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1. He is a very good player. He ___________________(play) cpnsistently well recently.

2. By May, I __________________(have) this car for five years.
3. When you arrived home, we _______________________(just/have) lunch. If you had come a
bit earlier, we could have had lunch together.
4. Mary _______________(wash) the dishes at the moment.
5. You are making a lot of noise. I wish you ___________________(keep) quiet for a while.
6. Mr Brown _________________(be) a good doctor, and his patients have missed him ever
since his death.
7. If you _________________(tell) me earlier, I could have helped you.
8. If only he __________________(have) enough money, he would have bought that house.
9. Your hair is too long. It’s time you _____________________(have) a haircut.
10. Since calculators were first introduced, they ___________________(prove) to be useful tools
for people weak in Mathematics.