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verizon’ PO BOX 4005 ‘ACWORTH, GA 20101-9006 KEYLINE otal ‘Alan Chen 2751 Hennepin Ave S #290 ‘Minneapolis MN 55408 Verizon Wireless News ‘Save Time Go Online Ifyou have questions about your bi, or ‘need help with your devices, you can find ‘ansuters using You ‘can aso easly access Support trough the My Verion app. Ty it today. ‘Manage Your Account ‘Account Number Date Due Change your adress at Invoice Number 4958819209 Quick Bill Summary Previous Balance (ee back fr dota) $69.23 Payment Received $69.23 Creat Balance $0.00 Monthly Charges $59.99 Usage and Purchase Charges Voice $00 Messaging $00 Data $00 Suroharges and Other Charges & Gredts $478 ‘Taxes, Governmental Surcharges & Fees $7.34 Total Curent Charges $7241 TOTAL CHARGES DUE BY FEB 10, 2018 $72.11 Pay from phone | Pay onthe Web ‘Questions: verizon’ ‘Alan Chen 2751 Hennepin Ave S #290 Minneapolis MN 55408 Bill Date January 29, 2018 ‘Account Number _-384119348.00001 Invoice Number 4958819209 Total Amount Due $72.11 Wil be autmited to cret care on 02/07/2038 ‘D0 NOT MAL. PAYMENT 0 BOX e60108, DALLAS, TX 75266-0108 175329976328086316800000010000000864270000000864268