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Om Gum Ganapataye Namaha! Happy Pradosham Monday!

The last day of June is here and what a beautiful day it is, one filled with Amazing Grace! This week is super special for Americans as we get ready to celebrate Independence Day on July 4th. Well, we're starting the celebrations in the Rsi early. Let's kick off the the party! Are you ready?!? MANTRAS OF THE DAY: Om Chandraya Namaha! Om Rahave Namaha!

Meaning Birthstar Moon Phase Weekday planet Planetary ruler

Overlord Siva; Parvati Venus; Nandi

Planet Sun; Moon

How to worship Chant mantras Chant mantras Chant mantras Chant mantras

Krittika; Rohini
12th waning, 13 waning Moon, Rahu Parvati, Durga

SOMA PRADOSHAM (sunset 8:31pm) MONDAY 6/30/2008 Rohini starts 10:26am 13th Waning moon 9:02am [Lord Nandi] Rahu 7:25am to 9:17am MOON SATURN JUPITER MARS SUN VENUS MERCURY 5:27am 6:27am 7:27am 8:27am 9:27am 10:27am 11:27am 12:27pm 1:27pm 2:27pm 3:27pm 4:27pm 5:27pm 6:27pm 7:27pm 8:27pm 9:27pm 10:27pm 11:27pm 12:27am 1:27am

1) BIRTHSTAR: Krittika (ends at 10:25am]

MEANING: Shakti: To Burn Results of Shakti: Burning or purification OVERLORD: Siva (Mantra: OM NAMAH SIVAYA NAMAHA) PLANET: Sun (Mantra: OM SURYAYA NAMAHA)

BIRTHSTAR: Rohini (starts at 10:26am] MEANING: Shakti: Grow Results of Shakti: Creation OVERLORD: Parvati (Mantra: OM KLEEM PARVATIYEI NAMAHA) PLANET: Moon (OM CHANDRAYA NAMAHA)

HOW TO WORSHIP: Pray to the Nakshatra (birthstar) of the day. Then pray to its overlord and planet of the Nakshatra for blessings to be productive with your day and not be goofy with time. If you have their laminated photo/yantra/ statue, pour milk, orange juice and/or water over it while chanting their mantras 3/9/27/64/108/ 1008 times.
2) MOON PHASE: 12th waning moon (ends at 9:02am) MEANING: Good for worship of Venus (increased diplomacy, skill in negotiating win-win solutions, good judgment in choices about time, money and energy, greater comfort and happiness). Bad for Spiritual and Bad for Material/Worldly Matters OVERLORD: Lord Venus (Mantra: OM SHUKRAYA NAMAHA)

MOON PHASE: 13th waning moon (starts at 9:2am) MEANING: Good for worship of Nandi (bull who is a siddha and vehicle of Siva)
Good for Spiritual and Good for Material/Worldly Matters

OVERLORD: Lord Nandi (Mantra: ON MANAH SIVAYA NAMAHA) HOW TO WORSHIP: Acknowledge the waning moon(s) and its (their) overlord. If you have a yantra you can pour milk, orange juice and/or water over it while chanting mantras 3/9/27/64/108/ 1008 times. 3) WEEKDAY PLANET: Moon (Mantra: OM CHANDRAYA NAMAHA) MEANING: http://www.astroved .com/tutor/ tutor.asp? Content=planets& SubContent= moon OVERLORD: Parvati (Mantra: OM KLEEM PARVATIYEI NAMAHA) HOW TO WORSHIP: Do a virtual pooja for Moon: http://www.astroved .com/pooja/ pooja.asp WEEKDAY PLANET: Rahu (Mantra: OM RAHAVE NAMAHA) MEANING: http://www.astroved .com/tutor/ tutor.asp? Content=planets& SubContent= rahu OVERLORD: Durga (Mantra: OM DUM DURGAYEI NAMAHA) HOW TO WORSHIP: Do a virtual pooja for Rahu: http://www.astroved .com/pooja/ pooja.asp Rahu 7:25am to 9:17am (inauspicious time) (Mantra: OM RAHAVE NAMAHA) - acknowledge Rahu & ask Durga (mantra: OM DUM DURGAYEI NAMAHA) to make him benevolent to you. WHAT TO WEAR TODAY - To increase the energy of the moon, wear white! So, leave all your dark, cloudy, fiery, and transparent colored clothes in your closet today and wear white which is also the color of sattva (purity)!!! LESSONS OF THE DAY:
1) Baba: Pradosham

Today is the 13th Moon. In Sanskrit, the day is known as Pradosham (prah-DOH-shum) . On this day, there is a special doorway of opportunity for removing our negative thoughts and habits, also known as "karma". As we empty ourselves of old habits and predispositions, our karmas, we make room for new possibilities! Complete Information on Pradosham:

Karma Removal Activities
* Throughout the day, and especially, ONE HOUR BEFORE SUNSET, chant THIRU NEELA KANTAM. You can perform this ritual anytime during the 1 hour window of time before sunset. * Meditate to Dattatreya Siva Baba's "Karma Busting" CD * Roll lemon, lime or coconut on your head, neck, throat, shoulders or on your entire body then cut the lemon or lime or break the coconut. Be careful not to get the juices on you, discard the items in the garbage and wash your hands. * Pour milk over the Siva Linga. Enlightenment 2) Baba Recordings:

Baba's Awesome YouTube Videos on Karma Removal: 3) Inspirational Videos:

The Law Of Attraction You'll Never Walk Alone With Lyrics

Al Pacino's Inspirational Speech (Football) Remember the Titans - Coach Boone Speech (Football) Amazing Grace (Scottish Bagpipes), dedicated to William Wilberforce, the champion of the slave trade abolition in British Parliament 4) Great AMERICAN Facts Facts & Info:

Amazing Americans:

Discover the inventors, politicians, performers, activists and other everyday people who made the USA what it is today, a gem!

American Masters: American Masters is an ongoing series of award-winning primetime specials examining the lives, works, and creative processes of our most outstanding cultural artists. Created in 1984 by Susan Lacy and produced by Thirteen/WNET for national public television, the series is both a celebration and an exploration of creativity in America. Consisting of more than 250 hours of programming to date, AMERICAN MASTERS is a growing film library documenting the role important individuals, groups, and movements have played in the formation of our cultural identity.

Jazz: Jazz is an American musical art form which originated around the beginning of the 20th century in African American communities in the Southern United States from a confluence of African and European music traditions. The Monterey Jazz Festival September 19-21: Open your soul to dance with GOD through music Great WORLD Facts Facts & Info:
Beijing 2008 Olympic Games are 39 days away! YEAH!!! Aug. 08-24 2008 Qlympic Jeopardy - Q & A

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United Nations:
The United Nations (UN) is an international organization whose stated aims are to facilitate cooperation in international law, international security, economic development, social progress and human rights issues. The UN was founded in 1945 to replace the League of Nations, to stop wars between nations and to provide a platform for dialogue. There are now 192 member states, including almost every recognized independent state. Its headquarters is on international territory within New York City.

Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty - Let's limit the spread of nuclear weapons - Let there be: Peace! Shanti! Mir! Shalom!
Choose To Love

5) LAUGHTER THERAPY - Your daily dose of Ha-Ha-Ha is here!

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Chidambaram Shri Shiva Nataraja Temple Sphinxes of India Om Namah Shivaya I wish you all the best this Monday with a song from American Legend Nat King Cole: Fly Me to the Moon! Be joyful! Remember to do your karma busting remedies 90 minutes before and right up to sunset. Then, go for a walk... gaze up & greet the moon with a smile & an "Om Chandraya Namaha!" If you get MOONSTRUCK, consider it a blessing... Chandra's sending you grace!

Expect miracles 'cause they're on the way!

Stay in the sushumna!

Om Namah Sivaya Potri! Om Dram Dattatreya Siva Baba Swaha! Blessings, love and miracles,

jill Little Siddha in Training “Love one another unconditionally and you will be Enlightened.” Baba From Swami Sita's Poem - Re: Moon ... The Moon is the most important planet to look at, how healthy is the Moon, Is how healthy you are. Moon should not be depressed, oppressed, dark, over sensitive and edgy, not frustrated or angry, not surrounded by malefics, not delusional, compulsive and crazy, not isolated alone, not overwhelmed by emotions, but open to receive good influences, capable of transmit God’s will and perceive Dharma and Truth. BABA's YouTube Video: 7/17th Full Moon: Something Extraordinary Happening com/watch? v=eky4C4dbjyg Grace Light Events: http://www.sivababa .org/Events/ calendar. asp Spiritual website: http://www.SivaBaba .org Charitable Foundation: http://www.TripuraF oundation. org Divine Mind forum: http://tinyurl. com/52oewj Miracle Stories: http://www.Miracles ofDattatreya. com Vedic Astrology: http://www.Astroved .com Mind Sound Technology: http://www.MindSoun dTechnology. com MySpace: http://tinyurl. com/yuydz2

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