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MINORITY REPORT III (Pablo Alquezar y Daniel Asensio)

1. Why does John Anderton go to the department of containment?

Because he wants see a Agatha’s predictions.
2. What type of murder is he interested in?
Drowning murder.
3. What prevision does he want to see? Whose is it?
He want see the drowned of Agatha’s mother.
4. Who is Anne Lively?
Anne Lively is Agatha’s mother.
5. Was the intended killer ever identified –Anne Lively`s intended killer-?
Yes the murderer is Director Lamar Burgess.
6. Do they find Agatha´s prevision finally?
7. What do they have instead of that? Whose prevision do they have?
He want to see the prediction of Agatha about Anne Lively.
8. What is Anne Lively like? I mean, say one of her features faound in the file of this
She was a drogadict.
9. Who else eat a Neuroin Addict too?
John Anderton.
10. Can they find where Anne Lively is living now?
No, she is dead.
11. Is there any other case with missing previsions as this one? How many?
Yes, the crimen where Lamar Burgess kill Anne Lively.
12. At John´s home, Witwer says: “Your daddy´s in a lot of trouble.” What does it
It means that Jhon have a lot of problems
13. What is the name of the victim engraved on the brown ball? Why is it engraved on
a brown ball this time? John Anderton because Lamar Burgess gonna kill he. The person
who go to dead. The person who go to kill.