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Year 5/6

Autumn Spring Summer

 Revision of key rules  Words ending –able or  Words containing –
from Y3/4* –ible (-ibly/-ably) ough

 Endings spelt ‘–cious’  Adding suffixes  Words with silent

or ‘-tious’ beginning with vowel letters that aren’t
letters to words heard when spoken
 Endings spelt ‘-cial’ or ending in –fer
‘-tial’  Homophones and
 Use of the hyphen other words that are
 Words ending –ant/- often confused
ance/-ancy (-ent/-  Words spelt ‘ei’ after
ence/-ency) ‘c’
*May not be necessary in top sets, or can be prolonged in middle set.

Year 3/4
Autumn Spring Summer
 Adding suffixes  The suffix ‘–ation’  Endings which sound
beginning with vowel like ‘-shun’
letters to words of  The suffix ‘-ly’
more than one syllable  Words with the Greek
 Words that end ‘–ture’ ‘ch’, French ‘ch’ ‘gue’
 The /I/ sound spelt ‘y’ and ‘–sure’ ‘que’ and Latin ‘sc’

 The /^/ sound spelt  Words ending in ‘–  Words with ‘a’ spelt
‘ou’ sion’ ‘ei’, ‘eigh’ or ‘ey’

 More prefixes  The suffix ‘–ous’  Possessive

apostrophes with

 Homophones and near