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Diary for creating web banner

Date – 01/02/18 1. I opened a

Aim – Start creating web banner
Director file
Learnt – I started on creating the in
web banner and I have screenshotted Macromedia
and annotated the evidence. Director.
Evidence – Below

2. I went to Movie and I

set the stage size to
1200 x 200.

3. I went to File and Import

where I imported an image.
The box on the right came
up and I pressed OK.

4. When I dragged the

background onto the stage, it
was very big so I had to
shrink it. The same happened
with the other images.

5. I set the background to 30

seconds and the rest of the
images under 15 seconds.
This is so that the animation
would be quick. I also
dragged the dot in the
middle of an image and drag
it to where I wanted it to go.
6. I double clicked on
the 30th second of
the score and the
box on the right
came up, which is
the Script. I typed
in “go to the Frame”
and I then closed
the script. This
stopped it from

7. I added a copy of the images

and placed them after the
animated ones. I made sure
that they were all the same
size and in the same position
as the first images where.

8. I went to Tools and I clicked on default

and changed it to classic. I went back onto
Tools and created a text box where I typed
in “P I X E L A T E D”.

9. I went to Modify and

Font where I changed
the font and size. I later
went back on to change
the individual letters of
the word.

10. I added another text box that said “TOUR” and I changed its font and size.
11. I added another text box that said the names of the venues. I then changed the colour of the text.

12. I added another text box

that said when the tour
starts and when it ends. I
then changed the colour of
the text.

Date – 01/02/18 13. I went onto the toolbar

again and changed
Aim – Continue creating banner.
default to classic.
Learnt – T

Evidence – Below

14. I then created text boxes copying the text that I

originally typed in. I set the original text to the same
time as the other assets and I placed the new text
after the animation.
15. I created another text box where I gave the website address of the
band. I then change the colour and size of the text.

16. I placed the original text with all the other

assets apart from the background and I made
them move with the rest of the moving assets.

17. I decided to make the animation quicker and I got

rid of the option that stops the animation from

18. I realised that the time

length was too short so
I extended the length to
try and get it between
20-30 seconds.
19. I went to File and
Publish and the
box on the left
came up.

By Annie Magner.