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The Experience To Motivate Yourself

The opportunity to enjoy and felt the performance become a a nurse at Private
Hospital an excellent opportunity should not be missed. BIMC Nusa Dua was one of the
best Private Hospital in Bali. the opportunity to practice ability to speak English make
us be motivated to learn better. During the roughly one month, we become a part of a
big family BIMC Nusa Dua certainly many things we get. The first day becoming a
nurse in BIMC Nusa Dua certainly made us nervous and felt inferior. We felt our ability
are not comparable with other nurses. Nurses there working reliably and outstanding.
Treating patients deftly and patiently motivated us to be better.
During practice, mr. sigit give us a buddy to accompanied us. Each a buddy has
his own way to motivate us to be better. We were motivated to do the the best in order
to serve patients. We were motivated to come early to learn many things. We are
motivated to learn English language that be the primary communication. We are
motivated to serve patients with more readily and patience. Being a nurse in BIMC
Nusa Dua kept us motivated to keep learning about various things.
ER or Emergency Room is a room where nurses was very friendly. As long as
practice, introduction of emergency tool was the best experience. We are motivated to
be diligent in asking and readily managing patients who come. Besides the emergency
room, outpatient rooms also greeted us with a cheerful and friendly. We were motivated
in mastering the English language. Communication is the main key to becoming a nurse
in this Private Hospital. Buddy gave us the opportunity on us for communicate with
patients. Ward is a room warm and full of learning. While there we were trained to be a
nurse-friendly, alert and careful. studied the performance in BIMC Nusa dua motivated
us to be a nursewere friendly, alert and careful.