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s/o Ramachandrappa V ,
#22, Hari Nilaya ,
Shanimathma temple
road ,Devasandra,
K.R Puram ,

Mobile: 9964428868/8147399321

To learn and function effectively in an organization and be able to
deliver to the bottom-line. To constantly upgrade my knowledge and skills and make
a difference in whatever I do.


2009-2010: Pursuing M.TECH in Computer Science and Engineering
AND TECHNOLOGY’, Bangalore affiliated to VTU, Belgaum.
Completed Semester 2 with overall aggregate of 70%.

2005-2009 B.E. degree in Information Science and Engineering From
BCET, Bangalore Affiliated to VTU( Visvesvaraya Technological
University) and secured an aggregate of 70 %

2003-2005 II PUC from Krupanidhi College , Bangalore (State Board) and
secured an aggregate of 83%

2002-2003 X from, Acts Secondary School,Bangalore (I.C.S.E) and secured an
aggregate of 64%


 Language : C, C++,C#,JAVA.
 Technologies : .NET.[course undertaken in NIIT].
 Area of interest : Networking, Information Security,

Language tool : JDK.  An efficient performer even under pressure. The hash table itself consists of an array whose indices are the range of the hash function. etc) and outputs an integer in a certain range.  Leadership quality.  Authentication and Key Agreement protocol (AKA).E Project title : Storing data using Hashing Technique. Language tool : C++ Team : Two Description : The simplest hash data structure is the hash table. Platform : Windows XP. Netbeans. string.E Project title : Fuzzy Similarity Approach for Automated Spam Filtering.ACADAMIC PROJECT 8th semester B. . A hash function is a function that takes an element of whatever data type you are storing (integer. This integer is used to determine the location in the table for that element. 5th semester B. TECHNICAL SEMINARS PRESENTED  Cloud computing.  Good in team work.It completely demonstrates the advantages of fuzzy logic.  Web Distributed Data Exchange (WDDX). The basis of a hash table is a hash function.  Self organizing Super Peer Network (SOSPNET). STRENGTHS  Excellent communication skill. Platform : WindowsXP/2000. Team : Three Description : This project deals with the fuzzy similarity approach for separating legitimate mail from spam mails.

Hindi .V.Kannada . PLACE: Bangalore DATE : NAVEEN KUMAR R . DECLARATION I do herby declare that the particulars of information and facts stated herein above are true.PERSONAL INFORMATION  Date of Birth : 30-Dec-1987  Gender : Male  Father name : Ramachandrappa. correct and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief.  Mother tongue : Kannada  Nationality : Indian  Marital Status : Single  Languages : English .