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TITLE: Vegetarian Pandesal Burger with Filipino Dish Flavors: Adobo, Pork Barbecue, Bicol

Express, Menudo


Burgers, in general, are common in the Philippines. Food stalls, fast food chains,

and restaurants have various kinds and flavours of burgers. This type of food has been

innovated all throughout the years — mushroom burgers, black bun burgers, etc.

PATTYSAL — or the vegetarian pandesal burger with Filipino dish flavours is the

local version of regular burgers. The bun will be replaced by malunggay pandesal. While

the burger patty will also be replaced by vegetables such as puso ng saging, carrots,

squash, and cucumber. It will be mixed with flour, cornstarch, and seasonings of Filipino

dishes such as Adobo, Pork Barbecue, Bicol Express, and Menudo.

This product aims to promote the Filipino culture by incorporating it to western

food that most people like. The Filipino twist of this product will provide more publicity

to Filipino dishes. Other than the Filipino twist, another innovation of this product

focuses on giving consumers a healthy kind of substitute to greasy burgers by replacing

the patty with vegetables.


PATTYSAL is a kind of Filipino food combining pandesal and the western food,

burger. The patty is made up of vegetables that is chopped into small pieces which will be

mixed with various Filipino-themed dishes to cover the taste of the vegetables and

promote Filipino food. Continuing the healthy concept of the patty, the bun to be used is

malunggay pandesal.

Name of the Company

Ka-Patty Partnership was formed in St. Paul University Manila on the year of

2018. The partners chose this type of business organization because they want to make

sure that the business can only be handled by people they personally know. Partnership

consists of two or more members and the capital, profits or losses will be divided equally

among the partners.

The name Ka-Patty Partnership was derived from the Filipino word kapatid and

the product which consists of a patty. The word kapatid means sibling in English. The

Filipino culture shows how everyone treats their neighbours as their sibling even though

they aren’t blood-related. Patty, on the other hand, is the main point of the product to be

sold. It will be innovated to a vegetarian patty, instead of simply using a beef burger

PATTYSAL is a combination of the words patty and pandesal. Patty is the main

point of innovation of the product since it will be changed into a healthier version which

will be made up of vegetables. While the pandesal is the substitute for regular buns of

burgers. The kind of pandesal to be used is not plain, but malunggay pandesal.

Historical Background

Pandesal, or "pan-de-sal", was invented in the 16th-century Spanish Era in the

Philippines and is Portuguese in origin. Pan-de-sal is a bread roll made of flour, eggs,

yeast, sugar, and salt. It is essentially a Philippines history lesson in bread form, though

its origin stories are a bit murky.

A burger is a sandwich consisting of one or more cooked patties of ground meat,

usually beef, placed inside a sliced bread roll or bun. The patty may be pan fried,

barbecued, or flame broiled. A patty is a flattened, usually round, serving of ground meat

or meat alternatives. The patty itself can also be called a burger, whether or not it is

served in a sandwich, especially in the United Kingdom and Ireland, where the term

"patty" is rarely used.

In order to innovate burgers, the researchers came up with the idea of pandesal

burger while searching for different types of burgers. The researchers thought of how to

make this product different from other existing pandesal burgers in the Philippines. They

came up with the idea of promoting the Filipino dishes by adding the flavour to the

patties and also making this pandesal burger a healthier option than regular burgers.