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Introduction To Project Existing System & Need For The System Operating Environment- Hardware & Software Feasibility Study Proposed System Objective To Be Fulfilled User Requirement Requirements Determination Techniques & System Analysis Method Employed Prototyping System Features Input Design Output Screen Design & Reports Module Specification Entity Relationship Diagram Data Flow Diagram Data Dictionary Structure Chart Troubleshooting Conclusion & Remarks Bibliography


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Coding is not much efficient. There is also facility for cancellation of tickets and all the entries are recorded on database. There is no GUI interaction for more convenience. The front end used for this project is “VISUAL BASIC 6. cancellation of seats and different types of enquiry. More man power is required. 2. In this application. EXISTING SYSTEM & NEED FOR THE SYSTEM: There are some disadvantages of the existing system due to which the need for the new system is required. there is a facility for advance booking as well as current booking and data report is also generated for both individually. Visual Basic is a development tool with multi facet advantages. a facility to reserved seats. Copyright 2008 www. routes enquiry. INTRODUCTION TO PROJECT: The software program “Bus Reservation System” provides bus transportation system.com 2 . MS-access is used because it is easy to handle database and firing any query to access database is simpler. i. Most of the work is done manually.ACCESS”. There are many kinds of enquiries associated with this system like seat status. so it is costly.indiaedify.1. The redundancy and inconsistency of data is major drawback. It provides a good working environment which is easy to learn and use. record is maintain in database separately for both type of reservation which can be accessed according to the need. time.0”.e. etc which are being fulfilled in this project effectively and efficiently. fare. The back end used for this project is “MS . some of them are as follows: (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) (g) The application does not provide security to the system. There is no flexibility to the database.

So. The impact of the system on the organization has been check by placing a model in it. that initial survey is further expanded to a more detailed feasibility study. We can also refer to the feasibility study as the detailed study or detailed investigation. The conclusions of the initial study become the input for the detailed study. Copyright 2008 www.Hard Disk : 5 GB RAM : 128 MB SOFTWARE . OPERATING ENVIRONMENT – HARDWARE & SOFTWARE The hardware and software requirement for this project are as follows: HARDWARE . in this phase. & the need of the new system. Feasibility study is called like because as in the first phase. The tasks performed during this phase were as follows: (a) (b) (c) (d) The user’s demonstrable needs are fulfilled. it leads to a more detailed investigation of the system.indiaedify.com 3 .Access : AS Back End 4.3. FEASIBILITY STUDY: As the initial investigation is completed.0 : As Front End MS.Operating System : Windows X Family Visual Basic 6. The estimation required for the resources were achieved. we just check briefly about the problems related to the old system. The availability of resources was being checked.

User Requirements: (a) The application should provide a user friendly environment. (d) The software being built must provide platform independent application. Copyright 2008 www.indiaedify.5. The functions used in this application are discussed below: Form 1. Form 2. (b) The application should be easily understandable and reliable. Login Form: This form allows any user in logon to the software only if he/she has a correct password. Loading Form: This is the first form of our software in which the application is loading. This software is password protected.com 4 . This loading is shown by progress bar. (c) The application should fulfill all essential facilities. 1 module and 6 data reports. Requirement Determination Techniques & System Analysis Method: (a) User communication (b) Team discussion (c) Analysis of existing system (d) Study of old projects and records. PROPOSED SYSTEM: Objective To Be Fulfilled: (a) Development of software in the given time. The software application comprises of 10 forms. (b) To create an effective and efficient application. Prototyping: A prototype can effectively provide the users a ‘look-and-feel’ and convey a sense of how the system will work.

age. Data Report 4. Form 8. Form 6. day of traveling. Form 10. amount. Data Report 3. Form 4. Enquiry: This form enquires about the route to the destination. destination and amount. It includes all essential fields required in this form like name. Data Report 2.com 5 . Current booking is the list of those passengers who have reserved seats on the day of traveling. Bus list is a chart that displays a list of all buses having fields name as bus_id. seat number. destination and time. contact number of the passenger. category. Form 5. Current Booking: This form is used to reserved the seat on the present day at which bus is traveling. window or front) it displays all properties. source. Form 9. Cancellation is the list of those passengers who have cancelled their tickets and list is displayed according to the date mentioned in the query. Seat Status: This form displays the reserved seats for a particular bus at particular destination.Form 3. Only essential fields are included in this form like seat number. The input to this form is only the ticket number.indiaedify. Cancel List: This form consists of a calendar to display the list of the cancel tickets. departure time. category. address. Current Report: This form displays the list of those passenger who have reserved seat on that particular day. once it is enter the whole entry is displayed from the database. Reservation Report: This form also consist a calendar to display list of those passenger who have reserved seats on that particular date. destination. Data Report 1. fare to be paid for the destination and categories of bus available for the destination. What kind of seat is available (general. Copyright 2008 www. time. Advance Booking: This form is used to reserved seats in advance. Reservation is the list of those passengers who have reserved seats and this list is displayed according to the date mentioned in the query. Form 7. kilometers and bypass. Cancellation Form: This form is used to cancel the reserved seat. The date selected in the calendar displays all entries for that particular date.

6 SYSTEM FEATURES: Input Design (a) Current Booking: Copyright 2008 www.indiaedify.com 6 .

indiaedify.com 7 .(b) Advance Booking: Copyright 2008 www.

(c) Enquiry: Copyright 2008 www.indiaedify.com 8 .

com 9 .(d) Cancellation: Copyright 2008 www.indiaedify.

indiaedify.6.com 10 .2 OUTPUT SCREEN DESIGN & DATA REPORTS: (a) Enquiry: Copyright 2008 www.

indiaedify.(b) Seat Status: Copyright 2008 www.com 11 .

(c) Data Report: (i) Current Booking Ticket: (ii) Current Booking List: Copyright 2008 www.com 12 .indiaedify.

com 13 .indiaedify.(iii) Advance Booking Ticket: (iv) Reservation List: (v) Cancellation List: Copyright 2008 www.

3 MODULE SPECIFICATION: This software contains a “Connectivity” module which is used to connect database with the application used in the software. we can call any of these procedures. Connect is used to open and close the record set whenever required. The function is “Get data” which is used to get record set from database which takes SQL query as input.com 14 . record set and SQL query. This Connectivity module comprises of three variables.(vi) Bus List: 6.indiaedify. function and module as well whenever we required in the software. two procedures and one function. The three variables are connection. Put data is used to put the record set to the database. Copyright 2008 www. The two procedures are Connect and Put data.

date address name Bus_id No of seat PASSENGER RESERVE BUS age Ticket no type route E R Diagram for Reservation Copyright 2008 www.com 15 .6. we can say that the primary goal of E-R diagrams is to represent data objects along with their relationships. ER model for data uses three features to describe data: Entities which specify distinct real world items in an application Relationships connecting different entities and representing meaningful dependencies between them. Thus.indiaedify. Attributes which specify various properties of entities and relations involved in a system.4 ENTITY RELATIONSHIP DIAGRAM: It represents the object-relationship pairs in graphical forms.

com 16 .indiaedify.date address name Bus_id No of seat PASSENGER CANCEL BUS age Ticket no type route E R Diagram for Cancellation name address name Officer code PASSENGER ENQUIRY RESERVATION OFFICER age Ticket no E R Diagram for Enquiry Copyright 2008 www.

The graphical representation makes it a good tool for communication between designer and analyst. In fact. DFD’s may be partitioned into levels that represent increasing information flow and functional details.indiaedify. A DFD is a graphical representation that depicts the information flow and the transforms that are applied as data moves from input to output.com 17 . It can be used to represent software at any level of abstraction. not only helps to understand the working of the model. Copyright 2008 www. but also helps the software designer to built it and test it for validation with ease.5 DATA FLOW DIAGRAM: A properly defined flow model diagram.name address Officer code PASSENGER PAY INCHARGE OFFICER age Ticket no name E R Diagram for Fare 6.

indiaedify.0 Copyright 2008 www.com 18 .DFD for Bus Reservation System Printed ticket DATABASE Cancellation requests Reservation PASSENGER Enquiry Special buses Status Information Reservation chart RESERVATION OFFICER BUS RESERVATION SYSTEM LEVEL .

1 Status database Information Enquiry Information Enquiry counter 1.indiaedify. Process 1.2 Fare Mgmt.3 Status Information Reservation officer LEVEL – 1 Copyright 2008 www.com 19 .Printed ticket Fare database Details Pay fare Cancellation requests Passenger Reservation request Update Reservation /Cancel process 2.

(a) Bus Chart: Field name Bus_id Time Via to km category amount Data type number Date/time text text number text number 15 15 Integer 15 integer Field size Integer Description It indicates the bus number. The destination The distance between source & destination The type of bus (express. silver. etc) The amount to be paid for destination. Or it can stated as – it is a structured central repository of data about data. processing algorithms and output processing. In a data dictionary one should find a clear and complete definition of each data item and its synonyms.6.6 DATA DICTIONARY: It is an essential and important tool in the software development process. The bypass from which bus will travel. it is a comprehensive definition of all the data (and control) items (elements) in given software.indiaedify. The time of departure of bus. The data dictionary often becomes a source document for specification and design of input processing. gold. Copyright 2008 www. data structure. As its name indicates. files.com 20 .

The final stop of the bus. It indicates the bus number The destination.(b) Cancellation: Field name Ticket no. category Adate Amount Copyright 2008 www. Ticket no. The type of bus.indiaedify. The date of reserving the ticket. Bus_id name destination Seat no. (c) Current Booking: Field name Data type number Number text Date/time Number text Date/time number Integer Integer 10 Field size Double Integer 15 Description The unique identification to the ticket. The amount to be paid by passenger. The departure of the bus. The amount to be paid by passenger. The contact number of the passenger. The passenger is male or a female. sex cdate Contact amount Data type number Number text text Number text Date/time number number Double Integer Field size Double Integer 20 20 Integer 10 Description The unique identification to the ticket. The seat number reserved by the passenger.com 21 . The date of reserving the ticket. It indicates the bus number The name of the passenger traveling. The seat number reserved by the passenger. Bus_id to time Seat no.

com 22 . The passenger is male or a female. The contact number of the passenger.(c) Reservation: Field name Ticket no. The final stop of the bus. The type of bus. It indicates the bus number The name of the passenger traveling. sex cdate Contact age category time amount Data type number Number text text Number text Date/time number number text Date/time number integer Double Integer 15 Field size Double Integer 20 20 Integer 10 Description The unique identification to the ticket.indiaedify. Copyright 2008 www. The date of reserving the ticket. Bus_id name destination Seat no. The age of the passenger. The departure time of bus. The seat number reserved by the passenger. The amount to be paid by passenger.

Current Booking: Advance Booking: Fare Enquiry: Routes Enquiry: Seat Status: Cancellation: Bus List: Booking: Cancel List: Reservation: Ctrl + E Ctrl + B Ctrl + F Ctrl + A Ctrl + V Ctrl + Y Ctrl + L Ctrl + J Ctrl + X Ctrl + R Copyright 2008 www. 2. 4.7 STRUCTURE CHART: BUS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM BOOKING CURRENT ADVANCE ENQUIRY FARE ROUTES SEAT STATUS CANCELLATION REPORT BUS LIST BOOKING CANCEL LIST RESERVATION Shortcut Keys To Open The Application: 1.6.indiaedify. 10. 9. 5.com 23 . 3. 6. 8. 7.

TROUBLESHOOTING: (a) Problem 1. The combo box was having four attributes but only one value was being displayed in it. Copyright 2008 www.indiaedify. our Supervisor. we were not getting the data which was required by the application. A problem occurred while triggering a query. Solution: To solve this problem I make use of MSDN Library. he solved the problem and the desired result was displayed. (c) Problem 3. Solution. (b) Problem 2. I inserted the error number to search the solution. a problem occurred for selecting the data from multi column combo box. While working on project. We asked Mr. Anuj K. he helped us out by making our concept more clear. One problem occurred during testing phase of the software. we need to code for selecting all the attributes containing in the combo box.7. Solution.com 24 . Singh. about this problem. The multi column combo select only one attribute by default. It displayed the points related to the error and the problem was solved. To solve this problem I consulted some books and took helped from my friend. the error was related to Flex grid used in the form. The error occurred due to some logical error.

Copyright 2008 www. The characteristics of this software which make it more effective and efficient from existing system are as follows: (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) (g) It provides a better GUI environment to user. so. which was possible only by team work. The database is flexible. It required a lot of efforts and hard work. The application provides platform independent software.com 25 . CONCLUSIONS & REMARKS: The application software “Bus Reservation System” has been prepared with great excitement and enthusiasm. All work is computerized. no man power is required.8. The user’s requirement is fulfilled.indiaedify. It is easily understandable and reliable. It provides an efficient security system to the software.

com www.com 26 . information from internet was also gathered.in Copyright 2008 www.google. 2.BIBLIOGRAPHY A few textbooks were consulted before starting work on the project.indiaedify. www. Textbooks: 1 3 4 MASTERING IN VISUAL BASIC TOOLS OF VISUAL BASIC ( RAMESH BANGIA) ACCESS 2000 Websites: 1.rsrtc. and some of them were found to be quite useful.gov. Apart from textbooks.

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