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Press Release

EMCO WHEATON has supplied four

Marine Loading Arms for the first Mexican
LNG Terminal in the Port of Altamira
Kirchhain/Altamira (hgd). A consortium on Mexico’s Gulf coast. Awarding authority
formed by Ishikawajima Harima Heavy is the Terminal de LNG de Altamira S de RL
Industries (IHI), ICA Mexico and Fluor de CV, a joint venture Company owned by
Daniel has received the award of contract the Royal Dutch/Shell Group and the Total
for the Engineering, Procurement, Con- Group. It is expected that the facility will start
struction and Commissioning of the its operations in the second half of 2006. It
liquefied natural gas (LNG) re-gasification will supply 5 billion m³ per annum of natural
terminal in the port of Altamira, Tamaulipas, gas for 15 years.

Marine Loading Arms are an essential part

of the LNG Terminal
EMCO WHEATON have been awarded the
contract to supply and install four Marine
Loading Arms. EMCO WHEATON GmbH
is based in Kirchhain, is a Gardner Denver
affiliated company. EMCO WHEATON is
one of the leading suppliers of total so-
lutions for customers needing to transfer
or store hazardous gasses and liquids in
bulk. Apart from EMCO WHEATON’s technical
expertise and its reliability in respect of ad-
herence to delivery dates, the consortium chose
the German specialists, because their Marine
Loading Arms comply with the special re-
quirements for LNG-terminals defined by Shell.
EMCO WHEATON’s B0300 series Marine

IHI is the consortium representative and

the technical leader. ICA Fluor will act
as overall project manager and provide
all local services. The facility will include
LNG unloading and ship berthing facilities,
storage consisting of two 150,000 m³
double containment LNG tanks, regasi-
fication, send-out installations, and all
related utilities.

EMCO WHEATON Marine Loading Arms for the 1st Mexican LNG Terminal in Altamira

Loading Arms will be utilised for the loading and

unloading of ships with a capacity of 70,000
– 200,000 m³. The basic design feature of the
B0300 loading arm is the use of a supporting
structure to carry the product pipe. They are
used where it is essential to keep the product
pipe the same size for either economical or
technical reasons, e.g. cryogenic products,
piggable systems and PTFE-lined product
pipe. The design of the Marine Loading
Arms includes a support structure for the
standpost, inboard and outboard arm and
separates any mechanical loads imposed on
the product pipe, except for the deadweight
and internal pressure loads. The balancing of
the arm is achieved by a rigid link pantograph
system with independent counterweights
direct linked to the inboard- and outboard arm.
Marine Loading Arms passed Yard Test
This provides accurate balance throughout
all manoeuvring and connecting positions.
Before final delivery the marine loading
All loading arms are equipped with,
arms had to pass various tests. One of
Nitrogen Purge Line, Drainage Connections,
them was the so called Factory Acceptance
Emergency Release System (ERS), Manual
Test, which ensured that the loading
Quick Coupler, Insulating Flange, Hydraulic
arms complied with the customer’s
power station and electric controls.
specifications. By the end of August 2005
The manual quick coupler used for this
all attachment parts were in place and the
project is a further development to the units
loading arms proved to be in full compliance
available to the industry so far. It introduces
with the requirements of the customer.
an intermediate option between a bolted
Each Marine Loading Arm when parked
flange, a conventional cam-lock coupler and
is 29 m high and weighs 65 t. During
traditional hydraulic quick coupler.
the loading process the product pipe is
cooled down to -162° C. The flow-rate is
4 000 m³/h. The entire structure of the loading
arm is designed to withstand a wind speed of
200 km/h (125 miles/h).

Fluid Transfer Division

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Press Release

Advanced Technology:
The loading of bio-diesel, fuel of the future.
Bio-diesel is recognized as fuel of the must be conformed perfectly to the
future. Today, over 180,000 vehicles physical requirements of the bio-diesel
use the renewable fuel alternative. manufacturers. Safety is a main issue,
With a distribution of 1.5 million tons along with efficiency, dependability,
in 2005, bio-diesel is arguably the most and unsurpassed quality. In 2006, EMCO
important and marketable bio-fuel. WHEATON delivered ten installations
For the loading of the fuel, individual for the manufacture of bio-diesel with
solutions covering the entire process loading arms and folding access stairs for
are needed. The loading equipment vehicle inspection and filling.

Bio-diesel is a valid alternative to mineral fuels only after many additives

conventional diesel. It is manufactured or by complex production processes is
from renewable raw materials and given to bio-diesel by nature. It is almost
significantly lowers carbon particle completely free of sulphur and extremely
emissions. In the burning process, solvent, making it gentler on the motor.
bio-diesel emits as much CO2 as plants Because bio-diesel molecules contain
absorb while maturing. It is also easily 11% oxygen, the burning process is more
biodegradable. The most used raw efficient and produces significantly fewer
material is rapeseed (also known as particle emissions. A further advantage
Canola) oil, which has beenextracted over conventional fuels is that in accident
from the seeds of situations, bio-diesel
the plant through an poses no threat to the
oil press. earth or groundwater.
A short It is classified at
description of the minimum risk to
manufacturing water. In Germany,
process: Oil and there already exist
fat molecules have approximately 1800
the same chemical filling stations offering
composition. Both bio-diesel. For it to
involve fatty acid arrive there, this fuel
components, or of the future must first
esters. In a so-called be loaded into tank
Transesterification vehicles for transport.
process, plant oil EMCO WHEATON
and methanol are delivers loading arms
heated together which are custom-
with a catalyst. The designed and fitted
results produce fatty to the needs of the
acid-methanol ester manufacturer. They are
chains – bio-diesel, exceptionally service
and glycerine. oriented, and above
What is achieved in all, easy to operate.

Perfected Technology: The loading of bio-diesel, fuel of the future.

Loading Arms for Bio-diesel Transfer adapted to the exact geometry of each on-
Stations site loading platform. To save time during
the filling process, transport vehicles
Due to many years of experience, in 2006 should not have to be moved – a wish from
EMCO Wheaton received the additional the manufacturers that EMCO was able to
assignment to supply for the manufacture fulfil: the wide reaching range of the loader
of bio-diesel, loading arms and folding was conceived in such a way that all top
access stairs for vehicle inspection and loading points (domes) along the length
loading. The production plant sites are of a semi-trailer truck could be accessed.
located across Germany, predominantly in For the loading of bio-diesel,
the eastern states of the Federal Republic. specialized seals are employed in the
The emphasis in the case of these orders EMCO swivel joints. The gaskets were
was the engineering and fabrication of specially developed in cooperation with
equipment capable of loading of bio- a manufacturer specifically for this use.
diesel and its by-product glycerine in A further challenge in handling glycerine
various grades, and fatty acids. For certain and fatty acids is that for these elements,
facilities, an extra loader for the handling the loading arms must be heated. This
of raw materials like Methanol was also has been realized by the installation of
delivered. electrical trace heating elements. For the
unloading of Methanol it was additionally
required to build in the appropriate
precautions in accordance with explosion
prevention requirements. EMCO planned
and manufactured the equipment to meet
all existing safety rules and regulations.

Loading Arms with a Greater Range

The facilities manufacturing bio-

diesel were outfitted with 3 different
types of loading arms, according
to their special requirements.
The standard loading arms E2800 and
E2808 are specially developed for the
top loading of mineral oils into tanks and
tanker wagons through their open domes.
Both loading arms have a large range,
perfectly outfitted for filling stations where
the dome openings cannot be positioned
exactly. The robust and extremely high
quality construction of the swivel joints
along with the balancing assures that the
equipment is very easy to use. At some
plants, a solution for safe loading at ground
level was needed. Here, the loading arm
Individual Solutions for Special E2825 came into use, likewise particularly
Challenges suitable for the task due to its extra wide
range. The loader for the filling of road
Because mainly tanker trucks and tanker wagons with bio-diesel is equipped
sometimes railway tank wagons must be for a flow-rate of 80 m3/h. Glycerine and
loaded and unloaded, EMCO delivered fatty acids are loaded at 30 m3/h.
loading arms for top filling, which had to be
Moving Forward with Safety A Tradition of Teamwork

When preparing the vehicles to be top From planning and construction to

loaded, there is always a great danger implementing the operation, as specialist
of service personnel slipping and falling. for the transfer of flow-materials, EMCO
To prevent this, special protections were covers the entire spectrum, from foodstuffs
requested. EMCO was able to deliver safe to chemicals. The awarding of the contracts
passage in the form of folding access stairs for outfitting the bio-diesel facilities was
with the precise amount of steps needed received by EMCO based on its long
to reach the tank or tanker wagon from the history of good teamwork in connection
loading platform. With both handrails and with its highly developed technology,
safety rails on both sides, hot-galvanized service, amicability and last but not least,
skid-proof steps, a contact bracket fair market prices. The operators of the
covered with an oil-resistant rubberized manufacturing plants are highly satisfied
bumper, stabile support frame, and parallel with the delivered goods and services,
guide arms, the folding access stairs fill especially because the equipment is safe
all occupational safety standards and and easy to operate.
effectively prevent accidents due to falling.
The retractable folding stairs are easy to
use manually, but can also be delivered
with pneumatic or hydraulic guiding
systems. They are examined and certified
by professional association experts
responsible for structural mechanics.

Fluid Transfer Division

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Press Release

First Marine Loading Arm for CNG,

Compressed Natural Gas

Natural Gas is an important cornerstone The current alternatives to `pipeline gas´

of power supply. Its total share of primary are LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) and CNG
energy consumption in Germany in 2004 (Compressed Natural Gas). In both logistical
was 22,4 %, earning it 2nd place, directly processes, transportation of the resource
behind oil. Used commonly for both heat over seaways and without pipelines is now
and fuel, combusted natural gas produces possible. For the unloading of CNG, Emco
less CO2, which is one reason why the Wheaton has recently developed for the first
market share for natural gas in the future is time ever a marine loading arm capable of
predicted to increase sharply. Alternative handling the special requirements posed by
transport facilities for natural gas are compressed natural gas. The unique feature
currently being introduced. These have of the marine loading arm is that it can be
the possibility to overcome obstacles for a optionally installed directly onto a CNG
long term supply of European natural gas. regas vessel.

There is currently a growing demand for

sources of energy that are environmental
and climate-friendly as well as economical.
The history of natural gas as a primary
energy source is relatively young, gaining
prominence first in the mid 1960`s with
the discovery of a large natural gas field
on the European continent. In just 30
years, the market share of natural gas in
primary energy consumption climbed to
over 20 percent. But what is natural gas
really? Natural gas is a product of nature
that includes all gaseous hydrocarbon
components that originate from the earth
and are combustible. At least 85 percent
of the volume consists of methane,
and up to 10 percent from nitrogen and
carbon dioxide. Natural gas is stored in
underground caverns and porous rock
formations. Based on current yearly
demand and considering the technically
intensive methods necessary to procure it,
the supply of natural gas is estimated to
be sufficient for the next 170 years.

In addition to an underground network New Development of a Marine Loading
of pipelines, the transport of natural gas Arm for CNG
increasingly employs the use of high sea
vessels. A condition to make this possible As the specialist for the transfer of liquid
is the application of technical procedures materials, EMCO WHEATON covers the
to reduce the volume of the gas. For LNG complete range from foodstuffs to
(Liquified Natural Gas) this takes place by chemicals. Based on the successful
liquefying and supercooling the gas to minus Marine Loading Arm B0300, which has
162 degrees Celsius. Through this process been employed for many years for the
the natural gas takes on a fluid form and can loading and unloading of sea vessels, a
be transported with specially outfitted high new marine loading arm specially designed
sea vessels. A further option is compression. for CNG transport has been developed.
The resulting CNG (Compressed Natural The assignment was to create a CNG
Gas) is methane in a gaseous state which marine loading arm that could be operated
is pressurized to between 50 and 150 bar. at pressures up to 150 bar with a feature
CNG is used primarily as fuel for automobiles allowing emergency release of the loading
powered by natural gas. Natural gas motors arm from the ship. In addition, the loading
employ an extremely ecological form of arm had to be designed to allow installation
propulsion technology. In comparison to petrol on a regas carrier, and be stable enough
engines, natural gas produces 25 percent to accept all mechanical loads, as well as
less CO2, making it the cleanest burning of accelerations and movements that can occur
all known fossil fuels. A growth rate in the on a sea going vessel. The client, Excelerate
area of circa 40 percent further reflects the Energy, selected EMCO WHEATON based
importance of this development. For the new on the plausible solution to the challenge that
model year 2007, 55,000 natural gas vehicles was offered by the Kirchhain firm. The result,
were certified in Germany. World-wide, 4.5 after 12 months of research, development
million such vehicles are already in use. and testing, has recently been introduced
and can be seen successfully in use. EMCO
WHEATON specially developed and delivered The first CNG marine loading arm is being
the 12 inch marine loading arm for the transferemployed on the eastern coast of England
of CNG. It encompasses hydraulic drives, in the port of Teesside Middlesbrough. It will
electric controls and safety features, including
transfer the compressed natural gas from the
a hydraulic quick connect / disconnect coupler regas tanker directly into the national gas grid
for the emergency disconnect system. of Great Britain. With a daily capacity of 11.3
million cubic meters, the facility in Teesside
Individual Solutions: Quick Coupler with covers circa 3 percent of England’s daily peak
Retractable Connector Claws demand for natural gas, avoiding the need to
construct additional storage tanks and regas
A special challenge in the development facilities on land.
of the marine loading arm was to devise
a solution for high pressure process. In Customer Oriented Specific Solutions
addition to the high pressure, the loading arm
must be capable to withstand the severe With the CNG marine loading arm, EMCO
conditions that occur on board a sea going Wheaton has proven once again to be a first
vessel. EMCO Wheaton has developed a class and dependable partner when it comes
marine loader with structural components to the development of highly customer
capable of meeting the extreme loads and specific solutions in the loading arm business.
conditions. A hydraulic quick coupling system The delivered solution not only fulfils the
was developed specifically for use in high client’s requirements, but exceeds them as
pressure conditions. This system includes a well. EMCO Wheaton assisted the needs of
quick coupler with connector claws that can the client, Excelerate Energy and provided
fully retract beyond the connecting flange It support to many other project participants
is capable of withstanding the resulting high during the entire project, encompassing the
successful planning, erection and installation.
After the successful pilot project in Teesside,
Excelerate Energy immediately contracted
EMCO Wheaton to install further CNG
marine loading arms, which are currently in

pressure and guarantees a safe connection.

During the development process, Emco
Wheaton carried out extensive computer
based simulations as well as field tests to
safeguard that the delivered unit would meet
all official safety regulations for the transport
of CNG. All subcomponents as well as the
entire unit have been intensively tested and
are certified by the Bureau Veritas.

Fluid Transfer Division

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Press Release

German Innovation Lands Emco Wheaton

in the 100 `TOP` Companies
Since September 2005, Emco Wheaton couplings, API couplings, loading valves,
can be counted as one of the 100 `TOP` folding stairs, emergency operation systems,
businesses in Germany. As the host of and safe access equipment, as well as
TOP, a nationwide innovations initiative, loading platforms. With its wide assortment
Emco Wheaton committed its resources of proven equipment and services, Emco
and expertise to strengthen the quality of Wheaton serves the entire process spectrum
innovation in Germany. The `Technology in fluid transfer from food to chemicals.
Oriented Exchange and Information
Program` is a nationwide initiative of
the National Ministry for Economics
and Technology, and the F.A.Z. Institute
for Management, Market and Media
Information GmbH. In association with
leading corporations such as Airbus,
Vaillant, Unilever Germany, Tesa, Vorwerk
and Carl Zeiss, Emco Wheaton shared
its knowledge of new technologies and
strategies with other businesses on the
topic of `Employees in the Center`.

Global Leader

Emco Wheaton is the world leader in

the development and manufacture of
customer-oriented solutions for the loading
of fluids and gasses. Founded in 1957 in
Kirchhain as part of the `Fluid Transfer Innovative Improvement Process
Division`(FTD) of Gardner Denver, today
the strongly performing unit employs At Emco Wheaton, innovation has many
over 250 workers and delivers products facets. Customer requirements are unique
and services to circa 180 countries. and often unusual, requiring solutions to be
Worldwide, the Kirchhainer company has individually developed to create a perfect fit
earned the trust of all the largest mineral for each situation and medium. The loading
oil enterprises, international chemical systems from Emco Wheaton meet this
concerns, high profile engineering firms, challenge through their efficiency, safety,
and the food industry. For decades, ease of use, high quality and dependability.
these industries have depended on Emco Repeatedly, the Kirchhainer firm sets new
Wheaton for the loading and unloading standards by refining and developing new
of their products and raw materials on technologies and often good solutions
both land and sea. The product program come directly from individual employees. To
includes loading arms for ships or road encourage this exchange of ideas, a company-
and rail use, Swivel joints, Dry Break wide process has been implemented: the

A Turn-key solution that follows the highest safety demands

Continuing Improvement Process (KVP in any change in the number of workers or

German). By following up on suggestions payroll statistics. Currently indicators within
from workers, Emco Wheaton has been the company show that the Continuing
able to successfully increase operational Improvement Process is still achieving
capacity of the Loading Division by 185%. results. Emco Wheaton established KVP
This outstanding result was cited publicly first within all areas of the company, and
by the Industry and Chamber of Commerce employees are concentrating their efforts on
in Kassel, and subsequently recognized how production can be further optimized.
by the National Ministry for Economy and
Employment. As host of the `TOP`program, Safety for People, Materials and the
Emco Wheaton invited other selected Environment
companies to join them at their Kirchhain
headquarters for a day-long conference to The most important aspect of the loading
examine the KVP process, and to witness and unloading procedure, the operation and
its applications, from the workshop through handling and the maintenance of equipment,
the production operation, known as the is safety. Thanks to well-planned safety
`EMCO-Flow`. Conference participants engineering, the loading arms manufactured
were offered a look at the process from an by Emco Wheaton provide clients with
original assignment with specific customer the most comprehensive and safest fluid
requirements, to an operation with a longer transfer solution worldwide. Situations
lead time, one with a shorter delivery time, such as uncontrollable overfilling due to
the reasons for occasional outsourcing overcapacity can be avoided, through an
during the production process, and the overflow safety mechanism that indicates
successful implementation of problem the filling level and switches off the loading
solving procedures. In every department, process as soon as the allowable capacity
employees develop suggestions and ideas is reached. Fall protection, equipped with a
of how the process and the organisation can safety cage, folding stairs and a fall arrest
be improved. Step by step, these ideas can grating system guarantee the highest level
be introduced and become part of the work of safety for the operational team. Special
flow. After only 5 years, Emco Wheaton has technology developed specifically for the
reached significant improvement in their loading of fluids make safe liquid transfer
internal operation: In the road & rail loading possible. Regularly scheduled preventative
unit, the operational capacity between maintenance ensures the high level of safety
2000 and 2006 increased by circa 185 % built into Emco Wheaton Loading systems
(in the ship loading unit by circa 120 %) the remains constant throughout its lifetime.
production cycle shortened from 21 to 12 Emco Wheaton has a permanent service
working days and the reliability of delivery and assembly team on-call at all times to
increased from 56 to 85%. Also exemplary: provide clients around the world with first
all improvements were achieved without class service.

Fluid Transfer Division

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