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Verbs,  Adjectives  and  Adverbs  

Total  Time:  60  mins                                      Practise  Exercise  no.  1                                        Total  no.  Of  Qs:40    
Directions Ques. 1 to 20: Fill in the blank with correct form of 7. When Richie jammed the photocopier for the eighth
verb. Chose your answer from the given alternatives. time, Sharon, the administrative assistant, picked up a
heavy stapler and __________ it at his head.
1. When Mom __________ out the kitchen rug, dog hair,
bread crumbs, coffee grounds, and spaghetti noodles flew a. Through
through the air and dusted the sidewalk. b. Throwed
a. shaked c. threw
b. shook
c. had shook 8. Because her hands were still slippery from the dishwater,
2. At the back of the lab, Glenn decorated the margins of Marilyn dropped the watermelon, which __________ on
his biology textbook with caricatures. When test time the floor in an explosion of pulp and seeds.
arrives, Glenn will wish that he had __________ the
different cell types Dr. Shuman was explaining to the
class. a. Busted
b. Bursted
c. burst
a. Drawn
b. Drawed
c. Drew 9. On his way to an interview at the bank, Geraldo stepped
in gum. Nervous about the meeting, he failed to notice
the candy wrapper and leaves that __________ to his
3. Theodore bought beautiful roses for Glenda, his date. shoe as he walked from the parking garage to the lobby.
Because he did not have a vase, he rinsed out a peanut
butter jar. After Theodore __________ Glenda's reaction
to the arrangement, he realized that he had not made a a. Sticked
favorable first impression. b. Stuck
a. saw c. stucked
b. had saw
c. seen 10. On Christmas Eve, Captain Beane wore a pair of antlers
4. Jennifer has discovered that hanging clothes outside to while greeting passengers boarding his 727. The costume
dry has its disadvantages. Recently, a spider crept into a __________ little trust in Louise, whose fear of flying
pair of her jeans and __________ a day biting the required a serious pilot.
"intruder"—Jennifer's bare leg—that had invaded the
arachnid's new home. a. Built
b. Build
a. Spend c. builded
b. Spended
c. spent 11. Jim would have __________ the difficult and dirty job of
cleaning the slimy gutters if the blue sky, seventy-degree
5. Ms. Ayer __________ several deep breaths to keep from weather, and new titanium graphite driver had not
exploding at Jerry, whose excuse for missing yet another summoned him to the golf course.
class was that Grandma had died—for the fifth time in
one semester! a. Began
b. Begun
a. Taked c. beginned
b. Took
c. tooked 12. After losing electricity during a hurricane, the Martinez
family ___________ candles, speared hot dogs on
6. Diane always wonders where she will next discover a pencils, and roasted the wieners over this makeshift
pair of her husband's dirty socks. Yesterday Mike barbecue.
__________ two in the refrigerator next to a carton of
orange juice. a. Lit
b. Lited
a. Leaved c. litted
b. Leaft
c. left 13. Because Nigel had __________ to the supermarket with
this week's grocery money, Shirley expected him to
return with bread, milk, and other essentials. Boy, was   Page  1                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
she angry when he came home with fifty dollars worth of so much damage to the poor plants that Joe went back to
losing lottery tickets! buying canned tomatoes at the grocery store.
a. Grew
a. Gone b. Had grew
b. Went c. growed
c. goed
Directions Ques. 21 to 30: Complete the sentence by choosing the
14. When Henry opened the vegetable crisper at the bottom alternative that fits in most appropriately. The options are
of the refrigerator, the puddle of rotting lettuce that he provided in (a/b) format. Choose the answer out of a and b.
discovered __________ up the kitchen for the rest of the
day. 21. Come (quick/ quickly) or we will miss our bus.
22. You appear so (happily/ happy) that something great
a. Stinked must have happened.
b. Stank 23. I have never been (more sure/more surer) of anything
c. stanked in my life.
24. Ella was the (best/better) of the two sisters at
15. Whenever Mike _________ his Cessna 152, a small 25. You did that somersault so (well/ good).
airplane, he worried about running out of fuel, hitting 26. Rochelle felt (badly/ bad) about forgetting Devin’s
birds, and being abducted by alien spaceships. birthday.
27. This is the (worse/ worst) oil spill I have ever seen.
a. Flied 28. The jasmine has bloomed and smells very (sweet/
b. Flown sweetly).
c. flew 29. You look (angry/ angrily). What did I do?
30. She looked (suspicious/ suspiciously) at the man
16. Audrey had just __________ into her first forkful of wearing the trench coat.
omelet when she noticed mushrooms in the egg. Because 31. (This tree/ These trees) looks as though it is infested
she was highly allergic to this vegetable, she had to spit with beetles.
the mouthful into her napkin, wiping her tongue with a 32. (This bush/ These bushes) need to be trimmed.
clean corner. 33. Yesterday I had allergy symptoms and felt
34. In the library, you have to be (more quieter/ quieter)
a. Bited than when you are outside.
b. Bitt 35. She felt (good/ well) about getting her pup from SPCA.
c. bitten 36. Charlotte has a (more better/ better) approach to solve
that problem.
17. Maria __________ from the cold glass of soda, trying to 37. Which is (the worst/ worst/ the worse/ worse), a
extinguish the anger that, lava-like, threatened to explode toothache or headache?
at her husband Darren, who had spent the day watching 38. She reacted (swift/swiftly), which made him feel bad
college football instead of mowing the lawn. about insulting her.
39. The herbs in the salad tasted (bitterly/ bitter).
40. Sharon fought (bitter/bitterly) against her ex-husband
a. Drinked
for custody of their daughter.
b. Drank
c. drunk
Directions Ques. 31 to 40: Read the sentence below. Then choose
the one underlined verb that is incorrect (grammatically or
18. Raphael would have __________ jeans and a T-shirt to
the interview if he thought such attire would land him the
job. Because he knew better, Raphael struggled into a
scratchy suit that made him feel as though ants were 41. Madison slept at the very edge of the bed, one leg
crawling over his skin. dangling over the side, because Yo-Yo, her little dog, lay
stretched out in the middle of the quilt and bitt any limb
that invaded her territory.
a. Wore
42. After bumping the wobbly table, Neil cought the box of
b. Worn
donuts before it hit the floor, but no one drank juice that
c. worned
morning it exploded in a spray of orange on the kitchen
19. At first, Rose __________ to tolerate Simon's lack of 43. Jim would have driven faster if his mother had took her
punctuality. His good looks compensated for her having own car to the mall. Instead, she rode with him,
to wait an extra ten or fifteen minutes. But once Simon's criticizing his every decision and shrieking hysterically
tardiness hit half an hour, Rose dumped him for a whenever he ran a yellow light.
boyfriend who looked at his watch. 44. All of Charlie's hopes sinked when the telephone rang
a. Chose and the beautiful Delores told the eager young man that
b. Choose she didn't have time to study calculus that evening.
c. choosed 45. Wendy red each Cliff's Notes title on the rack, hoping to
20. One spring Joe __________ tomatoes in the backyard; spot Moby-Dick. She finally found a booklet stuffed
pollution, insects, and weekend badminton matches did among the guides to Hamlet and bought it without   Page  2                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
regret, for she couldn't stomach another minute of the
exhausting novel.
46. If Eli cooked and ate the half head of raw cabbage (the
only item in the refrigerator), he knew that he would burp
through his date with Amy, so he drived to the food
store and bought a box of macaroni and cheese to fix
47. Bryan had had enough of his sister's loud stereo and bad
taste in music, so he went to her room, banged on the
door, and teld Melissa that if she didn't reduce the
volume, then he would return with his baseball bat and
pound her boom box into little bits.
48. Marsha sat at the dining room table, wondering [and
worrying] what dish her husband might serve. Brent's
refusal to use measuring devices ment that her tongue
either leapt in surprise at the excessive seasoning or lay
in her mouth, bored with the bland taste.
49. Latoya would have swum farther, but a cramp stang her
side, so she rode a wave into shore and spent the
afternoon watching handsome young men parading on
the beach.
50. Leroy has read travel books about every exotic country
imaginable but refuses to ever visit in person. He worries
that he might be stinged by a poisonous spider, bitten
by a deadly snake, or convinced to order pickled monkey
brains at a restaurant because he doesn’t understand the
language.   Page  3  
Number  Systems  Practise  Exercise  1  (Solutions)
1. B 21. B 41. Bitt
2. A 22. B 42. Cought
3. A 23. A 43. Had  took
4. C 24. B 44. Sinked
5. B 25. A 45. Red
6. C 26. B 46. Drived
7. C 27. B 47. Teld
8. C 28. A 48. Ment
9. B 29. A 49. Stang
10. A 30. B 50. Might  be  stinged
11. B 31. A
12. A 32. B
13. A 33. B
14. B 34. B
15. C 35. A
16. C 36. B
17. B 37. D
18. B 38. C
19. A 39. B
20. A 40. B

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