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January 24, 2018

The Honorable Scott Wiener
California State Senate
State Capitol, Room 4066
Sacramento, CA 95814


Dear Senator Wiener:

We the undersigned California technology leaders wish to voice our support for SB 827, your “Zoning Near
High-Quality Transit” bill. The lack of homebuilding in California imperils our ability to hire employees and
grow our companies. We recognize that the housing shortage leads to displacement, crushing rent burdens,
long commutes, and environmental harm, and we want to be part of the solution.

We hope to grow our businesses in California, but it’s difficult to recruit and retain employees when they
could accept jobs in other states and pay a fraction of California’s housing costs. Already, many California-
based technology firms have accelerated hiring in other states because housing costs are too high. SB 827 will
provide housing opportunities for many Californians while permitting our firms to increase good jobs and
improving the fiscal position of the state budget.

The housing shortage places a huge burden on workers, many of whom face punishingly long commutes and
pay over half of their income on rent. Caltrain and BART receive significant state funding and are the
backbones of our regional transit infrastructure, and yet these systems are not able to realize their full
potential because too few people are able to take advantage of them to shorten their commutes. SB 827
would expand housing opportunities for everyone and is vital to ensuring that the Bay Area remains an
engine of social mobility, as well as economic growth.

We therefore solidly support SB 827, and urge your colleagues in the Legislature to stand with you. Thank
you for your leadership on this critical issue.


Nat Friedman Zack Rosen
California YIMBY, Co-Founder California YIMBY, Co-Founder
Xamarin, CEO Pantheon, CEO
Marc Benioff Jack Dorsey
Salesforce, CEO Twitter and Square, CEO
Jeremy Stoppelman Logan Green
Yelp, CEO Lyft, CEO
Chris Beard Reid Hoffman
Mozilla, CEO Greylock, Partner
Dustin Moskovitz Jared Friedman
Asana, CEO Y Combinator, Partner
Jessica Mah Patrick Collison
inDinero, CEO Stripe, CEO
Alexis Ohanian, Sr. Tracy Young
Reddit, Co-Founder PlanGrid, CEO
Josh Albrecht Jack Altman
Sourceress, Co-Founder Lattice, CEO
Denis Anscombe Keith Ballinger
Index, CEO Microsoft, Director of Program Management
Justin Bedecarre Henrik Bennetsen
HelloOffice, CEO Canvas, Co-Founder
Todd Berman Lukas Biewald
Loom, CEO Weights and Balances, CEO
Gagan Biyani Ethan Block
Sprig, CEO Digit, CEO
Vladimir Blumen Jason Boehmig
Alto Pharmacy, Co-Founder Ironclad, Inc., CEO
Maxwell Brodie Matt Brown
Kaizena, Co-Founder Bonsai, CEO
Carl Carell Dan Carroll
GetAccept, Co-Founder Clever, Co-Founder
Jason Chen Brian Clark
Slab, CEO HDP Health, CEO
Lawrence Coburn Ron Conway
DoubleDutch, CEO SV Angel, Founder, Co-Managing Partner
Cristina Cordova David Cramer
Stripe, Business Development & Partnerships Sentry, CEO
Neville Crawley Felicia Curcuru
Kiva, CEO Binti, CEO
Adam D’Angelo Waseem Daher
Quora, CEO Pilot, CEO
Andrew Dickson Kurt Ericson
Acre Designs, CEO AgileMD, Co-Founder
George Favvas Donald Fischer
Circle Medical, CEO Tidelift, CEO
David Frankel Taro Fukuyama
Founder Collective, Managing Partner, Co-Founder Fond, CEO
Ooshma Garg Adam Gibson
Gobble, CEO Skymind, Co-Founder
David Gobaud Anurag Goel
Mobius, CEO Cove, CEO
Ranvir Gujral Eric Gundersen
Chute, CEO Mapbox, CEO
Prerna Gupta Josh Hannah
HOOKED, CEO Matrix Partners, General Partner
David Hsu Rob Hunter
Retool, CEO HigherMe, CEO
Luke Iseman Nabil Kassam
Boxouse, CEO Noble Iron, CEO
Paul Katsen Andy Kim
Blockspring, CEO Niles AI, Co-Founder
Aaron King Kwindla Kramer
Snapdocs, CEO Daily, CEO
Matt Krisiloff Katherine Krug
Y Combinator, Director, YC Research BetterBack, CEO
Jayant Kulkarni Amit Kumar
Quartzy, CEO Accel Partners, Investor
Christian Lanng Tracy Lawrence
Tradeshift, CEO Chewse, CEO
Jeff Lawson Aaron Levie
Twilio, CEO Box, CEO
Daniel Levine David Lieb
Accel Partners, Investor Google, Product Lead, Google Photos
Zijie Lin Chris Lindland
GoLorry, Co-Founder Betabrand, CEO
Alex Lofton Chris Lotz
Landed, Co-Founder Goodcover, CEO
Charity Majors Mike Maples, Jr.
honeycomb, CEO Floodgate, Founding Partner
Ben Marcus Scott Maxwell
AirMap, CEO OpenView, Founder, Managing Partner
Nick Mehta Marten Mickos
Gainsight, CEO HackerOne, CEO
Ann Miura-Ko William Morgan
Floodgate, Co-Founding Partner Buoyant, CEO
Rosanna Myers Prayag Narula
Carbon Robotics, CEO LeadGenius, CEO
Maran Nelson Vladimir Novakovski
Clara Labs, CEO Elliot Technologies, CEO
Jen O’Neal Tim O’Reilly, CEO O’Reilly Media, CEO
Ryan Petersen Roy Raanani
Flexport, CEO Chorus, CEO
Keith Rabois Ben Rahnema
Khosla Ventures, Investment Partner Returnbase, CEO
Guillermo Rauch Joseph Reisinger
Zeit, CEO Facet, CEO
Eric Ries Joanna Riley
Long Term Stock Exchange, CEO Censia, CEO
Alex Rodrigues Arram Sabeti
Embark Technology, CEO ZeroCater, CEO
Can Sar Judd Schoenholtz
Value Voting, Co-Founder Open Listings, CEO
Tim Schwartz Bhanu Sharma
motion, CEO Maker, CEO
Shawn Simpson Star Simpson
Boutique Air, CEO Corvidair, CEO
Brian Sloss Sai Soundararaj, Co-Founder FloydHub, CEO

Alexander Stigsen Jarrett Streebin
Realm, CEO EasyPost, CEO
Ilya Sukhar James Tamplin
Matrix Partners, General Partner Founder Collective, Founder Partner
Garry Tan Yuliya Tarasava
Initialized Capital, Co-Founder, Managing Partner CNote, Co-Founder
Samuel Tia Des Traynor
Correlia Biosystems, Co-Founder Intercom, Co-Founder
David Ulevitch Deena Varshavskaya
OpenDNS, CEO Wanelo, CEO
Joseph Walla Alexandr Wang
HelloSign, CEO Scale API, CEO
Kalvin Wang Heather Watkins
Nava, Co-Founder Better Impact Marketing, CEO
Evan Weaver Richard White
FaunaDB, CEO UserVoice, CEO
Doug Wightman Andy Wilson
Groq, CEO Logikcull, CEO
Cameron Woodward Hanadie Yousef
Sprinkle Lab, CEO Juvena Therapeutics, CEO
Tim Zheng
ZenProspect, CEO


Assemblymember Phil Ting
Senator Nancy Skinner
Senator Toni Atkins
Governor Jerry Brown