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HPD Staff Nov.

17, 2009

Cmdr. Heape introduced the e-learning online training program. Developed by MCSO as
an internal training aid, it caught AZ POST’s attention. DPS is to be the statewide pilot
for the program. It should be up and running around January 1. Program is a password
protected internet program. Six of eight hours of 2010 AOT will be provided online.
Training must be completed within 30 days of posting (exceptions for military and other

Chief Lane
Executive Staff notes
 Stonegarden article in Arizona Daily Star was discussed and HP and CI
commended for efficient use of funding.
 LEMSC termination hearing on Off. Jacobs discussed. Inappropriate social
networking posts as well as a falsified obituary created in order to defraud an
airline on a previously purchased ticket. Sustained 3-0.
 Concerns about officers texting dispatchers with photos of collision scenes. These
may create evidentiary issues.
 Reminder that MDC messages should be for official use and may be subject to
administrative as well as public scrutiny.
 DUI Abatement funds awarded. DPS received $117,676 in overtime only. No
equipment purchases. Requests were much greater than the total funds available.
D-4 $11,480
D-6 $11,480
D-8 $20,092
Funding runs to June 15, 2010. None expected after that date. May be used as
soon as the contracts are signed.
 There will be a TASER policy change requiring spark tests only weekly, instead
of daily. The issue of chest shots is already in the lesson plan but a bulletin will be
created as a reminder.
 CJSD has piloted a program with a Metro officer accessing AZ DL photos on
MDC. Will expand to 30 Metro officers. If successful, will expand statewide
where technically feasible.
 Metadata is now part of public record. Metadata is the electronic data developed
when a document is created or altered.
 Congress is considering mandating collective bargaining.
 The new JLBC analyst, Eric Billings, has been assigned to DPS. He may be
reaching out to the districts for information.
 The sergeants list was allowed to expire. The Director said we are unable to
promote at this time. Sierra Vista squad will be eliminated with personnel and
area split between Douglas and Benson squads. D-9 will prepare the new
boundary alignments. May be long term-two years or more.
Cmdr. Orose
 The Camp Navajo land acquisition for DPS and ADOT is still under
 Funding for the Identity Fraud Task Force and Public Safety Communications
Commission has ended.
 Some employees have had their U.S. Bank travel cards cancelled for non-
payment. Those employees may still travel but will have to front the funds and
await reimbursement from Finance.
 Lt. Johnson denied a request from a volunteer fire department to support their use
of green lights on personal vehicles while responding to emergency calls. Good
call by Lt. Johnson!
 Lt. Leos is to contact Lt. Hunter to discuss assigning a K9 to CVEB for use during
interdiction details in the Phoenix area.
 Thanks to the outlying Photo Enforcement coordinators for their assistance in
working on the Metro queue-very much appreciated. There is some flexibility in
the program. For example, D-12 has opted to have two part time Photo
Enforcement coordinators instead of one full time. It provides backup during
vacations, illness, etc.
 The crash program for TRACs is rolling out on a pilot program next week.
Sgt. Bolger
 The in-car printer installations have begun. The printers will not function until
TRACs version 10 is installed. This will be done in-district according to a
schedule. Don’t ask IT to make the printers work.
 The RFIs for fire suppression on Crown Victorias are under review.
 Paint issues-Districts will determine mileages and amount of paint missing on
affected vehicles. Some will be painted, some may not. Ford will issue a credit on
vehicles not painted that qualify and it may allow us to purchase a few new
Sgt. Hemmon
 From the Background Investigator school-HR will still do the records, financial
checks through secure systems. If the investigator finds more digging is needed,
contact HR with the request.