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Blood donation camp organized in my society by our RWA

A brief report about the event-

“Blood donation is a service to mankind “. Blood donation is done by

Person voluntarily getting his/her blood drawn out for medical
purposes. For this noble cause, RWA of pocket A-2 Sector-8 Rohini
New Delhi-110085 organised Blood donation camp in association
with DR BABA SAHEB AMBEDKAR hospital on 8th March 2017 in
Agrasen Community centre located in pocket A-2 of Sector-8 Rohini.
During this camp, all residents of the pocket enthusiastically gave
their full effort and made their presence for such noble cause. Many
young people joined the group of people donating blood, considering
it as their responsibility towards the society. More than 100 units of
blood was collected and which will now go to needful people. During
this camp, it was observed that most of the residents of the pocket
voluntary came and donated blood; no one was compelled for such
cause. Despite of their busy schedules, all came together and were
actively taking part. As donation of blood is a prime need of the
country, and the government itself has taken charge of the
department, which requests all hale and healthy citizens in the
country to donate blood. At the end of this camp, all residents were
provided refreshments with certificates for showing their dedication
and great effort towards such a noble cause.

My contribution towards this-

As I came to know about this blood donation camp happening in my

society, I was bit confused in starting about how can I contribute in
this? Or is there any need for my help? What I can do, I am still
below 18 years and so I can’t donate the blood myself. But when I
told my parents and grandparents about this they told me one thing-
So I decided that I will contribute in this event in some way or the

So I tried my best and I did following things to make the event


1. Creating posters
I made various posters which encourages people to come
forward and contribute towards this noble cause. My mother
also helped me in this. I put up these posters at various places
in my society like- on society gate, on ration shops, and on
street poles. One of my posters was like this-

2. Creating awareness among people

Then secondly I decided that apart from making posters, I can
create the awareness verbally. So I decided to talk with the
people of my pocket and encourage them to come forward for
this noble cause. For this I started going for a morning walk in
my society park and there I told people about the blood
donation camp and I personally asked them to do it as it is their
duty to do so. But while doing this, I face a problem, that was-
many people were doubtful about donating blood as there
were myths in their mind that they will get weaker after
donating blood and will not be able to do their work properly
and efficiently. So I decided to collect a list of myths related to
blood donation. They were-
a) Giving Blood hurts
b) There is little blood in our body and it is unhealthy to give
some away
c) Health deteriorates after donating Blood.
And many more...

So I researched about these myths and collected the facts which

busted these aforesaid myths and now I was ready with proper
research and was able to convince a lot of people to do it.

3. Helping in the camp

On the day of the camp I went early to the event place and asked my
society RWA president about how can I help here? He was really
happy after seeing my enthusiasm and assigned me the following

a) Helping people to complete the donor registration form which

includes their name, phone number and house address.
b) Taking a small health examination which includes
- Measuring the weight of the people
- Recording their pulse rate
- Measuring body temperature, and finally
- Measuring their Blood pressure

I noted down each of the above aforesaid information for each

person and then passed it to the doctor who further judged whether
that particular person is fit for donating blood or not. Doctor further
tested the level of iron in the Blood by taking out blood samples.

c) Giving refreshments after the donation

My RWA president also assigned me the job of distributing the

refreshments to the donors after blood donation.

A sample of data collected by me-

S.No. Name of Weight Pulse Blood Body

the donor Rate pressure Temperature
(per (mm Hg) (degrees
minute) Fahrenheit )
1 Rahul 65 71 95/65 98.1
2 Anuj 70 72 96/66 98.1
3 Saumya 56 67 110/70 98.4
4 Neetu 54 68 92/63 98.2
5 Saarika 55 65 105/68 98.7
6 Sheetal 58 78 115/75 98.6
7 Javed 72 76 112/73 98.5
8 Mohan 78 74 99/69 98.4
My experience-

I was really very satisfied by myself. I was also very happy after
seeing the contentment on people’s face after donating the blood. I
personally thanked each and every donor and to those peoples also
who came there but were not eligible to donate the blood due to
some reason or another.
The samples were carefully sealed and transported away, while the
volunteers and hospital staff helped in the clean-up of the area.
Throughout the morning, there were smiles and laughter all around -
a true embodiment of what we believe in - selfless service with a

About 100 people came forward and donated their blood.


At the end all the residents of the society mutually decided that such
camps should be organized more often. Many residents suggested
that from the next time focus should be more on creating awareness,
weeks earlier before the actual event. Finally I suggested that people
should also take pledge for donating the blood. The president was
really impressed by this suggestion of mine. He announced that from
now on every resident of society to take this pledge on 1st October
every year on National Blood Donation Day.

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