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What is SAP Ticket How to Take and Resolve in Real

What is SAP Ticket How to Take and Resolve in Real Email address... Submit
time. When you working on supporting projects how to
deal with taking and resolving tickets in real time is the key
factor in your job responsibility. Who are looking to start
career in SAP industry and who have just started their
SAP career should be well aware of SAP Tickets and how FOLLOW US ON TWITTER!
to receive and how to resolve and how to close tickets in
SAP. Here in this post we are providing step by step procedure to taking and resolving
the tickets in SAP real time.
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SAP Tickets How to Take and Resolve in Real time SAP ABAP Interview …

As a SAP consultant you are working in a consultancy company and, you are allocated for
a support project of their client. In this scenario your consultancy company may use
solution manager or a third party software to manage tickets in real time. SAP tickets
will raise by the users in solution manager or in third party software, with issues what
they are facing. Then these tickets are allocated to a consultant, if it is technical issue
technical consultant will takes care about it or it is a functional then functional SAP Object Oriented ABAP Interview Questions
consultants will resolve the issues. After raising tickets, as a consultant how you to take Answers
up and resolve a ticket which is raised by user is explained in below procedure.
Module Pool Programming Interview Questions in

SAP Project Management Realtime Interview

Questions Answers
SAP Tickets - Steps to Take and Resolve in Real time
Module Pool Programming Interview Questions and

Follow below steps when tickets are allocated to you in real time
SAP Web Dynpro ABAP Interview Questions
1) Check for Priority
What is SAP Ticket How to Take and Resolve in Real
2) Check for Information provided by the User
Top 100 SAP HANA Interview Question And Answers

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3) Understanding the Issue For Experienced And Freshers 2016

SAP Smart Forms Interview Questions for ABAPers

4) Intimate the Solution to User
Top 100 SAP ABAP Interview Questions To Crack
5) Take Precautions Before Doing Changes ABAP Interview

6) Do Configuration Changes and Test Application

7) Prepare Documentation for Changes ► 2017 (5)

8) Ask User to Test Application ► 2016 (3)

► 2015 (1)
9) Closing the Ticket
Now let's discuss about each and every step in detail when you deal with tickets in real ▼ 2014 (38)
time in SAP
► August (4)

► July (5)
Check for Priority ► May (5)

First we need to look at the priority of the ticket whether it is low, medium or high ► April (1)
priority. If it is in high priority, this could be addressed immediately. Low and medium
► March (2)
tickets, you can have a certain limit of time to complete. Be sure that depending up on
the priority level decide your self. ► February (6)

▼ January (15)

Check for Information Provided by the User ALE IDOC EDI Network Techniques SAP to
SAP & SAP t...

SAP Consultant has to check the information which has been provided in the tickets by How to Use Traffic Signals in ALV Report ABAP
the User. If you don’t get sufficient information, or if you don't understand the issue Sour...
then give a email to him or discuss over a phone. For example, User has pasted the
description of an error. With this, sometimes it is not possible to work on the issue, Build Web Dynpro Applications using MVC
hence, get the details like Transaction code, at what step the error is triggering etc. Approach
Discuss with user to get more information on issue to resolve.
How to Upload Excel File to Internal Table &

ABAP Web Dynpro Interview Questions

Understanding the Issue Answers Realti...

OOABAP Instance Static Constructors Tutorial

This is very important step in resolving the issue. Consultant has to understand the with ...
issue which has been raised by the User. In case, you are not aware about this issue or
any clarification required, then have a discussion with the user or send an email to him. If ABAP Object Oriented Programming Tutorials
you are not able to understand, discuss with the team, high authorities and try to Example...
understand about the issue. If you don't understand you con't do anything with the
issue. SAP Web Dynpro ABAP Interview Questions

Web Dynpro ABAP Interview Questions

Intimate the Solution to the User
How to Find BADI-Different Methods Every
ABAPer Sh...
After working on the issue, first intimate the solution to the user. In case if it is a minor
issue, discuss over the phone and send an email and then issue can be closed. If any What is SAP Ticket How to Take and Resolve in
configuration changes need to be done, then inform the solution and user must need to Real...
be satisfied with the solution provided by you. Once, consultant solution is accepted by
the user, then proceed to do the configuration changes. Useful SAP ABAP Editor Keyboard Shortcuts
for Prog...

Webdynpro ABAP Introduction Overview for

Take Precautions Before Doing Changes Beginners...

Object Oriented ABAP Tutorials-5 Working with

Before doing any configuration changes to the application, analyze the impact of the Meth...
changes which you are making and also check the side impact like impact on other
modules for the changes that you are making. If there is some impact, if it is important, Partner Profile Maintenance in IDOC Tutorials
then inform the impact of the changes to your project manager and if required to the For ...
User. When you want to make configuration changes take permissions from your higher
authorities, it could be better for you.
► 2013 (59)

► 2012 (65)

Do the Configuration Changes and Test Application

In this step, you can go ahead with configuration changes and ensure transport request
saved correctly. Testing is compulsory for the each configuration changes. Consultant TOTAL PAGEVIEWS
has to test in the development server. If you are satisfied with the solution go to next

converted by W
step of documentation.
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Prepare Documentation for Changes

Document’s has to be made for configuration changes which are done in development
Account document. In case of ABAP efforts is involved, then
relevant document should be prepared. Example like functional specification document
and technical specification document etc. after preparing the document, it should go
for project manager approval and then, transport request can be released to quality
server. Publish Preview

Ask User to Test Application

Here, once after transport request released from development server to quality server,
then User has to test the application and confirm that issue was resolved.

ABAP Interview QuestionsClosing

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Rules (6)
ABAP-Interview-Questions (52) ALE IDOC (6) ALE IDOC Interview Questions (6) ale-idoc (6) ALE-
IDOC-Interview-Questions ALV-Interview-Questions
After confirming by user, (22)to the production server and
the transport request
close theBAPI-Interview-Questions
issue or ticket. (14) BDC (6) BDC Interview Questions (6) BDC-Interview-Questions (9)
(22) Cross-Applications (14) Data Dictionary (22)
Data-Dictionary (48) Data-Type-Questins (6)
Dialog-Programming (30)Domain-Interview-Questions (8)
These steps to be IDoc Tutorials
followed when Interactive-Reports-
(6)you working with SAP Tickets - how to take and resolve
in real time. (22)Lock-Objects-Interview-
Questions (10)Modularization-Interview-Questions (25)
Module-Pool-Programming (39)Object Oriented ABAP (19) Object
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