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José Favian Vera Moreno

University Distrital Francisco José de Caldas


The Theory of the Multiple Intelligences was dreamt up by the North

American psychologist Howard Gardner as I counterweigh the paradigm of
an only intelligence. Gardner proposed that the human life calls for the
development of several types of intelligence. So then, Gardner does not go
into contradiction with the scientific definition of the intelligence like the
capability to solve problems, or elaborating valuable goods.

Keywords: Multiple Intelligences, Intelligence.


The theory of the multiple intelligences is a model proposed by Howard

Gardner in which intelligence is not something individual that groups
different specific capacities with different level of generality, rather he is a
set of multiple, different and independent intelligences.
Gardner defines the intelligence as the capability to solve problems or
elaborating products that be valuable in one or plus cultures.
In the first place, Gardner enlarges the field so that it is the intelligence and
recognizes what right now you were knowing : That the academic success is
not all it. You are not enough to the hour to become unwrapped in the daily
life with having a great academic file. A good example of this idea is
observed in people than, in spite of obtaining excellent academic grades, they
present important problems to relate with someone else or for to manage
another facets of his life. Gardner and his collaborators would be able to
affirm that Stephen Hawking does not possess a bigger intelligence that I
Read Messi, rather each one of them has developed a kind of different

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Types of Multiple Intelligences

The people of great intellectual capacity are but ineffectual person to elect his
friends well or on the contrary, the less brilliant people at the high school that
succeeds in the world of business or in his private life are. For it, it is said
that to for to succeed in business, or in sports, you require to be intelligent,
but a kind of different intelligence is utilized at each field. In other words:
Einstein is not further neither less intelligent than Michael Jordan, simply his
intelligences belong to different fields. It is intelligence but different.
Also, Gardner defines the intelligence as a capability. Until very recently you
considered the intelligence somewhat innate and unmovable, that each person
had of permanent form, one was born intelligent or not, and nothing on it
could not do education.
Howard Gardner's investigation has achieved to identify and defining to eight
different types of intelligence. We are going to know of more detailed way
each of the intelligences proposed by the Theory of Gardner's Multiple
Intelligences from now on.

Linguistic Intelligence

Implicated area of the brain: Temporary lobe and frontal left-hand.

The capability to dominate the language and to be able to communicate us
with the other ones is transverse to all the cultures. We learn how to use the
first language to be able to communicate us of efficacious way from children.
The linguistic intelligence did not sole you make reference to the ability for
the oral communication, but to another forms to get in touch like the writing,
the gestualidad, etc.
That better they dominate this capability to communicate they have a
linguistic superior intelligence. Professions which you highlight this type of
intelligence in would be able to be political, writers, poets, journalists

Logical Mathematical Intelligence

Implicated area of the brain: Left-hand parietal lobe, straight hemisphere.

During decades, the logical mathematical intelligence was considered the
unprocessed intelligence. The principal axis of the concept of intelligence
supposed, and a person was used like tariff list to detect how intelligent era.
As his own name suggests, this type of intelligence links up to the capability
for the logical reasoning and the problem solving mathematical. The rapidity
to solve this type of problems is the indicator that determines how much
logical mathematical intelligence it is had.

Celebrate them ( IQ ) they base test of IQ in this type of intelligence and, in

minor measure, in the linguistic intelligence. The scientists, economists,
academicians, engineers and mathematicians use to stand out at this
classroom of intelligence.

Space Intelligence

Implicated area of the brain: The straight hemisphere's posterior regions

The ability to be able to observe the world and the objects from different
perspectives is related to this type of intelligence, in the one that the chess
players and the professionals of the visual arts highlight ( painters, designers,
sculptors ).
The people that stand out in this type of intelligence use to have capabilities
that they allow them to dream up mental imagery, to draw and to detect
details, in addition to a personal sense for esthetics. We found painters,
photographers, designers, publicists, architects, designers in this intelligence

Musical Intelligence

Implicated area of the brain: Temporary straight lobe.

Music is an universal art. All cultures have some type of music, more or less
elaborated, which takes Gardner and its collaborators to understand that a
musical latent intelligence in everybody exists .
The brain's some zones execute shows linked with interpretation and
composition of music. Just like everybody else type of intelligence, you can
train and getting perfect.
You are not necessary that the more aces at this classroom of intelligence are
those capable to touch instruments, to read and to compose pieces of music
without difficulty.

Corporal Intelligence and Cinestetica

Implicated area of the brain: Cerebellum, basal ganglions and driving bark
The corporal and driving abilities that are required to drive tools or for to
express certain emotions represent an essential aspect in the development of
all the cultures of history.

The ability to use tools is considered corporal intelligence cinestésica. On the

other hand, there is one followed of more intuitive capabilities like the use of
the corporal intelligence to express intervening sentiments the body.
They are diamonds in this type of intelligence dancing, actors, sportsmen
specially, and to surgeons and plastic creators, because all of them have to
use of rational way their physical abilities.

Intrapersonal Intelligence

Implicated area of the brain: Frontal lobes and parietal bones, system límbico.
Intelligence intrapersonal refers that intelligence that you authorize us to
understand and to control the internal space of oneself.
The people that highlight in intelligence intrapersonal are able to agree to his
sentiments and emotions and to reflect on these. This intelligence also allows
delving into his introspection and understanding the reasons which one is for
of the way that it is.

Interpersonal intelligence

Implicated area of the brain: Frontal lobes, temporary lobe ( specially of the
straight hemisphere ), system límbico.
The interpersonal intelligence authorizes someone else to us to be able to
notice things of them beyond what our senses manage to gain. It has to do
with an intelligence that it enables interpreting words or facial expressions,
or objectives and goals out of every discourse. Beyond the contínuum
Introversion Extraversión, the interpersonal intelligence evaluates the
capability for empatizar with them besides people.

A very valuable intelligence is the people that they work with numerous
groups. His ability to detect and to understand circumstances and problems
of the other ones it proves to be more small change if ( and you develop ) the
interpersonal intelligence is possessed. The professors, psychologists,
therapists, lawyers and pedagogues are profiles that they use to punctuate
very high in this type of intelligence described in the Theory of the Multiple

Naturalistic intelligence

Implicated area of the brain: Center of the left-hand hemispheres and right
The naturalistic intelligence allows detecting, telling apart and categorizing
the aspects linked to nature, like for example the animal sorts and vegetables
or phenomena related with the climate, the geography or acts of God.
This classroom of intelligence was added at a later time on the original study
on Gardner's Multiple Intelligences, concretely in the year 1995. Gardner
considered necessary to include this category to have to do with an one

belonging to the essential intelligences for the human being's survival ( or any
other sort ) and that has resulted in evolution.

In context

Gardner affirms that everybody are the owner of an one belonging to the eight
classrooms of intelligence, although each one highlights more in some eachly
than in another one, no being anyone of the eight more important or valuable
than them besides. Generally, great part requires having self-control theirs to
face life, independently of the profession that it be exercised. In the last
analysis, they specify the majority of works of the use of the majority of types
of intelligence.

The education that is taught at the classrooms is engaged in offering

contentses and focused procedures to evaluate the two first types of
intelligence: Linguistics and logician mathematical. Nevertheless, this proves
to be totally insufficient in the project to educate the pupils in plenitude of its
potentialities. The need of a change in the educational paradigm was carried
to debate thanks to the Theory of the Multiple Intelligences that Howard
Gardner proposed.


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