Importance of Education Mark Jason Veran Being a scholar itself is a privilege and a fortune.

What more if you re accommodated on a grant that solves almost all the problems a family shoulders on sending their children to school? A typical Filipino family earns less than their living expenses. A family of four children, a mother working on a paper factory, and a father employed on an indecent industrial company doing carpentry earns no more or less than P6,000-P8,000 a month . But the unbelievable thing here is that their budget allocation is distributed to food, water and electric bills, house rental, and education of their children. How do they do it is still a mystery to me. Due to this conventional way of the majority of Filipino families lifestyle, education sacrifices. You may observe and take a look on the children walking to school. Notice their appearances: they wear slippers with holes on soles instead of shoes; wearing ruffled uniforms turning yellow due to everyday wash; and carrying bulky patched bags bigger than them. This is what poverty brings to the youth education was not given to them in a suitable and adequate manner. A practical father would rather say that he would allocate the family budget to food and other necessary bills and bring down education at the bottom list of the money distribution. This is a major blow to the Philippine Government because even if they allot biggest portion of the national budget to education, still, the nation experiences a big scale crisis on it. Why does this happen? I rest the case. That s why bodies and organizations stretching a hand to help the unfortunate families send their children to school are well appreciated and thanked. I express sincere gratitude in their effort to provide youth quality education by giving scholarship grants to potential students to help them in developing their skills and talents on their chosen profession, as well as providing a better vision on their future as the next generation of Filipinos. A scholarship grant is one among the catalysts students look upon on getting to school. This serves as their way to get a firm grab of their goals in life. This is one of their hopes to reach their dreams in life and have a better future. We are very fortunate to have this opportunity to be in school not worrying about anything but to study wisely. Imagine if we are not accommodated here in this academic institution, many of us may be just standbys and were lost in track. Imagine life without education, our voices shall not be heard in the society for we are uneducated. The uneducated margin of the society experiences discrimination in terms of civil rights, employment, freedom of speech and the alike. Being given with the chance to graduate makes a big metamorphosis in our lives. We are given privilege, rights, future, wealth, and we are given the chance to make ourselves as individuals who can say something and who can be proud of what we are. If we could just appreciate this rare opportunity given to us, if we could just give this chance full importance, we will be grateful enough to the men whom God used in extending His love and care for us. There s no reason for us to be lost in track and give up due to any difficulties we encounter in life. There are no enough reasons to not study hard and show our best. First and foremost, it is not them who will benefit for this opportunity but us. This is for us and not for anybody else. Like what the others said, Work for your own . They gave us the path to our aspirations, let s tread the rough road altogether. They gave us the light toward a brighter tomorrow, let s hold each other s hand and track the end of that light. They gave us the chance, let s use it well and we will see how education is important in our lives.

She still stayed put in working for her children despite not having enough money for food. she has three teachers. I believe. Let us work hand in hand. This is how important education is. Let us not squander this opportunity others look upon. She was tied to an everyday carabao work to give her children the education she was deprived to have. I would have been this. Let us not trample the youth that thirsts to be on our shoes. Let us stretch a hand to help them land their feet on the ground we were all once inundated. Let us all be the first generation of the youth given the chance to be uplifted in the society. This situation is common to us all. And when the time comes that we reached our goals in life. It s a blood and sweat effort to financially support her children to college living in a small barriotic town in a province. Let us not waste the chance that others wish to have. She related on her essay how her grandmother dogged a family of six children to school alone.Like what the award-winning essay of Dahlia Valeroso says. These. That in spite of the scorns and cruel remarks neighborhood give her. an accountant. . she was still undaunted to give her children what she desired them to have. That s why we must strive harder and aim for receiving a diploma majority of the poor yearn to have. education is a star-distant aspiration to poor people. Let us all be the one to reach our dreams for them. let us not forget to bend our necks and take a look back on the muddy ground we were once sunken. Now. an engineer and a published journalist. majority of us have the same situation. We are their hope and they are our inspirations. Let us not waste this perfect gift God gave us. We don t want to hear the words. all she endured just to give her children college diplomas. If I were the one given with that chance.

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