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The Future of Football Medicine

Venue: Barcelona, Spain (13.–15.05.2017) Event code: 15361
was granted 17 European CME credits (ECMEC) by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education

Below you can find the detailed Scientific Programme of each day: it will develop on 6 different parallel rooms. If
you would like to view the programme at glance, click on the button.
SATURDAY 13th MAY 2017
SUNDAY 14th MAY 2017
MONDAY 15th MAY 2017
 SATURDAY 13TH MAY 2017 11:30

Chairs: Madonna V (ITA), Pereira Ruiz M (ITA)

11:30 Career length after ACL Arundale A (USA)
reconstruction in Major League
11:38 Anterior Cruciate Ligament Tecame A (ITA)
reconstruction and return to sport
activity: postural control as the key
to success
11:46 Articular stability and functionality Giuria H (ARG)
in a player with spontaneous
healing after ACL complete
11:54 Large knee abduction asymmetries Silvers H (USA)
characterize women who incur
ACL injuries
12:02 Risk factors in anterior cruciate Barastegui D (ESP)
ligament injury over 3 ½ seasons in
football players of Catalan
12:10 Mechanisms of ACL injuries in Marcheggiani Muccioli GM (ITA)
professional male soccer players. A
youtube-based video analysis
12:18 Shared decision making rarely Patterson B (AUS)
occurs during return to sport
following ACLR
12:26 Response to passive cyclic loading Nuccio S (ITA)
of the anterior cruciate ligament in
soccer players
12:34 ABO blood group and Anterior Tzoanos G (GRE)
Cruciate Ligament tear in football
12:42 Discussion
13:00 End of the session

 SATURDAY 13 MAY 2017 13:00


Chairs: Tsapralis K (ITA), Zanobbi M (ITA)

13:00 Psychosocial factors related to Forsdyke D (UK)
sports injury outcomes in elite
female soccer players
13:08 Online supportive psychotherapy to Khalifeh Soltani SS (IR)
prevent posttraumatic stress
disorder in football players
13:16 Effective method for rehabilitation Skuratovich A (BY)
ankle joint mobility by means of
13:24 Low back pain in footballers a Stergiou M (GRE)
physiotherapy. Assessment focusing
on proper mobilization achieving
core stabilization
13:32 Including yoga in football fitness Ravi S (IND)
and recovery training program
13:40 Monitoring the rehabilitation Luison M (ITA)
process in players return to play:
Juventus FC case studies
13:48 Does sacroiliac joint manipulation Kakavas G (GRE)
improve hamstring injury outcomes
over usual rehabilitative care?
13:56 Pain-free versus pain-threshold Hickey JT (AUS)
rehabilitation for hamstring strain
14:04 Stiffness as an outcome measure of Gore S (IRL)
rehabilitation in athletic groin pain
14:12 Discussion
14:30 End of the session

 SATURDAY 13TH MAY 2017 - 14:30


Chairs: Freschi M (ITA), Susta D (IRL)

14:30 Injuries in female adolescent football Skillgate E (SWE)
players: a pilot study
14:38 Injuries in young football Czaprowski D (POL)
14:46 Profiling of postural asymmetries in Theodorou E (CYP)
600 young football players aged 5-18
years of age in Cyprus
14:54 Hip & groin injury management in Light N (UK)
professional english youth football: a
survey of 64 academies
15:02 Pelvic apophysitis in adolescents Delgado D (MEX)
soccer players
15:10 Lower limb muscle flexibility in Kobayakawa A (JAP)
adolescent soccer players in japan
top vs general-level
15:18 Functional soccer-specyfic training Mrozinska N (POL)
on uneven ground in young soccer
15:26 Towards automated athletic bone Fatehi M (IR)
age determination by wrist MRI:
correlation of quantitative growth
plate features with FIFA grading
15:34 Five years follow up on combined Vassilev I (BG)
meniscus and ACL reconstruction in
youth football players
15:42 Discussion
16:00 End of the session

 SATURDAY 13TH MAY 2017 - 16:20


Chairs: Canata G (ITA), Chomiak J (CZE)

16:20 Treatment of persistent mid-portion Ristanis S (GRE)
achilles tendinopathies in elite
16:28 Platelet-rich plasma versus Kaux JF (BEL)
hyaluronic acid to treat patellar
16:36 Positioning accuracy coracoid bone Russo A (ITA)
graft with the open latarjet vs the
arthroscopic latarjet in
16:44 Acromioclavicular joint Byrne PA (UK)
reconstruction using the internal
brace principle
16:52 Adductor longus tenotomy in soccer Papacostas E (GRE)
players suffering from athletic
17:00 Minimal invasive fasciotomy for the Bevoni R (ITA)
treatment of chronic exertional
compartment syndrome of the leg
17:08 Hypermobile lateral meniscus in Steinbacher G (ESP)
soccer outcomes and return-to-play
after meniscal repair
17:16 Osteochondral lesions of the talus in Karakhalios GG (GRE)
football players: arthroscopic
17:24 Arthroscopy of the turf toe Bertelli A (ITA)
17:32 Repair of injured secondary De Carli A (ITA)
restraints improves knee stability in
ACL reconstruction
17:40 Good results seven years after repair Torre G (ITA)
of anterior cruciate ligament,
meniscal and cartilage injury
17:48 Reducing of the femoral half-tunnel Vadalà AP (ITA)
widening using the outside-in
17:56 A degradable augmentation device in De Pamphilis R (ITA)
ACL reconstruction in high level
football players: results at 5 years
18:04 Embolization of abnormal vessels as Okuno Y (JAP)
treatment for refractory anterior
knee pain
18:12 Discussion
18:30 End of the session

 SUNDAY 14TH MAY 2017 - 08:10


Chairs: Jones C (UK), Nanni G (ITA)

08:10 Monitoring fitness, fatigue, Knight J (UK)
depression and infection in one
simple blood test
08:18 Baseline properties of the sport Hassanmirzaei B (IR)
concussion assessment tool 3 in
football players
08:26 The use of a prognostic tool on Sotiropoulos S (GRE)
football players with Low Back Pain
08:34 Sudan- cupping test for radiating Ali WY (SD)
pain in sport injuries, a new tool for
a challenging diagnosis
08:42 Ultrasound screening of the patellar Araújo A (POR)
tendons in professional football
08:50 Can ultrasonic elastography be Cianforlini M (ITA)
useful in improving diagnosis and
prognosis of muscle injuries?
08:58 Ultrasound anatomy of the Riegler G (AUT)
infrapatellar branch of the
saphenous nerve
09:06 Groin pain in professional Hind K (UK)
footballers is associated with lower
sub-regional bone density of the
pubic symphysis
09:14 Can functional diagnostics with Herfert J (AUT)
byodex isokinetic system support
medical imaging?
09:22 What is the location and distribution Heerey JJ (AUS)
of pain in femoroacetabular
09:30 Accuracy of mri evaluation the Drogo P (ITA)
antero-lateral complex in the setting
of acute acl injuries
09:38 MRI classifications cannot Wangensteen A (QAT)
accurately predict return to sports
after acute hamstring injuries
09:46 Discussion
10:00 End of the session

 SUNDAY 14TH MAY 2017 - 10:00


Chairs: Garcia Nieto J (ESP), Tzouroudis N (GRE)

10:00 Preseason adductor squeeze strength Esteve E (ESP)
values and associations with past-
season groin pain
10:08 The effect of high or low volume Presland J (AUS)
Nordic hamstring exercise training
on biceps femoris long head
architectural adaptations
10:16 Can (and should) the muscle shear Freitas S (POR)
modulus be used to investigate the
hamstring strain injury mechanism
10:24 Improved sprint performance Ishoi L (DEN)
following 10-weeks of Nordic
Hamstring exercise training
10:32 Association between muscle strength Bakken A (QAT)
and lower extremity injury in
10:40 The effect of match congestion on Wollin M (AUS)
footballers hip adductor strength
and pain
10:48 Perceived stress and recovery as Johnson U (SWE)
injury predictors in female elite
football players
10:56 Acute effects of match play on foot Mosqueira M (ESP)
progression angle in male youth
11:04 Return to training following match- Harley J (UK)
play: implications of metabolic stress
11:12 Cell regeneration in tendon muscle Antezana AA (BOL)
injuries in soccer
11:20 Patellofemoral pain and potential Dei Giudici L (ITA)
patellar instability at a long term
11:28 Discussion
11:45 End of the session

 SUNDAY 14TH MAY 2017 - 12:00


Chairs: Boldrini L (ITA), Stride M (UK)

12:10 Acute vein thrombos in a soccer Pavlov V (RUS)
player with hereditary predisposition
in a hot humid climate
12:20 Platelet-rich plasma treatment for Picchetti F (ITA)
adductor longus tendon rupture
12:30 Same but different: isokinetic Sassman R (AUT)
rehabilitation after ACL
12:40 Anterior cruciate repair in a McIntyre V (UK)
professional footballer using the
internal brace
12:50 Bully drammeh`s ankle dislocation: Touray K (AFR)
on a case study for ankle injury,
treatment and recovery of players
13:00 Hip arthroscopy is not the end of Brozičević V (CRO)
football player career
13:10 Discussion
13:30 End of the session

 SUNDAY 14TH MAY 2017 - 15:00


Chairs: Buckthorpe M
(UK), Susta D (IRL)
15:00 Upper quadrant functional tests and Fanning E (IRL)
isokinetic shoulder strength: a pilot
15:08 The ssc vu test: a change of direction O'Reilly E (IRL)
& performance field test
15:16 DXA body composition reference Jones A (UK)
ranges for male professional
15:24 Relationships of internal and Salter J (UK)
external training load in elite-level
adolescent soccer
15:32 The potential for biomechanics McClelland J
assessments to assist goals for (AUS)
rehabilitation return to play
15:40 Kicking technique is affected by a Navandar A (ESP)
previous hamstring injury
15:48 Force profiles during landing in sub- King M (AUS)
elite footballers with hip and groin
15:56 Biomechanical based methology Rueda J (ESP)
applied to soccer player injury
16:04 Discussion
16:30 End of the session

 SUNDAY 14TH MAY 2017 - 16:45


Chairs: Rampinini E (ITA), Sisca G (ITA)

16:45 The Dublin prospective rugby Cosgrave C (IRL)
football concussion study – baseline
16:53 The effect of high intensity circuit Zein MI (IDN)
training modified-FIFA 11+ on
physical fitness components of young
football players
17:01 Effectiveness of the FIFA 11+ referee Oliveira M (BRA)
edition on members of football
federation of Brasília
17:09 Including the Copenhagen adduction Haroy J (NOR)
exercise in the 11+ provides missing
eccentric hip adduction strength
17:17 General health condition among the Haratian Z (IRN)
Premier League footballers in Iran
17:25 Oral pathologies: findings and Stamos A (FRA)
impact on the football players health
and performance
17:33 Beach soccer injuries during Tomoyuki S (JAP)
japanese championships 2013-2016
17:41 Groin injuries in elite male football Van Beijsterveldt AMC (NED)
players in the Netherlands
17:49 Incidence and mechanism of injury Dimitrakopoulou A (UK)
of adductor longus avulsions in
17:57 Injuries in national team duty: a 2- Brito J (POR)
year follow-up of injuries occurring
during the official FIFA calendar
18:05 Discussion
18:30 End of the session