. packing pillow and nothing low the Slices of Life page on
ply prefer to pick out my- were not. Those cheap packs poo, cat treats, potato chips, Products packaged to- else. One 12-ounce can per Facebook.

Fall and Fashion have come together

Come “scavenge” a clue and something
special during Hocus Pocus the evening of
October 20th. We will also be open for
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You can explore your own town and find

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9 E. STE. MARIE STREET • PERRYVILLE, MO • 573.768.4322

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We have been in business for 10 years

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United Land Title, LLC
5 South Jackson Street
573.605.1404 Perryville, MO
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1700 Alma Avenue • Perryville, MO 63775

FRANK 636-208-7604 / BRIDGET 636-232-8159

Deanna K line
Phone: 573-547-5022
Address: 17 East St. Joseph, Perryville, MO 63775
Homegrown Produce We also have
I invite you to Open Every Day seasonal
schedule an
Finanical Services
Insurance Services
Medicare Products
appointment so, 9 A.M. - 6 P.M. decorative items!
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