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The language of delegitimization Tahir Mahmoud
Zafar Bangash
Ahed Tamimi: new face of Palestinian resistance
Editorials . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Ghada Nablusi
The real axis of evil
Bin Salmœn: Trump’s boy in Riyadh
US for endless war in Syria Yusuf Dhia-Allah

Will Pakistan cut the American umbilical cord?

Opinion . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Tahir Mustafa
Imam Khamene’i! Please stay the course
Ab¥ Dharr Time for the US to quit Afghanistan
Zia Sarhadi
Is Canada a Metis civilization? Part 3
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From Yahweh to Zion
Dr. Kevin Barrett
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Islamic Revolution: the new power centre
Will madman Trump rain “Fire and Fury”
Zafar Bangash
on the world?
Dr. Kevin Barrett
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US reaction to recent riots in Iran Islam – Fundamentals . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36
J. Abbas Trinity of kufr: atheism, secularism, officialism
Mu˙ammad Ó al-‘Œßø
Al-Quds: the capital
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From the editor’s desk...

Shaykh Zakzaky’s unending suffering

Shaykh Ibrahim Zakzaky, a highly respected alim and leader Far from adhering to the court ruling, the Nigerian gov-
of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria was shot and badly ernment has appealed the verdict. The Shaykh continues to
wounded in December 2015. The Nigerian army murdered at suffer in terrible conditions.
least 100 members of the movement including three sons of Why does the Nigerian government refuse to abide by its
the Shaykh. His wife was also attacked and injured. The own court ruling and what forces are behind the brutal
group’s compound was bulldozed. Despite international assault on Shaykh Zakzaky, his family, and movement? Two
protests and diplomatic representations, the Shaykh and his regimes in particular can be cited that have the backing of
wife remain incarcerated in terrible conditions. the US: Zionist Israel and the Saudi Najdi Bedouins.
On December 2, 2016, Justice Gabriel Kolawole of Fed- Both regimes are terrified of the power of Islam and its
eral High Court 6 in Abuja dismissed all charges against the spread into remote parts of Africa. The Zionists exercise great
Shaykh. He also ordered Shaykh Zakzaky’s immediate release influence over the Nigerian military; many officers are on the
and that of his wife. The judge also ordered the Nigerian gov- Zionists and Saudis’ payroll.
ernment to provide him not only a house but also compensa- They view Shaykh Zakzaky’s revolutionary, pro-people
tion and adequate security. movement as a threat to their exploitative policies.

Contents 1

The Zionist regime in colonized Palestine has

been involved in land theft, ethnic cleansing, and
mass murder since its implantation in 1948. Pales-
tinians resisting the invaders are branded as terror-
ists even though according to Western-crafted
international law and UN resolutions (the UN is
THE LANGUAGE a Western construct) such resistance is completely
legitimate. The UN also says that occupied people
OF DELEGIMIZATION are entitled to resist by whatever means necessary
(emphasis added) to secure their freedom.
By Zafar Bangash Zionist squatters that barge onto Palestinian
lands in the West Bank and establish illegal
colonies are referred to as “Jewish settlers.” Both
words are meant to soften the criminal act that
the Zionists are involved in. There is taboo on
criticizing anything Jewish; it is immediately
Imperialist powers use a number of tools in their drive to subjugate and branded as anti-Semitism. The word settler is
exploit other societies and lands. Before resorting to military force, an elab- used to invoke memories of the early settlers
orate propaganda campaign (psychological warfare) is launched in which (confiscators) in North America with their pio-
the target society (or leader) is demonized. If a lie is repeated often enough, neering spirit. That those European “settlers”
people will begin to accept it as truth. To this day, more than 30% of Amer- perpetrated genocides against the indigenous peo-
icans believe that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction before the US ple is also conveniently overlooked.
attacked it in March 2003. Let us consider the example of Winston
The West’s approach is based on categorizing governments as friendly Churchill who is viewed in Western culture as a
and hostile. Friendly governments are those that will do what the West senior statesman. He was an unapologetic racist
demands regardless of how detrimental those policies may be to their own and mass murderer. In 1920–1922 when he
people. Hostile governments are those that want to pursue an independent ordered the use of poison gas against Kurdish
policy. All Western rulers want to know is that you’re for them; and if you tribes in Iraq, he denounced them as “savages.”
can be their SOB, then they don’t care what else you stand for. He even claimed it was better for them to die this
“Friendly” regimes are given a pass regardless of how terrible or crim- way than be ripped apart by cannon fire! He had
inal their conduct might be. The Zionist regime in occupied Palestine and similar contempt for millions of people that
the Najdi Bedouins in the Arabian Peninsula offer good examples. Despite starved to death in India when it was under
their atrocious human rights records, both are referred to as governments British colonial rule. Far from accepting respon-
as opposed to the demeaning word, regime. sibility for deaths caused by British policy,
In the case of the Najdi Bedouins, they have never held even token Churchill said it was their fault, “They should
elections and do not intend to, if they can get away with it. The West is not breed like rabbits.”
quite comfortable with that. In the past, it was Saudi family dictatorship, Despite claims to “objectivity,” the Western
now it has become a one-man dictatorship (or at least that is what corporate media is an extension of the elites’ pol-
Mu˙ammad bin Salmœn is trying to achieve). Anyone calling for respect icy of domination and exploitation. That is why
for human rights, no matter how politely, is immediately thrown in jail. So Allah (Â) warns us in the noble Qur’an,
why is Saudi Arabia referred to as government and not regime? The simple
answer is that it is a puppet of the West and fulfills its demands. O you who have made a firm commitment
The word regime is reserved for those governments the West considers to Allah! If any iniquitous person comes
as enemies, or are not sufficiently obedient. Thus Islamic Iran is branded to you with a [slanderous] tale, verify it
as a “regime” even though the government and the system in place are lest you cause harm to people unwittingly
completely legitimate and have backing of the overwhelming majority of and afterward be filled with remorse for
people. Elections are held regularly and people’s participation is far greater what you have done (49:06).
than witnessed in any Western country in modern history.
The same applies to Syria where a determined attempt has been made Muslims and people of justice would do well to
to overthrow a legitimately elected government. It enjoys the support of a keep this sound advice in mind. g
majority of people but one would be hard pressed to find any acknowledge-
ment of this in the corporate owned Western media (the alternate media on Zafar Bangash is Director of the Institute of Contempo-
the internet is clear on this but there are attempts to censor it). rary Islamic Thought (ICIT).



nect the entire Eurasia landmass with Russia

and Europe.
This was supposed to benefit everyone, but
the United States wants to dominate the world
as has again become apparent from the new
National Defense Strategy (NDS) unveiled by
Defence Secretary James (mad-dog) Mattis on
THE REAL AXIS OF EVIL January 19. The NDS spells out clearly that
Russia and China pose the greatest threat to
US hegemony. “Inter-state strategic competi-
tion, not terrorism, is now the primary concern
in US national security,” according to the Pen-
tagon document.
Does this mean that terrorism is no longer
an American obsession? Perish the thought.
With the centre of gravity of global political, economic, and military The Washington warlords, however, have real-
power shifting toward Eurasia, there is visible panic among the warlords ized that they have milked this bogey long
in Washington, DC. This has affected their puppets in the Muslim East enough and now the specter of a new threat
(aka Middle East) and South Asia even more. There is thus a mad needs to be created. Osama bin Laden is dead;
scramble to create new alliances aimed at countering, or at least miti- ISIS terrorists have been defeated in Iraq and
gating, some of the effects of the shift in global power balance. Syria, not due to any effort of the US, we must
This has resulted in the emergence of a new axis of evil that com- note. And just last month, the FBI released a
prises such rogue states as the imperialist United States, Zionist Israel, report pointing out that the greatest internal
and Hindu India. The pleasure loving Najdi Bedouins of Arabia, terri- threat the US faced was not from al-Qaeda or
fied to their bones, are trailing closely behind trying to seek protection ISIS but from homegrown white supremacists.
under the US-Zionist skirt. These are the same people that voted over-
While India and Israel have had a long relationship dating back to whelmingly for Donald Trump putting him in
1957 when the Zionist State opened a trade mission in India, diplomat- the White House.
ic and military relations have taken off Thus, it was becoming
since the Hindu extremist Narendra increasingly untenable to justify
Modi came to power in 2014. Modi massive budgetary outlays to
became the first Indian prime minister to …A NEW AxIS OF EVIL fight the phantom of terrorism.
visit the Zionist State. Israeli Prime Min-
ister Benjamin Netanyahu reciprocated
THAT COMPRISES SUCH ItWar is back to the days of the Cold
but with the added twist:
this by a six-day visit to India last month ROGUE STATES AS THE not only the Russians but now
(January 14–19). even the Chinese are coming!
Behind these visits, Uncle Sam’s grub-
IMPERIALIST UNITED The $650 billion spent annually
by hand is clearly visible. The US has STATES, ZIONIST ISRAEL, on the military are simply not
been actively courting Hindu India, even enough; the Pentagon needs
setting aside Modi’s gory record of com-
AND HINDU INDIA. more to confront this “growing
plicity in the murder of 2,000 Muslims in threat” from Russia and China.
Gujarat state in 2002 when he was chief “We face growing threats
minister. Scores of Muslim women and children were hacked to death from revisionist powers as different as China
by Hindu mobs. and Russia, nations that seek to create a world
The US wants to use India as a bulwark against China’s growing consistent with their authoritarian models,”
economic and military power. The latter has embarked on ambitious Mattis said.
economic projects under the “One Belt, One Road” (aka the “New Silk In the Muslim East, the US aim has
Road”) project whose flagship is the China-Pakistan Economic Corri- remained unchanged: protect its illegitimate
dor (CPEC). While CPEC provides China access to the Indian Ocean offspring (Zionist Israel) and cash cow Saudi
through the important port of Gwadar, the Silk Road project will con- Arabia. The excuse advanced is to “counterbal-

Editorials 3
ance Iran,” and to ensure the region is “not dominated by any power extremism, are becoming international pariahs.
hostile to the United States.” That the US should dominate the region To counterbalance this menace, other coun-
— as it has done for more than 50 years — is supposedly the natural tries — notably China, Russia, and Iran — are
order of things. The other objectives are to contribute to “stable global coming together to prevent instability and
energy markets and secure trade routes.” Again, this is meant to satiate chaos in the region. Zionist Israel and Wahhœbø
America’s rapacious appetite for oil and other people’s wealth. Arabia are the principal regional destabilizers,
Will this axis of evil comprising the terrible trio succeed? The US is backed by the US. Their designs must be frus-
a declining power; Zionist Israel and Hindu India with their racism and trated. g

base inside the country. Further, the US wants

to “eliminate” Iranian presence in the country.
Testifying before the Senate Foreign Rela-
tions Committee on January 18, David Satter-
field, acting US assistant secretary of state for
Near Eastern affairs, when asked why US forces
US FOR ENDLESS were still in Syria, blurted out, “We are deeply
concerned with the activities of Iran, with the
WAR IN SYRIA ability of Iran to enhance those activities
through a greater ability to move materiel into
Syria. And I would rather leave the discussion
at that point.” Unlike US forces, Iranian advi-
sors are in Syria at the request of Damascus.
America’s assertions that its forces were in
Syria to combat ISIS terrorists are completely
Just as Dœ‘ish terrorists were defeated in Iraq and Syria, the US has false. Not only have US helicopters airlifted
come up with another excuse to continue its illegal military presence in many of these terrorists out of the country to
Syria. On January 14, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said that US save them for another day but according to
forces would stay in Syria for the foreseeable future. He also announced Russia, some ISIS fighters are being trained and
that the US would create a 30,000-strong “border force” in Syria com- integrated into anti-Asad forces.
prising mainly the Kurds. The US has not given up on overthrowing the While the US’ disruptive role in Syria is
government of Bashar al-Asad. evident, as is that of Zionist Israel that fre-
Russia and Iran, both of whom have been supporting the Syrian quently violates Syrian air space and carries out
government, immediately denounced the move calling it illegal and a aerial and artillery attacks, Turkey is playing a
clear violation of Syria’s sovereignty. Damascus was equally forceful in double game. On the one hand it is involved in
denouncing the planned border force as a “blatant assault” on the coun- the Astana talks to establish deconfliction
try’s sovereignty. The Syrian news agency, SANA, citing a foreign min- zones in Syria in order to reduce the level of
istry spokesperson reported that the army was determined to frustrate fighting while on the other it is assisting mem-
the US “conspiracy, end the presence of the US, its agents and tools in bers of the Free Syrian Army.
Syria, establish full control over the entire Syria territory, and preserve Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov
the country’s sovereignty.” accused the US of seeking to split up Syria, say-
Even NATO member Turkey criticized the move because Ankara ing it “does not want to keep Syria as a state in
sees the Kurds as mortal enemies, denouncing them as terrorists. On its current borders.” This is America’s “Plan B”
January 20, Turkish tanks rolled into northwestern Syria around the in case the terrorists failed in dislodging al-
Kurdish populated area of Afrin. This occurred at a time when the Syr- Asad from power.
ian army was making progress against ISIS terrorists in Idlib province, The US is clearly preparing for a war in
in the same area where Turkey made its incursion. Syria that could easily spill over into a wider
While accusing Russia and Iran of creating instability in the region, conflict with Iran, and potentially Russia.
it is the US that is the chief culprit. Its presence in Syria is not only ille- There is no limit to US wickedness and crimi-
gal it maintains some 5,000 Special Forces operating from an illegal air- nal conduct. g



any other public forum. It is as if they are

long dead. This, in and of itself speaks vol-
umes about that historical and universal
crime. Be that as it may, 9/11 has morphed
into a political honeymoon between the tribal
rulers in Arabia and the racist rulers in Israel
Imam Khamene’i! with an up-and-coming strategic marriage
between Riyadh and Tel Aviv consummated
Please Stay the Course by a Trumpster America. This may appear to
By Ab¥ Dharr be another one of those musical chair
arrangements in the world of politics — but it
is not. This current out-in-the-open Saudi-
Israeli cohabitation has always been there but
it was done behind closed doors. It took four
decades of an independent and thoroughly
This month marks 40 years of struggle/jihad in Iran against virtually Islamic based leadership in Iran to demon-
the entire establishmentarian world. Power establishments of the strate to the Muslims that mushriks and
world are not kind to Muslims freely deciding their ideological pref- munafiqs are working hand-in-hand, and to
erences and their political future. This is attested to by kings and the world that the corporate class of interests
presidents who continue to rule against the will of their own popula- is trans-Judaic, trans-Christian, and trans-
tions. It is also demonstrated by the wars that are flaring up on the Islamic; in other words the rulers in Tel Aviv,
Muslim map for no other reason than Muslim peoples wanting an Washington, and Riyadh (along with others
Islamic way of life: not atheistic, not materialistic, not secular, and of their ilk) are one fraternity of tyrants:
not inferior to world powers. their Jewish, Christian, and Islamic affilia-
Simply stated they want to decide who their decision-makers are. tions are meant to fool naive Jews, naive
And the only place in the whole world where the population was able Christians, and naive Muslims.
to produce Islamic governance is Iran. And since that happened 39 The Islamic Revolution and the Islamic
years ago the elites in power from America to Arabia through, of Republic in Iran through its generational
course, the Israeli catalyst have been incessantly working on undoing struggle for peace, justice, and equality has
this long-in-the-making Islamic success story in Islamic Iran. made it possible for anyone with a clear con-
Let us take a short stroll down memory lane. The Islamic State in science and a working mind to distinguish
Iran was still a baby but both the “elected” dictators and hereditary between Zionism and Judaism, imperialism
tyrants of the world saw no problem in killing that baby in its cradle. and Christianity, and Saudi-ism and Islam. It
They jointly launched an eight-year bloody and grinding war against is noteworthy to mention here that Britain —
the valiant sons of that newborn government. To their disappoint- the sick man of Europe — had and still has its
ment those eight years immunized that very young Islamic republic crafty hand in all three spheres: America,
from ever having faith in goodwill coming from Washington, Riyadh, Israel, and Saudi. After 40 principled years of
and their Zionist handlers. sacrifices, the martyrs and the ‘ulamœ’, the
Then the combo of imperialists (led by Washington’s Republican unknown civilian, and the unknown soldier
and Democrat regimes), the Israelis (governed by Zionist Labor and have taught the rest of us that there are some,
Likud parties), and munafiqs (with their tribal regimes) changed tac- but not many, orthodox Jews who are opposed
tics. During the 1990s and up until 9/11 they tried to strangulate to Zionism, as there are some, not many, prac-
Islamic Iran economically. Realizing that was not going to work, ticing Christians who are opposed to imperi-
these elitist evildoers came up with what must be the satanic bril- alism, as there are some Muslims, and others
liance of all-time: turn the world against Islam and Muslims, and turn waiting in-line, who are opposed to the Saudi
the Muslims against themselves. Hence, 9/11 and its aftershocks, regime. The very opaque layers of politics and
from which the Muslims and the whole world are still suffering from. the very thick layers of traditionalism have
There are many observations and angles to the 9/11 tragedy. One been deconstructed by struggle and sacrifice
of them is that the figureheads and the warmongers of 9/11 have throughout the past years of the epic Islamic
totally disappeared. They are not on the airwaves, in the media, or Revolution/Republic.

Opinion 5
The mainstream media grudgingly leaks from time to time com- grace of the enemies of mankind: the business
ments that the world is reshaping itself and the key figure behind this ruling classes of the world.
worldwide change is Vladimir Putin of Russia. Vladimir Putin — a A supreme struggle that began 40 years
former functionary of the now defunct ago and succeeded 39 years
KGB — in Russia inherited a failing ago, an ongoing struggle that
Soviet Union and shrewdly came to has won the hearts of the com-
terms with the fact that imperialism mitted Muslims and people of
has no future. The rising forces in the T HE ISLAMIC freedom, justice and dignity,
world are ex-communist or pragmatic demands our respect, objectiv-
China and Islamic Iran. So he posi- REVOLUTION AND ity, and admiration. Muslims
tioned himself within that perspective. THE ISLAMIC belonging to Islamic move-
There is no food for the soul and no ments should be the first to
ideological motivation coming out of REPUBLIC IN IRAN show such recognition and
Putin’s Russia. Simply stated, Putin THROUGH ITS affinity. Alas, some of them
turns out to be a clever politician who have been ensnared by Saudi
knows in which direction the political GENERATIONAL largesse and Khaløjø honey-
winds are blowing. STRUGGLE FOR traps. From what we know, if
The person who is truly at the any of these Islamic move-
helm of an ideological future is the PEACE, JUSTICE, ments was subjected to the
inheritor of Imam Khomeini, the AND EQUALITY HAS same wars coming at all levels
leader of the Islamic struggle for jus- from multiple directions they
tice and the hope of those who are MADE IT POSSIBLE would have caved in or van-
without hope: that is, Imam Kha- FOR ANYONE ished without much of a trace.
mene’i. He could see through the Just look at the Islamic move-
rubric of the elaborate and hellish WITH A CLEAR ments in Algeria, Arabia,
schemes of satanic Zionism and dia- CONSCIENCE AND Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Syria,
bolic imperialism. Ask yourself: why Tunisia, and Yemen. What
is the Zio-American mass media A WORKING MIND was called the “Arab Spring”
worked into sour-and-sweet servings TO DISTINGUISH offers proof that they do not
of articles and comments against the have the stamina to under-
leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran? BETWEEN ZIONISM stand and withstand the lure
Why don’t they express the same hate AND JUDAISM, of financial attractions, nor
filled programs of theirs against the the fury of military entrap-
leaders in Russia or China? Both have IMPERIALISM AND ments. Some committed Mus-
nuclear weapons and economic capa- CHRISTIANITY, AND lims in Palestine learned this
bilities that can potentially bring impe- the hard way. And we pray
rialism to its knees. Why is North SAUDI-ISM AND and hope that they really
Korea an asterisk in the Hebrew ISLAM. learned their lesson. And
press? The mere thought that Islamic there would be no lesson to
Iran is capable of developing nuclear learn if it were not for the
technology is at the core of conver- Islamic Revolution and its
gence among the pernicious politicians capable leadership and its
in the US congress, the Israeli Knesset and the Saudi ruling family. insightful Imam Khamene’i.
And the well-known fact that Russia and China both have advanced
nuclear weapons and weapons systems does not bother them as much And Allah will [militarily] support
as the probability of an Islamic Iran gaining nuclear technology. those who [in their spirit] support
Why is it then that Israel and the US along with the Saudi hang- Him… (22:40). g
ers-on, are worked up against the leadership of Imam Khamene’i? It
is because his leadership of the Islamic Republic is consistent with Abu Dharr is the pen-name of a senior Islamic
the principles of justice. And in the larger picture, those principles of movement intellectual who contributes this month-
justice demand the liberation of the Holy Land from the trio of Zion- ly column, discussing key issues concerning the
ism, imperialism and Arabian clientelism (nifœq and shirk). If the global Islamic movement. For his introduction to
leadership in Islamic Iran were to relinquish its strategy of liberating this column, see
the Holy Land from its colonizers it would immediately fall into the authors/abu-dharr.


been removed, and replaced with the
Lisims Government. Wilp Si’ayuukhl is
the principle lawmaking authority for the
Nisga’a, established along traditional lines,
is canada a METIS with the Council of Elders, made up of
Hereditary Chiefs (Simgigat), Hereditary
CIVILIZATION? Matriarchs (Sigidimhaanak) and other key
Nisga’a elders providing crucial cultural
Part 3: Transition leadership. Local matters are administered
by the Village Governments established for
to self-government the four main Nisga’a communities. In
By Eric Walberg addition, the Nisga’a made permanent pro-
vision for Nisga’a living off the settlement
lands, establishing Urban Locals in
Terrace, Prince Rupert, and Vancouver.
The Nisga’a moved quickly to convert
The debate about the Indian Act and how to reconcile the elected their settlement into an active and produc-
councils and the traditionals over the past 40 years has been shaped tive Nisga’a-led government, defining the
by the sweeping intent of the White Paper of 1969, issued as Pierre contours of fisheries regulation, creating
Trudeau began his career as prime minister. It set out a liberal, mul- and amending electoral procedures, and
ticultural challenge, an attempt to supersede the Indian Act by elim- otherwise handling the business of gov-
inating any special status for Natives altogether. This galvanized the ernment and administration for the
Natives toward a defence of their special status, above and prior to Nisga’a First Nation. As Kevin McKay,
the colonial settlers. It is a nice historical touch that Prime Minister Nisga’a Lisims Government Chairperson
Justin Trudeau has made native issues a priority, perhaps putting in commented,
place a new dispensation that has been germinating ever since. Some
landmarks in the movement to replace the 1876 Indian Act include: The Indian Act was in our lives for
1.In 1973, the federal government commenced talks with the Yukon approximately 131 years. Compare
Native Brotherhood (later the Council for Yukon First Nations). that to the history of the Nisga’a
In 1995, the Umbrella Final Agreement and the Final and Self- Nation: our oral stories tell us that
Government Agreements for four Yukon First Nations became we’ve been here since the beginning
law. Other Yukon First Nations subsequently signed final agree- of time. The Indian Act was here
ments, bringing most of the Yukon’s First Nations into a radically for 131 years and it did a lot of
different relationship with the government of Canada. Reserves damage. The demand of our people,
were replaced by settlement lands. First Nations governments especially our hereditary chiefs,
operating under settlement agreements, with much wider scope matriarchs and respected elders,
than those regulated by the Indian Act, had to design and imple- was that we achieve recognition of
ment financial management regimes, and continue negotiations the land question in a just and hon-
with federal and territorial authorities on financial/tax arrange- ourable way. The agreement, by
ments and transfers of programs and services. In the Yukon First removing the authority of the
Nations Land Claims Settlement Act (1994), the legislation Indian Act (save for the role it
noted, “When a final agreement is given effect, the Indian Act plays in defining whether an indi-
ceases to apply in respect of any reserve identified in the agree- vidual is an Indian under the terms
ment as settlement land.” of the Act), represented a major
2. The creation of Nunavut in 1999, an Inuit-controlled jurisdiction shift away from the long-standing
with the same range of powers as the other two territories, has system of external control.
raised even further the bar on Aboriginal governance.
3. An agreement with the Nisga’a and the governments of Canada 4. Since the passage of the Cree-Naskapi (of
and British Columbia was reached in 2000, eventually leading to Quebec) Act in 1984, nine Cree commu-
a British Columbia referendum on treaty process in the province. nities are not subject to the Indian Act or
The Nisga’a approach to self-government is markedly different the band system. Instead they are repre-
from that laid out in the Yukon, where each of the 14 First sented by the Grand Council of the Crees
Nations has a First Nations government operating under the
Umbrella Final Agreement. The old Indian Act administration has continued on p. 34

Opinion 7
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Despite the odds stacked against it, Islamic Iran endures
By Zafar Bangash

s the people of Iran and their prisons from where escape was virtual- unique. First, to succeed and then to

A friends and supporters world-

wide celebrate another
anniversary of the victory of the
ly impossible. Countries existed as
vassals of one or the other superpower.
To achieve true independence
survive for so long despite numerous
attempts, both internal and external,
by the enemies of Islam to destroy the
Islamic Revolution this month, it was a pipedream. Even escaping from new Islamic order is even more spec-
would be worthwhile to reflect on its one bloc to the other was a risky tacular.
achievements. Entering its 40th year, undertaking. Countries that tried to The resilience to survive these
the fact that the Islamic Revolution break free from the deathly embrace serious challenges came from one
and its fruit, the Islamic Republic, of one or the other hegemonic power source: the Iranian Islamic leadership
have survived all these years amid were quickly slapped back into place. and people’s reliance only on Allah
unrelenting hostility is in and of itself Egypt and Indonesia offer ready (Â). This is called the power of
a great achievement. What is even examples. Others were overthrown Islam. It needs elaboration. Every sys-
more remarkable is that it has made by Western-engineered coups as wit- tem is based on certain ideas and val-
enormous progress in many vital nessed in Iran in 1953, Guatemala in ues. The former Soviet Union and its
fields despite facing many challenges. 1954, Vietnam in 1963, Chile in satellites were based on Marxist ide-
More on this later but first, let us con- 1973, and a host of others. It was the ology. The West has pursued capital-
sider a basic aspect of the current same story on the other side of the ism. Muslims have the Islamic system
global environment. fence — the “Iron Curtain” — in the of governance but only one country
When viewed against the back- infamous words of the notorious war — Iran — has truly adopted it in con-
drop of developments in contempo- criminal and racist Winston temporary history. Communism has
rary history, the very survival of the Churchill. Hungary in 1956 and long been abandoned while capital-
Islamic State is nothing short of spec- Czechoslovakia in 1968 staged West- ism is on its deathbed because it has
tacular. The so-called global order ern-backed uprisings to break loose of deepened global inequalities both
imposed at the end of the Second the Soviet bloc only to be brought to within and between societies. This
World War has been an unmitigated heel by Soviet tanks. has resulted in immense suffering
disaster for most countries and soci- Given this reality, the victory of everywhere. The world is a deeply
eties. Divided into two blocs, one led the Islamic Revolution in Iran was a troubled place today.
by the US and the other by the erst- seminal achievement. Neither bloc If we focus on the Muslim East
while Soviet Union, newly emerging supported it; in fact, both blocs (aka the Middle East), the picture is
independent states were left with lit- opposed it for their own peculiar rea- not only dismal it is deeply troubling.
tle choice but to join one or the other sons. Thus the struggle of the Iranian There is hardly a country that is free
bloc for survival. These were like vast people led by Imam Khomeini was of turmoil, whether internally gener-

Cover Story 9
ated or externally imposed. Most irrational and ultimately futile is also 2. the Muslim society acquires a
regimes are also totally subservient to well-known. The Islamic Revolution leadership that is positively
the imperialists and Zionists and exist that occurred 40 years ago this month committed to the civilizational
at their mercy. Islamic Iran, on the (February) overthrew a Western- goals of Islam and has no class
other hand, despite nearly four imposed regime in Iran. The Islamic or other interests of its own;
decades of Western-imposed sanc- Revolution did more: it drove a nail 3. the energies thus released are
tions affecting its economy badly, has in the coffin of the Western crafted capable of restructuring the
not only weathered these challenges political order that was imposed after society at all levels internally;
but has emerged much stronger. Hun- the Second World War. The imperi- and,
dreds of billions of dollars of Iranian alists and Zionists — beneficiaries of 4. the social order acquires the
assets, especially income from oil, the imposed order — saw the Islamic confidence and the ability to
were frozen and have still not been Revolution as a threat to their vested deal with the external world on
fully released. Even spare parts for interests, hence their hostility. its own terms.” (Zafar Bangash
civilian aircraft were embargoed pos- What is even more disturbing is (editor), Power Manifestations of
ing a serious threat to passenger safe- that most of the regimes in majority Islam: Major Writings of Kalim
ty. This would constitute a war crime Muslim countries are also openly Siddiqui. London, 1996; p. 136).
but in the imperialist order, the US hostile to the Islamic Republic and
rogue state commits such crimes and the revolution that brought it into True, there are some Muslims,
gets away it. being. This indicates their fear of the perhaps many, who are still not fully
Others states, such as Iraq that example it has set and its impact on aware of or appreciate the importance
were subjected to similar sanctions, Muslims worldwide. Indeed, the of the Islamic Revolution. This is
have suffered grievously resulting in Islamic Revolution has influenced largely the result of relentless propa-
mass poverty, starvation, and the the thinking of even non-Muslims ganda beamed from Western media
death of hundreds of thousands of struggling to free themselves from outlets at the behest of their corpo-
people. In Iran’s case, far from bring- the yoke of imperialism. This is par- rate or political masters. There are,
ing it to its knees, the leadership has ticularly evident in South America however, other reasons as well for
used sanctions as an opportunity to and parts of Africa. Muslims’ antipathy toward the Islam-
develop a resistance economy, as What is heartening to note is that ic Revolution.
repeatedly stressed by the Rahbar, the influence of the Islamic Revolu- Part of this has to do with long-
Imam Seyyed Ali Khamene’i. True, tion has spread far and wide; it is not entrenched sectarian prejudices that
not every segment of the government confined to any particular sect, reli- are constantly highlighted by illegit-
machinery has followed through on gion, or segment of humanity. Many imate regimes to divert attention
this advice thereby resulting in prob- people yearning for freedom and from their own failures. Unfortunate-
lems for ordinary people. The recent change have internalized the process ly, most Muslims’ attachment to
protests over rising prices, hijacked it adopted. Today, Islamic Iran stands Islam is only cultural; they are gener-
by foreign agents that degenerated as a truly free country unbowed by ally unaware of the Qur’anic message
into riots, was one manifestation of the economic, military, political or or the Prophetic Sunnah and Søra∆.
this phenomenon. diplomatic pressure exerted by preda- The overwhelming majority of Mus-
It also needs emphasizing that the tory Western powers and their lims, even Arabic speaking, are woe-
Islamic Republic is not a perfect regional allies. fully unaware of what Allah (Â)
model of an Islamic State. There are says to them in the noble Qur’an.
good and not-so-good people in the t this point, it may be perti- This is both the result of the decline
government and state machinery.
What is indisputable is that the over-
all ethos is Islamic and that the
A nent to offer a definition of
the Islamic Revolution. The
late Dr. Kalim Siddiqui, one of the
of Muslims as well as the seculariza-
tion of Islam.
Islam has been reduced to a set of
establishment is totally committed to leading experts on the Islamic Revo- rituals; further, it has been turned
and sincere about Islamic values and lution, defined it thus, “ The Islamic into each individual’s personal affair,
principles. revolution is that state of a society in much like Christianity. From this fol-
which: lows another misunderstanding: that
his is what explains the 1. all the Muslims of an area if in a particular society or geographi-

T extreme hostility exhibited

by the Western world led by
the US toward the Islamic Republic
become mobilized to the point
where their collective will and
effort becomes irresistible and
cal area, Muslims form a majority,
then it is Islamic. There is little com-
prehension that a collection of Mus-
of Iran. That such hostility is totally undefeatable; lims in a particular society does not


Imam Mahdi. Let the world be ruled
by tyrants and oppressors; let injus-
tice prevail. They would rather wait
until Imam Mahdi re-appears to sort
out the problems of the world than
take any remedial steps themselves.

iewed against this backdrop,

V one can begin to appreciate

the immense challenges
Imam Khomeini faced and how he
overcame them in bringing about the
Islamic Revolution. He had to fight
on multiple fronts simultaneously,
not with guns but with the power of
ideas. While addressing all Muslims,
he had to educate the Shø‘øs who
formed the bulk of the population in
Iran. In a series of lectures that have
been published in a book under the
title, Islamic and Revolution: Writings
and Declarations of Imam Khomeini,
the Imam outlined his reasons for the
necessity of establishing the Islamic
When US President Trump put Iran “on notice” via Twitter, saying
State. The book has been edited and
Tehran is “…playing with fire — they don’t appreciate how ‘kind’
annotated by Professor Hamid Algar,
President Obama was to them. Not me!” the Rahbar responded with
the leading authority on Iran. Mus-
the strength that all would-be Muslim leaders ought to note, “He
lims sincere about understanding the
says we should be grateful to Obama? We should be thankful because
nature, purpose, and ethos of the
he brought war and bloodshed to Syria and Iraq and he supported the
Islamic Revolution should study the
2009 demonstrations here, that’s what we should be thankful for?
two scholars mentioned above.
We are thankful to Trump for making our life easy, as he showed the
In the meantime, it is incumbent
real face of America… During his election campaign and after that,
on Muslims of whatever school of
he confirmed what we have been saying for more than 30 years about
thought and wherever they may
the political, economic, moral and social corruption in the US ruling
reside to offer moral, political, cultur-
system. Trump has said we should be scared and frightened of him.
al, and intellectual support to the
We will show on the anniversary of our revolution how we respond to
only Islamic State of our times. Any-
his threats… No enemy can paralyze Iran.”
thing less would be a betrayal of the
principles of Islam.
Finally we must return to the issue
transform it into an Islamic state. peculiar fiqhø understanding, then the of Iran’s development. Despite suffer-
A state becomes Islamic when the state is not Islamic. This is what has ing decades of sanctions, Islamic Iran
laws of Islam are implemented in that prevented some “Sunnø” Muslims has taken major strides in the fields of
society and it is able to deal with its from appreciating the significance of science and technology. It is not
enemies on its own terms, not those the Islamic Revolution in Iran. They dependent on any country for its self-
dictated by others. Further, that the simply dismiss it as “Shø‘ø”, as if Shø‘øs defence. Instead, it is able to export
Islamic state is an essential require- are not Muslims (nastaghfirullœh). large quantity of weapons to other
ment for establishing Islam in society, Unfortunately, there is a similar countries. Iran is the only Muslim
as exemplified by the noble Messen- lack of understanding even among country in the world to have put a
ger (r) when he migrated from some Shø‘øs. They are what we would satellite into space. These are
Makkah to Madinah. refer to as “traditional Shø‘øs”; they do remarkable achievements by any
Even those Muslims that under- not want to step out of their comfort standard and they are the direct result
stand the necessity of the Islamic state zone. They refuse to take any steps of the Islamic system in place in the
insist that unless it conforms to their against injustice in the absence of Islamic Republic. g

Cover Story 11
N E W S & A N A L Y S I S

Crumbling America cannot misrepresent a justice-seeking Islamic Iran
By J. Abbas

he recent protests in Iran ity driven by imperialist or capitalist ers participated at any one time.

T that quickly degenerated

into riots and vandalism
were met with the usual ecstatic,
designs was always part of the pathol-
ogy of American media. However,
the disease of hypocrisy, willful misin-
They soon petered out, as peaceful
and law-abiding protestors realized
that their legitimate grievances were
hopeful hysteria in the US media that formation, paranoia, and angst have being exploited by outside forces with
is primed to exploit any situation now reached (to complete our analo- a nefarious agenda.
appearing to be potentially beneficial gy) proportions of full blown, stage What is remarkable is that tens of
to its agenda. One of the few things IV cancer. thousands of people participated in
that an increasingly fractured Ameri- The protests in Iran, as the Iranian pro-government rallies throughout
can media coalesces around is Iran. authorities themselves have acknowl- Iran in the following days. Iranians
American policy makers and media edged, sprang in part from the eco- poured into the streets to proclaim
members have looked on with grow- nomic frustrations of some members their love for the Islamic Republic.
ing horror as Iran has made tremen- of society. The protests were initially Friday prayer leaders, the president of
dous progress despite the billions peaceful. Soon, a tiny minority, most Iran, politicians and leaders as well as
spent to destroy the Islamic Republic of them trained mercenaries or infil- the Rahbar, Imam Seyyed Ali
over nearly 40 years. Economically, trators, committed acts of violence Khamene’i declared that the legiti-
culturally, and especially in the realm such as arson in a number of venues. mate grievances of the protestors
of international relations and policy, Some 20 people were killed, insti- should be addressed. They acknowl-
Iran has won grudging admiration, gators who were armed and attacked edged the economic difficulties Irani-
even from the most pro-Israel, neo- police stations and other facilities ans are undergoing in some sectors, a
conservative elements of the US for- comprising most of the fatalities (two pain that is a result of the vicious
eign policy establishment. policemen were among the dead). attempt to strangle Iran’s economy.
The reaction of the US media to Iranian intelligence will surely pro-
recent protests/riots is indicative of vide detailed information on who n addition, as the Rahbar has
its increasingly fractured, discombob-
ulated, visceral nature. Rational
thought and objectivity have taken a
these individuals were and their links
to organizations such as the US sup-
ported terrorist group Mujahideen
I pointed out, successive execu-
tive administrations have failed
in some areas of economic reform and
back seat (if they were ever present to Khalq Organization (MKO), but the the complete eradication of corrup-
begin with) to increasingly open Western media will of course ignore tion. The overall result, however, of
expressions of bias, thinly disguised as or ridicule such information. The almost 40 years of Islamic revolution-
objective reporting. This disease of protests were limited to a few cities ary government has been remarkable.
disingenuous expressions of objectiv- and a hundred to a thousand protest- Iran has taken tremendous strides in


in the Muslim East and Iran, the
assertion is logical. One could cite
reams of historical data to prove that
the US has always actively under-
mined and intervened, both overtly
and covertly, in countries that it sees
as a threat to its imperialist designs.
To put things in context, Iran is
one of the greatest strategic and ideo-
logical challenges the US has ever
faced. Those who think that the CIA
and the intelligence agencies, para-
military units, and other agencies
that are aligned with it would just sit
back with their billions in disclosed
and undisclosed budgets and not do
anything to try and undermine Iran
What the “objective” mainstream media selectively excluded from its
have no sense of history.
coverage of the demonstrations in Iran. The “protests” in Tehran
The MKO (aka munafiqeen) is by
and some other Iranian cities had a familiar character. They didn’t
any measure an extremist, terrorist
erupt spontaneously. They were manufactured. Color revolutions
and cultist group. Washington openly
are a US specialty, with numerous ones staged against those who
supports it and is the field operations
choose to steer an independent course from US hegemony. Is it just
arm of US attempts to sabotage Iran-
a coincidence that the biggest protests since 2009 hit Iran shortly
ian society. In addition to its long
after a secret agreement was revealed between Washington, Tel
gory history of murders and terrorist
Aviv, and Riyadh to destabilize Iran? And shortly after a new
acts, it was also actively involved in
Executive Order was issued by President Trump allowing him to
arson and violence during the 2009
seize US assets of anyone he deems a “human rights abuser” …or
events. The US government that has
anyone who aids a designated “human rights abuser”? On New
historically plotted to neutralize Mar-
Year’s day, Iran’s Parliament National Security and Foreign Policy
tin Luther King Jr. due to a percep-
Commission chairman Alaeddin Boroujerdi said, “A major part of
tion of internal threats, would hardly
recent demonstrations has been organized by foreign, anti-revolu-
sit back and ignore what it perceives
tionary elements. They spread propaganda and manipulated public
as a massive external threat.
sentiment and the rightful demands of the people.”
The protests, as was expected,
petered out and all the hullabaloo
that the US media had engaged in
sectors such as nanotechnology, med- Hujaji, that glorious martyr who gave ended with a whimper. Even the
icine, social issues such as drug use his life fighting the very Dœ‘ish that prime minister of the Zionist regime,
rehabilitation, women’s education, the US created, trained, and used for who tweeted in Persian his “support”
economic self-reliance and technolo- its nefarious agenda. for the Iranian people, went back to
gy, both military and otherwise. Former US Secretary of State doing what he does best: undermin-
There is ample proof: Iran and its Condoleezza Rice’s dream of a “new ing the US by inserting his interna-
allies — Hizbullah, the Syrian gov- Middle East” has come true but it is tional agenda into its strategic play-
ernment, Russia, China, Óashd al- one in which American influence has book. By his own admission, the US
Sha‘bø (Iraq), and the many thousands waned and the Zionist state, by its is always at the beck and call of the
of dedicated young men from many own admission is in dire straits. The Zionist regime and its agents that
countries — have stopped American next war with Hizbullah (let alone have infiltrated the American politi-
and Zionist plots in the Muslim East Iran) will probably lead to the end of cal and military establishments.
dead in their tracks. American media the Zionist project.
outlets that knowingly but falsely To some, the reference to trained ut what lessons can we, the
allege that the Iranian public no
longer supports the Islamic Republic
did not mention that tens of thou-
mercenaries and outside interference
in Iran’s internal affairs may seem a
little paranoid. But, to anyone famil-
B discerning and Islamically cog-
nizant vanguards of a new
international order based on justice,
sands showed up to receive Mohsin iar with the history of US meddling indigenous rights, universal sovereign-

News & Analysis 13

ty, and world peace draw from these only fits their worldview. So, for afraid to call the police in case of
events? Firstly, America is in terminal example, the story of a county in emergency. Contrast this to the level
decline. “Liberal democracy,” the false middle America having HIV rates of concern during the protests in
idol that America (Ronald Reagan’s worse than some African nations has Iran. The Iranian parliament met in a
“shining city on a hill” comes to no impact as people go about their closed session during the protests to
mind) is so proud of, a tool that the stress filled, partisan, increasingly discuss the treatment of those arrest-
elites believed would enable them to myopic lives. ed and to keep an eye on any poten-
maintain what was a plutocracy dis- This encapsulates the reason why tial abuses. This writer was in Iran
guised as democracy is crumbling American civilization shall inevitably during the protests and witnessed the
before our eyes. The 1% are in desper- erode to the point of collapse — the level of interaction, dialogue, trust,
ation mode. America is suffering from destruction of all possible references and confidence that underpinned the
the worst crisis of confidence. West- of human morality and rational truth. Iranian public’s engagement with law
ern countries that claim to be beacons The Qur’an points to this reality. The enforcement. There was the case of
of freedom and liberty commit gross destruction of corrupt societies is not an Iranian getting out of his/her car
injustices against members of their always caused by meteors, earth- to try and argue why a traffic ticket
own societies. They routinely impose quakes, or other natural disasters. God should not be issued. The police offi-
draconian and unjust punishment on destroys societies by the very moral cer was polite and patient. This scene
individuals they perceive as a threat to and ethical ills that said societies of patience and deference by the
their stability. Examples abound: the commit in full transgression of all uni- police and respect toward them was
imprisonment of individuals for four versal moral codes. The Qur’an also repeated countless times in the streets
years for posting support on Facebook repeatedly admonishes man for not of the Islamic Republic. People who
for underprivileged people rioting in using his God given intellect. get out of cars at traffic stops in the
London against a racist criminal jus- American society is flooded with US face probable death. Iranian
tice system; and up to 80,000 people contradictory information. A citizen- police that patrol streets and give out
in solitary confinement, something ry that has zero critical thinking skills citations are unarmed. American
that the UN Special Rapporteur on marches to the beat of popular cul- police are armed to the teeth. Any-
torture Juan E. Méndez has called a ture and partisan politics driven by a one who lives in Iran for any period
human travesty. moneyed, two-party system; zombies of time quickly realizes the sheer
Imagine if Iran jailed a dispropor- come to mind; a capitalist system in absurdity of American propaganda.
tionate number of young men from a which the people are nothing but It is a commonly accepted fact
historically oppressed minority and walking talking zombies, the living within mainstream political theory
housed them in conditions that dead people drowning in a society that electoral participation is one of
amounted to torture, the US media that places materialism above all. the barometers of the health of a
would be reporting it with screaming The few that are awake live in fear country’s political system. Over 73%
headlines. There are sections of and disgust, a potential target for of Iranians participated in the last
white, middle America that have their political views. presidential elections. Even virulent-
HIV rates higher than some African ly anti-Iranian Western publications
nations due to high rates of needle econdly, discerning Muslims had to admit that millions of Iranians
exchanges, as the middle class that is
being crushed by a vicious capitalist
system, turns to drugs and suicide.
S with astute political vision
must realize that Iranian socie-
ty has reached a level of sophistica-
enthusiastically participated in the
elections. In sharp contrast, the
American public’s confidence in the
Many of these stories are culled tion and institutional stability that is US political system has been on a
from American media sources; this is unshakable. When Igor Nikolaevich constant downward spiral. Just 58%
the fascinating aspect of the decline Panarin, a Russian analyst wrote in of the electorate participated in the
of American civilization. In a post- 1998 that US society would soon 2016 presidential elections and just
modern, post-Enlightenment West, fracture as states such as California 40% participating in the last congres-
where there is no truth and the only secede from the union, people sional elections. These measurable
truth that matters is based on individ- scoffed. Today, secession of the most indicators point to Iran being a more
ual perceptions, the problem is not populated US state from the union vibrant, politically healthy, and
lack of information. There is a deluge no longer seems implausible; it looms socially stable country. Iran has suf-
of information, so much that desensi- large on the horizon. fered an unprecedented 8-year war in
tized minds no longer care. People American police brutality on a which the whole world aided the
create echo chambers for themselves daily basis is well documented. Large butcher of Baghdad, Íaddœm Óusayn.
where they process information that swathes of the American public are It has faced vicious sanctions, sabo-


tage, assassinations, military pressure cesspool of schizophrenic activity. when the masses will complain to
etc. Yet, the ideological foundation of Everything should be read between God on the day of judgement about
the Islamic Republic is such that it the lines and with a pinch of salt. The the elites that misled them, they will
has withstood all these tests and not reality is often very far removed from be rebuked by the elites for not using
only passed them but thrived. The facts on the ground. The protests in their own minds. Whatever the case,
American government routinely Iran and their coverage is but one the fact remains: the day when Amer-
threatens, harasses, and attacks peo- example. All peace loving, social jus- ica’s slow decline will snowball into
ple within the country who it per- tice conscious peoples should realize manifest chaos doesn’t seem very far.
ceives as a threat. that we are all in this together. No one In contrast, Iran’s future is bright and
wishes ill upon America. As Imam glorious. No one can stop the
hirdly, committed Muslims Khamenei has pointed out, America’s inevitable coming of a justice-filled

T should realize that the US

media is nothing but a very
elaborate circus. Western media gen-
enmity with Iran is not directed by the
people. It is directed by the elites, the
ones who victimize not only others
future, least of all a crumbling Amer-
ica. Indeed, the American media and
political establishment’s reaction to
erally is an elaborate hoax although but also their own people. protests in Iran reminds one of a
outlets such as the BBC are very devi- But ultimately, the people must dying old man desperately trying to
ous and clever about their agenda. take responsibility. Again, the Qur’an stave off death with diversions that
The US media on the other hand is a eloquently lays out the scenario: are pitiful. g

The term Tzion came to designate

the area of Jerusalem where the
fortress stood, and later became a
metonym for Solomon’s Temple in
Jerusalem, the city of Jerusalem itself,
and “the World to Come,” the Jewish
understanding of the hereafter. In the
Kabbalah, a more esoteric reference is
Al-QUDS: THE CAPITAL made to Tzion being the spiritual
point from which reality emerges,
The seat of faith, not the nexus of Jewish exclusivism located in the Holy of Holies of the
By Eric Walberg First and Second Temples.
Judaism’s tribalism (and its off-
spring Zionism) suffers from what
Alfred Whitehead called “misplaced
concreteness,” where abstract belief is
treated as if it were a concrete real
event or physical entity. It’s fine in
literature as metonymy, where a rei-
l-Quds is, literally, the holy what is Zion, an inspiration for Zion- fied abstraction is intended as a figure

A city for the people of faith —

Jewish, Christian and Mus-
lim alike. In English, it is called
ists and non-Zionists alike? Zion is a
place name often used as a synonym
for Jerusalem. The word is first found
of speech, and actually understood as
such, but the use of reification in log-
ical reasoning or rhetoric is mislead-
Jerusalem, named as “City of Shalem” in the Book of 2 Samuel (5:7), which ing and in this case, disastrous. God is
after a Canaanite deity, during the dates from 540BCE, and refers there to not on a hilltop requiring you to steal
early Canaanite period (approxi- a specific mountain near Jerusalem the property and build a replica of a
mately 2400BCE). (Mt. Zion), on which stood a fortress mythical temple to fulfill a
What is Zionism? But before that, that David (a) allegedly conquered. “covenant” with Him.

News & Analysis 15

steppingstone to India. After another
period of perfidy to the Arabs, it
finally came under Jewish, or rather,
Zionist control.
Zionism is a nationalist political
movement of Jews and Jewish culture
that supports what it views as the re-
establishment of a Jewish homeland
in the territory it defines as the his-
toric Land of Israel. It emerged in the
late-19th century in central and east-
ern Europe as a national revival move-
ment. In Jewish history, where myth
has always transcended fact, Jews see
themselves as in exile everywhere,
and everywhere in search of the Prom-
ised Land, for that magical “see you
next year in Jerusalem” moment.

onald Trump’s decision to

Zionist invaders led by David Ben-Gurion and Yitzhak Rabin dese-
crate al-Óaram al-Sharøf on a victory tour following the Six Day War
in June 1967. Today, some 50 years since the end of the war, Israel
D make this official is not
really a new step — merely
another betrayal of promises made at
the very founding of Israel in 1948.
is still squatting on the Golan Heights, the Syrian territory it pro-
Since then, the so-called peace
mised to return within days of the war; East Jerusalem, which was
process has acted as a subterfuge for
supposed to be the capital of a Palestinian state, remains annexed to
the Zionist project of total control of
Israel, and now the whole city has been recognized by the US as the
the Holy Lands.
capital of Israel; Gaza, which houses about two million Palestinians,
Is it possible to continue to toler-
is today the world’s largest outdoor prison, blockaded by both Israel
ate this long history of betrayal? It
and a spineless Egypt; and the West Bank remains an Israeli colony.
seems the Arabian regimes are help-
It is evident, from the past 50 years of Israel’s (and America’s)
less to stop it. If we could be assured
policies, that it has repeatedly chosen territories over peace — and
that Jewish control of the land of al-
among the many tragedies is that because of the complicity and
Quds would bring peace and equality
racism of those who claim to follow the rule of law, it has gotten
among the Muslim, Christian, and
away with increasingly larger land grabs for five full decades.
Jewish natives — and the Jewish
immigrants — we could perhaps
accept this blatant act of imperialism
ne could argue, it really 11th–12th centuries of pillage and in the interest of peace.

O doesn’t matter who “gov-

erns” al-Quds, as long as it
is an open city to all monotheists, Jew-
rape, which is glorified in the Chris-
tian West as the Crusades.
As imperialism in its capitalist
But there is no evidence to date of
this goodwill on the part of the occu-
piers. On the contrary, the past 70
ish, Christian, Muslim alike. Since it form encircled the globe in the years of Zionist control suggest that
was founded, 2,500 years ago, it first 19th–20th centuries, it fell into the only further suffering and injustice
passed from one empire to another — lap of the Brits. Through subterfuge can be expected.
Assyrian, Roman, Byzantine, and betrayal of the covenant with the Al-Quds should indeed be the
Ottoman, and British. For a brief cen- Arab natives, who longed for inde- natural, foreordained capital of the
tury in the 2nd–1st centuries BCE, it pendence from the Ottoman Turks, it Holy Lands, but it will be the capital
was nominally under Jewish sover- was made a colony (mandate) of the of Palestine, Palestine-Israel, or — in
eignty, though under Roman control. empire of the day. the interest of compromise — Israel-
From the 7th–20th centuries, it Jewish influence in the British Palestine. The world can only thank
was under Muslim control. That was elites resulted in a promise to estab- far-off Iran for its steadfast support for
the best period for al-Quds. All lived lish a Jewish state as the final piece in a just peace in Palestine that will
in peace, except, of course, for the the imperial puzzle of the day — a make this happen. g


Nazis and Islam.” Even though,
Rigney later apologized, it was a mere
pretence. Speaking to Crescent Inter-
national, a prominent Muslim UK
journalist stated that “RT in London

ISLAMOPHOBIC has lost a lot of its Muslim staff

because of its Islamophobic tone.”
Anyone who follows RT regularly,
RUSSIAN MEDIA will immediately notice its Islamo-
phobic bent whenever it reports on
UNDERMINES MOSCOW Muslims in Europe, camouflaging its
anti-Muslim tone with the term
European Russians still view Muslims as “aliens” refugees. This sometimes extends
By Tahir Mahmoud beyond Europe as well. In some of its
reports RT even quotes the notorious
racist and Islamophobic trash “jour-
nalism” website, Breitbart.

rom the Russian perspective, it

fter Russia’s involvement in
Syria to prevent the collapse
of Bashar al-Asad’s govern-
In 2016, Russia Today (RT),
Moscow’s foremost international
media tool, angered many of its Mus-
F may be argued that Moscow’s
alliance with the European
and North American right-wing
ment and Damascus falling to Wash- lim employees for negotiating to give groups is necessary as it destabilizes
ington’s pseudo-Islamic proxies, some a talk show to a well known British NATO regimes from within and pro-
Muslims started to mistakenly view Islamophobe, Katie Hopkins. The motes regressive forces in the same
Vladimir Putin’s Russia as a shield same year, Andrew Rigney, RT’s UK manner as NATO regimes do in Rus-
against Islamophobia. While today studio director, made Islamophobic sia. This is a mistaken tactic that may
some of Moscow’s interests in Syria, comments on social media saying that undermine Russia on a strategic level.
Iran, Lebanon, Iraq, Saudi-occupied Islam was “rotten from the inside,” The EU would never launch direct
Arabia and partly Bahrain, and war against Russia for many reasons,
Yemen, align with legitimate Islamic the most obvious being that EU
movements, at a strategic level, Rus- depends on Russian energy products.
sia does not view Muslims as allies.
As pointed out in the European
ANYONE WHO If Moscow continues to be seen by
many Muslims as a hostile power, this
Islamophobia report for the year of FOLLOWS RT would allow NATO’s intelligence
2016, “in contrast to many European agencies to facilitate an insurgency
countries, Muslims are indigenous to
REGULARLY, WILL within Russia, as there is already a his-
Russia. However, as a result of grow- IMMEDIATELY torical precedent to it in the North
ing nationalist and isolationist senti- Caucasus. By trying to win over exter-
ments and the narrow-minded con-
NOTICE ITS nal allies, Moscow might create a
sciousness of Russian society coupled ISLAMOPHOBIC blind spot for itself internally and
with ill-conceived state confessional alienate a significant portion of its
politics, Russian Muslims tend to be
BENT WHENEVER own citizens. As US imperialism is in
associated with ‘aliens’ and even ene- IT REPORTS terminal decline, thanks to its dys-
mies by the average Russian.” functional and greedy selectoral
The concept of Muslims being
ON MUSLIMS process, there is no strategic geo-polit-
alien to Russia is not an idea that the IN EUROPE… ical threat to Russia emanating from
Russian media highlights only inside NATO today as it was in the 1990s.
its borders. This notion it also subtly If Moscow is truly aiming to play
wants to establish in an already chess instead of checkers, it should
Islamophobic Europe. Today, anti-EU retweeted an image suggesting Mus- revise its policies and establish
and anti-Muslim socio-political lims are inclined to shoot their own bridges with legitimate Muslim
forces in France, Hungary, and Aus- daughters, and shared an image saying organizations. Moscow’s lack of gen-
tria are close to the Kremlin. “there is no difference between the uine communication with Muslim

News & Analysis 17

organizations in the Muslim East and lim organizations in Egypt, Syria, eration ended the civil war in the
North Africa (MENA) region puts Libya, and Tunisia. A good place for 1990s. If Moscow utilizes Tehran’s
Washington at a greater advantage in Russia to start reforming its strategy weight and influence in Tajikistan,
post-Islamic Awakening (Arab toward Muslim organizations would Russia could avoid a repeat of Chech-
Spring) events. The US was able to be Tajikistan. In the Central Asian nya within its borders and the near
camouflage itself and subverted Mus- Republic, Russian and Iranian coop- abroad. g

what enraged Ahed to take on the

occupation army that day.
As Israeli soldiers — a captain
and a sergeant — came to the family’s
walled front yard, Ahed and her 20-

AHED TAMIMI: NEW year-old cousin, Nour Tamimi,

approached them. Ahed yelled at
them to leave, a natural reaction of
FACE OF PALESTINIAN people fed up with the mindboggling
brutality of the occupiers.
RESISTANCE When the Zionist soldiers refused
to leave, Ahed and her cousin,
Heroic 16-year-old offers hope for renewed intifœ∂a∆ already angered by their cousin’s
By Ghada Nablusi grievous injury, started to push and
kick them. As the melee intensified,
Ahed hit both soldiers in the face,
according to charges laid against her.
It was at this point that Zionist
racism came to the fore. How dare a
he act of defiance by a 16- soldiers. The raiding Zionist coloniz- Palestinian slap an Israeli soldier; gun-

T year-old Palestinian girl

Ahed Tamimi who con-
fronted Israeli soldiers when they
ers fired stun grenades at the Palestin-
ian protesters in their own village.
Ahed’s mother, Nariman, captured
toting Zionist soldiers can beat up
Palestinians, they can shoot and kill
unarmed Palestinians but the latter do
attacked her village of Nabi Saleh in the events live on Facebook. not have the right to even protect
the West Bank, has become the new Two events had added spark to themselves or resist the occupiers.
face of resistance. She has become an the latest round of protests: President The video caused an uproar in
icon of the resistance struggle despite Donald Trump’s recognition of Jeru- Israel, amid complaints the soldiers
facing overwhelming odds. Many salem as the Zionist thieves’ capital had been humiliated. Ahed was
Palestinians have applauded her (December 6), and Israeli soldiers arrested on December 19; soon there-
courage and adopted her style of shooting and critically wounding after, her mother Nariman and cousin
resistance as their own. Ahed’s cousin, 15-year-old Muham- Nour were also arrested.
Home to about 600 members of mad. young boy was shot in the head
the Tamimi clan, the Nabi Saleh vil- using a rubber-coated steel bullet. hile her cousin Nour has
lage, in the news since 2009, has
again been catapulted into the lime-
light. On December 15, the villagers,
While Trump’s decision evoked
global outrage, it also triggered Pales-
tinian protests, including in the vil-
W since been freed on bail,
Ahed and her mother
remain in prison. Ahed faces lengthy
according to the Zionist colonizing lage of Nabi Saleh. During one of prison time — potentially up to 14
army account, were protesting and those protests, the attack on and seri- years — after being charged with 12
throwing stones at the heavily armed ous injury to the young boy’s head is counts of attacking and threatening


As long as the Palestinians suffer
Zionist brutality, this is considered
normal. But when the Palestinians
resist and fight back with their bare
hands, then it becomes a crime and
evokes an even more violent response
from the Zionists.

esistance to foreign occupa-

R tion is an inherent right of

all people. This is recognized
in international law as well as in sev-
eral United Nations resolutions. This
is at the theoretical level but when it
comes to practice, the victims of
occupation are often ignored. They
are doubly victimized: first by the
occupiers, and then by their accom-
plices in the media and Western
Ahed Tamimi, center, who tried to fight off Zionist invaders as they
regimes as they vilify acts of resist-
seriously injured her 15-year-old cousin, appears at a military court
ance by the oppressed.
at the Zionist-run Ofer prison in the West Bank village of Betunia.
If the Zionists think they can
Ahed was arrested and shackled in a pre-dawn raid in the West
crush the spirit of resistance by
Bank a day after a video clip of the confrontation went viral. De-
imprisoning youths like Ahed, they
fense for Children International — Palestine has said that an
are deluding themselves. Several gen-
average of 375 Palestinians under the age of 18 are held in military
erations of Palestinians have experi-
detention every month.
enced nothing but the heavy boots of
Zionist occupation. Palestinian youth
no longer fear death. Surrendering to
soldiers in five incidents going back sary, a UN resolution of 1993 states. occupation itself is death but this is
to April 2016. She is being held in The Zionists are illegal occupiers of the death of cowards.
HaSharon Prison in Ben Yahuda, in the land of Palestine; unlike the Remaining silent or surrendering
clear violation of Article 76 of the Palestinians, the overwhelming to the status quo is not an option for
Fourth Geneva Convention. majority of Zionists have no link to most Palestinians. This is a policy
The Zionists are guilty of multiple Palestine. They are alien invaders in adopted by the puppets in the so-
crimes but two stand out in Ahed the land. called Palestinian Authority domi-
Tamimi’s case. First, she is a minor The residents of Nabi Saleh have nated by corrupt politicians. The vast
and cannot be charged or tried in a a long history of resistance. In 2009, majority of Palestinians view them
military court. Second, she has been their land and spring were illegally with contempt. For ordinary Pales-
moved from her village to a different seized for a nearby Zionist squatter tinians, especially the youth, death
territory and jurisdiction. Under colony. They have continued to hold while resisting is an honorable objec-
international law relating to foreign almost weekly protests against this tive; it is called martyrdom. Seeing
occupation, the occupying power outrage. Their demonstrations no other solution or option, this is
cannot relocate a person and hold against the theft of their land often what increasing numbers of Palestini-
him/her in prison in another jurisdic- end in clashes with gun-toting Israeli ans have adopted.
tion. The Zionists, however, are not soldiers. While the Palestinians The Zionists’ Nazi-like tactics are
constrained by any rules and they do throw stones — the only weapon merely strengthening the spirit of
not care for any law. they have — the Zionist occupiers resistance. Neither their dungeons
Ahed was not involved in any fire tear gas, rubber bullets, and even nor their bullets can silence the voic-
illegal activity. She was resisting the live rounds of ammunition. es calling for freedom nor crush their
Zionist occupiers, a right recognized All too often, Palestinian chil- spirit. Their bare hands have become
by the United Nations for people dren as well as women are arrested powerful weapons that now reach the
under occupation. They can resist after being beaten up with clubs or throats of the occupiers telling them
their occupiers by any means neces- rifle butts or otherwise roughed up. to get off our land! g

News & Analysis 19

style of operations.
Another Trumpian trait high-
lighted in the book is, “The enemy of
my enemy is my friend.” Trump’s one
fixation was and remains Islamic
Iran. During the campaign, he missed

BIN SALMAN: TRUMP’S no opportunity to berate Obama for

striking a “bad deal,” referring to the
P5+1 nuclear deal with Iran. And he
BOY IN RIYADH threatened to shred it as soon as he
was elected even though it is not a
Crown Prince trying to be a peer in a game he will lose bilateral but a multilateral agreement
By Yusuf Dhia-Allah involving other countries as well.
The mad dogs Trump has surrounded
himself with — mediocre generals
that have failed miserably on the bat-
tlefield but need scapegoats to blame
others for their failures — have fur-
ther reinforced Iran’s image as the
uring the election cam- piling up victories, the Arabian rulers “bad guy.”

D paign, candidate Donald

Trump did not miss any
opportunity to denounce the Saudis as
sulked in their palace during much of
his presidency. Unexpectedly, along
came Donald Trump. They saw in
For the record, the US military
budget is more than $650 billion
annually, plus at least 10,000 nuclear
freeloaders. He said when he becomes him an opportunity to reset relations. weapons. Iran’s defence budget is a
president (although neither he nor Trump’s unorthodox approach suited paltry $15 billion and it has no
anyone in his inner circle believed he both parties well, especially dealing nuclear weapons, yet the Americans
had a chance in hell of winning), he through family connections. are terrified of Tehran’s power. The
would make the Saudis pay. The Najdi Bedouins have tradi- Washington warlords blame Iran for
So how did Trump come around tionally made decisions in the inner their failures in Iraq and Syria and its
to embracing the same freeloading sanctums of the family huddle growing influence in the region,
Saudis, particularly the young, erratic although the old King Salmœn and “hence everybody opposed to Iran
crown prince Mu˙ammad bin his ruthlessly ambitious son, BS have was a pretty good guy,” as far as Trump
Salmœn? In his just-released book, now ditched that, at least internally, is concerned.
Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White and replaced it with one-man rule. It If the Americans are so scared of
House, Michael Wolff provides the is not without peril as other “royals” Iran, what chance do the amateur
answer. True, there are many other are unhappy with the imposition of Saudis have? Their soldiers cannot
insights into the inner workings (or an upstart in the top slot, hence BS’ even march in a straight line. Bani
non-workings) of the Trump White tight embrace of Kushner, and by Saud are constantly looking for mer-
House, which could be best described extension Trump. cenaries to protect them. When Pak-
as a madhouse. More on that later but “When MBS offered himself to istan mustered the courage to say
first let us deal with the Trump-Bin Kushner as his guy in the Saudi king- “no” to the Saudi demand for soldiers
Salmœn embrace. dom, that was ‘like meeting someone to fight in Yemen, they hired South
With his young son-in-law Jared nice at your first day of boarding American and African mercenaries.
Kushner ensconced as his trusted per- school,’ said Kushner’s friend,” There are also Blackwater mercenar-
sonal advisor, the Orthodox Jewish according to Wolff. ies operating in the Kingdom but
boy went to work with the extremist This is also the style that Trump only to protect Bin Salmœn and his
Wahhœbøs in Saudi Arabia, especially prefers. It is a lot easier to deal with close family (not other members of
Bin Salmœn (BS). The two hit it off one person than having to go through the Bani Saud clan). In Trump’s elec-
fabulously well: each needing the elaborate protocol getting others on tion, BS found his opportunity.
other. Bani Saud had finally found board to get their approval. The fam- “Global liberal leadership had
their Jewish cousins! ily-to-family dealings suited Trump been all but paralyzed by the election
Upset with Barack Obama for fine. “His was a much simpler view: of Donald Trump — indeed, by the
refusing to heed their advice to mili- who’s got the power? Give me his very existence of Donald Trump. But
tarily confront Islamic Iran that was number,” writes Wolff about Trump’s it was an inverted universe in the

News & Analysis 21

million. Trump was made to sit on a
throne like chair. Further massaging
his ego was the award of King ‘Abd al-
‘Azøz medal, the highest civilian
award in the Kingdom. All these
were capped by announcement of a
$110 billion arms deal that would rise
to $350 billion in 10 years.
Bruce Riedel, the former CIA
analyst, has questioned these deals
saying nothing has been signed. Yet
Trump was beyond himself describing
the Saudi arms purchases as an oppor-
tunity that would create “jobs, jobs,
and more jobs” in America while
Washington would provide “beautiful
weapons” to Saudi Arabia.

f Trump was effusive in his

Jared of Arabia, center, at the heart of the Saudi shaykh-down. It

seems that Kushner and Bin Salmœn, left, share an appetite for
I praise for Kushner, “Jared’s got-
ten the Arabs totally on our
side. Done deal,” the decrepit Saudi
ambition and power. Having visited the Kingdom multiple times since king was not far behind in praising
his appointment as Trump’s senior adviser, Kushner’s intentions, his own son. Trump’s visit formed the
political aspirations, and motives in the White House have largely backdrop for pushing Mu˙ammad bin
escaped scrutiny. Kushner, who has also led unannounced (secret) Nœyif, hitherto the crown prince
American delegations to Saudi Arabia in the last few months espe- holding the important portfolio of
cially, personally intervened to wrap up a deal involving $110 billion the Interior Ministry, off his perch.
of weapons sales to the Saudis. While an overly-ambitious and ram- This occurred shortly after Trump’s
bunctious 32-year-old prince is hell-bent on creating war and chaos visit to the Kingdom (May 20–22).
in his attempts to accumulate personal and hegemonic power, Jared Bin Nœyif was removed from his posi-
Kushner, and by extension President Trump, has been quietly patting tion in the middle of the night,
him on the back. forced to pledge allegiance to Bin
Salmœn and then put under house
arrest. Bin Nœyif has not been seen in
public since.
Middle East,” writes Wolff. The two was not even the crown prince yet; After the midnight palace coup in
men — or an old man and the boy — he was still the deputy crown prince June and the November 4 arrests of
needed each other. At their first but with Trump’s backing he would dozens of princes seen as potential
meeting after Trump’s election, BS see to it that this changed quickly. rivals to BS’ ascension to power,
had promised Kushner that soon there Following the Trump-BS meeting, Trump boasted to friends that he and
would be “good news” for the US. the narcissist was invited to visit Jared had engineered this, “We’ve put
Trump the quintessential salesman Saudi Arabia where Bani Saud would our man on top!”
needed deals to make money; BS was not only line up puppet Muslim rulers Indeed. The uneducated boy from
eager to promise whatever money the to pay homage to him but also throw Riyadh and his father’s favourite son
Americans wanted in return for their lavish parties to massage his over- would become king, courtesy of
support in his quest to grab power. sized ego. Trump, equally uneducated and a
It was after this promise of “good This was Trump’s first overseas “f… moron” in the words of right-
news” that BS was invited to the venture to escape from unrelenting wing media mogul, Rupert Murdoch.
White House in March 2017 to meet attacks at home. The Saudis took Trump’s eye is on the big carrot BS
Trump. The two were photographed him, his wife Melania, daughter Ivan- has dangled before the world: the
together shaking hands and smiling. ka and her husband (the new Saudi Oil Company Aramco’s IPO
Such protocol is usually reserved for whizkid) in gold golf carts and treated (initial public offering) that is worth
heads of government/state and BS them to a lavish dinner that cost $75 $2 trillion. The American president


would like this to be floated on the the Lebanese Prime Minister Sa‘d of it. Cabinet and staff meetings are
New York Stock Exchange. Will BS Hariri to resign, and get the Palestin- little more than sessions where every-
oblige? Informed observers are skepti- ian President Mahmoud Abbas to one is expected to extol his non-exis-
cal and they have good arguments to surrender. Hariri’s forced resignation tent virtues. Pointing to his errors
support their position. BS wanted to was handled in such a clumsy manner even in the most polite manner raises
become crown prince and needed to that BS got egg all over his face. And his ire. He begins to froth at the
eliminate potential rivals. This he when he tried to bribe and threaten mouth like a gored bull in an arena.
has achieved by projecting Trump as Abbas to abandon the quest for a That is when people run for cover.
his “friend.” His “royal” cousins Palestinian state — even a truncated If the Trump White House is in
would not dare stand up to godfather one — the latter demurred. such disarray, would it have any time
America. Floating the IPO on the Given Trump’s lack of intelli- to worry about some petty potentate
New Stock Exchange runs the risk of gence and total disinterest in detail, in the desert?
losing everything. There are current- he may forget all this in a few weeks The big question, however, is
ly court cases against Saudi Arabia for or months. Or at least this is what the whether BS would be able to retain
the 9/11 attacks. These have already Najdi Bedouins are hoping for. his hold on power after his father is
put at risk the $750 billion the Saudis Besides, the Trump White House is a dead and gone? Equally critical,
have invested in the US. zoo; there is constant infighting whether Trump himself would be able
BS failed in the other tasks as well among staff members while Trump is to hold on to power and complete his
that Trump had assigned to him: obsessed with showmanship. first term in office? g
undermining Hizbullah by forcing The narcissist likes praise, plenty

was also being cut. This is not aid or

largesse; it is payment for services Pak-
istan has already rendered to the US:
logistic support, use of its land and air-
space, and Pakistan’s war against ter-

WILL PAKISTAN CUT rorists in the tribal belt where it has

deployed more than 200,000 troops,
one-third of its entire army.
THE american Before analyzing the nature of the
US-Pakistan relationship and what
UMBILICAL CORD? Islamabad might or ought to do, let us
first briefly review the $33 billion fig-
Trump tries to scapegoat Pakistan for US foreign policy failures ure that Trump’s angry tweet referred
By Tahir Mustafa to. The figure comes from the Con-
gressional Research Service report on
Pakistan that was prepared in
November 2017. An annexure to
that report tabulates “Direct Overt
US Aid and Appropriations for and
onald Trump’s New Year in attacks against US-NATO forces Military Reimbursements to Pak-

D gift to Pakistan was an

insulting tweet accusing
Islamabad of “lies and deceit.” The
in Afghanistan.
Trump’s insulting tweet was bad
enough; then came the announce-
istan, FY 2002—FY 2018.” The grand
total comes to $33.927 billion.
The “stable genius” in the White
self-described “stable genius” said the ment from his ambassador to the UN, House (“f… moron” in the words of
US had given $33 billion in aid over the Indian-origin Nirmata Kaur Rand- media mogul Rupert Murdoch and
16 years yet Pakistan has been har- hawa (aka Nikki Haley) that the $255 “dotard” according to Kim Jung un of
boring “terrorists” that are involved million in Foreign Military Financing North Korea!) is not interested in

News & Analysis 23

gradually escalated since his year in
office. One segment of opinion-mak-
ers laments US lack of appreciation
of Pakistani sacrifices; another cau-
tions the government not to upset
the US (some commentators in the
English language media, on the US
payroll, want Pakistan to make up
with Washington and do what it
demands!). Foreign Minister Khawaja
Asif said, “Pakistan no longer consid-
ers the US an ally.” Amid all this
noise, the US Defence Secretary
James Mattis (aka “mad dog”) said,
the US and Pakistani militaries were
still talking to each other. Some US
officials have since tried to soft-pedal
After the US announced that it was cutting off $900 million in the threat but the essential message
military aid to Pakistan until it acts against the Afghan Taliban and has remained consistent.
the Haqqani terror network, Pakistani Foreign Minister Khawaja
hat is going on here? The
Muhammad Asif, above, said in an interview, “We do not have any
alliance… This is not how allies behave.” He went on to say that
the US has turned Pakistan into a “whipping boy” because of its
own failures in Afghanistan. Following previous incendiary remarks
W question many informed
observers are asking is
why can’t Pakistan cut the US umbil-
by the irascible US president, Asif had said that the Afghan Taliban ical cord; what has it gotten but grief
were the US and Afghanistan’s problem, not Pakistan’s, “If the US in its dealings with the warlords in
doesn’t trust us, it should repatriate Afghan immigrants [refugees] Washington? The US has shown no
in Pakistan [that is, send the 2 million Afghans in Pakistan back appreciation of Pakistani sacrifices —
to Afghanistan].” more than 70,000 dead, infrastruc-
ture losses amounting to $120 billion
and the destabilization of Pakistani
society in the form of terrorist attacks
detail. The pea-sized brain of this (half of this — $4.1 billion — was as a result of the US war on
orangutan (with appropriately applied toward Foreign Military Afghanistan — so why continue with
matching hair color) cannot absorb Financing); this relationship?
such figures. Was it the Pakistan-hat- 3. Pakistan Counterinsurgency Fund/ The tragedy of the Pakistani elite
ing Nikki Haley (she changed here Counterinsurgency Capability is that they cannot imagine life with-
name from Nirmata Kaur Randhawa Fund: $2.3 billion (both the out US support. America is their nir-
to sound more American) who Pentagon and the State Depart- vana and acquiring dollars their reli-
showed the bottom figure to Trump ment independently review this gion. In this quest they are prepared to
and told him the US was getting a before payments are made); suffer every humiliation. The price for
raw deal from the “duplicitous Pak- 4. The Coalition Support Fund re- such folly is paid by the hapless people
istanis”? (This Indian woman harbors imbursements: $14.5 billion that recognize the US’ bullying nature
illusions about becoming president of (these are against claims prepared and thus hate it with a passion.
the US! She also thinks Trump would by the Pakistan military for sup- While US-Pakistan relations date
be a one-term president. Is Trump plies, services and logistics pro- back to Pakistan’s emergence in 1947,
aware of this?). vided to the US-led coalition in the most recent courtship is the result
Let us break down the $33.9 bil- its war in Afghanistan. US audi- of Gen. Pervez Musharraf’s surrender
lion figure and view its appropriation. tors verify them before authoriz- to US demands in the wake of the
1. Economic-related Aid: $11.1 bil- ing them for release. There is 9/11 attacks. It took a 10-minute
lion ($8.7 billion of this was dis- usually a six-month time lag). phone call from Gen. Colin Powell,
bursed as economic support then serving as US Secretary of State,
between 2002 and 2011); In Pakistan there has been mixed for the chocolate soldier to melt.
2. Security-related Aid: $8.2 billion reaction to Trump’s threats that have Musharraf abandoned Pakistan’s 21-


year policy on Afghanistan and materiel (including diapers for its options does it have given that terror-
ditched the Taliban. He claimed he troops serving in Afghanistan; let ists from Afghanistan frequently
did it in the “national interest,” that them soil their pants!). As the former sneak into Pakistan to carry out mur-
all-time bogey trotted out by dictators US ambassador to Pakistan Richard derous acts. The latest of these was
to prolong their grip on power. The Olson pointed out in an op-ed pub- on November 30 when three terror-
disastrous consequences of Mushar- lished in the New York Times on Jan- ists attacked the Agriculture Univer-
raf’s decision are all too obvious. uary 9, Islamabad has greater leverage sity in Peshawar killing eight stu-
Trump’s insulting tweet should over Washington than is usually per- dents. During their murderous attack,
facilitate a better understanding of ceived. “For the past 16 years our mil- the terrorists were in mobile contact
the reality facing Islamabad. America itary efforts in landlocked Afghan- with their handlers in Afghanistan.
is nobody’s friend; its rulers are self- istan have been dependent on transit Fourth, Pakistan should cultivate
ish, greedy, and often quite obnox- through and especially overflight of closer links with its neighbors to the
ious. It will not do to trot out all the Pakistani territory,” Olson said. West, especially Iran, the Central
favors Pakistan has done for the US “Without Pakistani cooperation, our Asian Republics, and Russia. Rela-
to make them see sense. [US] army in Afghanistan risks tions with China are already very
becoming a beached whale,” he close. America has made its inten-
n the 1960s, Pakistan provided argued. And there are no alternatives tions crystal clear: it has chosen Pak-

I the US a military base in Bud-

haber (near Peshawar) from
where a U-2 spy plane used to fly over
or good options for the US.
Second, Pakistan should immedi-
ately repatriate all Afghans, two to
istan’s arch-enemy India and is prop-
ping it up as a bulwark against China
but its most severe consequences
Soviet territory. It aroused the Sovi- three million of them that have rav- would fall on Pakistan.
ets’ wrath with disastrous conse- aged Pakistan since 1979. Enough If America pursues a policy that is
quences for Pakistan, especially relat- hospitality for the Afghans; let the clearly detrimental to Pakistan’s inter-
ing to the Kashmir dispute as well as US and the Afghan government deal ests, why can’t the elite in Pakistan
the disastrous India-Pakistan war in with them. Far from appreciating think in terms of protecting their own
November-December 1971 resulting Pakistan’s hospitality, all it has gotten interests? It is time to realize that
in the breakup of Pakistan. is abuse and threats. America is not a friend but an enemy
In August 1971 Pakistan facilitat- Third, Pakistan should seal its of Pakistan. It is also the enemy of all
ed Henry Kissinger’s secret visit from border with Afghanistan by installing Muslims in the world, indeed op-
Islamabad to Beijing that opened the a fence. It will not be cheap but what pressed people everywhere. g
way for Richard Nixon’s visit two
years later. This resulted in US peace
talks with North Vietnam that finally
enabled America to extricate itself
from the disastrous war in Vietnam.
Again, after the Soviet invasion
of Afghanistan in 1979 and Pakistan’s
crucial role in defeating the Red
Army, the US ditched Pakistan. As
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
candidly admitted, during Senate
hearings in 2012, that after the Sovi-
et defeat, the US abandoned Pakistan
to deal with all the problems arising
from the Afghan war.
The US, therefore, does not have
a stellar record in its dealings with
Pakistan. The more crucial question
is whether Islamabad is prepared to An Afghan refugee camp in Peshawar, Pakistan. In a game of
draw the right conclusions from brinkmanship, Pakistani officials have intimated in response to US
repeated debacles with the US? It is threats that they will send the two million Afghan refugees back
not without strong policy options. home — many of whom will swell the ranks of the Taliban. Pakis-
To start with, Pakistan can with- tan has more leverage than “genius” chief executive realizes.
draw transit facilities for US war

News & Analysis 25

power. The reason is simple: unlike
the Americans, the Taliban — and
Afghans in general — are not afraid
of death. Further, they enjoy the sup-
port of the Afghan population. This
explains why they control or have

TIME FOR THE US influence in at least 60% of

Afghanistan. The other 40% territory
is no man’s land with total lawless-
TO QUIT AFGHANISTAN ness. The puppet regime installed by
the Americans cannot enforce its writ
As Taliban gain ground, US can only save face by leaving even in Kabul where attacks and
By Zia Sarhadi explosions are quite frequent. The lat-
est attack occurred on Kabul’s Inter-
continental Hotel on January 21. The
hotel is not only in a secure area in
Kabul but is located on a hilltop. How
did the gunmen manage to penetrate
such a security cordon with American
In addition to Afghanistan, the neocons’ nefarious agenda. But and Afghan troops everywhere?

I Pakistan has suffered the most

from America’s 16-year war in
the landlocked country. Pakistan’s
here is the rub: the US launched the
war on Afghanistan — not Saudi
Arabia from where 15 of the 19
American troop levels have
declined in recent years. At present
they stand at around 13,000
human losses — nearly 70,000 dead alleged hijackers had come. The US although the Pentagon announced
and $120 billion in infrastructure accused Osama bin Laden of plan- on January 12 that another 1,000
damage — are colossal by any stan- ning the attacks, a charge he vehe- American troops would be deployed
dard. America’s 2,400 military per- mently and repeatedly denied. True, this month to “help” the Afghan
sonnel deaths pale into insignificance he praised the attackers but that army fight off the Taliban’s expected
compared to Pakistan’s. could hardly be used as justification spring offensive.
It is America’s war launched with- for launching war on a country where The US has spent nearly $1 tril-
out reason or cause, unless hubris he was staying. Washington demand- lion in Afghanistan since October
counts as justification for launching ed that the Taliban government hand 2001. Militarily or economically, it
wars in distant lands. But that is pre- him over to the US; the Taliban has anything to show for its 16-year
cisely what has happened. It was the demanded proof of his involvement campaign. Afghanistan remains vir-
neocons ensconced in important in the attacks. George Bush and his tually at the bottom of the Human
positions within the regime and in neocon handlers scoffed at the Development Index. So what precise-
various right-wing think tanks that demand and told the Taliban, “We’ll ly is its mission in Afghanistan? Even
came up with the ludicrous — and see you in Kabul.” Osama bin Laden, the bogeyman for
dangerous — notion that America The US launched what is now launching the war on Afghanistan, is
should go for “full spectrum domi- referred to as the longest war in its his- long dead and gone.
nance.” Following the demise of the tory. After more than 16 years of war
Soviet Union, Washington should and intense bombing of mud hut vil- he Taliban have shown that
not allow the emergence of a rival
power to challenge US hegemony,
the neocons argued. Further, that the
lages in Afghanistan, the Washington
warlords are nowhere near achieving
any of their objectives that not only
T they cannot be defeated mil-
itarily. This much should be
clear even to the gung-ho American
American people would be con- remain vague but also keep shifting. generals. Who are the Taliban and
vinced of this militaristic policy if At the height of the war, the US- how did they emerge?
there were another “Pearl Harbour NATO had 160,000 troops in Many of them are veterans of the
type attack” on the US mainland. Afghanistan. Of these, 100,000 were Afghan war against the Soviets. At
The 9/11 attacks occurred at such American soldiers. According to the that time, they were called mujœhidøn
a convenient time that many experts best guestimates, the Taliban never (freedom fighters); today they are
believe it was an inside job. Further, had more than 35,000 to 40,000 men branded as “terrorists” because they
the official inquiry commission has under arms. Yet they have given a are no longer useful as America’s Cold
gaping holes in it that simply served bloody nose to the self-declared super- Warriors. That 10-year struggle


caused much angst among Muslims
Initially, the Taliban had the
blessings of the US and Britain as
well. The Americans had no problem
dealing with them, even inviting a
delegation to visit the US in Decem-
ber 1997. UNOCAL executives facil-
itated the Taliban’s visit. The Ameri-
can oil company was keen to build a
gas/oil pipeline from Turkmenistan
through Afghanistan to Pakistan.
When the Taliban awarded the con-
tract to the Argentine company
BRIDAS, the Americans went ballis-
tic and all hell broke loose. They
vowed to teach the Taliban a lesson;
the 9/11 attacks were used as pretext
to launch the war on Afghanistan.
Smoke rises from the Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul after a late-
Already devastated, the land-
evening attack on 1-21-2018. Gunmen stormed the hotel in the
locked country has since been
Afghan capital, triggering a shootout with security forces. An
bombed beyond the Stone Age. Hun-
Afghan official said that the assault on the hotel ended after more
dreds of thousands of poor Afghans
than 12 hours with all the attackers killed by security forces.
have been murdered and the war is
Claiming responsibility for the attack, in which the gunmen were
still raging but the US has not suc-
able to occupy several floors of the hotel and in which 18 people
ceeded in its nefarious agenda to sub-
were killed, the Taliban are sending a message that not even the
due the intrepid Afghans. True, the
most secure zones are safe from reclamation operations from foreign
Americans have installed their pup-
occupying troops, especially the US. The gunmen were able to
pets as rulers in Kabul but their writ,
penetrate the security corridor around the hotel because there is not
like that of the Americans does not
a place in Afghanistan where the locals do not have contact with the
extend beyond the capital and even
Taliban, and hence can help them plan military operations such as
that is not guaranteed.
this one. Such operations are expected to continue so long as there
are foreign troops on Afghan soil.
fter 16 years of war and total

(December 1979 – February 1989) the consequences of the 10-year

A failure, it is time for all for-
eign troops to leave
Afghanistan. If the Washington war-
resulted in the defeat of the Red Army Afghan war. lords will not do so willingly, they
and ultimately disintegration of the These included a drug culture should be forced to withdraw.
Soviet Union. Ronald Reagan who spawned by opium cultivation in All of Afghanistan’s neighbors —
was president during most of those Afghanistan. While former allies Iran, the Central Asian Republics,
years even welcomed a mujœhidøn dele- struggled for power in Kabul, warlords Russia, and China — want US forces
gation to the White House! emerged in the rest of Afghanistan to to leave. Not one of them was sup-
Like all wars, the war against the stake out their own claims. There was portive of the US invasion in the first
Soviets also caused a massive refugee no safety or security for people amid place but after 16 years of bloodlet-
problem most of which has been such lawlessness. It was affecting Pak- ting and destabilization of the region,
borne by neighboring countries, espe- istan as well, that still hosted millions it is time for Uncle Sam to pack his
cially Pakistan and Iran. Each has of Afghan refugees. bags and go home!
hosted between 3–4 million refugees. Pakistan took steps to address the Americans are sore losers; they
They did not return home even after problem and helped in the creation of have never won a single war in their
the Soviet withdrawal in February the Taliban. The movement of the entire history notwithstanding the
1989 because a power struggle erupt- madrasa∆ students put an end to the genocidal war on Native Peoples in
ed among former mujœhidøn allies. The lawlessness ravaging Afghanistan the Americas. More than 40 million
US too abandoned Pakistan to face even if their obscurantist views have unarmed or lightly armed indigenous

News & Analysis 27

and perhaps has already risen — as
the terrorists face further defeats in
Syria. The US is relocating them to
The presence of terrorists to the
west in Afghanistan, and India’s huge
military build-up to the east, pose an
existential threat to Pakistan. Islam-
abad cannot take these threats light-
ly; it must protect its interests, indeed
its very survival.
The Afghans themselves must
determine the future of their country.
Their neighbors — China, Pakistan,
Iran, the Central Asian Republics,
Russia, and Turkey but not India —
should help them find a solution. It
must be Afghan-led and no group
should be excluded from it.
America is a destructive power; it
Instead of clearing the way for the millions of Afghan refugees in
has never brought stability anywhere.
neighboring countries to go back home, the US is using the war-torn
In recent years, its involvement in
country as a safe haven for ISIS mercenaries defeated in the Iraq-
Iraq, Libya, and Syria amply demon-
Syria theater. Reports say that the US has given safe passage to
strates its disruptive and destructive
over 10,000 terrorists, who have reassembled in the countryside of
role. It is a supporter of terrorists.
Afghanistan, such as in the training camp above. Former Afghan
Why should it be assumed that its
President Karzai remarked “How [are] unmarked non-military color
conduct would yield any different
helicopters supply[ing] these people, not only in one part of the
results in Afghanistan?
country but in many regions… And this is a daily occurrence.”
It is for Afghanistan’s immediate
neighbors to take steps to protect
their own interests and in the process
peoples were murdered in the Euro- American support were withdrawn, help the Afghans to achieve peace
peans’ colonial drive. the Afghan army would collapse and stability in their country. This
Pakistan should make clear that it within six months. So much for must begin with the immediate exit
would provide transit facilities to US- America’s $1 trillion spent in of all US and NATO forces from
NATO forces but not to bring more Afghanistan in 16 years. Afghanistan. It is long past due.
war materiel into Afghanistan. The From Pakistan’s perspective,
transit facility would be for exiting n the interim, Islamabad should Washington’s close alliance with
US forces out of Afghanistan on their
way back to the US.
Washington’s demand that the
I emphasize that it expects the
US and Afghan forces to halt all
terrorist attacks against Pakistan from
Hindu India is meant to disrupt the
$50 billion China Pakistan Economic
Corridor (CPEC). While the project
Taliban should be forced to negotiate across the border in Afghanistan. would connect the region and bring
with the puppet regime in Kabul is a These terrorists enjoy safe havens in huge prosperity to Pakistan, the evil
non-starter. It is for the Afghans to Afghanistan right under the noses of duo is hell bent on disrupting and,
decide, not any outside powers. The US and Afghan forces. In addition to therefore, destroying it. Hindu India
Taliban have repeatedly said they will Tehrik-e Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and is also involved in terrorist activities
not accept the US-imposed constitu- Jamaatul Ahrar, there has been a in Baluchistan. There is ample reason
tion on their country, nor the puppets huge influx of ISIS terrorists into to suspect that the US has given its
installed in Kabul. Afghanistan, courtesy of the US. blessings to such Indian crimes.
Once the US-NATO forces exit Zamir Kabulov, Russia’s special With such open US hostility and
Afghanistan, the puppet regime envoy for Afghanistan said in India’s historical enmity toward Pak-
would collapse. Ashraf Ghani admit- November that there were more than istan, the rulers in Islamabad would
ted in the CBS “60-Minutes” pro- 10,000 ISIS terrorists in Afghanistan. be derelict if they do not take steps to
gram broadcast on January 14 that if This number is likely to increase — safeguard the country’s interests. g




French historian explores the Jewish question
By Dr. Kevin Barrett

From Yahweh to Zion: Jealous God, Chosen People, native labor. But the Zionists are not especially interested
Promised Land… Clash of Civilizations by Laurent in exploiting Palestinian workers. They want to get rid of
Guyénot (author), Kevin J. Barrett (translator); Pub: Sifting the Palestinians, not put them to work. So for Gilad Atz-
and Winnowing Books, Lone Rock, Wisconsin, 2018, 492 mon and his followers, the Zionist project is a peculiarly
pages. Price: $29.95 Pbk. Jewish effort. We cannot understand the “Jewish State,” he
says, unless we understand Jewishness.
o Muslims have a Jewish problem, or just a Zion-

If we follow Atzmon’s lead, we must ask: what is it about
ist problem? Clearly, the invasion and coloniza- Jewish identity, as it has developed over 2,500 years of his-
tion of Palestine by Zionists, and the establish- tory, that has created the peculiar — and peculiarly persist-
ment of a self-proclaimed Jewish State there, is the central ent — genocide in Palestine?
political problem facing the Muslim Ummah. But how To ask this question is to court hysterical opprobrium.
“Jewish” is that problem? Any less-than-favorable mention of Jews, Judaism, Jewish-
Some argue that Zionists are just another sub-species of ness, or Jewish identity in today’s mainstream Western aca-
European settler colonialists. According to this interpreta- demia, media, or book publishing world is strictly forbid-
tion, the Jewish identity of the squatters in Palestine is no den. As John Cobb, one of the world’s leading Christian
more relevant than the British identity of settlers in colonial theologians, says in his blurb for Laurent Guyénot’s new
Kenya and Rhodesia, the Afrikaaner identity of settlers in book From Yahweh to Zion,
South Africa, or the French identity of settlers in Algeria.
But all of those settlers have either packed up and gone …we know that there is rather tight censorship with
home, or learned to live in legal equality with their native respect to what may be said about these matters
neighbors. Only colonized Palestine persists as an ethnic- without ad hominem response. The fact of Gentile
supremacist European settler colony, dominating, subjugat- crimes against Jews throughout history is used to jus-
ing, and expelling natives, and imposing apartheid condi- tify this censorship, much, but not all, of which is
tions, in the 21st Christian century/15th Islamic century. self-imposed. In my view, through their role in this
What accounts for the seemingly anachronistic persistence censorship, Jews are paving the way for the rise of
of Zionist colonialism in an otherwise postcolonial era? anti-Jewish feeling and perhaps much worse.
Gilad Atzmon points out that all other settler colonizers
committed their crimes while flying the flag of a European I agree with John Cobb that certain Jews’ heavy-handed
home country. Only the Zionists embarked on a settler ad hominem attacks on their critics are fueling a dangerous
colonial enterprise without the official sponsorship of a par- backlash. The alt-right includes a growing number of peo-
ticular European nation. Atzmon adds that other settler ple who are fed up with “Jewish power’s ability to silence
colonial projects were organized around the exploitation of discussion of Jewish power,” to paraphrase Atzmon. Some of

Book Reviews 29
these people are angry, chauvinistic, and potentially dan- ter scriptural position to embrace his insights than are Chris-
gerous. In the past, such anger has led to violence against tians and Jews. He was alluding to the notion of ta˙røf: the
innocent Jewish people. To forestall its possible recrudes- Qur’anic doctrine, backed up by numerous hadiths, holding
cence, we need to discuss the most sensitive topics — not that the Torah (like the Zab¥r and Injøl) was originally an
censor them and thereby relegate them to the neo-Nazi cor- authentic divine message, but that what survives today is the
ners of the internet. product of alteration and distortion by human transmitters.
Guyénot’s historical analysis suggests that the original
t is in hopes of fostering a reasoned interfaith dialogue distorters of the Torah’s divine message were what he calls

I on these matters that I agreed to translate and publish

Laurent Guyénot’s From Yahweh to Zion, which I
believe may be the best book ever written on what used to
the Yahwist priesthood. This priestly elite shaped the mes-
sage to favor its own self-interest. They drummed up follow-
ers by casting Yahweh as a tribal god, merely one god among
be called “the Jewish question.” Dr. Guyénot, a PhD many, who would bring his followers good fortune if they
medievalist historian by training, explores many legitimate punctiliously obeyed “his” orders (which were actually the
“Jewish questions,” including: Is Judaism/Jewishness a reli- orders of the priests themselves, and often involved plun-
gion or an ethnicity? What is the Jews’ relationship to God dering other tribes). Later, the priesthood learned to play
and the prophets? What accounts for the Jews’ ability to the double game of making Yahweh a tribal god for the
maintain tribal cohesion over more than 2,500 years? Why tribe, and a supposedly universal god (who still favored Jews
have Jewish communities so often been at odds with their as the Chosen Ones) for everyone else.
non-Jewish neighbors? Why have Jews been overrepresented
— in many non-Jewish societies throughout history — in he Qur’an abolishes this priesthood of con-artists,
positions of wealth and power? Why does this overrepresen-
tation seem to be increasing today? Why is this issue off-lim-
its for discussion in polite company (including the main-
T and indeed all priesthoods. It corrects many of the
Torah’s stories to make them moral rather than
immoral or questionably moral. It restores the true picture
stream media and the academy)? Is Jewish tribal cohesion an of the one universal God. It insists we are equal before God,
important factor in the deep xtate? And what role does the that the only meaningful distinction between people is in
creation and endless expansion of Israel play in all of this? their degree of God-consciousness and goodness, not their
Dr. Guyenot’s thesis, in a nutshell, is that a tiny Jewish tribal affiliation or material wealth. And it corrects the
elite, representing a very small fraction of Jews, has Jews’ erroneous portrait of life as a purely material this-
hijacked the idea of God and turned it to their own aggran- worldly affair by insisting that the next world’s rewards are
dizement. Over two-and-a-half millennia, this elite has ter- better and more enduring.
rorized its own people to enforce their sense of separateness So from a Qur’anic perspective, there are indeed “Jewish
from other groups, garnering wealth and power in the problems.” Laurent Guyénot’s interpretation of how these
process. Today, much of the Jewish population neither problems have manifested in history, culminating in the
believes in God nor practices most of the prescribed Jewish present apotheosis of Zion and accompanying War on
rituals. But the terrorizing of Jewish people by their own Islam, is an essential contribution to a critically-important
leadership, the enforced sense of separation from other conversation. g
communities, and the amassing of wealth and power by the
Jewish elite whose prime weapon is the adaptation of mil-
lennia-old brainwashing processes to today’s secular setting,
all continue — with Israel replacing Yahweh as a central
focus of worship.
From Yahweh to Zion is the work of a historian not just The Islamic Book Trust
of facts, but also of ideas. The book’s exploration of 2,500
years of Jewish history will shock many believing Jews and
Christians with its unfavorable interpretation of the Torah,
the central Jewish holy book that Christians have included
in the Old Testament. Since both traditional Jews and World’s premier online
Christians consider the Torah/Old Testament to be inerrant
scripture, Guyénot’s exposure of that book’s all-too-obvious bookstore for Islamic books
immorality will challenge and discomfit many readers (two
traditional Catholic friends and colleagues of mine have
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
refused to review the book for that reason).
In a recent radio interview with me, Dr. Guyénot, who is
a non-doctrinaire Christian, noted that Muslims are in a bet-

Book Reviews 31
have signed a petition entitled “Trump is men-
tally ill and must be removed.” Indeed, one does not need
to be a psychiatric professional to see signs of sociopathy,
narcissism, and emotional and intellectual instability in
WILL MADMAN Trump’s demeanor, words, and actions.
From a Muslim perspective, the psychiatric diagnoses
ring true. Trump is an extreme embodiment of bad adab. His
TRUMP RAIN self-centered arrogance seems to rival that of Pharaoh, the
Qur’anic villain who follows the egomaniacal path of Satan.
“FIRE AND FURY” On January 2nd, Trump inaugurated 2018 by once again
taunting Kim Jong un, “I too have a Nuclear Button, but it
ON THE WORLD? is much [a] bigger & more powerful one than his, and my
Button works!” Some tried to laugh it off, pointing out that
Odds of nuclear winter better than 50/50 Trump’s unintentional Freudian joke sounded like a line
By Dr. Kevin Barrett from the nuclear black comedy Dr. Strangelove. Others
countered that having a deranged buffoon like Trump in
command of the world’s biggest military machine may be a
joke on the world, but not a terribly funny one, since the
eventual punchline could be tragic beyond measure.
Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House by Michael
Wolff; Pub: Henry Holt and Company, New York, New York, ow did we reach this point? Wolff’s Fire and Fury
2018, 324 pages. Price: $18.00 Hbk; $13.09 Pbk; $14.00
Amazon Kindle. H offers one answer: Trump’s run for president was
a publicity stunt designed to bolster his brand
and enhance his riches and fame. Nobody, least of all
The Doomsday Machine: Confessions of a Nuclear War Trump himself or his family or advisors, ever expected him
Planner by Daniel Ellsberg; Pub: Bloomsbury Publishing, to win, or thought he would be capable of governing if he
London, UK, 2017, 432 pages. Price: $18.89 Hbk; $9.20 did (Trump, being a quintessential narcissist, quickly
Amazon Kindle. changed his mind on election night when he saw that he
had won; but nobody else did).
ichael Wolff’s new book Fire and Fury takes its Wolff’s account mainly follows Steve Bannon’s view-

M title from one of Donald Trump’s most infa-

mous Twitter outbursts. On August 8th, 2017
— between the anniversaries of the US nuclear holocausts
point, according to which it was Bannon, backed by huge
cash infusions from the billionaire Mercer family, who put
Trump in office. Bannon’s project was, and still is, to turn
of Hiroshima (August 6th) and Nagasaki (August 9th) — America in the direction of right-wing nationalism, in the
Trump tweeted, “North Korea best not make any more manner of a Pat Buchanan on steroids. Bannon initially saw
threats to the United States. They will be met with fire and Trump as a useful idiot. But as Trump’s presidency under-
fury like the world has never seen.” Trump’s promise to went slow-motion implosion during its first year, with Ban-
counter mere verbal threats by murdering millions of people non’s America-first project taking a back seat to the inter-
with nuclear bombs suggested to many observers that the nationalist Zionist bankster machinations of former Gold-
President is, at best, monumentally careless with his tweets. man Sachs honcho Steven Mnuchin and Kissinger-
At worst, he may be stark, raving mad — as 27 mental Netanyahu protégé Jared Kushner, Bannon jumped ship,
health professionals wrote in The Dangerous Case of Donald told all to Wolff, and broke decisively with Trump.
Trump: 27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a All this gossip about America’s unlikely, absurd, and
President. One of the authors, Bandy Lee, an assistant clin- quite possibly deranged President is as gripping and enter-
ical professor of psychiatry at the Yale School of Medicine, taining (at least until the novelty wears off) as it is horrify-
briefed Democratic lawmakers last month on the president’s ing. But in the end, it is not Wolff’s book that we need to
mental state. Though professional psychological and psy- read to understand our predicament. Daniel Ellsberg’s The
chiatric associations have discouraged such diagnoses-at-a- Doomsday Machine is far more edifying, and in the long run,
distance, 70,000 self-described mental health professionals more important.

llsberg is a former nuclear war planner for the

Dr. Kevin Barrett is a US-based journalist, commentator, and
radio broadcaster. He hosts the TruthJihad radio program as
well as manages the VeteransToday website.
E RAND Corporation who risked life in prison by
leaking the Pentagon Papers in hopes of stopping
America’s genocidal assault on Vietnam. The Doomsday


Machine makes a strong case that the problem is not that we wide for more than a decade, plunging the earth into
have a madman president. The real dilemma, according to “nuclear winter” and completely ending agriculture. The
Ellsberg, is much worse than that: we have a nuclear war result would be that all of earth’s population, except per-
system in place which is, for all practical purposes, in the haps for a few warrior cannibals, would die of starvation.
hands of omnicidal lunatics — and has been for more than
70 years.
It isn’t that the individuals who run America’s nuclear he Qur’an tells us “…if anyone kills a human
war system are all as crazy and ignorant as Trump. As indi-
viduals, most of them are quite sane, not to mention highly
intelligent, like the young Dan Ellsberg when he worked for
T being — unless it be [in punishment] for murder
or for spreading corruption on earth — it shall be
as though he had killed all mankind; whereas, if anyone
RAND. Ellsberg opens The Doomsday Machine with a quote saves a life, it shall be as though he had saved the lives of
from Nietzsche, “Madness in individuals is something rare; all mankind” (5:32). Allah (Â) thus emphasizes the
but in groups, parties, nations, and epochs, it is the rule.” importance of protecting human life, showing the immense
The nuclear command and control systems of our epoch consequences of even one unjust killing. And yet the
illustrate the point to perfection. nuclear war planners calmly plot the murder of the whole of
As Ellsberg makes clear, it is only through the grace of mankind, all the while deluding themselves into thinking
Allah (Â) that all human life and all large animal life on they are behaving acceptably by imagining that they are
earth, or virtually all of it, has not yet been extinguished by “only” plotting the murder of tens or hundreds of millions.
these nuclear madmen. For the nuclear war fighting plans The upshot is that, yes, Trump may be an ignorant,
and scenarios of the US, and presumably Russia as well, unstable, narcissistic nutjob. But the menace of Trump
seemingly guarantee that such a thing will happen, proba- pales in comparison to that of the criminally-insane nuclear
bly sooner rather than later. command and control system, which is built and main-
Two key points emerge from Ellsberg’s book. First, the tained by thousands of individually sane people, and toler-
chances of a major nuclear war between the superpowers ated by 300 million seemingly normal Americans. g
are shockingly high. Repeatedly, such a war has been nar-
rowly and improbably averted. If a professional oddsmaker
were fully informed about the issue, he would probably con-
clude that the chances of a full-scale nuclear war breaking
out are about 5%/year or 50/50 per decade (or per two Crescent International magazine
decades if the oddsmaker dons rose-colored glasses). That is now available online
means that during the 70-year nuclear superpower standoff,
we have flipped the coin three to five times, and gotten
visit us at:
lucky every time. In other words, we just played Russian
roulette, holding a gun to the head of the world, with five
bullets in the chamber (actually the odds are worse than
that, but you get the drift). Absent continual miraculous
divine intervention, we are eventually going to get the
mal˙ama∆ that Shaykh Imran Hosein and others claim is Don’t forget to refer to our
foretold in scripture. Or, paraphrasing Ibsen, “If a gun is on Daily News Analysis
the mantle in the first act, it must go off in the third.” where we provide our unique
The second key point is that the looming mal˙ama∆, as perspective on stories as
Imran Hosein says, is likely to kill all or nearly all of the
they develop.
world’s population. Ellsberg points out that even today,
many decades after the discovery of the planet-killing
“nuclear winter” that would follow even a relatively small Get your own hardcopy of Crescent
nuclear war between superpowers, nuclear war planners International, your best source of insightful
continue to work toward “limited” nuclear wars under the Islamic commentary and analysis
delusional assumption that “only” tens or hundreds of mil- on current events, newsmakers, and
lions of people would die, rather than the full seven billion movement issues, not to mention
(plus or minus a few miserable cannibalistic survivors). For Imam Mu˙ammad al-‘Œßø’s tafsør
the truth, according to climate scientists, is that even an series, The Ascendant Qur’an
(see p. 40 for subscription details).
improbably minuscule nuclear exchange of 100 small
nuclear bombs (and no big ones) would put enough smoke
into the atmosphere to block incoming sunlight planet-

Book Reviews 33
metis civilization, from p. 7 Dual Authority

The writing is on the wall for the Six Nations

(Eeyou Istchee), which signed an agreement in 2012 with the elected council and the Haudenosaunee Con-
province of Quebec that would abolish the municipalities in the federacy. The century-old legitimacy of the
region and merge them with the Cree Regional Authority in a new elected council vies with the millennia-old
regional government called the Eeyou Istchee James Bay Territory. legitimacy of the confederacy. Government
policy to support one side against the other
Many of these Aboriginal governments have reconstituted them- undermines the search for an acceptable com-
selves along traditional lines, re-establishing the control of clans, rec- promise. Understandably, there is no strong
ognizing the authority of elders and hereditary leaders, and/or permit- movement to overthrow the elected council,
ting the exercise of Aboriginal customary law. As of 2016, 22 com- which carries out the important work of
prehensive self-government agreements maintaining day-to-day life on
had been signed by the federal govern- the reserve. The unfunded
ment. Of those, 18 were part of a com- Haudenosaunee Confederacy
prehensive land claim agreement or has the prestige of tradition on
modern treaty. M ANY OF its side (David Suzuki paid a
Land is now controlled locally, under visit to them in 2014), but is in
the terms of the settlement agreements.
THESE ABORIGINAL no position to usurp the elected
There has been a gradual reduction and GOVERNMENTS HAVE council.
eventual elimination of the First The HCCC and the
Nations tax exemption. The current RECONSTITUTED SNEBC have parallel struc-
push to finalize modern treaties in tures to govern and promote
British Columbia and treaty negotia-
THEMSELVES ALONG development, the SNEBC hold-
tions in the Maritimes will, over time, TRADITIONAL LINES, ing government funding and
result in even more status Indian com- legitimacy as their trump card.
munities agreeing to come out from RE-ESTABLISHING The HCCC authorized the
under the Indian Act. Haudenosaunee Development
Ontario lags behind. In January
THE CONTROL OF Institute to set up a corpora-
2014, the Nipissing First Nation adopt- CLANS, RECOGNIZING tion, the NewCo, to negotiate
ed what is believed to be the first consti- contracts with external eco-
tution for a First Nation in Ontario. It THE AUTHORITY nomic corporations, as part of
is supposed to replace the Indian Act as the next phase of development
the supreme law that regulates the gov-
OF ELDERS AND for the Haudenosaunee. The
ernance of the First Nation, but has not HEREDITARY Joint Stewardship Board (JSB)
been tested in court. is an agreement between the
The government of Canada has LEADERS, AND/OR HCCC and the City of Hamil-
finally begun to address Canada as a ton for shared responsibilities
Métis civilization, moving in other ways
PERMITTING THE and environmental guardian-
beyond the Indian Act, working with ExERCISE OF ship of the Red Hill Valley. The
Métis communities and urban Aborigi- HCCC worked to restore the
nal populations, groups ignored under ABORIGINAL Burtch Lands after its use and
the Indian Act. “Put simply, the Indian abandonment by the official
Act no longer dominates Aboriginal-
CUSTOMARY LAW. government, but the Ontario
government relations and no longer pro- government is determined to
vides a singular focus for the manage- put the lands in its own control
ment of status Indian affairs.” under the corporation it set up
An important nongovernmental organization helping to facilitate with SNEBC participation.
the transition is the Centre for First Nations Governance, a non- The SNEBC works directly with the offi-
profit organization that supports First Nations as they develop effec- cial Canadian government on housing, edu-
tive self-governance after the demise of the Indian Act. It was found- cation, and infrastructure. They hosted the
ed as the National Centre for First Nations Governance in 2005 with North American Indigenous Games, Cham-
federal government support, but was defunded in 2012 by the Harper pion of Champions Pow Wow and the World
government and reconstituted as a self-financing consultancy group. Indigenous Peoples Conference on Educa-


tion in 2016–2017. Both are present at international fora such as the 19th–20th centuries. Now that commu-
UNDRIP. The dual authority weakens the overall authority of the nism has been defeated, it is possible — nec-
natives in dealing with the Canadian government, but things still essary — to go back to the drawing board to
get done. fashion a new Canadian identity, incorporat-
ing the anti-racism of the communists, Islam
and the native traditions as embodied in the
Prospects for Métis civilization Great Law of Peace. We are beginning this
very haltingly, though pipelines, resource
The number one priority for both SNEBC Chief Ava Hill and the exploitation, and dams still have the upper
HCCC is recovering some of the land stolen over the past two-and- hand, and our cousin Israel continues to
a-half centuries. Second is recovering some of the revenue that all of remind us of our past and present sins toward
the Haldiman Treaty lands are producing for Canada every day. natives, both Canadian and Palestinian.
Third, these resources must be used to build or rather rebuild native Already one-third of Canadian native peo-
life. Outreach to the broader society is also a priority. Natives tradi- ples are Métis, that is, intermarrying and
tionally have been generous and trusting, which accounts for how assimilating naturally to the dominant colo-
easily they were conned into giving everything away to a European nial, immigrant culture. The new popularity
money- and private property-oriented society. of all things native, the rediscovery of cul-
The SNEB have a tourism program, offering participation in tra- ture, languages, ethos, is encouraged by new
ditional ceremonies, art and sports events, canoeing by moonlight. immigrants, especially Muslim, as Aalia
An innovative example of this outreach is the program of the Missis- Khan, the leader of the nature walk through
saugas of the New Credit First Nation Mississauga’s Creditview Wet-
(MNCFN), which brings Indigenous land underlines.
and non-Indigenous youth together to Islam is now the second
learn about the history, people and ecol-
ogy of the Credit River. Indigenous eld-
T HE GREAT LAW largest religion in Canada.
There is much in common
ers and leaders lead workshops run by OF PEACE IS THE between Islam and native cul-
the environmental group Ecosource. tures. Perennialism is a per-
Carolyn King, who led a workshop
FOUNDATION OF spective in modern spirituality
about the history of the MNCFN, told RENEWAL, AND IS that views each of the world’s
the Toronto Star it is important to give religious traditions as sharing a
youth “a more intimate look at, and
VERY MUCH IN LINE single, metaphysical truth from
relationship with, the First Nations WITH ISLAMIC which all doctrine has grown.
community, a first step to creating and The Swiss Frithjof Schuon
building relationships. The Indigenous
TEACHINGS ON (1907–1998) was first attract-
youth who participated were a very GOVERNANCE AND ed to Hinduism before convert-
important contribution.” Joseph ing to Islam in Algeria in 1932.
Pitawanakwat, from Manitoulin Island,
RELATIONS WITH He lived with and wrote about
a member of the Wikwemikong First NATURE. the Plains Indians in the US,
Nation, and founder of Creator’s Gar- emphasizing the commonalities
den, ran the workshop about the signif- between native religions and
icance of plants along the Credit River. Islam.
This initiative is a hint of how a real Métis civilization can come Canada’s special place in world culture
about. It relies on a deconstruction of the “colonial syndrome” as will come, not through its colonial past,
outlined in Part 1, a renewal of human-based civilizational thinking which created a rich but exploitive “civiliza-
that arose at the same time as the native civilizations were being tion,” but through its multiculturalism, tem-
destroyed: the radical rejection of imperialism and racism proclaimed pered by the precious heritage of our native
for the first time in 1917 in Russia. Communism became imperial- peoples. The Great Law of Peace is the foun-
ism’s mortal enemy, much more worrisome at the time than the dation of renewal, and is very much in line
defeated native resistance. Not surprisingly, communists were with Islamic teachings on governance and
hounded and vilified much as natives were through the 20th century, relations with nature. Muslim Canadians can
even as they fought for fundamental human rights. find common ground with Canada’s native
But it was not only communism that was anti-imperialist and peoples; for Torontonians, that means work-
anti-racist. Islam promoted this from the 7th century onward, and ing with the Six Nations as the people whose
Muslims suffered the same travails as did Canada’s native peoples in land became Toronto. g

Book Reviews 35
I S L A M – F U N D A M E N T A L S

trinity of kufr: Atheism,

secularism, officialism
Tafsør of S¥ra∆ al-Nisœ’, the fourth s¥ra∆ of the Qur’an
By Imam Mu˙ammad Ó. al-‘Œßø

However it be, Allah [Himself] in a direction that ultimately ended

bears witness to the truth of up denying God altogether has been
what He has bestowed from on the social drift of their governments
high upon you; out of His own and establishments in a direction
wisdom has He bestowed it from that subsumes ethics, morals, and the
on high, with the angels bearing golden rule to the vested interests of
witness thereto — although a class of people accountable neither
none can bear witness as Allah to God, and thereby nor to the peo-
does (4:166). ple it rules. Any thinking Muslim
should expect this simply because
n this œya∆ Allah (Â) preempts these Yah¥d and Naßœrå have

I the propensity of Muslims to be

saddened by the fact that
“Christians” and “Jews” seem to be
changed, lost, or mutilated the origi-
nal scripture sent to them by Allah
(Â). Therefore, so what if these
paying scant attention to the facts mental drifters, buried under layers of
revealed here in the Qur’an. A disturbing aspect within the asphyxiating philosophies, do not or cannot see the light of
psychology of some Muslims ever since the inception of scripture and the guidance of God,
Islam has been the inferiority complex it harbors vis-à-vis
Christians and Jews. One indication of how pathetic this However it be, Allah [Himself] bears witness to
psychological condition can become is that the Muslims the truth of what He has conferred from on high
want “Jews” and “Christians” to certify what Allah has upon you [Muhammad]. Out of His own wisdom
given them in the form of the Prophet (r) and the Qur’an. has He conferred it from heaven above, with the
Sometimes it appears that Muslims are more desirous of the angels bearing witness thereto — although none
approval of “others” than of the approval of Allah. can bear witness as Allah does (4:166).
These Judeo-Christians can go on all kinds of philo-
sophical tangents, they can concoct any number of mental This testimony from Allah (Â) suffices. The Muslims
schools of thought, and they may devise every type of dog- need the validation of neither the intractable Yah¥d nor
matic prognosis, yet has any of this mental exploration and the distracting Naßœrå when Allah tells them that He and
investigation brought forth the level of certitude that His angels testify to the fact that it is He who disclosed the
comes from Allah’s exacting words in the Qur’an? And at Qur’an and the truth therein. Who are “Jews” and
the more visceral level where the impact is felt by the man “Christians” when Allah is our witness? And when the
on the street, the practical result of their philosophical drift angels are our witnesses?


This œya∆ does not operate in a vacuum. During the lic programs that will make it possible for them to present
time of Allah’s Prophet poisonous ideas, inaccurate infor- and explain everything about the døn of Islam. Civil hur-
mation, skewed opinions, hearsay, and the toxic mixture of dles, legal restrictions, “religious sensitivities,” and military
truth and lies, which were meant to disgrace the Prophet forces act as virtual barriers to any public access for
and discredit the Qur’an, were circulating in the Arabian Muhammadi and Qur’anic Muslims.
society of Madinah. The heavy air of this relentless barrage
may have been so suffocating that Muhammad (r) and his oday’s Muslims are daydreaming, thinking the
disciples could only breathe easier with some of these words
of comfort and reassurance. The long discourse in this thor-
oughgoing Qur’an about the Yah¥d and how they orches-
T world is liberal enough to accept the Islamic pro-
gram as it is presented here in this thoughtful
Qur’an. To experience the layers of denial (kufr) to this
trated an enormous public campaign to defame the divine and practical order of Islam, these types of people
reputation of Muhammad (r) and his mission must be kept would have had to advance into the real world with the
in mind. These œyœt were revealed in Madinah at the height profound message of this Qur’an. Regardless of their con-
of Yah¥dø social scheming and political plotting. temporary disposition, the Muslims still are tasked with
The words of the Qur’an press on with an accurate moving ahead with the meanings herein. And as they do so
diagnosis of the reality on the ground in Arabia, around they should take notice of Allah’s words as they tell them
Muhammad (r) and the core of committed Muslims with it is the kœfirs and the detractors who are on the wrong
him. The œya∆ declares an intention to inflict harm on course in life, “Behold, those who are actively in denial [of
those who are still in denial of Allah (Â) and pose a seri- Allah’s power] and are in the process of forcing back
ous threat to the freedom of this Islamic call of duty. Even [potential Muslims] it is they who are in deep deviation.”
after Allah states He is a witness to the truth and validity of There are governmental structures, ministries of the
this Prophet and the scripture he brought, these antagonists interior, information ministries, ministries of “justice,” and
do not desist; hence, ministries of “defense” that will not permit Muslims to
express the social meanings of this Qur’an or their ideolog-
Behold, those who are bent on denying the truth ical nature. These ministries are not run by phantom per-
and on turning others away from the path of Allah sonalities. The employees in them are not ghosts. They are
have indeed gone far astray. Behold, those who are real people whose job description is to ensure that secular-
bent on denying the truth [of Allah’s power mani- ism as defined by a materialistic, Judeo-Christian West lives
festation] and on transgression, Allah will indeed and Islam as understood at its source (the Qur’an and
not forgive them, nor will He guide them onto any Sunnah) dies. These secular gatekeepers, even though they
passageway except a passageway that leads to Hell, may sport cultural “Islamic” gewgaws, are to be evaluated
therein to abide beyond the count of time: and this not by their “cultural trinkets” but rather by their job
is indeed easy for Allah [to do] (4:167–169). descriptions. And their job descriptions are to serve in the

This is obviously a general statement operable and applica-

ble to all who meet its description. There are evidently
power blocs of people — then and now — who deny God,
object to His power, and take exception with His presence Imam al-‘Œßø’s unique
in human affairs. Their elaborate programs deflect from God
and “turn off” God at the psychological and mental core in khu†ba∆s now online
self and in society. Some of these sophisticated structures
have become a spent force of history. But one that is persist- Every week for the last 34 years, Imam
ent is the Yah¥d. They have, if nothing else, shown a con- Mu˙ammad al-Œßø has led Jumu‘a∆ Íalœ∆
sistency in their defiance of God, which exhibits itself in outside of Washington’s Islamic Center,
their belligerent attitude toward prophets, in their peculiar in protest at its subservience to despotic,
opposition to Muhammad (r), and now in their hostile dis- pro-Western, and anti-Islamic Muslim
position toward a growing transnational and multicultural governments. Now his passionate and
Islamic movement of self-determination and self-rule. insightful khu†ba∆s can be accessed online:
This œya∆ speaks about active kufr. There have always
been power blocs of kufr that are stumbling blocks in the
way of ømœn. No involved Muslim with a shred of intelli-
gence can stand up today and say there is enough “freedom
and democracy” in the world to offer Muslims of substance
the airwaves, satellite TV access, and an assortment of pub-

Islam – Fundamentals 37
kœfir establishment while rendering disservice to an ideolog- Allah, they are kœfirs [in denial of Him]” (5:44).
ical Qur’an and a practical prophet. Transgression, oppression, and infraction of justice are
These employees of kufr demonstrate mental deviation, the practical result when people, especially those deputized
conceptual fogginess, and a depraved doctrine. They are to to make decisions on behalf of their constituencies, omit
be held responsible for social disorder, behavioral disorder- Allah’s authority out of their personal and public lives. This
liness, and unstable circumstances — conditions that are to social and official behavior of kufr becomes a spiraling
be expected when Allah (Â) no longer is the authority on dynamic with destructive consequences. Anyone with an
human affairs. Such conditions erupt when the Qur’an and open mind can take a look at the world today and see how
Sunnah are “elevated” to the abstract, or when the Qur’an true this œya∆ is. Every society on earth that has expelled
is considered absent the Sunnah of the Prophet (r), or vice God out of its conscience and out of its community is paying
versa. A kœfir lifestyle and system in this world leads to kœfir a very heavy price for that deliberate decision. Sadly, what
consequences and systemic chastisement in the world to complicates matters even more is that some of these soci-
come. This kufr state of affairs is the dogged deviation and eties did not mean to expel God out of their lives; rather,
errant waywardness this œya∆ speaks about, “…they are they wanted to expel the misrepresentation and falsification
irretrievable in their departure [from Allah].” of God as championed by “church,” “synagogue,” or even
When the œya∆ continues it refers to the kœfirs’ cumula- “mosque” officials, and wound up having to live a “godless”
tive defective effort, “In fact those who deny Allah [and life replete with all the terrible consequences they have to
His power in social affairs] and do injustice…” First of all, endure as a result. From the richest country in the world to
it should be mentioned that kufr itself is injustice. When the poorest, and from Rome to Jerusalem to Makkah, no one
the human mind takes issue with the divinity and authority has been able to escape this faux-religious dynamic.
of Allah (Â) it sets itself on a course that cannot secure For all practical purposes, God is no longer an authority
justice in self and in society. Allah is the truth; denying in human affairs. The world is in a virtual bowing position
Him amounts to a denial of the truth. Allah is fair to indi- at the altar of secularism, atheism, and officialism, all of
viduals; denying Him leads to being unfair to individuals. which together have virtually become the trinity religion of
Kufr, in general, should be understood as the abstract, men- the world. The high priests of this contemporary religion
tal, and academic exclusion of Allah from being man’s are the presidents, prime ministers, proxy kings, corporate
authority on earth. The time should come, with more executive officers, military generals, and “philanthropists.”
urgency today than ever before, when Islamic descriptive All of them, including their ecclesiastical confederates who
literature is cleansed of such words as blasphemy, disbelief, carry prayer beads, wear peculiar headdresses, and don reli-
and their Judeo-Christian equivalents when referring to the gious robes, have one thing in common: God is not their
word kufr. Blasphemy is understood in the Judeo-Christian authority, and by extension, He is not the authority of those
culture as any word, sign, or action that intentionally they claim to lead. This has become the new religion of the
insults the goodness of or is offensive to God. Until the masses with “Jewish,” “Christian,” and even “Islamic” fla-
Enlightenment, it was punishable by death. Blasphemy was vors. This is the context in which the œya∆ should be read,
classified as heretical if it openly asserted something con-
trary to faith, and as non-heretical if it involved careless or Certainly, those who are bent on denying the truth
insulting speech about God. In many Christian countries, it [of Allah’s authority and power] and are bent on
is technically a crime, and is extended to include the denial inequity and transgression, Allah will indeed not
or ridicule of God, Christ, or the Bible; but the law is sel- forgive them, nor will He guide them onto any pas-
dom, if ever, invoked. Blasphemy is also a crime in certain sageway except the passageway that leads to Hell,
non-Christian countries. therein to dwell for eternity… (4:168–169). g

n the Qur’an and the Sunnah, kufr has an active mean-

I ing. It is a reaction to the movement and success of

committed Muslims. People, especially the vested inter-
ests of the rich and powerful, begin to deny Allah (Â) when
Muslims affirm Him. Therefore, in the absence of Muslims
who are affirming Allah, the legal and social implications of
people who are denying Him are absent. It can be said along
these lines that before the advent of the Qur’an and Muham-
mad (r), the people in Arabia were not “technically” kœfirs
because there was no Islam or ømœn to deny. In this context,
the œya∆ in S¥ra∆ al-Mœ’ida∆ can be appreciated all the more,
“…and those who do not rule with [the justice] revealed by


regardless of how unreasonable or
unjust that may be.
Washington also has a habit of
sending pit bulls to the UN that
attack anyone disagreeing with US
position. If they could physically bite,
there is little doubt these US
(un)diplomats would have taken

letters chunks of flesh from those opposing

their position. It matters not whether
US representatives are men or
women or anything in-between.
By their atrocious conduct, Amer-
ican officials have become a laughing
stock of the world. They are living up
to the much deserved epithet of the
“Ugly American”!
P. Cartwright
Dundas, ON, Canada
Milestone for The Jerusalem
Ascendant Qur’an Orangutan!
Jerusalem is not and will never be the
Alf alf mabr¥k; inshœ’allœh in a few capital of Zionist Israel. It is a holy The New York Zoo has issued a
weeks or months, ICIT will witness city in a holy land that has been notice that an escaped orangutan
another great milestone: none other occupied by mass murderers and from the zoo (in 2016) has been
than the tafsør of the noble Qur’an, thieves from Europe, Russia, and sighted at various times in Washing-
The Ascendant Qur’an, celebrating its North America. Regardless of what ton, DC and Florida. The zoo’s press
tenth anniversary (first volume was the US or anybody else says, these release further advises people to exer-
printed in 2008). The first of its kind thieves will have to vacate every inch cise caution as the animal is danger-
initiated by the late Dr. Kalim Sid- of Palestine unless they are prepared ous and given to bouts of sudden rage.
diqui (ra˙matullœhi ‘alayhi) at the Anyone who sees the orangutan
to live in peace and harmony with
request of the youth of South Africa should immediately notify the zoo
the original inhabitants of the holy
(in 1996), this great and noble task management so that trained handlers
fell on the shoulders of our dear land: the Palestinians.
can bring the animal back to its right-
brother, Imam Mu˙ammad Ó. al-‘Œßø. Sadiq Abul Khayr ful place: a cage.
May the merciful Lord make his task Beirut, Lebanon John Freedman
easy, œmøn. New York, NY, US
With Volumes 11 and 12 already
uploaded to the ICIT digital library UN as US bully pulpit
or hard copies en route from the
The United Nations General Assem-
Letters to
printers along with other publica-
bly is a platform where diplomats
the Editor
tions already there or on the way, this
Letters for publication should be
will, inshœ’allœh only boost the morale from around the world use diplomatic
concise, appropriate to the subject
of the youth and the Ummah at large; language even if it is largely con- of the paper, and clearly marked
and yes, the emerging Islamic leader- trived, mostly grandstanding. The “for publication.” The writer’s name,
ship around the world as well. UN Charter is frequently invoked address, and telephone number must
The ICIT founders know that only and appeals to uphold international be given. Letters may be edited or
abridged to fit. Send to:
Allah (Â) will reward them in both law (for all it’s worth) are made.
worlds. Again, by involving more sin- The US, however, adheres to no Crescent International
cere and committed seekers of truth norms. It uses the UN as a bully pul- P.O. Box 747, Gormley, ON,
pit threatening member states with L0H 1G0, Canada
and justice, can one truly succeed.
Muslim Abdullahi Mahmood dire consequences if they deviate
Abuja, Nigeria from the line set by Washington

Letters 39
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