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Prayer Warriors Resource/Training Guide

"...let us put on the armor of light." ~Romans 13:12.

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Every Christian and non-Christian is involved, but in the heat of conflict, it is often hard
to remember who the real enemy is. For this reason our loving heavenly Father, through
His SPIRIT, inspired the apostle Paul to write Ephesians 6:10-18.

"For we are not fighting human beings we can see or get our hands on..."

The REAL enemy is not people!

"...but against forces and powers of evil, against the rulers of darkness in the spiritual

Our real enemy is the devil and his evil angels. It is vital that we always remember this.

How then do we fight this enemy?

Just as this world's militaries have special elite forces, heaven does also. They are the
Intercessors: the Prayer Warriors! Prayer to them is the way of life; "Forward on your
knees" their motto!

Victory is gained only as we study our 'Manual of Arms', the Bible. In its pages we have
the equipment that's necessary, knowledge, training, strategy, tactics, etc... even the
enemy's line of defense.

We are authorized by our Commander-in-Chief and empowered by the HOLY SPIRIT to

do battle. In order for us to take our positions in GOD's forces we must learn from our
'Manual of Arms' all there is to know. All wars are expensive; this one is no different. But
JESUS has provided everything we need for victory.


THE GIRDLE OF TRUTH (Ephesians 6:14). Most
denominations assert that this is just a very wide
belt, such as the Roman soldier's of Paul's day
wore. But I do not hold to this; translated from
Hebrew and Greek words "girdle" means a loincloth
similar to a short skirt. It encased the whole lower
trunk of the body, protecting the rest of the vital
organs. It also included a belt to which the soldier's
sword scabbard was attached, and which held the breastplate snugly to the upper body.

The reason Paul was inspired to mention this piece of armor first is that it is essential for
Christians, and is the basis for everything we believe and practice. Truth is to encircle
Christians. The Truth of the gospel is: Salvation in CHRIST alone. But just having this
Truth is not enough, we must live and practice it in every aspect of our lives. It must
permeate every facet of our being.

THE BREASTPLATE OF RIGHTEOUSNESS (Ephesians 6:14). The breastplate, of the

Roman soldier of Paul's day, was made of overlapping metal strips. This adequately
protected the heart and other vital organs of the upper body, and was the equivalent of
today's bullet-proof vest.

The Bible tells us the righteousness spoken of here,

represents CHRIST's right-doing, not ours. This piece of the
heavenly armor protects Christians from fighting this war with
our own righteousness. Like David when he went out to meet
Goliath he didn't say "I come in the name of King Saul...or in
my name...or even in the name of the army of Israel"; no, he
said: "I come to you in the name of the LORD!" And the battle
was won!

CHRIST's righteousness operates on love (1 Thessalonians

5:8); and in 1 Corinthians 13:4-8, Paul expounds on one of
the attributes of love: "Love always protects.." Evil cannot
penetrate it!


The feet of the Roman army were as important as their bodies and heads. Wars were
often won or lost because of footgear. Though the Roman soldier wore sandals, they
could not be compared with what are called sandals today. The soles were heavy, thick,
and studded with nails to provide traction and surefootedness on uneven ground,
especially when on the move or in the
midst of battle.

The upper part of the sandal had straps

that were wide and strong to keep the foot
in place; and they usually laced at least
half-way up the calf.

Our heavenly footwear is called "the

Preparation of the Gospel." which means
"being ready." As Christians we are to be ever-ready to give a reason for our faith to
anyone, anytime, anyplace. The 'preparation' includes the daily study of GOD's Word,
memorization, and the ability to communicate this to others. The "Peace of GOD" is our
foundation, firm and sure.

THE HELMET OF SALVATION (Ephesians 6:17). Helmets of the Roman army during
Paul's time were uniquely made: they were fitted low down on the soldier's brow with
temple and cheek guards, and in the back it had a protruding neck guard. The helmet
had two purposes: 1) to protect; and 2) it carried the insignia, or symbol, identifying the
army to which the soldier belonged.

These applications well emphasize the Helmet of

Salvation. Helmets, in general, protect the head, and the
head in the spiritual kingdom represents our mind.

Remember, it is in the mind, first, that an individual

changes loyalties. But with the Helmet of CHRIST's
Salvation, His shed blood protects our heads, or minds, as
we bring "every thought...every imagination into captivity to
JESUS." ~2 Corinthians 10:5.

The insignia of all Christian soldiers is the cross. This

symbol slashes the devil and his cohorts reminding them
repeatedly that their time is short and they are dead meat.

THE SHIELD OF FAITH (Ephesians 6:16). The type of shield that is referred to in this
text was long (almost body length) and rectangular. The Greek
word for it is "door" because that's what it looked like. As
an individual the soldier used this shield so that no part of his
body was exposed to the enemy. Collectively, with many
soldiers in unison overlapping their shields, they presented the
enemy with a seemingly impregnable wall of protection and

When a Christian stands against evil, our confidence, our trust,

is in our AWESOME Creator. The Bible says "Without faith it is
impossible to please Him." ~Hebrews 11:6. Simply stated:
Faith is believing our heavenly Father is who He says He is,
AND He will do as He says He will do!

Sidebar: In Paul's day, before going into battle, soldiers rubbed oil on their shields so
they would reflect the sun's rays and blind their enemy. Oil, to a Christian, represents
the HOLY SPIRIT. With our Shields of Faith anointed by the SPIRIT we may fully reflect
the Son and blind the enemy of darkness.

THE SWORD OF THE SPIRIT--THE WORD OF GOD (Ephesians 6:17). The type of
sword Paul saw every day is a fitting illustration for the heavenly counterpart. It was a
short sword, no longer than 30 inches, this was inclusive of its handle. This was
because most battles were fought close-up, on a one-on-one personal level. It was for
this reason the Roman soldier needed a weapon that was short and to the point. And
they used them not only defensively, but offensively as well.

This is also how Christian soldiers fight evil, but with

GOD's Word, which is sharper than any 2-edged sword
(Hebrews 4:12). In combat against evil, we are to use the
Word to cut and thrust, or block and knock away. The
HOLY SPIRIT compared the Word to a weapon because
it pierces and penetrates so that neither satan nor his
demons are able to get close to the properly equipped
Christian soldier.

In this verse where Paul speaks about the Sword, the

meaning he uses for "Word" is rhema which always
primarily means "spoken word." The Sword of the SPIRIT
is not the Bible on the bookshelf or laying on the table in
your livingroom, or placed in a prominent position in your
bedroom. That does not scare the devil or his demons. But when you open the Bible
and quote Scripture, that's when it becomes the Sword.



Very rarely do the soldiers in earth's armed forces personally meet and know their
Commander-in-Chief. They receive his/her orders that are passed down the chain of
command, but other than that, they are really ignorant (except via gossip) of what their
Leader is like.

But in heaven's army here on earth, our Commander-in-Chief wants us to meet Him,
and the Family, and get to know Them intimately. How this is accomplished is through
three simple but effective ways:
1) Listening to what They have to say (studying the Word, the Bible) Spend, at least,
one thoughtful hour every day contemplating the life and teachings of JESUS as
recorded in the Word.

Read the Gospels, particularly review Matthew 27 and the other crucifixion scenes. As
you do this, linger on each scene and ask yourself: What is there to see? What is there
to hear? What is there to feel? Go through each scene doing this and use your
imagination to fill in the details.

Remember as you do this that our Commander-in-Chief, who is also the Creator of the
Universe which in our galaxy alone most astronomers suggest contains at least 100
billion stars and is 100,000 light year across, was once a baby; a youth; and an adult
just like us. He "knows and understands" you and me. (John 10:30)

2) Talking with the Father and He talks with us (Prayer). A lot of Christians have the
habit of doing all the talking, monopolizing the conversation. But to be effective Prayer
Warriors we must learn to listen to our Commander speaking.

Prayer is having a conversation with our Best Friend. In his book Yours for the Asking,
Edwin Gallagher wrote: "Unless God speaks back to us..., we are merely talking to God,
not with Him, and that is not prayer." (emphasis supplied).

Another author says: "It's ironic that most of the time we think of prayer as talking to
God, rarely stopping to wonder whether God might want to talk to us..." ~Bill Hybels,
Too Busy Not To Pray, pp.107,108.

You may not really hear an audible voice, but at times it seems like it was; at other
times the HOLY SPIRIT will bring conviction to you to change or make things right; or
He will bring Scriptures to mind to encourage and build up faith. Take time, though, to

3) Doing things together (Witnessing). When the other two methods become a part of
our lives we will have CHRIST's desire to share His gospel with others. We will be
modeling His love and compassion and godly living. Our lives and witness will make a
difference with others when we make the first two simple methods of getting to know our
Commander-in-Chief top priority.



One of the first lessons a recruit in this earth's armed forces learns is 'matters of
protocol.' This means how to and who to salute, and address as "sir" or "ma'am". And
even though they rarely meet their Commander-in-Chief, soldiers are still taught the
proper protocol, just in case.
Prayer Warriors need to know, and learn proper protocol too, if they want all the power
of heaven in their intercessions.

1) ASK THE FATHER. Some Christian soldiers pray "Dear JESUS," but JESUS
instructs us to pray "asking the Father." The disciples said, "Teach us to pray!" And
JESUS told them to start with "Our Father..."~Matthew 6:9. In this one chapter JESUS
deals with the following subjects: prayer, giving, fasting, and trusting, for all our spiritual
and physical needs, and throughout it He spoke of GOD as our Father twelve different

And in John 16:23, He says: "In that day you shall ask Me nothing. Truly, truly, I say to
you, whatever you ASK THE FATHER for..."

What about praying "Dear GOD" or "Dear LORD"? There is nothing really wrong using
these terms; however the title we wear "Christians" denotes a closer relationship. The
Scriptures as a whole call those who belong to GOD, His children (Romans
8:16,17)...and JESUS calls Himself our Elder Brother. We are family. And the use of
Father indicates that close family tie.

"Christ gives us the privilege of addressing God as Father. This name, spoken to Him
and of Him, is a sign of our love and trust, and a pledge of His regard and relationship to
us. Spoken when asking His favor and blessing, it is as music in His ears..." ~E.G.
White, Christ's Object Lessons, pp.141,142.

When we ask the Father, our requests are music in His ears!

2) IN THE NAME OF JESUS. Review now the rest of John 16:23 and 24. We are 1st to,
Ask the Father; and 2nd "...whatever you ask the Father IN MY NAME, He will give it to
you." If we want our intercessions answered, we must learn to close them using the
precious name of JESUS. By following His method, we can expect results.

Following another prayer practice is not a sin. Our Commander-in-Chief wants us to

pray and is eager for our prayers, not looking for an excuse to ignore them if we don't
pray just the right way. No, to neglect to pray "in JESUS' name" is not a matter of
condemnation. It simply disregards the 'power-circuit' of prayer GOD has established.
When we pray in "JESUS' name" the power is free to flow. When we do not, the power
is is that simple. Prayer Warriors need that power!

3) IN (or BY) THE SPIRIT. One of the major functions of the HOLY SPIRIT is to
translate into heavenly language our prayers (see Romans 8:26,27). He shapes and
molds our burdens and intercessions to be in harmony with the Father's will. Not only
does Romans, but many other sources including Ephesians and Jude, show us the
HOLY SPIRIT is our greatest prayer partner on this earth.

Prayer Warriors, especially, need to know that these three are our "secret weapon of


You may be asking yourself why do Christians need training? The answer, of course, is
we are not born-again knowing everything. JESUS' disciples knew this, for they said to
Him: "Teach us to pray..." ~Luke 11:1

Again we go to our Manual of Arms, the Bible, for in it is presented everything that we
need to know: How to properly use the Sword. How to conquer any obstacle satan and
his cohorts throw our way. How to develop unlimited confidence in our Commander-in-
Chief. How to get into shape and stay that way. How to respond instantly to orders, and
so forth.

The Manual also reveals that our Commander wants all Prayer Warriors to be a unified
force. Meeting the enemy as one solid unit of intercession. There are, at this time, nine
items on the training agenda:

The 1st is how to put on our heavenly armor. We cannot take it for granted that it is on,
we must positively make sure it is. Because putting it on is not just a recommended is heavenly commanded!

In his book Prayer Warriors, Pastor Ron Halvorsen, Sr. says: "I find it helpful as a
Prayer Warrior when I get dressed each morning to visualize putting on the armor of
God. I put it on by means of prayer..."

Daily we face the battles that come our way through intercession for family members,
church, acquaintances, etc. so we must be properly equipped and prepared. When the
devil and his cohorts look at us, they must see us as ARMED...& DANGEROUS!

Though the armor cannot be seen or felt while we are wearing it, it is on us if we
remembered to put it on. And once on we need to daily recommit our lives, allegiance,
and loyalty to our heavenly Family to keep it on.

Second on the agenda, is Motive. That's right, what is the motive for our intercessions?

If it's because we want someone to be converted or healed or... These are all good
reasons to pray, but the wrong motive. Our only motive must be to bring praise, honor
and glory, to our heavenly Family, whether our intercessions are answered the way we
want them to be or not.

3rd) Praise. What is praise? Is it something more than just saying "Praise the LORD?"

Praise is defined as "to endorse, elevate, pay tribute to, bestow honor upon,
appreciate...etc." Praise comes naturally when we know our heavenly Family. Then it
becomes a way of life solidly backed by the Scriptures.
To know our Commander, is to love Him and His Family!

4th) The Bible speaks clearly, and with a warning, that if we want the Father to even
hear our prayers, we must get rid of the sin that so easily besets us (Psalm 66:18). But
what is sin? I imagine most of you reading this, will respond, "Sin is the transgression
(breaking) of the law.", and you are right, the Bible clearly states that. But there is
another equally clear, and I believe more important definition of what defines sin.
JESUS, our precious Savior and Redeemer, said it in John 16:9 "...because they
believe not on Me."

The truth is, we don't have to break the Law to be sinners, we are born with sinful
natures (Psalm 51:5). REAL sin is breaking our connection with the One who gave the
law. The commandments are meaningless unless we have a relationship with Him.

Godly repentance is sorrow for hurting our Best Friend.

5th) Sincerity, or desire. Christians need heartful concern for what or who we pray for.
Our intercessions must be specific and personal. No meaningless generalities such as
"Bless Mrs..."or "Help Mr...", or easily-mouthed common cliches; but precisely and
distinctly the real issues at stake.

We are to be filled with a hunger and desire for the salvation of the lost, and give the
glory to GOD's name.

6th) Faith. Genuine faith comes only one way, and that is the result of knowing our
heavenly Family on a one-to-one, person-to-person basis. And there are only two
methods of establishing that kind of faith: reading the Bible, and prayer.

7th) Persistance. Some people will tell you it isn't necessary to tell the Father more than
once what you're praying for and then leave the matter with Him.

Yet JESUS taught that our Father does hear persistent prayers--the kind that are in
dead earnest. Witness the Syrophoenician mother pleading for her daughter (Mark
7:25); or the friend persistently pleading for food at midnight (Luke 11:5-10).

When the Father's will, name, and glory are at stake, nothing should stop us from
pressing our petitions, our intercessions, more persistenly.

8th) According to the Father's will. How can we know for sure what we're asking is
okay? Do all our prayers need the words "if it be You will" tacked onto them?

No, all prayers do not need to include "if it be Your will." The Bible is very specific when
it says: "JESUS...came to seek and to save the lost." ~Luke 19:10; or "GOD is...not
willing that any should perish..." ~2 Peter 3:9.
On the other hand, if there is no specific promise you can claim, then it is that you say,
"According to Your will, Father."

Again, the more we saturate our minds with Scripture, the closer our relationship with
GOD. When we put Him first in our lives, He reveals His will to us.

The 9th item on the agenda is Obedience. There are those who will tell you obedience
doesn’t matter, just love. But look at this from a secular military perspective. The
soldiers are trained; drilled daily and consistently in the necessity of instantly obeying
orders--punishable by prison if they refuse. Likewise, obedience to our Commander-in-
Chief is imperative, both our spiritual and physical lives are at stake.

JESUS says in John 14:15 "If you love Me, keep My commandments." In more modern
language "If you love Me, obey Me."



Why is it important to 'know the enemy'? Do you think when this world's military
engages in a conflict they are ignorant of their enemy? "Of course not," you say. "They
need to know their enemy's purposes, strengths, and weaknesses, tactics, weaponry,
and any advantages that are available."

Do you not think then, because of these same reasons, it is important for Prayer
Warriors to also be aware of their enemy?

The devil IS real! And he opposes every spiritual life. But the Scriptures tell us "we are
not ignorant of his devices." ~2 Corinthians 2:11. Though our focus is to be
heavenward, we still need to have information about the devil's tactics and strategies to
prepare ourselves confidently for our warfare against him and his cohorts. The more we
know, the greater our advantage on the battlefield.

The Father, who knows all, knew that "intelligence of the enemy" is vital and provided
much Scriptural data about this subject. The following are 8 FACTS that will help us to
be prepared and ready at all times:

FACT 1: The devil, also known as satan (notice I do not capitalize his name, for that is a
sign of respect), rarely comes out in the open, or appears as himself. Most frequently he
works through people, and he gains control through their choices/habits, desires, and/or
FACT 2: The devil and his evil associates are created beings. (see Isaiah 14 and
Ezekiel 28:14). They are not all-powerful. Only GOD is!

FACT 3: The devil and his cohorts are limited in knowledge. They do not know of a
certainty what people will say or do, not even those seemingly under their power. They
cannot read minds.

FACT 4: The devil is limited in presence. Because he is created, he cannot be in more

than one place at a time. Only the HOLY SPIRIT has that capability. Since the devil
does not have this ability, he is dependent on his demons...and they are in the same

Because of this limitation, we may never, ever have satan, himself, personally involved
with us. However, the adage "like father, like son" holds true for the devil and his

FACT 5: Though the other four facts are true, we must never underestimate the devil's
cleverness and his power to deceive. He, and his companions, will do anything to stop
you from praying to and praising GOD. They will try to destroy you spiritually (through
disunity, doubt, depression, worry, a critical spirit, stress, etc.) or physically (through
accidents, diseases, appetite, or through danger, such as crime). The one and only
purpose for all this is to hurt our heavenly Family.

FACT 6: Likewise, we must never overestimate the devil and his cohorts either. JESUS
won the victory over him and all evil on the cross and at the resurrection. This victory is
ours as Christians. Evil's doom is sealed. The devil and his demons are the defeated
foe, but only if we remain "in CHRIST." And they are well aware of this fact, which is
the reason for their frantic and desperate acts.

FACT 7: Many people even Christians, if they give it any thought, have some
misconceptions about satan and his cohorts. When asked they seem to think that the
devil and his demons are red, green, or black ugly creatures with wicked-looking teeth,
horns on their heads, forked tails, part animal with split hooves. And according to some
religious denominations, they go around carrying pitchforks so they can toss
unrepentant sinners into hellfire. Viewed in such a light, would you not keep as far away
from such a creature as you could?

How satan gloats when we think of him and his kind looking like that. Though the Bible
describes him as a liar (John 8:44); an adversary (1 Peter 5:8); wicked (Matthew 13:19);
slanderous (Job 1:9); cowardly (James 4:7) also says he can change his appearance
into that of an angel of light (2 Corinthians 11:14) and v.14 also says, his demons can
change themselves into ministers of righteousness. We must expel every erroneous
image from our minds, or we could be taken in by their evil cleverness.

They use people, non-Christians, or professed Christians who are not fully committed.
These people can be family members, friends, neighbors, or...people who are admired:
movie, music, or sports celebrities... The enticements extended are intended for one
purpose only: to keep Prayer Warriors from praising and praying to their GOD.

FACT 8: Our enemy cannot invent a problem, test, trial, situation, or circumstance, for
which our Commander-in-Chief has not already provided a way of counter-attacking,
and driving them from the battlefield.



What is strategy? The dictionary defines it as the science of planning an operation

before engaging the enemy. A more simplistic explanation is: it is a plan for winning the

The most important strategy for prayer warfare is TIME. We can pray for anyone,
anywhere, for anything, but making the time to do it is of utmost importance.

The devil, and his cohorts, know this. There is no question whatsoever that each day
the forces of darkness are directing subtle influences to keep Christian soldiers, and
particularly Prayer Warriors, from prayer and praise. A thousand disguised death traps
have been planted all around us to keep us entranced, preoccupied, and blinded to the
necessity of free, quiet TIME.

The truth is, our deep devotional prayer time, apart and alone with our heavenly Father,
stands as our source of power and strength throughout the day. Our example is JESUS.
If He felt the necessity of time with the Father, do we not need it more?

When to pray, depends on personal choice; but the morning hours are usually the best
for prayer and praise. Then the body is rested and the mind clear. Loved ones, or
roommates, are less likely to distract. The radio, TV, computer, are off and usually,
unless it's an emergency, the phone is silent.

We must learn to schedule a particular time and then ask the HOLY SPIRIT to help us
keep our appointment. This is the only way we can do it. It is easy to think we can
discipline ourselves to meet with our loving Father at the time scheduled, but we are
inviting the spirits of darkness to interrupt...unless our prayer time has the presence of
the HOLY SPIRIT to guard it.
Then the question becomes, how much time?

A poll taken awhile ago in the United States said the average Christian prays about one
minute per day. If we believe that "prayer is the breath of the soul," then the average
Christian is spiritually breathless!

One Christian writer suggests beginning with fifteen minutes of personal prayer time
each day. Then as you grow in CHRIST and develop that one-on-one relationship, your
time spent with the Father will grow as well.


1) The first step is to kneel, or sit if kneeling is uncomfortable for you, and become quiet
in your mind, so the voice of the Father, through the HOLY SPIRIT, can be heard.

2) Make it a habit to always use the Scriptures when praying. This will encourage you to
develop unlimited confidence in our Commander; and it will push back the forces of

3) Pray a few seconds for the HOLY SPIRIT to give you wisdom and understanding as
you apply the Word.

4) Choose a verse or text that fits what you are seeking or interceding for someone else
for. Ask the Father if this is the one? Often another or two or more will come to mind--
write them down and look them up. Meditate on them.

5) Talk to the Father about the texts, and who or what you are praying for. And then,
listen. Remember, prayer is like talking with your best friend. We talk, then our friend
talks. Don't monopolize the conversation! Let the Father respond.

The Bible says the Father is eager to answer, if our request is according to His will. And
if it is, be prepared for His answer, nothing wavering.

6) Make sure to practice prayer protocol...

a) ASK THE FATHER. John 16:23.

b) IN JESUS NAME. John 16:24.
c) IN THE SPIRIT. Ephesians 6:18.

if you want supernatural heavenly power added to your prayers.

TIME is the most important strategy our Commander-in-Chief has for His elite force. As
we grow the HOLY SPIRIT will bring others to light.
PART 2) GOD's armed forces are not like this world's militaries. Our enemies are alien
spirits to us, and they can only be fought using our Commander-in-Chief's methodology.
Another important strategy in prayer warfare is FASTING.

Many Christian soldiers are reluctant to fast because they think it is obsolete and old-
fashioned to do so; or it is painful; or they fear it is fanatical. But the Bible, our Manual of
Arms, often talks about fasting, usually in connection with some kind of prayer warfare.
Jehoshaphat proclaimed a fast when the enemy approached (2 Chronicles 20:1-3).
Esther requested a three day fast, without food or drink, before approaching the king
with the problem of Haman (Esther 4:15,16). Daniel fasted for three weeks as he was
seeking special understanding about a vision he was given (Daniel 10:1-3). Moses,
Elijah, and JESUS each fasted for forty days... JESUS also expects us to fast, for He
says in Matthew 6:18 "When you fast..." Not if you fast, but when you fast,..

Fasting is the GOD-ordained strategy for extra supernatural power. What does it mean,
though, to fast? In his book God's Chosen Fast, Arthur Wallis states: "We must not think
of fasting as a hunger strike designed to force God's hand and to get our own way!
Prayer, however, is more complex than simply asking a loving father to supply his
child's needs. Prayer is warfare. Prayer is wrestling. There are opposing forces. There
are spiritual cross currents.

"...The man (woman) who prays with fasting is giving heaven notice that they're truly in
earnest; that they will not give up nor let God go without the blessing." pp.41,42.

The fasts in the Bible are always of food and/or drink. It does not speak of any other
kinds of fasts. Why fast? Scripture answers:

"Is not this the kind of fasting I (GOD) have chosen: to loose the chains of injustice
and untie the cords of the yoke to set the oppressed free..." ~Isaiah 58:6.

Fasting and prayer warfare, in addition to setting free the oppressed, can also obtain
direction and discernment for other strategies and tactics to use against the enemy of

So, when you fast, be sure to pray and use GOD's Word, your sword, in your combat.
And expect opposition from satan and/or his cohorts. Ask the Commander for special
strength to overcome any attacks of weakness, exaggerated hunger pangs, nausea, or
headaches. Just as JESUS responded, so can we: "...Man does not live on bread alone,
but on every Word that comes from the mouth of GOD." ~Matthew 4:4.

NOTE: "If for health reasons you cannot go on an extended fast, you can try a modified
fast. Or you can give up a favorite food as an act of denying yourself during a specific
period set aside for prayer. Start with one-day to three-day fasts before attempting a
prolonged period, and drink lots of water or diluted clear juices while fasting." ~The
Spiritual Warrior's Prayer Guide, 69, Sherrer & Garlock.
It is the motive of the heart for doing a fast that is more important than the length, which
brings us back to our day-by-day relationship with our heavenly Commander-in-Chief.
The whole point of fasting is to have more TIME with Him. The Prayer Warriors who fast
(for the right reasons) are, in effect saying, Our dependence upon our heavenly
Commander is more vital to us than even food and drink.

Christians are to reflect CHRIST; and for Him nothing was more important than His
communion with His Father. He gained strength through His time spent alone with
GOD, and when we choose to do likewise we also will have the power the Father gave
to Him.

REMEMBER, your motive is important. What fasting is not:

1) It's not an automatic way to miracles. It isn't a spiritualized form of magic. Fasting is
not a secret of power for just anyone; it has power only for those Prayer Warriors who
have an intimate relationship with their GOD.

2) It is not a way of earning our Commander-in-Chief's blessing. He provides His help

and blessing because He loves...

3) It is not a way of bypassing obedience. Our heavenly Commander will not hear our
prayers, even if we add fasting, if we are not in obedience to His Word and will.

4) It doesn’t accumulate power to us personally, so that we can display it at will. We

cannot and do not use the HOLY SPIRIT--He uses us! The moment a Prayer Warrior
decides to brag or boast about his or her power, it is gone. The same with fasting.
Check out JESUS words:

"Regarding fasting, don't do everything the scribes and Pharisees do. When they
fast, they want everyone to see their distorted faces. Their goal is to impress people,
and they've achieved it. When you're fasting, dress and act as you always do. People
don't need to know that you're fasting. Your heavenly Father knows, and that's what
really matters. He will bless you." ~Matthew 6:16-18. (The Clear Word, used by

One other very important bit of information to remember is this: You may not be able to
stop all your normal every day activities to pray while you are fasting, BUT if your soul is
continually crying to the Father as you go about your work, or whatever, if every
moment you are mentally reaching out to Him to fulfill the need you have laid on His
altar, then our merciful and loving Father accepts what you can give at that time.


Strategy is the plan; while tactics are the specific method(s) for achieving and fulfilling
the plan.

The 1st tactic is: THE POWER OF THE BLOOD. The blood represents the death of
GOD's only Son, JESUS. His death sealed our enemy's demise. It also reminds the
devil and his demons at each use that those being prayed for are under the protection
of our heavenly Family.

The enemy cannot stand when the merits of the blood are applied to prayer subjects. It
is our battle cry, our tactic to defeat the devil and his cohorts and drive them from the

The 2nd tactic is: Praying in the SPIRIT. Paul says, "Pray in the SPIRIT on all
occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests." ~Ephesians 6:18. If this kind of
praying is important in all prayer, it is especially urgent in prayer warfare. The SPIRIT's
purpose is to strengthen Prayer Warrior's with power for victory. The Father is able to do
through Prayer Warriors "immeasurably more than we ask or think...according to His
power working in us." ~Ephesians 3:20.

Another tactic is: PRAISE. The devil and his evil troops hate praise. Praising our
heavenly Family reminds us: a) Who is really in control, and focuses our attention on
heaven; b) That we fight from the position of victory; and c) It begets and increases our
faith. Our praises to GOD cut the enemy forces down to size. Praise terrifies them,
which means we need to do more of it.

Praise is the language of heaven. If you want to speak in tongues, praise GOD more!

Still another tactic is: AGREEMENT, or unified, prayers. Personal, private, prayer is a
vital necessity to the plan, but Prayer Warriors must also fight as an armed force

United prayer warfare is waged in two ways: First, when Prayer Warriors, as single
individuals, pray for the same person or situation all over the world in agreement. These
individual prayers act as an armed force against the enemy. Second, when two or more
Prayer warriors get together in a group setting, put aside their differences and pray as
one, their prayers become like a Patriot missile against the forces of evil. United prayer
is one of our mightiest tactics, it is another part of our heavy artillery for offensive action
in this war.

Our 5th tactic is: HOLY ARGUMENTS. At first, you might feel that arguing with our
Commander-in-Chief is irreverent, but His Word contains several examples of "friends"
(Prayer Warriors) arguing with Him. Take Moses, for one, you can read about it in
Exodus 32:7-14. Another is Nehemiah 2, and Daniel 9:17-19.

George Mueller, Spurgeon, and Murray, all urged Prayer Warriors to use holy
arguments in their prayers. These are not done in a negative, critical, or complaining
spirit; instead they are expressions from hearts burning with love for the Father, for His
name, and His glory.

Note Daniel's 'argument'. He says to the Father "You need to act for the sake of Your
name, and because of Your great mercy." Why? "Your people bear Your name."
~Daniel 9:17-19.

Our heavenly Father does not view our arguments as impertinent or irreverent, for He
says in Isaiah 41:21 "...present your case. Let Me hear your arguments."

The 6th tactic is: Personalize Scripture. All of the Bible is for Christians--all of the
promises and the Truth. Prayer Warriors honor their Commander-in-Chief when they
take Him at His Word. We must know how to personalize the Word, or insert the name
of our prayer subject into the promise we are presenting to the Father. Reverently,
humbly, lovingly, but with holy insistence, Prayer Warriors need to learn how to press
for fulfillment of GOD's promises.

"Do as You promised...that Your name will be great forever..." These are David's
words, read them in 1 Chronicles 17:23-26.

Solomon also prayed this way: "...O LORD...keep...Your promise. Let Your Word that
You promised...come true." ~2 Chronicles 6:14-17. Notice, Solomon did not mince his
words. GOD had spoken, and Solomon insisted that He fulfill His promise.

Prayer warriors are to be no different today. We are to honor our Father by taking Him
at His Word. It says in no uncertain terms: we believe and trust. When we use the Word
this way, it packs all the power of heaven with it!

These are all powerful, effective tactics for the offensives Prayer Warriors encounter.
We must learn to use them regularly.



When the HOLY SPIRIT inspired Paul to describe our heavenly armor, he listed only
one common weapon--the Sword, identified as the Word of GOD. Other defensive
means are revealed as well, but they are all dependent on the Word, and the fellowship
we have with our Commander, for their power and effectiveness.
Every soldier, from the least to the greatest in the armed forces of the world, knows the
following three facts can mean the difference between staying alive or being killed. The
first is "Know your weapon"; the second, "Know how to keep your weapon in tip-top
condition", and the third, "Know how to use your weapon." If any of these are ignored or
neglected, the soldier's life, and possibly other lives as well, will be at risk

These three facts apply to Prayer Warriors even more so, for not only is the physical life
of a prayer burden at risk, but the spiritual and eternal are as well. The only way we can
prevent loss of any kind is to saturate ourselves in GOD's Word.

1) KNOW YOUR WEAPON. For Prayer Warriors to know their weapon means we
must be immersed in the Word. Prayer Warriors will love GOD's Word, they will not find
other things to do that will delay their opening the Bible.

We must constantly and consistently feed on the Word. To use our weapon effectively
we must know it intimately. Our prayers depend on how much nourishment we're
getting. JESUS promised, "If you remain in Me and My Words remain in you, ask
whatever you will, and it will be given you. This is to My Father's glory, that you bear
much fruit, showing yourselves to be My disciples." ~John 15:7,8. And John 1:1,2 says:
"In the beginning, going further back in time than can be imagined, the Word of God
was there. The Word stood by the side of God, and the Word was fully God. There
never was a time when the Word of God was not with God." ~The Clear Word. (used
by permission).

Spiritual power is in-separable from knowing the Word.


Warriors, the Intercessors, must spend time with their Bibles. Quality time. It involves
more than studying the Sabbath School lesson, or knowing a sequence of doctrinal
proof texts, as important as these are.

To be sure our weapon is always cleaned and sharp, we must be saturated with
Scripture, daily. Joshua was told to meditate on GOD's Word day and night, this was his
secret as a great warrior for the LORD, we dare not do less.

Learn to memorize Scripture. Hide it, as David said, in your heart. Remember our
Commander's actions in the wilderness. His first words to the devil were: "It is written."
All three temptations brought this response. This is how we are to keep the Sword sharp
and ever ready for battle.

3) KNOW HOW TO USE YOUR WEAPON. Knowing Scripture is just the first step. Now
we must learn how to use our weapon against the many different and varied attacks and
conflicts the evil ones bring against those we're fighting for.
So, how do we use GOD's Word militantly? It means daring to claim His promises for
conquests against our enemy. It means quoting it with determined insistence.

It means for us to say with Paul, "I have faith in GOD that it will happen just as He told
me." ~Acts 27:25.

A) Use the Word to remind the Father of what He has already done. It is not irreverent
to hold Him to His Word. Moses quoted GOD's Word back to Him (Numbers 14:19), and
the Father did not rebuke him. Instead His response was: "I have forgiven them, as you
asked." (v.20). Humbly, reverently hold our awesome heavenly Father to His promises.

B) Use the Word to force the devil and his evil cohorts to flee. Remind them they were
defeated at Calvary. That their authority is broken forever.

C) Quote the Word to strengthen yourself, and your prayers. Fill your prayers with
verses and texts of Scripture. GOD's Word will renew and refresh during a prayer battle.
When a Prayer Warrior is fatiqued from the conflict, quoting Scriptures or singing hymns
saturated with Scripture are spiritually refreshing and uplifting.

D) He said, so we can say. Anything GOD has said, we can confess our confidence in
and affirm the action we intend taking in our conflicts. Hebrews 13:5,6 says: "He hath
said, I will never leave you, nor forsake you." So we may boldly respond, "If GOD is for
me, who can be against me." (Romans 8:31)

Keep in mind that JESUS is called the Word, which means when we have our Bibles,
He is always with us in our conflicts. We cannot use our weapon unless we have it and
know it; nor is it of any value until we start wielding it.

Study the Bible, and speak its words in every crisis you face. Scripture pierces and
slashes the enemy in our prayer warfare.

Stop bemoaning the enemy's attacks! Demonstrate that you are ARMED...&
DANGEROUS! That you have planned for victory, you are armed for victory, that you
are trained for victory...then go forward daring to do the seemingly impossible for
CHRIST's glory, in accordance to the Father's will, by the HOLY SPIRIT, and victory will
be yours!



So, now we know the armor and our weapon; we know the plans and the methods of
victory. We are not only aware of satan's schemes and his evil cunning, but we are wise
in GOD's provided means for defeating him and his demons. It is time to arm for battle
and perfect our skills. Remember victory depends on our relationship with our heavenly

The devil takes our prayer warfare very seriously, because he knows when we are
interceding for a soul, GOD is in charge. For this reason alone he, and/or his demons,
will exert any and every effort to keep Prayer Warriors from praising and praying. These
activities cause the forces of darkness to tremble.

There are several dangers Prayer Warriors must be made aware of, to be prepared for.
The first and foremost, of course, is making sure our connection to our Commander-in-
Chief is intact. Otherwise, the Bible clearly points out several areas, of which we will
review five of them, where our connection can be broken. These are:

1) Cherished sin (Psalm 66:18). As stated elsewhere, when we have, and maintain, a
relationship with CHRIST, cherished sin will no longer be a problem.

2) Un-forgiveness (Mark 11:25,27). JESUS said if we will not forgive others, He cannot
forgive, or hear us.

3) Double-mindedness (James 1:7,8). We are not to pray one way and act the opposite.
When we do this, we are showing doubt of our Father's Word.

4) Not asking (James 4:2). Yes, the Father already knows what we're going to ask for
whom or for what. BUT HE ESTABLISHED THE RULE: For us to get--we must first ask.

5) Asking for a selfish reason (James 4:3). ALL prayers must be for GOD's reasons or
He cannot answer them.

Other dangers which the devil's cohorts will use to "disarm" you, are:

A) FEAR. Prayer warfare is by no means neutral. If satan's demons can immobilize us

by fear, then they can keep Prayer Warriors from arming for the assault. Remember,
though, we are fighting heaven's battles on earth, and all the 'fear not' promises are
ours to claim.

B) WORK. Another equally immobilizing danger for Prayer Warriors is becoming so

engrossed and preoccupied with our 'secular' work/and the demands of daily life, that
we let our intercessions slide into half-hearted platitudes and trite phrases of "Bless
Mrs.___" or "Watch over ____".

Prayer warfare deserves quality time, because we are in the Armed Forces of King

C) UNFOCUSED PRAYER. If the devil's cohorts cannot stop us through fear or too
much to do, they'll try to get us to pray so generally that we won't remember what we
prayed. Thus we will not be able to recognize if our request has been answered, and
not be able to praise GOD for it!

If we want genuine answers, then our prayers need to be highly specific and detailed
(within the Father's will). Take a definite need and a specific promise, name for whom
you are praying, then ask the Father, by the SPIRIT, for exactly what you are seeking
and trust Him for a concrete answer in His time.

D) GIVING UP TOO SOON. If after throwing everything else against us, and it hasn't
stopped or, at least, slowed us down from praying, the devil's cohorts will use this
danger, that of giving up too soon. The amazing thing is, it works!

Read Daniel 10:12,13 for the reason some prayer answers are delayed. Also, JESUS
told a parable to His disciples to show them they should always pray AND NOT GIVE
UP. (Luke 18:1)

Our heavenly Father always has reasons for seeming delays; often He has a better plan
and a better time for the answer to happen. The danger is: DON'T STOP, DON'T GIVE
UP and DON'T GIVE IN! Many, many answers will come only when you hold on to
GOD no matter what.


You began reading these pages because you wanted to be an effective Prayer Warrior.
The words, herein, have encouraged and strengthened you in your decision, enlistment,
and commitment to be a part of our heavenly Family's elite force. They have helped you
to understand much more clearly the scope and power Prayer Warriors have available
to them.

So, check that your battle gear is on. Before beginning a prayer offensive reaffirm with
the Commander "I renew my commitment to You, and the wearing of my armor right
now. Father, Your Son JESUS won total victory over the enemy, and by faith, I claim
His victory as mine in this battle. For I pray this by Your HOLY SPIRIT, in JESUS' name.

Take up your weapon, the awesome Word and go forward. Pray...pray ...pray. True
battles cannot be truly described or explained...they are experienced.

The challenge has been issued. Now it is up to you! Accept it, and go forward. Lives
and eternal destinies are at stake. Your prayer offensives, and praises, can tip the battle
balance to our Commander-in-Chief's side today.


It is not the purpose of this booklet to "tell" anyone how to intercede, because every
Prayer Warrior is different. Having said that however, there are those in the LORD's
regular troops who want to be in the elite corps, but feel their prayers somehow fall
short of the mark... This is for them.

Praying, in general, is not difficult. You talk, the Father listens. He talks (through the
Bible, or impressions and convictions), you listen. It is that simple, like holding a
conversation with someone special to you. You spill your innermost feelings out, your
joys and sorrows, etc.. Interceding is just as simple, except now the focus of the
conversation is on another. This kind of prayer is not to make the Father aware of what
is happening. He already knows. No, your intercessions are asking the Father to apply
extra effort to intervene or interfer, or change a seemingly hopeless or impossible
situation, or to help in an emergency, on behalf of another individual.

Do not try to copy someone else's style of interceding, just be yourself. Our heavenly
Father is interested in what is on your mind, the burden in your heart, not the flowery
phrases or long complicated words you think you need to use. Notice JESUS prayer in
John 17, it is no more than a few minutes long.

As long as your supreme motive is to honor and glorify GOD, and to help in the saving
of souls for the kingdom of heaven, you are on the right track. Put on the Armor, take up
the Shield of Faith, raise the Sword of the SPIRIT, which is the Word--and go forward!


SWORD STRIKES (Bible Promises)

Every promise found in the Scriptures is a sword wound in our enemy, deadly in force.
As the end of the world draws nearer, the devil and his evil army are pressing forward
every chance they can get for they know their time is short.

Each Prayer Warrior has a sphere of influence--family and friends, acquaintances--that

no one else has; our assurance of victory over evil is based upon the integrity and
infallibility of the Bible. By using these promises we are verbally declaring our faith in
our Commander-in-Chief and His Word. AND they push back the enemy and immobilize
their attack.

Children: Psalm 127:3; Psalm 103:17; Isaiah 43:5; Isaiah 44:3; Isaiah 49:25; Isaiah 54:13;
Jeremiah 31:16,17; Proverbs 14:26; Matthew 18:14; Acts 2:39; Malachi 4:6; etc.

Healing: Exodus 15:26; Exodus 23:25; Deuteronomy 7:15; Deuteronomy 30:19,20; Psalm
103:2-4; Psalm 107:20; Isaiah 53:5; Malachi 3:10; Matthew 8:17; Mark 16:17,18; 2 Corinthians
10:4,5; Hebrews 10:23; James 5:14; James 5:16; 1 John 3:21,22; 3 John 2; Jeremiah 17:14;
Jeremiah 30:17; etc.

Forgiveness: Psalm 103:12; Romans8:1; 2 Corinthians 5:2; Colossians 1:14; 1 John 1:7; 1 John
1:9; 1 John 2:1,2; etc..

Help: Psalm 33:20; Psalm 46:1; Psalm 115:11; Hebrews 4:16; Hebrews 13:6; etc..

Protection: Psalm 32:7; Psalm 34:7; Psalm 91:10; Psalm 121:5-8; Psalm 138:7; 2 Thessalonians
3:3; 2 Timothy 4:18; etc..

General (Can be used for all types of situations): Genesis 3:15; Exodus 23:27; Deuteronomy
20:4; Deuteronomy 28:7; Isaiah 54:17; Isaiah 41:21; Isaiah 59:1; Jeremiah 32:27; Psalm 32:8;
Romans 8:31; Luke 1:37; Philippians 4:19; Ephesians 3:20; etc..

Marriage: Psalm 127:1; 1 Corinthians 13:4-7; Mark 10:7-9; Genesis 1:28; Ephesians 5:31; etc..

Salvation: Matthew 1:21; John 3:16; John 6:37; John 14:6; Romans 3:10, 23-26; Romans 5:5-
12; Romans 6:23; Romans 10:8-14; Acts 2:21; Acts 4:12; Revelation 7:10, etc..

Direction & Guidance: Psalm 25:9; Psalm 32:8; Psalm 37:23; Psalm 143:8; Proverbs 3:5,6;
Isaiah 30:21; etc..

Assurance of Victory: 1 Corinthians 15:25,26,54-56; 1 Corinthians 15:57; 1 John 5:4,5; etc..

Finances/Daily Needs: Deuteronomy 29:9; Psalm 37:3; Psalm 22:26; Psalm 68:19; Isaiah
32:18; Romans 8:32; 1 Peter 5:7; Luke 12:28; Matthew 6:33; etc..

Overcoming Depression & Burnout: Psalm 28:7; Jeremiah 29:11; 2 Chronicles 32:8; Psalm
34:17-19; Psalm 42:5,6,8; Matthew 11:28-30; Romans 15:13; etc...

Freedom from Anxiety & Fear: Psalm 56:3,4; Deuteronomy 3:22; Psalm 46:1-3; Isaiah 41:10;
Isaiah 43:1; 2 Timothy 1:7; Hebrews 13:6; Philippians 4:13; etc...

Power: Matthew 10:1; Luke 10:19; John 1:12; Romans 1:16; 2 Corinthians 12:9; Ephesians
6:10; 2 Timothy 1:7; etc...
Authority over the enemy: Matthew 10:8; Mark 6:7; Mark 16:17; Luke 10:19; John 14:12;
Ephesians 6:10-18; etc...

Peace of Mind: Deuteronomy 33:27; Psalm 31:24; Isaiah 26:3; John 14:27; 2 Corinthians 10:5;
Ephesians 2:14,15; Philippians 4:7-9; etc...

Spouse Abuse: Ezekiel 28:24-26; Matthew 11:28-30; Ephesians 3:16-19; 2 Corinthians 2:15;

For Freedom: Psalm 107:13-16; Isaiah 61:1; John 8:31-36; 2 Corinthians 3:17.

For Recovery from Failures & Mistakes: Psalm 37:23,24; Psalm 116:6,7; Psalm 145:14.



P.S note from original armed and dangerous site organizers (for those unfamiliar
with the original site this document is from…”We DO NOT EVER capitalize the
name of the devil. Even if it is incorrect; the dictionary says that capitalizing a
name or title is a sign of respect, and we do not respect satan or his cohorts)”.

"Christ has delegated to the prayer warrior His authority, the right to use His name and
plead His blood...He has armed us for all spiritual conquests." ~Mighty Prevailing Prayer
235, Wesley Duewel.

"There are two ways to deal with the devil (or his cohorts), when he is kicking up a fuss.
We can expend a great deal of time and energy rebuking...and banishing him, and
expelling this demon and that evil spirit. OR we can simply fill the place with praise to
God." ~Victory On Praise Mountain 58, Merlin Carothers.

"Scripture encourages us to look beyond the difficult or seemingly impossible

circumstances which satan uses to weaken our faith." ~The Spiritual Warrior's Prayer
Guide 81, Quin Sherrer & Ruthanne Garlock

"Don't worry about getting the perfect Scripture to resist satan... Pick up your Sword...,
the Word of God, then practice wielding it against our arch enemy." ~Battling the Prince
of Darkness 130, Evelyn Christenson.

"satan always lurks about, looking for our 'weak' spots. When we are most tired, the
most weary, having the most problems--those are the times he will pounce... No mercy.
No foul play. Don't waste your time complaining about it. Remember instead, Jesus has
promised to be our strength when we are our weakest." ~More Power To You 57, Merlin
"God does not promise to always miraculously deliver us from death or problems, but
He wants us to abide in His power--to know and believe it is there." ~More Power To
You 95, Merlin Carothers.

"Scripture remains our best means of overcoming the evil one." ~The Spiritual Warrior's
Prayer Guide 10, Quin Sherrer & Ruthanne Garlock.

"Prayer is for communication. The more you pray, the more time you spend in God's
presence. The more time you spend in His presence, the more you are influenced by
your communion with Him. By beholding Him, by communicating with Him, you will be
changed into His image, into His likeness." ~The Answer Is Prayer 99, Pastor Morris

"In everyone's life there comes a Nathanael experience, a time when the Lord obviously
and supernaturally reaches out and impacts our lives in such a way as to leave no
doubt of His existance and His intentions." ~Delighting In God 21, Kris C. Stevenson.

"If you have been seeking God's will for a long time and seem to be getting nowhere,
examine your heart. See if there is any area of your life that is not totally surrendered to
God...The quicker you move from your will to His will, the quicker God will show you
what you need to know." ~Handle With Prayer 16, Charles F. Stanley.

"The balance of power on the earth rests with Christians in the name of Christ. The
authority is complete in us as long as we maintain a relationship with God through His
Son...satan knows of our authority, but hopes we will stay ignorant. We must be as
convinced of our authority as satan is!" ~The Spiritual Warrior's Prayer Guide 26, Quin
Sherrer & Ruthanne Garlock.)

"The examples of Jehoshaphat and Joshua clearly show that GOD wins victories by
means and principles that look utterly foolish and contradictory to human wisdom and
strategies." ~Power In Praise 16, Merlin Carothers.

"We must prevail for lives so ensnared and blinded by sin that they are unable or
unwilling to pray for themselves." ~Mighty Prevailing Prayer 15, Wesley L. Duewel.

"Only those who have wrestled with God in prayer can calmly walk through the storms
of life." ~A Passion For Prayer 11, Crosby, Jacobsen, and Melashenko.

"In every problem God has provided a solution, but even His solution is useless unless
we know what it is and how to use it..." ~More Power To You, Introduction, Merlin

"We cannot really love our unsaved (family members) or friends very much if we are
unwilling to pay the price of prevailing for them in prayer." ~Mighty Prevailing Prayer
160, Wesley L. Duewel.
"The time has come when we must expect the Lord to do great things for us." ~1
Selected Messages 111, EG White.


" Throughout
His Word, we
NEVER find a
moment when
God is not in
total control.
He is OUR
help [Psalm

Finding Peace,

NOTE: Though it is incorrect English, you will NEVER find satan's name or office capitalized
on this site. According to Webster's Dictionary capitalization is a "sign of respect" and we do not
and will never respect satan or his cohorts!



First, we need to know what angels are NOT.

1) Angels are not naked, chubby babies with wings. This is some human beings
interpretation, but it is very unbiblical. The Bible says in several areas of the Old and
New Testaments that angels are "messengers" (see Genesis 19:1; Exodus 14:19; and
Acts 8:26; to name a few).

2) Angels are not people who have died. Scripture, that is GOD's holy Word, tells us in
Ecclesiastes 9:5 and 6 that when an individual dies that's it (until CHRIST's second
coming, at any rate), they don't know anything. All their knowledge and wisdom ceases,
as well as their love, hatred, envy...all their feelings and emotions died as well. And in
Psalm 115:17 we are told: "The dead praise not the LORD."

3) Angels are never referred to as she, her, woman, women, or female in the
Scriptures. They are always referred to as of the male gender (see Isaiah 6:1-7) and
when they have come down among us in Biblical times as well as in the world today
they were always seen as men (Genesis 19:1-22; Genesis 32:24-29; Matthew 28:2-4;
Acts 12:7-10; etc..) The TV shows and movies of angels are make-believe, fantasy...not

Angels are not, nor have ever been, human beings...people. Having cleared up those
three misconceptions, who or what are angels? And, what do they have to do with us?

Angels are supernatural beings created by our heavenly Father to inhabit heaven. But
ever since Adam and Eve sinned and broke the line of direct communication to the
throne room of the universe, the angels have been given a special
"Are not angels created to serve us? Are they not sent to help those who will be saved
and will inherit the earth?..." ~Hebrews 1:14 (The Clear Word, used by permission)

This text, in the King James Version of the Bible, says that all angels are ministering
spirits sent to serve--you and That's right, angel's are commissioned to help
and protect us. In fact, JESUS says that a special angel is assigned to every one of us.
(Even now, your angel is beside you, and he will be beside you throughout your life; and
mark your final resting place.)

Do they just do their duty, or are the angels genuinely interested in us? According to our
Commander-in-Chief, our angel is personally concerned, because He said, "There is
rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents." ~Luke 15:7.

Angels repeatedly turned up in Biblical times, both invisibly and visibly. Note the story of
Lot (Genesis 19:1-17) and the deliverance of Israel from the Assyrians (2 Kings
19:35,36). But what about today...our day? It should come as no surprise to any of us
that our Commander-in-Chief is willing to empty heaven of the angels on our behalf,
when we call (pray) for help. In a variety of ways angels are sent to guide, to guard and
to protect human beings. They do this even for those who ignore GOD, doubt Him, even
deride Him..."GOD shows His love for us this way, while we were yet sinners, CHRIST
died for us." ~Romans 5:8.
GOD's promises are for us. His miracles are for us. His angel army is for us, hovering
protectively as we battle evil in prayer; enclosing those whom we're interceding for in
heaven's protective custody.

This page about heaven's army was not added just to entertain you, but to strengthen
your faith. To deepen your conviction that "Nothing is too hard for the LORD."
~Jeremiah 32:27.

Rejoice, Prayer Warriors, in this glorious fact, that GOD's angels are always with you.
That there is not one moment in your life when you will be without at least one angel.

The heavenly angelic army is always on call, first to our Commander-in-Chief, and then
to each of us as we pray. They are present to help accomplish GOD's purpose for us,
particularly in the area of expediting our prayers. No, angels do not answer our prayers,
but they bring the Father's answers to us--they are His personal representatives.



GOD's Way or Man's.

Part 1:

"...He (JESUS) gave them (His followers) power against unclean spirits, to cast them
out..." ~Matthew 10:1.

"JESUS sent forth (His followers), and commanded them, saying, 'Go...cast out
devils..." ~Matthew 10:5,8.

"...He (JESUS) sent them (His followers) have cast out devils."
~Mark 3:14,15.

"And He (JESUS) called...and began to send them (His followers) forth two and two,
and gave them power over unclean spirits..." ~Mark 6:7.

"And He (JESUS) said unto them (His followers)...'In My Name shall they (future
followers as well) cast out devils...' " ~Mark 16:17.

"Then He (JESUS) called...and gave them (His followers) power and authority over all
devils..." ~Luke 9:1.

"Behold, I (JESUS) give unto you (My followers) power...over all the power of the
enemy..." ~Luke 10:19.
Those are our orders, issued by our Commander-in-Chief. But what are we to do with

NOTICE, JESUS recognized satan, his demons, evil spirits, and devils as real; and
gave us the low down about their modus operandi. But He reminds us that these are not
just some pesky little creatures bent on annoying humans. They are, instead, cold,
calculating, resourceful, cannot be appeased or pacified: AND they are out to destroy
you and me...everyone...families, nations, but particularly Christians.

Now let us consider JESUS' methodology (John 14:6) in getting rid of demons and
devils from human beings. If you are interested in this type of ministry...or if confronted
by a demon-possessed individual... you will want to know the only true way to success.
So I invite you to examine the record, GOD's Word, and we will start in Matthew 4:1-11,
which describes CHRIST's encounters with satan in the wilderness.

Don't miss the impact here that every time satan tempted JESUS, the only weapon our
Commander-in-Chief used was the Sword of the SPIRIT, which is the Word of GOD! By
this example we are again reminded of the importance of immersing and saturating our
minds with Scripture.

Here are a few details worth noting:

1) satan never questioned the authority of the Word. NEVER...NOT ONCE!

2) JESUS quoted each time from the book of Deuteronomy. (For anyone who thinks the
Old Testament is obsolete, I 'd say, think again).

3) JESUS did not vary His method, but consistently used the Word against the
destroyer of souls.

Also, take note, JESUS never entered into a conversation with the devil. He had only
one reply and that was, "It is written...It is written...It is written..."

With this in mind, let's now investigate the other recorded instances of CHRIST's
confrontations with satan's cohorts. The 1st encounter is perhaps the one most
deliverance ministries take their pattern of operation from, it is found in Matthew 8:28-33
(it is further enhanced in Mark 5:1-20 and Luke 8:26-39). This is the only time JESUS
engaged in a minor exchange with a demon. Luke 8:30 says, "JESUS asked him, 'What
is your name (singular)?' The demon replied, 'legion', for there were many..." But take
especial note that when JESUS commanded them to leave, they all did...instantly.

The 2nd encounter can be read about in Matthew 9:32-34, this one is very short: "As
they went out, behold, they brought to Him a dumb man possessed with a devil. And
when the devil was cast out, the dumb spoke..." In this scenario there was intercession,
for it says "They brought to Him..."
The 3rd instance is located in Matthew 12:22, and it also is short. It says: "Then was
brought unto Him one possessed with a devil, blind and dumb: and He (JESUS) healed

Number 4 encounter is found in Matthew 15:21-28 (and Mark 7:24-30). This instance
involves a pagan woman's faith in JESUS' power. Remember the story? How this
heathen woman badgered JESUS about healing her daughter who was possessed by a
demon. Because of her persistence, JESUS declared, "O woman, great is your faith, be
it unto you even as you want." This account concludes, "And her daughter was made
whole that very hour." There was a Prayer Warrior (the mother) but her daughter was
not present. Notice though, all the Savior said was " it unto you even as you want",
and the daughter was instantly delivered

Encounter 5 is in Mark 9:14-29 (Matthew 17:14-21; Luke 9:37-43). This is the longest
of the encounters. JESUS had been up on the mount with three of His disciples, while
down below the other nine have been asked to cast a demon out of a boy, but they
weren't able. The story indicates that the disciples did try (v.18), but nothing happened.
Then JESUS arrived on the scene, and the boy's dad explained the situation, finishing
with "If You can do anything---"

JESUS replied, "All things are possible to those who believe." To which the father
responded, "I believe, help my unbelief!" Then JESUS rebuked the unclean spirit
(v.25), saying, "You dumb and deaf spirit, I command you, come out of him, and never
enter him again." Immediately, the demon left.

The 6th encounter is in Mark 16:9. No story this time, only a reference to an
accomplished fact: "When JESUS was risen early the first day of the week, He
appeared first to Mary Magdalene, out of whom He had cast seven devils."

Finally, encounter 7, found in Luke 4:33-36. According to this story it happened on the
Sabbath while JESUS was in church. As He stood up to speak a shrieking demon
thrusts the man he possesses into JESUS' presence. "But JESUS rebuked him, saying,
'Be silent, and come out of him!' And the demon threw the man down, and came out of

REMEMBER, these texts are more than just stories; they are given to teach us, Prayer
Warriors in particular, our Commander-in-Chief's methods of demon-busting. Each of
these Scriptures records an important point for us to remember in our encounters:

First) JESUS contact in each is brief. Webster's New World dictionary defines the word
brief as: short duration, short in length; few words; concise.

Second) When JESUS cast out one demon, or thousands, He did them all at one time;
NOT one at a time.
Third) When cast out, the demon (or demons), devils, evil spirits...whatever, left---

Fourth) A Prayer Warrior, or Intercessor/Petitioner, did not need to be present with the
victim to cast out evil.

Each of these characteristics or traits is vital for Prayer Warriors, as well as Christian
regulars, to know.

All our spiritual battles belong to our Commander-in-Chief, and victory is assured
(Exodus 14:13,14). But that assurances depends on who we know. Daniel 11:32 says it
well: "The people who know GOD shall be strong and do great exploits."

Part II.

Before getting into the "meat" of this subject, Prayer Warriors, we must understand the
following. It is of immense importance in our combat against enemy forces.

Rebuking, binding, and casting out demons


Now before you hurriedly change sites because of this statement, please read Luke
10:17. In this verse, the 70 have just returned to JESUS from their evangelistic
campaigns; they are excited, eagerly exclaiming one after the other, "LORD, even the
devils are subject to us through Your name!"

Look at JESUS' response, what are His first words? "Don't rejoice because of that..."

"Don't rejoice" because you can rebuke, bind, and cast out devils, demons, evil spirits,
etc.. "Don't rejoice" it isn't worth getting excited about. WHY NOT?

Because we belong to JESUS, and He supplies us with His power.

Unfortunately there are individuals (via websites, books, articles, etc) who insist that
'deliverance is a BIG deal.' Going so far as to advise the 'deliverer' to converse with the
demons if they want to talk; and to give demons names such as: Pepsi, Coke,
chocolate, Mars bars (or whatever candy of choice), acne, arthritis, Jesus only, (I took
these few 'names' from a list on a deliverance website...I am not kidding), grief, cancer,
farsightedness, etc...

This is NOT our Commander-in-Chief's way!

In his book God Says, But I Think, Pastor Morris Venden says on pp 21, 22, & 30 "God
has revealed His truth, and we must find it and accept it and know it for ourselves... "But
can't I trust Graham Maxwell or Jack Provonsha or Billy Graham or Dr. Dobson (or...)?"
you ask. No. The Bible says, Don't trust any person for the Truth unless you have
searched it out for yourself."

So if you log on to any of these sites, fellow Warriors, or you have books and articles
that run along the same line, believe them not.

Having said that, what do we do, or say, when confronted by someone who is obviously

We use what Wesley Duewel, in his books Touch the World Through Prayer and Mighty
Prevailing Prayer, calls the "Command of Faith."

We know the word that is translated "faith" means "belief" and "trust." So the Command
of Faith requires that we have absolute belief in the One we trust, or, trust absolutely in
the One we believe in. JESUS says, "I tell you the Truth, IF you have faith as small as a
mustard seed, you can say to this mountain (which signifies the difficulty before you),
"Move from here to there and it will move. Nothing will be impossible to you." ~Matthew
17:20. This Truth is so important, that JESUS repeats it in even stronger words: "I tell
you the Truth, IF you have faith and DO NOT DOUBT... you can say to the mountain,
'Go, throw yourself into the sea,' and it will be done, if you believe..." ~Matthew

Literally, the Command of Faith is the putting into action our trust in our Commander-in-
Chief's Word. It is verbalizing that Word. JESUS repeatedly demonstrated and used it.
The disciples likewise used it. To the demon possessing the girl at Philippi (Acts 16:18),
Paul ordered: "In the name of JESUS CHRIST I command you to come out of her." And
the demon was gone.

Notice, Paul did not get chummy with the demon (not even first name basis); he
recognized the need, made the command, and the demon left...instantly! JESUS' way.

A) When should we use this command? B) Does it in any way eliminate prayer?

A) We use the Command in situations where the Father's glory and honor is at stake, or
where our Commander-in-Chief calls upon His combat forces to rescue the captives
and destroy the enemy. B) We use the Command as an addition to prayer. Because
there are two essential prerequisites before an individual can safely and successfully
execute the Command of Faith. The first is: You must be a really-truly born-again
believer. Our Commander-in-Chief gives His authority and power only to them. And
second: You must know CHRIST intimately, have developed unlimited confidence in
Him and in His Word.
Catch the drama in Acts 19:13-16 when several nonbelievers, including the sons of
Sceva, tried to use the Command of Faith against demons, and the results.

These men saw what Paul was doing, and decided to try out the Command for
themselves... The very first time they tried it, the evil spirit responded saying, "JESUS I
know and Paul I know, but who are you?" Then he attacked them with such violence
that he drew blood.

When we, you and I, fellow Prayer Warriors, know our Commander-in-Chief as He
wants us to know Him, when we maintain our connection daily, moment-by-moment, we
can face any enemy and conquer them with confidence. Victory is assured.

Now go forward, command satan's forces to leave whomever they are bothering. Bind
them and cast them out in the precious name of JESUS. All the world of darkness fears
His name. Use it...use it...dare to dislodge, kick out, and defeat the enemy in JESUS
name... All power in heaven and earth is behind His name.

It cannot be overemphasized the importance of commanding demons, devils, spirits of

darkness, etc. to leave by the authority of JESUS' name.

"By the authority given me, as a soldier in JESUS' army, I bind all your workings in
(name of individual), and order you to leave in JESUS name."

"In JESUS' name I command you to leave name of individual. "

"You are dead meat. By faith I cover name of individual with CHRIST's shed blood. I
command you in JESUS' name, GO!"

Do not be flippant when confronting any demon-possessed individuals, but do not fear
them either. Don't focus on the power of darkness, because if you do you will begin to
feel insignificant and helpless. DON'T look at them, Prayer Warriors, satan's host are
stronger than But we come in the Name of our Commander-in-Chief...who
is stronger and more powerful than all of them, individually and collectively. If we abide
in Him, He'll abide in us (John 15:7), and ALL THE POWER OF HEAVEN AND IN
EARTH (Matthew 28:18) is ours. It is through His power deliverance is assured!

Part lll "Code Breaking"

Secular militaries all use some kind of code in their communications so their enemies
will not know their plans. And they all have specific individuals whose only occupation is
to try (often succeeding) to crack, or break, the others' code. Hence their title "Code
Likewise, all Christians must be code breakers of our enemy's attempts to deceive.
Even though satan has lost the war, he is still trying to get people (souls) over to his
side. Because his frontal assaults so often fail, his cohorts have initiated more devious
covert operations.

The enemy's objective though remains clear. One way or another, they are out to bring
pain and sorrow to our heavenly Family through us--through our choices. What will we
believe? Obey? Trust? The devil and his host are out to destroy us--you, fellow Prayer
Warriors and me--here on this earth; but particularly, eternally.

We've all heard the cliche' "What you don't know, won't hurt you" --the Truth is, that
where spiritual matters are concerned, what we don't know will hurt us, big time!

As a Christian, and a fellow Prayer Warrior, I am deeply concerned about the accepted
distortions regarding satan and his cohorts.

Being the author of deception (John 8:44), and confusion (1 Corinthians 14:33), satan's
underhandedness is so cleverly simple and yet so brilliantly designed to deceive "if
possible, the very elect" ~Matthew 24:24.

It may sound like blasphemy to some, but the purpose of Part lll "Code Breakers" is to
re-examine the accuracy of two verses, in the light of our Commander-in-Chief's orders.


"For if GOD spared not the angels that sinned, but cast them down to hell, and delivered
them into chains of darkness, to be reserved for judgment..." ~2 Peter 2:4.

"And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, He hath
reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day."
~Jude 6.

Misinterpretations are launching pads for false conclusions. Taken at face value these
verses have puzzled and perplexed many. So that what these individuals (through
books, articles, and websites) are promoting is ludicrous, and scary.

What is being promoted? The fallen angels are not the demons, devils, or evil spirits;
that they are bound in chains in darkness somewhere and are not now active in this
world... How do these people explain who or what demons etc. are? They don't. They
have no explanation for who the demons are or how they came to this earth. Wesley
Duewel in his book Touch the World Through Prayer says "We DO NOT KNOW the
demons origin... they must have been holy once and chose to be sinful... We do not
need to know the details about them..."
Dear Prayer Warriors, fellow Christians, heavy fog on a highway is dangerous, often
resulting in fatalities. If we-you and I-do not come out of the fog of falsehood on this
issue, it will be fatal for us.

The genius of code breaking misinterpretations is in our Commander-in-Chief's

methods. The evil one is intelligent, but our Commander-in-Chief is brilliant! And if we
truly want to know His Truth, we will do things His way, not ours.

What is His method? Isaiah 28:9,10 reveals it: "Whom shall He teach knowledge? And
whom shall He make to understand doctrine?... Precept must be upon precept...line
upon a little, and there a little..."

The It Is Written Heritage Edition of The Open Bible (Thomas Nelson Inc., Publishers,
1975) says on p.1181, and I quote:

"Precept upon precept...line upon line. Here a little and there a little. If we want to know
what the Bible teaches...take what Jesus said...and what all the Bible writers said...And
we have the Truth...God never intended that Bible truth be discovered by the study of a
single scripture text. In fact, God never intended that we study the Bible on our
denominational background... Rather, we are to check our beliefs and discover the clear
teaching of the Scriptures by studying what each Bible writer has to say about a given
subject. Line up these clear statements of truth just as you would pillars. Then as we
sight down these Scripture pillars what do we see? We see Bible Truth as is taught by
all the sacred writers. The more scriptures (verses) brought into line on a single subject,
the safer the interpretation... There are isolated scriptures that, by themselves, simply
are not clear... there are people who like to speculate...argue about them. And the
temptation is to try to make them say what we want them to say..."

Our Commander's instructions about interpreting, or 'code breaking', are: "Search the
Scriptures." ~John 5:39.

Now I must ask the question: If these 2 verses cannot be taken in a strictly literal sense,
and we know they do not harmonize, where do we begin? First, I believe we need to
identify who or what the demons (also called devils and evil spirits) are.

The following few verses clearly identify who the angels are: Colossians 1:16; Luke
20:36; Matthrew 25:31; Psalm 103:20; Job 4:18; and Hebrews 1:14 says angels are
"...ministering spirits sent to care for all those who will inherit salvation."

How did they become demons? Read Isaiah 14:12-20; Ezekiel 28:14-19; Revelation
12:7-9 (v.9 says: "...the devil...was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out
with him.").

From that time onwards, Lucifer became satan and his angels (spirits-Hebrews 1:14)
"kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation..." ~Jude 6 and in their new sinful
natures became "evil spirits or demons." As a result of the war in heaven 1/3 of GOD's
ministering spirits (also called angels) defected with satan (Revelation 12:4).
Remember, they were originally created sinless, plus equal in nature, power, and glory
with the others of their kind, but they chose to go with satan, and thus became evil.

What about the part that says they are "chained in darkness"?

Check out the following:

satan is the ruler of darkness Ephesians 6:12

darkness is the way of sin Ephesians 5:11
This world is darkness Ephesians 6:12.

JESUS own words: "And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and
men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil." ~John 3:19.

These verses, plus the 150 others found in the Bible affirm that the darkness referred to
in 2 Peter 2:4 and Jude 6, have to do with our world, this planet where we
live, fellow Prayer Warriors.

What about "being cast down to hell (or Tartarus)"? First, the word 'hell' is not in the
original text (check it out at, under the 'Parallel Nestle Greek.'),
though it is found in nearly all English Bibles. The word actually used is Tartarus, this
was thought to be a pagan place of punishment, which leads clear-thinking Christians to
wonder if Peter, a Christian, actually included such a word in his writings. Or if he did,
was he using the word figuratively to indicate the evil spirits were to be stuck here, on
this earth with us, where they were cast (Revelation 12:4), until the judgment day.

And last, Webster's Dictionary defines 3 kinds of chains:

and circumstances (chains of love; of financial obligations, etc.. ).

REMEMBER: The fallen angels are spiritual beings; they cannot be bound by literal
chains. So if these aren't literal shackles, then they must be bound by their
circumstances. This means they can no longer go to heaven or to any other created
world, they have to stay here...and they do because our heavenly Father, the Creator, is
still in charge.

So why is all this important for us to know?

"It shouldn't surprise you...satan was once an angel of light and he can still appear as
one. So it's no great thing for those under him to look like ministers of righteousness..."
~2 Corinthians 11:14,15.
"For there shall arise false Christs and false prophets, and shall show great signs and
wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect." ~Matthew

"For false Christs and false prophets shall rise and show signs and wonders, to seduce,
if it were possible, even the elect." ~Mark 13:22.

Ask yourselves, Prayer Warriors/Christians, if satan's angels were not active today in
this world and an angel of light or a 'minister of righteousness' showed up sometime
when you're praying and said GOD had changed some of His laws and they were no
longer binding. Would you believe it?

Heaven has done everything it possibly can to save you and me from eternal death, my
friends. The verses we've already read plus 1 Corinthians 6:3 should logically tell us that
the fallen angels are indeed the evil spirits, wicked spirits, demons, and devils plaguing
our world today. And we should be preparing ourselves for their great signs and
wonders so we will not be deceived.


We are at war! We are fighting for our lives--with an invisible enemy. "For we do not
wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the
rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly
places." ~Ephesians 6:12.
These powers are mustering forces for earth's final battle. This battle is the all-out war
for the eternal salvation of every man, woman, young person, and child on this earth.

The stakes are HIGH as they can get! This struggle is real and unrelenting.
This is plainly revealed in the Bible, our 'Manual of Arms', and is evidenced by the
happenings throughout the world.

As in every secular military, basic training is but the beginning. This same principle
applies to this site as well. Now that you have the 'basics' taken care of, it is time for you
to find out what your OPS is.

OPS stands for Occupational Prayer Specialty.

There are 4 distinct prayer specialties:

1) INTERCESSOR: This is 'the ultimate'--interceding for the salvation of those who are
lost (Our Commander-in-Chief said He came "to seek and to save the lost." ~Luke
19:10). Do you have a yearning for individuals to be saved for the heavenly kingdom?
Would you be willing to give up YOUR salvation (like Moses was in Exodus 32:32) to
save others? If your response is yes, than this is your OPS.

2) PLEADING FOR HEALINGS: Do you have a deep compassion for people suffering
physical, mental, or spiritual ailment, or injury? Do you long for them to be fully
recovered (James 5:15,16)? Then this is your OPS.

3) PETITIONING FOR MATERIAL BLESSINGS: Or, do you wish there was a way you
could give and give, and this one and that one, and to someone else...? Jobs,
places to live, financial assistance, etc. (~Matthew 7:7,8,11). Than this is your OPS.

4) PRAISE. This is the hardest of all the specialties. Why would I say that? To praise
the Father, instead of pleading for Him to heal or petitioning Him to provide, the Prayer
Warrior acknowledges his/her/their acceptance of something that GOD is allowing to
happen. Our heavenly Father has a perfect plan for everyone's life; so He 'allows'
situations to come and touch individuals lives to get them to focus, not on the outward,
but heavenward to what He can do. If you are 'in sync' with the Master Planner, than
this is the OPS for you.

REMEMBER: In a good many battles you are engaged in, these 4 specialties will

Allow yourself time to find the specialty that you are most enthusiastic and comfortable
with; once you are sure of your OPS, then it is time to mobilize others.

1) Seek the LORD in prayer. Spill out your guts to Him; all your plans and ambitions,
your purpose for a special Prayer Forces group. Ask the Father, if this is His will, to
bless it.

2) Ask Him to send the HOLY SPIRIT to fill the right people with a prayer hunger;
making sure that you have your Pastors affirmation if done in a church; then
ADVERTISE your intentions. By word-of-mouth, and via 3"X5" cards, on the church
message board, in Laundromats, supermarkets, etc.., announce to those who are
interested a time and a place to meet to start such a group.

3) As individuals respond, advise them of what you have learned, your goal and
purpose for the group...let each one decide, without any type of guilt pressure, if this is
what they are interested in.

4) For those who stay, advise them to discover their OPS. Encourage them to take time
'in prayer' to discover what their prayer specialty is.

5) Once #4 is completed, ask everyone for their input. In particular, times and places to
meet as an ARMED FORCE in prayer. Ask them also to each list areas of burdens they
have and want bombarded with prayer. Develop within the group clear goals and

Prayer assaults, like their secular counterparts, must be orchestrated (definition: to

combine all means) in the most highly effective ways to make the most difference.
Which is another reason why we as Prayer Warriors must use only our Commander-in-
Chief's artillery situation system. In effect this is:

A) Following proper Protocol.

B) Using our Power of Authority.
C) Pleading the Merits of JESUS' Blood.
D) Claiming GOD's Promises.
E) Inviting the Heavenly Forces to join the Battle.
F) All praying of One Accord for the Same objective.

NOTE: Our combined Forces must always remember that Prayer Warriors are not
passive, we do not sit on the sidelines, but are found in the very thick of combat.

This kind of praying is like the combined militaries of the world and the Northern Alliance
systematically and repeatedly bombarding from land and air, the Taliban forces in

In this way, fellow Warriors, we are able to wreck the most havoc on satan's forces.
6) There are many books and articles written of the subject of size. How large or how
small should a prayer group be? Some say no larger than 8 to 10 members, (which if
you use Biblical multiplication-Joshua 23:10-one person plus GOD is a majority) is still a
mighty force. However, as I was writing this part, the HOLY SPIRIT impressed me to
read Acts 1:12-15. A prayer meeting is in progress, 120 strong. So, I would be inclined
to say that size is a personal decision.

7) Once established, confidentiality MUST BE stressed for the prayer objectives-

individuals-who desire to remain anonymous. Then it is time to move into 'THE WAR
ROOM.' Where everything else should be discussed. What is a War Room? According
to Webster's dictionary it is a place where strategies and plans, etc. are plotted out for
whichever campaign the military is engaged in.

SECTION Q (continued)

The War Room

What is a 'War Room'? In secular militaries it is the place where the Commander-in-
chief meets with his advisors to map out battle plans, combat tactics and strategies,
etc., and where they are discussed in detail before being executed or discarded.

Likewise, in the spiritual realm, The War Room is the Center where you as Prayer
Warriors will go as an Armed Force to gain knowledge of your 'battlefield'; how to
research and map out your neighborhood, community, or city for spiritual warfare to be
most effective. A place where you can openly discuss tactics, strategies, logistics,
unexpectant strongholds that might be encountered, the best possible defense to tackle
them, and so forth. It is also the place where you will do much of your warfare on your


John Dawson in his book Taking Our Cities for God, pp.115,116, talks about
researching the particular city where you live. The same principles he shares can also
be applied to particular neighborhoods, or entire nations. One of his very first questions

"Do you know your city?...First, get a map of the city. Study it carefully... What you
research depends on your goals..."

As our Commander-in-Chief's special forces here on planet earth we must be

knowledgeable about the inroads the devil and his cohorts have to use to infiltrate
territories in our families, neighborhoods, towns, cities, etc..

Once all this information has been gathered, then the actual plotting is carried out:
1) Obtain a map of your neighborhood, community, city, etc.. (if your Armed Force is
just in your apartment complex, tenement building, or immediate neighborhood/gather
names of who lives where; local businesses; churches, and so forth). Maps may be
obtained via the Internet; Post Office; the county or city tax assessors; or from local

2) Walk or drive the area--a town, for instance, check out areas that especially need
intensive saturation/where drugs are predominate, or pornography, or.... Mark these on
your map with colored markers (more battles will be fought either in your homes or in
The War Room, then through Prayer Walking). But you still need to know where these
areas are. Also, remember to locate schools, places where young people
congregate/they are very vulnerable to evil and its associates. The same applies if you
are in a city, or wherever.

3) As a group determine who is to be assigned what area, at least 2 or 3 Prayer

Warriors for each.

4) Visit the churches within each assigned area, talk with the Pastor/and possibly
members, secure their cooperation to pray on a regular basis for their area. And if they
have concerns to reveal them to your Warriors to be added to the burdens needing
more intense warfare.

(NOTE: A question has been asked: Is Prayer Walking biblical? If we let the Bible
interpret itself the answer is, in one way 'Yes'; but on the other hand, it's 'No.' The Old
Testament tells us about Enoch who "walked with GOD." ~Genesis 5:22, and Joshua
marching his armed force around Jericho ~Joshua 6:4-20. Also, that GOD once
instructed one of His prophets, Ezekiel by name, to "...take a clay tablet, put it in front of
you and draw the city of Jerusalem on it. Then lay siege to it...then take an iron pan and
place it as an iron wall between you and the city and turn your face toward it. It will be
under siege, and you shall besiege it. This will be a sign to the house of Israel."
~Ezekiel 4:1-3.

Now there are some professed Christians who believe these texts are referring to
Prayer Walking and Spiritual Mapping. And I suppose they could be stretched to include
those meanings, but it would be a long stretch of the imagination after reading each in
their context. What about the New Testament? The silence is deafening!

So, is Prayer Walking biblical? Technically 'No.' Then is it wrong to engage in them if
they are not in the Bible? No. What we do all depends on who we know. If we know
CHRIST as we ought to, as a close personal friend, He's more than willing to go with us
even on a Prayer Walk.

The simple reality is that every time we--you, me, or any Christian--walk out of our front
door, we must be in an attitude of prayer. Remember what 'prayer' means? It is talking
with GOD as if we were having an intimate conversation with our BEST friend.
If He is not with us, then we are not really 'prayer' walking.)

5) When all the preliminaries are completed, it is time to kneel and seek in prayer the
LORD's timing and the exact plan of attack.

6) Whatever you do, DO NOT RUSH AHEAD of our Commander-in-Chief. Do not take
verses out of His holy Word and make them fit your agenda! The Bible tells us to "be
patient and wait" upon the LORD! (Psalm 37:7)

7) In everything we do, fellow Warriors, we must copy CHRIST. 1 John 2:3-6 says "And
by this we may be sure that we know Him, if we keep His commandments. They who
say 'I know Him' but disobeys His commandments is a liar and the truth is not in them;
but whoever keeps His Word, in them truly love for GOD is perfected. By this we may
be sure that we are in Him. They who say they abide in Him ought to walk in the same
way He walked." (Each of you might just take some time and check out GOD's
commandments found in Exodus 20:1-17; if this is the criteria by which we know if we
are in CHRIST; we need to make sure that we are in Him.).

These are not my words, but GOD's. Prayer Walking and Spiritual Mapping are okay as
far as they go, but JESUS, to my knowledge, did neither. Nor did He do what we refer to
as spiritual warfare. He went about doing His work throughout the day in whatever place
He was at, and then at night He would go out to a garden, or a mountainside...and there
He would pray, on His knees, sometimes all night.

One last note on this subject:

Active warfare praying (every day/several times a day... 2 or 3 interceding for the same
individual) does bring changes in people, and/or their situations because the HOLY
SPIRIT is in our world softening hearts. This is verified by a multitude of testimonials.
But there is a time when warfare praying becomes unscriptural. And as Prayer Warriors
we must not only be aware of this, but must make sure that we DO NOT step across the
boundary into that forbidden area.

1 Timothy 2:1,2 tells us that we are to intercede for all peoples and governments, which
translated into today's language means: neighborhoods, communities, countries...etc..
However, if you do an 'in-depth' study into our 'Manual of Arms', the Bible, you will
discover we have never been given authority to take over any government, country,

Read Matthew 13:24-30, JESUS says here: "The wheat and the tares are to grow
together until the harvest...." Notice verses 28 and 29:

28 ...The servants said to him, 'shall we go gather them (the tares) up? 29 He said 'No,
lest while you gather up the tares you uproot wheat with them."
Now go to verses 36 to 42. Here JESUS explains what this parable about the tares is all
about. V.38) (last part) the tares are the children of the wicked one. V.39) The enemy
who sowed them is the devil; the harvest is the end of the world; AND THE REAPERS

The reason for this text is our Commander-in-Chief's policy of 'no force or coercion'
against anyone's free-will choice. The devil's forces can only be totally demolished and
eradicated when those for whom we are praying for accepts CHRIST as their LORD
and Savior, and is born-again.

Our emphasis must always be "Is what I am doing (or claiming) approved by GOD?" If,
after studying the Bible, you cannot find a clear 'Thus says the LORD', DO NOT
proceed any further! You will be on satan's ground, unprotected. Even if you sincerely
believe you are right...sincerity will not protect you. Remember Proverbs 14:2 "There is
a way which seems right unto a man, but its end is the way of death."

Victories can be hastened and casualties lessened ONLY by doing things GOD's way. It
is imperative that you, fellow Prayer Warrior, have a settled conviction that the Holy
Bible is just that: Holy, GOD-given, GOD-breathed, GOD-protected, and GOD-
preserved Word. You must settled it in your heart that it is without error (even though
there might be parts of it you do not understand) and that it contains all you need to fight
- and win - every battle with the devil and his cohorts. If you are not absolutely
convinced of this, you will be defeated in your endeavors.

GOD's Truth must be at home in you, and you must be at home in it.



"Always be joyful. Always keep on praying. NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS, always be

thankful, for this is GOD's will for you who belong to CHRIST JESUS." ~1
Thessalonians 5:16-18 [emphasis supplied].

These are hard words for us to understand. Always be joyful...always be

matter what happens. Those are GOD's words, folks, not mine. But what are we going
to do about them?

This page is perhaps the hardest to write. In spite of the fact that we claim to believe
there is a GOD up there in heaven somewhere; a GOD who is our Abba, our Father; a
GOD who loves us so much He even allowed His only begotten Son to die for us; a
GOD who has provided us with all we need to fight our spiritual battles; we often find
that He does not respond to our prayers in the exact way we want Him too, He doesn't
give us what we ask for.
As Christians we know there are no completely unanswered prayers. GOD always
answers, our problem is we see only from a human beings' perspective; so that when
we pray for physical healing and the person dies we get upset, and cry out to GOD,
"Why?" Or, when we petition for financial prosperity and the recipient gets fired, we feel
as if somehow we've, or GOD, let them down and we again cry out "Why, GOD, are you
doing this?" Or, we pray for a Christian spouse for one of our children, and they seem to
fall in love with a non-believer; etc. What is going on?

GOD wouldn't be a loving Father if He gave us everything we wanted. Just as Christian

parents on this earth know what is best for their children - even when the children don't
agree - our GOD knows the end from the beginning, He says in His Word: "This plan of
Mine is not what you or your family or friends would work out, neither are My thoughts
the same as yours! For just as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways
higher than yours, and My thoughts than yours... " ~Isaiah 55:8-11, and so He allows
what He knows is best!

His plans for us are not what we would work out. But His plans are the best plans. But
are we willing to trust Him, no matter what? Take a look at GOD's plan for Job. It was a
good plan according to GOD, but it tested Job's faith to the utmost and staggered his
understanding. You remember the account, if not, open your Bible to the Book of Job
[it's in the Old Testament between Esther and the Psalms]: Job's adult children were all
killed, plus he lost all his cattle, his crops...even his physical health was affected. What
was Job's response: "Though He slay me, yet will I ...TRUST Him!..." ~Job 13:15
[Amplified Bible].

"As for GOD, His way is perfect..." ~Psalm 18:30. It is our viewpoint that makes all
the difference. GOD's Word tells us that Christians, particularly Prayer Warriors, must
have and can have the viewpoint of CHRIST. "Let this mind be in you, which is also in
CHRIST JESUS." ~Philippians 2:5. And " renewed in your mental attitude, and that
you put on the new nature that is created in GOD's likeness..." ~Ephesians 4:23,24
[New Berkley Edition].

This is, unfortunately, the problem with many professed Christians, they are 'fair-
weather' Christians. In other words, when their prayers and intercessions are answered
positively, they are singing the praises of GOD; BUT when there is a negative response
or something doesn't happen when they believe it should, then a fist is raised toward
heaven and a demand is made, "Why have You [meaning GOD] allowed this?"; or
they'll give up what 'faith' they had in GOD. Also, there are times when even we, as
Christians and Prayer Warriors, somehow have the idea that this should exempt us from
having trials and tests in our lives.

Yet GOD's Word says that "ALL things work together for good..." It all goes back to
Whom we KNOW! In Luke 2:22-32, we read of of a man named Simeon. He was
someone who knew his GOD. Yet Simeon had never seen or heard of a miracle. For
four hundred years GOD had been silent. No signs. No wonders. No new assurances
delivered by a prophet. All Simeon had was the written Word of GOD. But that was
enough for him...he chose to believe!

"Lisa had written in her journal, 'The point of my affliction is the point of His glory.' She
was thirty-three years old when she died. Lisa had prayed and trusted and had known
God could heal her physically of the cancer that spread through her body. But He didn't.
Yet that was all right with Lisa.

It is evident in her journal and in the way she approached death that Lisa knew her
God. As she set her heart to spend time with Him, to seek His face in regard to her
cancer, to surrender her all, God met her in intimate ways through His Word. So much
so that Lisa wrote:

I am joyously thankful that God has loved me enough and

desires that I live for Him that He used this cancer to bring
me back to a fuller knowledge of Him. God is all wise and has
a perfect plan to help achieve His ultimate goal for us - to be
like Christ...

Lisa knew God would take care of and comfort her family, because she had a real
relationship with Him." ~Kay Arthur, Our Covenant God.

Barbara Johnson is another person who has a REAL relationship with GOD, one that
has gotten her through several 'valley' experiences. She writes: "We all have to endure
troubles in life. My husband was involved in a terrible accident that left him blind and
crippled for many months [he recently died of a fast-spreading cancer]; the death of two
sons, one in Vietnam, and the other in a car accident; and the homosexuality of another
son who disappeared into a gay lifestyle for the better part of 11 years. I was diagnosed
with diabetes, and just recently a cancerous brain tumor. We can choose to gather to
our hearts the thorns due to our present situation, or we can choose to gather the
flowers of God's grace... But the choice is ours!" ~Barbara Johnson, Fresh Elastic for
Stretched Out Moms.

Still another story: Faye Goddard was a missionary in the Philippines, working among
the Buhid tribe on Mindoro Island. But then one morning she awoke feeling "really
rotten," finding that she had almost no strength. Her condition became so grave that she
was airlifted to Manila where the examining doctors told her she had polio.

She was stunned. At only twenty-nine, she had been the picture of perfect health; just a
week before she had been hiking through the mountains, now she was all but helpless,
unable even to hold a glass of water.

Back home she was fitted for a wheelchair and told that she would be severely disabled
the rest of her life. What would she be able to do now was uppermost in her mind.
Through the months that followed, she says, "I came to know three truths. First, I was
happily conscious of being right square in the middle of God's will. Second, His
promises hadn't changed. The grace was still there for the taking; and thirdly, I was
aware that God had just changed my mission field. I was invited to join the home staff of
the mission team at their headquarters, starting out doing the mundane services that
every office requires, stuffing envelopes, and licking stamps. "At first my life began to
lose its purpose and meaning, and the devil really attacked my spirit. But then the Lord
seemed to say to me, 'If this is what I want you to do, what is that to you. Just follow
me.' " And I replied, " Okay, Lord. I'll do it!" From that time onward, she was given the
job of producing the mission's magazine. Faye ends the account in her book "When the
Roof Caves In" saying: "That was over twenty years ago. The joy is still there. God is
with me."

And one more: She was the last person brought out alive from the rubble of what was
left of the World Trade Center. Fleeing down the stairs from her office on the 64th flour
of the north tower, Genelle Guzman got as far as the thirteenth flour when literally the
building came down around her. Suddenly she was in total darkness, buried alive and
unable to move, Genelle cried out to GOD for help. He answer her cry by sending a
rescuer, who broke through the rubble and grabbed her hand. In her darkest moment,
Genelle Guzman promised her life, or death, to JESUS CHRIST.

In his book "Breakthrough Prayer" Jim Cymbala quotes Genelle's bottom line on what
happened to her as she told it to her amazed psychiatrist. She said, "The tragedy I
suffered was something I needed to go through in order to know Him."

So, why do we get unexpected answers; what I call cesspool, deep pit, or long dark
tunnel experiences when we pray? We, Prayer Warriors, believe it has to do with
'growing' into the image of GOD's Son JESUS. GOD's Word says we are to be like Him.
But that is impossible if we never experience any of the horrific occurrences that He

"At present you are temporarily harassed by all kinds of trials and temptations. THIS IS
NO ACCIDENT - it is happening to prove your faith, which is infinitely more valuable
than gold... which must be purified by fire. This proving of your faith is planned to result
in praise and honor and glory in the day when JESUS CHRIST reveals Himself." ~1
Peter 1:6,7 [MLT].

Why can't our faith and character grow without the suffering of family members, friends,
acquaintances, etc... Because it is only in the purifying that we are challenged to
believe, trust, and rely on GOD's Word, in spite of what we are feeling. Remember,
FAITH means a deliberate determination to believe something we can't see or feel the
evidence of.

As Merlin Carothers puts it in 'POWER IN PRAISE' "So if GOD TELLS US he's working
everything out for our good, and we see everything go wrong, our faith grows when we
stand on God's Word and thank Him for everything that is happening."
The question that remains for us is: Will we trust GOD no matter what - even though
it may mean a beloved child or spouse gets a terminal disease, or is injured in an
accident, and dies; even if folks we're battling in prayer for turn their backs on GOD;
even if we or someone we're praying for loses their job and gets in a financial bind,
trustworthy? Prayer Warriors cannot be fair-weather Christians. It is all or nothing!