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Resolution to Minimize Influence of Islamic Law

Whereas: The Declaration of Independence states that governments derive their
Just Powers from The Consent of the Governed, and

Whereas: The Islamic model of government is that government derives power
from the Holy Koran and the Prophet’s Tradition, the foundations of
Shariah Law (a form of foreign law), and

Whereas: The MNGOP Party Platform states that “we oppose the implementation
of foreign law on American soil”, and

Whereas: Islamic Law is a complete system of law inseparable from the religious
aspects of Islam, and

Whereas: Islam eschews man-made law such as the Constitutions of the United
States and Minnesota, and all the laws made in pursuance thereof, and

Whereas: Muslim leaders, religious or otherwise, must definitionally be regarded
as advocates of Islamic Law and opponents of man-made Constitutional
Law, therefore

Be It Resolved :

That no Islamic leader, religious or otherwise, shall ever be allowed to deliver the
invocation at any Republican convention or event.

That affirmative and ongoing actions be taken to minimize and eliminate the
influence of Islam within the Minnesota Republican Party or its subunits.

That legislation, policies, and educational programs be implemented to increase
awareness of these facts so as to evermore minimize and eliminate the influence of
Islam within Minnesota, including Minnesota schools.

Prepared & Paid for by Jeffrey W Baumann


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