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ASME Y14.38


ASME Y14.38, Abbreviations and Acronyms, was adopted on 8 November 1999 for use by the
Department of Defense, DoD. Proposed changes by DoD activities must be submitted to the
DoD Adopting Activity: Commander, US Army TACOM-ARDEC, AlTN: AMSTA-AR-QAW-E,
Picatinny Arsenal, NJ 07806-5000. DoD activities may obtain copies of this standard from the
Standardization Document Order Desk, 700 Robbins Avenue, Building 4D, Philadelphia, PA
19111-5094. The private sector and other Government agencies may purchase copies from
the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, (ASME), 22 Law Drive, P.O. Box 2900,
Fairfield, NJ 07007-2900.

Custodians: Adopting activity:

Army - AR Army - AR
Navy SA
Air Force - 16 (Project DRPR-0358)

Review activities:
Army -AT, AV, CR, EA, GL, IE, ME,MI,PT, SM, TE
Air Force - 02, 11, 13, 19, 68,70,71, 80, û4,90,99


DISTRIBUTION STATEMENT A. Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited.

ASME Yl4.38a-2002


ASME Y14.38-1999


Three Park Avenue New York, NY 10016
Date of Issuance: January 31, 2003

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was balanced t o assure that individuals from competent and concerned interests have had an
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and comment that provides an opportunity for additional public input from industry, academia,
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Participation by federal agency representative(s) or person(s) affiliated with industry is not to
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The American Society of Mechanical Engineers

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ASME Y 14.38a-2002

Foilowing approval by the ASME Y14 Standards Committee, and after public review, ASME Y14.38a-
2002 was approved by the American National Standards Institute on August 8,2002.

Addenda to ASME Y14.38-1999 are issued in the form of replacement pages. Revisions, additions, and
deletions are incorporated directly into the affected pages. It is advisable, however, that this page, the
Addenda title and copyright pages, and all replaced pages be retained for reference.

This is the first Addenda to be published to ASME Y14.38-1999.

Replace or insert the pages listed. Changes given below are identified on the pages by a margin note, (a),
placed next to the affected area. The pages not listed are the reverse sides of the listed pages and contain
no changes.
Page Location Change
5-68 Words and Terms and Their (1) Footnotes 1, 2, and 3 added as editorial
Abbreviations revision
(2) See changes (2) and (3) under Cross-
Reference List of Abbreviations and
Their Words and Terms below
69-133 Cross-Reference List of (1) Footnotes 1, 2, and 3 added as editorial
Abbreviations and Their revision
Words and Terms

(2) The following were modified:

deep underwater measuring device
changed to deep underwater nuclear
counter @UNC does not change)
effective focai length @FL)
changed to effective focal length
equivalent focal length (EFL)
changed to equivalent focal length
(3) The following were added
air conditioning (AC)
application list (AL)
backshell (BKSHL)
bi-directional (BIDIR)
broadband (BRDB)
cable (CBL)
card cage (CRCG)
center line (CL)
Page Location Change
69-133 change in design (CID)
commercial and government entity
(code) (CAGE)
Controller (CONT)
comer (COR)
cubic feet per minute (CFM)
cubic feet per second (CFS)
designer (DES)
dots per inch @PI)
double density (DD)
double sided (DS)
drawing change notice (DCN)
electrostatic discharge (ESD)
electrostatic discharge sensitive (ESDS)
electrostatic sensitive (ESS)
exploitation (EXPLTN)
firmware (FMW)
flagnote (number) (FL)
floppy disc (FD)
general note (number) (GN)
gross combined weight rating (GCWR)
hard disc (HD)
hybrid microelectronic assembly (HMA)
illustrated parts catalog (IPC)
indentured data list (ID)
line replaceable unit (LRU)
local area network (LAN)
megabyte (MEG)
microcircuit (MCKT)
missile boat tail (MSLBT)
national stock number (NSN)
notice of revision (NOR)
photo contact master (PCM)
places (PL)
polypropylene (PP)
producibility engineering and planning
reference engineering photo template
scope (SCP)
server (SVR)
shop replaceable unit (SRU)
single sided (SS)
software (SFW)
splice list (SPL)
krminal block (TBLK)
tracks per inch )I"(
twisted pair (TWPR)
wire schedule ( W S )
The American Society oí
Mechanical Engineers



ASME Y 14.38-1Ill
(Revision and Redesignationof ASME Y1.1-1989)
1997 0759b70 Ob13509 882

Date of Issuance: November 19,1999

The 1999 edition of this Standard is being issued with an automatic addenda
subscription service. The use of an addenda allows revisions made in
response to public review comments or Committee actions to be published
as necessary. The next edition of this Standard is scheduled for publication
in 2004.

ASME is the registered trademark of The American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

This code or standard was developed under procedures accredited as meeting the criteria for
American National Standards. The Standards Committee that approved the code or standard
was balanced to assure that individuals from competent and concerned interests have had an
opportunity to participate. The proposed code or standard was made available for public review
and comment that provides an opportunity for additional public input from industry, academia,
regulatory agencies, and the public-at-large.
ASME does not "approve," "rate," or "endorse" any item, construction, proprietary device,
or activity.
ASME does not take any position with respect to the validity of any patent rights asserted in .
connection with any items mentioned in this document, and does not undertaketo insure anyone
utilizing a standard against liability for infringement of any applicable letters patent, nor assumes
any such liability. Users of a code or standard are expressly advised that determination of the
validity of any such patent rights, and the risk of infringement of such rights, is entirely their
own responsibility.
Participation by federal agency representativeis) or personisi affiliated with industry is not to
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ASME accepts responsibility for only those interpretations of this document issued in
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The American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Three Park Avenue, New York, NY 10016-5990

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All Rights Reserved
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STDmASME YL4-38-ENGL L979 0759b70 ObL3510 5 T 4


Subcommittee 38, Abbreviations, was formed in May 1995, and is a Subcommittee of

the ASME Standards Committee Y 14, Engineering Drawing and Related Documentation
Practices. The Subcommittee is charged with the responsibility of compiling and maintaining
a listing of abbreviations and acronyms for use on engineering drawings and related
ASME Y1.l-1989, has been revised and redesignated as ASME Y14.38. This Standard
is based on ASME Y1.l and MIL-STD-12.
Existing abbreviations and acronyms with slashes (0, dashes (-), spaces ( ), numbers (3).
and symbols (%) have been revised. These abbreviations and acronyms have been deleted
or amended to exclude previously existing slashes (0, dashes (-), spaces ( ), numbers (3),
and symbols (%).
The successful completion of this Standard is attributed to the subcommittee members,
contributing guests, and the departments and agencies of the U.S.Government.
Suggestions for the improvement of this Standard are welcome. They should be sent to
The American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Attn.: Secretary, Y14 Main Committee,
Three Park Avenue, New York, NY 10016-5990.
This revision was approved as an American National Standard on March 23, 1999.

STDaASNE Y14-38-ENGL 3999 075ïb70 Ob13511 430 m


Engineering Drawing and Related Documentation
(The following is the roster of the Committee at the time of approval of this Standard.)

F. Bakos, Jr., Chair
K. E. Wiegandt, Vice Chair
C. J. Gomez, Secretary

A. R. Anderson, Dimensional Control System, Inc.
J. B. Baker, Ford Motor Co.
F. Bakos, Jr., Eastman Kodak Co.
D. E. Bowerman. Copeland Corp.
J. it. Burleigh, The Boeing Co.
R. A. Chadderdon, Southwest Consultants
M. E. Curtis, Jr., Rexnord Corp.
D. E. Day, Monroe Community College
R. W. DeBoit, Consultant
L. W. Foster, Lowell W. Foster Associates, Inc.
C. J. Gomer, The American Society of Mechanical Engineers
B. A. Harding, Purdue University
K. S. King, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren Division
H. S. Lachut, ABB Combustion Engineering, Inc.
J. G. Liska, Aerojet
P. J. McCuistion, Ohio University
P. E. W m , Caterpillar, lnc.
E. Niemiec, MTD Products, Inc.
R. L. Rickman, Okaloosa-Walton Community College
R. W. Stockdale, Consultant
R. P. Tremblay, U. S. Department of the Army, ARDEC
G. H. Whitmire, Gary Whitmire Associates
K. E. Wiegandt, Sandia National Laboratories
B. A. Wilson, The Boeing Co.
P. Wreede, Raytheon E-Systems, Inc.

H. S. Lachut, Ji., Chair, ABB Combustion Engineering, Inc.
J. B. Baker, Ford Motor Co.
J. V. Burleigh, The Boeing Co.
V. Charles, U. S.Department of the Army, ARDEC
L. G. Davis, USAF
R. W. Debit, Consultant
C. W. Ferguson, Steelcase, Inc.

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STDeASME Y14.38-ENGL I499 W 0759b70 ObL3512 377 W

0. S. Godírey, Northern Illinois University

M. D. Hariick, The Boeing Co.
P. L Keeney, Textron Automotive Co.
G. M. Nelson, Boeing North American, Inc.
R. P. Tmmblay, U. S. Department of the Army, ARDEC


Foreword ............................................................................
Committee Roster .................................................................... v

1 Scope and Purpose ............................................................ 1

1 . 1 scope ....................................................................... 1
1.2 Purpose ..................................................................... 1
1.3 Abbreviations and Letter Symbols ............................................ 1
1.4 Abbreviation Lists Format .................................................... 1

2 Where and How Abbreviations Should Be Used ............................

2.1 Where to Use Abbreviations .................................................
2.2 Duplicate Abbreviations ......................................................

3 Basic Principles ................................................................ 2

3.1 Abbreviations for Acronyms .................................................. 2
3.2 Punctuation .................................................................. 2
3.3 Spacing .....<............................................................... 2
3.4 Capitalization ................................................................ 2
3.5 Syntactical Endings .......................................................... 2
3.6 Word Combinations .......................................................... 2
3.7 Combining Forms ........................................................... 2
3.8 Colors ...................................................................... 2
3.9 New Abbreviations .......................................................... 2

4 Appendices .................................................................... 2
4.1 Chemical Elements .......................................................... 2
4.2 Engineering Societies ........................................................ 3

5 Words and Terms and Their Abbreviations .................................. 3

6 Cross-Reference List of Abbreviations and Their

Words and Terms ........................................................... 3
Nonmandatory Appendices
A Table of Elements and Their Symbols ........................................... 135
B Partial List of Engineering Societies and Industrial Associations ................... 137
STDaASME YL4.38-ENCL 1999 0759670 ObL35L4 L 4 T

ASME Y14.38-1999



1 SCOPE AND PURPOSE produced with lower case characters. Where upper case
abbreviations are shown in the “Text” column, they
1.1 Scope are a continuation of prior usage and are generally for
major systems or are recognized as having significant
The abbreviations and acronyms, hereinafter referred
applications when used in text. Unit and quantity terms
to as “abbreviations,” listed in this Standard are used
on engineering drawings and related documentation. shown with an asterisk (*) have letter symbols estab-
lished by American National Standard ANSI Y10.19,
Letter Symbols for Units Used in Science and Technol-
1.2 Purpose ogy. Bracketed modifiers may appear with certain terms
The intent of this Standard is to allow the use of indicating alternate technology-specific applications for
approved abbreviations in lieu of the use of complete that term.
words or terminology. Abbreviations defined by this
Standard need not be additionally defined by the using
drawing or related document. It is not the intent of
this Standard to include abbreviations defined or estab-
lished in other standards such as those for scientific 2 WHERE AND HOW ABBREVIATIONS
terms and notations. However, an exception is made SHOULD BE USED
for those abbreviations that have widespread use and
recognition, for example, AM for amplitude modulation, 2.1 Where to Use Abbreviations
and FM for frequency modulation (radio).
Abbreviations are to be used only where necessary
to save time and space. Even though this Standard
1.3 Abbreviations and Letter Symbols establishes abbreviations for many terms, extreme care
Since abbreviations are conventional representations should be exercised in their use. Since they may have
of words or names in a particular language, they may to be interpreted by people of varying backgrounds,
be different in different languages. A symbol, on the abbreviations should be used only where their meaning
other hand, represents a quantity or a unit (not its is unquestionably clear to the intended reader. Where
name) and is therefore independent of language. Because there is doubt that the reader will understand the
of this, the use of letter symbols is preferred over meaning, spell out the word or complete phrase where
abbreviations for unit or quantity terms. While letter first used, followed by the abbreviation or acronym in
symbols may be used wherever abbreviations were parentheses. When in doubt, spell it out.
formerly used, abbreviations are never to be used
whenever a mathematical operation sign is involved,
such as the equality sign (=) or the division sign (4.
2.2 Duplicate Abbreviations
1.4 Abbreviation Lists Format The same abbreviation is included in this Standard
Abbreviations shown in the “Drawings” column pro- for several different terms due to established practice.
vide the form for use on drawings and documents Care should be exercised to assure that the proper
produced with upper case characters. Abbreviations in meaning will be interpreted when using such abbrevia-
the “Text” column provide the form for documents tions.


3 BASIC PRINCIPLES for average “avg” and temperature “temp” can be

combined as “avg temp” for average temperature.
3.1 Abbreviations for Acronyms
Sections 5 and 6 include some acronyms for com- 3.7 Combining Forms
pound terms as well as abbreviations for the acronyms.
Some examples are: ”radar” for “radio detection and Where two abbreviations are listed for the same
ranging” and “rdr” for “radar;” “selsyn” for “self- word such as “Cath” for “cathode” and “c” for “cathode,”
synchronous” and “sels” for “selsyn.” as in “cathode ray tube, (comb form),” the first abbrevia-
tion applies to the word used alone. The abbreviation
indicated “(comb form)” applies in combination with
3.2 Punctuation abbreviations of other words to form an abbreviation
An abbreviation spelling a whole word should include for a word combination such as CRT for Cathode
a period if the abbreviation could be misinterpreted. Ray Tube.

3.3 Spacing 3.8 Colors

Spaces shall not be inserted within an abbreviation. Two abbreviations are listed in sections 5 and 6 for
color name. The three-letter abbreviation is preferred
3.4 Capitalization for notes on drawings and in text. The other abbreviation
Abbreviations included in the “Drawings” column is used where a shorter designation for colors is needed.
of section 5, provide the form for use on drawings
and documents produced in upper case characters. The 3.9 New Abbreviations
abbreviations in the ‘Text” column provide the form
required for lower case characters. However, these The development of a new abbreviation will be
abbreviations may be capitalized when required for considered for inclusion in this Standard based on the
emphasis. Abbreviations that are capitalized in the following minimum criteria:
“Text” column are a continuation of prior usage and (a) A genuine need for the abbreviation has been
in general are abbreviations for major systems or are demonstrated.
recognized as having significant application when used (b) The abbreviation does not contain subscripts and
in text. Abbreviations are not listed in the column for superscripts.
many short words. If space limitations make it necessary (c) The term to be abbreviated should be five or
to abbreviate such terms, the abbreviation that appears more letters.
in the “Drawings” column shall be used except for (d) The abbreviation does not duplicate abbreviations
substitution of lower case letters. defined or established in other standards.
(e) The abbreviation meets the intent of the scope
3.5 Syntactical Endings of this Standard.
Unless otherwise indicated, the same abbreviations (B The term to be abbreviated would have wide-
shall be used for all tenses, participle endings, the spread application.
possessive case, the singular and plurai, and the noun
and modifying forms of a term. Some examples are:
“bm” for beam and beams; “calc’T for calculate, calcu- 4 APPENDICES
lated, calculating, and calculation.
4.1 Chemical Elements
3.6 Word Combinations
The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemis-
An abbreviation of a word combination shall not be try’s elements and their symbols appear in Appendix
separated for use individually; e.g., the abbreviation A. The symbols listed are not abbreviations, and are
for stainless steel “sst” is not to be split to use “s” preferred to the abbreviations listed in sections 5 and
for stainless and “stl” for steel. Individual abbreviations 6 for scientific and technical work. However, these
may be combined when necessary if there is no abbrevia- abbreviations may continue to be used in fields where
tion listed for the combination; e.g., the abbreviation their use has been established by long standing practice.

STD-ASflE Y54-38-ENGL 1999 W 0759b70 ObL35Lb TL2


4.2 Engineering Societies 6 CROSS-REFERENCE LIST OF

A partial listing of Engineering Societies and Indus-
trial Associations and their abbreviations appear in
Appendix E. See list beginning on page 69.


See list beginning on page 5.



Term Drawings Text Term Drawings Text

a acetylene ACET acet

a programming language APL APL acid waste AW aw
abandon ship ABDNSHP abdnshp acid-resisting AR AR
abbreviate ABBR abbr acid proof AP aP
abnormal ABNL abnl acidproof floor APF APF
about ABT abt acknowledge ACK ack
above ABV abv acoustic ACST acst
above baseline ABL ab1 acoustic mine sweeping AMNSWP AMNSWP
above water AW aw acoustical plaster ceiling APC APC
abrasive ABRSV abrsv acoustical tile ceiling ATC ATC
abrasive-resistant ABRSVRES abrsvres acquire ACQ acq
absolute ABS abs acquisition ACQ acq
absolute ceiling ABSCLG absclg acquisition advice code AAC AAC
absorption ABSORB absorb across ACR acr
abstract ABSTR abstr across flats ACRFLT ACRFLT
accelerate ACCEL accel acrylic ACRYL acryl
accelerator ACLTR acltr action ACTN actn
accelerometer ACCLRM acclrm action cutout AC0 aco
accept ACPT acpt action time AT at
acceptable quality level AQL AQL activate ACTVT actvt
acceptable quality test AQT AQT activation analysis ACTVNANAL actvnanal
acceptable reliability level ARL ARL activator ACTVTR actvtr
acceptor ACPTR acptr active element group AEG AEG
access ACS acs activity ACT act
access opening AO AO actual ACTL act1
access panel AP AP actuate ACTE acte
access time ACST ACST
actuating ACTG actg
accessory ACCESS access
actuator ACTR actr
accident ACDT acdt
adaptation ADAPT adapt
accommodate ACCOM accom
adapter ADPTR adptr
accordance with AW aw
adapter booster AB AB
account ACCT acct
Adaptive Flight Control AFCS AFCS
accumulate ACCU M accum
accumulator ACC acc
addendum ADD add
accumulator switch ACS ACS
addition ADD add
accurate ACCUR accu r
additional ADDL add1
acetate AClT am
-- --- additive ADDT addt
acetate iinsull (see cellulose
acetate) address ADRS adrs
adhere ADH adh
adhesive ADH
?The material in this section is in alphabetical order based on the adjacent ADJ
entries under the heading ?Term.?
adjust ADJ adj
An asterisk (*) indicates that a unit and quantity term has letter
adjustable speed ADJSP adjsp
symbols established by American National Standard ANSI
Y10.19M. Letter Symbols for Units Used in Science and administer ADMIN admin
Technology. See also para. 1.4. admitting ADMG admg
Bracketed ( [ ] ) modifiers may appear with certain terms to indicate Adoptive Flight Control AFCS AFCS
alternate technology-specific applications for that term. See also System
para. 1.4. adsorbent ADSORB adsorb


Term Drawings Text Term Drawings Text

advance ADV adv air shutoff ASHOF ASHOF

advance alteration notice AAN AAN air shutter AIRSHTR AIRSHTR
advance change notice ACN ACN air starting ASTRG ASTRG
advance engineering change AECP AECP air traffic control ATC ATC
proposal air transport radio ATR ATR
advance engineering order AEO AEO air turbine motor ATM atm
advance material request AMR AMR air-break switch ABSW absw
advanced battery acquisition ABAR ABAR air-condition AIRCOND aircond
radar air-cooled ACLD acld
advertisement AD ad air-position indicator API API
advisory ADVSY advsy air-to-air AA aa
aerodynamic AERODYN aerodyn air-to-air identification AA1 AA1
aerodynamic center AC AC air-to-air-missile AAM AAM
aerological AEROL aero1 ai r-to-g round AG AG
aeronautic AERO aero ai r-to-su rface missile ASM AS M
aeronautical material AMS AMS air-to-underwater missile AUM AUM
specification airborne ABN abn
aeronautical national taper ANPT ANPT airborne early warning AEW AEW
pipe thread airborne interceptor AI AI
aeronautical recommended ARP ARP airborne surveillance radar ASR ASR
practice aircraft ACFT acft
aeronautical standards group ASG ASG aircraft approach light AAL AAL
aerospace ground equipment AGE AGE aircraft control and warning ACW acw
after AFT aft airframe AFR af r
after cooler AFTCLR AFTCLR airframe-mounted accessory AMAD AMAD
after engine room AER AER drive
after peak AP AP airplane APL aPl
after perpendicular AP AP airport APRT aPrt
after torpedo room ATRM ATRM airport surveillance radar APSR APSR
afterburner AB ab airscoop AS as
agent AGT agt airspeed AS as
aggregate AGGR aggr airspeed indicator AI AI
agitate AG ag airtight AT at
aileron AIL ail alarm ALM alm
air blast AB ab alarm check valve ACV ACV
air blast circuit breaker ABCB ABCB alclad ALCD alcd
air blast transformer ABT ABT alcohol ALC alc
air circuit breaker ACB ACB algebra ALG alg
air circulating ACIRC acirc algebraic compiler and ACT ACT
air cleaner AIRCLNR AIRCLNR translator
air conditioning AC ac algorithm ALGO algo
air data computing ADC ADC algorithmic-oriented ALGOL ALGOL
air escape AE AE language
Air Force-Navy AN AN alidade ALDD aldd
Air Force-Navy Aeronautical ANA ANA alignment ALIGN align
Air Force-Navy Design AND AND alkaline ALK alk
Air Force-Navy-Civil ANC ANC alkalinity ALKY alky
air header AHDR ahdr all-number calling ANC ANC
air induction AINDTN AINDTN allocate ALLOC alloc
air installations AI AI allowance ALLOW allow
air lock AL AL allowance parts list APL APL
air movement data AMD AMD alloy ALY
air munitions AMUN amun alloy-steel protective plating ASPP ASPP
air over AO AO alphabetical ALPHA alpha
air over hydraulic AH ah alphanumeric output ANO ANO
air passage AP AP alteration ALTRN altrn
air route traffic control ARTCC ARTCC altered ALTRD altrd
center alternate ALTN altn


Term Drawings Text Term Drawings Text

alternating current AC AC analog-to-digital converter ADC ADC

alternating current ACS ACS analysis ANAL anal
synchronous analytical rework program ARP ARP
alternation ALT alt analyze ANALY analy
alternative ALTNV altnv anchor AHR ahr
alternator ALTNTR altntr anchor bolt AB AB
altimeter ALTM altm anchor light AN LT anlt
altitude ALT alt anchor order AOR aor
altitude transmitting ALTE alte anchor windlass AWNDLS AWNDLS
equipment anchored filament ANCFIL ANCFIL
aluminum AL AL and so forth ETC etc
aluminum conductor steel- ACRS ACSR anechoic ANCH anch
reinforced angiocardiogram ACG acg
amalgam AMLG amlg angle order ANLOR ANLOR
amateur television A N A N angle stop valve ASV ASV
amatol AM am angular ANLR anlr
amber AMB amb anhydride ANHYD anhyd
amber light AL AL anhydrous ANHYD anhyd
ambient AMB amb anneal ANL an1
ambulance AMB amb announcing ANCG ancg
amendment AMEND amend annular ANLR anlr
American AMER Amer annunciator ANN ann
American Gage Design AGDS AGDS anode AD ad
anode [electron device] A A
American National Standard ASCII ASCII
anodize AND2 andz
'Code for Information
answer ANS ans
American Standard Elevator ante meridiem [before noon] AM am
Code antenna ANT ant
American Steel Wire Gage ASWG ASWG antenna scan SCAN SCAN
American Wire Gage AWG AWG anti tracking control ATRC ATRC
ammeter AMM amm anti (comb form) A a
ammeter switch AS AS antiair output AA0 aao
ammonia AM NA amna antiaircraft AA AA
ammonium nitrate AMNIT amnit antiaircraft artillery AAA AAA
ammunition AMMO ammo antiaircraft common AAC AAC
ammunition hoist AMOHST AMOHST antiaircraft fire control AAFC AAFC
ammunition hoist drive AMOHSTDR AMOHSTDR antiaircraft self-destroying AASD AASD
ammunition identification AIC AIC antifriction bearing AFB AFB
code antifriction metal AFM AFM
ammunition rack AMMORK AMMORK antihunt AH ah
amount AMT amt antiicing AI ai
ampere AMP* amp* antijamming AJ aj
ampere demand meter AD AD antilogarithm ANTILOG antilog
ampere [turn] AT at antimissile missile AMM AMM
ampere-hour AMPHR" amphr* antimotor torpedo boat AMTB AMTB
ampere-hour meter AHM AHM antimotorboat AMB amb
amphibian AMPH amph antipersonnel APERS APERS
amphibious AMPH amph antirepeat relay ARR ARR
amphibious truck AMPHTRK amphtrk antiseptic ANTSPT antspt
amplidyne AMPLDN ampldn antisu bmarine AS AS
amplidyne generator AMPLG AMPLG antisubmarine warfare ASW ASW
amplidyne motor generator AMPLMG AMPLMG antitank AT AT
amplifier AMPL ampl antitank nonmetallic ATNM ATN M
amplitude AMPTD amptd antitorpedo ATORP atorp
amplitude modulation AM AM antitoxin ANTOX antox
analog ANLG anlg antitransmit-receive ATR ATR
analog-to-digital AD ad antitransmit-receive tu be ATRT ATRT


Term Drawings Text Term Drawings Text

antiunderwater warfare AUW AUW armor-piercing-capped APCIT APCIT

apartment APT aPt incendiary with tracer
aperture APERT apert armor-piercing-incendiary API API
apothecary APOTH apoth armor-piercing-incendiary APIT APIT
apparatus APPAR aPPar with tracer
apparent APRNT aprnt armor-piercing-with tracer APT APT
appearance APP aPP armored ARMD armd
appendix APPX aPPx armored cable ARMCA armca
application APPL aPPl armored infantry vehicle AIV AIV
application list AL AL armored personnel carrier APC APC
applied APLD apld armored utility vehicle AUV AUV
appliqué APLQ aplq Army-Navy AN AN
approach APRCH aprch Army-Navy British ANB ANB
approval APPVL Army-Navy Commercial ANC ANC
approve APPV Army-Navy Design AND AND
approved APVD apvd Army-Navy-Air Force ANAF ANAF
approximate APPROX approx aromatic AROM arom
April APR arrange ARR arr
aqueous AQ array processing instruction APIS APIS
arbitrary ARB set
arrester ARSR arsr
arc weld ARCW arcw
arresting [gear or hook] ARG arg
architectural projected APW APW
window arsine ARS arc
architecture article ART art
ARCH arch
archive articulated ARTCLD artcld
ARCH arch
artificial ARTF artf
arcing ARNG arng
artificial neutron ARTRON artron
arccosecant ARCCSE arccse
artillery ARTY a w
arccosine ARCCOS arccos
as drawn AD AD
arccotangent ARCCOT arccot
as required AR AR
arcsecant ARCSEC arcsec
as soon as possible ASAP ASAP
arcsine ARCSIN arcsin
asbestos AS B asb
arctangent ARCTAN arctan asbestos cement AC AC
area drain AD AD asbestos millboard AMB amb
area moving target indicator AMTI AMTI asbestos roof shingles ARS ARS
area weight average AWAR awar asbestos-cement board ACB ACB
asbestos-covered metal ACM ACM
area weighted average T- AWAT awat asphalt ASPH asph
asphalt roof shingles ASPHRS asphrs
argument programming AP AP asphalt-plank floor ASPHPF asphpf
arithmetic ARITH arith asphalt-tile base ATB ATB
arithmetic and logic unit ALU alu asphalt-tile floor ATF ATF
arithmetic average AA AA aspirator ASPRTR asprtr
arithmetic unit ARITHU aríthu assemble ASSEM assem
armament ARMT armt assemble [auto AS M asm
armament and electronics AE ae manufacturing]
armature ARM arm assembly ASSY assy
armature accelerator AA AA assembly and repair AR AR
armature shunt ARMSHT armsht assembly jig AJ AJ
arming ARM arm assign ASGN asgn
Arming and Fusing System AFS AFS assignment ASGMT asgmt
arming wire AW AW assistance ASSTN asstn
armor grating AG AG assistant ASST asst
armor plate ARMPL armpl Assisted Takeoff System ATOS ATOS
armor-piercing AP AP associate ASSOC assoc
armor-piercing-capped APC APC association ASSN assn
armor-piercing-capped APCI APCI assort AS RT asrt
incendiary astern ASTN astn


Term Drawings Text Term Drawings Text

astigmatism ASTIG astig Automatic Instrument AILS AILS

astragal A a Landing System
astronomical time switch ATS ATS automatic lean AUTOLEAN autolean
astronomical unit AU AU automatic level control ALC ALC
astrophysics ASTROPHYS astrophys automatic message AMA AMA
asymmetric ASYM asym accounting
asymptote ASYMP asYmP automatic meteorological AMOS AMOS
at a later date ALD ALD observing station
athwartship ATH ath automatic mixture control AMC AMC
atmosphere ATM atm automatic monitoring AU M AUM
atomic (comb form) AT at automatic moving-target AMTI AMTI
atomic explosion ATXPL atxpl indicator
atomic hydrogen weld ATW automatic noise limiter AN L ANL
atomic weight automatic number AN I ANI
ATWT atwt
atomizing ATMG atmg
automatic output control AOC AOC
attach ATCH atch
automatic overload AUTOOVLD AUTOOVLD
attachment ATCH atch
automatic overload circuit AOVC AOVC
attack ATCK atck
automatic phase control APC APC
attention ATTN attn
automatic phase lock APL APL
attenuation ATTEN atten
automatic pistol AUTOP AUTOP
attenuator ATTEN atten
automatic reclosing AUTORECL AUTORECL
attitude ATTD attd automatic rich AUTORICH AUTORICH
attorney A m arn/ automatic sensitivity control ASC ASC
audible AUD aud automatic starter AUTOSTRT AUTOSTRT
audio AUD aud auto matic starting AUTOSTRTG autostrtg
audio frequency AF AF automatic stop and check A UTOSCV AUTOSCV
auditor AUDTR audtr valve
augment AGMT agmt automatic terrain recognition ATRAN ATRAN
August AUG Aug and navigation
authorize AUTH auth automatic test equipment ATE ATE
automatic AUTO auto automatic transformer AXFMR AXFMR
automatic bandwidth control ABWC ABWC automatic voice network AUTOVON AUTOVON
automatic bass ABSC ABSC automatic volume control AVC AVC
compensation automatic volume expansion AVE AVE
automatic bias compensation ABCP ABCP automatic zero set AZS AZS
automatic brightness control ABC ABC automation AUTOMN automn
automatic check valve AUTOCV autocv automobile AUTO auto
automatic checkout ACE ACE automotive AUTOM autom
equipment autotransformer AUTOXFMR AUTOXFMR
automatic circuit exchange ACKTX ACKTX auxiliary AUX aux
automatic clutter eliminator ACLE ACLE auxiliary power unit APU APU
automatic data processing ADP ADP auxiliary register AUXR AUXR
automatic digital network AUTODIN AUTODIN auxiliary switch ASW ASW
automatic direction finder ADF ADF auxiliary switch [breaker] ASC ASC
automatic door seal ADS ADS normally closed
automatic flight control AFCE AFCE auxiliary switch [breaker] ASO ASO
equipment normally open
Automatic Flight Control AFCS AFCS availa biiity AVLBL avlbl
System available AVAIL avail
automatic frequency control AFC AFC avenue AVE ave
automatic gain control AGC AGC average AVG avg
automatic ground-controlled AGCA AGCA average daily traffic ADT ADT
approach average diameter AVGDIA avgdia
automatic groundcontroiled AGCL AGCL average efficiency index AE I AEI
landing average outgoing quality AOQ AOQ
Automatic Instrument AILAS AILAS average outgoing quality AOQL AOQL
Landing Approach System limit


Tem Drawings Text Term Drawings Text

average picture level AVPL AVPL band elimination BDELIM BDELIM

average sample number ASN ASN band filter cutoff BFCO bfco
average total inspection AT1 AT1 bandpass BP bP
aviation AVN avn bandstop filter BSFL bsfI
aviation electronics AVIONICS AVIONICS bandwidth BW bw
aviation gas turbine AGT AGT barbette BARB barb
avoirdu pois AVDP avdp barge, cargo BC BC
awning AWN awn barge, knockdown BK BK
axial flow AXFL AXFL barge, training BT BT
axial pitch AXP AXP barium crown BC BC
axial pressure angle APA APA barometer BAR0 bar0
azimuth Aï az barracks BKS bks
azimuth and elevation AZE L AïEL barred BRRD brrd
azimuth and range AZRNG AZRNG barrel tile roof BTR BTR
barrier BARR barr
B barrier coat BC BC
babbitt BAB bab barrier, greaseproof BGP BGP
back end BE BE barrier, moisture-vaporproof BMVP BMVP
back focal distance BFD BFD Barrier Ready Light System BRLS BRLS
back focal length BFL BFL Barrier Up Indicator System BUIS BUIS
back gear BG BG barrier, waterproof BWP BWP
back of board BB BB barring BRRG brrg
back pressure BP BP baryta light fling BLF BLF
back shelf BKCLF bkslf base [electron device1 B B
back to back BB bb base and increment B&I B&I
back view BV bv base band BB BB
backconnected BC BC base detonating BD BD
back-feed BF bf base detonating fuze BDF BDF
back-pressure control BPC BPC
base detonating, self- BDSD BDSD
backface BF bf destroying
background BKGD bkgd base diameter BDIA bdia
backlash BL bl base ejection BE BE
backlash allowance BA BA
base fuze BF BF
backshell BKSHL bkshl
base helix angle BHA BHA
backward-wave magnetron BWM BWM
base ignition BI BI
backward-wave oscillator BWO BWO
base line BL BL
backward-wave power BWPA BWPA
base percussion BP BP
base pitch BP BP
backwater valve BWV BWV
base plate BP BP
bacteriological BACT bact
baffle BAF basement BSMT bsmt
BAG basic BSC bsc
baggage bag
bail out BO BO basic contour line BCL BCL
bakery BAK bak basic impulse insulation level BIL bil
balance BAL bal basic network BASNET basnet
balanced line driver BLD BLD basket BSKT bskt
balanced voltage BALV balv batch mixer BMXR bmxr
balancing coil BALCL balcl bathythermograph BT bt
balancing rheostat BALRHEO balrheo battalion BN bn
balancing set BALS bals batten BAlT batt
ball bearing BBRG bbrg batter BAT bat
ball stop BSP bsp battery BTRY btry
ballast BLST blst battery charger BATCHG batchg
ballistic BAL baI battery íelectricall BAT bat
Ballistic Missile Early BMEWS BMEWS battle BAT bat
Warning System battle dressing BD BD
balloon B b bayonet BAY bay
band display BNDDIS BNDDIS bayonet candelabra BAYC bayc


Term Drawings Text Term Drawings Text

bayonet candelabra BAYCAND baycand bi-directional BIDIR bidir
(BAYC) íbayc) bill of exchange BE BE
bayonet candelabra double BAYCANDDC baycanddc bill of lading BL BL
contact bill of material BM BM
bayonet candelabra single BAYCANDSC baycandsc bill of sale BS BS
contact billet BL bl
bayonet skirted BAYSK baysk billet steel BLSTL blstl
beacon BCN bcn bimetallic BMTLC bmtlc
beams and stringers BS bs binary BIN bin
beamsteering BMSTRG bmstrg binary coded decimal BCD BCD
beamwidth BMW bmw binary coded information BCI BCI
bearing BRG brg binary counter BC BC
bearing deviation indicator BDI BDI binary decoder BD
bearing procurement BPS BPS binary digit BIT BIT
binary divide BDV BDV
beat frequency BF BF binary subtract BS BS
beat-frequency oscillator BFO BFO binder BDR bdr
becket BCKT bckt binding BDG bdg
bedding BDNG bdng
binding head BDGH BDGH
bedpan BDPN bdpn
binnacle BNCL bncl
bedroom BR br
binocular BNCLR bnclr
before BFR bfr
binominal expansion BINOMEXP BINOMEXP
beginner’s all-purpose BASIC BASIC
bioastronautic orbiting space BOSS BOSS
symbolic instruction code
biochemical oxygen demand BOD BOD
bell alarm switch BASW basw
biological BIOL bio1
bell and bell BB BB
biological defense BIODEF BIODEF
bell and flange BF BF
biological electronics BIONICS BIONICS
bell and spigot BS BS
bell cord biological warfare BW BW
bell crank biology BIOL bio1
BELCRK belcrk
bell end BE BE biology (comb form) BIO bio
belling BLNG blng biparting doors BIPD BIPD
bellmouth BLMTH blmth bipost BPT bPt
bellows BLWS blws Birmingham Wire Gage BWG BWG
below BLW blw bistaple BSTL bstl
belt work line BWL BWL bits per inch BPI BPI
bench BNCH bnch bits per second BPS BPS
bench mark BM BM bituminous BITUM bitum
benchboard BNCHBD bnchbd black BLK blk
bend down BDN bdn black BK bk
bend line BL BL black and white BW bw
bend radius BR BR black and white prints BW bw
bend up BUP bUP black enamel slate BES BES
bending BNG brig black iron BI BI
bent BT bt black oil finish slate BOFS BOFS
berth BTH bth black powder BP BP
berthing BERTH berth black scale BS BS
Bessemer BESS Becs black varnish cambric [insul] BVC BVC
between BETW betw blackboard BKD bkd
between centers BC BC blacken BLKN blkn
between perpendiculars BP BP blackening BLKNG blkng
bevel BEV bev blackout BO bo
beveled wood siding BWS BWS blackout door BOD BOD
beverage BVGE bvge blackout window BOW BOW
biconditional BICOND bicond blacksmith BSMITH bsmith
biconvex BCVX bcvx blade BL bl
bicycle BCL bcl blank BLK blk


Tem Drawings Text Term Drawings Text

blanket BLKT blkt boneless BNLS bnls

blanking BLKG blkg bonnet BNT bnt
blanking die BLKGD blkgd bookcase BC bc
blasting powder BLSTGPWD blstgpwd book-form drawing BFD BFD
bleed BL bl bookrack BR br
bleeder BLDR bldr boost rocket BSTRKT bstrkt
blend BLN bln booster BSTR bstr
blinder BLD bld bootstrap BTST btst
block BLK blk borescope BS bs
blocking BLKG blkg boresight BRSIT brsit
blocking oscillator BO BO borosilicate crown BSC BSC
blowdown BLWDN blwdn borrowed light BLT BLT
blower BLO blo both faces BF BF
blowoff BO bo both sides BS BS
blowout BLWT blwt both ways BW BW
blowout coil BOC boc bottle BTL btl
blowtorch BLWT blwt bottom BOT bot
blue BLU blu bottom chord BC BC
blue BL bl bottom face BF BF
blue indicating light BIL BIL bottom layer BL BL
blue stern light BSTLT bstlt bottom lead left BTLL BTLL
blue tool steel BTS BTS bottom lead right BTLR BTLR
blueprint BP bP bottoming BOTMG botmg
board BD bd boundary BDY bdY
board foot [measure] FBM FBM bow buoyancy BBYCY bbw
boatswain BOSN bosn bow designation light BDLT bdlt
bobbin BOB bob bow diving BDVG bdvg
body-bound bolts BBB BBB bow door BDO bdo
body-on-chassis BOC BOC bow light BWLT bwlt
boiler BLR blr bow plane BPLA BPLA
boiler feed BF BF bowstring BWSTRN bwstrn
boiler feed compound tank BFCT BFCT box fin BXF bxf
boiler feed pump BFP BFP boxcar detector BXDT BXDT
boiler feedwater BRN BFW bracket BRKT brkt
boiler house BH BH braid BUD brd
boiler pressure BOPRESS bopress braided BRD brd
boiler water BOWR BOWR braided wire BW BW
boilermaker BMKR bmkr brake BK bk
boiling BOG bog brake band BRKBD brkbd
boiling point BP BP brake mean effective BMEP BMEP
boldface type BF BF pressure
bolster BOLS bols branch BR br
bolt circle BC BC brass BUS brs
bolted bonnet BLTBT bltbt brass divider strip BDS BDS
bolted on base BOBS bobs braze BUZ brz
bolted plate BP BP brazier BRAZ braz
bomb nose fuze BNF BNF brazier head BRAZH brazh
bomb service BS BS brazing BRZG brzg
bomb tail fuze BTF BTF bread wrapping and sealing BWSM BWSM
bomb testing device BTD BTD machine
bombardier BMBDR bmbdr breadth or beam of ship B b
bombardment [projectile] BBT bbt break BRK brk
bomber [aircraft] B b break before make BBM BBM
bombsight BOMST bomst break jaw BJ BJ
bonded BND bnd breakdown BKDN bkdn
bonderize BNDZ bndz breakdown diode BKDNDIO BKDNDIO
bonding BNDG bndg breaker BRKR brkr


Term Drawings Text Term Drawings Text

breaker end BE BE bureau BU bu

breaking BRKG brkg burlap BRLP brlp
breathe BRTH brth burner BNR bnr
breather BRTHR brthr burning BRNG brng
breathing apparatus BA BA burnish BNSH bnsh
breech loading BL BL burster BRSTR brstr
breech mechanism BM BM bursting strength BRSTSTR brststr
brick BRK brk bus selector BSLR bslr
bridge BRDG brdg bus tie BT BT
bridge cutoff BCO BCO bus transfer BTR BTR
bright BRT brt bush transfer BTR BTR
brightness BRT brt bushel BU bu
brilliance BRIL bril bushing BSHG bshg
Brinell hardness BH BH bushing current transformer BCT BCT
Brinell hardness number BHN BHN bushing potential device BPD BPD
British Standard BSI BSI business BUS bus
British Standard Wire Gage SWG SWG business input-output rerun BIOR BIOR
British thermal unit BTU* BTU* butane BUTN butn
broach BRCH brch butcher BTCR btcr
broadband BRDB brdb but-live BL bl
broadcast BC bc butt line BL BL
bronze BRZ brz butt weld BTWLD BTWLD
broom closet BCL bcl butterfly BTFL BTFL
brown BRN brn buttock line BL BL
brown BR br button BTN btn
Brown & Sharpe Wire Gage BS BS button head BTNHD BTNHD
browning aircraft machine BAMG BAMG buzzer BUZ buz
gun bypass BYP bYP
browning automatic rifle BAR BAR
browning machine gun BMG BMG C
brush BR br cable CBL cbl
brush holder BRH brh cable fuzing [firing] CF Cf
bubble memory BUBMEM BUBMEM cable television CATV catv
bucket BKT bkt cable termination equipment CTE CTE
buckram BUCK buck Calibration CAL cal
buffer BFR bfr cam timing contact CTC CTC
buffer amplifier BA BA camera control unit ccu ccu
buffer register BR BR canceled transmission CANTRAN CANTRAN
buffing BFG bfg candlepower CP CP
building BLDG bldg canister CSTR cstr
building line BL BL capable CPBL cpbl
built in test BIT BIT capacitance CAP cap
built-in BLTIN bltin capacitor diode CD CD
bulk [substrate] [electron BU BU capacitor diode gate CDG CDG
device] carbon film resistor CFR CFR
bulkhead BHD bhd carbon steel cs cs
bulldozer BDZR bdzr card cage CRCG crcg
bulletin BULL bull card per minute CPM CPM
bulletin board BB BB card random access memory CRAM CRAM
bulletproof BPRF bPrf card-to-tape tape CTT CTT
buIInose BN bn carrier elimination filter CEF CEF
bunching BCHG bchg carrier frequency CF CF
bunching black BB BB carrier frequency shift CFS CFS
bundle BDL bdl carrier operated relay COR COR
buoy messenger BMSS BMSS carrier supply cs cs
buoyancy B b carrier to noise CN CN
buoyant BYNT bynt carrier wave cw cw


Term Drawings Text Term Drawings Text

carrying CRYG cvg chloropicrin PS PS

cartographer CRTOG crtog chrome vanadium CRVAN crvan
carton CTN ctn chrome-tanned leather CRTANLTHR crtanlthr
cartridge CRTG crtg chromium plate CRPL CRPL
cartridge storage case CSC CSC chronometer CRNMTR crnmtr
casing CSG csg circuit CKT CKT
cast steel cs cs circuit master CM CM
cast stone cs cs circuit requirement table CRT CRT
castellate CSTL cstl circuit switching magnetic CSMT CSMT
casting CSTG cstg tape
catalyst CTLST ctlst circuit switching unit csu csu
category CAT cat circular polarization CP CP
cathode [electron device1 K K circular probable error CPE CPE
cathode-ray oscilloscope CRO CRO circulating water pump CWP CWP
cathode-ray tube CRT CRT civil CVL cvl
catwalk CTWALK CTWALK clarification CLAR clar
caution CAUT caut clear air turbulence CAT CAT
ceiling and visibility CAVU CAVU clear write condition cwc cwc
unlimited clock pulsed control CPC CPC
celestial CEL ce1 clockwise cw cw
cellulose acetate [insull L I close packed CP CP
Celsius C C close support cs cs
center CTR ctr close to shoulder CTS CTS
center frequency CTRF CTRF close type control circuit CTCCC CTCCC
center frequency modulation CFM CFM contact
center frequency stabilization CFS CFS close-in support CIS CIS
center line CL CI closed loop CL CL
center line average CLA CLA closed loop approach control CLAC CLAC
center line vertical keel CVK CVK cluster bomb unit CBU CBU
center section cs cs coarse CRS crs
center tap CT CT coated CTD ctd
center to center C TO C C TO C coating CTG ctg
centering CTRG CTRG code identification number CIN cin
centipoise CP CP coded automatic gain control CAGC CAGC
central CTL CTL coded biphase COB1 COB1
central command decoder CCD CCD coded pulse anticlutter CPACS CPACS
central logic unit CLU CLU system
central processing element CPE CPE coder sequential pulse CSP CSP
central processing unit CPU CPU coherent master oscillator COMO COMO
central timing equipment CTE CTE coherent phase shift keying CPSK CPSK
central timing unit CTU CTU coil sketch cs cs
centralized traffic control CTC CTC cold drawn copper CDC CDC
ceramic tile CT CT cold side CSD CSD
ceramic-tile base CTB CTB cold water cw cw
ceramic-tile floor CTF CTF cold-rolled steel CRS CRS
chamber CHAMB chamb color code cc cc
change CHG chg combat ready CR CR
change in design CID CID combat vehicle cv cv
change point CP CP combined CMBD cmbd
change request CR CR combined distribution frame CDF CDF
changeable type-plate style CTPS CTPS combining COMB comb
charge coupled device CCD CCD command and service CSM CSM
check value cv cv module
checkout and automatic CAM CAM command control number CCN CCN
monitoring command data acquisition CDA CDA
chemical biological CBM CBM command destruct receiver CDR CDR
munitions command destruct CDT CDT
chemical warfare cw cw transmitter


Term Drawings Text Term Drawings Text

command module CM CM computer aided CAM CAM

Command pulse output CPO CPO manufacturing
command radio link CORAL coral computer aided test CATE CATE
commercial and government CAGE CAGE equipment
entity (code) computer automated support CASE CASE
Commission COMSN comsn eqvipment
common digitizer CD CD computer data word CDW CDW
common steel [projectile] cs cs computer direct to telegraph CODIT codit
cornmunication line COLT colt computer indicator CI CI
terminator computer process control CPC CPC
communications access CAD CAD computerized tomography CT CT
device concentric CONC conc
communications and data C&D c&d concept formulation CF CF
communications and CN cn concession CON con
navigation concrete splash block CSB CS B
communications automatic CAPE CAPE concurrent CNCR cncr
processing equipment condensation trail CONTRAIL contrail
communications electronics CEM CEM condition COND cond
meteorological conducted susceptibility cs cs
communications intelligence COMINT COMINT conductor COND cond
communications jamming COMJAM COMJAM conference CONF conf
communications moon relay CMR CMR configuration item CI ci
communications need COMNEED comneed confine CONF conf
communications network COMNET COMNET conical CONL con1
communications satellite COMSAT comsat conical scan CONSCAN conscan
communications satellite CSR CSR conical scan on receive only CSORO CSORO
relay connection CONN conn
communications support CSE CSE consecutive CONSEC consec
element console cs L csl
communications zone COZI COZI consolidated cryptologic CCP CCP
indicator program
community automatic CAX CAX constant current transformer CCT CCT
exchange constant level speech CLS CLS
comparator buffer CB CB constant output amplifier COA COA
compatible single sideband CSSB CSSB constant speed drive CSD CSD
compensated avalanche CAD CAD contact CONT cont
diode contact lost CL CL
compiler COMP comp contact potential difference CPD CPD
complementary CSCR CSCR continental horsepower CONTHP CONTHP
semiconductor controlled continental polar air mass CPAM CPAM
complementary transistor CTL CTL continental tropical air mass CTAM CTAM
logic continued CONTD contd
complementary unijunction CUJT CUJT continued CONT cont
transistor continuous current CCMD CCMD
complete with cw cw monitoring device
component board CB CB continuous rod CR CR
component board assembly CBA CBA continuous wave cw cw
component change control ccc ccc continuous wave acquisition CWAR CWAR
component metal parts CMP CMP radar
component repair CR CR continuous wave frequency CWFM CWFM
compressor COMPR compr modulated
computed air release point CARP CARP continuous wave illuminator CWI CWI
computer access device CAD CAD continuous wave CWIF CWIF
computer access device CADI CADI intermediate frequency
input continuously variable cv cv
computer access device CADO CADO contour CTR ctr
output contract data requirements CDRL CDRL
computer aided design CAD CAD list


Term Drawings Text Term Drawings Text

contract end item CE1 CE1 countermeasures and CMD CMD

contractor furnished aircraft CFAE CFAE deception
equipment countermeasures homing CMH CMH
contrast CTRS ctrs countershaft CTSHFT ctshft
control [computers1 CTRL ctrl countersink CSK csk
control point CP CP countersink other side CSKO CSKO
control power switch csw csw countersunk CTSK ctsk
control read-only memory CROM CROM countersunk head CSKH CSKH
control shift register CSR CSR counterweight CTWT ctwt
control stick steering css css county CTY CTY
control switch cs cs course deviation indicator CDI CDI
control transmitter cx cx cradle CRDL crdl
control wheel steering cws cws crankshaft CSHAFT cshaft
controllable radar target CRTS CRTS crash position indicator CPI CPI
simulator crating CTG ctg
controlled blip scan CBS CBS credit CR cr
controlled carrier modulation CCM CCM crimp CRP CrP
controlled current feedback CCFT CCFT critical design review CDR CDR
transformer critical flicker frequency CFF CFF
controlled rectifier CR CR cross bracing XBRA xbra
Controller CONT cont cross section XSECT xsect
controls and displays CD CD crossarm XARM xarm
convection CONVN convn crossbar XBAR xbar
convector CONVR convr crossbar tandem XBT xbt
conventional CVNTL cvntl cross-connection xco xco
convergence CONVG convg cross-connection XCONN xconn
conversion CVRSN cvrsn cross-country XCY XCY
convex cvx cvx crosshair XHAIR xhair
coordinated universal time UTC UTC cross head CRSHD crshd
copper oxide CU0 CU0 crossing XING Xing
coppersmith CSMITH CSMITH crossover CRSVR crsvr
core memory CM CM cross-point XPT X Pt
core memory driver CMD CMD cruising CRUIS cruis
core shift cs cs cryogenics CRYOG cry%
core shift driver CSD CSD cryptograph CTGH ctgh
core storage element CSE CSE cryptography CRYPT0 crypto
core transistor logic CTL CTL crystal XTAL xtal
corner COR cor crystal oscillator XTLO xtlo
corrective maintenance CM CM crystalline CRYST cryst
correlated orientation COTAR COTAR cubic CU CU
tracking and ranging cubic feet per minute CFM* cfm*
correlation display analyzing CODAR CODAR cubic feet per second CFS* cfs*
and recording cubic foot cum* cuft"
correlation radar CORAD CORAD cubic inch CUIN* win*
correlation radio link CORAL CORAL cubic meter CUM* cum*
corrosion CRSN crsn cubic millimeter CUMM* cumm*
corrosive CRSV crsv cubic yard CUYD* cuyd*
corrugated wire glass CWG CWG cubicle CUB cub
cosecant CSC CSC culvert CULV CUIV
count CT Ct cumulative CUM cum
count per minute CTM ctm cupboard CUP CUP
count per second CTS ctS current CUR cur
counter CTR ctr current source IGEN ¡gen
counter intelligence CI CI current transformer CT CT
counter voltage cv cv curtain CURT curt
counterfire CF CF curve CRV crv
counterinsurgency COIN coin curve drawing CRVDWG crvdwg


Term Drawings Text Term Drawings Text

Cushing CSHG cshg decimal DEC dec
cushion CUSH cush decision DECN decn
Customer CUST cust deck drain valve DDV ddv
cut stone CUTS cuts deck edge DKE dke
cutlery CTLRY ctlry deck edge light DELT delt
cutter CTR ctr deck piercing DP dP
cutting CTG ctg deck surface light DSLT dslt
cyanide CYN cyn deckhouse DKHSE dkhse
cycle CY CY declutch DCLU dclu
cycle per second cs* cs* decode DCD dcd
cyclonite RDX rdx decoder DCDR dcdr
cyclotron CYCLO cyclo decompression DECOMPN decompn
cylinder CYL CY1 decontamination DECONTN decontn
cylinder lock CYLL cy1I decrease DECR decr
cylindrical CYL CY1 decrement DECRT decrt
cylindrical cartridge CYLCART cylcart dedendum DED ded
D deep tank DT DT
damage control DC DC deep underwater nuclear DUNC DUNC
damper DMPR dmpr counter
damping DPG dpg deep-drawn DD DD
dampproofing DP dP deep-space instrumentation DSIF DSIF
dashpot [relay] DP facility
data base update time DBUT DBUT defective DEF def
data line translator DLT dlt defense DEF def
data link DL DL deficiency in allowance DIA DIA
data list DL DL definite time DEFT DEFT
data management DMGT dmgt definite-time relay DTR DTR
data processing machine DPM DPM definition DEF def
data recording DRCDG drcdg deflating DFL dfl
data reduction DRDCN drdcn deflect DEFL defl
data scanning and routing DSR DSR deflection plate DP DP
data terminal equipment DTE DTE deflector DFTR dftr
data tra nsmitting equipment DXE DXE defogging DF df
dated DTD defrost DFR dfr
datum DAT degasifier DGSFR DGSFR
daug hterboard DTRBD degaussing DEGUSG DEGUSG
daylight DL degaussing compass DCMPS DCMPS
daylight opening DLO degaussing computer DCMPTR DCMPTR
dead light degaussing system DGS DGS
DL dl
dead load degrease DGR dgr
DL dl
degree DEG* deg*
dead reckoning DR dr
dehumidify DHMY dhmy
dead reckoning analyzer DRA dra
dehydrator DYHR dyhr
dead reckoning equipment DRE DRE
deicing DI di
dead reckoning indicator DRI DRI
delay DLY dlY
dead reckoning tracer DRT DRT delay line DL di
dead reckoning trainer DRTR DRTR delayed automatic gain DAGC DAGC
deadweight DVVT dwt control
deaerating DEARTG deartg delayed automatic volume DAVC DAVC
deaerating feed tank DFT DFT control
dealer DLR dlr delete DELE dele
decade scaler DS DS delineation DEL del
decalcomania DECAL decal delivery DLVY dlvy
decanning scuttle DS DS delta amplitude DA DA
decay time DT DT deluxe DLX dlx
decelerate DCLR dclr demagnetize DMGZ dmgz
December DEC Dec demagnetizer DMTZR dmtzr
decibel DB* dB* demand indicator DI DI


Tem Drawings Text Term Drawings Text

demand meter DM DM detent D T dtt

demand meter, printing DP DP detention DETN detn
demand-totalizing relay DTR DTR determinant DET det
demineralizer DMNRLZR dmnrlzr determination DETN detn
demodulator DEMOD demod detonator DET det
demodulator band filter DBF DBF develop DVL dvl
demolition DML dml developed length DEVLG DEVLG
denatured DNTRD dntrd development DEV dev
denote DEN den deviate DEV dev
dense flint DF DF deviation DEVN devn
density DENS dens deviation equalizer DEVEQL DEVEQL
dental DNTL dntl device DVC dvc
dental amalgamator DAMLG DAMLG device under test DUT DUT
dental suction apparatus DISCAPRS DISCAPRS dew point DP DP
department DEPT dept dewatering DEWTRG dewtrg
deposit DEP dep diagnostic DIGN dign
depot installed DEPINST depinst diagonal DIAG diag
depression DEPR depr diagram DIAG diag
depth DP dP diagrammatic DIAGR diagr
depth charge DC DC dial illumination DLILMN dlilmn
depth deviation indicator DDI DDI dial indicating DLINDG dlindg
depth keeping DKPG DKPG dial lock DLOCK dlock
depth (of ship) D D diallyl phthalate DIALPHTH dialphth
derivative DERIV deriv diameter DIA dia
dermatine DER der diameter bolt circle DBC DBC
derrick DRK drk diametral pitch DP DP
desalter DSLTR dsltr diamond DMD dmd
descri be DESCR descr diamond-pyramid hardness DPH DPH
description DESCP descp diaphragm DIAPH diaph
descriptor attribute matrix DAM DAM diaphragm gland DGLD dgld
desensitize DSNTZ dsntz diazo print DPR dPr
desiccant DSCC dscc
die lock DLX dlx
design DSGN dsgn
die template DT DT
design specification DSPEC DSPEC
dielectric DIEL diel
designation DES des
diesel DSL dsl
designator DES des
diesel belt drive DBD DBD
designed waterline DWL DWL
diesel direct DD dd
designer DES des
diesel engine DENG deng
desk, combination flat-top FTTW F-nW
and typewriter diesel engine, direct drive DED DED
desk, double-pedestal flat-top DPFT DPFT diesel engine, reduction DER DER
desk, double-pedestal DPTW DPTW
typewriter diesel mechanical DM DM
desk, single-pedestal flat-top sPFT SPFT diesel oil DO DO
desk, single-pedestal SPTW SPTW diesel v-belt drive DVBD DVBD
typewriter diesel-electric DE de
destination DESTN destn diethanolamine DEA dea
destroyer antisubmarine DASTARD DASTARD difference DIFF diff
transportable array difference channel DCHAN dchan
detection differential DIFF diff
destructive firing DESTRFIR destrfir differential amplifier DIFA difa
destructive readout DRO DRO differential pressure DP DP
destructor DESTR destr differential thermocouple DTVM DTVM
desuperheater DSUPHTR dsuphtr voltmeter
detached DTCH dtch differential time relay DIFFTR difftr
detail DET det diffraction DIFFR diffr
detector DET det diffusing DIFFUS diffus
detector back bias DBB DBB digital DGTL dgtl


Term Drawings Text Term Drawings Text

digital block AND-OR gate DBAO DBAO dismantle DISM dism

digital counting unit DCU DCU dispatcher DISP disp
digital differential analyzer DDA DDA dispensary DISP disp
digital microcircuit DMC DMC dispenser DISP disp
digital voltmeter DVM DVM dispensing DSPNSG dspnsg
digitally directed control DDC DDC displacement DISP disp
digital-to-ana tog DA DA display DSPL dspl
digitai-to-analog converter DAC DAC display and control unit DCU DCU
digitizer DGTZR dgtzr display and storage DS DS
dihydrate DIHY dihy disposal DSPL dspl
dilute DIL di1 disposition DISPN dispn
dimension DIM dim dissipation factor DF DF
dimmer DMR dmr dissolved DISLVD dislvd
dining DNG dng dissolved oxygen DO DO
diode DIO dio distance DIST dist
diode resistor transistor logic DRTL DRTL distance-measuring DME DME
diode transistor logic DTL DTL equipment
diopter DIOPT diopt distant DIST dist
diplex DIPX dipx distant early warning DEW DEW
diplexer DIPLXR diplxr distill DSTL dstl
dipstick DPSK dpsk distillate DSTLT dstlt
direct DIR dir distilled water DW DW
direct acting DACT dact distinguish DISTING disti ng
direct acting steam DAS DAS distortion DISTN distn
direct current DC DC distress DTRS dtrs
direct distance dialing DDD DDD distribute DISTR distr
direct drive DDR DDR distributed emission DEMA DEMA
direct inward dialing DID DID magnetron amplifier
direct memory access DMA DMA distribution amplifier DAMP DAMP
direct noise amplification DINA DINA distribution box DB DB
direct outward dialing DOD DOD distribution panel DPNL DPNL
direct-connect DIRCONN dirconn distri butor DISTR distr
direct-coupled transistor logic DCTL DCTL district DIST dist
direction DIR dir dither DTER dter
direction finder DF df ditto DO do
directional DIR dir diver DVR dvr
directional coupler DIRCOUP dircoup diverte r DIV d iv
directional filter DIRFLT dirflt divide DIV div
directly DRCTY drcty division DIV div
director DIR dir do not use DNU DNU
disable DSBL dsbl docking DCKG dckg
disassemble DISASSM disassm document DOC doc
disassembly DISASSY disassy does not apply DNA DNA
discarding sabot DS DS dogged DG dg
discharge DISCH disch dolly DLY dlY
disconnect DISC disc domestic DOM dom
disconnect switch DS DS domestic service DS DS
disconnecting device DD DD dominant wavelength DWL DWL
discontinue DSCONT dscont door closer DCL DCL
discrete fourier transform DFT DFT door stop DST DST
discriminator DSCRM dscrm door switch DSW DSW
disengaging DSENGA dsenga doppler velocity and position DOVAP DOVAP
dish-rinsing DSHR dshr dots per inch DPI dpi
dishwasher DW dw double DBL dbl
disk grind DG dg double bottom DB DB
disk operated system DOS DOS double break DB DB
disk storage unit DSU DSU double contact DC DC


Term Drawings Text Term Drawings Text

double density DD dd dredger DRGR drgr

double end DE DE dressed [lumber] DRS drs
double extra strong XXSTR xxstr dressed and matched DM DM
double face DBLF DBLF dresser DRSR drsr
double feeder DF DF dressing DRSG drsg
double secondary current DSCT DSCT drift DFT dft
transformer drill DR dr
double sided DS ds drill jig DJ DJ
double single-sideband DSSB DSSB drill plate DP DP
double weight DW DW drill rod DR DR
dou ble-acting DBLACT DBLACT drinking fountain DF DF
double-acting door DAD DAD dripproof DP dP
double-acting steam DASTM DASTM dripproof and ratproof DPRP DPRP
double-based solid propellant DBSP DBSP dripproof open DPO DPO
double-biased [relay] DB DB dripproof protected DPP DPP
double-groove [insulators] DG DG dripproof semi-enclosed DPS DPS
double-groove double- DGDP DGDP dripproof totally enclosed DPT DPT
petticoat [insulators] driptank DRTA drta
double-hung windows DHW DHW drive DR dr
dou ble-pole DP DP drive end DE DE
double-pole back-connected DPBC DPBC drive fit DF DF
double-pole double-throw DPDT DPDT drive unit DRU DRU
double-pole double-throw DPDTSW DPDTSW driver DRVR drvr
drone [aircraft] 0 Q
double-pole frontconnected DPFC DPFC
drop forge DF DF
dou ble-pole single-throw DPST DPST
drop hammer die DHD DHD
dou ble-pole single-throw DPSTSW DPSTSW
drop manhole DMH dmh
double-pole switch drop wood siding DWS DWS
dry battery DP DP
double-sideband DSB DSB
dry bulb DB DB
double-throw DT DT
double-wall dry chemical DCHEM dchem
double-wall fiberboard dry pipe valve DPV DPV
doubler drydock DD DD
DBLR dblr
douglas fir drying DYG dYg
dovetail DVTL dual intine package DIP DIP
dowel dual tires DT DT
DWL dwl
down DN dual-purpose DP dP
downdraft DNDFT dndft dual-speed drive DSD DSD
downspout DS ds duct type DCTP DCTP
dozen DOZ doz dull black finish slate DBFS DBFS
draft DFT dft dumbwaiter DW dw
draft stop DS DS dumbwaiter door DWD DWD
drafting DFTG dummy DUM dum
drafting machine DFMACH DFMACH dumping DMPG dmpg
drafting request DR DR duplex DX dx
drafting room manual DRM DRM duplexer DPLXR dplxr
draftsman DFTSMN DFTSMN duplicate DUP dUP
drain DR dr dust and moisture DUMR DUMR
drain tile DT DT d üst-tig ht DT DT
dram DR dr dutch door DD DD
draw out DO DO duty cycle DTYCY DNCY
drawbar pull DBP DBP dwelling DWEL dwel
drawer DWR dwr dyna m ic DYN dYn
drawing DWG dwg dynamic breaking DYE DY6
drawing change notice DCN DCN dynamic octal load DOL DOL
drawing list DL DL dynamite DYNMT dynmt
drawn DWN dwn dynamo DYN dYn


Term Drawings Text Term Drawings Text

dynamometer DYNMT dynmt electro optical light EOLM EOLM

dynamotor DYNM dynm modulator
electrocardiogram ECG ECG
E electrocardiograph ECG ECG
each EA ea electrochemical diffused ECDC ECDC
each face EF EF collector
each layer EL EL electrode ELCTD elctd
each way EW EW electroencephalogram EEG EEG
ebony asbestos EBASB ebasb electroencephalograph EEG EEG
eccentric ECC ecc electrogasdynarnics EGD egd
eccentric-orbit geophysical EGO EGO electrohydraulic ELHYD elhyd
observatory electroluminescent EL el
echelon ECH ech electroluminescent- ELPC ELPC
echo ranging ER ER photoconductive
echo sounding ES ES electrolyte ELCTLT elctlt
economize ECON econ electrolytic ELCTLT elctlt
edge of cutter EOC EOC electromagnetic EM em
edge thickness ET ET electromagnetic intelligence EMINT EMINT
edgewise EDGW edgw electromagnetic interference EM1 EM1
education EDUC educ electromagnetic wave EWASER EWASER
educator EDUC educ amplification by stimulated
eductor EDUC educ emission of radiation
effect EFT eft electromechanical ELMCH ELMCH
effective EFF eff electromotive force EMF EMF
effective diameter of EDO EDO electron ELCTRN elctrn
objective electron (+type N N
effective focal length EFFL eff I semiconductor material
efficiency EFF eff electron-coupled oscillator ECO ECO
effluent EFL efl electronic ELEK elek
ejection EJN ejn electronic automatic EAX EAX
ejection seat EJNST EJNST exchange
ejector EJCTR ejctr electronic checkout ECO ECO
elapsed time ET ET electronic control ELECTC ELECTC
elapsed-time code generator ETCG ETCG electronic counter- ECCM ECCM
elastic ELAS elas cou ntermeasu res
elastic limit EL EL electronic cbuntermeasures ECM ECM
elasticity ELAS elas electronic countermeasures ECME ECME
elbow ELB elb environment
electric ELEC elec electronic countermeasures ECMP ECMP
electric contact ELCTC ELCTC program
electric contact brush ELCTCBR ELCTCBR electronic data processing EDP EDP
electric contact ring ELCTRG ELCTRG electronic differential EDFA EDFA
electric discharge tube EDT EDT analyzer
electric dynamometer EDYNMT EDYNMT electronic digital analyzer EDA EDA
electric power and EPD EPD electronic funds transfer EFT EFT
distribution electronic intelligence ELINT ELINT
electric power supply EPS EPS electronic interface EI EI
electric water cooler EWC EWC electronic private branch EPBX EPBX
electric-motor driven EMD EMD exchange
electrical discharge EDM EDM electronic standard ESTD ESTD
machining electronic switching ES ES
electrical metallic tubing EMT EMT electronic voltmeter EVM EVM
electrical resistance ER ER electronic voltohmmeter EVOM EVOM
electrical specification ESPEC ESPEC electronic warfare EW EW
electrical time ET ET electronically alterable read- EAROM EAROM
electrical time, superquick ETSQ ETSQ only memory
electrically operated valve ELV ELV electronically steerable array ESAR ESAR
electrically polarized [relay] EP EP radar


Term Drawings Text Term Drawings Text

electronically steerable ESPAR ESPAR end of transmission EOT EOT

phased array radar icomputersl
electronics ELEX elex end to end EE EE
electronics switching system ESS ESS endless tangent screw ETS ETS
electroplate EPL ePl endstone ESTN estn
electropneumatic ELPNEU elpneu energize ENRGZ enrgz
electrostatic ES es energy ENGY engy
electrostatic discharge ESD esd engage ENGA enga
electrostatic discharge ESOS ESOS engaging ENGA enga
resistive engine ENG eng
electrostatic discharge ESDS esds engine drive ED ED
sensitive engine negative torque ENTC ENTC
electrostatic sensitive ESS ess control
electrostatic storage tube EST EST engine oil EO EO
element ELEM elem engine order EOR EOR
elementary ELEM elern engine propeller order EPO EPO
elevate ELEV elev engine room ENGRM ENGRM
elevation EL el engine v-belt ENGV ENGV
elevator ELEV elev engineer ENGR engr
eliminate ELIM elim engineering ENGRG engrg
elliptical ELP elP engineering change notice ECN ECN
elliptical head ELPH ELPH engineering change order ECO ECO
elongate ELNG elng engineering change proposal ECP ECP
elongation ELONG elong engineering change request ECR ECR
embedded wiring board EWB EWB engineering department EDSK EDSK
emboss EMB emb sketch
emergency EMER emer engineering field change EFC EFC
Emergency Coolant System ECS ECS engineering order EO EO
emergency decelerating EDE EDE engineering release notice ERN ERN
[relay] engineering sketch ESK ESK
emergency identification light EIDLT eidlt engineering support activity ESA ESA
emergency power EPWR EPWR engineering work order EWO EWO
emergency power supply EMPS EMPS English ENG Eng
emergency room ER ER engrave ENGRV engrv
emergency ship service ESS ESS enlarge ENLG enlg
emission EMSN emsn enlarged ENLGD enlgd
emitter EMTR emtr enlisted men EM EM
emitter [electron device] E E entrance ENTR entr
emitter follower EF EF enumeration ENUM enum
emitter-coupled current- ECCSL ECCSL envelope ENV env
steered logic environment ENVIR envir
emitter-coupled logic ECL ECL environmental ENVIR envir
empennage EMP emP epitaxial mesa EM EM
employee EMPL empl epitaxial planar EP EP
emulator EMU emu equal EQL eql
emulsion EMUL emu1 equal section ES ES
enable ENBL enbl equalizer EQL eql
enamel ENAM enam equally EQL eql
encapsulation ENCAP encap equally spaced EQLSP eqlsp
encased ENCSD encsd equation EQ eq
enclose ENCL encl equilibrium EQUIL equil
enclosure ENCL encl equip and install EI EI
encode ENCD encd equipage category number ECN ECN
encoder ENCDR encdr equipment EQPT eqpt
end cell switch ECSW ECSW equipment and spare parts ESP ESP
end half EHF EHF equipment condition analysis, ECA ECA
end of part EOP EOP equivalent EQUIV equiv
end of tape EOT EOT equivalent airspeed EAS EAS


Term Drawings Text Term Drawings Text

equivalent direct radiation EDR EDR experimental EXP exp

equivalent focal length EQFL eqfl experimental order EXPO EXPO
equivalent series resistance ESR ESR experimental testing [aircraft] X X
equivalent-noise-sideband ENSI ENSI explanation EXPL expl
input explode EXPLD expld
erasable programmable read- EPROM EPROM exploitation EXPLTN expltn
only memory explosion EXPLN expln
erased ERS ers explosion-proof EP EP
erecting ERCG ercg explosive XPL XPl
erection ERECT erect explosive device XPLD XPLD
erector ERCR ercr explosive ordnance disposal EOD EOD
error correction ERRC ERRC exponent EXPNT expnt
error correction code ECC ECC exponential EXPNT expnt
escape ESC esc exposed EXP exP
escutcheon ESC esc exposure EXPSR expsr
especiaI I y ESP esP express EXP exP
estimate EST est expulsion EXP exP
estimated completion date ECD ECD extender EXTND extnd
et cetera ETC etc extension EXT ext
ethylene oxide EO EO exterior EXT ext
evacuate EVAC evac external EXT ext
evacuator EVAC evac external pipe thread EPT EPT
evaluate EVAL eval extinguish EXT ext
evaluation EVLTN evltti extra EX ex
evaporate EVAP evap extra control wire ECWIRE ECWIRE
evaporator EVAP evap extra fine [threads] EF EF
ever-Ioc k EVRLK evrlk extra heavy XHVY XHVY
examination EXAM exam extra strong XSTR XSTR
example EX ex extra-long wheel base XLWB XLWB
excavate EXC exc extracting EXTG extg
excellent EXC exc extractor EXTR extr
except EXC exc extraordinary wave XWAVE XWAVE
excessive EXCSV excsv
extreme EXTM extm
exchange EXCH exch
extreme high water EHW EHW
excitation EXC exc
extreme low water ELW ELW
exciter EXCTR exctr
extremely high frequency EHF EHF
excl usive EXCL excl
extremely low frequency ELF ELF
execute EXEC exec
extrude EXTD extd
executive EXEC exec
extrusion EXTRN extrn
exercise EXER exer
extrusion trim and drill ETDT ETDT
exhaust EXH exh
exhaust gas temperature EGT EGT
extrusion trim template E T E T
exhaust vent EXHV EXHV
eye guard EGRD EGRD
exhibit EXH exh
eye lens EL EL
existing EXST exst
eyelet EYLT eylt
exit guide vane EGV EGV
eyepiece EYPC eypc
expand EXP exP
expanded binary-coded EBCDIC EBCDIC
decimal interchange code F
expanded direct distance EDDD EDDD fabricate FAB fab
dialing face or field of drawing FD FD
expanded metal EM EM face to face FF FF
expansion EXP exP face width FW Fw
expansion joint EXPJT expjt faceplate FP FP
expedite EXPED exped facility FACIL facil
expendable EXPEN expen facing FCG fcg
expense EXP exP facsimile FAX fax
experiment EXP exP factor FAC fac


Term Drawings Text Term Drawings Text

factory FCTY fctY field forcing [increasing] FFI FFI

factual complier FACT FACT field manual FM FM
Fahrenheit F* F* field protective FP FP
failure FLR flr field reversing FR FR
failure rate FR FR field service FS FS
fairing FA1R fair field service modification FSMWO FSMWO
fairwater planes FWPLN FWPLN work order
familiar FAM fam field support equipment FSE FSE
fan in FNI FNI field switch FSW FSW
fan out FNO FNO field weakening FWK FWK
far side FS FS field-effect transistor FET FET
fast automatic shuttle FAST FAST fighter [aircraft] F F
transfer figure FIG fig
fast Fourier transform FFT FFT filament FIL fil
fast operate [relay] FO FO filament center tap FCT FCT
fast release [relay] FR FR filament ground FG FG
fast time constant FTC FTC file cabinet FC FC
fastener FSTNR ktnr file finish FF FF
fault FLT flt filler FLR flr
fault isolation test FIT FIT fillet FIL fil
feasible FSBL fsbl filling FILL fill
feather FTR ftr fillister FIL fil
February FEB Feb fillister head FILH FILH
Federal FED Fed film processing FLMPRS FLMPRS
Federal Specification FS FS film sound FLMSD FLMSD
Federal Stock Number FSN FSN filter FLTR FLTR
Federal Supply Catalog FSCIL FSCIL filter (comb form) FL fl
Identification List final assembly FA FA
Federal Supply Code for FSCM FSCM final limit, down FLDO FLDO
Manufacturers final limit, forward FLF FLF
feedback FDBK fdbk final limit, hoist FLH FLH
feedback positive FP FP final limit, lower FLL FLL
feedback potentiometer FPOT FPOT
final limit, reverse FLR FLR
feedback resistance FBR FBR
final limit, up FLU FLU
feeder FDR fdr
find number FN FN
feedwater FDW fdw
finder FDR fdr
feedwater pump FWP FWP
finger FGR fgr
feeler FELR felr
finish FNSH fnsh
female FEM fern
finish all over FA0 FA0
female flared FFL FFL
finish one side FIS FIS
female pipe thread FPT FPT
female soldered finish specification [number] FS FS
female thread finish two sides F2S F2S
ferrule-contact fin-stabilized FS FS
FERCON fercon
fiber FBR FBR fire alarm bell FABL FABL
fi berboard FBRBD fbrbd fire alarm box FABX FABX
fiberboard, corrugated FBDC FBDC fire and bilge FB FB
fiberboard, double wall FDWL FDWL fire and flushing FF FF
fiberboard, solid FBDS FBDS fire control FC FC
fibrous FBRS fbrs Fire Control System FCS FCS
field FLD fld fire department connection FDC FDC
field accelerator FAC FAC fire door FDR FDR
field artillery FA FA fire extinguisher FEXT FEXT
field decelerator FDE FDE fire fighting FF FF
field discharge FDI FDI fire hose FH FH
field dynamic braking FDB FDB fire hose rack FHR FHR
field failure FFL FFL fire hydrant fhY FHY
field forcing [decreasing] FFD FFD fire main FM FM


Term Drawings Text Term Drawings Text

fire plug FPL fP I flatten FLN fln
fire room FRM frm fleet ballistic missile FBM FBM
fire station FS FS flexi ble FLEX flex
fire wall Fw Fw flexure FLEX flex
fire-hose cabinet FHC FHC flight FLT flt
fire-resistant FRES FRES Flight Control Ready Light FCRLS FCRLS
firebrick FBCK fbck System
fireclay FC fc flight data entry FLIDEN FLIDEN
fireplace FP fP flight deck FLDK FLDK
fireproof FPRF fPrf flight space FLSP FLSP
firmware FMW frnw flint F F
first-aid box FAB fab flip-flop FF FF
first-in-first-out FIFO FIFO flip-flop complementary FFC FFC
fiscal year FY PI flip-flop latch FFL FFL
fish paper FPPR fPPr float FLT flt
fission FSSN fssn floating FLTG fltg
fitted FTD ftd floating commutator FLOCOM FLOCOM
fitting FTG ftg floating machine shop FMS FMS
fixed FXD fxd floating-point instruction set FIS FIS
fixed autotransformer FATR FATR flood [vent] FL fl
fixed point FXP FXP flooding FLDNG fldng
fixed transom FTR FTR floodlight FLDT fldt
fixture FXTR fxtr floor FL fl
flagnote (number) FL FL floor drain FD FD
flagstaff FLGSTF flgstf floor line FL FL
flagstone FLGSTN flgstn flooring FLG fl
flame FLM flm floppy disc FD fd
flame resistant FLMRES FLMRES flotation FLOT flot
flame retardant FLMRTD FLMRTD flow line FLL FLL
flameproof FLMPRF flmprf flow rate FLRT FLRT
flametig ht FLMTT flmtt flow switch FLSW FLSW
flammable FLMB flmb fluid FL fl
flange FLG fluid flow FDFL FDFL
flange focal distance FD FD fluid pressure line FDPL FDPL
flapper FLPR fluked FLKD flkd
flared FLRD fluorescent FLUOR fluor
flared tube fitting FTF fluorescent penetrant FPI FPI
flared tube fitting gasket seal FTFGS FTFGS
flurry FLRY flry
flaring FLRG FLRG
flush FL fl
flash welding FLW FLW
flush armor balance FABWH FABWH
flashing FL fl
watertight hatch
flash less FLHLS flhls flush metal threshold FMT FMT
flashless nonhygroscopic FNH FNH flush mount FLMT FLMT
flashlight FLT flt flush oiltight ventilation hole FOVH FOVH
flat bar FB FB flush threshold FT FT
flat fillister head FFILH FFILH flush type FLTP FLTP
flat head FLH FLH flush value FV FV
flat nose [projectile1 FN FN flute lead FL FL
flat oval FO FO fluted FLTD fltd
flat pattern F/P F/P fluted socket FLUSOC FLUSOC
flat point FP FP fluted socket head FLUSOCH FLUSOCH
flat tile roof FTR FTR flutter FLUT flut
flat trim template FTT m flux logic element array FLEA FLEA
flat washer FLW FLW flyweight FLYWT flywt
flat work FLWK FLWK flywheel FLYWHL flywhl
flat-band metallicarmor F F foam liquid FOLQ FOLQ
[incull focal FOC foc


Term Drawings Text Term Drawings Text

focal length FL FL four-pole switch 4PSW 4PSW

focus FOC foc four-stage 4STG 4STG
focusing FCSG fcsg four-way 4WAY 4WAY
fog foam FOFM FOFM four-wire 4w 4w
fog oil smoke generator FOSGEN FOSGEN fourth stage 4STG 4STG
foggy FGY fgY foyer FOY f0Y
folding FLDG fldg fractional FRAC frac
folding-fin aircraft rocket FFAR FFAR fragment FRAG frag
foldout FO fo fragmentation FRAG frag
follow FOL fol frame FR fr
following FF ff frame synchronization word FSW FSW
follow-up FLWP flwp framework FRWK frwk
food service FDSVC FDSVC free aperture FA FA
foot FT* ft* free height FRHGT FRHGT
foot board measure FBM FBM free on board FOB FOB
foot per minute FPM* FPM* free-cutting brass FCB FCB
foot per second FPS* FPS" freeboard FREEBD freebd
foot pound force FTLB* FTLB* freemachining steel FMS FMS
footcandle FC fc freezer FRZR frzr
footing FTG ftg freezing point FP FP
footlambert fL fL freight FRT frt
foot-pound-second FPS FPS freight supply [vessel] FS FS
for example EG eg french fry FRFY frfY
for your information and FYIG FYIG frequency FREQ freq
guidance frequency (comb form) F f
force F F frequency changer FREQCHG freqchg
forced-draft FD FD frequency converter FREQCONV freqconv
forced-draft blower FDB FBD frequency division FD FD
fore and aft FA FA frequency division multiplex FDM FDM
forecastle FCSLE fcsle frequency doubler FDBLR FDBLR
foreign object damage FOD FOD frequency interference FIC FIC
foreign service FS FS control
foreman FMAN fman frequency meter FREQM FREQM
forepeak FP fP frequency modulated radar FMR FMR
foresight FS fs frequency modulation FM FM
forged FGD fgd frequency of optimum FOT FOT
forged steel FST FST operation
forging FORG forg frequency time indicator FTI FTI
forked FKD FKD frequency tracker FT FT
form block template FBT FBT frequency-shift keying FSK FSK
formation FORM form fresh water FW FW
former FRMR frmr fresh water drain collecting FWDCT FWDCT
formula FORM form tank
formula translation FORTRAN FORTRAN fresh water pump FWP FWP
forward FWD fwd friction FRICT frict
forward ballast tank FBT FBT fringe FRNG frng
forward engine room FER FER from below FRBEL frbel
forward perpendicular FP FP front FR fr
forward propagation FPTS FPTS front connection FC FC
tropospheric scatter front end FRTN frtn
foundation FDN FDN front focal length FFL FFL
foundry FDRY fd ry front of board FOB FOB
four-conductor 4lC 1uC front of dash FD FD
four-dimensional 4D 4d front upset jaw FUJ FUJ
four-pole 4P 4P front vertex back focal FVD FVD
four-pole double-throw 4PDTSW 4PDTSW distance
switch front view FV FV
four-pole single-throw switch 4PSTSW 4PSTSW front-connected FC FC


Term Drawings Text Term Drawings Text

frozen storage FZSTO fist0 gage board GABD GABD
fuel and defueling FDF FDF gage code number GCN GCN
fuel indicator reading FIR FIR gain time control GTC GTC
fuel injection line FIL FIL gallery GALL gall
fuel injection pump FIP FIP galley GALY gab
fuel line FLN fln gallon GAL* gal*
fuel oil FO FO gallon per hour GPH* GPH*
fuel oil pump FOP FOP gallon per minute GPM* GPM"
fuel service nozzle FSN FSN gallon per second GPS* GPS*
fuel tank FTK FTK galvanic GALV galv
fuel transfer pump FTP FTP galvanize GALV galv
fuel-air ratio FARATIO faratio galvanized iron GALVI galvi
fuel-oil transfer FOT FOT galvanized steel GALVS galvs
fueling FLNG flng galvanized-steel-wire rope GSWR GSWR
fueling-at-sea FAS FAS galvannealed GALVND galvnd
fulcrum FUL ful galvanometer GALVNM galvnm
full dog point FDP FDP Gamma Scintillation System GSS GSS
full duplex teletype FDTT FDTT gang punch GP GP
full field FF FF gap-filler data GFD GFD
full hard FH FH garage GAR gar
full indicator movement FIM FIM garbage GBG gbg
full indicator reading FIR fir garbage in, garbage out GIGO GIGO
full load FLLD flld garboard GARBD garbd
full scale FSC fSC garnish molding GMLDG gmldg
full size FS fs garter GTR gtr
full voltage FV fv gas amplification GA GA
full wave Fw fw gas ejection GE GE
full-load amperes FLA fla gas, nonpersistent GNP GNP
fully automatic compiler- FACT FACT gas operated GOPR GOPR
translator gas, persistent GP GP
fully heat-treated FHT fht gas turbine GTRB GTRB
fumetight FT ft gas turbine compressor GTC GTC
function FCTN fctn gas weld GASW GASW
functional configuration audit FCA FCA gaseous mixture GM gm
functional electronic block FEB feb gaseous oxygen GOX gox
functional schematic FS FS gasket GSKT gsM
functional test FT ft gasoline GAS gas
functional test requirement FTR ftr gasoline engine GENG geng
fundamental FUND fund gasoline engine, close- GECC GECC
fungus proof FP FP coupled
funnel FUNL fun1 gasoline-engine driven GED GED
furnace FUR fur gasproof GPF 9 Pf
furnish FURN furn gastight GT gt
furniture FURN furn gate [electron device1 G G
fuse block FB FB gate turnoff GTO GTO
fuse box FUBX FUBX gate valve GTV GTV
fuse holder FUHLR fuhlr gear rack GRK grk
fuselage FUSLG fuslg gear shaft GRSHFT grshft
fuselage station FS gearbox GRBX grbx
fusible FSBL gearcase GRC 9 rc
fusible cutout gearing GRG 9 rg
FSBLCUT fsblcut
fusion point general GENL gen1
general contractor GENCONT gencont
future FUT fut
general note (number) GN GN
fuze FZ fr
general operational GOR GOR
G general plant equipment GPER GPER
gage (gauge) GA ga requirements


Term Drawings Text Term Drawings Text

general purpose GP SP grain GR gr

Generalized Information GIRLS GIRLS gram G* g*
Retrieval and Listing granite GRAN gran
System granodize GRAN gran
generation GEN gen granolithic base GRB GRB
generator GEN gen granolithic finish floor GFF GFF
generator field GFLD gfld granulated GNLTD gnltd
geological GEOL geol graph isomorphism tester GIT GIT
geomagnetism GEOMAG geomag
geometric dilution of graphic GRPH grph
graphic ammeter GA GA
graphic demand meter GD GD
geometric mean GM GM
graphic kilovolt-ampere meter GVA GVA
geometry GMTRY gmtrv
German silver graphic var meter GRVA
gimbal GMBL gmbl graphite GPH
girder G grater GRTR
glass GL grating GRTG
glass block GLB gravel GVL
glaze GLZ gravel-surface buildup roof GSBR
glazed facing unit GFU GFU gravity G
glazed structural facing unit GSFU GSFU grav GRA
glazed structural unit base GSUB GSUB gray GY
glazed structural units GSU GSU gray iron GI
glazed wall tile GWT GWT grease GRS
glazed wall tile base GWTB GWTB grease nozzle GNOZ
glazed wallboard GLWB glwb grease trap GT
glide angle GA GA greatest common divisor GCD
glide slope GLS GLS green GRN
glider GLI gli green G
globe stop valve GSV GSV green indicating lamp GIL
globe valve GLV GLV green light GL
glossary GLOSS gloss Greenwich mean time GMT
glow plug GLPG glpg grid leak GDLK
glycerin GLYCN gbcn grid resistor GR
gold GLD gld grid return GRTN
governing GOVG 90vg griddle GRDL
government GOVT govt grille GRL
government test laboratory GTL GTL grind GRD
government-furnished aircraft GFAE GFAE grommet GROM
groove GRV
government-furnished GFE GFE grooved GRVD
groover GRVR
government-furnished GFM GFM
material grooving GRVG
government-furnished parts gross GR
government-furnished gross combined weight rating GCWR
propew gross vehicle weight GVW
Government-Industry Data GIDEP GIDEP gross weight GRWT
Exchange Program ground GND
government-loaned GLE GLE ground control center GCC
equipment ground detector GD
governor GOV gov ground glass GGL
grab rod GR gr ground lamp GRLP
grade GR gr ground mapping radar GMR
grade ability GRAB grab ground operation equipment GOE
grade line GL GL ground speed GS
gradient GRAD grad ground zero GZ
graduation GRDTN grdtn ground-controlled approach GCA


Term Drawings Text Term Drawings Text

groundcontrolled GCI GCI hand generator HNDGEN hndgen

interception hand lantern HL HL
grounded [outlet1 G 9 hand rail HNDRL hndrl
ground-fault interrupter GFI GFI hand reset HNDRST hndrst
ground-position indicator GPI GPI handbook HDBK hdbk
ground-protective [relay] GP GP handhold HH hh
ground support equipment GSE GSE handhole HH hh
ground-to-air GA GA handicap HDCP hdcp
ground-to-ground GG GG handle HDL hdl
group GP gP handling HDLG hdlg
grown diffused GD GD handling room HR hr
grown junction GJ GJ handset HNOST hndst
guarantee GUAR guar handshake [computers] HDSHK hdshk
guaranteed minimum value GMV GMV handwheel HNDWL hndwl
guard GD gd hanger HGR hgr
guard rail GDR GDR hanging HNG h ng
guidance GDNC gdnc harbor defense HD HD
guide GDE gde hard chromium HDCR HDCR
guide light GLT 9 It hard disc HD hd
guided GDE gde hard-drawn HDDRN HDDRN
guided aircraft missile GAM GAM harden HDN hdn
guided aircraft rocket GAR GAR harden and grind HG HG
guided missile GM GM hardened voice channel HVCH HVCH
guided missile GMCM GMCM hardened voice circuit HVC HVC
hardness HDNS hdns
guillotine GLTN gltn hardness assurance HA HA
gun carriage GCRG GCRG hardness maintenance UM HM
gun metal GMET gmet hardness surveillance HS HS
gun motor carriage GMC GMC hardness-critical item HCI HCI
gunnery GUN gun hardness-critical process HCP HCP
gunsight aiming point GSAP GSAP
hardover HDOV hdov
gusset GUS gus hardware HDW hdw
gutter GUT gut hardware cloth HDWC hdwc
gymnasium GYM
hardwood HDWD hdwd
gypsum GYP 9YP harmonic HMNC hmnc
gypsum sheathing board GSB GSB
harmonic distortion HD HD
gypsum wallboard GWB gwb harness HARN harn
gypsum-plaster ceiling GPC QPC harness leather HARNLTHR harnlthr
gypsum-plaster wail GPW g PW
gyrocompass hatch H h
haversine HAV hav
gyroscope GYRO gyro
hazard beacon HBCN HBCN
H hazardous HAZ haz
ha1berd HLBRD hlbrd head (comb form) H h
half breadth HB hb head and cover H&C h&C
half dog point 1/2DP 1/2dp head diameter HD hd
half wave HW HW head wind HW hw
half-hard 1/2H 1/2h header HDR hdr
half-moon HLFM hlfm heading HDG hdg
half-round 1/2RD 1/2rd headless HDLS hdls
half-track HTRK htrk headlining HLNG hlng
halftone HT ht headquarters HQ hq
Halpern antiradar point HARP HARP headset HDST hdst
hammer HMR hrnr heat emergency service tanks HEST HEST
hand (comb form) HD hd heat exchange HE HE
hand control HNDCONT hndcont heat shield HTSHLD htshld
hand crank HC HC heat sink HTSK htsk
hand form block HFB HFB heat-resisting HTRES htres


Term Drawings Text Term Drawings Text

heat-treat HlTR httr highcarbon steel, heat- HCSHT HCSHT

heated HTD htd treated
heater HTR htr high-explosive antiaircraft HEAA HEAA
heating HTG htg high-explosive antitank HEAT HEAT
heating cabinet HC HC high-explosive armor-piercing HEAP HEAP
heavy HW hVY high-explosive discarding HEDS HEDS
heavy aircraft fuel HAF HAF sabot
heavy end aviation fuel HEAF HEAF high-explosive incendiary HEI HEI
heavy machine gun HMG HMG high-explosive incendiary HEIT HEIT
heavy-barrel [rifle] HB HB with tracer
heavy-duty HD high-explosive plastic HEP HEP
heel breaster HLBR high-explosive ramjet HERJ HERJ
heel line high-explosive rocket-assisted HERA HERA
high-explosive spotting HES HES
heel sanding HLSD HLSD
high-explosive with tracer HET HET
heel to heel HH HH
high-frequency current HFCUR HFCUR
height HGT hgt high-frequency oscillator HFO HFO
height by width by length HXWXL HXWXL
high-grade plow steel HGPS HGPS
height finding HTF HTF high-level language HLL HLL
helical HLCL hlcl icomputers]
helical compression HLCPS hlcps high-noise-i mmunity logic HNIL HNIL
helical extension HLEXT hlext high-potential test HIPOTT HIPOTT
helicopter HLCPTR hlcptr high-power acquisition radar HIPAR HIPAR
helipotentiometer HPOT hpot high-pressure steam HPS HPS
helix angle HLXA hlxa high-pressure test HPT HPT
helper HLP hlP high-speed reader HSR HSR
hermetic sealed container HSC HSC high-speed steel HSS HSS
herringbone HGBN hgbn high-tensile cast iron HTCI HTCI
hertz Hz* Hz* high-tensile steel HTS HTS
heterodyne HET het high-tensile strength HTS HTS
hexachlorethane HC hc high-threshold logic HTL HTL
hexagon HEX hex high-velocity, aircraft rocket HVAR HVAR
hexagonal head HEXHD hexhd high-velocity, armor-piercing HVAP HVAP
hexagonal socket HEXSOC hexsoc high-velocity, target practice HVTP HVTP
hexagonal socket head HEXSOCH hexsoch high-voltage regulator HVR HVR
high altitude HA HA high-water line HWL HWL
high capacity [projectile] HC HC highline HL hl
high carbon HC HC highpass filter HPFL HPFL
high explosive HE HE highway HWY h w
high fidelity HIFI HIFI hinge HNG hng
high frequency HF hinge jaw HJ HJ
high humidity HIHUM hinge line HL HL
high impact hinge pillar HPLR HPLR
high intensity hinged plotting board HPB HPB
hinged seat HS HS
high pass HP HP
hoist HST hst
high point HPT HPT
hold off generator HOGEN HOGEN
high potential HIPOT HIPOT holddown HLDN hldn
high pressure HP HP holder HLDR hldr
high speed HS HS holding HLDG hldg
high temperature HTM HTM holding coil HC HC
high tensile HTNSL HTNSL holding fixture HF HF
high tension HT HT hole (pi-type semiconductor P P
high voltage HV HV material
high-altitude platform HAP HAP hollow HOL hol
high-altitude terrain contour HATCDS HATCDS hollow metal HM hm
data sensor hollow metal door and frame HMDF HMDF
high-carbon steel HCS HCS hollow tile HT HT


Term Drawings Text Term Drawings Text

homing HOM hom hybrid HYB hyb
hone-finish monolithic floor HFMF HFMF hybrid electromagnetic wave HEMW HEMW
honeycomb HNYCMB hnycmb hybrid microelectronic HMA hma
honorary HON hon assembly
hook rail HR HR hybrid microelectronic device HYBMED HYBMED
hookup HKP hkP hydrated HYDTD hydtd
hopper HPR hpr hydraulic HYDR hydr
horizon HRZN hrzn hydraulic clean HC HC
horizon scanner HSC HSC hydrid digital-analog and HYDAPT HYDAPT
horizon sensor HS HS pulse time
horizontai HORIZ horiz hydro-form die HFD HFD
horizontal (comb form) H h hydrocyanic acid HCN HCN
horizontal center line HCL HCL hydroelectric HYDRELC hydrelc
horizontal impulse HZMP HZMP hydrogen-ion concentration PH PH
horizontal impulse reaction HIR HIR hydrometer HYDM hydm
horizontal location of center HCG HCG hydrophone HYPH hYPh
of gravity hydrostatic HYDRST hydrst
horizontal reaction HZRN HZRN hyperbola HYPERB hyperb
horizontal reference line HRL HRL hyperbolic secant SECH sech
horizontal shear HS HS hyperbolic sine SINH sinh
horizontal tabulation HT HT hyperbolic tangent TANH tanh
horizontal volute spring HVSS HVSS hyperfine structure HFS HFS
suspension hypergolic clean HGC hgc
horn fiber HNDFBR hndfbr hypervelocity, armor-piercing HVAP HVAP
horn gap switch HGSW HGSW hypervelocity, armor-piercing HVAPDS HVAPDS
horsepower HP* hP* discarding sabot
horsepower-hour HPHR* HPHR* hypervelocity, target practice HVTP HVTP
hose bib HB HB hypervelocity, target practice, HVTPDS HVTPDS
hose clamp HC discarding sabot
hose connector HCONN hypotenuse HYP hYP
hose rack HR hypothetical HYPOTH hypoth
hose thread HSTH HSTH
HOSP hosp
ice cream ICRM icrm
hot brine pump HBPUMP HBPUMP
ice-cuber ICBR icbr
hot leg HLG HLG
ideal lowpass filter ILPFL ILPFL
hot side HSD HSD
identification IDENT ident
hot tin HT HT
identification beacon IBCN ibcn
hot water HW HW
identification friend or foe IFF IFF
hot water, circulating HWC HWC
identification friend or foe IFFS IFFS
hot-galvanize HGALV HGALV switching
hot-press HP HP identification light IDLT idlt
hot-rolled HR HR identification number IDNO idno
hot-rolled, pickled and oiled HRPO HRPO identification of position IP IP
hot-rolled steel HRS HRS identified foe IDFO IDFO
hot-water heater HWH HWH identify IDENT ident
hotwell HWL hwl idler IDL id1
hour HR* h r* ignition IGN 'gn
house HSE hse ignitor IGNTR igntr
household HSHLD hshld ignitron IGN ign
housing HSG hsg illuminate ILLUM illum
hovering HVRNG hvrng illuminating [projectiles] ss ss
howitzer HOW how illustrate ILLUS illus
howitzer motor carriage HMC HMC illustrated parts breakdown IPB IPB
howler HW hw illustrated parts catalog IPC IPC
humid HMD hrnd image, storage translation ISTAR ISTAR
humidity HMD h rnd and reproduction
hunting HNTG h ntg imaginary IMAG ¡mag


Term Drawings Text Term Drawings Text

imitation IMIT ¡mit indirect waste IW iw

immediate IMMED immed indirectly IDRTY idrty
immersion IMRS imrs individually INDV indv
impact IMP imp induced draft ID ID
impedance IMPD impd inductance IND ind
impedor IMPR impr inductance (comb symbol) L L
impeller IMPLR implr inductance regulator INDREG indreg
imperfect IMPF impf inductance-capacitance LC LC
imperial IMPRL imprl inductance-capacitance LCR LCR
impingement IGMT igmt resistance
implement IMPL imp1 induction IND ind
impose IMPS imps induction compass ICMPS ICMPS
impregnate IMPRG inductor IDCTR idctr
impression IMPRSN imprsn inductosyn ISYN isyn
improved plow steel IMPPS IMPPS industrial INDL indl
improvement IMPROV improv industrial service IS IS
impulse IMPLS irnpls industry IND ind
impulse conductor IC IC inert INRT inrt
in accordance with IAW IAW inert filler INRTFLR INRTFLR
in the place cited LOCCIT loccit inert gas INRTG INRTG
inboard INBD inbd inertial INRTL inrtl
incandescent INCAND incand inertial demand servomotor IDSM IDSM
incendiary INCND incnd inertial guidance IG IG
incendiary bomb IB IB inertial guidance system IGS IGS
inch IN* in* inertial measurement unit IMU IMU
inch per second IPS* IPS* inertialess scanning, tracking, INSTAR INSTAR
inch-pound INLB* inlb* and ranging
incinerator INCIN incin inference INFRN infrn
inclined INCLN incln infinite INF inf
inclined ladder IL IL infinity INF inf
inclosure INCLS inflatable IFL if1
include INCL inflating-deflating IFLDFL IFLDFL
inclusive information INFO info
INCL incl
information retrieval center IRC IRC
incoherent INCOH incoh
information sort and predict ISAP ISAP
incoming INCM incm
infra red IR IR
incomplete INCOMP incomp
infrared acquisition radar IRACQR IRACQR
incomplete sequence [relay] IS IS
infrared countermeasures IRCM IRCM
incorporated INC INC
infrared maser IRASER IRASER
incorrect INCOR incor
infrared monochromatic IRMRA IRMRA
increase INCR incr radiation
increment INCR incr ingot IGT igt
incubator INCBR incbr inhibit INHB inhb
indent INDT indt inhibit halt flip-flop IHFF IHFF
indentured data list ID ID initial INIT init
, indentured parts list IPL IPL initial velocity IV IV
independent INDEP indep initiation INIT init
indeterminate INDET indet inject INJ inj
index IDX idx inlet INL in1
index list IL IL inlet and outlet 10 10
indicate IND ind inlet and outlet head IOH IOH
indicated airspeed IAS IAS inlet guide vane IGV IGV
indicated horsepower-hour IHPH IHPH inlet manhole IMH IMH
indicated mean effective IMEP IMEP inner INR inr
pressure inner back end IBE IBE
indicating lamp INDLP indlp inner bottom IB IB
indicator driver ID ID inner front end IFE IFE
indicator-transmitter INDTR INDTR inner keel IK IK


Term Drawings Text Term Drawings Text

inoperative INOP inop insulate INSUL insu1
inorganic INORG inorg insulated-gate field-effect IGFET IGFET
input INP inp transistor
input translator INXLTR INXLTR insulating transformer IT IT
input-output IO IO insulation resistance IR IR
input-output buffer IOB IOB insulation specification ISPEC ISPEC
input-output element IOE IOE insulation test specification ITS ITS
input-output register IOR IOR insure INS ins
inquiry INQ inq intake I NTK intk
inscription INSC insc integral I NT int
insect screen IS IS integrated circuit IC IC
insecticide ICTCD ictcd integrated data processing IDP IPD
inseparable INSEP insep integrated injection logic IIL IIL
insert INSR insr integrated passive-action IPADAE IPADAE
insert character INSCHAR inschar detection and acquisition
insert screw thread INST INST equipment
inside INS ins integrated time and absolute ITAE ITAE
inside diameter ID ID error
inside frosted IF IF integrating INTEG integ
inside layer IL IL intelligence INTEL intel
inside mold line IML IML intensity INTEN inten
inside of metal IM IM intensive-care unit ICU ICU
inside radius IR IR intercept INTCP intcp
inside trim template ITT IlT interceptor [aircraft] F F
insignia ISGN isgn interceptor missile IM IM
insoluble INSOL insol interchangeable INTCHG intchg
inspect INSP insp interchangeable solid and IP IP
inspection check fixture ICF ICF screen panels
inspection check template ICT I CT interchanger INTCHGR intchgr
install INSTL instl intercommunication INTERCOM intercom
installation INSTL instl intercommunication [short ICM icm
installation and maintenance IM IM form]
installer INSTLR instlr intercommunication drum ICDRUM ICDRUM
instantaneous INST inst Intercommunication System ICs ICs
instantaneous automatic gain IAGC IAGC interconnection INTCON intcon
control intercontinental ballistic ICBM ICBM
instantaneous automatic IAVC IAVC missile
volume control intercooler INCLR inclr
instantaneous overload IOL IOL intercylinder I NTCYL intcyl
instantaneous relay INSTRLY instrly interface INTFC intfc
institute INST inst interface control drawing ICD ICD
instruct INSTR instr interference INTRF INTRF
instruction book IB IB intergovernmental INTERGOVT INTERGOVT
instruction card IC IC interior INTR intr
instruction folder IF IF interior communication IC IC
instruction leaflet IL IL interior communication and ICFCD ICFCD
instruction plate IP IP fire control distribution
instruction pulse IP IP interlock INTLK intlk
instruction tag IT IT intermediate INTMD intmd
instrument INSTR instr intermediate distributing IDF IDF
instrument flight rules IFR IFR frame
instrument landing approach ILA ILA intermediate frequency IF IF
Instrument Landing Approach ILAS ILAS intermediate missile IM IM
System intermediate power amplifier IPA IPA
Instrument Landing system ILS ILS intermediate pressure IP IP
instrument panel INSTPN INSTPN intermediate voltage IV IV
instrumentation INSTM instm intermediate-range ballistic IRBM IRBM
insufficient INSUF insuf missile


Term Drawings Text Term Drawings Text

intermittent INTMT intmt invert INVT invt
intermittent commercial and KAS ICAS inverter INV inv
amateur service involute INVLT invlt
intermittent duty ID N IDTY inward INWD inwd
intermodulation distortion IMD IMD ion chamber IC IC
internal INTL intl ionsphere ION0 iono
internal combustion IC IC iron pipe IP IP
internal combustion engine ICE ICE iron pipe size IPS IPS
internal connection INTCON intcon iron pipe thread I PT I PT
internal diameter ID ID iron-body bronze-mounted IBBM IBBM
internal pipe thread I PT IPT iron-core reactor ICR ICR
international INTL intl ironing board IB IB
International Annealed IACS IACS irregular IRREG irreg
Copper Standard island IS is
International Critical Tables ICT ICT isolate ISOL is01
international direct distance IDDD IDDD isolated-gate field-effect IGFET IGFET
International Pipe Standard IPS IPS isolation ISLN ish
International Standard Thread IST IST isolation ward ISLNWD islnwd
isometric IS0 is0
International System of Units SI SI isosceles ISOS isos
interoffice memorandum IOM IOM issue ISS iss
interphase transformer INTPHTR INTPHTR item identification II ii
interphone INTPH intph
item reduction studies IRS IRS
interphone control station ICs ICs
interpolation INTRPL intrpl
interpole INTPO J
interpost IP jacket J KT jkt
interpret INTPR intpr jacket water JW JW
interpupillary INTRPLRY intrplry jackscrew JKSCR jkscr
interrogate INTRG intrg jamming JAMG jaw
interrogator-responder IR IR janitor’s closet JC JC
interrogator-transponder IT IT January JAN Jan
interrupt INTRPT intrpt japanned JAP ia P
interrupt control register INCR INCR jet propelled JP JP
interrupted continuous wave ICW ICW jet-assisted takeoff JATO JATO
interrupter [relay] INT int jettison JTSN jtsn
intersect INTSCT intsct jig template JT JT
intership INTSHP intshp job order JO JO
interstage INTSTG intstg joggle JOG jog
interval INTVL intvl joiner J i
intervalometer INTVLM intvlm joiner pilaster fume tight JPFT J PFT
intricate INTRC intrc joiner pilaster nontight JPNT JPNT
intrinsic (¡)-type I I joint JT jt
semiconductor material Joint Army-Navy JAN JAN
introduction INTRO intro Joint Army-Navy-Air Force JANAF JANAF
invariant INVAR invar joint bar JTB JTB
inventory INVN invn joint compound JC JC
inventory schedule IS IS joints NPSM npsm
inverse INVS invs joists and planks JP JP
inverse cosecant ARCCSE arccse journal JNL jnl
inverse cosine ARCCOS arccos July JUL Jul
inverse cotangent ARCCOT arccot junction J CT jct
inverse secant ARCSEC arcsec junction box JB JB
inverse sine ARCSIN arcsin junction field-effect transistor JFET JFET
inverse tangent ARCTAN arctan June JUN Jun
inverse time limit ITL ITL junior JR ir
inverse time relay ITR ITR just not noticeable difference JNND JNND


Term Drawings Text Term Drawings Text

just noticeable difference JND JND large artificial neuron network LANNET LANNET
large tug LT It
K large-scale hybrid integration LSHI LSHI
Kalamein KAL kaI large-scale integration LSI LSI
Kalamein door KALD KALD laser detection and ranging LADAR LADAR
Kalamein door and frame KDF KDF lashing LSHG Ishg
keene's cement plaster KCP KCP last-in-first-out LIFO LIFO
keene's cement plaster ceiling KCPC KCPC latch LCH Ich
keeping KPG kpg latch checking switch LCSW LCSW
Kelvin K* K* lateral LATL latl
kerosene KRSN krsn latitude LAT lat
key locker KL kl lattice LTC ItC
key pulsing KPLS KPLS launch LANH lanh
keyboard KYBD kybd launch and control center LCC LCC
keypunch KP kP launcher LCHR Ichr
keyseat KST kst launcher site LS LS
keyway KWY kWY laundry LAU lau
kick plate KPL KPL laundry chute LC LC
kick plate & drip KPD KPD laundry tray LT LT
kickoff [relay] KO ko lavatory LAV lav
kickpipe KP kP lawn faucet LF LF
kiln-dried KD kd layer LYR
kilovolt-ampere hour KVAH* KVAH* layout LYT IYt
kilovolt-ampere hour meter KVAHM KVAHM lead angle LA LA
kilovolt-ampere meter KVAM KVAM lead-coated metal LCM LCM
kilowatt-hour meter KWHM KWHM lead-covered LC LC
kinescope KINE kine leader LDR Idr
kinetic energy KE KE leading LD Id
knee brace KB KB leading edge LE LE
knife switch KNSW KNSW leading edge radius LER LER
knife-blade KNBL KNBL leakage LKG Ikg
knife-edge KNED KNED leakoff LOFF I off
knock down KD KD
least common multiple LCM LCM
knockout KO ko
least material condition LMC LMC
Koroseal KRAL kral
leather LTHR Ithr
leaves LVS Ivs
left arithmetic element LAE LAE
label LBL Ibl
LAB lab left bank LBK Ibk
labyrinth LBYR Ibyr left hand LH LH
labyrinth pack LBYRPK LBYRPK left male LM LM
lacquer LAO left side LS LS
ladder LAD lad left-hand drive LHDR LHDR
ladder rung LR LR left-hand side LHS LHS
lagging LAG left-right indicator LRI LRI
laminate LAM lam length LG lg
lampblack LMPBLK Impblk length between LBP LBP
lampholder LPHLDR Iphldr perpendiculars
landing LDG length of chord LC LC
landing gear LDGGR Idggr length of curve LCRV LCRV
Landing Observer Signal LOSS LOSS length of lead [actual] LOL LOL
System length overall LOA LOA
landing signal wand light LSWLT Iswlt lengthening LNG Ing
landmark LDMK Idmk length-to-diameter ratio LGD LGD
lantern LTRN Itrn lens board LNBD Inbd
lanyard LNYD Inyd lens speed LNSP Insp
lapping LPG I P9 letter LTR Itr
large LGE be letter box LB LB


Term Drawings Text Term Drawings Text

lettering LTR Itr limiter LMTR Imtr

letterpress LTRPRS Itrprs limiting LMTG Imtg
level LVL IV1 line (comb form) L I
level detector LDET LDET line amplifier and super sync LASSM LASSM
level discriminator LDISCR LDISCR mixer
levelometer LEVMETR levmetr line drawing LD LD
Iever LVR Ivr line printer LPTR LPTR
lewisite L I line receiving amplifier LRA LRA
liaison [aircraft] L I line replaceable unit LRU Iru
liberty LBRT Ibrî line-carrying LC LC
library LBRY Ibry line-drop compensator LDC LDC
license LIC lic line-of-sight LOS LOS
life float LF LF lineal LIN lin
life jacket U LJ linear LIN lin
life preserver LPSVR LPSVR linear detonating card LDC LDC
lifeboat LB Ib linear integrated circuit LIC LIC
life-cycle survivability LCS LCS lining LNG Ing
lifesaving LSVG lsvg linkage LKGE Ikge
lifting LFT Ift linoleum LINOL lino1
lifting eye LE LE linoleum base LB LB
lift-up door LUD LUD linoleum floor LF LF
light LT It lintel LNTL Intl
light amplification by LASER laser liquid LI0 liq
stimulated emission of liquid fuel LIQFL LIQFL
radiation liquid in glass LQGLS LQGLS
light case LC LC liquid oxygen LOX LOX
light distribution box LDB LDB liquid petroleum gas LPG LPG
light lock LL LL liquid rocket LR LR
light switch LTSW LTSW liquid-crystal display LCD LCD
light tank LTTK LlTK liquid-rocket engine LRE LRE
light trap LT LT liquidometer LQMETR Iqmetr
light-activated semiconductor LASCR LASCR liquor LQR Iqr
controlled rectifier list of material LM LM
light-emitting diode LED LED list of specifications and LSST LSST
light-gun pulse generator LGG LGG standards
light-intensity detector LTID LTID lithograph LITHO litho
light-optic microscope LOM LOM litter LIT lit
lightening LTG Itg litter hook LH LH
lightening hole LTGH LTGH live load LL LL
lighter-than-air LTA LTA lizard LIZ li2
lighting LTG Itg load carrier LC LC
lightning arrester LA LA load center LC LC
lightning hole LGTH LGTH load factor [tabular] LF LF
lightproof louver LPL LPL load list LL LL
lightproof shade LPS LPS load ratio LR LR
lightproof vent LPV LPV load shifting resistor LSR LSR
Iightweight concrete LWC LWC load waterline LWL LWL
lightweight insulating LWIC LWIC load, update, subset LUS LUS
concrete loadcompensating [relay] LC LC
lignum vitae LGNMVTE LGNMVTE load-indicating relay LIRLY LIRLY
limber LIM lim load-limiting resistor LLRES LLRES
limestone LS Is load-ratio control LRC LRC
limit LIM lirn load-resistor [relay] LR LR
limit switch LIMSW LIMSW loader LDR LDR
limited LTD Itd loading LDR Idr
limited-space-charge LSA LSA local LCL ICI
accumulation [microwaves local apparent time LAPT LAPT
diodes1 local area network LAN Ian


Term Drawings Text Term Drawings Text

local automatic message LAMA LAMA loudspeaker LS Is

accounting louver LVR Ivr
local oscillator LO LO louver opening LVO LVO
local sidereal time LSDT LSDT louvered door LVD LVD
local standard time LST LST low carbon LC LC
localizer LOC loc low coolant LCOLNT LCOLNT
locate LCT ICt low explosive LE LE
lock pillar LPLR LPLR low frequency LF LF
lock washer LKWASH LKWASH low level LL LL
locked LKD Ikd low pass LP LP
locked closed LKDC LKDC low point LP LP
locked in device LID LID low power output LPO LPO
locked open LKDO LKDO low pressure LP LP
locked rotor LKROT LKROT low speed LSP LSP
locked-rotor amperes LRA LRA low steam LSTM LSTM
locker LKR Ikr low temperature LTEMPT LTEMPT
locking LKG Ikg low tension LT LT
lock-on LO LO low torque LTQ LTQ
locknut LKNT lknt low voltage LV LV
locknut pipe thread NPSL NPSL low-alloy steel LAS LAS
lockscrew LKSCR Ikscr low-altitude bombing LAB LAB
locksmith LSMITH Ismith low-frequency acquisition 8ind LOFAR LOFAR
lockup LKUP Ikup ranging
lockwire LKWR Ikwr low-frequency oscillator LFO LFO
locomotive LOCO loco lowfrequency outer marker LFOM LFOM
locus of radius LR LR low-level logic LLL LLL
locust LCT Ict low-power acquisition radar LOPAR LOPAR
loft line LL LL low-powered fan marker LPFM LPFM
logarithm LOG log low-resolution infrared LRIRR LRIRR
logarithm [natural] LN In radiometer
logarithmic amplifier LOAMP LOAMP low-voltage protection LVP LVP
logic LGC [€IC low-voltage release LVRLSE LVR LSE
logic unit LU LU low-voltage release effect LVRE LVRE
long baseline radar LOBAR LOBAR low-water line LWL LWL
long side LSD LSD lower LWR Iwr
long taper LTPR LTPR lower control limit LCL LCL
long wheelbase LWB LWB lower deck LDK LDK
long-range navigation LORAN LORAN lower sideband LSB LSB
long-range radar input LRI LRI lowercase LC IC
longeron LONGN LONGN lowest LWST I wst
longitude LONG long lowest usable frequency LUF LUF
longitudinal LONG long lowest usable high frequency LUHF LUHF
longitudinal expansion joint LEJ LEJ lowpass filter LPFL LPFL
longitudinal position of center LCB LCB lox clean LC LC
of buoyancy lubricant LUBT lubt
longitudinal position of center LCF LCF lubricate LUB tub
of flotation lubricating oil LUBO lubo
longitudinal position of center LCG LCG lubricating oil pump LOP LOP
of gravity lubrication order LO LO
longleaf yellow pine , LLYP LLYP lumber LBR Ibr
looking LKG I kg lumen per watt LPW* LPW*
lookout LKT Ikt luminous LUM lum
loop-control [relay] LPC LPC lunar excursion module LEM LEM
looper LPR IPr lunar orbit-rendezvous LOR LOR
loss of signal LOS LOS lunette LUN lun
lot fraction reliability LFRD LFRD
definition M
lot tolerance percent defective LTPD LTPD Mach number MACH MACH


Term Drawings Text Term Drawings Text

machine MACH mach maintenance parts kit MPK MPK
machine gun MG MG maintenance parts list MPL MPL
machine rifle MR MR maintenance support MSE MSE
machine screw MSCR MSCR equipment
machine steel MST MST major MAJ mai
machined surface MASU MASU makeup MKUP mkup
machinery MCHRY mchry makeup feed MUFD MUFD
machinist MCHST mchst male and female MF MF
magazine MAG mag male flared MFLRD MFLRD
magazine flooding and MFS mfs male pipe thread M PT M PT
sprinkling male threaded MTHRD MTHRD
magnaflux M m malfunction MALF malf
magnesium MAG mag malleable MAL mal
magnesium-thorium MAGTHOR magthor malleable iron MI MI
magnet MAG mag man overboard and MOBLT MOBLT
magnetic MAG mag breakdown light
magnetic amplifier MAGAMP MAGAMP management MGT mgt
magnetic armature MG mg manager MGR mgr
magnetic core memory MCM MCM managing MNG mng
magnetic ink character MICR MICR mandrel MDRL mdrl
recognition maneuvering MANUV manuv
magnetic mine sweeping MMS MMS manhole MH mh
magnetic modulator MAGMOD MAGMOD manhole cover MC MC
magnetic particle inspection MPI MPI manifold MANF manf
magnetic tape MT MT manila [rope] M m
magnetic-ink character MICR MICR manual MNL mnl
manual change order MCO MCO
magneto MGN mgn manual change request MCR MCR
magnetohydrodynamics MHD mhd
manual data input function MDIF MDIF
magnetometer MGTMTR mgtmtr
manual gain control MGC MGC
magnetomotive force MMF MMF
manual overload MANOVLD MANOVLD
magnetostriction MS ms
magnetron manual volume control MVC MVC
MAGN magn
magnify manually operated MNLOPR MNLOPR
MGF mgf
magnitude manufacture MFR mfr
MAGTD magtd
mahogany MAH manufactured MFD mfd
mail chute MCH manufacturing MFG mf9
mail tray MT manufacturing information MFGINFO MFGINFO
mailbox MB mb manufacturing instruction MI MI
main bang suppressor MBS manuscript MS ms
main ballast tank MBT MBT marble MR mr
main battery [guns] MB MB marble base MRB MRB
main battle tank M BT M BT marble floor MRF MRF
main control tank MCT MCT marble threshold MRT MRT
main coolant MC MC March MAR Mar
main distributing frame MDF MDF margin MARG marg
main feed MF MF marginal [relay] MGL mgl
main frame MNFRM MNFRM marine MAR Mar
main landing gear MLG MLG marine-finish slate MFS MFS
maintenance MAINT maint mark sensing MS MS
maintenance and repair MR MR marked MKD mkd
maintenance and supply MS MS marker MKR mkr
maintenance engineering MEAR MEAR markings MKGS mkgs
analysis record masking MASK mask
maintenance ground MGE MGE mason operated MO MO
equipment masonite hydropress die MHPD MHPD
maintenance of close contact MCC MCC masonry MSNRY msnry
maintenance of true bearino MTB MTB mast hull loop MHL MHL


Term Drawings Text Term Drawings Text

master MA ma mean time to failure MTTF MTTF
master change record MCR MCR mean time to first failure MlTFF MTTFF
master cross-reference list MCRL MCRL mean time to repair MTTR MTTR
master data record MDR MDR mean up time MUT MUT
master layout duplicate MLD MLD mean variation MV MV
master layout original MLO MLO mean width ratio MWR MWR
master lines layout MLL MLL measure MEAS meas
master makeup and display MMD MMD mechanical MECH mech
master oscillator MO MO mechanical buffer register MBR MBR
master oscillator power MOPA MOPA mechanical time fuze MTF MTF
amplifier mechanical time, superquick MTS Q MTSQ
master sensitized material MSMP MSMP mechanically cooled MCHCL MCHCL
print mechanically refrigerated MCHRF MCHRF
master switch MSW MSW mechanism MECH mech
master synchronizer MSYNC MSYNC mechanize MECZ mecz
masthead MHD mhd median MDN mdn
masthead light MHDLT mhdlt medical MED rned
mastic MSTC mstc medicine cabinet MC MC
mastic floor MF MF medium MDM mdm
mastic joint MJ MJ medium frequency MF MF
matched MTCHD mtchd medium high frequency MHF MHF
material MATL mat1 medium pressure MP MP
material list ML ML medium-range ballistic MRBM MRBM
material test specification MTS MTS missile
mathematical MATH math megabyte MEG meg
mathematics MATH math melamine MEL mel
matrix MAT mat melting point MP MP
matrix output amplifier MOA MOA member MBR mbr
matt-finish structural facing MFSFU MFSFU
membrane MEMB memb
membrane waterproofing MWP MWP
mattress MTRS mtrs
memorandum MEMO memo
maximum MAX max
memory MEM mem
maximum available power MAPG MAPG
gain memory allocation and MAPU MAPU
maximum capacity protection unit
MAXCAP maxcap
maximum design meter MDM M DM memory point MEMPT MEMPT
maximum flight memory test computer MTC MTC
maximum material condition MMC MMC merchandise MDSE mdse
maximum permissible M PE M PE merchantable MERCH merch
exposure mercurial MRCL mrcl
maximum torque MT MT mercury arc MA MA
maximum usable frequency MUF MUF meridian MER mer
maximum working pressure MWP MWP meshing MSHG rnshg
maximum working voltage MWV MWV message MSG msg
mean aerodynamic chord MAC MAC message generator MSGG MSGG
mean effective pressure MEP MEP messenger MESS mess
mean flight hours between MFHBF MFHBF metacenter M rn
failure metacentric height GM gm
mean high tide M HT MHT metal MET met
mean high water MHW MHW metal anchor MA MA
mean higher high water MHHW MHHW metal anchor slots MAS mas
mean low tide M LT M LT metal awning-type window MATW MATW
mean low water MLW M LW metal base METB METB
mean lower low water MLLW MLLW metal casement window MCW MCW
mean sea level MSL MSL metal casting pattern MCP MCP
mean tide MT MT metal corner bead MCB MCB
mean time MT MT metal curb M ETC M ETC
mean time between failures MTBF MTBF metal door METD METD


Term Drawings Text Term Drawings Text

metal flashing METF METF microwave amplification by MASER MASER
metal gravei stop MGS MGS stimulated emission of
metal grille METG METG radiation
metal jalousie METJ METJ microwave early warning MEW MEW
metal lath and plaster MLP MLP middle MDL mdl
metal mold METM METM middle landing MLD MLD
metal mount MMT MMT midget MDGT mdgt
metal partition METP METP mildew-resistant thread MRT MRT
metal portion METP METP mile MI mi
metal rolling door MRD MRD mile per gallon MPG* MPG*
metal roof METR METR mile per hour MPH* MPH*
metal slitting MLS military MIL mil
metal splash pan Military Affiliated Radio MARS MARS
metal strip METS METS
military characteristics MC MC
metal threshold MT MT
military characteristics MCE MCE
metal thru-wall flashing MTWF MTWF equipment
metal-aluminum-oxidesilicon MAOS MAOS military characteristics motor MCM mcm
si Iicon
metal-covered door MCD MCD military standard [book] MIL-STD MIL-STD
metal-dielectric-metal[filter] MDM MDM military standard [sheet] MS MS
metal-interface amplifier MIA MIA milliammeter MAM mam
metal-nitride-oxide silicon MNOS MNOS mine hauling bogie MHB MHB
metal-oxide semiconductor MOS MOS mineral MNRL mnrl
metal-oxide-semiconductor MOSFET MOSFET mineral-surface roof MSR MSR
field effects transistor minesweeping light MSLT mslt
metal-oxide-semiconductor MOST MOST miniature MINTR mintr
transistor minicomputer MNCMPTR mncmptr
metal-thick-oxide silicon MTOS MTOS minimum MIN min
metalclad switchgear MCSWGR mcswgr minimum discernible signal MDS MDS
metallic MTLC mtlc minor MIN min
metallize MTLZ mtlz mirror MIR mir
metallurgical MET met miscellaneous MISC misc
meteorological METRL metrl miscellaneous simulation MSG MSG
meter (instr, comb form) M m generation
meter [instrument] MTR mtr missile MSL msl
metering MTR mtr missile boat tail MSLBT msl bt
meter-kilogram-second MKS MKS missile impact predictor MIP MIP
method MTHD mthd missile precision MPIR MPIR
methyl-violet paper MVP instrumentation radar
mezzanine mission and traffic control MTC MTC
MEZ mezz
microammeter miter MIT mit
MCAM mcam
microcircuit miter end ME ME
MCKT mckt
mixed flow MXFL MXFL
microcomputer MCMPTR mcmptr
mixing MXG mxg
microcurrent MCKT mckt mixture MXT mxt
microelectronic device MED MED mobile MBL mbl
microelectronics MELEC melec mobile engine test stand METS METS
microelement MELEM metem mobile unit support base MUSB MUSB
microfilm MF mf mockup template MUT MUT
microfunctional circuit MFC mfc mode transducer MXDCR MXDCR
micrometer MIC rnic model MOD mod
microminiature MMIN mmin model [military M m
micromodule MMOD mmod nomenclature]
microphone MIC rnic model block MB MB
microphone element MICELEM MICELEM modification MOD mod
microprocessor MIPRCS miprcs modification work order MWO MWO
microscope MICR micr modify MOD mod


Term Drawings Text Term Drawings Text

modulated continuous wave MCW MCW mounting MTG mtg
modulator MOD mod mounting center MTGC MTGC
modulator-demodulator MODEM MODEM movable MVBL mvbl
module MDL mdl movement MVT mvt
modulus MOD mod moving MVG mvg
mogul MGL mgl moving-target indicator MTI MTI
moisture MSTRE mstre muffler MUF muf
mold line ML ML muller MULR mulr
molded MLD mld multiaperture logic element MALE MALE
molding MLDG mldg multiaperture reluctance MARS MARS
molecular electronics MOLELEX MOLELEX switch
molecular weight MOLWT MOLWT multichip MC mc
molecule MOL mol multifrequency pulsing MFP MFP
momentary MOM mom multigage MG mg
momentary contact MC MC multilith MULTH multh
monitor MON mon multimeter MULTR multr
monograph MONOG monog multiplane MLTPL mltpl
monolithic ML ml multiple MULT mult
monolithic integrated circuit MIC MIC multiple contact MC MC
monophonic MONO mono multiple gun motor carriage MGMC MGMC
monopulse radar MPR MPR multiple unit MU MU
monostable multivibrator MNSTBMV MNSTBMV multiplex MUX mux
month MO mo multiplication MULT mult
monument MON mon multiplier MULTR multr
mooring MRG multipole MP mP
m rg
mop rack MOPR MOPR multispeed MLTSP mltsp
morse taper MORT MORT multivibrator MV mv
mortar motor carrier MMC MMC munitions MUN mun
mosaic MOS m os music wire MUW muw
most probable number MPN MPN Music Wire Gage MWG MWG
most significant bit MSB MSB mutilated MUT mut
mostly MSLY msly muzzle MZL mzl
motherboard MTHBD mthbd muzzle velocity MV MV
motion MTN mtn
motion picture control panel M PC M PC
nacelle NAC nac
motion picture phonographic MPPH MPPH
unit namely VIZ vi2
nameplate NPL nPl
motion picture projector MPP MPP
narrow NAR nar
motor MOT mot
narrow band NB NB
motor belt drive MBD MBD
narrow gage NG NG
motor can MOCAN MOCAN
national NATL natl
motor chain MC MC
National coarse [thread] NC NC
motor circuit switch MCSW MCSW
National Electrical Code NEC NEC
motor direct MD MD
National Electrical Code NECS NECS
motor direct-connected M DC M DC Standards
motor field MF MF National Electrical Safety NESC NESC
motor generator MG MG Code
motor operated MO MO National extra fine [thread] NEF NEF
motor transport MT MT National fine [thread] NF NF
motor v-belt MVB MVB National form [thread] N N
motor whaleboat MWB MWB National Formulary NF NF
motorboat MB mb National gas outlet [thread] NGO NGO
motorcycle MTRCL mtrcl National pipe thread NP NP
motor-driven MTRDN MTRDN National special [thread] NS NS
motorized MTZ mtz national stock number NSN nsn
mount MT mt National taper pipe [thread] NPT NPT
mounted MTD mtd National Wire Gage NWG NWG


Term Drawings Text Term Drawings Text

natural NAT nat nitride steel NITSTL NITSTL

natural black slate NBS NBS nitrostarch NITROS nitros
natural logarithm LN LN no bias [relay] NB NB
nautical NAUT naut no change NC NC
nautical mile NMI* NMI* no coil NC NC
naval NAV nav no connection NC NC
naval bronze NAVBRZ NAVBRZ no control circuit contacts NOCCC NOCCC
naval electronic warfare NEWS NEWS no drawing ND ND
simulator no good NG NG
naval oceanographic NOMAD NOMAD no load NLD nld
meteorological automatic no voltage release NVR NVR
device noise equivalent temperature NET NET
navigate NAV nav noise factor NF NF
navigation countermeasures NAVCMD NAVCMD noise figure NF NF
and deception
noise frequency NF NF
navigational aid NAVAID NAVAID noise generator NGEN NGEN
navigational aid inoperative NAIOP NAIOP noise meter NM NM
for parts
nolead NL nl
Navy Primary Standards NPS NPS
nomenclature NOMEN nomen
Navy Secondary Standards NSS NSS
nominal NOM nom
navy standard flange NFL NFL
noncombustible NCOMBL ncombl
navy type NT NT
noncorrosive metal NCM NCM
near face NF NF
noncoupled NCPLD ncpld
near side NS NS
nondestructive evaluation NDE NDE
necessary NEC nec
nondestructive inspection NDI NDI
needle NDL ndl
negative nondestructive readout NDRO NDRO
NEG neg
negative print nondestructive testing NDT NDT
negative temperature NTC nonelectric NELEC nelec
coefficient nonenclosure NENCL nencl
negative torque signal NTS nonflammable NFLMB nflmb
negative-positive-negative NPN nonfused NFSD nfsd
[transistor] nonhygroscopic NH nh
negative-positive-innegative NPIN NPIN nonlinear NLNR nlnr
negative nonmagnetic NMAG nmag
negative-positive-ne positive NPNP NPNP nonmetallic NM nm
positive nonoscillating NOSC nosc
neon indicating light NEIL NEIL nonpetroleum NPET npet
neoprene NPRN nprn nonprocurable NP nP
net weight NTWT ntwt nonpropelled NP nP
net-laying light NLLT NLLT nonreactive [relay] NR nr
network NTWK ntwk nonreinforced-concrete pipe NRCP NRCP
neutral NEUT neut nonreplenishable demand NRD NRD
neutralizing NEUT neut nonreturn NRETN nretn
neutron NTN ntn non-return-to-zero NRZ NRZ
next assembly NA na nonreversible NRVSBL nrvsbl
next higher assembly NHA NHA nonself NSLF nslf
nickel NKL nkl nonslip tread NST NST
nickel copper NICOP NICOP nonstandard NONSTD nonstd
nickel copper alloy NCA NCA nonsynchronous NONSYN nonsyn
nickel steel NS NS nontight NT nt
nickel-plated NP NP nonwatertight NWT nwt
nic kel-siIver NISIL nisil normal NORM norm
night message NTM NTM normal charge NLCHG NLCHG
night ration locker NRL NRL normal circular pitch NCP NCP
night vision goggles NVG NVG normal diametral pitch NDP NDP
night vision imaging system NVIS NVIS normal fuel oil tank NFT NFT
nipple NIP nip normal lube oil tank NLT NLT


Term Drawings Text Term Drawings Text

normal overload NOL NOL official OFCL ofcl

normal pressure angle NPA NPA offset OFS ofs
normal temperature and NTP NTP offset printing press OPPR OPPR
pressure ohmmeter OHM ohm
normalize NORM norm oil burner OBNR obnr
normally closed NC NC oil catcher OCHR OCHR
normally open NO NO oil circuit breaker OCB OCB
north N N oil circuit recloser OCR OCR
nose fuse NF NF oil cleaner OCLNR oclnr
nose landing gear NLG NLG oil control OCONT OCONT
not applicable NA NA oil cooler OCLR OCLR
not available NA NA oil differential ODIFF ODIFF
not in contract NIC NIC oil dipstick ODPSK ODPSK
not to scale NTS NTS oil filter OFL oil
notched NCH NCH oil level OLVL OLVL
notice of revision NOR NOR oil nozzle ONOZ ONOZ
novelty [insull N N oil pan OPN OPN
November NOV Nov oil plug OPLG OPLG
nozzle NOZ noz oil pressure OPRS OPRS
nozzle control unit NCU NCU oil pump OP OP
nuclear NUC nuc oil ring OR OR
nuclear magnetron NM NM oil screen OSCRN OSCRN
nuclear reactor NR NR oil seal OSL os1
number NO no oil suction pump OSP OSP
numeral NUM num oil switch os os
numerical NUM num oil tank OTK OTK
numerical control NC NC oil-cooled OCLD OCLD
nut plate NTPL ntpl oil-immersed o1 o1
nylon NYL nYl oil-immersed water-cooled OIWC OIWC
oil-insulated o1 o1
O oil-insulated fan-cooled OIFC OIFC
object OBJ obj oil-insulated self-cooled OISC OISC
objective OBJV objv oilproof OP OP
oblique OBL ob1 oiltight OT ot
obscure OB ob olive drab OD OD
obscure glass OGL OGL on center oc oc
obscure wire glass OWGL OWGL on-vehicle equipment OVE OVE
observable critical item oc1 oc1 one-pole SP SP
observable critical processes OCP OCP one-shot os os
o bservation OBSV o bsv one-shot multivibrator OSMV osmv
observation window OBW OBW one-stage OSTG ostg
observe OBS obs one-way ow ow
obsolete OBS obs one-wire ow ow
obstruction OBSTN obstn opalescent indicating light OPIL OPIL
obverse OBV obv opaque OPA opa
occupy occ occ open dripproof ODP ODP
octagon OCT oct open dripproof protected ODPP ODPP
octahedral OCTAHDR octahdr open end OE OE
octal print punch OPP OPP open hearth OH OH
octane OCT OCt open ventilated ov ov
October OCT Oct openclose-open oco oco
octuple OCT OCt open-joisted OJ OJ
odometer ODOM odom open-type control circuit OTCCC OTCCC
of true position OTP OTP contacts
offensive iammunitionl OFFEN offen open-window unit owu owu
office OFC ofc opener OPR OPr
officer OFCR ofcr opening OPNG opng


Term Drawings Text Term Drawings Text

openside OPSD opsd outlet OUT out

operate OPR OPr out-of-print OP OP
operating steam pressure OSP OSP output OUT out
operating system os os output display unit ODU ODU
operation OPN OPn output register OR OR
operational OPNL opnl output shift register OSR OSR
operational assistance and OAIDE OAIDE output translator OUTX LTR OUTXLTR
instructive data equipment outside OUT out
operational support OSE OSE outside circumference oc oc
equipment outside diameter OD OD
operator table OPRT OPrt outside diameter tube ODT ODT
opposite OPP OPP outside face OF OF
opposite commutator end OPPCE owe outside helix angle OHA OHA
opposite pulley end OPPPE OPPPe outside mold line OML OML
optical OPT opt outside of metal OM OM
optical axis OPTAX optax outside radius OR OR
optical character recognition OCR OCR outside screw & yoke OSY (OS&Y) osy (os&y)
optical detection and ranging OPDAR OPDAR outside trim template OTT OTT
optimum OPT 0Pt outstanding leg osL OSL
optimum working frequency OWF OWF oval head OVH OVH
optional OPTL opt1 oval point OVP OVP
orange O O
overall OA oa
orange ORN orn overarm OVRM ovrm
orange indicating light OIL OIL overboard OVBD ovbd
orbital determination module ODM ODM overcurrent oc oc
orbiting astronomical OAO OAO overcurrent relay OCR OCR
overflow OVFL ovfl
orbiting geophysical OGO OGO
overírequency relay OFR OFR
over hanging OVHG ovhg
order ORD ord
overhaul OVHL ovhl
ordinary ORD ord
overhaul and repair OR or
ordnance ORD ord
overhead OVHD ovhd
organic ORG org overload OVLD ovld
organization ORG org
orientation overload relay ORLY ORLY
ORIENT orient
orifice overpower OVPWR ovpwr
origin overpressurized OVPRS ovprs
ORIG orig
original override OVRD ovrd
ORIG orig
original equipment override control bits OCB OCB
manufacturer oversize ovs ovs
ornament ORN orn overspeed OVSP ovsp
oscillate OSC OSC
overtone OT ot
oscillating OSCG oscg overtravel OVTR ovtr
oscillator OSC OSC
overvoltage ovv ovv
oscillogram OSCGRM oscgrm own doppler nullifier ODN ODN
oscillograph, string OSCG OSCG oxide OXD oxd
osci IIoscope SCOPE scope oxidized OXD oxd
other design activity ODA ODA oxygen OXY OXY
otherwise specified os os oxygen breathing apparatus OBA oba
ounce oz* oz* ozalid print OP OP
ou nce-inch OZIN* ozin*
out to out O0 O0 P
outboard OUTBD OUTBD package PKG Pkg
outer wing ow ow pad and boom [refueling] PB PB
outerback end OBE OBE padder [capacitor] PAD PAD
outgoing OUT out padlock PL Pl
outgoing repeater OGR OGR page printer PPTR PPTR
outgoing trunk OGT OGT paint PNT Prit


Term Drawings Text Term Drawings Text

Painted PTD Ptd pastry PST PSt
Painted base PB Pb patent PAT pat
painting stringer PNTSTGR PNTSTGR patent pending PATPEND PATPEND
Paints and oils PO PO pathological PATHOL PATHOL
pallet PLL PlI patrol PTL Ptl
Pan head PNH PNH pattern PATT patt
panel PNL Pnl pay load PLD pld
Panel point PP PP peacoat locker PLKR plkr
panic bolt PANB PANB peak inverse [reverse] voltage PRV Prv
panoramic PAN pan peak to peak PP PP
Pantograph PANT pant pedestal PED ped
pantry PAN Pan peeler PELR pelr
paper PPR PPr pelorus PLRS plrs
paperboard PBD pbd pelorus stand PLRSTN PLRSTN
parabola PRB Prb pencil PCL PCl
parab o k PRBLC prblc pending PEND pend
paraboloid PRBD prbd pendular PNDLR pndlr
parachute PRCHT prcht penetrate PEN pen
paragraph PARA para penetration PEN Pen
parallax PRX Pm pennant PNNT pnnt
parallel PRL Prl penny [nails, etc.] D D
parallel-to-serial PS PS pennyweight DWT dwt
parameter PRMTR prmtr pentaerythryte tetranitrate PETN PETN
parametric amplifier PARAMP PARAMP pentagon PNTGN pntgn
parametric synthesis PARSYN PARSYN pentode PENT pent
paravane PARV parv percent PCT PCt
paravane and stores crane PARVSTRCRA PARVSTRCRA percussion PERC perc
parchment PCHT pcht perfect PERF perf
parenthesis PAREN paren perforate PERF Perf
parity bit PBIT PBIT performance PRFM prfm
parkerized PARK park performance evaluation and PERT PERT
parking PRKG prkg review technique
parkway PKWY PkW Performance, Operational, POMSEE POMSEE
part number PN PN and Maintenance Standards
part of PO PO for Electronic Equipment
part or identification number PIN PIN performed PERF Perf
partial PART Part perimeter acquisition radar PACR PACR
parting line [castings] PL PL period P P
partition PTN Ptn periodic PERD perd
partly PTLY PtlY peripheral PRPHL prphl
parts catalog PC PC peripheral command indicator PCI PCI
parts kit PRTKT PrtM peripheral unit [computers] PU PU
parts list PL PL periscope PERIS peris
PartY PTY PtY permanent PERM perm
passage PASS pass permeability PERMB permb
passenger PASS pass permission PERM perm
passing scuttle PS PS perpendicular PERP PerP
passing window PW PW person PER Per
passivate PSVT PSVt personnel PERS pers
passive PSIV psiv personnel carrier PC PC
passive airborne detection PAADAR PAADAR perspective PERSP pew
and ranging petroleum PETRO petro
passive countermeasures PACM PACM petroleum, oils and lubricants POL POL
passive detection and PADLOC PADLOC pewter PWTR pwtr
location of phantom PHM Phm
countermeasures pharmacological PHARMACOL pharmacol
passive detection and ranging PADAR padar pharmacy PHAR phar
paste PST PSt phase PH Ph


Term Drawings Text Term Drawings Text

phase conversion and step/ PHCVSD PHCVSD pipette PPE PPe

down piping PP PP
phase meter PHM Phm pistol PSTL pstl
phase shift PSH PSh piston PSTN Pstn
phase-shift driver PSHD PSHD pitch P P
phenolic PHEN phen pitch circle PC PC
phillips head PHH PHH pitch diameter PD PD
phonograph PHONO phono pitch line PL PL
phosphate PHOS phos pitometer-log PTMTLG PTMTLG
phosphor bronze PHBRZ phbrz pivot PVT PM
phosphorescent PHOS phos pivoted door PD PD
photo butt line PBL PBL pivoted window PW PW
photo contact master PCM PCM place PL Pl
photocopy PHOC phoc places PL Pl
photodiode PDIO pdio plain PL Pl
photoelectric PELEC pelec plain washer PW PW
photoelectric cell PEC PEC plan position indicator PPI PPi
photoelectric scanner PES PES plane position indicator PPI PPi
photoflash PHOFL phofl plan view PV PV
photograph PHOTO photo planar PLNR plnr
photolithographic PHOTOLITH photolith planar epitaxial passivated PEP Pep
photostat STAT stat [transistor1
phototransistor PXSTR pxstr plane PLN Pln
phrase PHR Phr planet PLNT plnt
physical PHYS PhYS planetary PLNTY Plnty
physical configuration PCI PCI plank PLK Pik
identification planning PLNG Ping
physiological PHYSIOL physiol plaque PLQ Ph
pickled and oiled PO PO plaster PLAS plas
pickup PU PU plastic PLSTC plstc
picture PIX pix plate PL Pl
piece PC PC plate [electron tu bel P P
piece mark PCMK pcmk plate glass PLGL Plgl
pierce PRC Prc plated PLD Pld
pierce, blank, and form die PBFD PBFD platform PLATF platf
pierced aluminum plank PAP PAP plating PLTG Pltg
pierced steel plank PSP PSP platinum PT PT
piezoelectric-crystal unit CU CU pliers PLR Plr
pigment PGMT pgmt plotting PLOT plot
pigtail PGT Pgt plow-steel rope PSR PSR
pilaster P P plug cock PC PC
piling PLG Plg plumbing PLMB plmb
pillar PLR Plr plumbing and deck drain PDD PDD
pillow block PLBLK PLBLK plunger PLGR Plgr
pilot PLT Plt plus or minus PORM PORM
pilot light PLTLT pltlt pneumatic PNEU pneu
pilothouse PLTHS plths pneumatic tube PT PT
pinion PIN pin pnpn transistor magnetic PTML PTML
pinion end PE PE logic
pint PT* Pt" pocket PKT Pkt
pintle PTL Ptl point PT Pt
pioneer PION pion point of compound curve PCC PCC
Pipe Plug PPG PPS point of curve PC PC
pipe rail PR PR point of frog PF PF
pipe sleeve PSL PSL point of intersection PI PI
pipe tap PT PT point of reverse curve PRC PRC
pipeli ne PPLN PPln point of spiral tangent PST PST


Term Drawings Text Term Drawings Text

Point of switch PS PS pound per horsepower PHP* PhP*
point of tangency PT PT pound-force foot LBFT* LBFT*
point-detonating PD PD pound-force inch LBIN* LBIN"
point-detonating fuze PDF PDF pound-force per hour PHR' PHR*
point-detonating self- PDSD PDSD pound-force per square foot PSF* PSF*
destroying pound-force per square inch PSI" PSI*
point-initiating PI PI powder PDR (PWD) pdr (pwd)
point-initiating, base- PIBD PIBD powder passing PWDP PWDP
detonating power PWR Pwr
point-insulating PI PI power amplifier PA PA
point-to-point PP PP power and lighting PL PL
polar POL POI power and lighting PLDISTR pldistr
polar orbiting geophysical POGO POGO distri bution
observatory power circuit breaker PCB PCB
polarity PLRT Plfl power control unit PCU PCU
polish POL POI power directional relay PDR PDR
polyester POLYEST polyest power factor PF PF
polyethylene [insull POLTHN POLTHN power oscillator PO PO
polyethylene-insulated PIC PIC power package PPKG PPKG
power plant PP PP
polypropylene PP PP power supply PWRSPLY PWRSPLY
polystyrene PS PS power supply (comb form) PS PS
polytetrafluorethylene PTFE PTFE power supply unit PSU PSU
polyvinyl chloride PVC PVC
power switchboard PSWBD PSWBD
pontoon PON Pon power takeoff PTO PtO
Poppet PPT PPt power unit PU PU
popping POP POP power-driven PDVN pdvn
porcelain PORC porc
power-factor meter PFM PFM
porro POR por power-line carrier PLC PLC
port and starboard PS PS
power-operated POPD POPD
port light PLT PLT
powerhouse PWRH pwrh
port of embarkation POE POE
port side light practice PRAC prac
PSLT pslt
portable PORT preamplifier PREAMP preamp
position POSN posn prearm PA Pa
position indicator PIN PIN prebent PRBNT prbnt
positioner PSNR psnr precast PRCST prcst
positive POS precedence PREC prec
positive displacement PDISPL PDISPL precharge PRCH prch
positive-intrinsic-negative PIN PIN precipitate PPT PPt
[transistor] precipitation PRECP PrecP
positive-negative-intrinsic- PNIP PNIP precipitin PRCPTN prcptn
positive [electron device] precision PRCN prcn
positive-negative-positive PNP PNP precision long-range tracking PRELORTR PRELORTR
[transistor] radar
positive-negative-positive- PNPN PNPN precision-approach radar PAR PAR
negative [electron device] prefabricated PREFAB prefab
post indicator valve PIV PIV preference PREF pref
post office PO PO preferred PFD Pfd
posts and timbers PT Pt prefix PREF pref
potable water POTW POTW prefocus PRFCS prfcs
potential POT Pot prefocused PREF pref
potential difference PD PD preformed PREFMD prefmd
potential switch PSW PSW preformed beam PFB PFB
potential transformer PT PT preheat PHT Pht
potentiometer POT Pot preheater PHR Phr
pound LB* lb* preinserted PINSTD pinstd
pound per cubic foot PCF* PCF* preliminary PRELIM prelim


Term Drawings Text Term Drawings Text

premium PREM prem problem PROB prob

premolded PRMLD prmld procedure PROC proc
premolded expansion joint PEJ PEJ proceedings PROC proc
preparation PREP Prep process PRCS prcs
prepare PREP prep process specification [no PRCSSPEC PRCSSPEC
prescription PRESCR prescr number]
present PRES pres process specification PS PS
preservation PSVTN psvtn [number]
preservation method PVMTD PVMTD process water cooler PWC PWC
preservative PSVTV PSm processing PRCSG prcsg
preserve PSV PSV processing unit PROCU PROCU
press PRS Prs procurement PRCMT prcmt
press fit PRFT PRFT producibility engineering and PEP Pep
pressboard PBD Pbd planning
pressed PRSD prsd product PROD prod
pressed metal PRSDMET PRSDMET production PROD prod
presser PRSR prsr production illustration PI PI
presser foot PRFT PRFT production order PO PO
pressure PRESS press production-estimate card PECARD pecard
pressure angle PA PA profile PF Pf
pressure gage PG PG program PRGM Prgm
pressure proof PP PP program drum recording PDR PDR
pressure seal PSL PSL program register PRGMRGTR prgmrgtr
pressure vessel PV PV programmable integrated PICE PICE
pressure-reducing valve PRV PRV control equipment
pressure-volume-temperature PVT programmable logic array PLA PLA
pressurize PRSRZ prsrz programmable logic PLC PLC
prevent controller
PVNT pvnt
previous programmable unijunction PUJT PUJT
PREV prev
price and availability PA Pa programmed instruction PI
primary PRI pri
programming PRGMG
Primary Coolant System PCS PCS
programming language 1 PL1
prime PRM Prm progress PROG
prime mover PMVR pmvr
progression PROG
primer PRMR prmr project PROJ
priming PRM Prm projected window PW
print PT Pt projectile PJCTL
printed PTD ptd projection PJTN
printed circuit PC PC projector PJTR
printed circuit board PCB PCB proof PRF
printed wiring PW PW proof shot [projectile] PS
printed wiring board PWB PWB proofread PRFRD
printed-wiring assembly PWA PWA propane PRPN
printer PTR Ptr propellant PRPLT
printing PRNTG prntg propelled PROP
printout PTOUT ptout propeller PROP
priority PRI pri propeller order PRO
priority data reduction PDR PDR propeller revolution PRV
prism PSM Psm Propeller Revolution Indicator PRIS
private automatic branch PABX PABX System
exchange propelling PROP
private automatic exchange PAX PAX propew PROP
private branch exchange PBX PBX property line PL
probability PROB prob proportion PROPN
probable PROB prob proportional limit PL
probable error PE PE proposal PRPSL
probe P P proposed PRPSD


Term Drawings Text Term Drawings Text

Proprietor PROP Prop purchase request PR PR
propulsion PRPLN prpln purchasing department PDS PDS
prosthetic PRSTC prstc specification
protect PTCT ptct pure water PWTR PWTR
protective PROT prot purge PRG Prg
protective device PROTDEV PR OTDEV purging PRNG prng
protosynthex index PSI PSI purification PRFCN prfcn
prototype PROTO proto purifier PUR pur
protractor PROTR protr purple PRP PrP
proving ground PG PG purple indicating light PIL PIL
provision PROV prov purpose PRP PrP
provisioning parts breakdomrn PPB PPB push button PB PB
proximity ifuzel PROX PROX push rod PRD PRD
public address PA PA push-button station PBSTA p bsta
publication PUBN pubn push-pull PP PP
pull and push plate PPP PPP pyramid PYR PYr
pull box PB PB pyrogen unit PYGN PYGN
pull button PLB PLB pyrometer PYROM PYro m
pull rod PLRD PLRD pyrotechnic PYRO PYro
pull switch PS PS
pull-button switch PBSW PBSW 0
puller PLR Plr quadrangle QUAD quad
pulley PUL PU1 quadrant QDRNT qdrnt
pulley end PE PE quadrature QDRTR qdrtr
pulsating current PC PC quadruple QUADR quadr
pulsation PLSN plsn qualified products list QPL QPL
pulsator PLSR plsr qualitative QUAL qual
pulse PLS quality QUAL qual
pulse acquisition radar PUAR PUAR quality assurance QA QA
pulse amplifier PA PA quality characteristics list QCL QCL
pulse frequency PF PF quality conformance OC1 OC1
pulse per minute PPMIN inspection
pulse repetition period quality control QC QC
pulse time quality control reliability QCR QCR
quality deficiency report QDR QDR
pulse width PW PW
quality operating system QOS QOS
pulse-amplitude modulation PAM PAM
quality verification testing QVT QVT
pulse-code modulation PCM PCM
quantitative QUANT quant
pulse-count modulation PCTM PCTM
quantity QTY qty
pulse-duration modulation PDM PDM quantum amplification by QUASER QUASER
pulse-frequency modulation PFM PFM stimulated emmission of
pulse-interval modulation PIM PIM radiation
pulse-position modulation PPM PPM quarry QRY 9rY
pulse-repetition frequency PRF PRF quarry-tile base QTB QTB
pulse-repetition rate PRR PRR quar ry-ti le floor QTF QTF
pulse-repetition time PRT PRT quarry-tile roof QTR QTR
pulse-time modulation PTM PTM quart QT qt
pulse-time multiplex PTMUX PTMUX quarter QTR qtr
pulse-width modulation PWM PWM quarter-hard QTRH qtrh
pulverizer PULV pulv quarter-phase QTRPH qtrph
pump discharge PDISCH PDISCH quarter-round QTRRD qtrrd
pump, hydraulic-ram, hand- PHRHD PHRHD quartz QTZ qtz
driven quaternary QUAT quat
punch PCH PCh question QUEST quest
punch die PD pd question and answer QA qa
punching PCHG pchg quick disconnect QDISC QDISC
purchase PURCH purch quick engine change QEC QEC
purchase order PO PO q uick-act¡ng QA QA


Term Drawings Text Term Drawings Text

quick-break QB QB radius RAD rad

quick-cleaning QC OC railcar RLCR rlcr
quick-firing QF OF railing RLG rig
quick-look intermediate tape QLIT QLIT railroad RR rr
quick-opening device QOD QOD railway RY rY
quiescent QUIES quies raintight RT rt
quintuple QUIN quin rainwater conductor RWC RWC
quotation QUOT quot raised RSD rsd
quotient QUOT quot raised face RF RF
raised face diameter RFD RFD
R raised face height RFH RFH
rabbet RAB rab ramjet RMJ rmj
radar RDR rdr random RNDM rndm
radar (comb form) R r random access discrete RADAS RADAS
radar bright display REDE RBDE address system
equipment random-access indestructive RAIAM RAIAM
advanced memory
radar countermeasures RCM RCM random-access memory RAM RAM
radar input mapper RIM RIM range RNG rng
radar mapper, gap filler RMGF RMGF range and evaluation REGAL regal
radar mapper, long range RMLR RMLR guidance for approach and
radar planning device RPD RPD landing
radar simulator RSIM RSIM range error probability REP REP
radar start RST RST range light RALT ralt
radar transmitter RDRXMTR rdrxmtr range marks RM RM
radiac RDC rdc range surveillance RS RS
radial RDL rdI range-height indicator RHI RHI
radiate RAD rad range-rate indicator RRI RRI
radiated emission RE RE rapid action change RAC RAC
radiated susceptibility RS RS rapid rectilinear RR RR
radiation RADN radn ratchet RCHT rcht
radiator [automotive] R DTR rdtr rate of change RC RC
radio RAD rad rateau RAT rat
radio detection and ranging RADAR RADAR . rating RTG rtg
radio direction finding RDF RDF ratio R r
radio frequency RF RF rattail RlTL rttl
radio frequency amplification RASER RASER raw material RM RM
by stimulated emission of raw rape write submodule RTWS RTWS
radiation raw water RW RW
radio inertial RIN rin rawhide RWHD rwhd
radio interference field RIFI RIFI rayon RYN rYn
intensity reactance REAC reac
radio noise factor [figure] RNF RNF reaction RCTN rctn
radio operator RADOPR RADOPR reactivate REACM reactvt
radio telegraph RTLG RTLG reactive REAC reac
radio telephony RTEL RTEL reactive factor meter RFM RFM
radio teletype RlT R-IT reactive volt-ampere meter RVA RVA
radio teletypewriter Rn-Y R m reactive voltmeter RVM RVM
radio-frequency choke RFC RFC reactor REAC reac
radio-frequency interference RHI RHI reactor compartment RC RC
radioactive RAACT raact reactor core RCO RCO
radioactive liquid waste RALW RALW reader RDR rdr
radiochemistry RADCHM radchm reader common contact RCC RCC
radiographic inspection RADINSP radinsp reader tape contact RTC RTC
radiological RADL rad1 readiness RDNS rdns
radiological defense RADDEF RADDEF reading RDNG rdng
radiological warfare RADWAR RADWAR readout ' RDOUT rdout
radius R r readout and relay RR RR .


Term Drawings Text Term Drawings Text

read-write [head] RW Nv red indicating lamp RIL RIL

ready RDY rdY redesignate REDSG redsg
ready for issue RFI RFI reduce RDC rdc
ready service RS RS reduced charge RCHG RCHG
real and not-corrected input RANCID RANCID reduced hard pressure RHP RHP
data reducer RDCR rdcr
real time RT RT reduction RDCN rdcn
real-time input-output RIOT RIOT reduction of area RA RA
transducer reefing hook RHK rhk
reamer RMR rmr reentry REY rey
rear connection RC RC reentry vehicle RV RV
rear view RV RV refacer RFCR rfc r
rear-connected RC RC reference REF ref
rebabbit RBBT rbbt reference designation REFDES refdes
recalculated RECALC recalc reference engineering photo REPT REPT
recall RCL rci template
receive RCV rcv reference line REFL REFL
receive-only tape perforator ROTP ROTP refined RFND rind
received RCVD rcvd refinery REF ref
receiver RCVR rcvr refIectance REFL ref1
receiver-transmitter RT RT reflected REFLD refld
receiving RCVG rcvg reflective insulation RI RI
receptacle RCPT rcpt reflector REFL ref1
reception RCPTN rcptn reflex RFLX rflx
recess REC rec refractory RFRC rfrc
recharger RECHRG rechrg refrigerant RFGT alt
reciprocate RECIP recip refrigerate REFR refr
recirculate RECIRC recirc refrigerator, mechanical RMH RMH
recIaiming RCLMG rclmg household
reclined RCLD rcld regardless of feature size RFS RFS
reclose RECL recl regenerate REGEN regen
recognition RECOG recog regenerative REGEN regen
recoil RCL rcI register RGTR rgtr
recoil mechanism RECMECH recmech register drive RD RD
recoilless RCLS rcls regular RGLR rglr
recommend RECM recm regulate RGLT rglt
recompression RCMPRS rcmprs regulator RGLTR rgltr
recondense RECOND recond reheater RHR rhr
recondition RCNDT rcndt reid vapor pressure RVP RVP
reconnaissance RECON recon reinforce REINF reinf
reconnaissance (aircraft) R r reinforced concrete RC RC
record RCD rcd reinforced tile lintel RTL RTL
record and report RAR RAR reinforced-concrete culvert RCCP RCCP
recording ammeter RAMM RAMM Pipe
recording demand meter RDM RDM reinforced-concrete pipe RCP RCP
recording kilovolt-ampere RKVAM RKVAM reinforcing steel RST RST
meter reject REJ rei
recording tachometer RTM RTM relate RLT rlt
recording varmeter RVARM RVARM relation RLTN rltn
recoverability RECY recy relative REL re1
recovery RCVY rcvy relative biological RBE RBE
recreation RCN rcn effectiveness
rectangle RECT rect relative humidity RH RH
rectangular RECT rect relaxation RLXN rlxn
rectifier RECT rect relay RLY rlY
recurrent RCUR rcur relay block RB RB
red R r release REL re1
red fuming nitric acid RFNA RFNA reliability RELBL relbl


Tem Drawings Text Term Drawings Text

relief RLF rlf resistance temperature RTD RTD
relief radii RR RR detector
relief valve RV RV resistance-capacitance RC RC
relieve RLV rlv resistance-capacitance RCCPLD RCCPLD
relocated RELOC reloc coupled
remainder REM rem resistance-inductance RL RL
remote RMT rmt resistance-inductance- RLC R LC
remote control RC RC capacitance
Remote Control System RCS RCS resistor RES res
removable REM rem resistor-capacitor-transistor RCTL RCTL
removable cover REMCOV REMCOV logic
remove RMV rmv resistor-transistor logic RTL RTL
remove and replace RR rr resolution RESOLN resoln
renewable RNWBL RNWBL resolver RSLVR rslvr
renewal RNL rnl resonant RESN resn
renewal parts data RPD RPD respective RSPV rspv
renewal parts leaflet RPC RPL respectively RESP resp
repair RPR respirator RSPTR rsptr
repeat RPT respond RSPD rspd
repeater RPTR rptr response RSPS rsps
repeating coil RPTC RPTC restore RST rst
repeller RPLR rplr restorer RESTR restr
repetition RPTN rptn restrict RSTR rstr
replace REPL rep1 retain RET ret
replenishing RPLNG retainer RTNR rtnr
replenishment RPNSM retard RTD rtd
report RPRT retardation coil RTDC RTDC
report program generator RPG retension RET" retnn
reproduce reticle RTCL rtcl
REPRO repro
reproducer reticulated grating RG RG
RPDR rpdr
retraced RETR retr
reproducing unit RU RU
retract RETR retr
republic REPB repb
retrieve RTRV rtN
repulsion RPLSN rplsn
retroactive RETRO retro
request REQ req retrogressive RETROG retrog
request for engineering REC REC
return RTN rtn
return head RHD RHD
request for price quotation RPQ RPQ
return-to-zero RZ RZ
require REO req reverberation control of gain RCG RCG
required REQD reqd reverse RVS NS
requirement REQT reqt reverse-acting RACT RACT
requisition REQN reqn reverse-current REVCUR revcur
rescind RESC resc reverse-current device RCD RCD
rescue RSQ rsq reversible RVSBL rvsbl
rescue boat RSQBT RSQBT review REV rev
rescue equipment locker REL REL revise REV rev
research RES res revision REV rev
research and development R&D R&D revolution REV rev
reseating RESEAT reseat Revolution Indicating System RIS RIS
reserve RSV rsv revolution per minute RPM* RPM"
reserve feedwater RFW RFW revolution per second RPS" RPS"
reserve oil tank ROT ROT revolve RVLV rvlv
reservoir RSVR rsvr rewind RWND rwnd
reset-set trigger RST RST rheostat RHEO rheo
residual RESID resid rhodium RHOD rhod
residual field RESFLD resfld rhombic RHOMB rhomb
resilient RESIL resii rhomboid RHOMB rhomb
resistance (comb form) R R ribbed RIB rib


Term Drawings Text Term Drawings Text

ribbon RBN rbn rubber sheath R R
ridge RDG rdg rubbercovered cable RCC RCC
rigging RGNG rgng rubber-tile floor RTF RTF
right R R rubble stone RS RS
right angle RTANG RTANG rudder RUD rud
right bank RBK RBK rudder angle order RA0 RA0
right hand RH RH rules and procedures RP RP
right side RS RS running light RNLT RNLT
right-hand drive RHDR RHDR running, signal, and anchor RSALT RSALT
right-hand side RHS RHS lights
right-of-way RW RW running telltale light RlTL RTTL
righting arm GZ gz runout RO RO
rigid RGD rgd runway RWY w
ring counter RCNTR RCNTR rust preventative RPVNTV RPVNTV
riser R R rustproof RSTPF RSTPF
rivet RVT rvt S
roasting RSTG rsg saddle SDL sd I
rocker RKR rkr safe locker SL SL
rocker arm RKRA RKRA safe operating area SOAR SOAR
rocket RKT rkt safe working pressure SWP SWP
rocket assist takeoff RATO RATO safe-practice data sheet SPDS SPDS
rocket launcher RL RL safety SAF saf
rocket target RT RT safety valve sv sv
Rockwell hardness RH RH sail area SA SA
rod control RCONT RCONT salinity SAL sal
rod drive rddr RDDR salinity indicator SI SI
Roebling Wire Gage RWG RWG salinometer SAL sal
roll roofing RR RR salt water sw sw
rolled RLD rld salt water circulating pump SWCP SWCP
roller RLR rlr salt water pump SWP SWP
rolling steel door RSD RSD salt-glazed structural facing SGSFU SGSFU
roof drain RD RD units
roof leader RL RL salt-glazed structural unit SGSUB SGSUB
roofing base
RFG rfg
root diameter saluting SAL sal
root mean square salvage SALV salv
root sum square RSS RSS
same size ss ss
sample part SP SP
rotary RTRY W sampling SMPLG smplg
rotate ROT rot
sand-loaded SL SL
rotating passing scuttle RPS RPS
sandblast SDBL sdbl
rotator ROTR rotr
sanitary SAN san
rotodrome RD rd
saponify SAPON capon
rotometer ROTOMT rotomt
satellite SATL sat1
rotor RTR rtr satellite paper-tape transfers SATPAT SATPATT
rough RGH rgh
rough opening
saturable core sc sc
RO RO saturable reactor SR SR
roughness height rating RHR RHR saturate SAT ' sat
round RND rnd sawtooth ST st
round head RDH rdh saybolt second furo1 SSF SSF
round trips per hour RTPH RTPH ssu
saybolt second universal ssu
rounding RDG rdg scale sc sc
route RTE rte scale model SCMOD SCMOD
routine ROUT rout scanner SCNR scnr
rubber RBR rbr scanning SCNG scng
rubber base RB RB scanning electron microscope SEM SEM
rubber hose jacket RJH RJH scattered SCTD sctd
rubber insulation RINSUL RINSUL scavenge SCAV scav


Term Drawings Text Term Drawings Text

scavenging oil pump SOP SOP self-contained SCNTN SCNTN
schedule SCHED sched self-destroying SD SD
schematic SCHEM schem self-generating SLFGEN slfgen
Schmitt trigger ST ST self-indicating SLFIND slfind
science SCI sci self-locking SLFLKG slflkg
scintillator SCINT scint self-propelled SELFPROP selfprop
scleroscope SCLER scler self-sealing SLFSE slfse
scleroscope hardness SH SH self-synchronous SELSYN selsyn
scooter SCTR sctr self-tapping ST (SLFTPG) st (slftpg)
scope SCP SCP self-ventilated sv sv
scraper SRPR srpr selsyn SELS sels
scraping SRPG srpg semaphore SMPHR smphr
screen SCRN scrn semiarmor-piercing SAP SAP
screen door SCD SCD semiconductor SEMICOND semicond
screen gate SCRGT SCRGT semiconductor bilateral SBS SBS
screw SCR scr switch
screw down SCRDN SCRDN semiconductor controlled SCR SCR
screw thread SCRTHD SCRTHD rectifier
screwdriver SCDR SCDR semiconductor controlled SCS SCS
screwed bonnet SCRDB scrdb switch
scullery SCLY scly semiconductor unilateral sus sus
scup per SCUP scup switch
scuttle S S semienclosed SEN sen
sea flood SF SF semifinished SF sf
sea level SL semifireproof SFPRF sfprf
sea level static SLS semifixed SFXD sfxd
sea loading pipeline SLPL semiflush SFLS sfls
seal-in device SID SID
semisteel ss ss
sealed semitrailer STLR stlr
SLD sld
sealing semivital SVTL svtl
SEG seg
seamless send and receive SR SR
SMLS smls
seamless steel tubing sender SDR sd r
sending SNDG sndg
search SRCH srch
senior SR sr
searchlight SCHLT schlt
sense SEN sen
seater STER ster
sense amplifier SA SA
secant SEC sec
sensitive SENS sens
second SEC* sec* sensitivity SENS sens
secondary SEC sec sensitivity time control STC STC
section SECT sect sensitized SNTZD sntzd
sector SCTR sctr sensitized material print SMP SMP
sector scan indicator SSI SSI sensitizing SNTZG sntzg
securing SECRG secrg sensor SNSR snsr
security SCTY SCtY separate SEP sep
security guard window SGW SGW September SEP Sep
security window screen and SWSG SWSG septuple SPT SPt
sequence SEO seq
sedan SED sed sequence check SEQCHK seqchk
segment SEG seg sequential coding SECO SECO
select SEL sel sequential component SCAT SCAT
selective identification feature SIF SIF automatic testing
selective ringing SR SR serial SER ser
selectivity SEL sel serial number SERNO SERNO
select-operate sense SEOPSN SEOPSN series SER ser
selector SEL sel series relay SRLY SRLY
seleni um rectifier SR SR serrate SERR serr
self-cleaning SLFCLN SLFCLN server SVR svr
self-closing SELFCL SELFCL service SVCE svce


Term Drawings Text Term Drawings Text

service bulletin SB SB ship speed SSP SSP
service ceiling SRVCLG SRVCLG ship status SHSTS SHSTS
service fuel oil SFO SFO shipboard SHPBD SHPBD
service sink ss ss shipboard allowance list SAL SAL
service, sort and merge SESAME SESAME shipbuilder SHBLDR shbldr
service-factor amperes SFA SFA shipfitter SFTR sftr
serving SERG serg shipment SHPT shpt
servo svo svo shipping SHPNG shpng
servomechanism SERVO servo shipping center SHCR SHCR
servomotor SVMTR svmtr shock absorber SHABS SHABS
set screw SSCR sscr shoemaker SHMKR shmkr
setter SETR setr shop missile assembly and SMSA SMSA
setting SET set maintenance
settling SETLG setlg shop order so so
sewage SEW sew shop replaceable unit SRU sru
sewer SEW sew shore connection SHCONN SHCONN
sexless [connector] SXL sxl shore terminal box STB STB
sextant SXTN sxtn shoreline SHLN shln
sextuple SXT Sxt short circuit SHORT short
shackle SH sh short range navigation SHORAN SHORAN
shaft SFT Sft short side SHTSD SHTSD
shaft alley SA SA short takeoff and landing STOL STOL
shaft center sc sc short taper STPR STPR
shaft extension SFTEXT SFTEXT short time constant SHTC SHTC
shaft gear SHFGR SHFGR short wave sw sw
shakeproof SHPRF shprf short wheelbase SWB SWB
shank SHK shk short-circuit ratio SCR SCR
shape SHP sh P shortleaf yellow pine SLYP CLYP
shaped charge sc sc shot blast SHBL SHBL
share SH sh shots per minute SPM SPM
sharpener SHRP shrp shoulder SHLDR shldr
shear plate SP SP shower SH sh
shearing SHRNG shrng shower and toilet SHT sht
sheathing SHTHG shthg shower drain SD SD
sheave SHV shv shown SHN shn
sheet SH sh shrapnel SHRAP shrap
sheeting SH sh shredder SHRDR shrdr
shell SHL shl shrink mockup template SMUT SMUT
shellac SHL shl shroud SHRD shrd
shell-destroying SD SD shroud fin SHRDF SHRDF
shield SHLD shld shunt SH sh
shield [electronic device] SH SH shunt trip SHTR SHTR
shielding SHLD shld shutdown SHTDN shtdn
shift SHF shf shutoff valve sov sov
shift register SR SR shutter SHTR shtr
ship class SHPCL SHPCL shuttle SHTL shtl
ship control SCONT SCONT side light SILT SILT
ship course scou scou side looking radar SLR SLR
ship distance SDIS SDIS side upset jaw SUJ SUJ
Ship Draft Indicating System SDIS SDIS side water depth SWD SWD
ship draft indicator SDIT SDIT side-lobe blanking SLB SLB
tra nsmitte r side-lobe cancellation SLC sLC
Ship Inertial Navigational SINS SINS side-lobe suppression SLS sLS
System sideband SB sb
ship parts control center SPCC SPCC sidewinder SIWDR siwdr
ship service ss ss siding SDG sdg
ship service turbo generator SSTG SSTG signal SIG Sig


Term Drawings Text Term Drawings Text

signal and homing light SHLT SHLT sinter SNTR sntr
signal light bare SLB S LB sintered SNTR sntr
signal-to-noise ratio SNR SNR siphon SPHN sphn
signaling SNLG snlg siren SN sn
silence SIL sil situation SIT sit
silencing SILG silg sketch SK sk
silicomanganese steel SMS SMS skinned SK sk
silicon controlled rectifier (see --- --- skinner SK sk
semiconductor controlled skirt S KT skt
rectifier) skirted SKD skd
silicon precision alloy SPAT SPAT skylight SLT slt
transistor slate SLT slt
silicon unilateral diffused SUDT SUDT sleeve SLV slv
sleeve bearing SB SB
silver SIL sil sleeving SLVG slvg
silver braze SB SB slice SLC SIC
silver brazing SB SB slide SL SI
silver brazing union SBU SBU sliding SL SI
silver solder SILS SILS
sliding door SLD SLD
similar SIM sim
sliding expansion joint SEJ SEJ
simplex SPLX splx
clinger SLGR slgr
simulator SIM sim
slip fit SF SF
simulator compiler SIMCOM SIMCOM
slip joint SJ SJ
sine SIN sin
slip ring SR SR
sine of the amplitude SN SN
single SGL
slop sink ss ss
sgl slope SLP
single conductor sc sc SIP
slotted SLTD sltd
single rotating knife SRKN SRKN
single sided ss ss
slow operate [relay] so so
single signal slow release [relay] SR SR
single swing blocking SSBO slow speed SLSP SLSP
oscillator slowdown SLD sld
single weight sw sw sludge SLG slg
single-base solid propellant SBSP SBSP small SM sm
single-beam klystron SBK SBK small arms SA SA
single-conductor cable SCC SCC smoke SMK smk
si ngle-contact sc sc smoke generator SMKGEN SMKGEN
single-cylinder SCYL SCYL s mokeI ess SMKLS smkls
single-end SE SE smokeless powder SP SP
single-face SIF SIF smokestand ss ss
single-feeder SFDR SFDR smooth contour sc sc
sing le-g roove [insu I] SG SG smooth neck SMNK SMNK
single-groove single-petticoat SGSP WSP smooth-face structural clay SFSCT SFSCT
[insull tile
single-phase S PH SPH smooth-surface built-up roof SSBR SSBR
single-pole SP SP smoothing SM sm
single-pole double-throw SPDT SPDT snatch SNH snh
single-pole double-throw SPDTSW SPDTSW snorkel SNKL snkl
switch snubber SNBR snbr
single-pole single-throw SPST SPST socket SKT skt
single-pole single-throw SPSTSW SPSTSW socket head SCH SCH
switch socket welding SWLDG SWLDG
single-pole switch SPSW SPSW soda fountain SDFTN SDFTN
sing le-shot ss ss software SFW SfW
single-sideband SSB SSB soil pipe SP SP
single-sideboard SSBD SSBD soil stack SSK SSK
single-throw ST ST solder SLDR sldr
single-tire ST ST soldering SLDR sldr


Term Drawings Text Term Drawings Text

solenoid SOL sol special weapons SPLWPN SPLWPN

solenoid valve SOLV SOLV special-purpose SP SP
solid SOL soI specific SP SP
solid body SB SB specific fuel consumption SFC SFC
Solid fiberboard SFB SFB specific gravity SPGR SPGR
solid height SOLHGT SOLHGT specific heat SPHT SPHT
solid neutral SN SN specific impulse SIMP SIMP
solid rocket SR SR specific volume SPVOL SPVOL
soluble SLBL CIbl specification SPEC spec
solution SOLN soIn specification control drawing SCD SCD
solvent SLVT SIVt specimen SPEC spec
sonar SNR snr spectral distribution SD SD
sonar control room SONCR SONCR spectrum analyzer SA SA
sonar countermeasures and SONCM SONCM speed SP SP
deception speed converter SPCONV SPCONV
sonar narcelle (sonacelle) SONAC SONAC speed light SPLT SPLT
sonobuoy SONB sonb speed recorder SR SR
sonoswitch SONOSW sonosw speed regulator SPREG SPREG
soot blower SB SB speedometer SPDOM SPDOM
sorting, updating, report SURGE SURGE spherical SPHER spher
generating, etc. spherical cartridge SPCTG SPCTG
sound SND snd spider SPDR spdr
sound motion picture SMP SMP spike SPK SPk
sound navigation and ranging SONAR SONAR spin block SB SB
sound ranging SR SR spindle SPDL spdl
sound recorder-reproducer SRR SRR spin-stabilized [rockets] ss ss
sounder SDR sdr spiral SPL SPI
sounding SNDG sndg splash block SB SB
sounding machine SMACH SMACH splash proof SP SP
sounding tube ST ST splice SPLC SPIC
soundproof SNDPRF sndprf splice list SPL SPL
source SCE sce spline SPLN spln
source [electron device] S S split ring SR SR
source control drawing SOCD SOCD split-phase SPPH SPPH
source control number SOCN SOCN splitter SPLTR spltr
South S S splitting SP SP
space SP SP spool SP SP
space heater SPH SPH spooling SPG SPg
spacecraft sc sc spot-face SF SF
spacer SPCR spcr spot-face other side SFO SFO
spanner SPNR spnr spot-weld sw sw
spare SP SP spotlight SLT slt
spare part SP SP sprayed acoustical ceiling SAC SAC
spark SPK SPk sprayer SPYR spyr
spark plug SPPL SPPL spraytig ht S PT SPt
speaker SPKR spkr spreader SPRDR sprdr
special SPCL spcl spring SPR sPr
special (comb form) SP SP sprinkler SPR SPr
special iprojectilel SP SP sprinkling SPRG SPrg
special cleaning SPCLN SPCLN sprocket SPRKT sprkt
special common [projectile] SPC SPC squadron SQN sqn
special equipment SE SE square SO sq
special regulations SR SR square centimeter SQCM* SQCM*
special screw SPSCR SPSCR square foot SOFT* SQFT*
special services SPS sPS square head SQH SQH
special shaped SPSHP SPSHP square inch SQIN* SQIN*
special treatment steel STS STS square kilometer SOKM* SOKM"


Term Drawings Text Term Drawings Text

square root SQRT SQRT steering light STGLT STGLT

square wave SOW SQW Stellite STLT stlt
squeeze grip SOZGR SOZGR stepdown STPDN stpdn
squirrel cage SQCG SQCG stepdown and stepup SDNSU SDNSU
stabilization STBLN stbln stepper STPR stpr
stabilize STAB stab step-recovery diode SRD SRD
stabilized local oscillator STALO STALO stepup STU StU
stabilized master oscillator STAMO STAMO stereophonic STEREO stereo
stabilized shunt STSH STSH sterilizer STER ster
stabilizer STAB stab stern diving STDVG STDVG
stable STB stb stern light STLT STLT
stack STK stk stern plane STPL STPL
stage STG stg stiffener STIF stif
stainless STNLS stnls still picture projector SPP SPP
stainless steel SST SST stimulate STML stml
stairway s w stwv stirrup STIR stir
stake and platform SP SP stitch STCH stch
stamp STP stP stock STK stk
stanchion STAN stan stock number SNO SNO
standard STD std stock number sequence SNSL SNSL
standard instruction set SIS SIS listing
standard military drawing SMD SMD stock order so so
standard nomenclature list SNL SNL stone STN stn
standardization STDZN stdzn stop order so so
standby STBY stby stopping STPNG stpng
standing instruction SI SI storage STOR stor
standing-wave ratio [voltage] SWR SWR storage address register SAR SAR
standoff STDF stdf store ST st
standpipe SP SP storeroom STR M strm
star epitaxial planar SEP SEP storm water STW STW
starboard STBD stbd stove bolt SB SB
starboard side light SSLT SSLT stove rod SROD SROD
start and stop STSP STSP stowage STWG stwg
starter START start straight STR str
starting STG stg straight shank ss ss
statement STMT stmt straight thread [pipe NPSC NPSC
stateroom SR sr couplings]
static pressure STPR STPR straight-line frequency SLF SLF
static self-verification ssv ssv straight-line wavelength SLWL SLWL
station STA sta strainer STR str
station keeping lights SKLT SKLT strake STK stk
stationary STA sta strand STRD strd
stator SlTR sttr stranded STRD strd
statuary bronze STBRZ STBRZ strapped STRP strP
status STAT stat strategic STRAT strat
steady STDY stdy strategic missile SM SM
steam ST st stratosphere STRATO strato
steam engine direct- SEDC SEDC stream STR str
connected streamline STRLN strln
steam generator STGEN STGEN street ST st
steam working pressure STWP STWP strength STR str
steaming STMG stmg stress anneal SA SA
steel STL stl stringer STGR stgr
steel basement window SBW SBW strip STP StP
steel cadmium plated SCDP SCDP stripped STPD stpd
steering STRG strg stripper STPR stPr
steering gear dual emergency SGDE SGDE stripping STR str


Tenn Drawings Text Term Drawings Text

strip-tin ST ST superstructure SUPERSTR superstr
stroboscope STBSCP stbscp supervise SUPV supv
stroke STRK Strk supervision ~
SPVN spvn
strong STRG arg supplement SUPPL SUPPI
strongback STRBK strbk supply SPLY SPlY
structural STRL strl support SPRT SPfl
structural carbon steel, hard SCSH SCSH support equipment SE SE
structural carbon steel, SCSM SCSM suppression SUPPR SuPPr
medium suppressor SUPPR SuPPr
structural carbon steel, soft scss scss surface SURF surf
structural clay tile SCT SCT surface-to-air missile SAM SAM
structural glass SG SG surface-to-surface missile SSM SSM
structure STRUCT struct surface-to-underwater missile SUM SUM
Stubs Wire Gage SWG SWG surfaced or dressed four s4s s4s
studio-transmitter link STL STL sides
stuffing STFG stfg surfaced or dressed one side SIS SIS
stuffing box SB SB surfaced or dressed one side SISIE SISIE
subassembly SUBASSY subassy and one edge
subcaliber SUBCAL subcal surfaced or dressed two sides s2s s2s
subcarrier authorization SCA SCA surge SRG srg
subject SUBJ su bj surgical SURG surg
submarine SUB sub survey SURV surv
submarine mine depot SMD SMD survival SRVL srvl
submerged SUBMG submg suspend SUSP susp
submergence SUBMG su bmg suspended acoustical-plaster SAPC SAPC
submersible SEM sbm ceiling
subminiature SUBMIN submin suspended acoustical-tile SATC SATC
subsequent SUBQ subq ceiling
subsoil drain SSD SSD suspended plaster ceiling SPC SPC
substation CUESTA su bsta suspended sprayed acoustical SSAC SSAC
substitute SUBST subst ceiling
substrate SBSTR sbstr suspension SPNSN spnsn
substructure SUBSTR su bstr sustaining STNG stng
subsystem ss ss swage SWG swg
subtraction SUBTR subtr swamp glider SG SG
succeeding suc suc swash sw sw
suction SUCT suct swash bulkhead SWBHD SWBHD
sudden ionospheric SID SID sweat SWT SWt
disturbance sweep SWP SWP
sufficient SUF suf sweep expand SWPEXP SWPEXP
suffix SUFF Suff sweep integrator SWPINTEG SWPINTEG
sulfur trioxide chlorsulfonic FS FS sweet dough SDGH SDGH
acid swing SWG swg
summary SMY =my swinging bracket SWGBKT SWGBKT
summing SUM sum swinging door SWGD SWGD
summing selector ss ss switch sw sw
sump tank SMTK SMTK switch rails SWR SWR
sunny SNY snY switch stand sws sws
supercharge SPCHG spchg switch ties SWT SWT
superheater SUPHTR suphtr switchband wound [relay] sw sw
superheterodyne SUPERHET superhet switchboard SWBD swbd
superhigh frequency SHF shf switchgear SWGR swgr
superimposed current SUPCUR SUPCUR switchgear block SGB SGB
superintendent SUPT supt switchover swov swov
superquick SQ SO swivel SWVL swvl
supersede SUPSD su psd symbol SYM wm
supersensitive SUPSENS supsens symmetrical SYMM symm
supersonic transport SST SST symposium SYMP symp


Term Drawings Text Term Drawings Text

synchro switch ssw ssw taper pipe thread NPT NPT

synchro tie SYNTI SYNTI taper pipe thread [railing NPTR NPTR
synchronization bit SB SB fixtures]
synchronization indicator SYNIND SYNIND taper shank TS TS
synchronize SYNC sync tappet TPT tPt
synchronizing lamp SYNLP SYNLP tapping TPG tpg
synchronizing receptacle SYNRECP SYNRECP target TGT tgt
synchronous SYN SYn target designation transmitter TDT TDT
synchronous converter SYNCCONV SYNCCONV target doppler nullifier TDN TDN
synchronous-orbiting SYNCOM SYNCOM target identification TI TI
communications target practice TP TP
synchroscope SYNSCP synscp target practice with tracer TPT TPT
synthetic SYNTH synth tarpaulin TARP tarp
syringe SRNG srng task parameter synthesizer TPS TPS
system SYS SYS taxiway W
system noise figure SNF SNF
t-bar [structural shape] T T
Systeme International d'Unités SI SI teamwork Tw tw
technical TECH tech
T technical ammunition TAM TAM
table lookup TLU TLU technical bulletin TB TB
table solution TABSOL TABSOL technical circular TC TC
tables of equipment TE TE technical control TC TC
tables of organization TO TO technical manual TM TM
tables of organization and TOE TOE technical note TN TN
technical order TO TO
tabulate TAB tab
technical report TR TR
tabulator simulator TABSIM TABSIM
teeth T T
tachometer TACH tach
telecommunications TELECOM telecom
tachometer voltmeter TVM TVM
tackle telegraph TLG tlg
TKL tkl
tactical Telegraph System TS TS
TAC tac
tactical air navigation telemeter TLM tlm
tactical data entry telemeter transmitter TMX TMX
tactical missile TM telemetry TLMY thy
tactical range recorder TRR TRR telemetry processor module TPM TPM
tail fuze TFZ TFZ telemotor TELMTR telmtr
tail gate TGT TGT telephone TEL tel
tail gear TG TG telephone booth TELB TELB
tail landing gear TLG TLG telephone interference factor TIF TIF
tail wind Tw tw telephone station TEL TEL
tailor TAL tal telephotograph TPHO tpho
tailpiece TLPC tlpc teleprinter TPR tPr
tailshaft TLSFT tlsft telescope TLSCP tlscp
tally TLY tlY teletype Tr tt
tandem TDM tdm teletypewriter m ttY
tangent TAN tan teletypewriter exchange TWX TWX
tank destroyer TD TD television Tv tv
tanker TKR tkr television interference TvI TVI
tanker [aircraft] K k temper TEM tem
tanned TAN tan temperature TEMP temp
tape control unit TCU TCU temperature compensating TC TC
tape core TC TC temperature differential TD TD
tape distributor TDISTR TDISTR temperature indicating TIC TIC
tape drive TPDR TPDR controller
tape phase inverter TPI TPI temperature meter TM TM
tape-operated system TOS TOS temperature switch TSW TSW
tape-pack TAPAK TAPAK tem peratu re we1I Tw Tw
taper TPR tPr tempered TMPD tmpd


Term Drawings Text Term Drawings Text

tempered water Tw Tw thimble TMB tmb

tempering TMPRG tmprg thin film TF TF
template TEMPL temp1 thin-film transistor TFT TFT ’

temporary TEMP temp thinner TNR tnr

temporary construction hole TCH TCH third stage 3STG 3STG
tenderizer TNDZR tndzr thread THD thd
tensile TNSL tnsl thread both ends TBE TBE
tensile strength TS TS thread cutting TC TC
tension TNSN tnsn thread for press-tight joints NPSF NPSF
tentative TNTV tntv thread forming TF TF
terminal TERM term thread one end TOE TOE
terminal block TBLK tblk threaded neck THDNK THDNK
terminal board TB TB thread piece THDPC thdpc
terminal protective device TPD TPD three-conductor 3c 3c
termination TERMN termn three-phase 3PH 3PH
terneplate TRPL trpl three-pole 3P 3P
terohmmeter TOHM tohm three-pole double-throw 3PDT 3PDT
terra cona TC TC three-pole single-throw 3PST 3PST
terrain-avoidance radar TAR TAR three-stage 3STG 3STG
terrain-clearance indicator TCI TCI three-way 3WAY 3WAY
terrazzo TER ter three-wire 3w 3w
terrazzo base TERB TERB throat THRT thrt
tertiary TER ter throttle THROT throt
test and evaluate TE TE throttle reset TRST TRST
test equipment TSTEQ TSTEQ through THRU thru
test link TLK TLK thrower THWR thwr
test point TP TP throwout THWJ thwt
test specification [no number] TSPEC TSPEC thrust THR thr
test specification [number] TS TS thrust line TL TL
test switch TSW TSW thrust shell THRSHL THRSHL
tester TSTR tstr thrust termination unit T U l-rU
testing TSTG tstg thyratron core driver TCD TCD
testing and popping TSPOP TSPOP thyratron motor control THYMOTROL THYMOTROL
testing device TD TD thyristor THYR THYR
tetrachloride TET tet ticket TKT TKT
tetrafl uorethylene TETFLEYNE tetfleyne tie line TL TL
tetrode TET tet . tie plate TP TP
textile TXTL tXtl tight joints NPTF NPTF
that is IE ie tight wrapped Tw Tw
theoretical THEOR theor tightening 77NG ttng
theoretical point of fog TPF TPF tile base TB TB
therm THM thm tile block TB TB
thermal THRM thrm tile drain TD TD
thermal converter THC THC tile floor TF TF
thermal demand transmitter TDX TDX tile threshold T TT
thermal element TE TE tile wainscot Tw Tw
thermistor THMS thms tile-sh ingle roof TSR TSR
thermocouple TC tC tiller TLR tlr
thermoid TH th tilting TLG tkl
thermometer THERM therm timber TMBR tmbr
thermostat THERMO thermo time and superquick TSQ TSQ
thermostatic THRMSTC thrmstc time compliance technical TCTO TCTO
thick THK thk order
thick film THKF THKF time constant TC TC
thickener THKNR thknr time delay TD TD
thicker THKR thkr time division multiplex TDM TDM
thickness THKNS thkns time meter TIM TIM


Term Drawings Text Term Drawings Text

time of fail TF TF touchtone multifrequency lTMF lTMF

time of flight TMFL TMFL towel rack or rod TR TR
time of rise TR TR tower TWR twr
time of variation of gain TVG N G trace TR tr
time opening TO TO tracer TRCR trcr
time since new TSN TSN tracer number TN TN
time since overhaul TSO TSO track TR K trk
time switch TS TS track data simulator TDS TDS
time-delay closing TDC TDC track data storage TDST TDST
time-delay opening TDO TDO track imitation TiM tim
timed TMD tmd track initiate TI TI
timed closing TC TC tracking TRKG trkg
timer TMR tmr tracking and guidance TG TG
timing TMG tmg tracking radar input and TRIC TRIC
timing and telemetry l-r lT correlation
tinned TND tnd tracks per inch TPI tpi
tobin bronze TOBBRZ TOBBRZ trackway TRWA TRWA
toboggan TOB tob trade name TR N TR N
toggle TG L tgl trade pattern TRP TRP
toilet T t trafic TRFC trfc
toilet case TC TC trailer TRLR trlr
toilet-paper holder TH TH trailer mounted TLRMTD TLRMTD
tolerance TOL to1 trailing TRG trg
tone and alarm TNALM TNALM trailing edge TE TE
tone modulation TM TM trailing edge radius TER TER
tongue TNG trig train TN tn
tongue and groove TG TG trainer TRNR trnr
tongueless TG LS tgls training TNG trig
tool steel TS TS training manual TM TM
toothed ring TR TR trajectory TRAJ traj
top and bottom TB TB transceiver XCVR xcvr
top and bottom bolt TBB TBB transcribe TRSCB trscb
top chord TC TC transcriber TRSBR trsbr
top of frame TFR TFR transcribing TRSBG trsbg
topping TOPG topg transducer XDCR xdcr
torpedo TORP torp transfer XFR xf r
torpedo batt TBAlT TBAlT transferred-electronlogic logic TEDL TEDL
torpedo group TG TG transformer XFMR xfmr
torpedo part of beam TP TP transistor XSTR xstr
torque TRQ trq transistor driver core memory TDCM TDCM
torque-differential receiver TDR TDR transistor transistor logic lTL lTL
torquemeter TORM torm transistor under test TUT TUT
torsiograph TORSI0 torsio transistor voltmeter TVM TVM
torsion TRSN trsn transistorized TSTRZ tstrz
torsional TORNL torn1 transition TRNSN trnsn
toss bomb computer TBC TBC transitional testing [aircraft] Y Y
total TOT tot translator XLTR xltr
total dynamic head TDH TDH transmission XMSN xmsn
total harmonic distortion THD TH D transmit XMT xmt
total indicator reading TIR TIR transmit gain control TGC TGC
total load TLLD TLLD transmit-receive TR TR
total time l-r TT transmittal XMTL xmtl
total trim T T transmittance TRANS trans
totalize TOTLZ TOTLZ transmitted XMTD xmtd
totalizing relay TOR TOR transmitter XMTR xmtr
totally enclosed TE TE transmitter distributor TD TD
totally enclosed fancooled TEFC TEFC transmitter receiver TR TR


Term Drawings Text Term Drawings Text

transmitting XMTG xmtg troposphere TROPO tropo

transom TR tr truck TRK trk
transparent TRANS trans true airspeed TAS TAS
transport vehicle Tv Tv true position TP TP
transportable satellite TSCLT TSCLT true position tolerance TPTOL TPTOL
communications link true profile TP TP
terminal truncated whitworth coarse TWC TWC
transportation TRANSP transp thread
transpose TRNPS trnps truncated whitworth fine TWF TWF
transposition TPSN tpsn thread
transverse TRANSV transv truncated whitworth special TWS TWS
transverse electric TE TE thread
transverse electromagnetic TEM TEM trunk TRK trk
transverse expansion joint TEJ TEJ trunnion TRUN trun
transverse magnetic TM TM truss TR tr
trapezoid TRAP trap truss head TRH TRH
trapped-plasma avalanche- TRAPAT TRAPATT tube axial TBAX TBAX
triggered transit tube sheet TS TS
travel limit TRVLMT TRVLMT tube sheet inlet and outlet TSIOH TSIOH
traveler TRVLR trvlr head
traveling TRVLG tNlg tube under test TUT TUT
traveling wave TW TW tubing TBG tbg
traveling-wave multiple-beam TWMBK TWMBK tumble TMB tmb
klystron turn bler TBLR tblr
traveling-wave tube TWT TWT tune-controlled gain TCG TCG
traversing TRAV trav tuned radio frequency TRF TRF
tread TRD trd tuned-plate tuned-grid TPTG TPTG
treated TRTD trtd tungsten TUNG tung
treated hard-pressed THPFB THPFB tuning TUN tun
fiberboard tunnel TNL tnl
treatment TRTMT trtmt tunnel diode TNLDIO TNLDIO
treble TRB trb tunnel-diode logic TDL TDL .
triangle TRNGL trngl turbine TURB TURB
tributary TRI6 trib turbine close coupled TCC TCC
trick wheel TRKWHL TRKWHL turbine direct TD TD
trigger TRIG trig turbine driven TD TD
triggering TRIG trig turbine generator TURBOGEN TURBOGEN
trigonometry TRIG trig turbine inlet pressure TIP TIP
trim after forming TAF TAF turbine inlet temperature TIT TIT
trimmer TRMR trmr turbine reduction drive TRD TRD
trinitrotoluene TNT tnt turbo alternator TURBOALT TURBOALT
triode TRI tri turbojet propulsion TJ P TJP
trip coil TC TC turnbuckle TRNBKL trnbkl
triple TPL tPl turned TRND trnd
triple wall TPLW tplw turning TURN turn
triple-pole 3P 3P turning gear TRNGR TRNGR
triple-pole double-throw 3PDT 3PDT turning light TR NLT TRNLT
triple-pole double-throw 3PDTSW BPDTSW turnout TO to
switch turntable TRNTBL trntbl
triple-pole single-throw 3PST 3PST turret TUR tur
triple-pole single-throw 3PSTSW 3PSTSW twin sideband TWSB TWSB
switch twist drill gage TDG TDG
triple-pole switch 3PSW 3PSW twisted TW tw
triple-throw 3T 3T twisted pair TWPR twPr
triplex TRX trx two-conductor 2c 2c
tripped TRP trP two-digit 2DIG 2DIG
tripping TRP trP two-phase 2PH 2PH
trolley TRLY trly two-pole DP DP


Term Drawings Text Term Drawings Text

two-pole double-throw DPDT DPDT Unified extra fine thread UNEF UNEF
two-pole single-throw DPST DPST Unified fine thread UNF UNF
two-stage 2STG 2STG unified S-band USB USB
two-way 2WAY SWAY Unified special thread UNS UNS
two-wire 2w 2w uniform UNIF unif
type mode series TMS TMS Uniform System [lens us us
type-plate TYPL TYPL marking1
typesetting TYPSTG typal uniformity coefficient UNIFCOEF UNIFCOEF
typesetting lead TSL tsl unijunction transistor UJT UJT
typewriter Tw tw uninterruptible power supply uPS uPS
typical TYP tyP union UN un
union bonnet UNB UNB
U unit check UK UK
ultimate ULT ult unit cooler uc uc
ultrahigh frequency UHF UHF unit heater UH UH
ultra-high frequency direction UHFDF UHFDF unit under test UUT UUT
finding unit weight UWT UWT
ultrasonic frequency UF UF United States us us
ultraviolet UV UV United States Gage USG USG
ultraviolet amplification by UVASER UVASER United States Pharmacopeia USP USP
stimulated emission of universal UNIV univ
radiation universal asynchronous UART UART
ultraviolet floodlight UVFLT UVFLT receiver-transmitter
umbilical UMB umb universal product code UPC UPC
umbilical cord UMBC UMBC unknown UNK unk
unauthorized UNAUTHD unauthd unless otherwise specified uos uos
unbleached UBL ubl unlimited UNLIM unlim
unbleached muslin UMUS UMUS unloading UNL un1
unclamp UNCLP unclp unlocking UNLKG unlkg
uncoated UNCTD unctd unmarked UNMKD unmkd
unconditionally UNCOND uncond unmounted UNMTD unmtd
undefined UNDEF undef unregulated UNRGLTD unrgltd
under UND und unsatisfactory material notice UMN UMN
undercurrent UNDC undc unsatisfactory report UR UR
underfrequency UNDF undf unsensitized USTZD ustzd
underfrequency relay UFR UFR unsuppressed UNSUPPR unsuppr
underground UGND ugnd untreated UTRTD utrtd
underhatch UH uh untreated hard-pressed UHPFB UHPFB
underheat UHT uht fiberboard
underload UNDLD undld untwist UNNV untw
undersize us us updraft UPDFT updft
undervoltage UNDV undv upper UPR UPr
undervoltage device UVD UVD upper and lower UL UL
underwater UWTR uwtr upper control limit UCL UCL
underwater battery UB UB upper sideband USB USB
underwater object locator UOL UOL upright URT Urt
underwater team UWTM UWTM upward UPWD upwd
underwater-to-air missile UAM UAM urinal UR ur
underwater-to-surface missile USM USM urinal water closet URWC URWC
undetermined UNDETM undetm USA Standard USAS USAS
unfinished UNFIN unfin use as required UAR UAR
unfuzed UNF unf used on u0 u0
unglazed ceramic mosaic tile UCMT UCMT used with uw uw
unglazed structural facing USFU USFU utensil UTN utn
units utility UTIL util
unglazed structural unit base USUB USUB utility binary dump UBD UBD
unified UN UN utility room UR UR
Unified coarse thread UNC UNC utilization UTIL util


Term Drawings Text Term Drawings Text

utilization of enemy UTEELRAD UTEELRAD ventilating equipment VE VE
electromagnetic radiation ventilator VENT vent
verbatim VERB verb
V verification VERIF verif
vacant VAC vac verify VRFY VrfY
vacuum VAC vac vernier VERN vern
vacuum induction melt- VIMVAR VIMVAR versatile VERST verst
vacuum arc remelt versed sine VERS vers
vacuum tu be VT VT versus vs vs
vacuum-tube voltmeter VTVM VTVM vertex VTX VtX
valley VAL val vertical VERT vert
value VAL val vertical (comb form) V V
value engineering VE VE vertical and short takeoff and VSTOL VSTOL
valve V V landing
valve box VB VB vertical center line VCL VCL
valve seat VST VST vertical centrifugal VCE VCE
valve stem VSTM VSTM vertical impulse VIMP VIMP
vandyke VD vd vertical ladder VL VL
vane axial VNXL VNXL vertical location of the center VCB VCB
vapor seal vs vs of buoyancy
vaporize VPR VPr vertical location of the center VCG VCG
vaporproof VAPPRF vapprf of gravity
vaportight VT vt vertical radial VTR VTR
var-hour meter VARHM VARHM vertical reference line VR L VR L
varactor VRCTR VRCTR vertical takeoff and landing VTOL VTOL
variable VAR var vertical volute spring vvss vvss
variable delivery VDEL VDEL suspension
variable floating point VFLPT VFLPT very high frequency VHF VHF
variable frequency VF VF very high frequency direction VHFDF VHFDF
variable gain amplifier VGA VGA finding
variable resistor VARISTOR VARISTOR very high frequency VORLOC VORLOC
variable time (fuse) VT VT omnirange localizer
variable-control oil pressure VCOP VCOP very high frequency VOR VOR
varia ble-frequency clock VFREQCLK VFREQCLK omnidirectional radio
variable-frequency oscillator VFO VFO very large-scale integration VLSI VLSI
variable-threshold logic VTL VTL very long range VLR VLR
variable-voltage transformer VARITRAN varitran very low altitude VLA VLA
variance VAR var very low frequency VLF VLF
variation VAR var vestibule VEST vest
variety VRTY V W vestigial sideband VS B VSB
various VAR var vestigial-sideband modulation VS M VSM
varistor VRIS vris vibrate VI B vib
varmeter VARM varm vi bration VIB vib
varnish VARN varn Vickers hardness VH VH
varnished cambric [insull vc vc video [adjective] VID vid
varying VRYG vrYg video amplifier VIDAMP VIDAMP
vault door VD VD video display terminal VDT VDT
vegetable VEG veg video frequency VIDF VIDF
vehicle VEH veh video integration VINT VINT
vellum VEL ve I video-tape recorder VTR VTR
velocity VEL ve I village VIL VIL
velocity modulation VM VM violet V V
vendor item control drawing VICD VICO violet VIO vio
vent hole VH VH viscometer VISMR vismr
vent pipe VP VP viscosity VISC visc
vent stack vs vs viscosity index VI VI
ventilate VENT vent visible VSBL vsbl
ventilating deadlight VDL VDL visual VIS vis


Term Drawings Text Term Drawings Text

visual aural radio range VARR VARR wanigan WAN wan

visual flight rules VFR VFR wardrobe WRB wrb
visual glide slope VGS VGS wardroom WR wr
visual identification VISID VISID warehouse WHSE whse
vital load center VLC VLC warhead WARHD warhd
vitreous VIT vit warming WM wm
vitrified clay vc vc warning WRN wrn
vitrified clay tile VCT VCT warping WRPG wrpg
voice vo vo warranty WARR warr
voice coil vc vc wash bucket WB WB
voice frequency VF VF wash fountain WF WF
voice frequency carrier VFClT VFCTT Washburn and Moen Gage WMGA WMGA
teletype washer WSHR wshr
voice frequency telegraph VFTLG VFTLG washing WSHG wshg
voice tu be VT VT washroom WR wr
voice-actuated transmitter ANTIVOX ANTIVOX waste W W
keyer inhibitor waste pipe WP WP
voice-operated device for VODAT VODAT waste stack ws ws
automatic transmission water WTR wtr
voice-operated transmitter vox vox water chiller WCHR WCHR
keyer water closet wc wc
volt V* V* water cooler WCR WCR
volt per meter VM* VM* water fog WFG WFG
volt per mil VMIL* VMIL* water heater WH WH
volt-ohm milliammeter VOM VOM water jacket WJ WJ
voltage control transfer VCT VCT water meter WM WM
voltage detector VDET VDET water pump WP WP
voltage drop VD VD water round torpedo WRT WRT
voltage regulator VR VR water surface ws ws
voltage relay VRLY VRLY water turbine WTURB WTURB
voltage standing-wave ratio VSWR VSWR water turbine, closed-coupled WTCC WTCC
voltage-adjusting rheostat VADJR VADJR water turbine, direct WTD W D
voltage-controlled oscillator VCO VCO water-cooled WCLD WCLD
voltage-tunable magnetron VTM VTM waterline WL wl
voltage-variable capacitor WC wc waterproof WTRPRF wtrprí
vo Itammeter VAM vam waterproof fancooled WPFC WPFC
voltmeter VM vm waterproof shroud WPS WPS
voltmeter switch vs vs waterproofing WPG WPg
volume VOL vol watertight WRTT wtrtt
volume indicator VI VI waterwall WW ww
volume of Compartment vc vc waterwheel WWHL wwhl
volume unit vu vu watt W* W*
volumetric VLMTRC VLMTRC watt demand meter WDM WDM
volute VLT VLT watt hour WH* Wh"
vulcanize VULC VULC watthour demand meter WHDM WHDM
watthour demand meter, WHT WHT
W thermal type
wafer . WFR wir watthour meter WHM WHM
wagon WAG wag watthour meter with contact WHC WHC
wagon box WB WB device
wainscot WA wa watthour meter with loss WHL WHL
waiting WTG wl compensator
wake light WKLT WKLT wattmeter WM wm
wall hydrant WH WH waveguide WG wg
wall receptacle WR WR wavelength WL wl
wall vent wv wv weakened plane joint WPJ WPJ
wallboard WLB WLB weapon WPN WPn
walseal WLSL WLSL weapon carrier wc wc


Term Drawings Text Term Drawings Text

Weapon System ws ws wipe out wo wo

wearing WRG wrg wiping WPG WPg
weather WEA wea wire (comb form) W W
weather seal WSL WSL wire assembly WA WA
weather stripping ws ws wire gage WG WG
weatherproof WTHPRF wthprf wire glass WGL WGL
weatherproof [insui] WP WP wire list WL WL
weather-resistant WR WR wire mesh WM WM
weathertight WEAT weat wire rope WR WR
webbing WBG wbg wire schedule ws ws
wedge WG wg wire-bound WBD WBD
week WK wk wireway ww ww
weight WT wt wi re-Wound ww ww
weighting WTG wtg wiring WRG wrg
welded WLD wld wiring around frame WAF WAF
welder WLDR wldr with (comb form) W W
weldless WLDS wlds with blowout WBO WBO
west W W with equipment and spare WESP WESP
wet bulb WB WB parts
wet Process WP WP withdrawn WD WD
wetted surface ws ws without wo wo
whale boat WB WB without blowout WOBO WOBO
wheel WHL whl without equipment and spare WOESP WOESP
wheel barrow WB wb wood awning-type window WATW WATW
wheelbase WB wb wood base WB WB
wheelhouse WH wh wood block floor WBF WBF
whistle WSTL wstl wood blocking WBL WBL
white W W wood boring WDBOR WDBOR
white WHT wht wood casement window wcw wcw
white indicating lamp WIL WIL wood door WD WD
white light WL WL wood door and frame WDF WDF
white phosphorus WP WP wood furring strips WFS WFS
white room WR WR wood jalousie WJ WJ
white scale WHS WHS wood panel WDP WDP
whole depth WD WD wood pattern WP WP
wide band WE WB wood threshold WT WT
wide-area data service WADS WADS woodcutting WCTG wctg
wide-area WATS WATS wood-shingle roof WSR WSR
telecommunications service wooden box [ammo] WBX WBX
width WD wd woodruff WDF wdf
width across flats WAF WAF word buffer register WBR WER
wildcat WLC wlc word combiner and WCM WCM
winch WN wn multiplexer
wind direction WDIR WDIR word processing WP WP
wind load WL WL work line WL WL
winder WNDR wndr workbench WB wb
winding WDG wdg working circle wc wc
winding to winding ww ww working point WP WP
windlass WNDLS wndls working pressure WPR WPR
window WDO wdo working steam pressure WSP WSP
window dimension WD WD working voltage wv wv
window guard WG WG workshop WKS wks
window unit wu wu workshop assembly [torpedo] WA WA
windshield WSHLD wshld workshop unit [torpedo] wu wu
wing chord plane WCP WCP worm gear WMGR WMGR
wing reference line WRL WRL wormshaft WMSFT wmsft
winterize WRZ wtrz wormwheel WMWHL wmwhl


Term Drawings Text Term Drawings Text

wound WND wnd Y

wrecker WRK wrk ya rd YD* Yd*
wrecking WRK wrk year YR Yr
wrench WR wr yellow Y Y
yellow YEL Ye1
wringer WRGR wrgr
yellow indicating lamp YIL YIL
wrist pin WSTPN WSTPN yellow light YLT YLT
writable control store WCS WCS yellow varnished cambric wc wc
writer WR wr [insull
wrong direction WRDIR WRDIR yield point YP YP
wrought WRT Wrt yield strength YS YS
wrought brass WBRS WBRS z
wrought iron WI WI zero adjusted ZA ZA
wrought steel ws ws zero temperature coefficient ZTC ZTC




Drawings Text Term Drawings Text Term

A ABRSV abrsv abrasive

A A anode [electron device1 ABRSVRES abrsvres a brasive-resistant
A a anti (comb form) ABS abs absolute
A a astragal ABSC ABSC automatic bass
AA aa air-to-air compensation
AA AA antiaircraft ABSCLG absclg absolute ceiling
AA AA arithmetic average ABSORB absorb absorption
AA AA armature accelerator ABSTR abstr abstract
AAA AAA antiaircraft artillery ABSW absw air-break switch
AAC AAC acquisition advice code ABT abt about
AAC AAC antiaircraft common ABT ABT air blast transformer
AAFC AAFC antiaircraft fire control ABV abv above
AA1 AA1 air-to-air identification ABWC ABWC automatic bandwidth
AAL AAL aircraft approach light control
AAM AAM air-to-air-missile AC AC aerodynamic center
AAN AAN advance alteration notice AC ac air conditioning
AA0 aao antiair output AC ac alternating current
AASD AASD antiaircraft selfdestroying AC AC asbestos cement
AB AB adapter booster ACB ACB air circuit breaker
AB ab afterburner ACB ACB asbestos-cement board
AB ab air blast ACC acc accumulator
AB AB anchor bolt ACCEL accel accelerate
ABAR ABAR advanced battery ACCESS access accessory
acquisition radar ACCLRM acclrm accelerometer
ABBR abbr abbreviate ACCOM accom accommodate
ABC ABC automatic brightness ACCT acct account
control ACCUM accum accumulate
ABCB ABCB air blast circuit breaker ACCUR accur accurate
ABCP ABCP automatic bias ACDT acdt accident
compensation ACE ACE automatic checkout
ABDNSHP abdnshp abandon ship equipment
ABL ab1 above baseline ACET acet acetylene
ABN abn airborne ACFT acft aircraft
ABNL abnl abnormal ACG acg angiocardiogram
ACIRC acirc air circulating
ACK ack acknowledge
’ The major portion of the material in this section is in alphabetical ACKTX ACKTX automatic circuit exchange
order according to the abbreviations listed under the headings ACLD acld air-cooled
“Drawings” and “Text.”A small miscellaneous group that follows ACLE ACLE automatic clutter eliminator
this listing is arranged numerically or by symbol.
ACLTR acltr accelerator
An asterisk (*) indicates that a unit and quantity term has letter ACM
ACM asbestos-covered metal
symbols established by American National Standard ANSI
Y10.19M. Letter Symbols for Units Used in Science and ACN ACN advance change notice
Technology. See also para. 1.4. AC0 aco action cutout
Bracketed ( [ ] ) modifiers may appear with certain terms to indicate ACPT acpt accept
altemate technology-specific applications for that term. See also ACPTR acptr acceptor
para. 1.4. ACQ acq acquire


Drawings Text Term Drawings Text Term

ACQ acq acquisition AECP AECP advance engineering

ACR acr across change proposal
ACRFLT ACRFLT across flats AEG AEG active element group
ACRS ACS R aluminum conductor steel- AEI AEI average efficiency index
reinforced AEO AEO advance engineering order
ACRYL acryl acrylic AER AER after engine room
ACS acs access AERO aero aeronautic
ACS ACS accumulator switch AERODYN aerodyn aerodynamic
ACS ACS alternating current AEROL aero1 aerological
synchronous AEW AEW airborne early warning
ACST ACST access time AF AF audio frequency
ACST acst acoustic AFB AFB antifriction bearing
ACT act activity AFC AFC automatic frequency
ACT ACT algebraic compiler and control
translator AFCE AFCE automatic flight control
ACTE acte actuate equipment
ACTG actg actuating AFCS AFCS Adaptive Flight Control
ACTL act1 actual Systems
ACTN actn action AFCS AFCS Adoptive Flight Control
ACTR actr actuator System
AClT actt acetate AFCS AFCS Automatic Flight Control
ACTVNANAL actvnanal activation analysis System
A C M acM activate AFM AFM antifriction metal
ACMR acMr activator AFR afr airframe
ACV ACV alarm check valve AFS AFS Arming and Fusing System
ACW acw aircraft control and AFT aft after
warning AFTCLR AFTCLR after cooler
AD ad advertisement AG ag agitate
AD AD ampere demand meter AG AG air-to-ground
AD ad analog-to-digital AG AG armor grating
AD ad anode AGC AGC automatic gain control
AD AD area drain AGCA AG CA automatic ground-
AD AD as drawn controlled approach
ADAPT adapt adaptation AGCL AGCL automatic ground-
ADC ADC air data computing controlled landing
ADC ADC analog-to-digital converter AGDS AGDS American Gage Design
ADD add addendum Standard
ADD add addition AGE AGE aerospace ground
ADDL addl additional equipment
ADDT addt additive AGGR aggr aggregate
ADF ADF automatic direction finder AGMT agmt augment
ADH adh adhere AGT agt agent
ADH adh adhesive AGT AGT aviation gas turbine
ADJ adj adjacent AH ah air over hydraulic
ADJ adj adjust AH ah antihunt
ADJSP adjsp adjustable speed AHDR ahdr air header
ADMG admg admitting AHM AHM ampere-hour meter
ADMIN admin administer AHR ahr anchor
ADP ADP automatic data processing AI AI air installations
ADPTR adptr adapter AI AI airborne interceptor
ADRS adrs address AI AI airspeed indicator
ADS ADS automatic door seal AI ai antiicing
ADSORB adsorb adsorbent AIC AIC ammunition identification
ADT ADT average daily traffic code
ADV adv advance AIL ail aileron
ADVSY advsy advisory AILAS AILAS Automatic Instrument
A€ AE air escape Landing Approach
AE ae armament and electronics System


Drawings Text Tem Drawings Text Term

AILS AILS Automatic Instrument AMLG amlg amalgam

Landing System AMM amm ammeter
AINDTN Al NDTN air induction AMM AMM antimissile missile
AIRCLNR AIRCLNR air cleaner AMMO ammo ammunition
AIRCOND aircond air-condition AMMORK AMMORK ammunition rack
AIRSHTR AIRSHTR air shutter AMNA amna ammonia
AIV AIV armored infantry vehicle AMNIT amnit ammonium nitrate
AJ ai antijamming AMNSWP AMNSWP acoustic mine sweeping
AJ AJ assembly jig AMOHST AMOHST ammunition hoist
AL AL air lock AMOHSTDR AMOHSTDR ammunition hoist drive
AL AL aluminum AMOS AMOS automatic meteorological
AL AL amber light observing station
AL AL application list AMP* amp* ampere
ALC alc alcohol AMPH amph amphibian
ALC ALC automatic level control AMPH amph amphibious
ALCD alcd alclad AMPHRI amphr* ampere-hour
ALD ALD at a later date AMPHTRK amphtrk amphibious truck
ALDD aldd alidade AMPL amp1 amplifier
ALG ab algebra AMPLDN ampldn amplidyne
ALGO algo algorithm AMPLG AMPLG amplidyne generator
ALGOL ALGOL algorithmic-oriented AMPLMG AMPLMG amplidyne motor generator
language AMPTD amptd amplitude
ALIGN align alignment AMR AMR advance material request
ALK alk alkaline AMS AMS aeronautical material
ALKY alky alkalinity specification
ALLOC alloc allocate AMT amt amount
ALLOW allow allowance AMTB AMTB antimotor torpedo boat
ALM aim alarm AMTI AMTI area moving target
ALPHA alpha alphabetical indicator
ALT alt alternation AMTI AMTI automatic moving-target
ALT alt altitude indicator
ALTE alte altitude transmitting AMUN amun air munitions
equipment AN AN Air Force-Navy
ALTM altm altimeter AN AN Army-Navy
ALTN altn alternate ANA ANA Air Force-Navy
ALTNTR altntr alternator Aeronautical
ALTNV altnv alternative ANAF ANAF Army-Navy-Air Force
ALTRD altrd altered ANAL anal analysis
ALTRN altrn alteration ANALY analy analyze
ALU alu arithmetic and logic unit ANB ANB Army-Navy British
ALY alY alloy ANC ANC Air Force-Navy-Civil
AM am amatol ANC ANC all-number calling
AM AM amplitude modulation ANC ANC Army-Navy Commercia1
AM am ante meridiem [before ANCFIL ANCFIL anchored filament
noon] ANCG ancg announcing
AMA AMA automatic message ANCH anch anechoic
accounting AND AND Air Force-Navy Design
AMAD AMAD airírame-mounted AND AND Army-Navy Design
accessory drive ANDZ andz anodize
AMB amb amber ANHYD anhyd anhydride
AMB amb ambient ANHYD anhyd anhydrous
AMB amb ambulance ANI ANI automatic number
AMB amb antimotorboat identification
AMB amb asbestos millboard ANL ani anneal
AMC AMC automatic mixture control ANL ANL automatic noise limiter
AMD AMD air movement data ANLG anlg analog
AMEND amend amendment ANLOR ANLOR angle order
AMER Amer American ANLR anlr angular


Drawings Text Term Drawings Text Term

ANLR anlr annular APPVL appvl approva I

ANLT anlt anchor light APPX appx appendix
ANN ann annunciator APR APr April
ANO ANO alphanumeric output APRCH aprch approach
AN PT ANPT aeronautical national taper APRNT aprnt apparent
pipe thread APRT aPrt airport
ANS ans answer APSR APSR airport surveillance radar
ANT ant antenna APT aPt apartment
ANTILOG antilog antilogarithm APT APT armor-piercing-with tracer
ANTIVOX ANTIVOX voice-actuated transmitter APU APU auxiliary power unit
keyer inhibitor APVD apvd approved
ANTOX antox antitoxin APW APW architectura I projected
ANTSPT antspt antiseptic window
AO AO access opening AO aq aqueous
AO AO air over AQL AQL acceptable quality level
AOC AOC automatic output control AQT AQT acceptable quality test
AOQ AOQ average outgoing quality AR AR acid-resisting
AOQL AOQL average outgoing quality AR AR as required
limit AR AR assembly and repair
AOR aor anchor order ARB arb arbitrary
AOVC AOVC automatic overload circuit ARCCOS arccos arccosine
AP AP access panel ARCCOS arccos inverse cosine
AP aP acidproof ARCCOT arccot arccotangent
AP AP after peak ARCCOT arccot inverse cotangent
AP AP after perpendicular ARCCSE arccse arccosecant
AP AP air passage ARCCSE arccse inverse cosecant
AP AP argument programming ARCH arch architecture
AP AP armor-piercing ARCH arch archive
APA APA axial pressure angle ARCSEC arcsec arcsecant
APC APC acoustical plaster ceiling arcsec inverse secant
APC APC armor-piercing-capped arcsin arcsine
APC APC armored personnel carrier inverse sine
ARCSIN arcsin
APC APC automatic phase control
ARCTAN arctan arctangent
APCI APCI armor-piercing-capped
ARCTAN arctan inverse tangent
ARCW arcw arc weld
APCIT APCIT armor-piercing-ca pped
ARG arg arresting [gear or hook1
incendiary with tracer
ARITH arith arithmetic
APERS APERS antipersonnel
ARITHU arithu arithmetic unit
APERT apert aperture
APF acidproof floor ARL ARL acceptable reliability level
API API air-position indicator ARM arm armature
API API armor-piercing-incendiary ARM arm arming
APIS APIS array processing ARMCA armca armored cable
instruction set ARMD armd armored
APIT APIT armor-piercing-incendiary ARMPL armpl armor plate
with tracer ARMSHT armsht armature shunt
APL APL a programming language ARMT armt armament
APL aPl airplane ARNG arng arcing
APL APL allowance parts list AROM arom aromatic
APL APL automatic phase lock ARP ARP aeronautical recommended
APLD apld applied practice
APLQ aplq appliqué ARP ARP analytical rework program
APOTH apoth apothecary ARR ARR antirepeat relay
APP aPP appearance ARR arr arrange
APPAR appar apparatus ARS ars arsine
APPL aPPl application ARS ARS asbestos roof shingles
APPROX approx approximate ARSR arsr arrester
APPV aPPv approve ART art article

ASME Y14.38a-2002

Drawings Text Term Drawings Text Term

ARTCC ARTCC air route traffic control AT at ampere [turn]

center AT AT antitank
ARTCLD artcld articulated AT at atomic (comb form)
ARTF artí artificial AT6 ATB asphalt-tile base
ARTRON artron artificial neutron ATC ATC acoustical tile ceiling
ARTY artillery ATC ATC air traffic control
AS as airscoop ATCH atch attach
AS as airspeed ATCH atch attach ment
AS AS ammeter switch ATCK atck attack
AS AS antisubmarine ATE ATE automatic test equipment
ASAP ASAP as soon as possible ATF ATF asphalt-tile floor
ASB asb asbestos ATH ath at hwartship
ASC ASC automatic sensitivity AT1 AT1 average total inspection
control ATM atm air turbine motor
ASC ASC auxiliary switch [breaker] ATM atm atmosphere
normally closed ATMG atmg atomizing
ASCII ASCII American National ATN M ATNM antitank nonmetallic
Standard Code for ATORP atorp antitorpedo
Information Interchange ATOS ATOS Assisted Takeoff System
ASEC ASEC American Standard ATR ATR air transport radio
Elevator Code ATR ATR antitransmit-receive
ASG ASG aeronautical standards ATRAN ATRAN automatic terrain
group recognition and
ASGMT asgmt assignment navigation
ASGN asgn assign ATRC ATRC anti tracking control
ASHOF ASHOF air shutoff ATRM ATRM aíter torpedo room
ASM ASM air-to-surface missile ATRT ATRT antitransmit-receive tube
ASM asm assemble [auto ATS ATS astronomical time switch
manufacturing] AìTD attd attitude
ASN ASN average sample number ATTEN atten attenuation
ASO ASO auxiliary switch [breaker] AlTEN atten attenuator
normally open AlTN attn attention
ASPH asph asphalt AlTY atty attorney
ASPHPF asphpf asphalt-plank floor ATV ATV amateur television
ASPHRS asphrs asphalt roof shingles ATW atw atomic hydrogen weld
ASPP ASPP alloy-steel protective ATWT atwt atomic weight
plating ATXPL atxpl atomic explosion
ASPRTR asprtr aspirator AU AU astronomical unit
ASR ASR airborne surveillance radar AU D aud audible
ASRT asrt assort AUD aud audio
ASSEM assem assemble AUDTR audtr auditor
ASSN assn association AUG Aug August
ASSOC assoc associate AUM AU M air-to-underwater missile
ASST asst assistant AUM AUM automatic monitoring
ASSTN asstn assistance AUTH auth authorize
ASSY assy assembly AUTO auto automatic
ASTIG astig astigmatism AUTO auto automobile
ASTN astn astern AUTOCV autocv automatic check valve
ASTRG ASTRG air starting AUTODIN AUTODIN automatic digital network
ASTROPHYS astrophys astrophysics AUTOLEAN autolean automatic lean
ASV ASV angle stop valve AUTOM autom automotive
ASW ASW antisubmarine warfare AUTOMN automn automation
ASW ASW auxiliary switch AUTOOVLD AUTOOVLD automatic overload
ASWG ASWG American Steel Wire Gage AUTOP AUTOP automatic pistol
ASYM asym asymmetric AUTORECL AUTORECL automatic reclosing
ASYMP asymp asymptote AUTORICH AUTORICH automatic rich
AT at action time AUTOSCV AUTOSCV automatic stop and check
AT at airtight valve


Drawings Text Term Drawings Text Term


AUTOSTRT AUTOSTRT automatic starter BALS bals balancing set

AUTOSTRTG autostrtg automatic starting BALV balv balanced voltage
AUTOVON AUTOVON automatic voice network BAMG BAMG browning aircraft machine
AUTOXFMR AUTOXFMR autotransformer gun
AUV AUV armored utility vehicle BAR BAR browning automatic rifle
AUW AUW antiunderwater warfare BARB barb barbette
AUX aux auxiliary BAR0 bar0 barometer
AUXR AUXR auxiliary register BARR barr barrier
AVAIL avail available BASIC BASIC beginner’s all-purpose
AVC AVC automatic volume control symbolic instruction
AVDP avdp avoirdupois code [computers]
AVE AVE automatic volume BASNET basnet basic network
expansion BASW basw bell alarm switch
AVE ave avenue BAT bat batter
AVG avg average BAT bat battery [electrical]
AVGDIA avgdia average diameter BAT bat battle
AVIONICS AVIONICS aviation electronics BATCHG batchg battery charger
AVLBL avlbl availability BAT batt batten
AVN avn aviation BAY bay bayonet
AVPL AWL average picture level BAYC bayc bayonet candelabra
AW aw above water BAYCAND baycand bayonet candelabra
AW aw accordance with BAYCANDDC baycanddc bayonet candelabra double
AW aw acid waste contact
AW AW arming wire BAYCANDSC baycandsc bayonet candelabra single
AWAR awar area weight average contact
resotution BAYSK baysk bayonet skirted
AWAT awat area weighted average BB BB back of board
T-nu mber BB bb back to back
AWG AWG American Wire Gage BB BB base band
AWN awn awning BB BB bell and bell
AWNDLS AWNDLS anchor windlass BB BB bulletin board
AXFL AXFL axial flow BB BB bunching black
AXFMR AXFMR automatic transformer BBB BBB body-bound bolts
AXP AXP axial pitch BBM BBM break before make
AZ az azimuth BBRG bbrg ball bearing
AZEL AZEL azimuth and elevation bombardment [projectile1
BBT bbt
AZRNG AZRNG azimuth and range
BBYCY bbYCY bow buoyancy
AZS AZS automatic zero set
BC BC back-connected
BC BC barge, cargo
BC BC barium crown
B b balloon
BC BC barrier coat
B B base [electron device1
BC BC bell cord
B b bomber [aircraft]
breadth or beam of ship BC BC between centers
B b
B b buoyancy BC BC binary counter
B&I B&I base and increment BC BC bolt circle
BA BA backlash allowance BC bc bookcase
BA BA breathing apparatus BC BC bottom chord
BA BA buffer amplifier BC bc broadcast
BAB bab babbitt BCD BCD binary coded decimal
BACT bact bacteriological BCHG bchg bunching
BAF baf baffle BCI BCI binary coded information
BAG bag baggage BCKT bckt becket
BAK bak bakery BCL BCL basic contour line
BAL bal balance BCL bcl bicycle
BAL bal ballistic BCL bcl broom closet
BALCL balcl balancing coil BCN bcn beacon
BALRHEO balrheo balancing rheostat BCO BCO bridge cutoff


Drawings Text Term Drawings Text Term

BCT BCT bushing current BFW BFW boiler feedwater

transformer BG BG back gear
BCVX bcvx biconvex BGP BGP barrier, greaseproof
BD BD base detonating BH BH boiler house
BD BD battle dressing BH BH Brinell hardness
BD BD binary decoder BHA BHA base helix angle
BD bd board BHD bhd bulkhead
BDELIM BDELIM band elimination BHN BHN Brinell hardness number
BDF BDF base detonating fuze BI BI base ignition
BDG bdg binding BI BI black iron
BDGH BDGH binding head BICOND bicond biconditional
BDI BDI bearing deviation indicator BIDIR bidir bi-directional
BDIA bdia base diameter BIL bil basic impulse insulation
BDL bdI bundle level
BDLT bdlt bow designation light BIL BIL blue indicating light
BDN bdn bend down BIN bin binary
BDNG bdng bedding BINOMEXP BINOMEXP binominal expansion
BDO bdo bow door BIO bio biology (comb form)
BDPN bdpn bedpan BIODEF BIODEF biological defense
BDR bdr binder BIOL bio1 bio1og icaI
BDS BDS brass divider strip BIOL bio1 biology
BDSD BDSD base detonating, self- BIONICS BIONICS biological electronics
destroying BIOR BIOR business input-output
BDV BDV binary divide rerun
BDVG bdvg bow diving BIPD BIPD biparting doors
BDY bdy boundary BIT BIT binary digit
BDZR bdzr bulldozer BIT BIT built in test
BE BE back end BITUM bitum bituminous
BE BE base ejection BJ BJ break jaw
BE BE bell end BK BK barge, knockdown
BE BE bill of exchange BK bk black
BE BE breaker end BK bk brake
BELCRK belcrk bell crank BKD bkd blackboard
BERTH berth berthing BKDN bkdn breakdown
BES BES black enamel slate BKDNDIO BKDNDIO breakdown diode
BESS Bess Bessemer BKGD bkgd background
BETW betw between BKS bks barracks
BEV bev bevel BKSHL bkshl backshell
BF bf back-feed BKSLF bkslf back shelf
BF bf backface BKT bkt bucket
BF BF base fuze BL bl backlash
BF BF beat frequency BL BL base line
BF BF bell and flange BL BL bend line
BF BF boiler feed BL BL bill of lading
BF BF boldface type BL bl billet
BF BF both faces BL bl blade
BF BF bottom face BL bl bleed
BFCO bfco band filter cutoff BL bl blue
BFCT BFCT boiler feed compound tank BL BL bottom layer
BFD BFD back focal distance BL BL breech loading
BFD BFD book-form drawing BL BL building line
BFG bfg buffing BL bl but-live
BFL BFL back focal length BL BL butt line
BFO BFO beat-frequency oscillator BL BL buttock line
BFP BFP boiler feed pump BLD BLD balanced line driver
BFR bfr before BLD bld blinder
BFR bfr buffer BLDG bldg building


Drawings Text Term Drawings Text Term

BLDR bldr bleeder BNR bnr burner

BLF BLF baryta light fling BNSH bnsh burnish
BLK blk black BNT bnt bonnet
BLK blk blank BO BO bail out
BLK blk block BO bo blackout
BLKG blkg blanking BO BO blocking oscillator
BLKG blkg blocking BO bo blowoff
BLKGD blkgd blanking die BOB bob bobbin
BLKN blkn blacken BOBS bobs bolted on base
BLKNG blkng blackening BOC boc blowout coil
BLKT blkt blanket BOC BOC body-on-c hassis
BLMTH blmth bellmouth BOD BOD biochemical oxygen
BLN bln blend demand
BLNG blng belling BOD BOD blackout door
BLO blo blower BOFS BOFS black oil finish slate
BLR blr boiler BOG bog boiling
BLST blst ballast BOLS bols bolster
BLSTGPWD blstgpwd blasting powder BOMST bomst bombsight
BLSTL blstl billet steel BOPRESS bopress boiler pressure
BLT BLT borrowed light BOSN bosn boatswain
BLTBT bltbt bolted bonnet BOSS BOSS bioastronautic orbiting
BLTIN bltin built-in space station
BLU blu blue BOT bot bottom
BLW blw below BOTMG botmg bottoming
BLWDN blwdn blowdown BOW BOW blackout window
BLWS blws bellows BOWR BOWR boiler water
BLWT blwt blowout BP BP back pressure
BLWT blwt blowtorch BP bP bandpass
BM BM bench mark BP BP base percussion
BM BM bill of material BP BP base pitch
BM BM breech mechanism BP BP base plate
BMBDR bmbdr bombardier BP BP between perpendiculars
BMEP BMEP brake mean effective BP BP black powder
pressure BP bP blueprint
BMEWS BMEWS Ballistic Missile Early BP BP boiling point
Warning System BP BP bolted plate
BMG BMG browning machine gun BPC BPC back-pressure control
BMKR bmkr boilermaker BPD BPD bushing potential device
BMSS BMSS buoy messenger BPI BPI bits per inch
BMSTRG bmstrg beamsteering BPLA BPLA bow plane
BMTLC bmtlc bimetallic BPRF bPrf bulletproof
BMVP BMVP barrier, moisture- BPS BPS bearing procurement
vaporproof specification
BMW bmw beamwidth BPS BPS bits per second
BMXR bmxr batch mixer BPT bPt bipost
BN bn battalion BR br bedroom
BN bn buI Inose BR BR bend radius
BNCH bnch bench BR br bookrack
BNCHBD bnchbd benchboard BR br branch
BNCL bncl binnacle BR br brown
BNCLR bnclr binocular BR br brush
BND bnd bonded BR BR buffer register
BNDDIS BNDDIS band display BR A Z braz brazier
BNDG bndg bonding BRAZH brazh brazier head
BNDZ bndz bonderize BRCH brch broach
BNF BNF bomb nose fuze BRD brd braid
BNG brig bending BRD brd braided
BNLS bnls boneless BRDB brdb broadband


Drawings Text Term Drawings Text Term

BRDG brdg bridge BTF BTF bomb tail fuze

BRG brg bearing BTFL BTFL butterfly
BRH brh brush holder BTH bth berth
BRIL bril brilliance BTL btl bottle
BRK brk break BTLL BTLL bottom lead left
BRK brk brick BTLR BTLR bottom lead right
BRKBD brkbd brake band BTN btn button
BRKG brkg breaking BTNHD BTNHD button head
BRKR brkr breaker BTR BTR barrel tile roof
BRKT brkt bracket BTR BTR bus transfer
BRLP brlp burlap BTR BTR bush transfer
BRLS BRLS Barrier Ready Light System BTRY btry battery
BRN brn brown BTS BTS blue tool steel
BRNG brng burning BTST btst bootstrap
BRRD brrd barred BTU* BTU* British thermal unit
BRRG brrg barring BTWLD BTWLD butt weld
BRS brs brass BU BU bulk [substratel [electron
BRSIT brsit boresight device]
BRSTR brstr burster BU bu bureau
BRSTSTR brststr bursting strength BU bu bushel
BRT brt bright BUBMEM BUBMEM bubble memory
BRT brt brightness buck buckram
BRTH brth breathe Barrier Up Indicator
BRTHR brthr breather System
BRZ brz braze bull bulletin
BRZ brz bronze bend up
BRZG brzg brazing
BUS bus business
BS bs beams and stringers butane
BUTN butn
BS BS bell and spigot
BUZ buz buzzer
BS BS bill of sale
BV bv back view
BS BS binary subtract
BVC BVC black varnish cambric
BS BS black scale
BS BS bomb service
BVGE bvge beverage
BS bs borescope
BW bw bandwidth
BS BS both sides
BW BW biological warfare
BS BS Brown & Sharpe Wire
BW bw black and white
BW bw black and white prints
BSC bsc basic
BW BW both ways
BSC BSC borosilicate crown
bandstop filter BW BW braided wire
BSFL bsfl
bushing BWG BWG Birmingham Wire Gage
BSHG bshg
British Standard BWL BWL belt work line
bskt basket BWLT bwlt bow light
bslr bus selector BWM BWM backward-wave magnetron
bsmith blacksmith BWO BWO backward-wave oscillator
bsmt basement BWP BWP barrier, waterproof
BSP ball stop BWPA BWPA backward-wave power
bstl bistaple amplifier
bstlt blue stern light BWS BWS beveled wood siding
BSTR bstr booster BWSM BWSM bread wrapping and
bstrkt boost rocket sealing machine
BT barge, training BWSTRN bwstrn bowstring
bt bathythermograph BWV BWV backwater valve
BT bt bent BXDT BXDT boxcar detector
BT BT bus tie BXF bxf box fin
BTCR btcr butcher BYNT bynt buoyant
BTD BTD bomb testing device BYP bYP bypass


Drawings Text Term Drawings Text Term

CLAC CLAC closed loop approach CONVN convn convection

control CONVR convr convector
CLAR clar clarification COR COR carrier operated relay
CLS CLS constant level speech COR cor corner
CLU CLU central logic unit CORAD CORAD correlation radar
CM CM circuit master CORAL coral command radio link
CM CM command module CORAL CORAL correlation radio link
CM CM core memory COTAR COTAR correlated orientation
CM CM corrective maintenance tracking and ranging
CMBD cmbd combined COZI COZI communications zone
CMD CMD core memory driver indicator
CMD CMD countermeasures and CP CP candlepower
deception CP CP centipoise
CMH CMH countermeasures homing CP CP change point
CMP CMP component metal parts CP CP circular polarization
CMR CMR communications moon CP CP close packed
relay CP CP control point
CN CN carrier to noise CPACS CPACS coded pulse anticlutter
CN cn communications and system
navigation CPAM CPAM continental polar air mass
CNCR cncr concurrent CPBL cpbl capable
COA COA constant output amplifier CPC CPC clock pulsed control
COB1 COB1 coded biphase CPC CPC computer process control
CODAR CODAR correlation display CPD CPD contact potential difference
analyzing and recording CPE CPE central processing element
CODIT codit computer direct t o CPE CPE circular probable error
telegraph CPI CPI crash position indicator
COIN coin counterinsurgency CPM CPM card per minute
COLT colt communication line CPO CPO command pulse output
terminator CPSK CPSK coherent phase shift
COMB comb combining keying
COMINT COMINT communications CPU CPU central processing unit
intelligence CR CR change request
COMJAM COMJAM communications jamming CR CR combat ready
COMNEED comneed communications need CR CR component repair
COMNET COMNET communications network CR CR continuous rod
COMO COMO coherent master oscillator CR CR controlled rectifier
COMP comp compiler CR cr credit
COMPR compr compressor CRAM CRAM card random access
COMSAT comsat communications satellite memory
COMSN comsn commission CRCG crcg card cage
CON con concession CRDL crdl cradle
CONC conc concentric CRNMTR crnmtr chronometer
COND cond condition CRO CRO cathode-ray oscilloscope
COND cond conductor CROM CROM control read-only memory
CONF conf conference CRP CrP crimp
CONF conf confine CRPL CRPL chromium plate
CONL con1 conical CRS crs coarse
CONN conn connection CRS CRS cold-rolled steel
CONSCAN conscan conical scan CRSHD crshd crosshead
CONSEC consec consecutive CRSN crsn corrosion
CONT cont contact CRSV crsv corrosive
CONT cont continued CRSVR crsvr crossover
CONT cont Controller CRT CRT cathode-ray tube
CONTD contd continued CRT CRT circuit requirement table
CONTHP CONTHP continental horsepower CRTANLTHR crtanlthr chrome-tanned leather
CONTRAIL contrail condensation trail CRTG crtg cartridge
CONVG convg convergence CRTOG crtog cartographer


Drawings Text Term Drawings Text Term

CRTS CRTS controllable radar target CT CT center tap

simulator CT CT ceramic tile
CRUIS cruis cruising CT CT computerized tomography
CRV C N CU rve CT Ct count
CRVAN crvan chrome vanadium CT CT current transformer
CRVDWG crvdwg curve drawing CTAM CTAM continental tropical air
CRYG crYg carrying mass
CRYOG CrYW cryogenics CTB CTB ceramic-tile base
CRYPT0 crypt0 CryPtograPhY CTC CTC cam timing contact
CRYST cryst crystalline CTC CTC centralized traffic control
cs cs carbon steel CTCCC CTCCC close type control circuit
cs cs carrier supply contact
cs cs cast steel CTD ctd coated
cs cs cast stone CTE CTE cable termination
cs cs center section equipment
cs cs close support CTE CTE central timing equipment
cs cs coil sketch CTF CTF ceramic-tile floor
cs cs common steel [projectile] CTG ctg coating
cs cs conducted susceptibility CTG ctg crating
cs cs control switch CTG ctg cutting
cs cs core shift CTGH ctgh cryptograph
cs* cs* cycle per second CTL CTL central
CSB CSB concrete splash block CTL CTL complementary transistor
CSC CSC cartridge storage case logic
CSC CSC cosecant CTL CTL core transistor logic
CSCR CSCR complementary CTLRY ctlry cutlery
semiconductor controlled CTLST ctlst catalyst
CSD CSD cold side CTM ctm count per minute
CSD CSD constant speed drive CTN ctn carton
CSD CSD core shift driver CTPS CTPS changeable type-plate style
CSE CSE communications support CTR ctr center
element CTR ctr contour
CSE CSE core storage element CTR ctr counter
CSG csg casing CTR ct r cutter
CSHAFT cshaft crankshaft CTRF CTRF center frequency
CSHG cshg Cushing CTRG CTRG centering
CSK csk countersink CTRL ctrl control [computers]
CSKH CSKH countersunk head CTRS ctrs contrast
CSKO CSKO countersink other side CTS CTS close to shoulder
CSL csl console CTS CtS count per second
CSM CSM command and service CTSHFT ctshft countershaft
module CTSK ctsk countersunk
CSMITH CSMITH coppersmith ClT ClT card-to-tape tape
CSMT CSMT circuit switching magnetic CTU CTU central timing unit
tape CTWALK CTWALK catwalk
CSORO CSORO conical scan on receive CTWT ctwt counterweight
only CTY CTY county
csP csP coder sequential pulse CU CU cubic
CS R CS R communications satellite CU CU piezoelectric-crystal unit
relay CUB cub cubicle
CSR CSR control shift register CUFT' cuft" cubic foot
css css control stick steering CUIN* cuin* cubic inch
CSSB CSSB compatible single sideband CUJT CUJT complementary unijunction
CSTG cstg casting transistor
CSTL cstl castellate CULV culv culvert
CSTR cstr canister CUM* cum* cubic meter
csu csu circuit switching unit CUM cum cumulative
csw csw control power switch CUMM* cumm* cubic millimeter


Drawings Text Term Drawings Text Term

CU0 CU0 copper oxide DASTARD DASTARD destroyer antisubmarine

CUP CUP cupboard transportable array
CUR cur current detection
CURT curt curtain DASTM DASTM double-acting steam
CUSH cush cushion DAT dat datum
CUST cust customer DAVC DAVC delayed automatic volume
CUTS cuts cut stone control
CUYD* cuyd* cubic yard DB* dB* decibel
cv cv check value DB DB distribution box
cv cv combat vehicle DB DB double bottom
cv cv continuously variable DB DB double break
cv cv counter voltage DB DB double-biased [relay]
CVK CVK center line vertical keel DB DB dry bulb
CVL CVI civil DBAO DBAO digital block AND -OR gate
CVNTL cvntl conventional DBB DBB detector back bias
CVRSN cvrsn conversion DBC DBC diameter bolt circle
cvx cvx convex DBD DBD diesel belt drive
cw cw carrier wave DBF DBF demodulator band filter
cw cw chemical warfare DBFS DBFS dull black finish slate
cw cw clockwise DBL dbl double
cw cw cold water DBLACT DBLACT dou ble-acting
cw cw complete with DBLF DBLF double face
cw cw continuous wave DBLR dblr doubler
CWAR CWAR continuous wave DBLW DBLW double-wall
acquisition radar DBP DBP drawbar pull
cwc cwc clear write condition DBSP DBSP double-based solid
CWFM CWFM continuous wave frequency propellant
modulated DBUT DBUT data base update time
CWG CWG corrugated wire glass DC DC damage control
CWI CWI continuous wave DC DC depth charge
illuminator DC DC direct current
CWIF CWIF continuous wave DC DC double contact
intermediate frequency DCD dcd decode
CWP CWP circulating water pump DCDR dcdr decoder
cws cws control wheel steering DCHAN dchan difference channel
cx cx control transmitter DCHEM dchem dry chemical
CY CY cyc I e DCKG dckg docking
CYCLO cyclo cyclotron DCL DCL door closer
CYL CY1 cylinder DCLR dclr decelerate
CYL CY1 cylindrical DCLU dclu declutch
CYLCART cylcart cylindrical cartridge DCMPS DCMPS degaussing compass
CYLL cyll cylinder lock DCMPTR DCMPTR degaussing computer
CYN cyn cyanide DCN DCN drawing change notice
DCTL DCTL direct-coupled transistor
D logic
D D depth [of ship1 DCTP DCTP duct type
D D penny [nails, etc.] DCU DCU digital counting unit
DA DA delta amplitude DCU DCU display and control unit
DA DA digital-to-analog DD DD deep-drawn
DAC DAC digital-to-analog converter DD dd diesel direct
DACT dact direct acting DD DD disconnecting device
DAD DAD double-acting door DD dd double density
DAGC DAGC delayed automatic gain DD DD drydock
control DD DD dutch door
DAM DAM descriptor attribute matrix DDA DDA digital differential analyzer
DAMLG DAMLG dental amalgamator DDC DDC digitally directed control
DAMP DAMP distribution amplifier DDD DDD direct distance dialing
DAS DAS direct acting steam DDI DDI depth deviation indicator


Drawings Text Term Drawings Text Term

DDR DDR direct drive DEVEQL DEVEQL deviation equalizer

DDV ddv deck drain valve DEVLG DEVLG developed length
DE de diesel-electric DEVN devn deviation
DE DE double end DEW DEW distant early warning
DE DE drive end DEWRG dewtrg dewatering
DEA dea diethanolamine DF df defogging
DEARTG deartg deaerating DF DF dense flint
DEC Dec December DF df direction finder
DEC dec decimal DF DF dissipation factor
DECAL decal decalcomania DF DF double feeder
DECN decn decision DF DF douglas fir
DECOMPN decompn decompression DF DF drinking fountain
DECONTN decontn decontamination DF DF drive fit
DECR decr decrease DF DF drop forge
DECRT decrt decrement DFL dfl deflating
DED ded dedendum DFMACH DFMACH drafting machine
DED DED diesel engine, direct drive DFR df r defrost
DEF def defective DFT DFT deaerating feed tank
DEF def defense DFT DFT discrete fourier transform
DEF def definition DFT dft draft
DEFL defl deflect DFT dft drift
DEFT DEFT definite time DFTG dftg drafting
DEG* deg* degree DFTR dftr deflector
DEGUSG DEGUSG degaussing DFTSMN DFTSMN draftsman
DEL del delineation DG dg disk grind
DELE dele delete DG dg dogged
DELT delt deck edge light DG DG dou ble-groove [insulators]
DEMA DEMA distributed emission DGDP DGDP double-groove double-
magnetron amplifier petticoat [insulators]
DEMOD demod demodulator DGLD dgld diaphragm gland
DEN den denote DGR dgr degrease
DENG deng diesel engine DGS DGS degaussing system
DENS dens density DGSFR DGSFR degasifier
DEP deP deposit DGTL dgtl digital
DEPINST depinst depot installed DGTZR dgtzr digitizer
DEPR depr depression DHD DHD drop hammer die
DEPT dept department DHMY dhmy dehumidify
DER der dermatine DHW DHW double-hung windows
DER DER diesel engine, reduction DI di deicing
drive DI DI demand indicator
DERIV deriv derivative DIA DIA deficiency in allowance
DES des designation DIA dia diameter
DES des designator DIAG diag diagonal
DES des designer DIAG diag diagram
DESCP descp description DIAGR diagr diagrammatic
DESCR descr describe DIALPHTH dialphth diallyl phthalate
DESTN destn destination DIAPH diaph diaphragm
DESTR destr destructor DID DID direct inward dialing
DESTRFIR destrfir destructive firing DIEL diel dielectric
DET det detail DIFA difa differential amplifier
DET det detector DIFF diff difference
DET det determinant DIFF diff differential
DET det detonator DIFFR diffr diffraction
DETN detn detention DIFFTR difftr differential time relay
DETN detn determination DIFFUS diffus diffusing
DEV dev development DIGN dign diagnostic
DEV dev deviate DIHY dihy dihydrate


Drawings Text Term Drawings Text Term

DIL di1 dilute DLY dlY delay

DIM dim dimension DLY dlY dolly
DINA DINA direct noise amplification DM DM demand meter
DIO dio diode DM DM diesel mechanical
DIOPT diopt diopter DM DM dressed and matched
DIP DIP dual inline package DMA DMA direct memory access
DIPUR diplxr diplexer DMC DMC digital microcircuit
DIPX dipx diplex DMD dmd diamond
DIR dir direct DME DME distance-measuring
DIR dir direction equipment
DIR dir directional DMGT dmgt data management
DIR dir director DMGZ dmgz demagnetize
DIRCONN dirconn di rect-connect DMH dmh drop manhole
DIRCOUP dircoup directional coupler DML dml demolition
DIRFLT dirflt directional filter DMNRLZR dmnrlzr demineralizer
DISASSM disassm disassemble DMPG dmpg dumping
DISASSY disassy disassembly DMPR dmpr damper
DISC disc disconnect DMR dmr dimmer
DISCAPRS DISCAPRS dental suction apparatus DMTZR dmtzr demagnetizer
DISCH disch discharge DN dn down
DISLVD dislvd dissolved DNA DNA does not apply
DISM disrn dismantle DNDFT dndft ' downdraft
DISP disp dispatcher DNG dng dining
DISP disp dispensary DNTL dntl dental
DISP disp dispenser DNTRD dntrd denatured
DISP disp displacement DNU DNU do not use
DISPN dispn disposition DO DO diesel oil
DIST dist distance DO DO dissolved oxygen
DIST dist distant DO do ditto
DIST dist district DO DO draw out
DISTING disting distinguish DOC doc document
DISTN distn distortion DOD DOD direct outward dialing
DISTR distr distribute DOL DOL dynamic octal load
DISTR distr distributor DOM dom domestic
DIV div diverter DOS DOS disk operated system
DIV div divide DOVAP DOVAP doppler velocity and
DIV div division position
DJ DJ drill jig DOZ doz dozen
DKE dke deck edge DP dP dampproofing
DKHSE dkhse deckhouse DP dP dashpot [relay]
DKPG DKPG depth keeping DP dP deck piercing
DL DL data link DP DP deflection plate
DL DI data list DP DP demand meter, printing
DL dl daylight DP dP depth
DL dl dead light DP DP dew point
DL dl dead load DP DP diametral pitch
DL dl delay line DP DP differential pressure
DL DL drawing list DP DP double-pole
DLILMN dlilmn dial illumination DP DP drill plate
DLINDG dlindg dial indicating DP dP dripproof
DLO dlo daylight opening DP DP dry battery
DLOCK dlock dial lock DP dP dual-purpose
DLR dlr dealer DP DP two-pole
DLT dlt data line translator DPBC DPBC double-pole back-
DLVY dlvy delivery connected
DLX dlx deluxe DPDT DPDT double-pole double-throw
DU( dlx die lock DPDT DPDT two-pole double-throw


Drawings . Text Term Drawings Text Term

DPDTSW DPDTSW double-pole double-throw DS DS display and storage

switch DS DS domestic service
DPFC DPFC double-pole front- DS ds double sided
connected DS ds downspout
DPFT DPFT desk, double-pedestal flat- DS DS draft stop
top DSB DSB dou ble-sideband
DPG dpg damping DSBL dsbl disable
DPH DPH diamond-pyramid hardness DSCC dscc desiccant
DPI dpi dots per inch DSCONT dscont discontinue
DPLXR dplxr duplexer DSCRM dscrm discriminator
DPM DPM data processing machine DSCT DSCT double secondary current
DPNL DPNL distribution panel transformer
DPO DPO dripproof open DSD DSD dual-speed drive
DPP DPP d ripproof protected DSENGA dsenga disengaging
DPR dPr diazo print DSGN dsgn design
DPRP DPRP dripproof and ratproof DSHR dshr dish-rinsing
DPS DPS dripproof semi-enclosed DSIF DSIF deep-space instrumentation
DPSK dpsk dipstick facility
DPST DPST double-pole single-throw DSL dsl diesel
DPST DPST two-pole single-throw DSLT dslt deck surface light
DPSTSW DPSTSW double-pole single- DSLTR dsltr desalter
t h rowswitc h DSNTZ dsntz desensitize
DPSW DPSW double-pole switch DSPEC DSPEC design specification
DPT DPT dripproof totally enclosed DSPL dspl display
DPTW DPTW desk, double-pedestal DSPL dspl disposal
typewriter DSPNSG dspnsg dispensing
DPV DPV dry pipe valve DSR DSR data scanning and routing
DR dr dead reckoning DSSB DSSB double single-sideband
DR DR drafting request DST DST door stop
DR dr drain DSTL dstl distill
DR dr dram DSTLT dstlt d istiIlate
DR dr drill DSU DSU disk storage unit
DR DR drill rod DSUPHTR dsuphtr desuperheater
DR dr drive DSW DSW door switch
DRA dra dead reckoning analyzer DT DT decay time
DRCDG drcdg data recording DT DT deep tank
DRCTY drcty directly DT DT die template
DRDCN drdcn data reduction DT DT double-throw
DRE DRE dead reckoning equipment DT DT drain tile
DRGR drgr dredger DT DT dual tires
DRI DRI dead reckoning indicator DT DT d üst-tight
DRK drk derrick DTCH dtch detached
DRM DRM drafting room manual DTD DTD dated
DRO DRO destructive readout DTE DTE data terminal equipment
DRS drs dressed [lumber] DTER dter dither
DRSG drsg dressing DTL DTL diode transistor logic
DRSR drsr dresser DTR DTR definite-time relay
DRT DRT dead reckoning tracer DTR DTR demandtotalizing relay
DRTA drta driptank DTRBD dtrbd daug hterboard
DRTL DRTL diode resistor transistor DTRS dtrs distress
logic DlT dtt detent
DRTR DRTR dead reckoning trainer DTVM DTVM differential thermocouple
DRU DRU drive unit voltmeter
DRVR dN T driver DTYCY DTYCY duty cycle
DS DS decade scaler DUM dum dummy
DS DS decanning scuttle DUMR DUMR dust and moisture
DS DS discarding sabot DUNC DUNC deep underwater nuclear
DS DS disconnect switch counter


Drawings Text Term Drawings Text Term

DUP dUP duplicate ECDC ECDC electrochemical diffused

DUT DUT device under test collector
DVBD DVBD diesel v-belt drive ECG ECG electrocardiogram
DVC dvc device ECG ECG electrocardiograph
DVL dvl develop ECH ech echelon
DVM DVM digital voltmeter ECL ECL emitter-coupled logic
DVR dvr diver ECM ECM electronic countermeasures
DVTL dvtl dovetail ECME ECME electronic countermeasures
DW dishwasher environment
DW distilled water ECMP ECMP electronic countermeasures
DW DW double weight
ECN ECN engineering change notice
DW dw dumbwaiter
ECN ECN equipage category number
DWD DWD dumbwaiter door
ECO ECO electron-coupled oscillator
DWEL dwel dwelling
ECO ECO electronic checkout
DWG dwg drawing
ECO ECO engineering change order
DWL DWL designed waterline
ECON econ economize
DWL DWL dominant wavelength
ECP ECP engineering change
DWL dwl dowel
DWLFBD DWLFBD dou ble-wal I fiberboard
ECR ECR engineering change
DWN dwn drawn request
DWR dwr drawer ECS Emergency Coolant System
DWS DWS drop wood siding ECSW end cell switch
DWT dwt deadweight ECWIRE extra control wire
DWT dwt pennyweight ED ED engine drive
DX dx duplex EDA EDA electronic digital analyzer
DXE DXE data transmitting EDDD EDDD expanded direct distance
equipment dialing
DYB DYB dynamic breaking EDE EDE emergency decelerating
DYG dyg drying [relay]
DYHR dyhr dehydrator EDFA EDFA electronic differential
DYN dyn dynamic anaIyze r
DYN dyn dynamo EDGW edgw edgewise
DYNM dynm dynamotor EDM EDM electrical discharge
DYNMT dynmt dynamite machining
DYNMT dynmt dynamometer EDO EDO effective diameter of
EDP EDP electronic data processing
E emitter [electron device1 EDR EDR equivalent direct radiation
ea each EDSK EDSK engineering department
EAROM EAROM electronically alterable
read-only memory EDT EDT electric discharge tube
EAS equivalent airspeed EDUC educ education
EAX electronic automatic EDUC educ educator
exchange EDUC educ eductor
ebasb ebony asbestos EDYNMT EDYNMT electric dynamometer
EBCDIC expanded binary-coded EE EE end to end
decimal interchange EEG EEG electroencephalogram
code EEG EEG electroencephalograph
ECA ECA equipment condition EF EF each face
analysis EF EF emitter follower
ECC ecc eccentric EF EF extra fine [threads]
ECC ECC error correction code EFC EFC engineering field change
ECCM ECCM electronic counter- EFF eff effective
countermeasures EFF eff efficiency
ECCSL ECCSL emittercoupled current- EFFL eff I effective focal length
steered logic EFL efl effluent
ECD ECD estimated completion date EFT eft effect


Drawings Text Term Drawings Text Term

EFT EFT electronic funds transfer EM EM expanded metal

EG eg for example EMB emb emboss
EGD egd electrogasdynamics EMD EMD electric-motor driven
EGO EGO eccentric-orbit geophysical EMER emer emergency
ObSeNatOn/ EMF EMF electromotive force
EGRD EGRD eye guard EM1 EM1 electromagnetic
EGT EGT exhaust gas temperature interference
EGV EGV exit guide vane EMINT EMINT electromagnetic
EHF EHF end half intelligence
EHF EHF extremely high frequency EMP emP empennage
EHW EHW extreme high water EMPL empl em ployee
EI EI electronic interface EMPS EMPS emergency power supply
EI EI equip and install EMSN emsn emission
EIDLT eidlt emergency identification EMT EMT electrical metallic tubing
light EMTR emtr emitter
EJCTR ejctr ejector EMU emu emulator
EJN ejn ejection EMUL emu1 emulsion
EJNST EJNST ejection seat ENAM enam enamel
EL EL each layer ENBL enbl enable
EL EL elastic limit ENCAP encap encapsulation
EL el electroluminescent ENCD encd encode
EL el elevation ENCDR encdr encoder
EL EL eye lens ENCL encl enclose
ELAS elas elastic ENCL encl enclosure
ELAS elas elasticity ENCSD encsd encased
ELB elb elbow ENG eng engine
ELCTC ELCTC electric contact ENG Eng English
ELCTCBR ELCTCBR electric contact brush ENGA enga engage
ELCTD elctd electrode ENGA enga engaging
ELCTLT elctlt electrolyte ENGR engr engineer
ELCTLT elctlt electrolytic ENGRG engrg engineering
ELCTRG ELCTRG electric contact ring ENGRM ENGRM engine room
ELCTRN elctrn electron ENGRV engrv engrave
ELEC elec electric ENGV ENGV engine v-belt
ELECTC ELECTC electronic control ENGY ewy energy
ELEK elek electronic ENLG enlg enlarge
ELEM elem element ENLGD enlgd enlarged
ELEM elem elementary ENRGZ enrgz energize
ELEV elev elevate ENSI ENSI equivalent-noise- sideband
ELEV elev elevator input
ELEX elex electronics ENTC ENTC engine negative torque
ELF ELF extremely low frequency control
ELHYD elhyd electrohydraulic ENTR entr entrance
ELIM elim eliminate ENUM enum enumeration
ELINT ELINT electronic intelligence ENV env envelope
ELMCH ELMCH electromechanical ENVIR envir environment
ELNG elng elongate ENVIR envir environmental
ELONG elong elongation EO EO engine oil
ELP elP elliptical EO EO engineering order
ELPC ELPC electroluminescent- EO EO ethylene oxide
photoconductive EOC EOC edge of cutter
ELPH ELPH elliptical head EOD EOD explosive ordnance
ELPNEU elpneu electropneumatic disposal
ELV ELV electrically operated valve EOLM EOLM electro optical light
ELW ELW extreme low water modulator
EM em electromagnetic EOP EOP end of part
EM EM enlisted men EOR EOR engine order
EM EM epitaxial mesa EOT EOT end of tape


Drawings Text Term Drawings Text Term

EOT EOT end of transmission ESS ess electrostatic sensitive

ícomputersl ESS ESS emergency ship service
EP EP electrically polarized [relay] EST EST electrostatic storage tube
EP EP epitaxial planar EST est estimate
EP EP explosion-proof ESTD ESTD electronic standard
EPBX EPBX electronic private branch ESTN estn endstone
exchange ET ET edge thickness
EPD EPD electric power and ET ET elapsed time
distribution ET ET electrical time
EPL ePl electroplate ETC etc and so forth
EPO EPO engine propeller order ETC etc et cetera
EPROM EPROM erasable programmable ETCG ETCG elapsed-time code
read-only memory generator
EPS EPS electric power supply ETDT ETDT extrusion trim and drill
EPT EPT external pipe thread template
EPWR EPWR emergency power ETS ETS endless tangent screw
EO eq equation ETSQ ETSQ electrical time, superquick
EQFL eqfl equivalent focal length ETT ETT extrusion trim template
EQL eql equal EVAC evac evacuate
EQL eql equalizer EVAC evac evacuator
EQL eql equally EVAL eval evaluate
EQLSP eqlsp equally spaced EVAP evap evaporate
EQPT eqpt equipment EVAP evap evaporator
EQUIL equil equilibrium EVLTN evltn eva Iuation
EQUIV equiv equivalent EVM EVM electronic voltmeter
ER ER echo ranging EVOM EVOM electronic voltohmmeter
ER ER electrical resistance EVRLK evrlk ever-lock
ER ER emergency room EW EW each way
ERCG ercg erecting EW EW electronic warfare
ERCR ercr erector EWASER EWASER electromagnetic wave
ERECT erect erection amplification by
ERN ERN engineering release notice stimulated emission of
ERRC ERRC error correction radiation
ERS ers erased EWB EWB embedded wiring board
ES ES echo sounding EWC EWC electric water cooler
ES ES electronic switching EWO EWO engineering work order
es electrostatic EX ex example
ES ES equal section EX ex extra
ESA engineering support EXAM exam examination
activity EXC exc excavate
ESAR ESAR electronically steerable EXC exc excellent
array radar EXC exc except
ESC esc escape EXC exc excitation
ESC esc escutcheon EXCH exch exchange
ESD esd electrostatic discharge EXCL excl exclusive
ESDS esds electrostatic discharge EXCSV excsv excessive
sensitive EXCTR exctr exciter
ESK ESK engineering sketch EXEC exec execute
ESOS ESOS electrostatic discharge EXEC exec executive
resistive EXER exer exercise
ESP ESP equipment and spare parts EXH exh exhaust
ESP esP especially EXH exh exhi bit
ESPAR ESPAR electronically steerable EXHV EXHV exhaust vent
phased array radar EXP exP expand
ESPEC ESPEC electrical specification EXP exP expansion
ESR ESR equivalent series resistance EXP exP expense
ESS ESS electronics switching EXP exP experiment
system EXP exP experimental


Drawings Text Term Drawings Text Term
. .
EXP exP exposed FARATIO faratio fuel-air ratio
EXP exP express FAS FAS fueling-at-sea
EXP exP expulsion FAST FAST fast automatic shuttle
EXPED exped expedite transfer
EXPEN expen expendable FATR FATR fixed autotransformer
EXPJT expjt expansion joint FAX fax facsimile
EXPL expl explanation FB FB fire and bilge
EXPLD expld explode FB FB flat bar
EXPLN expln explosion FB FB fuse block
EXPLTN expltn exploitation FBCK fbck firebrick
EXPNT expnt exponent FBDC FBDC fiberboard, corrugated
EXPNT expnt exponential FBDS FBDS fiberboard, solid
EXPO EXPO experimental order FBM FBM board foot [measure]
EXPSR expsr exposure FBM FBM fleet ballistic missile
EXST exst existing FBM FBM foot board measure
EXT ext extension FBR FBR feedback resistance
EXT ext exterior FBR FBR fiber
EXT ext external FBRBD fbrbd fiberboard
EXT ext extinguish FBRS fbrs fibrous
EXTD extd extrude FBT FBT form block template
EXTG extg extracting FBT FBT forward baIIast tank
EXTM extm extreme FC FC front connection
EXTND extnd extender FC FC file cabinet
EXTR extr extractor FC FC fire control
EXTRN extrn extrusion FC fc fireclay
EYLT eylt eyelet FC fc footcandle
EYPC eYPc eyepiece FC FC front-connected
FCA FCA functional configuration
F audit
F* F* Fahrenheit FCB FCB free-cutting brass
F F fighter [aircraft] FCG fcg facing
F F flat-band metallicarmor FCRLS FCRLS Flight Control Ready Light
[insull System
F F flint FCS FCS Fire Control System
F F force FCSG fcsg focusing
F f frequency (comb form) FCSLE fcsle forecastle
F F interceptor [aircraft] FCT FCT filament center tap
FIS FIS finish one side FCTN fctn function
F2S F2S finish two sides FCTY fcty factory
FA FA field artillery FD FD face or field of drawing
FA FA final assembly FD FD flange focal distance
FA FA fore and aft FD FD floor drain
FA FA free aperture FD fd floppy disc
FAB fab fabricate FD FD forced-draft
FAB fab first-aid box FD FD frequency division
FABL FABL fire alarm bell FD FD front of dash
FABWH FABWH flush armor balance FDB FDB field dynamic braking
watertight hatch FDB FBD forced-draft blower
FABX FABX fire alarm box FDBK fdbk feedback
FAC fac factor FDBLR FDBLR frequency doubler
FAC FAC field accelerator FDC FDC fire department connection
FACIL facil facility FDE FDE field decelerator
FACT FACT factual complier FDF FDF fuel and defueling
FACT FACT fully automatic compiler- FDFL FDFL fluid flow
translator FDI FDI field discharge
FAIR fair fairing FDM FDM frequency division
FAM fam familiar multiplex
FA0 FA0 finish all over FDN FDN foundation


Drawings Text Term Drawings Text Term

FDP FDP full dog point FIP FIP fuel injection pump
FDPL FDPL fluid pressure line FIR FIR fuel indicator reading
FDR fdr feeder FIR fir full indicator reading
FDR fdr finder FIS FIS floating-point instruction
FDR FDR fire door set
FDRY fd ry foundry FIT FIT fault isolation test
FDSVC FDSVC food service FKD FKD forked
FDTT FDTT full duplex teletype FL fl filter (comb form)
FDW fdw feedwater FL FL flagnote (number)
FDWL FDWL fiberboard, double wall FL fl flashing
FEB Feb February FL fl flood [vent]
FEB feb functional electronic block FL fl floor
FED Fed Federal FL FL floor line
FELR felr feeler FL fl fluid
FEM fern female FL fl flush
FER FER forward engine room FL FL flute lead
FERCON fercon ferrule-contact FL FL focal length
FET FET field-effect transistor fL fL footlambert
FEXT FEXT fire extinguisher FLA fla full-load amperes
FF FF face to face FLD fld field
FF FF file finish FLDG fldg folding
FF FF fire and flushing FLDK FLDK flight deck
FF FF fire fighting FLDNG fldng flooding
FF FF flip-flop FLDO FLDO final limit, down
FF ff following FLDT fldt floodlight
FF FF full field FLEA FLEA flux logic element array
FFAR FFAR folding-fin aircraft rocket FLEX flex flexible
FFC FFC flip-flop complementary FLEX flex flexure
FFD FFD field forcing [decreasing] FLF FLF final limit, forward
FFI FFI field forcing [increasing1 FLG fig flange
FFILH FFILH flat fillister head FLG f 19 flooring
FFL FFL female flared FLGSTF flgstf flagstaff
FFL FFL field failure FLGSTN flgstn flagstone
FFL FFL flip-flop latch FLH FLH final limit, hoist
FFL FFL front focal length FLH FLH flat head
FFT FFT fast Fourier transform FLHLS flhls flashless
FG FG filament ground FLIDEN FLIDEN flight data entry
FGD fgd forged FLKD flkd fluked
FGR fgr finger FLL FLL final limit, lower
FGY B Y foggy FLL FLL flow line
FH FH fire hose FLLD flld full load
FH FH full hard FLM flm flame
FHC FHC fire-hose cabinet FLMB flmb flammable
FHR FHR fire hose rack FLMPRF flmprf flameproof
FHT fht fully heat-treated FLMPRS FLMPRS film processing
FHY FHY fire hydrant FLMRES FLMRES flame resistant
FIC FIC frequency interference FLMRTD FLMRTD flame retardant
control FLMSD FLMSD film sound
FIFO FIFO first-in-first-out FLMT FLMT flush mount
FIG fig figure FLMTT flmtt flametight
FIL fil filament FLN fln flatten
FIL fil fillet FLN fln fuel line
FIL fil fillister FLNG flng fueling
FIL FIL fuel injection line FLOCOM FLOCOM floating commutator
FILH FILH fillister head FLOT flot flotation
FILL fill filling FLPR flpr flapper
FIM FIM full indicator movement FLR flr failure


Drawings Text Term Drawings Text Term

FLR flr filler FORM form formation

FLR FLR final limit, reverse FORM form formula
FLRD flrd flared FORTRAN FORTRAN formula translation
FLRG FLRG flaring FOSGEN FOSGEN fog oil smoke generator
FLRT FLRT flow rate FOT FOT frequency of optimum
FLRY flry flurry operation
FLSP FLSP flight space FOT FOT fuel-oil transfer
FLSW FLSW flow switch FOVH FOVH flush oiltight ventilation
FLT flt fault hole
FLT flt flashlight FOY f0Y foyer
FLT flt flight FP FP faceplate
FLT flt float FP FP feedback positive
FLTD fltd fluted FP FP field protective
FLTG fltg floating FP fP fireplace
FLTP FLTP flush type FP FP flat pattern
FLTR FLTR filter FP FP flat point
FLU FLU final limit, up FP fP forepeak
fluorescent FP FP forward perpendicular
FLUOR fluor
FLUSOC fluted socket FP FP freezing point
FLUSOCH FLUSOCH fluted socket head FP FP fungus proof
flutter FPI FPI fluorescent penetrant
FLUT flut
FLW FLW flash welding
FPL fPl fire plug
FLW FLW flat washer
FPM" FPM" foot per minute
FLWK FLWK flat work
FPOT FPOT feedback potentiometer
FLWP flwp follow-up
FPPR fPPr fishpaper
FLYWHL flywhl flywheel
FPRF fPrf fireproof
FLYWT flW flyweight
FPS" FPS" foot per second
FM FM field manual
FPS FPS foot-pound-second
FM FM fire main
FPT FPT female pipe thread
FM FM frequency modulation
FPTS FPTS forward propagation
FMAN fman foreman
tropospheric scatter
FMR FMR frequency modulated radar
FR FR failure rate
FMS FMS floating machine shop
FR FR fast release [relay]
FMS FMS free-machining steel
FR FR field reversing
FMT FMT flush metal threshold
FR fr frame
FMW fmw firmware
FR fr front
FN FN find number fractional
FRAC frac
FN FN flat nose [projectile] fragment
FRAG frag
FNH FNH flashless nonhygroscopic FRAG frag fragmentation
FNI FNI fan in FRBEL frbel from below
FNO FNO fan out FREEBD freebd freeboard
FNPT FNPT fusion point FREQ freq frequency
FNSH fnsh finish FREQCHG freqchg frequency changer
FO FO fast operate [relay] FREQCONV freqconv frequency converter
FO FO flat oval FREQM FREQM frequency meter
FO fo foldout FRES FRES fire-resistant
FO FO fuel oil FRFY fW french fry
FOB FOB free on board FRHGT FRHGT free height
FOB FOB front of board FRICT frict friction
FOC foc focal FRM frm fire room
FOC foc focus FRMR frmr former
FOD FOD foreign object damage FRNG frng fringe
FOFM FOFM fog foam FRT frt freight
FOL fol follow FRTN frtn front end
FOLQ FOLQ foam liquid FRWK frwk framework
FOP FOP fuel oil pump FRZR frzr freezer
FORG forg forging FS FS far side


Drawings Text Term Drawings Text Term

FS FS Federal Specification m m desk, combination fiat-top

FS FS female soldered and typewriter
FS FS field service FUBX FUBX fuse box
FS FS fin-Sta bilized FUHLR fuhlr fuse holder
FS FS finish specification FUJ FUJ front upset jaw
[number] FUL ful fulcrum
FS FS fire station FUND fund fundamental
FS FS foreign service FUNL fun1 funnel
FS fs foresight FUR fur furnace
FS FS freight supply [vessel1 FURN furn furnish
full size FURN furn furniture
FS fs
functional schematic FUSLG fuslg fuselage
fuselage station FUT fut future
sulfur trioxide chlorsulfonic FV FV flush value
acid Fv FV front view
feasible FV fv full voltage
FSBL fsbl
fusi ble FVD FVD front vertex back focal
FSBL fsbl
FSBLCUT fsblcut fusible cutout
FW FW face width
FSC fsc full scale
FSCIL FSCIL Federal Supply Catalog
Fw FW fire wall
FW FW fresh water
Identification List
FW fw full wave
FSCM FSCM Federal Supply Code for
FWD fwd forward
FWDCT FWDCT fresh water drain collecting
FSE FSE field support equipment
FSK FSK f requency-shift keying
FWK FWK field weakening
FSMWO FSMWO field service modification
FWP FWP feedwater pump
work order
FSN FSN Federal Stock Number , FWP FWP fresh water pump
FSN FSN fuel service nozzle FWPLN FWPLN fairwater planes
FSSN fssn fission FXD fxd fixed
FST FST forged steel FXP FXP fixed point
FSTNR fstnr fastener FXTR fxtr fixture
FSW FSW field switch FY FY fiscal year
FSW FSW frame synchronization FYIG FYIG for your information and
word guidance
FT FT flush threshold FZ fr fuze
FT* ft* foot FZSTO fzsto frozen storage
FT FT frequency tracker
FT ft fumetight G
FT ft functional test G G gate [electron device]
FTC FTC fast time constant G 9 girder
FTD ftd fitted G 9 gravity
FTF FTF flared tube fitting G 9 green
FTFGS FTFGS flared tube fitting gasket G 9 grounded [outlet]
seal G" g* gram
FTG ftg fitting GA ga gage (gauge)
FTG ftg footing GA GA gas amplification
FTHRD FTHRD female thread GA GA glide angle
FTI FTI frequency time indicator GA GA graphic ammeter
FTK FTK fuel tank GA GA ground-to-air
FTLB* FTLB* foot pound force GABD GABD gage board
FTP FTP fuel transfer pump GAL* gal* gallon
FTR ftr feather GALL gall gallery
FTR FTR fixed transom GALV galv galvanic
FTR FTR flat tile roof GALV galv galvanize
FTR ftr functional test requirement GALVI galvi galvanized iron
FlT m flat trim template GALVND galvnd galvannealed


Drawings Text Term Drawings Text Term

GALVNM galvnm galvanometer GI gi gray iron

GALVS galvs galvanized steel GIDEP GIDEP Government-Industry Data
GALY gab galley Exchange Program
GAM GAM guided aircraft missile GIGO GIGO garbage in, garbage out
GAR gar garage GIL GIL green indicating lamp
GAR GAR guided aircraft rocket GIRLS GIRLS Generalized Information
GARBD garbd garboard Retrieval and Listing
GAS gasoline System
GASW GASW gas weld ' GIT GIT graph isomorphism tester
GBG garbage GJ GJ grown junction
GCA GCA ground-controlled approach GL gl glass
GCC GCC ground control center GL GL grade line
GCD greatest common divisor GL GL green light
GCI GCI ground-controlled GLB glb glass block
interception GLD gld gold
GCMPS gcmps gyrocompass GLE GLE government-loaned
GCN GCN gage code number equipment
GCRG GCRG gun carriagec GLI gli glider
GCWR gcwr gross combined weight GLOSS gloss glossary
rating GLPG glpg glow plug
GD GD graphic demand meter GLS GLS glide slope
GD GD ground detector GLT 9 It guide light
GD GD grown diffused GLTN gitn guillotine
GD gd guard GLV GLV globe valve
GDE gde guide GLWB glwb glazed wallboard
GDE gde guided GLYCN glvcn glycerin
GDLK GDLK grid leak GLZ glz glaze
GDNC gdnc guidance GM gm gaseous mixture
GDOP GDOP geometric dilution of GM GM geometric mean
precision GM GM guided missile
GDR GDR guard rail GM gm metacentric height
GE GE gas ejection GMBL gmbl gimbal
GECC GECC gasoline engine, close- GMC GMC gun motor carriage
coupled GMCM GMCM guided missile
GED GED gasoline-engine driven countermeasu res
GEN gen generation GMET gmet gun metal
GEN gen generator GMLDG gmldg garnish molding
GENCONT gencont general contractor GMR GMR ground mapping radar
GENG geng gasoline engine GMT GMT Greenwich mean time
GENL gen1 general GMTRY gmtw geometry
GEOL geol geological GMV GMV guaranteed minimum value
GEOMAG geomag geomagnetism GN GN general note (number)
GFAE GFAE government-furnished GND grid ground
aircraft equipment GNLTD gnltd granulated
GFD GFD gap-filler data GNOZ GNOZ grease nozzle
GFE GFE govern ment-f ur nished GNP GNP gas, nonpersistent
equipment GOE GOE ground operation
GFF GFF granolithic finish floor equipment
GFI GFI ground-fault interrupter GOPR GOPR gas operated
GFLD gfld generator field GOR GOR general operational
GFM GFM government-furnished requirement
material GOV gov governor
GFP GFP government-furnished parts GOVG govg governing
GFP GFP g overnment-fu rnished GOVT govt government
property GOX gox gaseous oxygen
GFU GFU glazed facing unit GP GP gang punch
GG GG ground-to-ground GP GP gas, persistent
GGL GGL ground glass GP 9P general purpose


Drawings Text Term Drawings Text Term

GP GP ground-protective [relay] GSUB GSUB glazed structural unit base

GP group GSV GSV globe stop valve
GPC gypsum-piaster ceiling GSWR GSWR galvanized-steel-wire rope
GPER GPER general plant equipment GT gt gastight
requirements GT GT grease trap
GPF gasproof GTC GTC gain time control
GPH graphite GTC GTC gas turbine compressor
GPH* GPH* gallon per hour GTL GTL government test laboratory
GPI GPI ground-position indicator GTO GTO gate turnoff
GPM* GPM* gallon per minute GTR gtr garter
GPS* GPS* gallon per second GTRB GTRB gas turbine
GPW gypsum-plaster wall GTV GTV gate valve
GR grab rod GUAR guar guarantee
GR grade GUN gun gunnery
GR grain GUS gus gusset
GR GR grid resistor GUT 9 ut gutter
GR gross GVA GVA graphic kilovolt-ampere
GRA meter
gra gray
grab grade ability GVL gvl gravel
grad gradient GVW GVW gross vehicle weight
gran granite GWB gwb gypsum wallboard
granodize GWT GWT glazed wall tile
GRAN gran
granolithic base GWTB GWTB glazed wall tile base
GRBX grbx gearbox GY SY gray
GYM gym gymnasium
GRC grc gearcase
grind GYP 9YP SYPSum
GRD grd
GYRO gyro gyroscope
GRDL grdl griddle
GZ GZ ground zero
GRDTN grdtn graduation
GZ gz righting arm
GRG grg gearing
GRK grk gear rack
GRL grl grille
H h hatch
GRLP GRLP ground lamp h head (comb form)
GRN grn green h horizontal (comb form)
GROM grom grommet HA hardness assurance
GRPH grph graphic HA high altitude
GRS grs grease HAF HAF heavy aircraft fuel
GRSHFT grshft gear shaft HAP HAP high-altitude platform
GRTG grtg grating HARN harn harness
GRTN GRTN grid return HARNLTHR harnlthr harness leather
GRTR grtr grater HARP HARP Halpern antiradar point
G RV gN groove HATCDS HATCDS high-altitude terrain contour
GRVA GRVA graphic varmeter data sensor
GRVD gNd grooved HAV hav haversine
GRVG g w grooving HAZ haz hazardous
GRVR QNr groover HB hb half breadth
GRWT GRWT gross weight HB HB heavy-barrel [rifle]
GS GS ground speed HB HB hose bib
GSAP GSAP gunsight aiming point HBCN HBCN hazard beacon
GSB GSB gypsum sheathing board HBPUMP HBPUMP hot brine pump
GSBR GSBR gravel-surface buildup roof HC HC hand crank
GSE GSE ground support equipment HC hc head and cover
GSFU GSFU glazed structural facing unit HC HC heating cabinet
GSIL GSIL German silver HC hc hexachlorethane
GSKT gskt gasket HC HC high capacity [projectile]
GSS GSS Gamma Scintillation HC HC high carbon
System HC HC holding coil
GSU GSU glazed structural units HC HC hose clamp


Drawings Text Term Drawings Text Term -

HC HC hydraulic clean HEXHD hexhd hexagonal head

HCG HCG horizontal location of center HEXCOC hexsoc hexagonal socket
of gravity HEXSOCH hexsoch hexagonal socket head
HCI HCI hardness-critical item HF HF high frequency
HCL HCL horizontal center line HF HF holding fixture
HCN HCN hydrocyanic acid HFB HF6 hand form block
HCONN HCONN hose connector HFCUR HFCUR high-frequency current
HCP HCP hardness-critical process HFD HFD hydro-form die
HCS HCS high carbon Steel HFMF HFMF hone-finish monolithic floor
HCSHT HCSHT high carbon steel, heat- HFO HFO high-frequency oscillator
treated HFS HFS hyperfine structure
HD hd hand (comb form) HG HG harden and grind
HD HD harbor defense HGALV HGALV hot-galvanize
HD hd hard disc HGBN hgbn herringbone
HD HD harmonic distortion HGC hgc hypergolic clean
HD hd head diameter HGPS HGPS high-grade plow steel
HD HD heavy-duty HGR hgr hanger
HDBK hdbk handbook HGSW HGSW horn gap switch
HDCP hdcp handicap HGT hgt height
HDCR HDCR hard chromium HH hh handhold
HDDRN HDDRN hard-drawn HH hh handhole
HDG hdg heading HH HH heel to heel
HDL hdl handle HIFI HIFI high fidelity
HDLG hdlg handling HIHUM HIHUM high humidity
HDLS hdls headless HIMP HIMP high impact
HDN hdn harden HINT HINT high intensity
HDNS hdns hardness HIPAR HIPAR high-power acquisition
HDOV hdov hardover radar
HDR hdr header I HIPOT HIPOT high potential
HDSHK hdshk handshake Icomputercl HIPOTT HIPOTT high potential test
HDCT hdct headset HIR HIR horizontal impulse reaction
HDW hdw hardware HJ HJ hinge jaw
HDWC hdwc hardware cloth HKP hkP hookup
HDWD hdwd hardwood HL HL hand lantern
HE HE heat exchange HL HL heel line
HE HE high explosive HL hl highline
HEAA HEAA high-explosive antiaircraft HL HL hinge line
HEAF HEAF heavy end aviation fuel HLBR HLBR heel breaster
HEAP HEAP high-explosive armor- HLBRD hlbrd halberd
piercing HLCL hlcl helical
HEAT HEAT high-explosive antitank HLCPS hlcps helical compression
HEDC HEDS high-explosive discarding HLCPTR hlcptr helicopter
sabot HLDG hldg holding
HEI HEI high-explosive incendiary HLDN hldn holddown
HEIT HEIT high-explosive incendiary HLDR hldr holder
with tracer HLEXT hlext helical extension
HEMW HEMW hybrid electromagnetic HLFM hlfm half-moon
wave HLG HLG hot leg
HEP HEP high-explosive plastic HLL HLL high-level language
HERA HERA high-explosive rocket- [computers1
assisted HLNG hlng headlining
HERJ HERJ high-explosive ramjet HLP hb helper
HES HES high-explosive spotting HLSD HLSD heel sanding
HECT HEST heat emergency service HLXA hlxa helix angle
tanks HM HM hardness maintenance
HET het heterodyne HM hm hollow metal
HET HET high-explosive with tracer HMA hma hybrid microelectronic
HEX hex hexagon assembly


Drawings Text Term Drawings Text Term

HMC HMC howitzer motor carriage HSD HSD hot side

HMD hmd humid HSE hse house
HMD hmd humidity HSG hsg housing
HMDF HMDF hollow metal door and HSHLD hshld household
frame HSR HSR high-speed reader
HMG HMG heavy machine gun HSS HSS high-speed steel
HMNC hmnc harmonic HST hst hoist
HMR hmr hammer HSTH HSTH hose thread
HNDRST hndrst hand reset HT ht halftone
HNDCONT hndcont hand control HT HT high tension
HNDFBR hndfbr horn fiber HT HT hollow tile
HNDGEN hndgen hand generator HT HT horizontal tabulation
HNDRL hndrl hand rail HT HT hot tin
HNDST hndst handset HTCI HTCI high-tensile cast iron
HNDWL hndwl handwheel HTD htd heated
HNG hanging HTF HTF height finding
HNG hinge HTG htg heating
HNIL HNIL high-noise-immunity logic HTL HTL high-threshold logic
HNTG hntg hunting HTM HTM high temperature
HNYCMB hnycmb honeycomb HTNSL HTNSL high tensile
HOGEN HOGEN hold off generator HTR htr heater
hol hollow HTRES htres heat-resisting
homing HTRK htrk half-track
HOM hom
honorary HTS HTS high tensile strength
HON hon
horiz horizontal HTS HTS high-tensi le steel
hospital HTSHLD htshld heat shield
HOSP hosp
howitzer HTSK htsk heat sink
HOW how
high pass HTR httr heat-treat
high pressure HV HV high voltage
hot-press HVAP HVAP high-velocity, armor-
HP* hP* horsepower
HVAP HVAP hypervelocity, armor-
HPB HPB hinged plotting board
HPFL HPFL highpass filter
HVAPDS HVAPDS hypervelocity, armor-
HPHR* HPHR? horsepower-hour piercing discarding sabot
HPLR HPLR hinge pillar high-velocity, aircraft rocket
HPOT hpot helipotentiometer HVC hardened voice circuit
HPR hPr hopper HVCH hardened voice channel
HPS HPS high-pressure steam HVR high-voltage regulator
HPT HPT high point HVRNG hvrng hovering
HPT HPT high-pressuretest HVSS HVSS horizontal volute spring
HO hq headquarters suspension
HR hr handling room HVTP HVTP high-velocity, target
HR HR hook rail practice
HR HR hose rack HVTP HVTP hypervelocity, target
HR HR hot-rolled practice
HR* hr* hour HVTPDS HVTPDS hypervelocity, target-
HRL HRL horizontal reference line practice, discarding sabot
HRPO HRPO hot-rolled, pickled and oiled HW hVY heavy
HRS HRS hot-rolled steel HW HW half wave
HRZN hrzn horizon HW hw head wind
HS HS hardness surveillance HW HW hot water
HS HS high speed HW hw howler
HS HS hinged seat HWC HWC hot water, circulating
HS HS horizon sensor HWH HWH hot-water heater
HS HS horizontal shear HWL HWL high-water line
HSC HSC hermetic sealed container HWL hwl hotwell
HSC HSC horizon scanner HWY hWY highway


Drawings Text Term Drawings Text Term

HXWXL HXWXL height by width by length ICRM icrm ice cream

HYB hYb hybrid I cs ICs Intercommunication System
HYBMED HYBMED hybrid microelectronic ICs ICs interphone control station
device I CT I CT inspection check template
HYDAPT HYDAPT hydrid digital-analog and I CT I CT International Critical Tables
pulse time ICTCD ictcd insecticide
HYDM hydm hydrometer ICU ICU intensive-care unit
HYDR hydr hydraulic ICW ICW interrupted continuous
HYDRELC hydrelc hydroelectric wave
HYDRST hydrst hydrostatic ID ID indentured data list
HYDTD hydtd hydrated ID ID indicator driver
HYP hYP hypotenuse ID ID induced draft
HYPERB hyperb hyperbola ID ID inside diameter
HYPH hYPh hydrophone ID ID internal diameter
HYPOTH hypoth hypothetical IDCTR idctr inductor
Hz* Hz* hertz IDDD IDDD international direct distance
HZMP HZMP horizontal impulse dialing
HZRN HZRN horizontal reaction IDENT ident identification
IDENT ident identify
I I DF IDF intermediate distributing
I I intrinsic (¡)-type frame
semiconductor material IDFO IDFO identified foe
IACS IACS International Annealed IDL id1 idler
Copper Standard IDLT idlt identification light
IAGC IAGC instantaneous automatic IDNO idno identification number
gain control IDP IPD integrated data processing
IAS IAS indicated airspeed IDRTY idrty indirectly
IAVC IAVC instantaneous automatic IDSM IDSM inertial demand servomotor
volume control I DTY I DTY intermittent duty
IAW IAW in accordance with I DX idx index
IB IB incendiary bomb IE ie that is
IB IB inner bottom IF IF inside frosted
IB IB instruction book IF IF instruction folder
IB IB ironing board IF IF intermediate frequency
IBBM IBBM iron-body bronze-mounted IFE IFE inner front end
IBCN ibcn identification beacon IFF IFF identification friend or foe
IBE IBE inner back end IFFS IFFS identification friend or foe
IC IC impulse conductor switching
IC IC instruction card IFL if1 inflatable
IC IC integrated circuit IFLDFL IFLDFL inflating-deflating
IC IC interior communication IFR IFR instrument flight rules
IC IC internal combustion IG IG inertial guidance
IC IC ion chamber IGEN igen current source
KAS ICAS intermittent commercial IGFET IGFET insulated-gate field-effect
and amateur service transistor
ICBM ICBM intercontinental ballistic IGFET IGFET isolated-gate field-effect
missile transistor
ICBR icbr ice-cuber IGMT igmt impingement
ICD ICD interface control drawing IGN ign ignition
ICDRUM ICDRUM intercommunication drum IGN 'gn ignitron
ICE ICE internal combustion engine IGNTR igntr ignitor
ICF ICF inspection check fixture IGS IGS inertial guidance system
ICFCD ICFCD interior communication and IGT igt ingot
fire control distribution IGV I GV inlet guide vane
ICM icm intercommunication (short IHFF IHFF inhibit halt flip-flop
form) IHPH IHPH indicated horsepower-hour
ICMPS ICMPS induction compass II ii item identification
ICR ICR iron-core reactor IIL IIL integrated injection logic


Drawings Text Term Drawings Text Term

IK IK inner keel INCR incr increment

IL IL inclined ladder INCR INCR interrupt control register
IL IL index list IND ind indicate
IL IL inside layer IND ind inductance
IL IL instruction leaflet IND ind induction
ILA ILA instrument landing IND ind industry
approach INDEP indep independent
ILAS ILAS Instrument Landing INDET indet indeterminate
Approach System INDL indl industrial
ILLUM illum illuminate INDLP indlp indicating lamp
ILLUS illus illustrate INDREG indreg inductance regulator
ILPFL ILPFL ideal lowpass filter INDT indt indent
ILS ILS Instrument Landing system INDTR INDTR indicator-transmitter
IM IM inside of metal INDV indv individually
IM IM installation and INF inf infinite
maintenance INF inf infinity
IM IM interceptor missile INFO info information
IM IM intermediate missile INFRN infrn inference
IMAG imag imaginary INHB inhb inhibit
IMD IMD intermodulation distortion INIT init initial
IMEP IMEP indicated mean effective INIT init initiation
pressure INJ inj inject
IMH IMH inlet manhole INL in1 inlet
IMIT ¡mit imitation INLE* inlb* inch-pound
IML IML inside mold line INOP inop inoperative
IMMED immed immediate INORG inorg inorganic
IMP imp impact INP inp input
IMPD impd impedance INQ inquiry
IMPF impf imperfect inr inner
IMPL imp1 implement
INRT inrt inert
IMPLR implr impeller
INRTFLR INRTFLR inert filler
IMPLS impls impulse
INRTG INRTG inert gas
IMPPS IMPPS improved plow steel
INRTL inrtl inertial
IMPR impr impedor
INS ins inside
IMPRG imprg impregnate
INS ins insure
IMPRL imprl imperial
INSC insc inscription
IMPROV improv improvement
INSCHAR inschar insert character
IMPRSN imprsn impression
INSEP insep inseparabl e
IMPS imps impose
INSOL insol insoluble
IMRS imrs immersion
inertial measurement unit INSP insp inspect
in* inch INSR insr insert
inbd inboard INST INST insert screw thread
INC incorporated INST inst instantaneous
incand incandescent INST inst institute
INCBR incbr incubator INSTAR INSTAR inertialess scanning,
inch incinerator tracking, and ranging
incl include INSTL instl install
INCL incl inclusive INSTL instl installation
INCLN inch inclined INSTLR instlr installer
INCLR inclr intercooler INSTM instm instrumentation
INCLS incls inclosure INSTPN INSTPN instrument panel
INCM incm incoming INSTR instr instruct
INCND incnd incendiary INSTR instr instrument
INCOH incoh incoherent I NSTRLY instrly instantaneous relay
INCOMP incomp incomplete INSUF insuf insufficient
INCOR incor incorrect INSUL insu1 insulate
INCR incr increase INT int integral


Drawings Text Term Drawings Text Term

. .
I NT int interrupter [relay] IP IP interchangeable solid and
INTCHG intchg interchangeable screen panels
INTCHGR intchgr interchanger IP IP intermediate pressure
I NTCON intcon interconnection IP iP interpost
INTCON intcon internal connection IP IP iron pipe
INTCP intcp intercept I PA I PA intermediate power
intcyl intercy I inde r amplifier
integrating IPADAE IPADAE integrated passive-action
INTEG integ
detection and acquisition
INTEL intei intelligence
INTEN inten intensity
IPB IPB illustrated parts breakdown
INTERCOM intercom intercommunication
IPC IPC illustrated parts catalog
I NTERGOVT INTERGOVT intergovernmental
IPL IPL indentured parts list
INTFC intfc interface
IPS* IPS* inch per second
I NTK intk intake IPS International Pipe Standard
INTL intl internal I PS IPS iron pipe size
INTL intl international IPT I PT internal pipe thread
INTLK intlk interlock IPT IPT iron pipe thread
INTMD intmd intermediate IR IR infrared
INTMT intmt intermittent IR IR inside radius
INTPH intph interphone IR IR insulation resistance
INTPHTR INTPHTR interphase transformer IR IR interrogator-responder
INTPO intpo interpole IRACQR IRACQR infrared acquisition radar
INTPR intpr interpret IRASER IRASER infrared maser
INTR intr interior IRBM IRBM intermediate-range ballistic
INTRC intrc intricate missile
INTRF INTRF interference IRC IRC information retrieval center
INTRG intrg interrogate IRCM IRCM infrared countermeasures
INTRO intro introduction IRMRA IRMRA infrared monochromatic
INTRPL intrpl interpolation radiation
INTRPLRY intrplry interpupillary IRREG irreg irregular
INTRPT intrpt interrupt I RS IRS item reduction studies
INTSCT intsct intersect IS IS incomplete sequence Irelayl
INTSHP intshp intership IS IS industrial service
I NTSTG intstg interstage IS IS insect screen
INTVL intvl interval IS IS inventory schedule
INTVLM intvlm intervalometer IS is island
INV inv inverter ISAP ISAP information sort and predict
INVAR invar invariant ISGN isgn insignia
ISLN ish isolation
INVLT invlt involute
ISLNWD islnwd isolation ward
INVN invn inventory
IS0 is0 isometric
INVS invs inverse
ISOL is01 isolate
I NVT invt invert
ISOS ISOS isosceles
INWD inwd inward
ISPEC ISPEC insulation specification
INXLTR INXLTR input translator
ISS iss issue
IO IO inlet and outlet
IST IST International Standard
IO IO input-output Thread Imetricl
IOB IOB input-output buffer ISTAR ISTAR image, storage translation
IOE IOE input-output element and reproduction
IOH IOH inlet and outlet head ISYN isyn inductosyn
IOL IOL instantaneous overload IT IT instruction tag
IOM IOM interoffice memorandum IT IT insulating transformer
ION0 ion0 ionosphere IT IT interrogator-transponder
IOR IOR input-output register ITAE ITAE integrated time and
IP IP identification of position absolute error
IP IP instruction plate ITL ITL inverse time limit
IP IP instruction pulse ITR ITR inverse time relay


Drawings Text Term Drawings Text Term

ITS ITS insulation test specification KNED KNED knife-edge

IlT IlT inside trim template KNSW KNSW knife switch
IV IV initial velocity KO ko kickoff [relay]
IV IV intermediate voltage KO ko knockout
IW IW indirect waste KP kP keypunch
KP kP kickpipe
J KPD KPD kick plate & drip
J i joiner KPG kpg keeping
JAMG iam jamming KPL KPL kick plate
JAN Jan January KPLS KPLS key pulsing
JAN JAN Joint Army-Navy KRAL kral Koroseal
JANAF JANAF Joint Army-Navy- Air Force KRSN krsn kerosene
JAP ia P japanned KST kst keyseat
JATO JATO jet-assisted takeoff KVAH* KVAH* kilovolt-ampere hour
JB JB junction box KVAHM KVAHM kilovolt-ampere hour meter
JC JC janitor's closet KVAM KVAM kilovo It-am pere meter
JC JC joint compound KWHM KWHM kilowatt-hour meter
J CT junction KWY kwY keyway
JFET JFET junction field-effect KYBD kybd keyboard
JKSCR jkscr jackscrew L
JKT iM jacket L I cellulose acetate [insull
JND JND just noticeable difference L L inductance (comb symbol)
JNL jnl journal L I lewisite
JNND JNND just not noticeable L I liaison [aircraft]
difference L I line (comb form)
JO JO job order LA LA lead angle
JOG iw joggle LA LA lightning arrester
JP JP jet propelled LAB lab laboratory
JP JP joists and planks LAB LAB low-altitude bombing
JPFT J PFT joiner pilaster fume tight LAD lad ladder
JPNT JPNT joiner pilaster nontight LADAR LADAR laser detection and ranging
JR ir junior LAE LAE left arithmetic element
JT JT jig template LAG lag lagging
JT it joint LANH lanh launch
JTB JTB joint bar LAM lam laminate
JTSN jtsn jettison LAMA LAMA local automatic message
JUL Jul July accounting
JUN Jun June LAN Ian local area network
JW JW jacket water LANNET LANNET large artificial neuron
K LAPT LAPT local apparent time
K K cathode [electron device1 LAO laq lacquer
K' K" Kelvin LAS LAS low-alloy steel
K k tanker [aircraft] LASCR LASCR light-activated
KAL ka1 Kalamein semiconductor controlled
KALD KALD Kalamein door rectifier
KB KB knee brace LASER laser light amplification by
KCP KCP keene's cement plaster stimulated emission of
KCPC KCPC keene's cement plaster radiation
ceiling LASSM LASSM line amplifier and super
KD kd kiln-dried sync mixer
KD KD knock down LAT lat latitude
KDF KDF Kalamein door and frame LATL latl lateral
KE KE kinetic energy LAU lau laundry
KINE kine kinescope LAV lav lavatory
KL kl key locker LB LB letter box
KNBL KNBL knife-blade LB Ib lifeboat


Drawings Text Term Drawings Text Term

LB LB linoleum base LDMK Idmk landmark

LB* lb* pound LDR Idr leader
LBFT* LBFT* pound-force foot LDR Idr loader
LBIN* LBIN* pound-force inch LE LE leading edge
LBK Ibk left bank LE LE lifting eye
LBL Ibl label LE LE low explosive
LBP LBP length between LED LED light-emitting diode
perpendiculars LEJ LEJ longitudinal expansion joint
LBR Ibr lumber LEM LEM lunar excursion module
LBRT Ibrt liberty LER LER leading edge radius
LBRY Ib v libran/ LEVMETR levmetr levelometer
LBYR Ibyr labyrinth LF LF lawn faucet
LBYRPK LBYRPK labyrinth pack LF LF life float
LC LC inductancecapacitance LF LF linoleum floor
LC LC laundry chute LF LF . load factor [tabular]
LC LC lead-covered LF LF low frequency
LC LC length of chord LFO LFO low-frequency oscillator
LC LC light case LFOM LFOM low-frequency outer marker
LC LC line-carrying LFRD LFRD lot fraction reliability
LC LC load carrier definition
LC LC load center LFT Ili lifting
LC LC load-compensating [relay] LG Ig length
LC LC low carbon LGC Igc logic
LC IC lowercase LGD LGD length-to-diameter ratio
LC LC lox clean LGE be large
LCB LCB longitudinal position of LGG LGG light-gun pulse generator
center of buoyancy LGNMVTE LGNMVTE lignum vitae
LCC LCC launch and control center LGTH LGTH lightning hole
LCD LCD liquidcrystal display LH LH left hand
LCF LCF longitudinal position of LH LH litter hook
center of flotation LHDR LHDR left-hand drive
LCG LCG longitudinal position of LHS LHS left-hand side
center of gravity
LIC Iic license
LCH Ich latch
LIC LIC linear integrated circuit
LCHR Ichr launcher
LID LID , locked in device
LCL ICI local
LIFO LIFO last-in-first-out
LCL LCL lower control limit
LIM lim limber
LCM LCM leadcoated metal
LIM lim limit
LCM LCM least common multiple
LIMSW LIMSW limit switch
LCOLNT LCOLNT low coolant
LIN lin lineal
LCR LCR inductancecapacitance
resistance LIN lin linear
LCRV LCRV length of curve LINOL lino1 linoleum
LCS LCS lifecycle survivability LIQ liq liquid
LCSW LCSW latch checking switch LIQFL LIQFL liquid fuel
LCT ICt locate LIRLY LIRLY load-indicating relay
LCT ICt locust LIT lit litter
LD Id leading LITHO litho Iithog raph
LD LD line drawing LIZ li2 lizard
LDB LDB light distribution box LJ LJ life jacket
LDC LDC line-drop compensator LKD Ikd locked
LDC LDC linear detonating card LKDC LKDC locked closed
LDET LDET level detector LKDO LKDO locked open
LDG Idg landing LKG Ikg leakage
LDG Idg loading LKG Ikg locking
LDGGR wgr landing gear LKG Ikg looking
LDISCR LDISCR level discriminator LKGE Ikge linkage
LDK LDK lower deck LKNT Iknt I ocknut


Drawings Text Term Drawings Text Term

LKR Ikr locker LP LP low point

LKROT LKROT locked rotor LP LP low pressure
LKSCR Ikscr lockscrew LPC LPC loopcontrol [relay]
LKT Ikt lookout LPFL LPFL lowpass filter
LKUP Ikup lockup LPFM LPFM low-powered fan marker
LKWASH LKWASH lock washer LPG IPS lapping
LKWR Ikwr lockwire LPG LPG liquid petroleum gas
LL LL light lock LPHLDR Iphldr lampholder
LL LL live load LPL LPL lightproof louver
LL LL load list LPLR LPLR lock pillar
LL LL loft line LPO LPO low power output
LL LL low level LPR IPr looper
LLL LLL low-level logic LPSVR LPSVR life preserver
LLRES LLRES load-limiting resistor LPS LPS lightproof shade
LLYP LLYP longleaf yellow pine LPTR LPTR line printer
LM LM left male LPV LPV lightproof vent
LM LM list of material LPW" LPW* lumen per watt
LMC LMC least material condition LQGLS LQGLS liquid in glass
LMPBLK Impblk lampblack LQMETR Iqmetr liquidometer
LMTG Imtg limiting LQR Iqr liquor
LMTR Imtr limiter LR LR ladder rung
LN In logarithm [natural] LR LR liquid rocket
LN LN natural logarithm LR LR load ratio
LNBD Inbd lens board LR LR load-resistor [relay]
LNG lengthening LR LR locus of radius
LNG lining LRA LRA line receiving amplifier
LNSP Insp lens speed LRA LRA locked-rotor amperes
LNTL Intl lintel LRC LRC load-ratio control
LNYD lanyard LRE LRE liquid-rocket engine
LRI LRI left-right indicator
LO LO local oscillator
LRI LRI long-range radar input
LO LO lock-on
LRIRR LRIRR low-resolution infrared
LO LO lubrication order
LOA LOA length overall
LRU Iru line replaceable unit
LOAMP LOAMP logarithmic amplifier
LS LS launcher site
LOBAR LOBAR long baseline radar
LS LS left side
LOC loc localizer
LS Is limestone
LOCCIT loccit in the place cited
LS Is loudspeaker
LOCO loco locomotive LSA LSA limited-space-charge
LOFAR LOFAR low-frequency acquisition accumulation
and ranging [microwaves diodes]
LOFF Ioff leakoff LSB LSB lower sideband
LOG log logarithm LSD LSD long side
LOL LOL length of lead [actual] LSDT LSDT local sidereal time
LOM LOM light-optic microscope LSHG Ishg lashing
LONG long longitude LSHI LSHI large-scale hybrid
LONG long longitudinal integration
LONGN LONGN longeron LSI LSI large-scale integration
LOP LOP lubricating oil pump . LSMITH Ismith locksmith
LOPAR LOPAR low-power acquisition radar LSP LSP low speed
LOR LOR lunar orbit-rendezvous LSR LSR load shifting resistor
LORAN LORAN long-range navigation LSST LSST list of specifications and
LOS LOS line-of-sig ht standards
LOS LOS loss of signal LST LST local standard time
LOSS LOSS Landing Observer Signal LSTM LSTM low steam
System LSVG Isvg lifesaving
LOX LOX liquid oxygen LSWLT Iswlt landing signal wand light
LP LP low pass LT It large tug


Drawings Text Term Drawings Text Term

LT LT laundry tray M m metacenter

LT It light M m meter íinstr, comb form)
LT LT light trap M m model [military
LT LT low tension nomenclature1
LTA LTA lighter-than-air MA ma master
LTC Itc lattice MA MA mercury arc
LTD Itd limited MA MA metal anchor
LTEMPT LTEMPT low temperature MAC MAC mean aerodynamic chord
LTG Itg lightening MACH MACH Mach number
LTG Itg lighting MACH mach machine
LTGH LTGH lightening hole MAG mag magazine
LTHR Ithr leather MAG mag magnesium
LTID LTID light-intensity detector MAG mag magnet
LTPD LTPD lot tolerance percent MAG mag magnetic
defective MAGAMP MAGAMP magnetic amplifier
LTPR LTPR long taper MAGMOD MAGMOD magnetic modulator
LTQ LTQ low torque MAGN magn magnetron
LTR Itr letter MAGTD magtd magnitude
LTR Itr lettering MAGTHOR magthor magnesium-thorium
LTR N Itrn lantern MAH mah mahogany
LTRPRS Itrprs letterpress MAINT maint maintenance
LTSW LTSW light switch MAJ maj major
LTTK LTTK light tank MAL mal malleable
LU LU logic unit MALE MALE multiaperture logic element
LUB lub lubricate MALF malf malfunction
LU60 lubo lubricating oil MAM mam milliammeter
LUBT lubt lubricant MANF manf manifold
LUD LUD lift-up door MANOVLD MANOVLD manual overload
LUF LUF lowest usable frequency MANUV manuv maneuvering
LUHF LUHF lowest usable high MAOS MAOS metal-aluminum-
frequency oxidesilicon silicon
LUM lum luminous MAPG MAPG maximum available power
LUN lun lunette gain
LUS LUS load, update, subset MAPU MAPU memory allocation and
LV LV low voltage protection unit
LVD LVD louvered door MAR Mar March
LVL IV1 I eveI MAR Mar marine
LVO LVO louver opening MARG marg margin
LVP LVP low-voltage protection MARS MARS Military Affiliated Radio
LVR Ivr lever System
LVR Ivr louver MARS MARS multiaperture reluctance
LVRE LVRE low-voltage release effect switch
LVRLSE LVRLSE low-voltage release MAS mas metal anchor slots
LVS Ivs leaves MASER MASER microwave amplification by
LWB LWB long wheelbase stimulated emission of
LWC LWC lightweight concrete radiation
LWIC LWIC lightweight insulating MASK mask masking
concrete MASU MASU machined surface
LWL LWL load waterline MAT mat matrix
LWL LWL low-water line MATH math mathematical
LWR Iwr lower MATH math mathematics
LWST Iwst lowest MATL mat1 material
LYR layer MATW MATW metal awning-type window
LYT lYt layout MAX max maximum
MAXCAP maxcap maximum capacity
M MAXFLT MAXFLT maximum flight
M m magnaflux MB mb mailbox
M m manila [rope] MB MB main battery [guns]


Drawings Text Term Drawings Text Term

MB MB model block MDRL mdrl mandrel

MB mb motorboat MDS MDS minimum discernible signal
MBD MBD motor belt drive MDSE mdse merchandise
MBL mbl mobile ME ME miter end
MBR MBR mechanical buffer register MEAR MEAR maintenance engineering
MBR mbr member analysis record
MBS MBS main bang suppressor MEAS meas measure
MBT MBT main ballast tank MECH mech mechanical
MBT MBT main battle tank MECH mech mechanism
MC MC main coolant MEC2 mecz mechanize
MC MC manhole cover MED med medical
MC MC medicine cabinet MED MED microelectronic device
MC MC military characteristics MEG meg megabyte
MC MC momentary contact MEL mel melamine
MC MC motor chain MELEC melec microelectronics
MC mc multichip MELEM melem microelement
MC MC multiple contact MEM mem memory
MCAM mcam microammeter MEMB memb membrane
MCB MCB metal corner bead MEMO memo memorandum
MCC MCC maintenance of close MEMPT MEMPT memory point
contact MEP MEP mean effective pressure
MCD MCD metal-covered door MER mer meridian
MCE MCE military characteristics MERCH merch merchantable
equipment MESS mess messenger
MCH MCH mail chute MET met metal
MCHCL MCHCL mechanically cooled MET met metallurgical
MCHRF MCHRF mechanically refrigerated METB METB metal base
MCHRY mchry machinery METC METC metal curb
MCHST mchst machinist METD METD metal door
MCKT mckt microcircuit METF METF metal flashing
MCKT mckt microcurrent METG METG metal grille
MCM MCM magnetic core memory METJ METJ metal jalousie
MCM mcm military characteristics METM METM metal mold
motor vehicles METP METP metal partition
MCMPTR mcmptr microcomputer METP METP metal portion
MCO MCO manual change order METR METR metal roof
MCP MCP metal casting pattern METRL metrl meteorological
MCR MCR manual change request METS METS metal strip
MCR MCR master change record METS METS mobile engine test stand
MCRL MCRL master cross-reference list MEW MEW microwave early warning
MCSW MCSW motor circuit switch MEZ mezz mezzanine
MCSWGR mcswgr metalclad switchgear MF MF main feed
MCT MCT main control tank MF MF male and female
MCW MCW metal casement window MF MF mastic floor
MCW MCW modulated continuous MF MF medium frequency
wave MF mf microfilm
MD MD motor direct MF MF motor field
MDC MDC motor directconnected MFC mfc microfunctional circuit
MDF MDF main distributing frame MFD mfd manufactured
MDGT mdgt midget MFG mfg manufacturing
MDIF MDIF manual data input function MFGINFO MFGINFO manufacturing information
MDL mdl middle MFHBF MFHBF mean flight hours between
MDL mdl module failure
MDM MDM maximum design meter MFLRD MFLRD male flared
MDM mdm medium MFP MFP multifrequency pulsing
MDM MDM metal-dielectric-metal [filter] MFR mfr manufacture
MDN mdn median MFS mfs magazine flooding and
MDR MDR master data record sprinkling


Drawings Text Term Drawings Text Term

M FS MFS marine-finish slate ML ML material list

MFSFU MFSFU matt-finish structural facing ML ML mold line
units ML ml monolithic
MG MG machine gun MLD MLD master layout duplicate
MG mg magnetic armature MLD MLD middle landing
MG MG motor generator MLD mld molded
MG multigage MLDG mldg molding
MGC MGC manual gain control MLG MLG main landing gear
MGE MGE maintenance ground MLL MLL master lines layout
equipment MLLW MLLW mean lower low water
MGF mgf magnify MLO M LO master layout original
MGL mgl marginal [relay] M LP MLP metal lath and plaster
MGL mogul M LS MLS metal slitting
MGMC MGMC multiple gun motor carriage M LT MLT mean low tide
MGN magneto MLTPL mltpl multiplane
MGR mgr manager MLTSP mltsp multispeed
MGS MGS metal gravel stop MLW MLW mean low water
MGT management MMC MMC maximum material
MGTMTR mgtmtr magnetometer condition
MH mh manhole MMC MMC mortar motor carrier
MHB MHB mine hauling bogie MMD MMD master makeup and display
MHD mhd magnetohydrodynamics MMF MMF magnetomotive force
masthead MMIN mmin microminiature
MHD mhd
masthead light MMOD mmod micromodule
MHDLT mhdlt
medium high frequency MMS MMS magnetic mine sweeping
mean higher high water MMT MMT metal mount
MNCMPTR mncmptr minicomputer
MHL MHL mast hull loop
MNFRM MNFRM main frame
MHPD MHPD masonite hydropress die
MNG mng managing
MHT MHT mean high tide
MNL mnl manual
MHW MHW mean high water
MNLOPR MNLOPR manually operated
MI MI malleable iron
MNOS MNOS metal-nitride-oxide silicon
MI MI manufacturing instruction
MNRL mnrl mineral
MI mi mile
MNSTBMV MNSTBMV monostable multivibrator
MIA MIA metal-interface amplifier
MO MO mason operated
MIC mic micrometer
MO MO master oscillator
MIC mic microphone
MO mo month
MIC MIC monolithic integrated circuit
MO MO motor operated
MICELEM MICELEM microphone element matrix output amplifier
MICR MICR magnetic ink character man overboard and
recognition breakdown light
MICR micr microscope motor can
MIL mil military mod model
MIL-STD MIL-STD military standard [book] MOD mod modification
MIN min minimum MOD mod modify
MIN min minor MOD mod modulator
MINTR mintr miniature MOD mod modulus
MIP MIP missile impact predictor MODEM MODEM modulator-demodulator
MIPRCS miprcs microprocessor MOL mol molecule
MIR mir mirror MOLELEX MOLELEX molecular electronics
MISC misc miscellaneous MOLW MOLWT molecular weight
MIT mit miter MOM mom momentary
MJ MJ mastic joint MON mon monitor
M KD mkd marked MON mon monument
MKGS mkgs markings MONO mono monophonic
M KR mkr marker MONOG monog monograph
M KS M KS meter-kilogram-second MOPA MOPA master oscillator power
MKUP mkup makeup amplifier


Drawings Text Term Drawings Text Term

MOPR MOPR mop rack MSLT mslt minesweeping light

MORT MORT morse taper MSLY msly mostly
MOS MOS metal-oxide semiconductor MSMP MSMP master sensitized material
MOS mos mosaic print
MOSFET MOSFET metal-oxide-semiconductor MSNRY msnry masonry
field effects transistor MSP MSP metal splash pan
MOST MOST metal-oxide-semiconductor MSR MSR mineral-surface roof
transistor MST MST machine steel
MOT mot motor MSTC mstc mastic
MP MP medium pressure MSTRE mstre moisture
MP MP melting point MSW MSW master switch
MP multipole MSYNC MSYNC master synchronizer
MPC MPC motion picture control MT MT magnetic tape
panel MT MT mail tray
MPE MPE maximum permissible MT MT maximum torque
exposure MT MT mean tide
MPG* MPG* mile per gallon MT MT mean time
MPH* MPH* mile per hour MT MT metal threshold
MPI MPI magnetic particle inspection MT MT motor transport
MPIR MPIR missile precision MT mt mount
instrumentation radar MTB MTB maintenance of true
MPK MPK maintenance parts kit bearing
MPL MPL maintenance parts list MTBF MTBF mean time between failures
MPN MPN most probable number MTC MTC memory test computer
MPP MPP motion picture projector MTC MTC mission and traffic control
MPPH MPPH motion picture MTCHD mtchd matched
phonographic unit MTD mtd mounted
MPR MPR monopulse radar MTF MTF mechanical time fuze
M PT MPT male pipe thread MTG mtg mounting
MR MR machine rifle MTGC MTGC mounting center
MR MR maintenance and repair MTHBD mthbd motherboard
MR mr marble MTHD mthd method
MRB MRB marble base MTHRD MTHR D male threaded
MRBM MRBM medium-range ballistic MTI MTI moving-target indicator
missile MTLC mtlc metallic
MRCL mrcl mercurial MTU mtlz metallize
MRD MRD metal rolling door MTN mtn motion
MRF MRF marble floor MTOS MTOS metal-thick-oxide silicon
MRG mrg mooring MTR mtr meter [instrument]
MRT MRT marble threshold MTR mtr metering
MRT MRT mildew-resistant thread MTRCL mtrcl motorcycle
MS rns magnetostriction MTRDN MTRDN motor-driven
MS MS maintenance and supply MTRS mtrs mattress
MS ms manuscript MTS MTS material test specification
MS MS mark sensing MTSQ MTSQ mechanical time,
MS MS military standard [sheet] superquick
MSB MSB most significant bit MlTF MlTF mean time to failure
MSCR MSCR machine screw MUFF MTTFF mean time to first failure
MSE MSE maintenance support MlTR MTTR mean time to repair
equipment MTWF MTWF metal thru-wall flashing
MSG msg message MTZ mtz motorized
MSG MSG miscellaneous simulation MU MU multiple unit
generation MUF MUF maximum usable frequency
MSGG MSGG message generator I MUF muf muffler
MSHG mshg meshing MUFD MUFD makeup feed
MSL MSL mean sea level MULR mulr muller
MSL msl missile MULT muh multiple
MSLBT mslbt missile boat tail MULT mult multiplication


Drawings Text Term Drawings Text Term

MULTH multh multilith NC NC National coarse [thread]

MULTR multr multimeter NC NC no change
MULTR multr multiplier NC NC no coil
MUN mun munitions NC NC no connection
MUSE MUSE mobile unit support base NC NC normally closed
MUT MUT mean up time NC NC numerical control
MUT MUT mockup template NCA NCA nickel copper alloy
MUT mut mutilated NCH NCH notched
MUW muw music wire NCM NCM noncorrosive metal
MUX mux multiplex NCOMBL ncombl noncombusti ble
MV MV mean variation NCP NCP normal circular pitch
MV mv multivibrator NCPLD ncpld noncoupled
MV MV muzzle velocity NCU NCU nozzle control unit
MVB MVB motor v-belt ND ND no drawing
MVBL mvbl movable NDE NDE nondestructive evaluation
MVC MVC manual volume control NDI NDI nondestructive inspection
MVG mvg moving NDL ndl needle
MVP MVP methyl-violet paper NDP NDP normal diametral pitch
MVT mvt m ove ment NDRO NDRO nondestructive readout
MWB MWB motor whaleboat NDT NDT nondestructive testing
MWG MWG Music Wire Gage NEC NEC National Electrical Code
MWO MWO modification work order NEC nec necessary
MWP MWP maximum working pressure NECS NECS National Electrical Code
MWP MWP membrane waterproofing Standards
MWR MWR mean width ratio NEF NEF National extra fine [thread]
MWV MWV maximum working voltage NEG neg negative
MXDCR MXDCR mode transducer NEGPR NEGPR negative print
MXFL MXFL mixed flow NEIL NEIL neon indicating light
MXG mxg mixing NELEC nelec nonelectric
MXT mxt mixture NENCL nencl nonenclosure
MZL mzl muzzle NESC NESC National Electrical Safety
N NET NET noise equivalent
N N electron ínbtype temperature
semiconductor material NEUT neut neutral
N N National form [thread] NEUT neut neutralizing
N N north NEWS NEWS naval electronic warfare
N N novelty [insull simulator
NA na next assembly NF NF I National fine [thread]
NA NA not applicable NF NF National Formulary
NA NA not available NF NF near face
NAC nac nacelle NF NF noise factor
NAIOP NAIOP navigational aid inoperative NF NF noise figure
for parts NF NF noise frequency
NAR nar narrow NF NF nose fuse
NAT nat natural NFL NFL navy standard flange
NATL natl national NFLMB nflmb nonflammable
NAUT naut nautical NFSD nfsd nonfused
NAV nav naval NFT NFT normal fuel oil tank
NAV nav navigate NG NG narrow gage
NAVAID NAVAID navigational aid NG NG no good
NAVBRZ NAVBRZ naval bronze NGEN NGEN noise generator
NAVCMD NAVCMD navigation NGO NGO National gas outlet [thread]
countermeasures and NH nh nonhygroscopic
deception NHA NHA next higher assembly
NB NB narrow band NISIL nisil nickel-silver
NB NB no bias [relay] NIC NIC not in contract
NBS NBS natural black slate NICOP NICOP nickel copper


Drawings Text Term Drawings Text Term

~~ ~

NIP nip nipple NR nr nonreactive [relay]

NITROS nitros nitrostarch NR NR nuclear reactor
NITSTL NITSTL nitride steel NRCP NRCP nonreinforced-concrete pipe
NKL nkl nickel NRD NRD nonreplenishable demand
NL nl nolead NRETN nretn nonreturn
NLCHG NLCHG normal charge NRL NRL night ration locker
NLD nld no load NRVSBL nrvsbi nonreversible
NLG NLG nose landing gear NRZ NRZ non-return-to-zero
NLLT NLLT net-laying light NS NS National special [thread]
NLNR nlnr nonlinear NS NS near side
NLT NLT normal lube oil tank NS NS nickel steel
NM NM noise meter NSLF nslf nonself
NM nm nonmetallic NSN nsn national stock number
NM NM nuclear magnetron NSS NSS Navy Secondary Standards
NMAG nmag nonmagnetic NST NST nonslip tread
NMI' NMI* nautical mile NT NT navy type
NO NO normally open NT nt nontight
NO no number NTC NTC negative temperature
NOCCC NOCCC no control circuit contacts coefficient
NOL NOL normal overload NTM NTM night message
NOM nom nominal NTN ntn neutron
NOMAD NOMAD naval oceanographic NTP NTP normal temperature and
meteorological automatic pressure
device NTPL ntpl nut plate
NOMEN nomen nomenclature NTS NTS negative torque signal
NONSTD nonstd nonstandard NTS NTS not to scale
NONSYN nonsyn nonsynchronous NTWK ntwk network
NOR NOR notice of revision NTWT ntwt net weight
NORM norm normal NUC nuc nuclear
NORM norm normalize NUM num numeral
NOSC nosc nonoscillating NUM num numerical
NOV Nov November NVG NVG night vision goggles
NOZ noz nozzle NVIS NVIS night vision imaging
NP NP National pipe thread system
NP NP nickel-plated NVR NVR no voltage release
NP nP nonprocurable NWG NWG National Wire Gage
NP nP nonpropelled NWT nwt nonwatertig ht
NPA NPA normal pressure angle NYL nYl nylon
NPET npet nonpetroleum
NPIN NPIN negative-positive- O
innegative negative O O orange
NPL nPl nameplate OA oa overall
NPN NPN negative-positive-negative OAIDE OAIDE operational assistance and
[transistor] instructive data
NPNP NPNP negative-positive- equipment
nepositive positive OAO OAO orbiting astronomical
NPRN nprn neoprene observatory
NPS NPS Navy Primary Standards OB ob obscure
NPSC NPSC straight thread [pipe OBA oba oxygen breathing apparatus
couplings] OBE OBE outerback end
NPSF NPSF thread for press-tight joints OBJ obj object
NPSL NPSL locknut pipe thread OBJV objv objective
NPSM npsm joints OBL ob1 oblique
NPT NPT National taper pipe [thread] OBNR obnr oil burner
NPT NPT taper pipe thread OBS obs observe
NPTF NPTF tight joints OBS obs obsolete
NPTR NPTR taper pipe thread [railing OBSTN obstn obstruction
fixtures1 OBSV obsv observation


Drawings Text Term Drawings Text Term

OBV obv obverse o1 o1 oil-immersed

OBW OBW Observation window o1 o1 oil-insulated
oc oc on center OIFC OIFC oil-insulated fan-cooled
oc oc outside circumference OIL OIL orange indicating light
oc oc overcurrent OISC OISC oil-insulated self-cooled
OCB OCB oil circuit breaker OIWC OIWC oil-immersed water-cooled
OCB OCB override control bits OJ OJ open-joisted
occ occ occupy OLVL OLVL oil level
OCHR OCHR oil catcher OM OM outside of metal
oc1 oc1 observable critical item OML OML outside mold line
OCLD OCLD oil-cooled ONOZ ONOZ oil nozzle
OCLNR oclnr oil cleaner O0 O0 out to out
OCLR OCLR oil cooler OP OP oil pump
oco oco openclose-open OP OP oilproof
OCONT OCONT oil control OP OP out-of-print
OCP OCP observable critical OP OP ozalid print
processes OPA opa opaque
OCR OCR oil circuit recloser OPDAR OPDAR optical detection and
OCR OCR optical character ranging
recognition OPIL OPIL opalescent indicating light
OCR OCR overcurrent relay OPLG OPLG oil plug
OCT Oct octagon OPN OPN oil pan
OCT oct octane OPN OPn operation
OCT Oct October OPNG opng opening
OCT OCt octuple OPNL opnl operational
OCTAHDR octahdr octahedral OPP OPP octal print punch
OD OD olive drab OPP OPP opposite
OD OD outside diameter OPPCE OPPce opposite commutator end
ODA ODA other design activity OPPPE opposite pulley end
ODIFF ODIFF oil differential OPPR OPPR offset printing press
ODM ODM orbital determination OPR opener
module operate
ODN ODN own doppler nullifier oil pressure
ODOM odom odometer
OPRT OPR operator table
ODP ODP open dripproof

OPSD opsd openside

ODPP ODPP open dripproof protected
OPT 0 Pt optical
ODPSK ODPSK oil dipstick
OPT 0P t optimum
ODT ODT outside diameter tube
OPTAX optax optical axis
ODU ODU output display unit
OPTL opt1 optional
OE OE open end
OR OR oil ring
OEM OEM original equipment
OR OR output register
manufactu rer
outside face OR OR outside radius
office OR or overhaul and repair
OFC ofc
OFCL ofcl official ORD ord order
OFCR ofcr officer ORD ord ordinary
OFFEN offen offensive [ammunition] ORD ord ordnance
OFL of1 oil filter ORF Orf orifice
OFR OFR overfrequency relay ORG org organic
OFS ofs offset ORG org organization
OGL OGL obscure glass ORIENT orient orientation
OGO OGO orbiting geophysical ORIG orig origin
observatory ORIG orig original
OGR OGR outgoing repeater ORLY ORLY overload relay
OGT OGT outgoing trunk ORN orn orange
OH OH open hearth ORN orn ornament
OHA O HA outside helix angle os os oil switch
OHM ohm oh rnmeter os os one-shot


Drawings Text Term Drawings Text Term

os os operating system OXY OXY oxygen

os os otherwise specified oz* oz* ounce
OSC OSC oscillate 021N* ozin* ounce-inch
OSC OSC oscillator
OSCG oscg oscillating P
OSCG OSCG oscillograph, string P P hole (p)-type semiconductor
OSCGRM oscgrm oscillogram material
OSCRN OSCRN oil screen P P period
OSE OSE operational support P P pilaster
equipment P P pitch
OSL os1 oil seal P P plate [electron tube]
OSL OSL outstanding leg P P probe
OSMV osmv one-shot multivibrator PA PA power amplifier
OSP OSP oil suction pump PA Pa prearm
OSP OSP operating steam pressure PA PA pressure angle
OSR OSR output shift register PA Pa price and availability
OSTG (1STG) ostg (1stg) one-stage PA PA public address
OSY (OS&Y) osy (osay) outside screw & yoke PA PA pulse amplifier
OT ot oiltig ht PAADAR PAADAR passive airborne detection
OT ot overtone and ranging
OTCCC OTCCC open-type control circuit PABX PABX private automatic branch
contacts exchange
OTK OTK oil tank PACM PACM passive countermeasures
OTP OTP of true position PACR PACR perimeter acquisition radar
OTT OTT outside trim template PAD PAD padder [capacitorl
OUT out outgoing PADAR padar passive detection and
OUT out outlet ranging
OUT out output PADLOC PADLOC passive detection and
OUT out outside location of
OUTBD OUTBD outboard countermeasures
OUTXLTR OUTXLTR output translator PAM PAM pulse-amplitude modulation
ov ov open ventilated PAN Pan panoramic
OVBD ovbd overboard PAN pan pantry
OVE OVE on-vehicle equipment PANB PANB panic bolt
OVFL ovfl overflow PANT pant pantograph
OVH OVH oval head PAP PAP pierced aluminum plank
OVHD ovhd overhead PAR PAR precision-approach radar
OVHG ovhg overhanging PARA para paragraph
OVHL ovhl overhaul PARAMP PARAMP parametric amplifier
OVLD ovld over Ioad PAREN paren parenthesis
OVP OVP oval point PARK park parkerized
OVPRS ovprs overpressurized PARSYN PARSYN parametric synthesis
OVPWR ovpwr overpower PART part partial
OVRD ovrd override PARV parv paravane
OVRM ovrm overarm PARVSTRCRA PARVSTRCRA paravane and stores crane
ovs ovs oversize PASS pass passage
OVSP ovsp overspeed PASS pass passenger
OVTR ovtr overtravel PAT pat patent
ovv OW overvoltage PATHOL PATHOL pathological
ow ow outer wing PATPEND PATPEND patent pending
ow ~ 1 N ) ow ( l l w ) one-way PAT patt pattern
ow (1W) ow (Iw) one-wire PAX PAX private automatic exchange
OWF OWF optimum working PB PB pad and boom [refueling]
frequency PB pb painted base
OWGL OWGL obscure wire glass PB PB pull box
owu owu open-window unit PB PB push button
OXD oxd oxide PBD pbd paperboard
OXD oxd oxidized PBD pbd pressboard


Drawings Text Term Drawings Text Term

PBFD PBFD pierce, blank and form die PED Ped pedestal
PBIT PBIT parity bit PEJ PEJ premolded expansion joint
PBL PBL photo butt line PELEC pelec photoelectric
PBSTA pbsta push-button station PELR pelr peeler
PBSW PBSW pull-button switch PEN Pen penetrate
PBX PBX private branch exchange PEN Pen penetration
PC PC parts catalog PEND pend pending
PC PC personnel carrier PENT pent pentode
PC PC piece PEP Pep planar epitaxial passivated
PC PC pitch circle [transistor]
PC PC plug cock PEP Pep producibility engineering
PC PC point of curve and planning
PC PC printed circuit PER Per person
PC PC pulsating current PERC perc percussion
PCB PCB power circuit breaker PERD perd periodic
PCB PCB printed circuit board PERF Perf perfect
PCC PCC point of compound curve PERF Perf perforate
PCF* PCF* pound per cubic foot PERF Perf performed
PCH PCh punch PERIS peris periscope
PCHG pchg punching PERM perm permanent
PCHT pcht parchment PERM perm permission
PCI PCI peripheral command PERMB permb permea bility
indicator PERP PerP perpendicular
PCI PCI physical configuration PERS pers personnel
identification PERSP PersP perspective
PCL PCl pencil PERT PERT performance evaluation and
PCM PCM photo contact master review technique
PCM PCM pulsecode modulation PES PES photoelectric scanner
PCMK pcmk piece mark PETN PETN pentaerythryte tetranitrate
PCS PCS Primary Coolant System PETRO petro petroleum
PCT PCt percent PF PF point of frog
PCTM PCTM pulse-count modulation PF PF power factor
PCU PCU power control unit PF Pf profile
PD PD pitch diameter PF PF pulse frequency
PD PD pivoted door PFB PFB preformed beam
PD PD point-detonating PFD Pfd preferred
PD PD potential difference PFM PFM power-factor meter
PD Pd punch die PFM PFM pulse-frequency modulation
PDD PDD plumbing and deck drain PG PG pressure gage
PDF PDF point-detonating fuze PG PG proving ground
PDIO pdio photodiode PGMT Pgmt pigment
PDISCH PDISCH pump discharge PGT Pgt pigtail
PDISPL PDISPL positive displacement PH PH hydrogen-ion concentration
PDM PDM pulse-duration modulation PH Ph phase
PDR Pdr powder PHAR phar pharmacy
PDR PDR power directional relay PHARMACOL pharmacol pharmacological
PDR PDR priority data reduction PHBRZ phbrz phosphor bronze
PDR PDR program drum recording PHCVSD PHCVSD phase conversion and step/
PDS PDS purchasing department down
specification PHEN phen phenolic
PDSD PDSD point-detonating self- PHH PHH phiIIips head
destroying PHM Phm phantom
PDVN pdvn power-d rive n PHM phm phase meter
PE PE pinion end PHOC phoc photocopy
PE PE probable error PHOFL phofl photoflash
PE PE pulley end PHONO phono phonograph
PEC PEC photoelectric cell PHOS phos phosphate
PECARD pecard production-estimate card PHOS phos phosphorescent


Drawings Text Term Drawings Text Term

PHOTO photo photograph PLC PLC programmable logic

PHOTOLITH photolith photolithographic controller
PHP' PhP* pound per horsepower PLD Pld pay load
PHR Phr phrase PLD Pld plated
PHR* PHR* pound-force per hour PLDISTR pldistr power and lighting
PHR preheater distri bution
PHRHD PHRHD pump, hydrau lic-ram, hand- PLG Pb piling
driven PLGL Plgl plate glass
PHT Pht preheat PLGR Plgr plunger
PHYS PhYS physical PLK Pik plank
PHYSIOL physiol physiological PLKR plkr peacoat locker
PI PI point of intersection PLL Pl1 pallet
PI PI point-initiating PLMB plmb plumbing
PI PI point-insulating PLN Pln plane
PI PI production illustration PLNG Ping planning
PI PI programmed instruction PLNR plnr planar
PIBD PIBD point-initiating, base- PLNT plnt planet
detonating PLNTY PlnW planetary
PIC PIC polyethylene-insulated PLOT plot plotting
conductor PLQ Ph plaque
PICE PICE programmable integrated PLR Plr pillar
control equipment PLR Plr pliers
PIL PIL purple indicating light PLR Plr puller
PIM PIM pulse-interval modulation PLRD PLRD pull rod
PIN PIN part or identification PLRS plrs pelorus
number PLRSTN PLRSTN pelorus stand
PIN pin pinion PLRT Plrt polarity
PIN PIN position indicator PLS PIS pulse
PIN PIN positive-intrinsic-negative PLSN plsn pulsation
[transistor] PLSR plsr pulsator
PINSTD pinstd preinserted PLSTC plstc plastic
PION pion pioneer PLT Pit pilot
PIV PIV post indicator valve PLT PLT port light
PIX pix picture PLTG Pltg plating
PJCTL projectile PLTHS plths pilothouse
PJTN pjtn projection PLTLT pltlt pilot light
PJTR pjtr projector PMVR pmvr prime mover
PKG Pkg package PN PN part number
PKT Pkt pocket PNDLR pndlr pendular
PKWY PkWY parkway PNEU pneu pneumatic
PL Pl padlock PNH PNH pan head
PL PL parting line [castings] PNIP PNIP positive-negative-intrinsic-
PL PL parts list positive [electron device]
PL PL pitch line PNL Pnl panel
PL Pl place PNNT pnnt pennant
PL Pl places PNP PNP positive-negative-positive
PL Pl plain [transistor]
PL Pl plate PNPN PNPN positive-negative-positive-
PL PL power and lighting negative [electron device]
PL PL property line PNT Prit paint
PL PL proportional limit PNTGN pntgn pentagon
PL1 PL1 programming language 1 PNTSTGR PNTSTGR painting stringer
PLA PLA programmable logic array PO PO paints and oils
PLAS plas plaster PO PO part of
PLATF platf platform PO PO pickled and oiled
PLB PLB pull button PO PO post office
PLBLK PLBLK pillow block PO PO power oscillator
PLC PLC power-line carrier PO PO production order


Drawings Text Term Drawings Text Term

PO PO purchase order PRCH prch precharge

POE POE port of embarkation PRCHT prcht parachute
POGO POGO polar orbiting geophysical PRCMT prcmt procurement
observatory PRCN prcn precision
POL POL petroleum, oils and PRCPTN prcptn precipitin
lubricants FRCS prcs process
POL POI polar PRCSG prcsg processing
POL POI polish PRCSSPEC PRCSSPEC process specification [no
POLTHN POLTHN polyethylene iinsull number1
POLYEST polyest polyester PRCST prcst precast
POMSEE POMSEE Performance, Operational PRD PRD push rod
and Maintenance PREAMP preamp preamplifier
Standards for Electronic PREC prec precedence
Equipment PRECP precp precipitation
PON Pon pontoon PREF pref preference
POP POP popping PREF pref prefix
POPD POPD power-operated PREF pref prefocused
POR Por porro PREFAB prefab prefabricated
PORC porc porcelain PREFMD prefmd preformed
PORM PORM plus or minus PRELIM prelim preliminary
PORT Port portable PRELORTR PRELORTR precision long-range
POS POS positive tracking radar
POSN posn position PREM prem premium
POT Pot potential PREP prep preparation
POT Pot potentiometer PREP prep prepare
POW POW potable water PRES pres present
PP PP panel point PRESCR prescr prescription
PP PP peak to peak PRESS press pressure
PP PP piping PREV prev previous
PP PP point-to-point PRF Prf proof
PP PP polypropylene PRF PRF pulse-repetition frequency
PP PP power plant PRFCN prfcn purification
PP PP pressure proof PRFCS prfcs prefocus
PP PP push-pull PRFM Prfm performance
PPB PPB provisioning parts PRFRD prfrd proofread
breakdown PRFT PRFT press fit
PPE PPe pipette PRFT PRFT presser foot
PPG PPS Pipe Plug PRG Prg purge
PPI PPi plan position indicator PRGM prgm program
PPI PPi plane position indicator PRGMG prgmg programming
PPKG PPKG power package PRGMRGTR prgmrgtr program register
PPLN PPln pipeline PRI pri primary
PPM PPM pulse-position modulation PRI pri priority
PPMIN ppmin pulse per minute PRIS PRIS Propeller Revolution
PPP PPP pull and push plate Indicator System
PPR PPr paper PRKG prkg parking
PPT PPt poppet PRL prl parallel
PPT PPt precipitate PRM Prm prime
PPTR PPTR page printer PRM Prm priming
PR PR pipe rail PRMLD prmld premolded
PR PR purchase request PRMR prmr primer
PRAC prac practice PRMTR prmtr parameter
PRB Prb parabola PRNG prng purging
PRBD prbd paraboloid PRNTG prntg printing
PRBLC prblc parabolic PRO PRO propeller order
PRBNT prbnt prebent PROB . prob probability
PRC Prc pierce PROB prob probable
PRC PRC point of reverse curve PROB prob problem


Drawings Text Term Drawings Text Term

. .

PROC proc procedure PSI* PSI* pound-force per square

PROC proc proceedings inch
PROCU PROCU processing unit PSI PSI protosynthex index
PROD prod product PSIV psiv passive
PROD prod production PSL PSL pipe sleeve
PROG prog progress PSL PSL pressure seal
PROG progression PSLT pslt port side light
PROJ project PSM Psm prism
PROP propelled PSNR psnr positioner
PROP propeller PSP PSP pierced steel plank
PROP propelling PSR PSR plow-steel rope
PROP propem/ PST PSt paste
PROP Prop proprietor PST Pst pastry
PROPN proportion PST PST point of spiral tangent
PROT prot protective PSTL Pdl pistol
PROTDEV PROTDEV protective device PSTN Pstn piston
PROTO proto prototype PSu PSu power supply unit
PROTR protr protractor PSV PSV preserve
PROV prov provision PSVT PSvt passivate
PROX PROX proximity [fuze] PSVTN psvtn preservation
PRP pulse repetition period PSVTV PSW preservative
purple PSW PSW potential switch
PSWBD PSWBD power switchboard
PRP PrP purpose
PT* Pt" pint
PRPHL PrPhl peripheral
PT PT pipe tap
PRPLN PrPln propulsion
PT PT platinum
PRPLT PrPlt propellant
PT PT pneumatic tube
PRPN PrPn propane
PT Pt point
PRPSD wpsd proposed
PT PT point of tangency
PRPSL PrPsl proposal
PT Pt posts and timbers
PRR PRR pulse-repetition rate
PT PT potential transformer
PRS Prs press
PT Pt print
PRSD prsd pressed
PT PT pulse time
PRSDMET PRSDMET pressed metal
PTCT ptct protect
PRSR prsr presser
PTD Ptd painted
PRSRZ prsrz pressurize
PTD Ptd printed
PRSTC prstc prosthetic polytetrafluorethylene
PRT PRT pulse-repetition time patrol
PRTKT PrtM parts kit PTL pintle
PRV PN peak inverse [reversel PTLY PtiY partly
voltage PTM PTM pulse-time modulation
PRV PRV pressure-reducing valve PTML PTML pnpn transistor magnetic
PRV PRV propeller revolution logic
PRX Prx parallax PTMTLG PTMTLG pitometer-log
PS PS chloropicrin PTMUX PTMUX pulse-time multiplex
PS PS parallel-to-serial PTN partition
PS PS passing scuttle PTO PtO power takeoff
PS PS point of switch PTOUT ptout printout
PS PS polystyrene PTR Ptr printer
PS PS port and starboard PTY PtV Pam/
PS PS power supply (comb form) PU PU peripheral unit [computersl
PS PS process specification PU PU pickup
[number] PU PU power unit
PS PS proof shot [projectile] PUAR PUAR pulse acquisition radar
PS PS pull switch PUBN pubn publication
PSF* PSF* pound-force per square foot PUJT PUJT programmable unijunction
PSH PSh phase shift [transistor]
PSHD PSHD phase-shift driver PUL PU1 pulley


Drawings Text Term Drawings Text Term

PULV pulv pulverizer QT qt quart

PUR purifier QTB QTB quarry-tile base
PURCH purch purchase QTF QTF quarry-tile floor
PV PV plan view QTR QTR quarry-tile roof
PV PV pressure vessel QTR qtr quarter
PVC PVC polyvinyl chloride QTR H qtrh quarter-hard
PVMTD PVMTD preservation method QTRPH qtrph quarter-phase
PVNT pvnt prevent QTRRD qtrrd quarter-round
PVT PVt pivot QTY qtv quantity
PVT PVt pressure-volume-
temperature QTZ qtz quartz
PW PW passing window QUAD quad quadrangle
PW PW pivoted window QUADR quadr quadruple
PW PW plain washer QUAL qual qualitative
PW PW printed wiring QUAL qual quality
PW PW projected window QUANT quant quantitative
PW PW pulse width QUASER QUASER quantum amplification by
PWA PWA printed-wiring assembly stimulated emmission of
PWB PWB printed wiring board radiation
PWC PWC process water cooler QUAT quat quaternary
PWD PWd powder QUEST quest question
PWDP PWDP powder passing QUIES quies quiescent
PWM PWM pulse-width modulation QUIN quin quintuple
PWR Pwr power QUOT quot quotation
PWRH pwrh powerhouse quot quotient
PWRSPLY PWRSPLY power supply quality verification testing
PWTR Pwr pewter
PWTR PWTR pure water
PXSTR pxstr phototransistor R
PYGN PYGN pyrogen unit R r radar (comb form)
PYR PYr pyramid R r radius
PYRO PYro pyrotechnic R r ratio
PYROM PYrom pyrometer R r reconnaissance [aircraft]
R r red
Q R R resistance (comb form)
Q Q drone [aircraft] R R right
QA QA quality assurance R R riser
QA qa question and answer R R rubber sheath
QA QA quick-acting R&D R&D research and development
QB OB quick-break RA RA reduction of area
OC QC quality control raact radioactive
OC OC quick-cleaning rabbet
RAB rab
QCI QCI quality conformance
RAC RAC rapid action change
RACT RACT reverse-acting
QCL QCL quality characteristics list
RAD rad radiate
QCR QCR quality control reliability
RAD rad radio
QDISC QDISC quick disconnect
RAD rad radius
QDR QDR quality deficiency report
quadrant RADAR RADAR radio detection and ranging
QDRNT qdrnt
quadrature RADAS RADAS random access discrete
QDRTR qdrtr
address system
QEC QEC quick engine change
quick-firing RADCHM radchm radiochemistry
quick-look intermediate RADDEF RADDEF radiological defens.e
tape RADINSP radinsp radiographic inspection
QOD QOD quick-opening device RADL rad1 radiological
QOS QOS quality operating system RADN radn radiation
QPL QPL qualified products list RADOPR RADOPR radio operator
QRY qry quarry RADWAR RADWAR radiological warfare


Drawings Text Term Drawings Text Term

RAIAM RAIAM random-access RCP RCP reinforced-concrete pipe

indestructive advanced RCPT rcpt receptacle
memory RCPTN rcptn reception
RALT ralt range light RCS RCS Remote Control System
RALW RALW radioactive liquid waste RCTL RCTL resistor-capacitor-transistor
RAM RAM random-access memory logic
RAMM RAMM recording ammeter RCTN rctn reaction
RANCID RANCID real and not-corrected input RCUR rcur recurrent
data RCV rcv receive
RA0 RA0 rudder angle order RCVD rcvd received
RAR RAR record and report RCVG rcvg receiving
RASER RASER radio frequency RCVR rcvr receiver
amplification by RCVY rcw recovery
stimulated emission of RD RD register drive
radiation RD RD roof drain
RAT rat rateau RD RD root diameter
RATO RATO rocket assist takeoff RD rd rotodrome
RB RB relay block RDC rdc radiac
RB RB rubber base RDC rdc reduce
RBBT rbbt rebabbit RDCN rdcn reduction
RBDE RBDE radar bright display RDCR rdcr reducer
equipment RDDR rod drive
RBE RBE relative biological
RDF RDF radio direction finding
RDG rdg ridge
RBK RBK right bank
RDG rdg rounding
RBN rbn ribbon
RDH rdh round head
RBR rbr rubber
RDL rdl radial
RC RC rate of change
RDM RDM recording demand meter
RC RC reactor compartment
RDNG rdng reading
RC RC rear connection
RDNS rdns readiness
RC RC rear-connected
RDOUT rdout readout
RC RC reinforced concrete
RDR rdr radar
RC RC remote control
RDR rdr reader
RC RC resistance-capacitance
RDRXMTR rdrxmtr radar transmitter
RCC RCC reader common contact
RDTR rdtr radiator [automotive1
RCC RCC rubber-covered cable
RDX rdx cyclonite
RCCP RCCP reinforced-concrete culvert
RDY rdY ready
RCCPLD RCCPLD resistance-capacitance RE RE radiated emission
coupled REAC reac reactance
RCD rcd record REAC reac reactive
RCD RCD reverse-current device REAC reac reactor
RCG RCG reverberation control of REACM reactvt reactivate
gain REC rec recess
RCHG RCHG reduced charge REC REC request for engineering
RCHT rcht ratchet change
RCL rcl recall RECALC recalc recalculated
RCL rcl recoil RECHRG rechrg recharger
RCLD rcld reclined RECIP recip reciprocate
RCLMG rclmg reclaiming RECIRC recirc recirculate
RCLS rcls recoilless RECL recl reclose
RCM RCM radar countermeasures RECM recm recommend
RCMPRS rcmprs recompression RECMECH recmech recoil mechanism
RCN rcn recreation RECOG recog recognition
RCNDT rcndt recondition RECON recon reconnaissance
RCNTR RCNTR ring counter RECOND recond recondense
RCO RCO reactor core RECT rect rectangle
RCONT RCONT rod control RECT rect rectangular


Drawings Text Term Drawings Text Term

RECT rect rectifier REVCUR revcur reverse-current

RECY recy recoverability REY rey reentry
REDSG redsg redesignate RF RF radio frequency
REF ref reference RF RF raised face
REF ref refinery RFC RFC radio-frequency choke
REFDES refdes reference designation RFCR rfcr refacer
REFL REFL reference line RFD RFD raised face diameter
REFL ref1 reflectance RFG rfg roofing
REFL ref1 reflector RFGT rfgt refrigerant
REFLD refld reflected RFH RFH raised face height
REFR refr refrigerate RFI RFI ready for issue
REGAL regal range and evaluation RFLX rflx reflex
guidance for approach RFM RFM reactive factor meter
and landing RFNA RFNA red fuming nitric acid
REGEN regen regenerate RFND rfnd refined
REGEN regen regenerative RFRC rfrc refractory
REINF reinf reinforce RFS RFS regardless of feature size
REJ rej reject RNV RFW reserve feedwater
REL re1 relative RG RG reticulated grating
REL re1 release RGD rgd rigid
REL REL rescue equipment locker RGH rgh rough
RELBL relbl reliability RGLR rglr regular
RELOC reloc relocated RGLT rglt regulate
REM rem remainder RGLTR rgltr regulator
REM rem removable RGNG rgng rigging
REMCOV REMCOV removable cover RGTR rgtr register
REP REP range error probability RH RH relative humidity
REPB repb republic RH RH right hand
REPL rep1 replace RH RH Rockwell hardness
REPRO repro reproduce RHD RHD return head
REPT REPT reference engineering RHDR RHDR right-hand drive
photo template RHEO rheo rheostat
REO req request RHI RHI radio-frequency
REQ req require interference
REQD reqd required RHI RHI range-height indicator
REQN reqn requisition RHK rhk reefing hook
REQT reqt requirement RHOD rhod rhodium
RES res research RHOMB rhomb rhombic
RES res resistor RHOMB rhomb rhomboid
RESC resc rescind RHP RHP reduced hard pressure
RESEAT reseat reseating RHR rhr reheater
RESFLD resfld residual field RHR RHR roughness height rating
RESID resid residual RHS RHS right-hand side
RESIL resil resilient RI RI reflective insulation
RESN resn resonant RIB rib ribbed
RESOLN resoln resolution RIFI RIFI radio interference field
RESP resp respectively intensity
RESTR restr restorer RIL RIL red indicating lamp
RET ret retain RIM RIM radar input mapper
RETNN retnn retension RIN rin radio inertial
RETR retr retraced RINSUL RINSUL rubber insulation
RETR retr retract RIOT RIOT real-time input-output
RETRO retro retroactive transducer
RETROG retrog retrogressive RIS RIS Revolution Indicating
REV rev review System
REV rev revise RJH RJH rubber hose jacket
REV rev revision R KR rkr rocker
REV rev revolution RKRA RKRA rocker arm


Drawings Text Term Drawings Text Term

RKT rkt rocket RPS* RPS* revolution per second

RKVAM RKVAM recording kilovolt-ampere RPS RPS rotating passing scuttle
meter RPT rPt repeat
RL RL resistance-inductance RPTC RPTC repeating coil
RL RL rocket launcher RPTN rptn repetition
RL RL roof leader RPTR rptr repeater
RLC RLC resistance-inductance- RPVNTV RPVNTV rust preventative
capacitance RR rr railroad
RLCR rlcr railcar RR RR rapid rectilinear
RLD rld rolled RR RR readout and relay
RLF rlf relief RR RR relief radii
RLG rig railing RR rr remove and replace
RLR rlr roller RR RR roll roofing
RLT rlt relate RRI RRI range-rate indicator
RLTN rltn relation RS RS radiated susceptibility
RLV rlv relieve RS RS range surveillance
RUN rlxn relaxation RS RS ready service
RLY rlY relay RS HS right side
RM RM range marks RS RS rubble stone
RM RM raw material RSALT RSALT running, signal and anchor
RMGF RMGF radar mapper, gap filler lights
RMH RMH refrigerator, mechanical RSD rsd raised
household RSD RSD rolling steel door
RMJ rmj ramjet RSIM RSIM radar simulator
RMLR RMLR radar mapper, long range RSLVR rslvr resolver
RMR rmr reamer RSPD rspd respond
RMS RMS root mean square RSPS rsps response
RMT rmt remote RSPTR rsptr respirator
RMV rmv remove RSPV rspv respective
RND rnd round RSQ rescue
RNDM rndm random RSQBT rescue boat
RNF RNF radio noise factor [figure] RSS root sum square
RNG rng range radar start
RNL rnl renewal reinforcing steel
RNLT RNLT running light reset-set trigger
RNWBL RNWBL renewable
RST rst restore
RO RO rough opening
RSTG rstg roasting
RO RO runout
RSTPF RSTPF rustproof
ROT ROT reserve oil tank
RSTR rstr restrict
ROT rot rotate
RSV rsv reserve
ROTOMT rotomt rotometer
RSVR rsvr reservoir
ROTP ROTP receive-only tape perforator
RT rt raintight
ROTR rotr rotator
RT RT real time
ROUT rout routine
RT RT receiver-transmitter
RP RP rules and procedures
radar planning device RT RT rocket target
renewal parts data RTANG RTANG right angle
reproducer RTC RTC reader tape contact
RPDR rpdr
RPG report program generator RTCL rtcI reticle
renewal parts leaflet RTD RTD resistance temperature
replenishing detector
RPLNG rplng
rplr repeller RTD rtd retard
rplsn repulsion RTDC RTDC retardation coil
RPM* RPM* revolution per minute RTE rte route
RPNSM rpnsm replenishment RTEL RTEL radio telephony
RPQ RPQ request for price quotation RIF RTF rubber-tile floor
RPR rPr repair RTG rtg rating
RPRT rPrt report RTL RTL reinforced tile lintel


Drawings Texî Term Drawings . Text Term

RTL RTL resistor-transistor logic SAF saf safety

RTLG RTLG radio telegraph SAL sal salinity
RTM RTM recording tachometer SAL saI salinometer
RTN rtn return SAL sal saluting
RTNR rtnr retainer SAL SAL shipboard allowance list
RTPH RTPH round trips per hour SALV salv salvage
RTR rtr rotor SAM SAM surface-to-air missile
RTRV rtN retrieve SAN san sanitary
RTRY rtry rotary SAP SAP semiarmor-piercing
RTT RTT radio teletype SAPC SAPC suspended acoustical-
RTTL ml rattail piaster ceiling
RTTL RTTL running telltale light SAPON capon saponify
Rll-Y Rll-Y radio teletypewriter SAR SAR storage address register
RTWS RTWS raw tape write submodule SAT sat saturate
RU RU reproducing unit SATC SATC suspended acoustical-tile
RUD rud rudder ceiling
RV RV rear view SATL sat1 satellite
RV RV reentry vehicle SATPATT SATPATT satellite paper-tape
RV RV relief valve transfers
RVA RVA reactive volt-ampere meter SB SB service bulletin
RVARM RVARM recording varmeter SB sb sideband
RVLV NIV revolve SB SB silver braze
RVM RVM reactive voltmeter SB SB silver brazing
RVP RVP reid vapor pressure SB SB sleeve bearing
RVS NS reverse SB SB solid body
RVSBL NSbl reversible SB SB soot blower
RVT rvt rivet SB SB spin block
RW RW raw water SB SB splash block
RW rw read-write [head] SB SB stove bolt
RW RW right-of-way SB SB stuffing box
RWC RWC rainwater conductor SB SB synchronization bit
RWG RWG Roebling Wire Gage SBK SBK single-beam klystron
RWHD rwhd rawhide SBM sbm submersible
RWND rwnd rewind SBS SBS semiconductor bilateral
RWY w runway switch
RY ry railway SBSP SBSP single-base solid propellant
RYN ryn rayon SBSTR sbstr substrate
RZ RZ return-to-zero SBU SBU silver brazing union
SBW SBW steel basement window
S sc sc saturable core
S S scuttle sc sc scale
S S source [electron device] sc sc shaft center
S S South sc sc shaped charge
SIS SIS surfaced or dressed one sc sc single conductor
side sc sc singlecontact
SISIE SISIE surfaced or dressed one sc sc smooth contour
side and one edge sc sc spacecraft
s2s s2s surfaced or dressed two SCA SCA subcarrier authorization
sides SCAN SCAN antenna scan
S4S s4s surfaced or dressed four SCAT SCAT sequential component
sides automatic testing
SA SA sail area SCAV scav scavenge
SA SA sense amplifier SCC SCC single-conductor cable
SA SA shaft alley SCD SCD screen door
SA SA small arms SCD SCD specification control
SA SA spectrum analyzer drawing
SA SA stress anneal SCDP SCDP steel cadmium plated
SAC SAC sprayed acoustical ceiling SCDR SCDR screwdriver


Drawings Text Term Drawings Text Term

SCE sce source SE SE support equipment

SCH SCH socket head SEC sec secant
SCHED sched schedule SEC' sec* second
SCHEM schem schematic SEC sec secondary
SCHLT schlt searchlight SECH sech hyperbolic secant
SCI sci science SECO SECO sequential coding
SCINT scint scintillator SECRG secrg securing
SCLER scler scleroscope SECT sect section
SCLY scly scuIlery SED sed sedan
SCMOD SCMOD scale model SEDC SEDC steam engine direct-
SCNG scng scanning connected
SCNR scnr scanner SEG seg sealing
SCNTN SCNTN self-contained SEG seg segment
SCONT SCONT ship control SEJ SEJ sliding expansion joint
SCOPE scope oscilloscope SEL sel select
scou scou ship course SEL sel selectivity
SCP SCP scope SEL sel selector
SCR scr screw SELFCL SELFCL self-closing
SCR SCR semiconductor controlled SELFPROP selfprop self-propelled
rectifier SELS sels selsyn
SCR SCR short-circuit ratio SELSYN selsyn self-synch ronous
SCRDB scrdb screwed bonnet SEM SEM scanning electron
SCRDN SCRDN screw down microscope
SCRGT SCRGT screen gate SEMICOND semicond semiconductor
SCRN scrn screen SEN sen semienclosed
SCRTHD SCRTHD screw thread SEN sen sense
SCS SCS semiconductor controlled SENS sens sensitive
switch SENS sens sensitivity
SCSH SCSH structural carbon steel, hard SEOPSN SEOPSN select-operate sense
SCSM SCSM structural carbon steel, SEP separate
medium SEP September
scss scss structural carbon steel, soft
SEP SEP star epitaxial planar
SCT SCT structural clay tile sequence
SEO seq
SCTD sctd scattered
SEQCHK seqchk sequence check
SCTR sctr scooter
SER ser serial
SCTR sctr sector
SER ser series
SCTY sen/ security
SERG serg serving
SCUP scup scupper
SERNO SERNO serial number
SCYL SCYL single-cylinder
SERR serr serrate
SD SD self-destroying
SERVO servo servomechanism
SD SD shell-destroying
SESAME SESAME service, sort and merge
SD SD shower drain
SET set setting
SD SD spectral distribution
SETLG setlg settling
SDBL sdbl sandblast
soda fountain SETR setr setter
siding SEW sew sewage
SDG sdg
sweet dough SEW sew sewer
SDIS SDIS ship distance SF SF sea flood
SDIS SDIS Ship Draft Indicating SF sf semifinished
System SF SF slip fit
SDIT SDIT ship draft indicator SF SF spot-face
transmitter SFA SFA service-factor amperes
SDL sdI saddle SFB SFB solid fiberboard
SDNSU SDNSU stepdown and stepup SFC SFC specific fuel consumption
SDR sdr sender SFDR SFDR single-feeder
SDR sdr sounder SFLS sfls semiflush
SE SE single-end SFO SFO service fuel oil
SE SE special equipment SFO SFO spot-face other side


Drawings Text Term Drawings Text Term

SFPRF sfprf semifireproof SHRDF SHRDF shroud fin

SFSCT SFSCT smooth-face structural clay SHRDR shrdr shredder
tile SHRNG shrng shearing
SFT Sft shaft SHRP shrp sharpener
SFTEXT SFTEXT shaft extension SHSTS SHSTS ship status
SFTR sftr shipfitter SHT sht shower and toilet
SFW SfW software S HTC SHTC short time constant
SFXD sfxd semifixed SHTDN shtdn shutdown
SG SG single-groove Iinsull SHTHG shthg sheathing
SG SG structural glass SHTL shtl shuttle
SG SG swamp glider S HTR SHTR shunt trip
SGB SGB switchgear block S HTR shtr shutter
SGDE SGDE steering gear dual SHTSD SHTSD short side
emergency SHV shv sheave
SGL sg I single SI SI International System of
SGSFU SGSFU salt-glazed structural facing Units
units SI SI salinity indicator
SGSP SgSP single-groove single- SI SI standing instruction
petticoat Iinsull SI SI Système International
SGSUB SGSUB salt-glazed structural unit d'Unités
base SID SID seal-in device
SGW SGW security guard window SID SID sudden ionospheric
SH SH scleroscope hardness disturbance
SH sh shackle SIF SIF selective identification
SH sh share feature
SH sh sheet SIF SIF single-face
SH sh sheeting SIG Sig signal
SH SH shield [electronic device] SIL si I silence
SH sh shower SIL sil silver
SH sh shunt SILG silg silencing
SHCONN SHCONN shore connection SILS SILS silver solder
SHABS SHABS shock absorber SILT SILT side light
SHBL SHBL shot blast SIM sim similar
SHBLDR shbldr shipbuilder SIM sim simulator
SHCR SHCR shipping center SIMCOM SIMCOM simulator compiler
SHF shf shift SIMP SIMP specific impulse
SHF shf superhigh frequency SIN sin si ne
SHFGR SHFGR shaft gear SINH sinh hyperbolic sine
SHK shk shank SINS SINS Ship Inertial Navigational
SHL shl shell System
SHL shl shellac SIS SIS standard instruction set
SHLD shld shield SIT sit. situation
SHLD shld shielding SIWDR siwdr sidewinder
SHLDR shldr shoulder SJ SJ slip joint
SHLN shln shoreline SK sk sketch
SHLT SHLT signal and homing light SK sk skinned
SHMKR shmkr shoemaker SK sk skinner
SHN shn shown SKD skd skirted
SHORAN SHORAN short range navigation SKLT SKLT station keeping lights
SHORT short short circuit S KT skt skirt
SHP ShP shape S KT Skt socket
SHPBD SHPBD shipboard SL SL safe locker
SHPCL SHPCL ship class SL SL sand-loaded
SHPNG shpng shipping SL SL sea level
SHPRF shprf shakeproof SL SI slide
SHPT shpt shipment SL SI sliding
SHRAP shrap shrapnel s LB SLB side-lobe blanking
SHRD shrd shroud s LB S LE signal light bare


Drawings Text Term Drawings Text Term

SLBL slbl soluble SND snd sound

SLC SLC side-lobe cancellation SNDG sndg sending
s LC SIC slice SNDG sndg sounding
SLD sld sealed SNDPRF sndprí soundproof
SLD SLD sliding door SNF SNF system noise figure
SLD sld slowdown SNH snh snatch
SLDR sldr solder SNKL snkl snorkel
SLDR sldr soldering SNL SNL standard nomenclature list
SLF SLF straight-line frequency SNLG snlg signaling
SLFCLN SLFCLN self-cleaning SNO SNO stock number
SLFGEN slfgen self-generating SNR SNR signal-to-noise ratio
SLFIND slfind self-indicating SNR snr sonar
SLFLKG slflkg self-locking SNSL SNSL stock number sequence
SLFSE slfse self-sealing listing
SLFTPG self-tapping SNSR snsr sensor
SLG sludge SNTR sntr sinter
SLGR slgr clinger SNTR sntr sintered
slope SNTZD sntzd sensitized
sea loading pipeline SNTZG sntzg sensitizing
SLPL slpl
side looking radar SNY sW sunny
SLS SLS sea level static so so shop order
SLS SLS side-lobe suppression so so slow operate [relay]
SLSP SLSP slow speed so so stock order
SLT slt skylight so so stop order
SOAR SOAR safe operating area
SLT Slt slate
SOCD SOCD source control drawing
SLT Slt spotlight
SOCN SOCN source control number
SLTD sltd slotted
SOL SOI solenoid
SLV slv sleeve
SOL sol solid
SLVG slvg sleeving
SOLHGT SOLHGT solid height
SLVT SIVt solvent
SOLN soIn solution
SLWL SLWL straight-line wavelength
SOLV SOLV solenoid valve
SLYP SLYP shortleaf yellow pine
SONAC SONAC sonar narcelle [sonacellel
SM sm small
SONAR SONAR sound navigation and
SM sm smoothing ranging
SM SM strategic missile sonobuoy
SONB sonb
SMACH SMACH sounding machine
SONCM SONCM sonar countermeasures and
SMD SMD standard military drawing deception
SMD SMD submarine mine depot SONCR SONCR sonar control room
SMK smk smoke SONOSW sonosw sonoswitch
SMKGEN SMKGEN smoke generator SOP SOP scavenging oil pump
SMKLS smkls smokeless sov sov shutoff valve
SMLS smls seamless SP SP one-pole
SMNK SMNK smooth neck SP SP sample part
SMP SMP sensitized material print SP SP shear plate
SMP SMP sound motion picture SP SP single-pole
SMPHR smphr semaphore SP SP smokeless powder
SMPLG smplg sampling SP SP soil pipe
SMS SMS silicomanganese steel SP SP space
SMSA SMSA shop missile assembly and SP SP spare
maintenance SP SP spare part
SMTK SMTK sump tank SP SP special (comb form)
SMUT SMUT shrink mockup template SP SP special [projectile]
SMY smy summary SP SP special-purpose
SN SN sine of the amplitude SP SP specific
SN sn siren SP SP speed
SN SN solid neutral SP SP splashproof
SNBR snbr snubber SP SP splitting


Drawings Text Term Drawings Texi Term

SP spool SPSCR SPSCR special screw

SP SP stake and platform SPSHP SPSHP special shaped
SP standpipe S PST SPST single-pole single-throw
SPAT SPAT silicon precision alloy SPSTSW SPSTSW single-pole single-throw
transistor switch
SPC SPC special common [projectilel SPSW SPSW single-pole switch
SPC SPC suspended plaster ceiling SPT SPt septuple
SPCC SPCC ship parts control center S PT SPt spraytight
SPCHG spchg supercharge s PTW s PTW desk, single-pedestal
SPCL spcl special typewriter
SPCLN SPCLN special cleaning SPVN spvn supervision
SPCONV SPCONV speed converter SPVOL SPVOL specific volume
SPCR spcr spacer SPYR sPYr sprayer
SPCTG SPCTG spherical cartridge SQ sq square
SPDL spdl spindle SQ SQ superquick
SPDOM SPDOM speedometer SQCG SQCG squirrel cage
SPDR spdr spider SQCM* SQCM* square centimeter
SPDS SPDS safe-practice data sheet SOFT* SOFT* square foot
SPDT SPDT single-pole double-throw SOH SQH square head
SPDTSW SPDTSW single-pole double-throw SQIN* SQIN" square inch
switch SQKM* SQKM* square kilometer
SPEC spec specification SQN sqn squadron
SPEC spec specimen SQRT SQRT square root
SPFT SPFT desk, single-pedestal flat- SQW SQW square wave
top SOZGR SQZGR squeeze grip
SPG SPg spooling SR SR saturable reactor
SPGR SPGR specific gravity SR SR selective ringing
SPH SPH single-phase SR SR selenium, rectifier
SPH SPH space heater SR SR send and receive
SPHER spher spherical SR sr senior
SPHN sphn siphon SR SR shift register
SPHT SPHT specific heat SR SR slip ring
SPK SPk spark SR SR slow release [relay]
SPK SPk spike SR SR solid rocket
SPKR spkr speaker SR sound ranging
SPL SPI spiral ' SR special regulations
SPL SPL splice list SR speed recorder
SPLC SPIC splice split ring
SPLN spln spline
SR sr stateroom
S PLT SPLT speed light
SRCH srch search
SPLTR spltr sp Iitter
SRD SRD step-recovery diode
SPLWPN SPLWPN special weapons
SRG srg surge
SPLX splx simplex
SRKN SRKN single rotating knife
SPLY SPlY supply series relay
SPM SPM shots per minute
SRNG srng syringe
SPNR spnr spanner
SROD SROD stove rod
SPNSN spnsn suspension
SRPG srpg scraping
SPP SPP still picture projector
split-phase SRPR srpr . scraper
SRR SRR sound recorder-reproducer
SPPL SPPL spark plug
spring SRVCLG S RVCLG service ceiling
sprinkler SRU cru shop replaceable unit
sprdr spreader SRVL srvl survival
SPREG SPREG speed regulator ss ss illuminating iprojectilesl
SPRG SPrg sprinkling ss ss same size
SPRKT sprkt sprocket ss ss semisteel
SPRT SPrt support ss ss service sink
s PS SPS special services ss ss ship service


Drawings Text Tem Drawings Text Term

ss ss single sided STBRZ STBRZ statuary bronze

ss ss single-shot STBSCP stbscp stroboscope
ss ss slop sink STBY stby standby
ss ss smo kestand STC STC sensitivity time control
SS ss spin-stabilized [rockets] STCH stCh stitch
ss ss straight shank STD std standard
ss ss subsystem STDF stdf standoff
ss ss summing selector STDVG STDVG stern diving
SSAC SSAC suspended sprayed STDY stdy steady
acoustical ceiling STDZN stdzn standardization
SSB SSB single-sideband STER Ster seater
SSBD SSBD single-side board STER ster sterilizer
SSBO SSBO single swing blocking STEREO stereo stereophonic
oscillator STFG stfg stuffing
SSBR SSBR smooth-surface built-up STG stg stage
roof STG stg starting
SSCR sscr set screw STGEN STGEN steam generator
SSD SSD subsoil drain STGLT STGLT steering light
SSF SSF saybolt second furo1 STGR stg r stringer
SSI SSI sector scan indicator STIF stif stiffener
SSIG SSIG single signal STIR stir stirrup
SSK SSK soil stack STK stk stack
SSLT SSLT starboard side light STK stk stock
SSM SSM surface-to-surface missile STK stk strake
SSP SSP ship speed STL stl steel
SSR SSR slate-shingle roof STL STL studio-transmitter link
SST SST stainless steel STLR stlr semitrailer
SST SST supersonic transport STLT stlt Stellite
SSTG SSTG ship service turbo STLT STLT stern light
generator steaming
STMG stmg
SSTU SSTU seamless steel tubing stm I stimulate
ssu ssu saybolt second universal STMT stmt statement
ssv ssv static self-verification
STN stn stone
ssw ssw synchro switch
STNG stng sustaini ng
ST st sawtooth stainless
STNLS stnls
ST ST Schmitt trigger
STOL STOL short takeoff and landing
ST ST self-tapping
STOR stor storage
ST ST single-throw
STP stP stamp
ST ST single-tire
STP stP strip
ST ST sounding tube
STPD Stpd- stripped
ST st steam
STPDN stpdn ste pdow n
ST st store
STPL STPL stern plane
ST st street
STPNG stpng stopping
ST ST strip-tin
STPR STPR short taper
STA sta station
STPR STPR static pressure
STA sta stationary
stabilize STPR stPr stepper
STAB stab
stabilizer STPR stPr stripper
STAB stab
STALO stabilized local oscillator STR str straight
STAMO stabilized master oscillator STR str strainer
stan stanchion STR str stream
start starter STR str strength
stat photostat STR str stripping
STAT stat status STRAT strat strategic
STB STB shore terminal box STRATO strato stratosphere
STB stb stable STRBK strbk strongback
STBD stbd starboard STRD strd strand
STBLN stbln stabilization STRD strd stranded


Drawings Text Term Drawings Text Tenn

STRG strg steering sv sv safety valve

STRG strg strong sv sv self-ventilated
STRK strk stroke SVCE svce service
STRL strl structural SVMTR svmtr servomotor
STRLN strln streamline svo svo servo
STRM strm storeroom SVR svr server
STRP strP strapped SVTL svtl semivital
STRUCT struct structure sw sw salt water
STS STS special treatment steel sw sw short wave
STS H STSH stabilized shunt sw sw single weight
STSP STSP start and stop sw sw spot-weld
STTR sttr stator sw sw swash
STU stu stepup sw sw switch
STW STW storm water sw sw switchband wound [relay]
STWG stwg stowage SWB SWB short wheelbase
STWP STWP steam working pressure SWBD swbd switch board
s w *Y stairway SWBHD SWBHD swash bulkhead
SUB sub submarine SWCP SWCP salt water circulating pump
SUBASSY su bassy subassembly SWD SWD side water depth
SUBCAL subcal subcaliber SWG SWG . British Standard Wire Gage
SUBJ su bj subject SWG SWG Stubs Wire Gage
SUBMG submg submerged SWG swg swage
SUBMG submg submergence SWG swg swing
SUBMIN submin subminiature SWGBKT SWGBKT swinging bracket
SUBO subq subsequent SWGD SWGD swinging door
SUBST su bst substitute SWGR swgr switchgear
SUBSTA substa substation SWLDG SWLDG socket welding
SUBSTR substr substructure swov swov switchover
SUBTR subtr subtraction SWP SWP safe working pressure
suc suc succeeding SWP SWP salt water pump
SUCT suct suction SWP SWP sweep
SUDT SUDT silicon unilateral diffused SWPEXP SWPEXP sweep expand
transistor SWPINTEG SWPINTEG sweep integrator
SUF suf sufficient SWR SWR standing-wave ratio
SUFF Suff suffix ivoltagel
SUJ SUJ side upset jaw SWR SWR switch rails
SUM sum summing sws sws switch stand
SUM SUM surface-to-underwater SWSG SWSG security window screen and
missile guard
SUPCUR SUPCUR superimposed current SWT Swt sweat
SUPERHET superhet superheterodyne SWT SWT switch ties
SUPERSTR superstr superstructure SWVL SWVI swivel
SUPHTR suphtr superheater SXL sxl sexless [connector]
SUPPL SUPPI supplement SXT SXt sextuple
SUPPR SuPPr suppression SXTN sxtn sextant
SUPPR SuPPr suppressor SYM SYm symbol
SUPSD supsd supersede SYMM symm symmetrical
SUPSENS supsens supersensitive SYMP symp symposium
SUPT supt superintendent SYN SYn synchronous
SUPV su pv supervise SYNC sync synchronize
SURF surf surface SYNCCONV SYNCCONV synchronous converter
SURG su rg surgical SYNCOM SYNCOM synchronous-orbiting
SURGE SURGE sorting, updating, report communications
generating, etc. SYNIND SYNIND synchronization indicator
SURV SUN survey SYNLP SYNLP synchronizing lamp
sus sus semiconductor unilateral SYNRECP SYNRECP synchronizing receptacle
switch SYNSCP synscp synchroscope
SUSP susp suspend SYNTH synth synthetic

ASME Y14.38a-2002

Drawings Text Term Drawings Text Term

synchro tie TCU TCU tape control unit

SYS system TD TD tank destroyer
TD TD temperature differential
T TD TD testing device
T T t-bar [structural shape1 TD TD tile drain
T T teeth TD TD time delay
T t toilet TD TD transmitter distributor
T T total trim TD TD turbine direct
TAB tab ta bulate TD TD turbine driven
TABSIM TABSIM tabulator simulator TDC TDC time-delay closing
TABSOL TABSOL table solution TDCM TDCM transistor driver core
TAC tac tactical memory
TACAN TACAN tactical air navigation TDG TDG twist drill gage
TACDEN TACDEN tactical data entry TDH TDH total dynamic head
TACH tach tachometer TDISTR TDISTR tape distributor
TAF TAF trim after forming TDL TDL tunnel-diode logic
TAL tal tailor TDM tdm tandem
TAM TAM technical ammunition TDM TDM time division multiplex
TAN tan tangent TDN TDN target doppler nullifier
TAN tan tanned TDO TDO time-delay opening
TANH tanh hyperbolic tangent TDR TDR torque-differential receiver
TAPAK TAPAK tape-pack TDS TDS track data simulator
TAR TAR terrain-avoidance radar TDST TDST track data storage
TARP tarp tarpaulin TDT TDT target designation
TAS TAS true airspeed transmitter
TB TB technical bulletin TDX TDX thermal demand transmitter
TB TB terminal board TE TE tables of equipment
TB TB tile base TE TE test and evaluate
TB TB tile block TE TE thermal element
TB TB top and bottom TE TE totally enclosed
TBATT TBATT torpedo batt TE TE trailing edge
TBAX TBAX tube axial TE TE transverse electric
TB B TBB top and bottom bolt TECH tech technical
TBC TBC toss bomb computer TEDL TEDL transferred-electronlogic
TBE TBE thread both ends logic
TBG tbg tubing TEFC TEFC totally enclosed fan-cooled
TB LK tblk terminal block TEJ TEJ transverse expansion joint
TBLR tblr tumbler TEL tel telephone
TC TC tape core TEL TEL telephone station
TC TC technical circular TE LB TELB telephone booth
TC TC technical control TELECOM telecom telecommunications
TC TC temperature compensating telmtr telemotor
TC TC terra cotta tem temper
TC tc thermocouple TEM transverse electromagnetic
TC TC' thread cutting temp temperature
TC TC time constant temporary
TEMP temp
TC TC timed closing
TEMPL temp1 template
TC TC toilet case
TER ter terrazzo
TC TC top chord
TER ter tertiary
TC TC trip coil
TER TER trailing edge radius
TCC TCC turbine close coupled
TER6 TER6 terrazzo base
TCD TCD thyratron core driver
TERM term terminal
TCG TCG tune-controlled gain
TERMN termn termination
TCH TCH temporary construction
hole TET tet tetrachloride
terrain-clearance indicator TET tet tetrode
TCTO TCTO time compliance technical TETFLEYNE tetfleyne tetrafluorethylene
order TF TF thin film


Drawings Text Term Drawings Text Term

TF TF thread forming TKR tkr tanker

TF TF tile floor TKT TKT ticket
TF TF time of fail TL TL thrust line
TFR TFR top of frame TL TL tie line
TFT TFT thin-film transistor TLG TLG tail landing gear
TFZ TFZ tail fuze TLG tlg telegraph
TG TG tail gear TLG tlg tilting
TG TG tongue and groove TLK TLK test link
TG TG torpedo group TLLD TLLD total load
TG TG tracking and guidance TLM tlm te lemeter
TGC TGC transmit gain control TLMY tlmy telemetry
TG L tg I toggle TLPC tlpc tailpiece
TG LS tgls tongueless TLR tlr tiller
TGT TGT tail gate TLRMTD TLRMTD trailer mounted
TGT tgt target TLSCP tlscp telescope
TH th thermoid TLSFT tlsft ta¡ Ishaft
TH TH toilet-paper holder TLU TLU table lookup
THC THC thermal converter TLY tlY tally
THD thd thread TM TM tactical missile
THD TH D total harmonic distortion TM TM technical manual
THDNK THDNK threaded neck TM TM temperature meter
THDPC thdpc threadpiece TM TM titanium chloride
THEOR theor theoretical TM TM tone modulation
THERM therm thermometer TM TM training manual
THERMO thermo thermostat TM TM ' transverse magnetic
THK thk thick TMB tmb thimble
THKF THKF thick film TMB tmb tumble
THKNR thknr thickener TMBR tmbr timber
THKNS thkns thickness TMD tmd timed
THKR thkr thicker TMFL TMFL time of flight
THM thm therm TMG tmg timing
THMS thrns thermistor TMPD tmpd tempered
THPFB THPFB treated hard-pressed TMPRG tmprg tempering
fi berboard TMR tmr timer
TH R thr thrust TMS TMS type mode series
THRM thrm thermal TMX TMX telemeter transmitter
THRMSTC thrmstc thermostatic TN TN technical note
THROT throt throttle TN TN tracer number
THRSHL THRSHL thrust shell tn train
THRT thrt throat TNALM TNALM tone and alarm
THRU thru through tnd tinned
THWR thwr thrower tenderizer
TNDZR tndzr
THW thwî throwout
TNG trig tongue
THYMOTROL THYMOTROL thyratron motor control training
TNG trig
THYR THYR thyristor
TNL tnl tunnel
TI TI target identification
TNLDIO TNLDIO tunnel diode
TI TI track initiate
TNR tnr thinner
TIC TIC temperature indicating
TNSL tnsl tensile
telephone interference TNSN tnsn tension
factor TNT tnt trinitrotoluene
TIM TIM time meter TNTV tntv tentative
TIM tim track imitation TO TO tables of organization
TIP TIP turbine inlet pressure TO TO technical order
TIR TIR total indicator reading TO TO time opening
TIT TIT turbine inlet temperature TO to turnout
TJ P TJP turbojet propulsion TOB tob toboggan
TKL tkl tackle TOBBRZ TOBBRZ tobin bronze


Drawings Text Term Drawings Text Term

TOE TOE tables of organization and TRCR trcr tracer

equipment TRD trd tread
TOE TOE thread one end TRD TRD turbine reduction drive
TOHM tohm terohmmeter TRF TRF tuned radio frequency
TOL to1 tolerance TRFC trfc traffic
TOPG topg topping TRG trg trailing
TOR TOR totalizing relay TRH TRH truss head
TORM torm torquemeter TRI tri triode
TORNL torn1 torsional TRIB trib tributary
TORP torp torpedo TRIC TRIC tracking radar input and
TORSI0 torsio torsiograph correlation
TOS TOS tape-operated system TRIG trig trigger
TOT tot total TRIG trig triggering
TOTLZ TOTLZ totalize TRIG trig trigonometry
TP TP target practice TRK trk track
TP TP test point TRK trk truck
TP TP tie plate TRK trk trunk
TP TP torpedo part of beam TRKG trkg tracking
TP TP true position TRKWHL TRKWHL trick wheel
TP TP true profile TR LR trlr trailer
TPD TPD terminal protective device TR LY trly trolley
TPDR TPDR tape drive TRMR trmr trimmer
TPF TPF theoretical point of fog TR N TRN trade name
TPG tpg tapping TRNBKL trnbkl turnbuckle
TPHO tpho telephotograph TRND trnd turned
TPI TPI tape phase inverter TRNGL trngl triangle
TP I tpi tracks per inch TRNGR TRNGR turning gear
TPL tPl triple TR NLT TR NLT turning light
TPLW tplw triple wall TR NPS trnps transpose
TPM TPM telemetry processor module TRNR trnr trainer
TPR tPr taper TRNSN trnsn transition
TPR tpr teleprinter TRNTBL trntbl turntable
TPS TPS task parameter synthesizer TROPO tropo troposphere
TPSN tpsn transposition TR P TRP trade pattern
TPT tPt tappet TR P trP tripped
TPT TPT target practice with tracer TR P trP tripping
TPTG TPTG tuned-plate tuned-grid TRPL trpl terneplate
TPTOL TPTOL true position tolerance TRQ trq torque
TR TR technical report TRR TR R tactical range recorder
TR TR time of rise TRSBG trsbg transcribing
TR TR toothed ring TRSBR trsbr transcriber
TR TR towel rack or rod TRSCB trscb transcribe
TR tr trace TRSN trsn torsion
TR TR transmit-receive TRST TRST throttle reset
TR TR transmitter receiver TRTD trtd treated
TR tr transom TRTMT trtmt treatment
TR tr truss TRUN trun trunnion
TRAJ traj trajectory TRVLG tNlg traveling
TRANS trans transmittance TRVLMT TRVLMT travel limit
TRANS trans transparent TRVLR tNlr traveler
TRANSP transp transportation TRWA TRWA trackway
TRANSV transv transverse TRX trx triplex
TRAP trap trapezoid TS TS taper shank
TRAPATT TRAPATT trapped-plasma avalanche- TS TS Telegraph System
triggered transit TS TS tensile strength
TRAV trav traversing TS TS test specification [number]
TRB trb treble TS TS time switch


Drawings Text Term Drawings Text Term

TS TS tool steel TWMBK TWMBK traveling-wave multiple-

TS TS tube sheet beam klystron
TSCLT TSCLT transportable satellite TWPR twPr twisted pair
communications link TWR twr tower
terminal TwS TWS truncated whitworth special
TSIOH TSIOH tube sheet inlet and outlet thread
head TWSB TWSB twin sideband
TSL tSI typesetting lead M TWT traveling-wave tube
TSN TSN time since new Twx TwX teletypewriter exchange
TSO TSO time since overhaul TWY twy taxiway
TSPEC TSPEC test specification [no TXTL txtl textile
number] TYP tYP typical
TSPOP TSPOP testing and popping TYPL TYPL type-plate
TSQ TSQ time and superquick TYPSTG typstg typesetting
TSR TSR tile-shingle roof
TSTEQ TSTEQ test equipment U
TSTG tstg testing UAM UAM underwater-to-air missile
TSTR tstr tester UAR UAR use as required
TSTRZ tstrz transistorized UART UART universal asynchronous
TSW TSW temperature switch receiver-transmitter
TSW TSW test switch UB UB underwater battery
TT tt teletype UBD UBD utility binary dump
Tf -IT tile threshold UBL ubi unbleached
TT TT timing and telemetry uc uc unit cooler
TT TT total time UCL UCL upper control limit
TfL TfL transistor transistor logic UCMT UCMT unglazed ceramic mosaic
TfMF TfMF touchtone multifrequency tile
TTNG ttng tightening UF UF ultrasonic frequency
TTU TTU thrust termination unit UFR UFR underfrequency relay
m ttY teletypewriter UGND ugnd underground
TUN tun tuning UH uh underhatch
TUNG tung tungsten UH UH unit heater
TUR tur turret UHF UHF ultra-high frequency
TURB TURB turbine UHFDF UHFDF ultra-high frequency
TURBOALT TUR BOALT turbo alternator direction finding
TURBOGEN TURBOGEN turbine generator UHPFB UHPFB untreated hard-pressed
TURN turn turning fi berboard
TUT TUT transistor under test UHT uht u nderheat
TUT TUT tube under test UJT UJT unijunction transistor
TV tv television UK UK unit check
TV Tv transport vehicle UL UL upper and lower
N G TVG time of variation of gain ULT ult ultimate
TVI TVI television interference UMB umb umbilical
TVM TVM tachometer voltmeter UMBC UMBC umbilical cord
N M N M transistor voltmeter UMN UMN unsatisfactory material
Tw tw tail wind notice
Tw tw teamwork UMUS UMUS unbleached muslin
Tw Tw temperature well UN UN unified
Tw Tw tempered water UN un union
Tw Tw tight wrapped UNAUTHD unauthd unauthorized
Tw Tw tile wainscot UNB UNB union bonnet
Tw Tw traveling wave UNC UNC Unified coarse thread
Tw tw twisted UNCLP unclp unclamp
TW tw typewriter UNCOND uncond unconditionally
TwC TwC truncated whitworth coarse UNCTD u nctd uncoated
thread UND und under
TwF TwF truncated whitworth fine U NDC undc undercurrent
thread UNDEF undef undefined


Drawings Text Term Drawings Text Term

UNDETM undetm undetermined UTRTD utrtd untreated

UNDF undf underfrequency UUT UUT unit under test
UNDLD undld underload UV UV ultraviolet
UNDV undv undervoltage UVASER UVASER ultraviolet amplification by
UNEF UNEF Unified extra fine thread stimulated emission of
UNF unf unfuzed radiation
UNF UNF Unified fine thread UVD UVD undervoltage device
UNFIN unfin unfinished UVFLT UVFLT ultraviolet floodlight
UNIF unif uniform uw uw used with
UNIFCOEF UNIFCOEF uniformity coefficient UWT UWT unit weight
UNIV univ universal UWTM UWTM underwater team
UNK unk unknown UWTR uwtr underwater
UNL un1 unloading
UNLIM unlim unlim ited v
UNLKG unlkg unlocking V V valve
UNMKD unmkd unmarked V V vertical (comb form)
UNMTD unmtd unmounted V V violet
UNRGLTD unrgltd unregulated V" V" volt
UNS UNS Unified special thread VAC vac vacant
UNSUPPR unsuppr unsuppressed VAC vac vacuum
UNTW untw untwist VADJR VADJR voltage-adjusting rheostat
u0 u0 used on VAL va I valley
UOL UOL underwater object locator VAL va I value
uos uos unless otherwise specified VAM va m voltammeter
UPC UPC universal product code VAPPRF vapprf vaporproof
UPDFT updft updraft VAR var variable
UPR UPr upper VAR var variance
UPS UPS uninterruptible power VAR var variation
supply VAR var various
UPWD upwd upward VARHM VARHM var-hour meter
UR UR unsatisfactory report VAR ISTOR VARISTOR variable resistor
UR ur urinal VAR ITRAN varitran variable-voltage
UR UR utility room transformer
URT Urt upright VARM varm varmeter
URWC URWC urinal water closet VARN varn varnish
us us undersize VARR VAR R visual aural radio range
us us Uniform System [lens VB VB valve bnx
marking1 vc vc varnished cambric [insull
us us United States vc vc vitrified clay
USAS USAS USA Standard vc vc voice coil
USB USB unified S-band vc vc volume of compartment
USB USB upper sideband VCB VCB vertical location of the
USFU USFU unglazed structural facing center of buoyancy
units VCE VCE vertical centrifugal
USG USG United States Gage VCG VCG vertical location of the
USM USM underwater-to-sutface center of gravity
missile VCL VCL vertical center line
USP USP United States VCO VCO voltage-controlled oscillator
Pharmacopeia VCOP VCOP variable-control oil pressure
USTZD ustzd unsensitized VCT VCT vitrified clay tile
USUB USUB unglazed structural unit VCT VCT voltage control transfer
base VD vd va ndyke
UTC UTC coordinated universal time VD VD vault door
UTEELRAD UTEELRAD utilization of enemy VD VD voltage drop
electromagnetic radiation VDEL VDEL variable delivery
UTIL util utility VDET VDET voltage detector
UTIL util utilization VDL VDL ventilating deadlight
UTN utn utensil VDT VDT video display terminal


Drawings Text Term Drawings Text Term

VE VE va Iue eng¡neering VLR VLR very long range

VE VE ventilating equipment VLSI VLSI very large-scale integration
VEG veg vegetable VLT VLT volute
VEH veh vehicle VM VM velocity modulation
VEL vel vellum VM* VM* volt per meter
VEL ve I velocity VM vm voltmeter
VENT vent ventilate VMIL* VMIL* volt per mil
VENT vent ventilator VNXL VNXL vane axial
VERB verb verbatim vo vo voice
VERIF ver if verification VODAT VODAT voice-operated device for
VERN vern vernier automatic transmission
VERS vers versed sine VOL vol volume
VERST verst versatile VOM VOM volt-ohm milliammeter
VERT vert vertical VOR VOR very-high-frequency
VEST vest vestibule omnidirectional radio
VF VF variable frequency VORLOC VORLOC very-high frequency
VF VF voice frequency omnirange localizer
VFCTT VFCTT voice frequency carrier vox vox voice-operated transmitter
teletype keyer
VFLPT VFLPT variable floating point VP VP vent pipe
VFO VFO varia ble-frequency VPR vpr vaporize
oscillator VR VR voltage regulator
VFR VFR visual flight rules VRCTR VRCTR varactor
VFREQCLK VFREQCLK variable-frequency clock VRFY v w verify
VFTLG VFTLG voice frequency telegraph VRIS vris varistor
VGA VGA variable gain amplifier VRL VRL vertical reference line
VGS VGS visual glide slope VRLY VRLY voltage relay
VH VH vent hole VRTY V W variety
VH VH Vickers hardness VRYG vryg varying
VHF VHF very high frequency vs vs vapor seal
VHFDF VHFDF very-high frequency vs vs vent stack
direction finding vs vs versus
VI VI viscosity index vs vs voltmeter switch
VI VI volume indicator VSB VSB vestigial sideband
VIB vib vibrate VSBL vsbl visible
VIB vib vi bration VS M VSM vestigial-sideband
VICD VICD vendor item control modulation
drawing VST VST valve seat
VID vid video [adjective] VSTM VSTM valve stem
VIDAMP VIDAMP video amplifier VSTOL VSTOL vertical and short takeoff
VIDF VIDF video frequency and landing
VIL VIL village VSWR VSWR voltage standing-wave ratio
VIMP VIMP vertical impulse VT VT vacuum tube
VIMVAR VIMVAR vacuum induction melt- VT vt vaportight
vacuum arc remelt VT VT variable time lfusel
VINT VI NT video integration VT VT voice tube
VIO vio violet VTL VTL variable-threshold logic
VIS vis visual VTM VTM voltage-tunable magnetron
VISC visc viscosity VTOL VTOL vertical takeoff and landing
VISID VISID visual identification VTR VTR vertical radial
VISMR vismr viscometer VTR VTR video-tape recorder
VIT vit vitreous VTVM ViVM vacuum-tube voltmeter
VIZ vi2 namely VTX vtX vertex
VL VL vertical ladder vu vu volume unit
VLA VLA very low altitude VULC VULC vulcanize
VLC VLC vital load center vvc vvc voltage-variable capacitor
VLF VLF very low frequency vvss vvss vertical volute spring
VLMTRC VLMTRC volumetric suspension


Drawings Text Term Drawings Text Term

W WDF wdf woodruff

W W waste WDG wdg winding
W* W* watt WDIR WDIR wind direction
W W west WDM WDM watt demand meter
W W white WDO wdo window
W W wire (comb form) WDP WDP wood panel
W W with (comb form) WEA wea weather
WA wa wainscot WEAT weat weathertig ht
WA WA wire assembly WESP WESP with equipment and spare
WA WA workshop assembly parts
Itorpedol WF WF wash fountain
WADS WADS wide-area data service WFG WFG water fog
WAF WAF width across flats WFR wfr wafer
WAF WAF wiring around frame WFS WFS wood furring strips
WAG wag wagon WG wg waveguide
WAN wan wanigan WG wg wedge
WARHD warhd warhead WG WG window guard
WARR warr warranty WG WG wire gage
WATS WATS wide-area WGL WGL wire glass
telecommunications WH WH wa II hydrant
service WH WH water heater
WATW WATW wood awning-type window WH* Wh* watt ho ur
WB WB wagon box WH wh wheelhouse
WB WB wash bucket WHC WHC watthour meter with
WB WB wet bulb contact device
WB WB whale boat WHDM WHDM watthour demand meter
WB wb wheel barrow WHL WHL watthour meter with loss
WB wb wheel base compensator
WB WB wide band WHL whl wheel
WB WB wood base WHM WHM watthour meter
WB wb workbench WHS WHS white scale
WBD WBD wire-bound WHSE whse warehouse
WBF WBF wood block floor WHT WHT watthour demand meter,
WBG wbg webbing thermal type
WBL WBL wood blocking WHT wht white
WBO WBO with blowout WI WI wrought iron
WBR WBR word buffer register WIL WIL white indicating lamp
WBRS WBRS wrought brass WJ WJ water jacket
WBX WBX wooden box [ammol WJ WJ wood jalousie
wc wc water closet WK wk week
wc wc weapon carrier WKLT WKLT wake light
wc wc working circle WKS wks workshop
WCHR WCHR water chiller WL WI waterline
WCLD WCLD water-cooled WL WI wavelength
WCM WCM word combiner and WL WL white light
multiplexer WL WL wind load
WCP WCP wing chord plane WL WL wire list
WCR WCR water cooler WL WL work line
WCS WCS writable control store WLB WLB wall board
WCTG wctg woodcutting WLC wlc wildcat
wcw wcw wood casement window WLD wld welded
WD WD whole depth WLDR wldr welder
WD wd width WLDS wlds weldless
WD WD window dimension WLSL WLSL wa IseaI
WD WD withdrawn WM wm warming
WD WD wood door WM WM water meter
WDBOR WDBOR wood boring WM wm wattmeter
WDF WDF wood door and frame WM WM wire mesh


Drawings Text Term Drawings Text Term

WMGA WMGA Washburn and Moen Gage WSHR wshr washer

WMGR WMGR worm gear WSL WSL weather seal
WMSFT wmsfi wormshafî WSP WSP working steam pressure
WMWHL wmwhl wormwheel WSR WSR wood-shingle roof
WN wn winch WSTL wstl whistle
WND wnd wound WSTPN WSTPN wrist pin
WNDLS wndls windlass WT wt weight
WNDR wndr winder WT WT wood threshold
wo wo wipe out WTCC WTCC water turbine, closed-
wo wo without coupled
WOBO WOBO without blowout WTD WTD water turbine, direct
WOESP WOESP without equipment and WTG wtg waiting
spare WTG wtg weighting
WP WP waste pipe WTHPRF wthprf weatherproof
WP WP water pump WTR wtr water
WP weatherproof [incull WTRPRF wtrprf waterproof
WP WP wet process WTRTT wtrtt watertight
WP WP white phosphorus WTRZ wtrz winterize
WP WP wood pattern WTURB WTURB water turbine
WP WP word processing wu wu window unit
WP WP working point wu wu workshop unit [torpedo]
WPFC WPFC waterproof fan-cooled wv wv wall vent
WPG WPg waterproofing wv wv working voltage
WPG WPg wiping ww ww waterwall
WPJ WPJ weakened plane joint ww ww winding t o winding
WPN WPn weapon ww ww wire-wound
WPR WPR working pressure WW ww wireway
WPS WPS waterproof shroud WWH L wwhl waterwheel
WR WR wall receptacle
WR wr wardroom
X X experimental testing
WR wr washroom
WR WR weather-resistant
XARM xarm crossarm
WR WR white room
XBAR xbar crossbar
WR WR wire rope
XBRA xbra cross bracing
WR wr wrench crossbar tandem
XBT xbt
WR wr writer
xco xco cross-connection
WRB wrb wardrobe xconn cross-connection
WRDIR WRDIR wrong direction XCVR xcvr transceiver
WRG wrg wearing XCY cross-country
WRG wrg wiring XDCR xdcr transducer
WRGR wrgr wringer XFMR xfmr transformer
WRK wrk wrecker XFR xfr transfer
WRK wrk wrecking XHAIR xhair crosshair
WRL WRL wing reference line XHVY XHVY extra heavy
WRN wrn warning XING Xing crossing
WRPG wrpg warping XLTR xltr translator
WRT WRT water round torpedo XLWB XLWB extra-long wheel base
WRT Wrt wrought XMSN xmsn transmission
ws ws waste stack XMT xmt transmit
ws ws water surface XMTD xmtd transmitted
ws ws Weapon System XMTG xmtg transmitting
ws ws weather stripping XMTL xmtl transmittal
ws ws wetted surface XMTR xmtr transmitter
ws ws wire schedule XPL XPl explosive
ws ws wrought steel .XPLD XPLD explosive device
WSHG wshg washing XPT XPt cross-point
WSHLD wshld windshield XSECT xsect cross section


Drawings Text Term Drawings Text Term

XSTR XSTR extra strong 2DIG 2DIG two-digit

XSTR xstr transistor 2PH 2PH two-ph ase
XTAL xta I crystal 2STG 2STG two-stage
XTLO xtlo crystal oscillator 2w 2w two-wire
XWAVE XWAVE extraordinary wave 2WAY 2WAY two-way
XXSTR xxstr double extra strong 3c 3c three-conductor
3P 3P three-pole
Y 3P 3P triple-pole
Y Y transitional testing [aircraft] 3PDT BPDT three-pole double-throw
Y Y yellow 3PDT BPDT triple-pole double-throw
YD* Yd* yard 3PDTSW 3PDTSW triple-pole double-throw
YEL Ye1 yellow switch
YIL YIL yellow indicating lamp 3PH 3PH three-phase
YLT YLT yellow light 3PST BPST three-pole single-throw
YP YP yield point 3PST BPST triple-pole single-throw
YR Yr year 3PSTSW 3PSTSW triple-pole single-throw
YS YS yield strength switch
WC WC yellow varnished cambric 3PSW 3PSW triple-pole switch
[insull 3STG 3STG third stage
3STG 3STG three-stage
2 3T 3T triple-throw
ZA ZA zero adjusted 3w 3w th ree-wire
ZTC ZTC zero temperature coefficient 3WAY 3WAY three-way
4/c 4/c four-conductor
MISCELLANEOUS 4D 4d four-dimensional
IC IC single conductor 4P 4P four-pole
1 RED 1 red first reduction 4PDTSW 4PDTSW four-pole double-throw
1 STG 1 stg first stage switch
1/2DP 1/2dp half dog point 4PSTSW 4PSTSW four-pole single-throw
1/2H 1/2h half-hard switch
1/2RD 1/2rd half-round 4PSW 4PSW four-pole switch
1l4H 1/4h quarter-hard 4STG 4STG fou r-stage
1/4PH 1/4ph quarter-phase 4STG 4STG fourth stage
1/4RD 1/4rd quarter round 4w 4w four-wire
2c 2c two-conductor 4WAY 4WAY four-way

STD ASME 0759b70 Obi13645 7 T 4

ASME Y14.38-1999



Elements Symbol Elements Symbol Elements Symbol

Actinium Ac Hafnium Hf Promethium Pm

Aluminium AI Helium He Protactinium Pa
Americium Am Holmium Ho Radium Ra
Antimony Sb Hydrogen H Radon Rn
Argon Ar Indium In Rhenium Re
Arsenic As Iodine I Rhodium Rh
Astatine At Iridium Ir Rubidium Rb
Barium ' Ba Iron Fe Ruthenium Ru
Berkelium Bk Krypton Kr Samarium Sm
Beryllium Be Lanthanum La Scandium sc
Bismuth Bi Lawrencium Lr Selenium Se
Boron B Lead Pb Silicon si
Bromine Br Lithium Li Silver Ag
Cadmium Cd Lutetium Lu Sodium Na
Calcium Ca Magnesium Mg Strontium Sr
Californium Cf Manganese Mn Sulfur C
Carbon C Mendelevium Md Tantalum Ta
Cerium Ce Mercury Hg Technetium Tc
Cesium cs Molybdenum Mo Tellurium Te
Chlorine CI Neodymium Nd Terbium Tb
Chromium Cr Neon Ne Thallium TI
Cobalt Co Neptunium NP Thorium Th
Copper Cu Nickel Ni Thulium Tm
Curium Cm Niobium (1) Nb Tin Sn
Dysprosium DY Nitrogen N Titanium Ti
Einsteinium Es Nobelium No Tungsten W
Erbium Er Osmium os Uranium U
Europium Eu Oxygen O Vanadium V
Fermium Fm Palladium Pd Wolfram W
Fluorine F Phosphorus P Xenon Xe
Francium Fr Platinum Pt Ytterbium Yb
Gadolinium Gd Plutonium Pu Yttrium Y
Gallium Ga Polonium Po Zinc Zn
Germanium Ge Potassium K Zirconium Zr
Gold Au Praseodymium Pr

GENERAL NOTE: The symbols listed are not abbreviations.

(1) IUPAC reaffirms the name niobium for element 41 in spite of the fact in the United States, particularly outside of chemical
circles, the name columbium is still retained and used.

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STD-ASME YL4.38-ENGL 1999 W 0759b70 ObL3b4b 630

ASME Y14.38-1999


A ASCE American Society of Civil Engineers

AA Aluminum Association, Inc. ASEA American Society of Engineers and Architects
AALA American Association for Laboratory Accreditation ASFA American Steel Foundrymen's Association
AAMA American Architecturai Manufacturers Association ASHRAE American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-
AAMA American Automobile Manufacturers Association Conditioning Engineers
AAMI Association for the Advancement of Medical ASLE American Society of Lubrication Engineers
Instrumentation ASM American Society for Metals (ASM International)
AAN American Association of Nurserymen ASME The American Society of Mechanical Engineers
AAR Association of American Railroads (ASME International)
AASM Association of American Steel Manufacturers ASPRS American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote
ABMA American Boiler Manufacturers Association Sensing
ABMA American Bearing Manufacturers Association ASQ American Society for Quality
ABS American Bureau of Shipping ASSE American Society of Safety Engineers
ACGIH American Conference of Governmental Industrial ASSE American Society of Sanitary Engineering
Hygienists ASTh4 American Society for Testing and Materials
AC1 American Concrete Institute Intemational AWI Architectural Woodwork Institute
ACS American Chemical Society AWPI American Wood Preservers Institute
ADA American Dental Association AWS American Welding Society
ADPA American Defense Preparedness Association AWWA American Water Works Association
AEC American Engineering Council
AESF American Electroplaters and Surface Finishers 0
Society BHMA Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association
AFA American Foundrymen's Association BOCA Building Officials and Code Administrators
AGA American Gas Association International
AGA Abrasive Grain Association
AGMA American Gear Manufacturers Association C
AIA American Institute of Architects CACI Compressed Air and Gas Institute
AIA Aerospace Industries Association of America CGSM Canadian General Standards Board
AIAA American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics CIMA Construction Industry Manufacturers Association
AICHE American Institute of Chemical Engineers CISPI Cast iron Soil Pipe Institute
AIIM Association for Information and Image Management CLA Canadian Lumbermen's Association
AIME American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical and CSA Canadian Standards Association
Petroleum Engineers CSI Construction Specification Institute
AISC American Institute of Steel Construction
AISE Association of iron and Steel Engineers
AIS1 American Iron and Steel Institute D
AITC American Institute of Timber Construction DFISA Dairy and Food Industries Supply Association
ALCM American Leather Chemists Association DWMI Diamond Wheel Manufacturers Institute
AMCA Air Movement and Control Association
AMT Association for Manufacturing Technology E
ANMC American National Metric Council ECS Electrochemical Society
ANSI American National Standards Institute EEI Edison Electric Institute
AOCS American Oil Chemists' Society EIA Electronic Industries Alliance
API American Petroleum Institute
APTA American Public Transit Association F
ARBBA American Railway Bridge and Building Association FCI Facing Tile Institute
AREA American Railway Engineering Association
ARI Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute
ASA Acoustical Society of America
American Society of Agricultural Engineers GAMA Gas Appliance Manufacturers Association
GWI Grinding Wheel Institute

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H NSA National Stone Aseoc¡m

HI Hydraulic Institute NSPE National Society of Prohionai Engineers
NWWDA National Wood Window and Door Association
IAPMO International Association of Plumbing and P
Mechanical Micials PMAA petrdeum MailIews Association of America
ICBA Insulated Cable Engineers Association
IEC in