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“The group has a swinging, soulful sound and the ability to work grooves with cool
precision...there’s a bit of McCoy Tyner in Antonio Flinta’s attack and a touch of
Bill Evans in his improvisations”
Cadence Magazine (USA)

“The enviable interplay they show is probably the focal point of their jazz playing"
Giuseppe Mavilla "Jazzitalia"

“A wonderful balance between technical proficiency, knowledge of jazz history and

contemporary creativity"
Bruno Pollacci "Animajazz"

Antonio FLINTA
Pianist, composer and educator born in Chile, studied in Madrid at the Taller de Músicos with
Joshua Edelman, and attended masterclasses with Barry Harris, Bob Moses and Chuck Israels,
among others. With a homemade piano solo tape recording of All Blues and My Funny Valentine,
he earns a scholarship for the Berklee College of Music in Boston, where he studies composition
and arrangement, improvisation with Ed Tomassi and jazz piano with Ray Santisi. Settled in Rome,
and after playing in different bands, he forms his own trio with Roberto Bucci on bass and Claudio
Gioannini on drums. The trio focuses on original compositions and interplay, and from 2000 to
2007 records four CD's.
Since 2009 the trio becomes a quartet with tenor saxophonist Piercarlo Salvia, records two more
CD's and gains wide recognition while touring many international jazz festivals. In 2015 the new
quartet with alto saxophonist Paolo Farinelli, and in 2017 the new CD “La Noche Arrolladora”.

The Antonio Flinta Trio and Quartet has toured jazz festivals and theatres all over the world, from
China to Guatemala, from Finland to Morocco, always performing its own music: original
compositions and an intense interplay are the means to explore moods, colours, textures and space,
through driving rhythmic grooves or intimate ballads, mantra-like vamps or free form songs, always
bearing in mind that music - universal language - must communicate.
Alto sax player and educator, studied with Sandro Satta, Steve Grossman, Gianni Oddi, David
Gross and in masterclasses with Sal Nistico, Gary Bartz, George Garzone and Michael
Brecker. Has collaborated with many Italian jazz musicians in small and large ensembles such
as Marco di Gennaro, the New Saxophone Quartet, the Red Pellini Gang. Has worked in
Giorgio Albertazzi’s “Shakespeare in Jazz” with Amii Stewart and Andy Gravish and has
been musical assistant in Rai –Italian national radio.

Roberto BUCCI
Bass player, studied at the Saint Louis Music School of Rome and at the Conservatory of Frosinone,
and at the same time with M° Pani, bassist of Rai – Italian broadcasting television. He has worked
with the Jazz Orchestra of Giovanni Tommaso, collaborating with Paolo Fresu, Gianluigi Trovesi,
Flavio Boltro. He is also main manager of the “Artena 3000” festival.

Drummer, began his musical training in Italy (Ettore Fioravanti, Fabrizio Sferra), and continued at
the “Percussion Institute of Technology” (PIT), a branch of the Musicians’ Institute in Hollywood
USA, where he studied with such musicians as Steve Houghton, Ralph Humphrey and Joe Porcaro.
He graduated with “Honors” and received a special award: the “Human Relations Award”. He also
directs the Staff Music School (Rome and Viterbo).

In Trio:
The Meeting (2000), Tree and Figure (2003-Splasc(h) Records), La Edad De La Ira (2005-
Splasc(h) Records), Portraits and Songs (2007-Splasc(h) Records).
The song Ninietta included in the album La Edad De La Ira was awarded finalist in the 2006 USA
Songwriting Competition
In Quartet:
Tamed (2009-Splasc(h) Records), Art is an Insurgent Poem (2014-Splasc(h) Records), La Noche
Arrolladora (2017)

Main Concerts and Festivals:

Sibiu Jazz Festival, Ploiesti Jazz Summit, Brasov Jazz Days (Romania) · Bucarest Europafest
(Romania) · Sonvico in Jazz (Switzerland) · Ankara Jazz Festival (Turkey) · "China Tour" (Beijing,
Tianjin) · Bansko Jazz Festival (Bulgaria) · Kaamos Jazz (Finland) · Smeltedigelen Jazz Festival
(Norway) · XII Guatemala Jazz Festival · Nicaragua Jazz Festival · “Jazz in The Desert…a
Maghreb Tour”, XII Tanjazz Festival (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia) · Jazz Jantar, Gdansk (Poland) ·
Stiwa Jazz Forum, Hagenberg (Austria) · Venezuela Tour (Barquisimeto Jazz Festival, El Hatillo
Jazz Festival, Maracay, Maracaibo) · Jazzkerho -76 Club, (Finland) · International Music Fest
"Kalevala Festival" Karelia (Russia) · JFC Club, Saint Petersburg (Russia) · XVI Almaty Jazz
Festival, Jazz at Shymkent (Kazakhstan).