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Performance Standards for Stage 2 Psychology

Analysis and Knowledge and

- Investigation Application
Evaluation Understanding
Develops logical, coherent, and Uses perceptive and thorough Applies psychological concepts and Consistently demonstrates a deep and
A detailed psychology investigation analytical skills to examine the evidence from investigations to broad knowledge and understanding of
proposals. behaviour of individuals and groups suggest solutions to complex a range of psychological concepts and
of people in different contexts. problems in new and familiar ethical considerations.
Critically and logically selects and contexts.
consistently and appropriately Logically evaluates procedures and Uses knowledge of psychology
acknowledges information about suggests a range of appropriate Uses appropriate psychological perceptively and logically to
psychology and issues in psychology improvements. terms highly effectively. understand and explain behaviours.
from a range of sources.
Systematically analyses and Demonstrates initiative in applying Uses a variety of formats to
Clearly understands and consistently evaluates psychological evidence to constructive and focused communicate knowledge and
uses well-organised, ethical research formulate logical and highly relevant approaches to individual and understanding of psychology in
practices. conclusions. collaborative work. different contexts coherently and
highly effectively.
Obtains, records, and displays
findings of investigations, using
appropriate conventions and formats
accurately and highly effectively.

Develops well-considered and clear Uses clear and well-organised Applies psychological concepts and Demonstrates some depth and
B psychology investigation proposals. analytical skills to examine the evidence from investigations to breadth of knowledge and
behaviour of individuals and groups suggest solutions to problems in new understanding of a range of
Logically selects and appropriately of people in different contexts. and familiar contexts. psychological concepts and ethical
acknowledges information about considerations.
psychology and issues in psychology Evaluates procedures and suggests Uses appropriate psychological
from different sources. some appropriate improvements. terms effectively. Uses knowledge of psychology
logically to understand and explain
Understands and consistently uses Uses mostly logical analysis and Applies mostly constructive and behaviours.
ethical research practices. evaluation of psychological evidence focused approaches to individual and
to formulate consistent and relevant collaborative work. Uses a variety of formats to
Obtains, records, and displays conclusions. communicate knowledge and
findings of investigations, using understanding of psychology in
appropriate conventions and formats different contexts coherently and
mostly accurately and effectively. effectively.

Develops considered and generally Uses generally organised analytical Applies psychological concepts and Demonstrates knowledge and
C clear psychology investigation skills to examine the behaviour of evidence from investigations to understanding of a general range of
proposals. individuals and groups of people in suggest some solutions to basic psychological concepts and ethical
different contexts. problems in new or familiar contexts. considerations.
Selects with some focus, and mostly
appropriately acknowledges, Evaluates some procedures in Uses generally appropriate Uses knowledge of psychology with
information about psychology and psychology and suggests some psychological terms, with some some logic to understand and explain
issues in psychology from different improvements that are generally general effectiveness. behaviours.
sources. appropriate.
Applies generally constructive Uses a variety of formats to
Generally understands and uses Analyses and evaluates approaches to individual and communicate knowledge and
ethical research practices. psychological evidence to formulate collaborative work. understanding of psychology in
simple and generally relevant different contexts, with some general
Obtains, records, and displays conclusions. effectiveness.
findings of investigations, using
generally appropriate conventions
and formats with some errors but
generally accurately and effectively.

Prepares the outline of a psychology Describes basic behaviour of Applies some evidence to describe Demonstrates some basic knowledge
D investigation proposal. individuals and groups of people in some basic problems and identify and partial understanding of
different contexts. one or more simple solutions, in psychological concepts and ethical
Selects and may partly acknowledge familiar contexts. considerations.
one or more sources of information For some procedures, identifies
about psychology or an issue in improvements that may be made. Attempts to use some psychological Identifies and explains some
psychology. terms that may be appropriate. psychological information that is
Attempts to extract meaning from relevant to understanding and
Identifies and attempts to use some psychological evidence and to Attempts individual work explaining behaviours.
ethical research practices. formulate a simple conclusion that inconsistently, and contributes
may be relevant. superficially to aspects of Communicates basic information about
Obtains, records, and displays collaborative work. psychology to others, using one or
findings of investigations, using more formats.
conventions and formats
inconsistently, with occasional
accuracy and effectiveness.

Identifies a simple psychology Acknowledges that individuals and Identifies a basic problem and Demonstrates some limited recognition
E investigation proposal. groups of people may behave attempts to identify a solution in a and awareness of psychological
differently in different contexts. familiar context. concepts and ethical considerations.
Identifies a source of information
about psychology or an issue in Acknowledges the need for Uses some psychological terms. Shows an emerging understanding
psychology. improvements in one or more that some psychological information is
procedures. Shows emerging skills in individual relevant to explaining behaviours.
Pays limited attention to ethical and collaborative work.
research practices. Attempts to organise some limited Attempts to communicate information
evidence. about psychology.
Attempts to record and display some
descriptive information about an
investigation, with limited accuracy or