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Honestly, i dont know much about CIMSA, because of Unja not have it yet. But, i’ve
searched it a little bit that CIMSA is Center for Indonesian Medical students activieties that a
non profit, non government and also non political organization. CIMSA has been affiliated
with IFMSA-International Federation of Medical Students’ Association, that have been
recognized by United Nations. That also, i’ve knew that CIMSA also have a mission to
empower medical students to be able to improving our nation’s health and prosperity.

SCOPE or Standing Committee on Professional Exchange programme that work in
educational program that offering us clerkships to medical students abroad. SCOPE also have
a mission that is to promote culture understanding and co-operation amongst medical
students around the world and their aims are to give all students the opportunity to learn
about global health.

The outgoing student of SCOPE is participate in a four-week clerkship. In order to complete

the clerkship, the outgoing student must have an excellent knowledge of the English
language or the native language of the host country, because of i just wanna learn greece
language, so i’ll try indroduce my self in greece: herete legóme, khalida
khairunnisa , chairo poly gia ti gnorimia, that’s mean: with rejoice, my name is
khalida khairunnisa, i’m happy i’m pleased to be your acquiantance. And i’m very very
excited to learn more about it and practice it diligently.

I’ll try a simple introduce in greece.

Describe yourself
Let me introduce my self, My name is Khalida Khairunnisa, but usually i called nisa.

I’m a 4th year Medical Student at University of Jambi. I was born in palembang, on march
11th 1996. My family consist of 4. My father, mother, me and my only sister. My father
occupation is a civil servant as a supervisor and for my mother, she is a civil servant too as a

- i’m a self motivated person, so i have a high desire about something that i’m curious on.
- Flexible and adaptable is my character, so it always put me in calm and peaceful. I
always think from the others side before, so it will be a flexibility for me and accept the
- I’m a resposible person, i’m sure of it. Cause of i always do my task or my job till the end.
- Sensitive, so i always carefully talk and step in, because when i talk, i will think i’m
wrong, or i have something that i shouldn’t do or what people thinking about me, i
always feel sensitive.
- I’m a little bit lazy about which i’m not interested.
- And the last, that must be me and shown me well is i cant say no when people ask for
help. For example, i have an exam this week, but my friend wants me to making a poster
for his online shop. I feel cant do that cause of my examination, but in fact i always do
their ask. I feel guilty and bad when i reject their request.

Watching korean drama and crafting, such as make felt or paper flower

Art sector.
Such as i do vector design using photoshop, i know how to make the color perfect each
And when i wrapping my felt flower, i know how to arrange that the every single flower
look gergeous together

that i have mention before in my letter, First, because I believe that have exchange
is one of the most valuable things in my life. I’m very interested in other cultures
and then i want to develop myself as a person. Because that I will have to deal with
all kinds of new situations on my own. Exchange will be hard for me, or other people, but
this is how i will learn to facing these challenges, I will be able to discover my strengths and
The last, the main point is... i will have a great opportunities to meet foreign
medical students and we will exchange our mind, our ideas about the medical learning
systems or nation health from various countries.

What you gonna do during the exchange?

- I will learn about medical culture, such as how the doctors and patient interact each
other, how the hospital works and actually how the co-assistance do their job in that
- I will try my best to absorb as much as i can all of the knowledge that they share to me.
- Beside the academical things, i’ll do learning as much as i can about their social culture,
and also, actually i will travel around the country!!
What will you do after you have that exchange?
- I will exactly share my once in the lifetime experience to people around me, my friend
my family and my colleague.
- I will do my best to applying the knowledge that i’ve got. And use that experiences to
envelope my career later.

Dealing with culture shock

If i experience some feelings of loneliness or sadness, here are some ideas that may be help me in
dealing with culture shock:

- Keep an open mind – people abroad may say or do things that people at home would
not do or say. But people act according to their own set of values, not mine. So, i wil Try
to avoid evaluating their behaviour by the standards i would use in my own country
- I will Try to do things that i did at home, such as listen to my favourite music and/or eat
familiar food
- The important one is Stay in touch with family and friends at home
- Talk to them about how i feels

Financial and parents

My parents said, they’ve work for hours only for their children. Their raise money only for
their children, so when i ask them about my desire to go an exchange program, they’re so
glad to hear that and ask me to not think about how i should spend about some money. My
mother said, this is not comparable with amount that we should pay. This is your
experience. So, dont think about that, that is parents does.
So, i think my parents supporting me financially and also in other aspects, i’m sure.

Prioritas negara
I choose greece. Greece is unique, whether i’m talking about history, or the Greek
language itself, you will never stop discovering new things. Because. Greece is the birthplace
of western civilization after all, so what better place to having exchange then the place
where it all began? That make me curious about greece.
Beside that, Greece’s landscape are not only about myth & history, but also beauty
to every set of eyes that lucky enough to see them. Whether it is the white and blue stone or
the turquoise clear water, Greece will take my breath away. Thank you

Jika tidak terpilih di negara tujuan?

My second choose is russia. I think, if i dont get greece for my country of exchange, i’m
nevermind about russia. Because that, i’ve told on my letter that i knew this programme
cause of that my best friend already knew right before i knew, and she got russia for her
country as a outgoing student. Eventhough, russia isn’t my priority, i think i would love that i
and my bestie will having exchange together, right? It’s sound pretty good. We can prepared
our departure together.

Why we have to choose you

First, i’m a self motivated person, so i have a high desire about something that i’m curious
on. And I’m sure i will be suitable for this programme that we should learn something new such us
language, culture and etc.

And then Flexible and adaptable is my character, so it always put me in calm kind of
situation. Cause I always try to thinking from others side, so i can accept something and it will be a
flexibility for me. I’m sure that i fit for this programme that we have to a culture shock such as
different behavior, rules and etc.

I am confident that my character qualify me to be a valuable outgoing-student. And if I’m

offered to be part of SCOPE CIMSA this year, I will be ready to do my best for this program. Thank

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