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(006) Lahore Main Branch

Title of Account MUHAMMAD RIZWAN Account # 0061000957160

Pak Rupees
Address H.NO.548-B, BLOCK-J III, Profit and Loss Saving Account
JOHAR TOWN, Statement Period
03035881501 From 01-Jan-2018 To 31-Jan-2018

Date Particulars Ins # / Time Value Date Amount Balance

01-Jan-2018 ** Opening Balance ** 797.00

04-Jan-2018 Online Transfer with instrument ONLINE 04-Jan-2018 141,412.00 142,209.00
13-Jan-2018 W. H. TAX ON PROFIT 01-Jan-2018 0.12 DB
PROFIT PAID 01-Jan-2018 1.19 142,210.07
26-Jan-2018 SMS Alerts Fee 27-Jan-2018 34.80 DB 142,175.27
30-Jan-2018 Misc GL Credit 30-Jan-2018 163,580.00 305,755.27

31-Jan-2018 ** Closing Balance ** 305,755.27

31-Jan-2018 ** Uncollected Fund ** 0.00
31-Jan-2018 ** Closing Available Balance ** 305,755.27


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