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RTU560 product line

Rack 560MPR03
Connections and settings

Application, characteristics and technical data have to be taken K02 is presented on the connectors X13 and X14. If a PSU has a
from the hardware data sheet: FAIL status or in case of ‘PWR off’, a closed contact is switched
on K13 and K14 to indicate the power fail status. X15 is used
560MPR03 Data sheet 1KGT 150 729 independently from X13/ X14 to connect the power fail status
into process application. It can be imported e. g. a 23BE23.

The rack 560MPR03 can be mounted on any mounting-plate.
The process signal access is done via plug-in terminal blocks

The rack has 18 slots for process I/O boards. The power supply
unit is plugged into slot 21 (P1) resp. in slot 21 and 19 (P2) when
redundant power supply is used (see Fig. 3).

Slot 1 to 17 can be used for I/O boards and/or CMU modules.

If no redundant power supply is used, slot 18 can be used for Figure 2: PSU monitoring
an additional I/O board.

Processing functions
Rack address setting
Voltage monitoring
The DIP switch register S1 specifies the logical rack address of
The relay K01 is switched only, if the supply voltages 5 V DC and the RTU560. Each rack must have a unique rack address within
24 V DC are present. If one or both of the supply voltages is/are one SPB I/O bus segment. Rack address 0 must be used exclu-
missing, the relay K01 is released and the contact will be closed. sively for a rack with only CMU units.

S1 - 1 S1 - 2 S1 - 3 Rack address


ON 2
Voltage +5V OFF ON OFF 2 ON 3
Supervision ON 4
+ 24 V ON ON OFF 3
OFF OFF ON 4 S1-4 is

X11 ON OFF ON 5 not used



Figure 1: Voltage monitoring

PSU monitoring

The status of the installed redundant power supply units (e. g.

560PSU01, 560PSU02, 560PSR00) is indicated by relay K02.
Only in case of ‘PWR OK’ on the modules, an open contact from
Connections Installation of modules inside the rack 560MPR03

SPB I/O bus connection Each module mounted in the rack 560MPR03 must be fixed for
operation. This is done via two crews in the upper and lower
Fig. 4 shows the principle SPB I/O bus routing. The two RJ45 fixing rail of the rack. The EMC specification of the modules with
jacks X1 and X2 are used to expand the RTU560 with additional metal front plate is only valid, if the module front plate is earthed
racks by a daisy chain connection. (see Fig. 3) by the two screws.

The SPB I/O bus must be terminated by a 1 kΩ resistor at both ADVICE

ends. This is done in the first rack by the communication unit
The DIN slots 21 (P1) and 19 (P2) are only for use with pow-
(CMU).The resistor is equipped per default, and can be removed
er supplies (e. g. 560PSU01, 560PSU02, 560PSR00). Any
by carefully opening the drill hole X4 with a 1.5 mm drill from the
other I/O module or CMU unit installed at these slots will be
back side of the rack. (see Fig. 3) The resistor has to stay only
on the last rack of the SPB I/O bus segment.

The signals are used according to: Grounding principle

Serial interface RS485 DANGER

Pin Signal Grounding is essential because of safety reasons.
1 - Not used RJ45

To establish a conductive grounding, X43 has to be connect

2 TA Data - 1
via a flexible yellow/ green wire with at least 1.5mm² to the
3 TB Data + protective earth point in the installation.

4 - Not used

5 GND Signal Ground

At delivery the 0 V and the PE are connected. (see Fig. 6) If this
principle does not fit to the grounding principle of the installation,
6 -
this connection can be removed by opening the drill hole X5 with
7 - Not used a 5.0 mm drill at the PCB of the rack. (see Fig. 3)
8 -

Shield Connected
with housing To enshure the RTU500 series EMC capabilities all process
cables must be shielded and shall be grounded when enter-
The RS485 cable length should be less than 150 m. ing the cabinet.


In case of longer cable length adequate provisions for poten-

tial equalization must be ensured to prevent damage on the
modules and installations.

SPB I/O bus with 23OK24

If a longer distance must be linked or if the grounding situation

is not clear, the fiber optic coupler 23OK24 must be used to
connect the SPB I/O bus between two racks.

Fig. 5 shows the principle connection with 23OK24 and the ter-
mination of the SPB I/O bus.

560BCU04 connection

Use X16 to connect a 560BCU04 to the 560MPR03. (see Fig. 3)

2 | 1KGT 150 730 V001 1 - Rack 560MPR03

Process I/O connections

The process connection is done via the plug-in terminal blocks.

The DIN-F connector of the module is directly connected to the
terminal blocks on the 560MPR03.

Terminal DIN-F connector

1 z32

2 b32

3 d32

4 z30

5 b30

6 d30

7 z28

8 b28

9 d28

10 z26

11 b26

12 d26

13 z24

14 b24

15 d24

16 z22

17 <not used>

18 b22

19 d22

Fixing on the mounting-plate

The rack is fixed on a mounting plate with 10 screws. Fig. 8 and

Fig. 9 show in detail the mounting of the screws. Fig. 7 shows
the position / size of the holes.

Safety instructions
Cover all free slots


Cover all free slots within racks with process voltages > 60
V DC with front plates to ensure that live circuits can't be

Group devices in rack


Group devices with same process voltages within a rack.

Rack 560MPR03 - 1KGT 150 730 V001 1 | 3

Figure 3: Layout of rack


x4 X1

1kΩ X2
Slot DIN 13 - 81

x4 X1

Slot DIN 13 - 81

x4 X1
Slot DIN 13 - 81

Figure 4: Serial peripheral bus termination

4 | 1KGT 150 730 V001 1 - Rack 560MPR03


x4 X1
1kΩ X2
Slot DIN 13 - 81

Fiber Optic

x4 X1
1kΩ X2
Slot DIN 13 - 81


Figure 5: Serial peripheral bus with 23OK24


z8 z10 z4 z2
b8 d10 b4 b2
d8 b10 d4 d2

0V 24 V 5V


z16/b18/d18 z18 b16

z16/b18/d18 z18 b16

z16/b18/d18 z18 b16

z16/b18/d18 z18 b16

Figure 6: Earthing/ grounding principle

Rack 560MPR03 - 1KGT 150 730 V001 1 | 5

481.3 ± 0.2

Ø 5.5 Ø 5.5

264.2 ± 0.2

6* Ø 4.5


8.3 163.2

Figure 7: Position/ size of the fixing holes

Screw M5 x 25 Screw M4 x 18
Locking ring 5.3 x 9
Locking ring 4.5 x 7

Flat washer 5.3 x 15 Flat washer 4.5 x 9

Sub - rack Sub- rack

Nylon spacer 5.3 x 15 x 10 Nylon spacer 4.5 x 8 x 10

Mounting plate Mounting plate

Figure 8: Screws for fixing the rack

Figure 9: Screws for fixing the board

6 | 1KGT 150 730 V001 1 - Rack 560MPR03

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