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My Learning Activities

Classify the portfolios examine. Use the checklist below:
Type of Portfolio Tally (How many did you see?) Frequency

Development / Process Portfolio/ IIIIIII 7

Growth- Portfolio

Display Showcase/ Best Work

Portfolio/ Showcase Portfolio

Evaluation / Assessment Portfolio IIIIII 6

Observation Checklist
Select three (3) best portfolios from what you examined. Which element/s is/are present in each?
Please check.

Elements in Portfolio Put your check () here.

1. Cover Letter- “About the Author” and “What My Portfolio Shows

About My Progress as a Learner”

2. Table of Contents with numbered pages

3. Entries-both core (required items) and optional items (chosen by


4. Dates on all entries to facilitate proof of growth over time.

5. Drafts of aural/oral and written products and revised revisions, i.e.

(first drafts and corrected/revised versions.)

6. Reflections
My Analysis

1. Did I see samples of the three different types of portfolio?

No, only two portfolios are showed. The developmental portfolio and evaluation

2. What did I observe to be the most commonly used portfolio?

As I observed, the most commonly used portfolio are evaluation portfolio and
developmental portfolio, because in the evaluation portfolio it documents what the learners
has learned while the developmental portfolio documents the learning progress of the

3. As I examined three selected portfolios, did I see all the elements of a portfolio?

As I observed different portfolios, i saw only two elements used in these portfolios, the
cover letter and the table of content. They did not include those other element but their
teacher requires them to complete the elements at the end of the school year.

4. Is it necessary for a teacher to use varied types of portfolio? Why?

Yes, because using varied types of portfolio is that learners may have concrete in
different areas of learning. However these learners can keep their record and make their
portfolio complete. Teacher may also monitor learners development and progress.

5. If one element or two element of a portfolio are missing will this have any impact on the
assessment process? Explain your answer.

If one element or two element missing, definitely this will have an impact on the
assessment process. If the missing element is included in the criteria of portfolio assessment,
then the assessment result is different to those that have completed the element. This is just
like a food,, if the food is lack ingredients, the taste of the food might affect it. Thus, all
element of the portfolio is important because if not it would be unorganized. The assessment
would not be measured properly.
My Reflections

1. Have portfolios made the learning assessment process inconvenient? Is the effort
exerted on portfolio assessment commensurate to the improvement of learning that
results from the use of portfolio?

Having a portfolio is not inconvenient to the assessment process, because it is

part of assessing the student learning development and progress.
Yes, the effort exerted by the learners on portfolio can improve the learning of
the learners that results from the used of portfolio. It gives the reason for the learners
to enhance more regards their cognitive skills. Giving effort in making portfolio is a
good sign that the learners are well motivated in doing such activity with more
meaningful experience.

2. Can showcase portfolios be assessment portfolios as well?

Making portfolios can be assessment portfolio. Through these portfolios,

learners may monitor their learning development and also the teacher may also
monitor learner’s progress so that they may guide them to have a good record in the
portfolio. This will show the growth and improvement of student's learning.

3. Can development or growth be assessment portfolios?

Yes, we can monitor leaners improvement on the certain areas andif they met the
goal and objective. Also if they are proficient enough in the certain areas. Through
this you can measure the learners if they achieve the objective.
Integrated Theory and Practice
1. Teacher Parah asked her pupils to display their penmanship work in the beginning,
middle, and near the end of the school year. Which type of portfolio is displayed?
A. Development portfolio C. Showcase portfolio
B. Evaluation portfolio D. Assessment portfolio

2. You are applying for a teaching job. Which type of portfolio should accompany your
application letter/
A. Development portfolio C. Showcase portfolio
B. Evaluation portfolio D. Assessment portfolio

3. I have to check if my students were able to produce the expected output as stated in my
intended learning outcome. Which type of portfolio am I interested to see?
A. Development portfolio C. Showcase portfolio
B. Evaluation portfolio D. Assessment portfolio

4. Teacher Alex wants his pupils to display their favorite poem among the poems each one
composed. What type of portfolio is Teacher Alex expecting to see?
A. Development portfolio C. Showcase portfolio
B. Evaluation portfolio D. Assessment portfolio

5. Which portfolios enable you to determine if you realized your intended learning
A. Development portfolio C. Showcase portfolio
B. Evaluation portfolio D. Assessment portfolio

My Learning Portfolio
Present what you learned on types, functions elements of a portfolio by means of 3 separate
graphic organizers
Type of Portfolio

•Although portfolio evaluation is the last step in the portfolio management

Showcase process, it is by no means the least important. On the contrary, proper
Portfolio performance measurement, attribution, and appraisal can enhance the
probability of success for the entire investment process

•A process portfolio is a purposeful collection of student work that documents
Portfolio student growth from novice to master. Successful process portfolios actively
engage students in their creation, especially in determining their goals,

•Showcase portfolios are created by a learner to showcase their best qualities to
Portfolio an audience, whether marketing services as a professional (such as an artist or
web designer) or applying for a job

Functions of Portfolio

display range
of student
over time

Functions creates basic
evaluation of
information of learners
about student
progress Portfolio achievement

allows them
for self
Elements of Portfolio

cover letter

Reflections of
of Portfolio

Drafts and
Revised Entries

Dates of
My Learning Rubric
Name of FS Student: Xymon Henry Dela Cruz Date Submitted: February 6,2018
Year & Section: 3rd Year Course: BTTE

Learning Episodes Exemplary Superior Satisfactory Needs Improvement

4 3 2 1
All tasks were done with All or nearly all tasks were Nearly all tasks were done Fewer than half of tasks
outstanding quality; done with high quality. with acceptable quality. were done; or most
Learning Activities work exceeds 3 objectives were met but
expectations 2 need improvement
4 1
All questions were Analysis questions were Analysis questions were Analysis questions were
answered completely; in answered completely. answered completely. answered
depth answers;
thoroughly grounded on Clear connection with Vaguely related to the Grammar and spelling
Analysis of the theories. Exemplary theories theories unsatisfactory
Learning Episode grammar and spelling
Grammar and spelling are Grammar and spelling
4 superior acceptable
3 2 1
Reflection statements are Reflection statements are Reflection statements are Reflection statements are
profound and clear; clear, but not clearly shallow; supported by unclear and shallow and
supported by experiences supported by experiences experiences from the are supported by
Reflections/ Insights from the learning from the learning episodes learning episodes experiences from the
episodes 3 learning episodes
4 2 1
Portfolio is complete, Portfolio is complete clear, Portfolio is incomplete; Analysis questions were
clear, well-organized and well-organized; most supporting not answered
all supporting; supporting documentations documentations are
documentations are are available and logical organized but are lacking Grammar and spelling
Learning Portfolio located in sections and clearly marked unsatisfactory
clearly designated locations
4 3 2 1
Submitted before the Submitted on the deadline Submitted a day after the Submitted two days or
Submission of deadline 3 deadline more after deadline
Learning Episodes 4 2 1
COMMENT/S Rating: (Based on
Over-all Score Transmutation)


Score 20 19-18 17 16 15 14 13-12 11 10 9-8 7-below
Grade 1.0 1.25 1.5 1.75 2.00 2.25 2.50 2.75 3.00 3.5 5.00
99 96 93 90 87 84 81 78 75 72 71-below

Signature of FS Teacher Date

above Printed Name