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Marian Center School

and Services, INC.
15701 NW 37th Ave. Miami Gardens, FL 33054
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This newsletter is prepared by persons
with diverse abilities guided by The Mission of the Marian Center is to educate, train and serve people with developmental disabilities and assist them in
Ms. Maite Roca, Marian Center art teacher. wholeness, pursuant to the dictates of the Gospel and of the Church’s call to love, charity and justice.

Happy New Year to all, The New Year 2018 has started Dear Marian Center Friends,
and with hope in our hearts we
As this new year begins the ADT welcome it. I want to share Happy and blessed New Year! Some of our
will be doing new and different with you the special blessing adults, before the Christmas break expressed
activities and projects. The hand- from God that we read in the their wish to all by saying that 2018 will be a
bell choir will be getting ready to “miraculous year.” Every day can be a
perform in April for the Pope and Liturgy of January 1st :
“miraculous” day if we are able to start it with
has also been invited to play at “The Lord bless you and keep
Immaculate Conception church gratitude to our Merciful Lord, with humor
you. The Lord make his face to because there is always something not right
on February 3, at 5 PM mass.
Please continue to support our shine upon you and be gracious and with creativity, because we are unique
art program by purchasing your to you. The Lord lift up his thoughts of God. With the permission of
son/daughters creations and countenance upon you and give Erika Garrido I share her thought:
encouraging their creativity. you peace.” These words of
strength, courage and hope will “In memory of Sister Lucia and her light that
accompany our journey through lives on in us, WE ARE THE MIRACLE-WE
the year opening up before us. ARE HER LIGHT THAT WE SEND OUT
Have a Blessed New Year! TO THE WORLD.” With Sr. Lucia’s smile I
Sister Filomena wish all of you a “miraculous New Year.”
Sister Lidia
Our Dream for 2018 ...
Marian Center Bell Choir
to play for Pope Francis at the
Vatican! Help us reach the dream!

We are having a fundraiser to help
fund the visit to the Vatican.

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prices, and shopping features as The difference is that
when you shop onAmazonSmile, the AmazonSmile Foundation will
donate 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible products to the charitable
organization of your choice. The Marian Center is on their list of
charitable organizations.
Great Ideas
Let no one ever come to you without
leaving better and happier.
Let no one ever come to you
St. Teresa of Calcutta

without leaving better and happier.
St. Teresa of Calcutta From the beautiful minds of our ADT clients

My name is Carlos Gordo, I
like yoga, exercising, and
Zumba. My favorite classes
are PE, sign language and
computers. My great idea is
to have the adult clients
Rafael showing Ashley helping
Quincy helping Javan helping Eileen volunteer some time to work
Mariana off the find the correct Bernie how to ice Linda with
golf cart. program. cookies. her apron with the school children, and
help teach them daily living skills like cutting their
Life at the Cottage ... food, how to speak respectfully and help them to
exercise daily so they can stay healthy.
My name is Patricia Sanchez, I am a resident
of the Marian Center Cottage. One of my My name Gabriela Ponce,
favorite things to do on weekends is to go I like arts and crafts. My
shopping at Target. We usually go with Sister favorite class is geography.
Filomena and Sister Fausta. We do grocery My great idea is to have a
shopping, we pick out outfits for special jewelry making and accesso-
occasions and sometimes we even have lunch in ries class. I would like to
Target! I love when Sister Fausta takes learn to bead bracelets and
pictures so we can remember the day. other jewelry.

Supported Employment The Cottage
“One of a kind “ arts and crafts designed and
created by our ADT clients and students.
My name is Michael Philippou. I work at Villa Maria
Custom orders available!
Nursing Home on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays
from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM. My main job duties “If you can imagine it, we can create it!”
include unloading dishes and trays from the washer.
I also work on the serving line preparing and serving
beverages, soups and sometimes even desserts. I
. often refer to a manual so that I can remember the
specifics of each task. I enjoy working at Villa Maria
and I love the staff and patients I work with. My
Michael favorite part of my job is going on the computer and
printing the individual menus for the patients and
then using the stapler machine. Sometimes I get to
fill in for someone when they are absent and I learn ADOPT A
different duties. PENGUIN!
(made from WINE BOTTLES
The way we speak to our children, black socks)
teenagers and young adults becomes $10.00

their inner voice.

Choose your words wisely...

LOVE is the human superpower.
Rebecca Degiacomo ~ ADT