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[NYC_HoPE] Baba's Vedic Rsi - SUNDAY's Daily Time Shaktis

Saturday, June 28, 2008 9:02 PM From: "Jill Mijanovic" <> View contact details To: "NYC_HoPE" <>, "Divine Mind" <> Message contains attachments Time_Shaktis Handout.doc (125KB), Planetary Mantras[1].doc (50KB)

Om Gum Ganapataye Namaha! Sundays are charged with special, powerful energy. Today that's magnified 'cause Agni (God of Fire) rules Krittika. Purify yourself over the next 24+ hours by doing “penance.” What does that mean? Meditate! Chant! Do selfless service! Feed the homeless! Visit holy temples/sites! Read sacred scriptures! Do poojas/abishekams! Honor the time shaktis! MANTRAS OF THE DAY: Om Suryaya Namaha! Om Ketave Namaha!


Overlord Planet Lakshmi Venus; ; Siva Sun

How to worship Chant mantras

Bharani; Krittika B i r t h s t a r
M waning; 12th waning 11th o o n P h a s e W Sun e e k

Saturn; Venus

Chant mantras

Chant mantras

d a y p l a n e t PSiva l a n e t a r y r u l e r
Bharani continues SUNDAY,6 /29/08 Krittika starts 12:56pm 12th Waning moon 12:20pm [Lord Venus] Rahu 6:34pm to 8:26pm SUN VENUS MERCURY MOON SATURN JUPITER MARS 5:27am 6:27am 7:27am 8:27am 9:27am 10:27am 11:27am 12:27pm7:27pm 1:27pm 8:27pm 2:27pm 9:27pm 3:27pm 10:27pm 4:27pm 11:27pm 5:27pm 12:27am 6:27pm 1:27am

Chant mantras

ANALYSIS OF TIME SHAKTIS: 1) BIRTHSTAR: Bharani (ends at 12:55pm] MEANING: Shakti: Take things away

Results of Shakti: Move on to the next world OVERLORD: Lakshmi (Mantra: OM SHREEM LAKSHMIYEI NAMAHA) PLANET: Venus (Mantra: OM SHUKRAYA NAMAHA) BIRTHSTAR: Krittika (starts at 12:56pm] MEANING: Shakti: To Burn Results of Shakti: Burning or purification OVERLORD: Siva (Mantra: OM NAMAH SIVAYA NAMAHA) PLANET: Sun (Mantra: OM SURYAYA NAMAHA) HOW TO WORSHIP: Pray to the Nakshatra (birthstar) of the day. Then pray to its overlord and planet of the Nakshatra for blessings to be productive with your day and not be goofy with time. If you have their laminated photo/yantra/ statue, pour milk, orange juice and/or water over it while chanting their mantras 3/9/27/64/108/ 1008 times. 2) MOON PHASE: 11th waning moon (ends at 12:19pm) MEANING: Good for worship of Saturn (increased discipline, better organization, compassion for the suffering of others, genuine service to others). Good for Spiritual and Good for Material/Worldly Matters OVERLORD: Lord Saturn (Mantra: OM SANECHARAYA NAMAHA) FYI - Some people like to fast on Ekaadasi/11th waning moon. MOON PHASE: 12th waning moon (starts at 12:20pm) MEANING: Good for worship of Venus (increased diplomacy, skill in negotiating win-win solutions, good judgment in choices about time, money and energy, greater comfort and happiness). Bad for Spiritual and Bad for Material/Worldly Matters OVERLORD: Lord Venus (Mantra: OM SHUKRAYA NAMAHA) HOW TO WORSHIP: Acknowledge the waning moon(s) and its (their) overlord. If you have a yantra you can pour milk, orange juice and/or water over it while chanting mantras 3/9/27/64/108/ 1008 times. 3) WEEKDAY PLANET: Sun (Mantra: OM SURYAYA NAMAHA) MEANING: asp?Content= planets&SubContent=sun OVERLORD: Lord Siva (Mantra: OM NAMAH SIVAYA NAMAHA) HOW TO WORSHIP: Do a virtual pooja for Sun: asp & chant mantras 3/9/27/64/108 times. WEEKDAY PLANET: Ketu (Mantra: OM KETAVE NAMAHA) MEANING: http://www.astroved .com/tutor/ tutor.asp? Content=planets&SubContent=ketu OVERLORD: Lord Ganesha (Mantra: OM GUM GANESHAYA NAMAHA) HOW TO WORSHIP: Do a virtual pooja for Ketu: asp & chant mantras 3/9/27/64/108 times.

Rahu 6:34pm to 8:26pm (inauspicious time) (Mantra: OM RAHAVE NAMAHA) - Acknowledge Rahu & ask Durga (mantra: OM DUM DURGAYEI NAMAHA) to make Rahu benevolent to you. What to wear today - Yellow, red, orange or gold are the best colors to increase the energy of the Sun. Dark and cloudy colors should be avoided. Lessons of the day: 1) Baba: Accessing Your Connection to God http://www.sivababa .org/SpiritualTe achings/LifeSolu tions/higher. asp

Negative Enlightenment and Ignorant Gurus http://www.sivababa .org/Writings/ Negative_ Enlightenment. asp 2) Baba Recordings:

Have Miracles: Baba's New Miracle Video Series Explains How com/watch? v=I610VNg2yRA

The Meaning of Dreams com/watch? v=imF5saby05g 3) Inspirational Videos: com/watch? v=YdpHaKkbmGk com/watch? v=Yki3sBIlScc com/watch? v=GUvOn8TASAs com/watch? v=GEmvEeDiwQU

4) LAUGHTER THERAPY - Your daily dose of Ha-Ha-Ha is here! com/watch? v=YBWMV5RgCVM com/watch? v=jgmg00U24QU com/watch? v=ZPEdFOtpBas com/watch? v=5IUXvXM- WXk com/watch? v=ZDg7iVKUHk8

5) Hay House Radio - Radio for the Soul! http://www.hayhouse 6) Vedanta Spiritual Library: Daily Bhagavad Gita lesson http://www.celextel .org/Gita. html

7) Ayurvedic Basics: Knowledge, Schools, Herbs...


http://www.banyanbo tanicals. com/

http://www.ayurveda .com/

8) Medical & Dental Tourism com/watch? v=oYVUPNFzhS8

http://www.frommers .com/blog/ 2007/04/lets- spend-moment- on-medical- tourism.html http://www.frommers .com/blog/ labels/medical% 20travel. html

http://www.fly2doc. com/public/ Default.php? language= en http://www.phuketco smeticdentalclin html http://www.thaident alcenter. com/ http://www.bangkokde ntalcenter. com/thailand_ dentist/contact_ bangkok_dentists .htm http://www.sancoden html

9) Abraham on Martin Luther King, Jr. com/watch? v=kBB5UzdO5es

10) Bhajans: Devotional Music

Gayatri Mantra com/watch? v=dGFpd3mcVv0&amp

Mahamrityunjaya Mantra com/watch? v=btrI3X2HwkA

Stay in the sushumna!

Live your truth! Live in peace! Be the best you can be! com/watch? v=p3pa0dNd0Jw

Om Namah Sivaya Potri! Om Dram Dattatreya Siva Baba Swaha! Blessings, love and miracles,

jill Little Siddha in Training

“Love one another unconditionally and you will be Enlightened.” Baba From Swami Sita's Poem - Re: Sun... you need to have a strong sense of Self represented by radiant Sun. A good Sun gives you a sense of purpose, good self confidence, lots of energy and a strong will but do not mistake the Self and the Ego or the ambitions, the harshness and selfishness of the false identifications. The Sun should be humble but not weak, by too much involvement in relationships, you might loose yourself, and become sick…

BABA's YouTube Video: 7/17th Full Moon: Something Extraordinary Happening com/watch? v=eky4C4dbjyg

Grace Light Events: http://www.sivababa .org/Events/ calendar. asp Spiritual website: http://www.SivaBaba .org Charitable Foundation: http://www.TripuraF oundation. org Divine Mind forum: http://tinyurl. com/52oewj Miracle Stories: http://www.Miracles ofDattatreya. com Vedic Astrology: http://www.Astroved .com Mind Sound Technology: http://www.MindSoun dTechnology. com MySpace: http://tinyurl. com/yuydz2

Life is a journey to ONENESS

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