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Large scale

European Voluntary
Service Event
Tarragona - SPAIN
Who are we ?
Asociación Mundus- Un Mundo a Tus Pies has been established in 2013 with main
headquarters in Badalona (Barcelona), Spain. It is a no-profit association created by
people passionate about learning mobility and cultural exchange, largely interested in
supporting youth development through non formal education, as well as into support of
educational policies for contributing to fight youth unemployment levels in Spain and

The Association is implementing various learning mobility projects under the Erasmus+
programme. Mundus regularly organizes training courses for youth workers, cultural
exchanges and is one of the biggest organizations working with volunteers in Spain,
sending yearly hundreds of Spanish volunteers abroad.

Mundus works as a network in Catalonia and Aragon regions of Spain, where it

cooperates with
- Companies
- Schools
- VET centres
- Universities
- Public institutions.

In 2015, we opened new headquarters in the city of Zaragoza and in 2016 a Bulgaria

All members of the association have wide experience Youth programmes, as former
EVS volunteers who participated and organized E+projects, as participants and trainers.
Then,we have a global vision of the European Mobility programs, its possibilities,
content and objectives.

We are often working with youngsters under the tuition of the Catalan government, due
to their special risky situations connected with their families. We try to support them
including them in our activities, involving them in projects and offering them educational

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The Mediterranean Games gather several countries in a sport competition, connecting
Asia, Africa and Europe meant to promote integration among the geo-political and
cultural area. Next edition is gonna be held in 2018 in Tarragona, Spain.

EVS will be integrated in the organising activities of this event, integrating the voluntary
scheme developed by the Municipality of Tarragona, in cooperation with local youth and
stakeholders. EVS will have the chance to learn from behind the scenes and contribute
with their willingness to share their energy, culture and interests, but will also be very
close up to the games themselves – as guests in their free time and as volunteers right
on the spot with an added value given by the wide range of countries involved, mainly all
the ones that take part in the game, coming from Euromed area as well.

This is an international event – that will be a moment to explore transversal European

values like fair play, intercultural understanding, tolerance, anti-racism, human rights,
inclusion, gender equality and many more. The volunteers will be encouraged to learn
about these through the volunteering, but also be ambassadors for these values, as they
represent Europe and Africa at this event.

Our partners work with young people with fewer opportunities on various levels, taking
into account that we are planning to include Partners countries, which are going through
hard or unpredictable political situations and which had been or there are still facing
conflicts and wars.

This group EVS will offer activities for 60 volunteers on the mentioned cultural and
educational projects in the city of Tarragona. They will be sent by 21 sending
organisations from programme and Partners countries (SEE and EUROMED) and
hosted for the period of 1 month, taking actively part in the 10 days Games.

Tarragona 2018 - Volunteers team

See you in Tarragona 2018

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DATES 8th June 2018 to 7th July 2018


AGES 18-30 years old

Large scale European Voluntary Service (EVS) events support European and
worldwide volunteering projects in the field of youth, culture and sport. These projects
can include, for example, World Youth Summits, European Capitals of Culture,
European Youth Capitals and European sport championships.

Helping young people aged 18-30 to carry out unpaid and full-time voluntary service in
another country. The aim is giving young volunteers the opportunity to contribute to the
run-up of activities and initiatives organised in the framework of a
European/international event.

In our case, it is related to the organization and implementation of the Mediterranean

Games 2018, in Tarragona. Just have a look at our presentation, you will get familiar
with Spanish too ;)

The Programme covers travel costs (up to a certain budget depending on the distance
from Spain, food, accommodation and visa costs.

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The project involves 21 partners from 16 countries, so then please apply only if you are
a resident of one of the following countries:


France Algeria Macedonia

Bulgaria Egypt Albania
United Kingdom Tunisia Montenegro
Croatia Lebanon Turkey
Italy Morocco

If you want to participate, please fill the application form

at the following link:

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Tarragona, rightful heiress to the Tarraco Empire, is a unique city that has managed to
successfully combine its Roman legacy and medieval ancestors with its genuine gems
of modernist architecture and to become a privileged tourist destination.

Tarragona is a city that offers multiple options for leisure time, which will surprise the
visitor and will adapt to your preferences. On one hand, the most active people will
enjoy the marina, the underwater park, an urban cave, a golf course and heated pools.
Culture lovers will enjoy the theater, auditorium and casino. It is also offered guided
tours of the city for people who want to know more deeply the most interesting places.

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Support visitors
Collaboration in the production and distribution of accreditations for all the personnel
involved in the Games.

Help in attending the different groups that will attend the Games and will be involved
in the Games: visitors, delegations, Mediterranean Family, VIPs, sponsors, press and

General information: access control, accommodators, support dining /provision,

delivery of uniforms, accompaning personalities and so on will be carried out
according to the corresponding group.

DESIRABLE PROFILE: kind, service-minded, with good treatment for people and
communication skills (depending on the group that must be attended during the Games,
more specific requirements will be requested for each case)

PREVIOUS EXPERIENCES: Information points, access control, supplies,


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Help in the different accommodation places where both athletes, families, press and
special guests are hosted:
- Vila Mediterrània,
- Vila de Jutges,
- Press hotel,
- Hotel of the Mediterrània Family.

Information point and general support from arrival to the end of the visitors stay.

Solution of problems and management of eventual crisis

DESIRABLE PROFILE: kind, service-minded, with good treatment for people and
communication skills (depending on the group that must be attended during the Games,
more specific requirements will be requested for each case). A good level of English or
French is an asset.

PREVIOUS EXPERIENCES: Information points

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Protocol and ceremonies
Collaboration and support in assisting guests
Accompanying and informing Important Guests
Contact with authorities attending the different spaces: boxes, VIP zones.
Support at the opening and closing ceremonies.
Collaboration in rewards (carriers of medals and flag hoists).

- Ceremonies team/ awards: good personal image (they are usually teams with the
same physical profile, similar heights / constitutions, ...), seriousness, presence

- Protocol: good personal image, communicative and deal with people, service's
vocacional and attention

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If you want to participate, send you CV in English or

Spanish to
and please fill the application form at the following link:


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Asociación Mundus - Un Mundo a Tus Pies

Tel: +34 931 75 19 65


C/ Sant Jeroni, 1-3

Santa Coloma de Gramenet, Barcelona, Spain

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